The Way for a True Child

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 5. Blessed Couples' Way of Love

1) Significance of "All is My Love"

Why did God create this world? It is because of love. What type of love is it? Have you heard about "all is my love"? _____! Have you heard about the words "all is my love"? You may have heard about it, but you do not know that kind love, do you? It is so mysterious and strange. It is sometimes like a circle, and sometimes long and straight, isn't it? But you, woman, can you find this kind of love by yourself? (No) There is no other way but to go with bachelors who have unkempt hair. That is the way. If you say, "all is my love," what is it? If you're receiving your husband's love, yet you hear there is a master of love, what would you feel? "Gee, how small my husband is. I would like to have God's love, all of God's love." You might feel this way. By saying, "all is my love," you may want to include God's love as your own. Everything is included in the saying, "all is my love." You should know that there is husband's love, mother's love, son's love and God's love, and that only love can hold all of this inside. It is not possible to hold everything with a wrapping cloth. Do you agree? As parents love their children they want to give everything of the world to them. They want to give, and give more. So big is their love, isn't it? But in terms of money, you look, Hyo Jin, I want to give you one million dollars, no more. That's about it. But the mind of love is limitless, unlimited, isn't it? It is so big it has boundless value. Do you understand? For this reason, those who have love own the universe. All happiness starts from love. The one who has love is the victor in any circumstances. This is the kind of definition or conclusion we can derive from love. No matter how beautiful a life you may enjoy, if you do not have love, you cannot be a victor, so you are a loser. Well, "All is my love," let's think about it, What is your name? (I am _____) That's a good name. You are well behaved. You are a single girl, so, do you want to have "all is my love" or "half is my love"? (I want "all is my love") Of course "all is my love." Even though you have a small face, you want to have love which is "all is my love." That is the way to think. (132-242)

2) An Aspect of Love

What does it mean to love? Does it mean to touch someone back to back? There is formation-stage love, growth-stage love, and completion-stage love. What do man and woman do first? They kiss? "You should learn," God said, "how to love, from kissing ... from top to bottom." Why do all men want to kiss? What does the mouth do? It provides the food we eat, the origin of life goes through it. So it symbolizes God. Also, what is the Word? It also symbolizes God. The mouth expresses the two meanings. Therefore, people kiss to express their love. You express your love to your children by kissing? Do you give your little baby brothers kisses when they are born, because they are so cute?

That is not sin. No, not a sin. That is from Heaven. (144-94)

3) Life Path of Continuing Path of Love

The reason why man was born is to travel the world of love. He is born to travel the universe of love. Do you understand? Is it a depressing thing or a happy thing? You think about it. When I was receiving the blood lineage from my mother and father, I received it in the midst of my mother and father's love. So, we loved from the time of birth. While you were in your mother's womb, did your mother and father love, or not? They did love. For nine months' time, they touched here and there. After your birth, they still loved, and when you entered elementary school, yes, they loved. How many years until university? Twenty years, twenty-two years? Six years plus three and three make twelve years, university makes sixteen years, plus two years in kindergarten, it is 18 years. In all that time, you grew up within the realm of parent's love.

Even when a father and mother love their children the most, they feel pain when they think about how they have not given them as much love as others. You don't know much about this, do you? When you give birth to your children you will realize how much your parents did for you. If, in spite of how much they loved you, they worked for the church, think about how much their heart hurt. Did they sleep easily and have a comfortable time? They might have had an unstable and uncomfortable feeling. So, you should think that your parents are great people. They were uncomfortable because they loved you.

Do you mature between the age of sixteen to twenty? Is that why people marry at the age of about eighteen or twenty? After you marry, you will love your children, and when they marry, then you can love your grandchildren. Grandfather and grandmother, they love their grandchildren more than their sons and daughters. You received a lot of love from them, didn't you? You receive more love from your grandmother than your own parents, don't you? What is grandmother's hope? To be able to sooth her grandchildren. Throughout your life, you experience childhood, youth, adulthood, marriage and then children. As you become a grandparent, you experience them again. Everything you have experienced in your life seems to reappear around you. Great-grandparents experience all these things as they see their children and grandchildren, in all directions, North, South, East and West. All descendants are intertwined with love. Then the more descendants you have the more blessing you have. What starts from love, flows out via love. Understand? Life itself is to continue the line of love. You cannot deny that you are born to love.

