The Way for a True Child

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 1. The Way of Parents and Children of the Blessed Families

1) The Significance of the Blessing and the Value of Blessed Families

What is the Blessed family? The position of the Blessed family is the position of having escaped from the sphere of Satan's accusation. It is the position of having liquidated everything which was wrong or which was mistaken in terms of the blood lineage, centering upon True Father, in order for your families to be restored through indemnity. This position is located in the completion level of the growth stage.

The fall occurred at the completion level of the growth stage. According to the principle of the three stages of formation, growth and completion, there still remains a seven-year course. In other words, the fall occurred before the final seven years. When Father chose Mother in 1960 he was standing in the position of the completion level of the growth stage. Since I was standing in this position, I received trials from Satan.

In 1968, seven years after 1960, God's Day was established. What does it mean? It means that fighting against the families in the satanic world was begun centering upon the family standing within the direct dominion of God, since due to the fall human beings were not able to consummate the completion level of the growth stage within the dominion of the Principle. Centering upon tribes and nations, I have been going the way of national-level indemnity and world-level indemnity.

The Blessing cannot be done before True Parents appear. Do you understand? What the Blessing means is that in order to inherit both heaven and earth, branches of the True Parents were cut off and grafted onto your parents. Therefore, it is not only for your parents to receive salvation. What your parents have to do is to form their tribes and nations, and when the True Parents enter into the era of the nation, they have to offer their tribes. Also, as you grow up and True Parents enter into the worldwide realm, then your families have to share the responsibility for being offered on the national level. You must be well aware of this point. In other words I gave you the Blessing so that you may be placed in the position to bear the responsibility and mission which you have to fulfill, even though it is on a level one step lower.

What does it mean to receive the Blessing? It means to change completely the blood lineage of the satanic world into the blood lineage of the heavenly world. When you drink the water, you don't know to what the water pipe is connected, but actually you are drinking the water of the heavenly kingdom. Likewise in the satanic world, you drink the water in the same way, but actually you are drinking the water of Satan. There's a complete difference. Although it seems to be the same, the content is totally different. Do you understand? Therefore as the content is changed, you are supposed to start on the family foundation in which Father's branch was given. That is the meaning of the Blessing. (June 20, 1984)

You must clearly know the root of the Blessing. You must be clearly aware of what Blessed families are. Born centering on the connection of love and married for the sake of the ideal of love, we have to form our families for the sake of the ideal of love.

According to differing archaeological points of view, human history has lasted approximately 150,000 to 1.5 million years. Even in the process of so long a history, no one has been able to find a way of solution. It is as if human beings have been falling for years from the top of a high mountain. Human beings have been falling down endlessly and limitlessly. God has seen that, and feels pity for us poor human beings. He has the embracing heart of parents who embrace their dead children. God has determined to take responsibility for this sorrow, and God has been enduring this sorrow. You must know how great the suffering heart of God has been.

During this period how many people have become victimized? Those people prayed when looking at a rock, they prayed looking at water, prayed looking at trees, and prayed looking at the sun, and they struggled, saying, "Help us if there is a God." Those people who were not able to understand the existence of God, wandering without knowing the way of the universe based upon the Principle, have become victims. And how many have their been? That sacrifice has been enormous and the mountain of the death of human beings has been accumulated.

Hidden among that sacrifice, among all these rotten things, what remains is only one grain of gold. For the first time within the realm of death that has enslaved four billion human beings, the Unification Church has emerged today. You must be well aware of that.

You must become the driving forces, which can digest that dirty human history as the fertilizer and ignite for the sake of the ideal of a new world. You should ignite or break out for the sake of the ideal of a new world. By break out, I mean you should start explosively. It is a great fact that the Unification Church which has a power and a content can do so. Throughout history there has been no greater event than this. You must clearly know that. (June 20, 1984)

2) The Difference between the Blessed Families and the Families of this World

What is the difference between the Blessed families and the families who are not blessed? To say that the Blessed families are God-centered families is ambiguous and not understandable. You must answer that the difference is that Blessed families are families that are centered on God's love, and the families in this world are families centered on the love of the satanic world. Do you understand what it means? What is the love of the satanic world? It is to live only for the sake of oneself and only for the sake of one's family. It is nothing other than that. It is a love that tries to make use of others. It is a love that creates divisions, which makes different sects, different groups.

