The Way for a True Child

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 4. The Way of the Original Mind

1) Establishment of Clear Goals While Young

If you do not know your present position, you are like a ship making a voyage without knowing its latitude and longitude. You should know your present position first and then decide the direction to go in. You must have direction in your life. (120-316)

Without having a blueprint for your future, you cannot lead your life successfully. While in your twenties, you have to establish precise goals and invest your whole energy and heart to fulfill them. If you do so, it is very possible that you will become a historical figure or leave behind something memorable for the world. A person who just accepts his environment and situation will pass away in history. Once you have decided to do something, you have to have the courage to fight to accomplish your goal, no matter what kind of difficulties lie ahead. You should have the courage to digest all obstacles rather than merely to dislike them. (120-313)

Everything in this world is in competition. You must go the road in which you avoid personal mistakes that lead to your downfall, and don't lose a year or even a month. There is even competition in working out which way to go. If you lose one year, you will not be able to keep up.

If you lost a year, and other families already had babies and went forward one step, you would not be able to keep up. It is similar to shooting an arrow: if arrows are shot with the same power, the arrow that is shot first will arrive at its target prior to the other. Otherwise, you would need to possess many times the driving force in order to regain the ground. But there aren't such people.

Therefore, it is very important to know how to spend one year during your youth. You must set a certain goal and follow through to fulfill it. It is like the dial and compass. Before a ship sets out on a voyage, navigators have to decide the course and direction of the ship and precisely measure the settings with a compass. Then, they must start the engine and the propeller must begin to turn. With the propeller turning, the ship must begin its voyage. If it turns back on the way, it becomes so much harder. (120-314)

You should go forward after knowing the way you have to go. Once you have chosen a direction, you have to invest your whole energy and heart centering on that direction. Even if you are tired to the point where you cannot open your eyes or hear anything, you must invest your utmost. (120-329)

From now on, you should make a clear determination, and, uniting mind and body, invest everything 24 hours a day, even during your sleep. When you awaken and open your eyes, you have to study everything related to that goal and make a comparison. This means that you have to make your own world. Dedicating your whole heart and will, you must go here and there bound with a rope to such a world. Then you can be someone who leaves a mark on the world. (120-326)

2) Decide Your Direction According to Your Original Mind

The most important time is from age 18 to 24. By the age of 24, you have to have established your life goals. You can know the direction of your life if you cultivate and dedicate yourselves.

If you were born as the children of the Unification Church and are following a normal life of faith, it is natural for you to know what to do. However, those who are living and acting centering on themselves and their own thinking cannot know. Even rats will leave a ship, knowing in advance that the ship will be wrecked if it encounters rough seas. But people do not know such things. You must know where you are going.

You should know the way to go. Even the ant knows that the rainy season will set in. Have you ever seen ants moving from one place to another in a line? Because you are given to useless daydreaming, you do not know. Not knowing one's own problems is a serious matter. You have to seriously consult with heaven about the problems in your life. You must adapt to your environmental situation. This is your own responsibility. (120-313)

You have to confer with your deep original mind after discussing with heaven in deciding your special field in life. You yourself know well what kind of talent you have. Then, you have to listen carefully to where your mind tries to pull you. You have to listen to that. Nobody can pull a ship unless the direction has been decided upon. Therefore, even though someone may pull on you then release you, you have to have your own direction to find for yourself.

Most of you have said that you are going to study business. From my viewpoint, people who are majoring in business are like thieves. You have to find your own way to go. Is it enough just to have money? No. There are times when you need money, and there are times when you have to go your own way or a different way as a person. You must therefore decide by yourselves the way to go. Without asking your parents you should decide by yourself, harmonizing, with God's guidance, the essence of your original self deep within your heart towards your future purpose. (120-314)

You have to decide what kind of person you will be in the future around the age of 18 to 20 years. You must know about this yourself through your prayer and meditation. You may feel you need to enter Seoul National University, but I don't know if that is a good thing or not. Nobody knows his fate. If you die after receiving your Ph.D., all your efforts over ten years will have been in vain. (120-316)

Everybody has his inherent talent. Human beings have various unique characteristics. Therefore, people go in different directions within the 360-degree spectrum. However, if all of you were trying to go the same direction, say, 90 degrees or 60 degrees, it would be a serious problem.