You women, do you fear giving birth? When you ask a woman who has given birth to children, they will say that it was like dying; but after the birth you forget everything, all at once. Also, a person who is seasick, once they have reached land they feel better almost straight away. It is the same. You will have that experience. It will be hard to carry children for 10 months, but after the birth, all discomfort disappears suddenly.

I never forgot what my mother told me. It was when I was young and my sister was about to get married. There were uncles and many in-laws gathered together for the ceremony. She said that the best time she had enjoyed was the time of rearing children after birth, even though it was with suffering. Why is it like that? When a baby is hungry, the mother's breasts swell, understand? All women are like this. As it gets bigger, you feel sick all over. Breasts are the most sensitive part. But it is hard to explain with words the joy of feeding the baby. Only the mother knows what it is like; no one else knows. When the enlarged breasts shrink, what a good feeling you have. Also when you see the baby's hands touching the breasts, mother's love springs up. So, all the emotional feelings of joy, anger, love and happiness that a mother experiences cannot be felt unless you become one yourself. That's why people say that after their eight children have left and gotten married, parents are engulfed with a terrible feeling of loneliness. It is true that they can visit each of them, if they wish to do so; but it is not easy to go many times a day because of the distance, so they always think about them. With the love they used to give, when they cannot go and visit, they pray and pray for the blessing. That is a precious mind. When this occurs, they are getting old. That's why, life starts from love and it finishes with love. This is the kind of principled and adequate way of life. That is to continue on from the physical world to the spirit world. (187-96)

4) The Way of Perfecting Women's Personality

Woman is only one half of a whole. She perfects her personality by loving a man and being able to embrace and digest all difficulties that come up. Do you understand? (Yes) You women, you should not open your mouth, but stay silent. Women have no weapon except for their mouths. Your mouth is your only weapon. Next is your facial expression. Once again, your mouth is a weapon. Do you understand? That is why women perish because of what they say. You will see that even in movies, when a woman endures without speaking a word, she is able to digest all difficulties. But if she says, "Gosh, I am going out," then she packs up and goes; later of course, she cannot return. Children will think that, "My father's persecution of my mother is reasonable." You should not just pack up and leave; things must be worked out. Even though your husband may hit you, don't pack up and leave. Instead, lie in bed and pretend to be sick. It is better to have revenge. Don't eat food for a week, but pretend that you are sick. When he comes back home, say, "Oh, you are back now?" Do it in such a natural way. Then when your husband sees that you are not eating, he will watch you for a week and then will raise the white flag of surrender; then harmony will come. What wonderful revenge. (Laughter) You can get revenge in a way that is for his sake.

If you say, "My husband is bad, he is worse than me," then you are a woman of no value. Even though he is an evil husband, with little ability, have the attitude that this gentleman has come to find me, at this historical time. He has come out, holding a flag through the many struggles that men go through to find a woman like me. You should think like this. You then meet to build the kingdom of peace and the kingdom of love together, holding the flag of peace. This is the way of husband and wife. Love should remain alive. Forgetting the pledge you have made, "Oh, you damn man!" this kind of behavior should not occur. Woman is half a circle, half a circle. Do you understand? Half a globe is what you are. The way women should go is, from the left side to the right, to complete the circle, yet not stepping over the man.

