The Way for a True Child

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 5. The Right Attitude of the Second Generation as They Follow the Way Of God's Will

1) In Order to Fulfill the Purpose

Question: Please tell us what kind of sad, joyful, or suffering experiences you have had in your life.

Answer: Sad experience, and joyful experience, and what? (Experience of hardship) Experience of hardship. What can be hard? When you are determined to achieve your purpose, then hard things and sad things are not hard or sad. When you are going forward towards your purpose, there cannot be a hardship or sorrow. When you are sad, you think only of how you can achieve your goal. This is the Unification Church way, isn't it? When you decide on a purpose, you have to move on even when it is hard and hold your tears. When you are determined, the harder it gets, the closer you are to achieving the goal, and the more tears you shed, the more heart you have for its realization. Considering this, sorrow and hardship are to be welcomed as good things. Do you understand this?

It takes time to achieve a goal. Then, there should be efforts. How hard can you work? This is the question. Then you should establish spiritual conditions. So, time, and what? (Efforts) Then spiritual conditions. When you make efforts, however, you cannot just simply work. Your mind and body must be one, and your efforts should be acknowledged by Heaven. The more efforts you invest, the closer you are to the goal. Do you understand this? First, what? Time. Then? (Efforts) Then? (Spiritual conditions).

If it normally takes ten years to fulfill a goal, but you want to do it within three years, you have to work more than three times harder. Is it easy? (Difficult) So you have no choice. This is scientific. The question is how much you invest. Your purpose will be realized only when your investment of time and work is greater than what is required to fulfill it. If it is below the standard of the purpose, it will not be achieved. Do you understand? You think you want to become a certain person, leader, writer, scientist, or so forth. If you have decided on something, the bigger the purpose is, the more you should invest your time, work, and spiritual efforts. Western people don't know what spiritual effort is. You need to invest time, work, and spiritual effort. But this purpose should not be for yourself but for the sake of the whole. If you have to invest much time, then you cannot sleep well and cannot play around well. You should invest all these extra hours. Others are out with friends, but you are to live a lonely life. Isn't it so? Making spiritual conditions is not in order to deal with people but to ask higher beings for help. That is why you have to go through a highly intense situation. This is why there is hardship and sorrow. We should overcome them. Do not take them as pain. Rather, as something that quickens the realization of what I desire.

It is the same in our church. The path that our church has taken is one that has been opposed by the whole of Korea and the world. But this was not something sad or painful. The more we have such things, the more attention we receive from the world and the better things turn for our purpose. So from the standpoint of purpose, sad and difficult things are not bad things. If you realize this, you can digest these things. Do you understand this? In the outside world, if somebody cries without a purpose, his tears will disappear after the crying, and his sufferings and pains will be forgotten. But sorrow and hardship that is experienced for the sake of a purpose inevitably remains. The reward will surely come, within my own lifetime or through my descendants. Therefore, sorrow is not sorrow, and hardship is not hardship.

2) How to Conclude the History of Restoration Quickly

Question: There are many things we must do in the future. Please tell us something about our future. By the time we have fully grown up, will the restoration still not have been completed so that we will also have to go through a public course like the one our parents went or will it have been concluded so that we can then just pursue our talents and hobbies? Can you tell us concretely?

Answer: This is a matter of great magnitude. The question of when the history of restoration is concluded will continue for a long time. The history of restoration will not be finished until everyone becomes one within the Will and turns around. So the history of restoration will not be over in a day or two. It has been started with me, but it will continue through your parents and also through you.

Then how can we hasten the end of the history of restoration? This is decided by individual efforts, and at what level you make the efforts, whether from upper class, middle class, or lower class society, and whether to upper class, middle class, or lower class people. If you can turn around those on the top, who lead human history, restoration can go quickly. Otherwise, if we start the other way, that is, from the laborer, we don't know how many thousands of years it will take. Unless you can go up on the stage and bring them quickly under your control, it can take hundreds and even thousands of years. In order to restore Korea quickly, we should witness to Korean leaders soon. Also, in order to restore Japan, we should witness to Japanese leaders. Then restoration will proceed very rapidly.

So what kind of course lies ahead for you? You should not think that you will continue the same course as your parents and restoration will be accomplished. Then, what should you do? You should study hard and witness to all the world leaders one by one. Now, how many people are here? (One hundred) If you can spread to the world and each of you witnesses to one country's president in three years, then what will happen to the world? It will be restored very quickly? For this reason, young people who are following the course of restoration should learn more and have higher ability than world leaders in order to restore them. This is impossible unless you have the capacity to lead them in every area, that is, government, human affairs, social issues, world problems, history, philosophy, science, and so forth. So God sends the Messiah as the King of Truth. He comes as the King of Truth, Wisdom, and Love, teaching people what they do not know and restoring them quickly. Do you understand this? (100- 116)

3) First, Study Hard

What if we shorten the history of restoration? Then this world will be filled with peace and love, a place where God's Will is accomplished and human ideals are achieved. What happens when the ideal world is realized? There will be no war or borders, and all accomplishments will be inherited. Humanity has been pursuing such a world. But this world has not been accomplished, and we should bring it about. So, in order to solve all these problems, you students have to make great efforts and volunteer to take the responsibility for saving the world. You have to make ceaseless efforts with such a dream. You have to invest work, time, and spiritual efforts. The more the amount of investment is, the greater people you will become. As great people, you can influence the world as the subject partner to the world, and God's providence will be shortened through you. Therefore, it is good to think that you will save the world. But the first realistic task you have now is to work the hardest and be the best students in Korea. Also, you should be better than any students in foreign nations. Through this, the world will be restored in a short moment. Otherwise, you cannot go to the kingdom of heaven. So now that you understand, you, _____, should study hard with a clear goal, all right? (Yes)