When I studied, my major was electrical engineering. Although I studied science, I knew the way I would go in the future. The reason I studied electrical engineering was because I needed the mathematical ability to accomplish a great task in the future. In some sense, since electrical engineering deals with invisible things, it is connected to religion. For example, if you look at the world of phenomena, you can know that there is always an electrical aspect to every movement. This means that every action of the universe has something to do with the reciprocity between subject and object.

Then, how is it that a magnet can counter the gravitational pull of the earth? What kind of action does that make possible? The magnet bypasses the earth's gravity with a lesser power. Do you understand what this means? Therefore, our conscience is the same. Once you are born in this world, the background to your birth is already precisely known. However, you should make the decision about your path by yourself according to your conscience. If you cannot sense or determine this matter, you will not be able to accomplish something great in the future. (120-302)

3) Adjusting to the Direction of the Original Mind

You are the people who are born with the fortune of the Unification Church. For this reason, if you become those who can fit the substance and essence of the Unification Church, everything will go well for you in the future. Although you are in your twenties and attending University, you do not have knowledge. In olden times, those who were looking for wild ginseng on the mountains had some spiritual ability and knew where to go to find the wild ginseng through their spiritual "antennae." Such things are possible. Why do we need such things? If we use such abilities, we can escape from being victimized, and can instead gain in some way. Therefore, we should seek such a way. This is not a waste of time. (120-322)

Knowing that you were born on such a foundation of the Unification Church, you should, before your father or mother have thought of it, decide the way you want to go by the age of ten or twenty. If you have such a resolve, even though you may go in a different direction, your body will turn towards the proper way. Everything will be guided. For example, although you are sleeping facing the east and thinking to go east the next morning, if it is wrong to go east your body will turn toward the south. Your body itself knows that. It is very sensitive. Do you understand what I mean? If you do not reach such a level, you cannot be a great leader in the future. Accordingly, you would not be able to stand in front of me and fulfill the mission as responsible persons of the second generation. The time will come when your spiritual level will be evaluated automatically. It is gradually coming closer. Among ten people in a village, three people will have spiritual power. They will all know what the others are thinking. You should know that this time will come. Therefore, now you must have the right attitude and devote yourselves. (120-324)

If you were born on the foundation of your parents' sincere devotion, and sincerely devote yourselves also, you will be able to perceive everything and make your plan for the future by yourself through deep meditation and prayer at that level. It is normal to stand in this position. If you cannot accomplish this, nothing will be successful. (120-325)

You should adjust to the direction of your original mind. If it is right to go in an easterly direction, then if you try to go north, it will not work. If you follow that way in life, little by little your life will enter a narrow valley. (120-322)

If you follow the way of the original mind, the universe will show one way to you. That is faster and more powerful than a bullet. This is something you should have. If you go that way, when you reach that level, you can speak with your own mind. As soon as you think about what to do, the answer will immediately appear. You can even know the examination questions. When you don't know what page you need to study to prepare for the examination, the page number will come out from your mouth. You can advance to such a stage. Do you know what I mean? Don't people at such a stage know the way to go? Because they have clarified their way, all the power of the universe comes to help. When you enter the examination hall, your writing hand and all things will cooperate with you. If this is so, you will be able to achieve something great.

It is a true person who can live based on such a background of great power. Do you follow what I am saying? A true human being will likewise be supported in the background by infinite power enabling him to go in the direction he is moving. If the direction is wrong, then he comes to know immediately. The Unification Church is really not the same as a mediocre church, you know. It has a deep and high foundation, a framework of great strength. Everything will be solved if you connect and elevate to such a spiritual stage based on your own effort. Therefore, from that viewpoint, you yourselves have to decide the direction to go. You know yourselves the best. (120-327)

4) You Must Move Centering on the World of Heart

When you are in a state of calmness, your mind can settle in the deepest part of the self. Your mind must be able to go into that part of your self. If you sleep and wake up in that deep place, you become very sensitive. At that time, if you do not let many thoughts assail you, and your spirit is concentrated, everything will be opened up. Therefore, cultivating one's mind and prayer are necessary.