How does a woman go upward? By making the man come down, and getting a piggyback-ride from her husband. So, when the husband goes up, she can go together with him. The people of the village naturally lift a wife who works for her husband. She can even be risen up on the back of her grandfather. In that kind of a good family, because she has a big loving mind, before the three generations pass, she can give birth to a good heir, who can inherit the elder-sonship of the clan. What principle is this? The principle of three generations is working to keep things revolving. Things that revolve can have dominion over the whole. As you go through three revolutions, a new world of hope is found. By doing this, you grow through spiral form and become bigger. (187-85)

A woman has her house of love, a man has his house of love. But the house that the woman has is not for her, the house of love is for a man. The house of love that a man has is not for the man, it is the house of love for a woman. Do you understand! Do you know this or not? If you do not know this, it will be a disaster. Traffic accidents will happen.

Where is the house of love for woman? The woman does not have it. Do you understand? The houses of love are exchanged. Then why are they exchanged? By going through the process of exchange, this universe is connected. To connect this universe, it should go through exchange. It should be bound together. It is only possible by love. It is not possible by any other way. It is not possible by your way. Who do these eyes belong to? (They are mine)

You would say that your body is also yours, but love is not yours. It is your partner's. It is exchanged. Because the possession of love is exchanged, the couples' ideal situation develops. If you enlarge the point of exchanging love, it becomes an ideal spherical form. When you read the Old Testament, are there the Holy of Holies and the Holy Place? What do they mean? The Holy Place symbolizes man, while the Holy of Holies symbolizes the house of love.

Do you understand this meaning? This is the first time you have heard it, isn't it? Everybody has a Holy Place and a Holy of Holies. The Holy Place is the place you can attend God. Then, what is the Holy of Holies? It is the place you can relate with God, because only God has the special dominion over love. Holy of Holies is the place you can connect with God directly. Then where is it in the man? It is in woman's sexual organ. No one can touch this place. There are not two men who can see this Holy of Holies. There is only one, isn't there? The one who keeps the Holy of Holies must be the one to open it, but if it is stained, the one who touched it will die. In ancient times, if a different person touched it, he was put to death. That meant that the place was contaminated. Do you understand! That is why for women (Eve), Adam is the person who has the key. It is only that Eve was keeping the key for Adam. You must know this. Do you understand?

For you to make unity and love with God, you must love while attending God, do you understand? It is not merely the meeting of man and woman. When man and woman come together, representing the heavenly law, you should say, "To accomplish the ideal of creation, we would like to attend God's love. Please come here, and let us have sons and daughters you hope to have through us." Do you understand? (132-246)

5) Husband's Responsibility and Wife's Responsibility

When you become a husband, you are to love your wife, and not show your shortcomings. As a responsible husband, you should become your wife's favorite person and someone that makes your wife proud to say, "My husband is a great person." You should be this kind of person. I wonder if Mother thinks of me in this way? The same thing is applicable to the father. It is not easy to be a father to a person from a different family. In fact, you should think like this, "My son is also from a different family. I am just rearing him; he will go and work for the world." It is a father-son relationship, but in reality, it is as if he is from a different family. Therefore, it is hard to play the role of a father. The roles of the husband and the wife are not easy.

You should want to have a large family to take care of. If you look at a first daughter-in-law of a rich family, you will see that she has adapted well into her situation. No matter what difficulties she may encounter, she can handle any situation well. You need to have a lot of experience, looking after many people. When you marry, which would you choose? A husband with whom you have to stay with parents-in-law, or one with whom you do not? (With parents-in-law) Even though you stay with them, there will not be so much difficulty because of Teacher's education. Even though her father-in-law may admonish the daughter-in-law, the daughter will inherit everything he has when he dies. Do you understand? Even though her feared mother-in-law scolds her, she should overcome it without any complaint; then the mother-in-law will praise her with pleased words. Afterwards, you will receive precious things, such as jewelry, from her. Do you understand? This is the way to be.

A husband who has a bad nature may challenge his wife. Even though you may get upset and many tears fall to your chest, you can suddenly change your emotion and smile... If you are this kind of a woman, then you are a happy woman. How wonderful she is! What a beautiful moment of transition from tragedy to happiness.