Then, what is the difference centering upon love? Blessed families must clearly know this. The difference is the blood lineage. Upon whom are you hanging? You resemble the True Parents in terms of love and the blood lineage. Did you know that clearly? When you say, "different," what is different? Our eyes and noses and mouths are the same. What is the difference? The difference is the source or the point of origin. The Blessed families started through the True Parents. The True Parents started centering upon God. In terms of the standard of unity with God's love, Father is different. There is total difference between these two points.

What is the first difference? God's love is the center of all. The center is not our own family. Centered upon God's love, everything from the family, tribe, nation and world is included. Just say, "To love God with all your mind and all your heart is the first commandment." Then everything will be OK.

Since everything is included within God, you can become the participants of love. If you love you can have the right of participation, can't you? Though a woman doesn't know a man, if they get married and spend four days together, then both man and woman become partners and participants in love. That means they feel, "What I have is yours, and what you have is mine." This is the greatness of love that those who love can join and share.

Then what is the next difference? It is the right of inheritance. When a parent dies I become his or her successor and inherit his or her property. Likewise, if you come to receive God's love then you become able to participate in love in front of God. In other words, you are able to stand in the presence of God. Not only that, you are able to inherit all that God has. Love is amazing. Love alone can do those things; not money, knowledge or power.

When you have learned God's love and you have inherited God's blood lineage, can God curse you? Can He leave you? He cannot. Where do you belong? Do you belong to the satanic world or God's side? What's the difference? In what way are you different? You can say I have a love that God also can love and I stand in the position where I can inherit God's blood lineage and develop it. (April 12, 1986)

3) The Way the Second Generation Children of the Blessed Families Should Go

You must have ideals from now on. When you become old enough to go to the Little Angels School, you must not say this and that. You must set those things aside, and first you have to love all the people in your neighborhood and must become close to them.

You must create an environment in which people say, "Oh, in our school there are Blessed children of the Unification Church. They are frank, they have the best attitude towards their friends, and they are good models at school. If these people go, how lonely and sorrowful our school will become. How lonely we will become!" In case there are 100 Blessed children, they should be concerned about 300 children. If there are 300 Blessed children, they should be concerned about 1,200 children. That kind of foundation should be established. (April 12, 1981)

Jacob had twelve sons, but do you know who received the most blessing? It was Joseph. He was the eleventh son; and after Joseph, Benjamin. And what were the other brothers doing while Joseph received blessings? They were engaged in satanic activities. The elder brothers hated Joseph. The reason that they hated Joseph was that the twelve represented all the different directions in north, south, east and west. Those divisions started with the families of Cain and Abel. Likewise, even under the circumstances of being opposed by more than ten families and persecuted by them, still you have to overcome these difficulties with a loving heart. Joseph's situation is a lesson as a model course.

Joseph's brothers tried to kill him by throwing him into a well, and by selling him into slavery. But Joseph took the view that it was not his brothers that put him into that terrible situation, but the mysterious will of God. Thinking in that way Joseph discarded all his dignity, authority and desires, and loved them. On the foundation that Joseph loved his brothers with that condition, it was possible for the Israelites to be revived. You also have to go a way similar to that.

I gave you the Blessing, but I did not mean that you are allowed to live a comfortable life. Do you understand? Even if people oppose the Unification Church and hate us, we should love them as Joseph loved his ten brothers, and save them. In order to do that he embraced them and led them into the sphere of God's love. To stand in the position of bearing that responsibility, in the same position as Joseph, you have to take that responsibility. That is your position as Blessed children. This is the way for Blessed children to follow.

Since you are in the same position as the children who would have been born in the Garden of Eden if there had been no fall, you have to do the same work as the Savior's. Jesus was born as a sinless son but he was not born to live a comfortable or a good life in this world. Jesus' mission was to make this world better; after that, he himself would become able to live a good life. That was Jesus' mission. You have the same mission as he.