I am praying. I am sincerely devoting myself every day. So, you have to constantly devote yourself. Just offering your devotion once is not the way. A knife must constantly be sharpened. If you use a knife, but do not sharpen it, what will result? You must always keep a knife sharp. When you are upset or become angry, you must always sharpen yourself again. That is the problem. You have to catch and hold this calm place in your mind.

So, you are coming to know what you have to do. You should not behave badly by thinking aimlessly or striking up frivolous relationships. You must catch this sense of direction, then centered on this, follow that direction. There is only one direction in which to go. Therefore, you must prepare for any eventuality, and maintain yourself properly. You have to create a driving force, which can support you every day. You cannot do this by yourself alone. By the age of 18, you will come to know who you are. Therefore, at that time, it is easy for you to become anxious about yourself. So, you need the strength of a friend, or a teacher, or the power of God.

I am also very serious when I am about to carry out a global project that goes beyond my ability. When greater ability is required in order to do something, the problem is where to get this from. If I cannot bring it, I have to retreat -- but I cannot do that. Therefore, prayer is needed. We need God. We need the world of heart. The world of love is endless, no matter how much you may draw upon it. The world of material will end the worlds of knowledge and power will perish, but the world of heart continues forever. Therefore, you have to do things centering on the world of heart. (120-320)

When you go into the center of the world of heart, the world of heart is moving up and down automatically, like someone breathing. Did you know that the earth is also breathing? The earth is breathing in and out so that the diameter of the earth is expanded up to almost one meter. Through that, the earth is adjusted. The spherical shape of the earth is maintained. For this reason, the world of heart moves up and down centering on an axis. It is moving.

Every existing thing therefore forms an oval shape. Do you understand? Thus, you go into the very center of the mind and heart. Infinite power is transmitted from there. So, if you make an angle of exactly 90 degrees, infinite power will flow through that right angle. Therefore, you should go out and cultivate your spiritual aspect. By devoting yourself you will experience the deep spiritual dimension in all aspects of life. Why? Because you need a source from which to gain an infinite driving force throughout your entire life. (120-322)

By offering sincere devotions, you can find the way in which you should go, as it is within your original mind. If you have an artistic disposition, the image of objects should float before your eyes like the reflection in a mirror. Do you understand? The picture is already created in your mind. This is a talent you were born with. You should therefore follow the direction that your talents indicate. If you ignore your innate gifts, everything will fail. It's serious, isn't it? (120-326)

Hyo Jin says to me, "Dad? It's strange, but I am hearing music at three o'clock in the morning." He was born with such a gift. In the same way, everybody has a talent in some field. These gifts are innate. As you were born with such gifts on a good foundation, then if you use them limitlessly they will infinitely develop. (120-322)

It was the same with Ye Jin when she was a child. During her school days she would say, "Dad, it's strange." What was strange was that when a fellow student lost something she would come and ask Ye Jin to tell her where it was. Then, Ye Jin would tell her where it was in her house, and she would go home and find it there. Can that be explained? She always knew.

Among our own children, Eun Jin also has spiritual ability. She said, "Mom? I was just about to go somewhere, but my mind kept telling me to go back. Why is this?" Someone is giving her this information, teaching her, "This person you are to meet is no good." She receives this spiritually. Some kind of magnetic activity is occurring. You have such ability within yourself, but if you are not perceptive or sensitive to its direction problems will result.