When you women are going to marry, do you say, "I am going to receive love"? (To give love) No, women out in the world say, "to receive love." So, you marry to give love; but how do you give when your husband does not want it? How! If you still want to give love, he may reject you, right? Then, what would you do? You should keep on loving him, even crying. You must try to love him, even crying and risking your life for him. If you try to love your husband even to the point of death, he will submit himself to you. That is the way to be. Do not criticize all the cases you hear; each situation is different depending on how it is explained and how you interpret it.

When the husband comes back from work, she is having a nap; what shall we do about this? In the outside world, if the husband is well known, to attend him the wife hardly has any sleep. Doing her best, making her clothes look more beautiful, putting on cosmetics, waiting for her husband the whole night ... She is still not sure that she can keep the marriage going. They go through so much suffering. Do you understand? There are so many prostitutes with precious jewelry and pendants, singing and dancing, waiting to give whatever they can for your husband. Even though you have a great husband, you arrogantly say, "I want to be the only one to receive his love." Do you think he can live with you for your whole life? Look at your face, and think about where a man who can live with you for a lifetime is. How can he be with someone who has such round eyes, flat face, flat nose and lips, for a lifetime ... Till I get old ... ? How difficult will it be for him? So, you must give him your sympathy. (133-172)

6) The Way of Second Generation Blessed Couples

There is a certain way in which both of you are to go within your family. The point is not which one of you did well, or who did not do well, but the point is who loves God more. We are to follow this. Second, you are not to be habitually affected by your environment, but to develop and progress centered on love. A wife should love her husband and the husband should love his wife. By loving each other, a couple is for God and for the way of God's Will. To do his Will, you need to have a tribe, people, nation, and world. There are still things left to do, the liberation of the spirit world and the liberation of the physical world and of God's nation. Because of the fall, this has still been undone. You have to clear it. Man was thrown into the rubbish bin. Who will clear this rubbish bin? Not God, nor True Parents can do it. Because it is your own family, tribe, people, nation and world environment, which is to be connected to True Parents' blood lineage, you should clean your own environment.

In the course of the providence for restoration, who are the responsible people? You are the ones who have to stand as the representatives. You can do it on the family level and enter the realm of the blessing on the family level in God's kingdom. You can do it on the tribal level and enter the realm of the blessing in the tribal level in God's kingdom. You can do it on the level of a people and enter the realm of the blessing on the level of a people in God's kingdom. You can do it on the national level and enter the realm of the blessing on the national level in God's kingdom. You can do it on the worldwide level and enter the realm of the blessing on the worldwide level in God's kingdom.

Your position in the kingdom of heaven will be decided by centering on the content of love. In that case, you should think that for this cause you should love your husband's parents more than your husband, love your husband's brothers and sisters more than your husband, love your nation more than you love your family, love the world more than you love your nation, love heaven more than you love the world, and love God more than you love Heaven. There is no path connected without love; love is the answer.

God's love should drip into your mind and on your life. When God's love drips onto you, you have hope; but if God's love does not drip at all, you may perish. Your name will then be blotted out of the citizenship list of the nation of love. You will be eliminated because you have been disobedient to the traditional world of love. (144-131)

Once you marry, you cannot follow your own will. Which direction should you go? You must go to meet the love of God. Why was man born as man, and woman born as woman? It is because of love. Why love? Why do husband and wife come together? Man and woman are divided natures of God's dual characteristics. When they come together, they will receive God's love. So, our life is to find and to receive God's love. To meet God's love, man and woman should come together in oneness. Without it you cannot meet the love of God. Why do we need to meet God's love? By meeting his love, we can stand on the same position with God. We can stand beside God. Doesn't this sound the same to you? Centered on what do man and woman come together? It is not centered on your faces, but love. You are here for the sake of the love between husband and wife.

Why did God ask Adam and Eve to love like this? It was because God can be one with them centered on that love. If there is no horizontal line, you cannot draw a vertical line. The purpose of the love between husband and wife is to connect to the love of God.