Now, you have interest in everything, right? When you go to a marathon and see the audience getting excited, you will want to be a marathoner. But you cannot do everything. So you should decide on one thing quickly and be the best at it in the world. After this, you can do other things as a supplement. Doing well in one field-literature, philosophy, or science, for instance-requires work and time. Next, you have to make spiritual efforts. There is no end to it. Do you understand it? There is no time to play around. You are involved in this kind of battle. So you have no other way now. You have to study hard. (100-120)

4) Study is the Most Important

Question: There are many things we will have to do as we grow up and go out to the world, aren't there? Then, we have to know many people and should be able to speak foreign languages well. So I think it would be good to try such things as pen pals and gain much knowledge about societies.

Answer: You can do those things after you finish your studies and get a job. When your interest is so spread out, you cannot focus on your specialized field. You cannot be good at either, then. So you should choose one. You may need pen pals and friendships, but the most important thing is your study. It is most precious to be faithful in your own position and do the best there. You can do anything else after it is over. When you are writing a book, for instance, you should finish one page and then write the next one. It is not good to start writing the next page without finishing the first one. You should go up step by step, and then what you have worked on will become yours; but if you stop your work in the middle, then it will end up having nothing to do with you. This will even be worse than not having started it. So you don't have to think about things like pen pals now. You don't have to go out for activities, either. Just trying to do the best according to the school regulations is the most precious. So study calmly.

If you study well, your superiors will take care of it without your asking for it at all. Do you understand? If all the students and teachers praise you, then you will be chosen to go to America and study, although you may decline it. Although you don't think about the world problems, people of the world will welcome you and bring you forward in the world. On the contrary, no matter how big a dream you have and engage in international exchanges now, it will not work. So the one who does well in his own area will be promoted by the whole and sent to the high position. This is the heavenly principle and principle of creation. So do not worry; learn to be faithful with the given reality. (100- 140)

5) The Attitude of the Second Generation Is to Follow the Pattern of God's Will

Those who are not prepared will perish. Those who are prepared can protect themselves against risk and survive, but those who are not prepared will perish. I have tried every sport. Do you understand? So please study hard. (Yes) It is very precious for you to think that you will finish the four-year course in one year and train yourself for any task, thereby becoming a warrior for God. If people have such a heart, their country will not perish. You have to be stronger than Kim Il Sung's army.

You should understand how much explosive patriotism has been awakened in young people's hearts through Kwan Soon You's independence struggle. I set out on this path at your age with a determination to offer my own life, in my teens. When I was in school, I did not wear good clothes. I wore shabby clothes all year long. There were many used-clothing stores then. My student uniform was glowing with dirt and oil. So it smelled a lot. You should follow this kind of path, through which you can establish the heavenly law. You should go through ruthless storms, leaving parents, spouse, and children. You should endure and go over tears with smile. You should know that Rev. Moon has been victorious because I have unhesitatingly practiced this way. (112-237)

I have been persecuted and betrayed by Korea, and yet after achieving a victory, the nation cannot but praise me. Do you understand? When you study, you should gain honors. When I study, I can finish in three years what others finish in ten years. Concentration is a powerful thing. In a normal situation, mistakes do not cause so much harm, but in an actual combat, a small error can destroy everything. So you have to offer your life. Do you understand? Your stage is not Korea. It is the world. You have to have the complete preparation. Do you understand? Ladies and gentlemen, you will say that I am a great man. I am doing amazing things. I have been making foundations in a variety of areas with an astounding determination. Now my foundation is such that even the president of a nation can come to me to save his country. It is like a dream. You should make a determination to become able to come forward confidently as the heir of tomorrow with an ability to lead a nation, starting from children of 36-couple Blessed families. You should march strongly with a confidence that bright light is coming to our Unification people. Do you understand this? (We understand.)

So, you should fully understand my words and be able to do anything. You should be atomic bombs of love, who can fly anywhere and destroy anything. So march forward with an eternal flag of love? Amen. (112-238)

6) Be the Number One Person

I think that it is better for you to inherit my tradition, which is more progressive, than your parents' blood, who have not accomplished their responsibilities. What do you think? (That is right) Amen. What do you think? (Amen) Do you know what Amen is? Amen means "A" "Man." So Amen is number one man. After you pray, you say, "I pray in the name of True Parents," after which you should say "Amen" in the sense of number one man. What is Amen? (Number one) When you get married, you should get married to a prince or princess. You should serve your parents-in-law as if they are king and queen. No matter how tedious a regulation is, you should be able to digest it without hesitation. Amen

How wonderful it is! Would it be easy to be a spouse of prince and princess? Difficult, right? So the one who accomplishes difficult things is the number one man. Amen. You want to have a husband like me, right? Answer me. Do you want to have a husband who is greater than I or less than I? (Someone greater) Also, brothers, do you want to have a wife greater than True Mother? (Someone greater) This is why you should do more than I and True Mother. (112-242)

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