Ye Jin, In Jin, or Eun Jin might say, "Dad? It's strange; someone's going to make a mistake." They said that they had a bad feeling. They knew it through a premonition. When they planned to go somewhere, they already knew intuitively whether it would be good or not. When the person with whom you have made an appointment to meet seems to be bad person, you should certainly either go late or early. Before going there, you have to fight spiritually. Then, you can avoid a bad situation and control it. Therefore, a life based on the path of truth is very important. Because you have control over such things, you can evoke the self-control that can prevent and avoid bad fortune. (120-325)

5) The Life of the Original Mind

I was already serious at the age of 16. Although I might have made a plan to go somewhere, sometimes I did not actually go if I felt I should not. If I were to have gone, an accident would surely have occurred. It is also the same today. For this reason, I could survive until now in this world which is full of many enemies. Do you know how many people have been trying to kill me? You have to think about that. The greater a person becomes the greater the difficulties become. I must discern the way to go to overcome those difficulties. If someone says, "Teacher? Something terrible has happened?" I already know about it. If they say, "A problem has occurred," I already know. Without such ability, you cannot be a great leader in the future. To do so, you have to think in three dimensions rather than just two. A two-dimensional plane can be projected infinitely into a three-dimensional space.

No matter how great a person may be, if he is not conscientious and comes in front of me, he will be completely overwhelmed as a result. No explanation is necessary; as his mind becomes absorbed and completely overwhelmed, he will take his proper position in front of me. His mind already knows Reverend Moon. You don't know Reverend Moon, do you? Do you really know Reverend Moon? You may think that I am just the person who blessed your father and mother. However, Reverend Moon is not merely that person. Out of billions of people in the world, the most famous name historically speaking is none other than Reverend Moon. Did you know that? Of course, you need the abilities that knowledge gives you, but first of all your spirit has to grow up because both the spirit world and the world to come are worlds of truth. We have entered an era in which the computer can completely anticipate the destiny of human life. You have to surpass the computer in intuition and sensitivity. (120-323)

I was a famous teacher even in Sunday school. I was already famous from that time. When I stood on the platform before Sunday school students for the first time and wept with God's heart, everyone was crying. I had already reached such a stage. I do not like to read novels. If I decided to write a novel, it would be better than other novels. If I tell a story somewhere, such as in a prison, it will be long enough to make into a long novel. This is because I can see the content of the story spiritually as I tell it. If the sound of a flute is heard coming from afar, as I tune my mind with the sound, my environment can be harmonized with me. (120-327)

From a young age, I used to give sermons even while sleeping. Also during my Sunday school days. Sometimes, I would suddenly wake up during my sleep because of the sound of my sermon. At that time, I already knew that I would teach and lead many people on behalf of Heaven in the future. Whenever I was passing by a church, I would have the desire to go in even if it was just to eat lunch. I wanted to go to the very top of the pulpit and eat there. It was as if my mind already anticipated the future. (120-325)

6) Your Mind is the Closest Teacher

You may not know how difficult the providential history of salvation is. You don't know how difficult it is. Neither your friends, nor your wife or parents can help. Nobody can help. It is the position of parents, of Adam. Do you understand? At that time, nobody was there. No teacher. Nobody? There were only angels of the spiritual realm. Even though I was supposed to be saved by angels according to the Principle, because the angels belong to the fallen realm they were not permitted to help me. The angels were trying to take advantage of me as they wished. Nobody could be trusted. Even God could not treat me normally. God could not relate with me before I passed certain tests.

Because human beings turned their backs on God, in order for God to believe in humankind, He must also do the same to humankind. God could not assume that he would find a trustworthy son in this faithless, fallen world, because humanity had abandoned the environment of the Garden of Eden in which they could believe freely. Don't you think so? (Yes!) In order to reach the position where God can trust you, you have to pass through all kinds of tests. I had gone through a series of tests in order reach this position. Because I do not talk about these tests, nobody knows their content. I will not speak about those miserable tests because I do not want them to be recorded.

Such stories should not exist in the Garden of Eden. In the original world, there would not have been such stories. Only I know them, and I digest them by myself. My heart wants to pass on only the good things to the next generations. I want to bury the various bad things within myself, and then leave only the good things behind for you. If possible, therefore, I try not to speak about such things as my time in prison. There would be many people who would weep loudly were I to speak about the suffering life of prison. If I spoke about my suffering in prison, people may be shocked emotionally, of course, and may make a new resolution, but that is not what I want. People must make such new determinations according to reasonable principles.

You have to make a determination based on truth rather than on hearing about a shocking situation. You should not decide according to someone else's strong demand, but by your own desire to do so. If you encounter the truth, your mind will be naturally moved. Therefore, your closest teacher is your mind, and it is more precious than your most intimate friend, your mother, or your father. You need to ask your mind. God is dwelling within your mind. You should be able to listen to the sound of your mind. You need to reach that point.