Why do we desire God's love? Because when we receive God's love, we can go on to the same position as God. Even though you have only met for the first time, you can stand proudly together as husband and wife, centered on love. Is that right? When you are in love, two are one. You cannot run away. Both have collective responsibility. When husband and wife become completely one centered on God, they go forward to the same position as God. Not only do you reach the same position as God, but all the possessions he has, comes into the realm of your ownership. Love is amazing. It is of great value since it is able to reach the same level as God and to have ownership of everything.

What does this mean? If God loved Adam and Eve, He would give himself to them. Not only Himself, but also his love. Thereby, all the, universe belonging to God, is automatically bestowed to us. We need, the right of succession.

Man has the desire to be the best; with what can man accomplish it? It is only by love. Is it possible with money? By power? It is only possible by love. Only the love God set up makes it possible. We want to be the best because we have the original nature to be united with God in oneness centered on his love.

What is the best thing in the world? God is the best. If we reach that level, then what can we do there? You should make the whole universe yours, centered on God's love. Do you all have this desire? That desire and ambition cannot be accomplished with money, or with knowledge, or with power. It can be accomplished only by love. This is the essence of the Unification Church Principle and the origin of the philosophy of human life. People did not know this up until now. This content is simple. (44-133)

7) The Attitude Toward Life to Establish the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth

Will you marry? Will you marry or not? What about you men? Will you marry? (Yes) Do you think you need children? (Yes) Why? You need to know God's love, parents' love, and know how to attend parents. You also need to know husband's love and know how to attend your husband, know children's love and know how to attend children. Not only to give orders to your children, but you should also how to attend your children. That means you have to know how to live for the sake of others. By doing so, you will understand God's love. This is educational material. Without having children, it is imperfection. That means you don't understand God's love, that is, how much God has loved man, his children. Without becoming a husband, you cannot know wife's love. Without becoming a wife, you cannot know husband's love. If you do not become parents, you do not know parental love. God created all of these for educational purposes. Not having children means that you cannot be true parents. Is this right or not?

So, to be the best qualifier, according to the original principle, you need parents, wife and what next? You should have children for you to be accepted by the universe, being labeled, "the most worthy to feel God's love substantially." With this you can get into the Kingdom of Heaven. Without this seal of approval, it is not possible.

Please expand the love experience in your family. Do not shrink it, but expand it. For that cause, sacrifice your family for the sake of your tribe, and also for your nation. It is good to sacrifice yourself for the bigger cause. Once you have set up a good condition of greater love by sacrificing, you can be connected to everything, with the ideal realm of love. Even though you did not complete everything, you can be a qualified person to enter the heavenly nation in the spirit world. Even though you loved within a certain boundary or within a village, you can participate in the same privileges as people who loved the nation, world, and Heaven and Earth. This is because the person would certainly be able to achieve the greater love with sacrifice if there was a situation in which he was required to show his ability to do so. You should know this clearly.

You should not be arrogant or proud of being the children of blessed families. You have got to stand on a higher level than your parents. When you see men of your husband's age, you should respect them more than your husband, and think they will be loyal people to accomplish the will for your nation. Expanding more, remember that you should love all people of an age similar to your grandparents' more than your own grandparents. Love the people of an age similar to your parents' more than your own parents. Love the people of an age similar to your husband's or wife's more than your own spouse. Love the people of an age similar to your children's more than your own children.

Even if he didn't do much in the family, a man can return to the family from the level of society to be a greater person. In other words, even if the man was not capable of much in the family level, going out and working in the society made him a greater person. That is what parents want, isn't it? You must think like this. How come things become like this? Our Unification Church ideology states that the individual sacrifices for the family and lives for the sake of others all the while living with love. Then, since it states that the family lives for the tribe and so on to larger causes, you should live for the sake of others while keeping in mind that you are representing Cain's world. Everyone should have this kind of mind. Parents, grandparents, husbands, wives and children alike. We can then enter the place where the loyal people of the heavenly world abide without hesitation! Do you understand? Clearly? What is the Kingdom on Earth like? The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth is the place in which we do live in this manner. (133-138)

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