Buddhism says that one should reach self-enlightenment. Buddha said, "There is only one person on earth and in heaven." That means that if you ask yourself, you can know that God exists within you. Then there is nothing you cannot accomplish. Thus, you should enlighten your mind. Your mind is better than a teacher. Your mind is your eternal lord. Therefore, you should not have a selfish mind, but one that always stands in a public position. (133-178)

7) A Lifestyle that Resembles the Heart

A heart of love is always striving to sacrifice and yield. It is a heart that tries to give and give again. For example, suppose I had 100 million dollars. Even if I went out onto the street to give all that money away, I would not be satisfied with that. On the contrary, I would feel sorry that I did not have enough money to be able to help all people of the world. Likewise, the heart of love is endless. Thus, we can never measure God's heart. How huge God's heart is! How deep His heart is! Therefore, people cannot be proud of themselves. No matter how great your accomplishments, if you ask your mind, it will answer, "You have to do more." People in the secular world want to be recognized. They want to receive praise. However, the mind is not like that. People hope to be recognized. At the point where they are recognized, everything ends. When they try to go up to the next stage, they will be confronted with many obstacles. Why are there many obstacles? Because the path the mind is seeking is the path of the cross. If you are often receiving praise, you will come to like your position. Because you enjoy being respected, you will have no desire to bear a cross. However, if you are reaching up to the second stage, you must bear the cross. It is a difficult path to bear because your body does not want to go that way.

Up until the age of thirty, therefore, I always felt hungry. I felt hungry every day. Though I sympathized with hungry people, however, I had to praise that time of hunger. That was a serious time. It was not because of a lack of rice. I went such a difficult way intentionally.

People who have not fulfilled their responsibility yet cannot take a spoon and eat as they wish. I did not sleep freely before I completed everything, which had to be prepared. In such a miserable situation I could not find room to enjoy time comfortably, because my mind pushed me to do more. People like myself cannot take a daytime nap. No matter how tired I feel, I cannot take a nap. True Mother told me to sleep more because of my exhaustion, but I could only sleep one or two hours last night. My mind does not permit me to sleep well. You could say that I am old now and the time has come to take a rest, but I cannot rest. Even though I am growing old, I have to do more than young people do. Because the problems become bigger and bigger, I have to do more and more.

I cannot hand my work over to anybody else. I will give instructions about everything. I do not give instructions for the sake of it; there is always a spiritual basis to my instructions. Do you understand? As I proceed with my work, my heart likewise teaches me, through myself, the way to go. My heart already knows it. I might just glance at somebody, but I already know what kind of person he is. The closest teacher is therefore the heart. So do not let your heart be disturbed.

Do not become troubled. If you trouble your heart, it will make God and me sad. Your heart is the lord in your life. Thus, to make the heart sorrowful is similar to making the lord of your life sorrowful. You should go the way that can make your heart joyful.

When I attended middle school, I cleaned the entire area of the school by myself. Because I wanted to love my school more than any other student, I cleaned the school with the mind to clean on behalf of all the students. In this situation, I didn't want to get other people's help. I wanted to do it alone. I wanted to do it properly. I therefore sometimes happened to clean somewhere that had already been done. Because I continued to clean all areas, my friends handed over everything to me. My friends said, "We'd like to do it this way, but because you always do it that way, why don't you do it yourself?" Therefore, in the end, I naturally came to the point of doing it all.

Cleaning time is a good time to enjoy the company of one's mind. To secular people it seems a solitary situation, but it is time to become friends with your mind. After you have done that, sit down and try to meditate; enter the realm of deep prayer and of great depth that others do not know.

When you go to a theater, you may say that the theater is good when it is the theater building that looks good. No matter how good the building is, however, if the play is not interesting you cannot say that the theater is good. The important thing is how much everyone becomes one centering on the play. The depth of a person's character depends on that. The question is to what extent you are leading a life that resembles the heart and is expanding its scope. (133-180)

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