Even if God and Father make an environment in which you, the Blessed children, can live a good living, still that environment is not for your sake. You must know it is for the sake of the world. In order for you to inherit the Blessing for the sake of the world, you must love more than twelve horizontal brothers and sisters. You have to stand in the position that is recognized as the Unification Church's and in which they admit that you are the subject of love, saying, "You are the exemplary subject of us all. You are like Joseph, the eleventh son, neither the eldest son, nor the second eldest son nor the seventh nor the eighth, and you can truly inherit our family." All the eleven brothers must become like that. To do that, what kind of life do you have to live? You have to sacrifice without saying anything, and you have to live for the sake of your brothers. Do you understand? You have to stand in the same position as that. (April 12, 1981)

4) Love Among Brothers-Those Who Inherit from Parents

The families of the Unification Church give birth to many children. Whose family produced the most children? How many? The more brothers and sisters the better. One thing over which you must rejoice, is that the more there are, the more you have to share with brothers and sisters. Even sharing a cup. Two brothers sharing one cup. You have to do that kind of thing. You must not quarrel, saying that there is only one cup. No matter how many children are in the family and no matter how difficult living may be, if you have a loving heart for giving to your eldest sister or your younger brother, then all will be well even if you have to skip a meal.

If only you have a loving heart, then the situation of the family will become better. Do you wear the best clothes and give the bad clothes to your younger sisters or brothers? You should do the opposite. You even have to think in the way opposite to thinking in the satanic world. Blessed children should think differently from those in the satanic world. God is the same. Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

Among the brothers and sisters, those who do the most for the sake of other brothers and sisters, for the sake of parents, and for the sake of the whole, will receive the inheritance of the parents. Those who make trouble, who do not listen to their parents, and who do only what they want to do, will become the last.

Then what is your pride in front of the satanic world? Pride and faith in your father and mother. You must understand that. You must understand how Blessed families should live. You have to know what mothers should do and what you should do.

No matter how difficult the living may be, no matter what a difficult life you lead, still you should be grateful and you should wait, shedding tears in front of heaven, and overcoming a hungry stomach. You should be able to say, "God, please love our nation, and please love our people, and fulfill the wish of our mother." You should be able to say those things.

The more of those things there are, the more you should put the good things into your back pocket. God is like that. God has thousands of pockets, and God says, "Hey, I will give you this," and he takes things out from the bottom of his pocket one at a time.

To whom should God give those things, and when? God expects us to be patient. He says, "Be patient until you are twenty-one years old and then you will achieve complete victory over Satan." If you are able to understand that and to pray from that position, then the best treasure comes out from the pocket of God. But what if, when you are about fifteen years old you say, "God, I cannot endure. I have waited for fifteen years and nothing has been given." Then all the efforts you have made for the past ten years will have been in vain.

What is the most valuable thing? It is to be able to endure suffering and difficulties from the days of your youth and to pray. That is the most valuable thing. The sons and daughters who suffer many things and make the most efforts will receive all the inheritance from their father and mother. No matter how ugly their face may be, no matter how short their height, no matter how lacking in knowledge they may be, it is these children who become the inheritors of the property of the family. Do you understand? Do you think this is right or not? (April 12, 1981)

5) Correct Attitude at the Time of Giving Advice to Parents

Do you know that your father and mother are giving their loyalty for the sake of the Will? You all know that. Therefore, if sometimes your father or your mother is not loyal to the Will of God, you have to give advice to them. "Father and Mother, why are you like that? I think the way of the Will is this, and heavenly will is that, so why are behaving this way? You should do like this. How come you are fighting and quarreling almost everyday?" You should give them advice in this way. That is a good thing. If your father or mother makes a mistake, it will be terrible.

You should share the common responsibility with your parents. When you go home, in the case that your parents are wrong on some issue, then even if you are young you must still do something. You should approach with the right attitude and say, "Father and mother, I think this is what is right and what is wrong. What do you think? Is it the right thing or not?" If they agree that you are right, you should say, "Then please don't fight."

In those cases you should correct them, by going to them and sitting in front of them and saying "Father and mother, I have something to tell you." And then you should tell them what is important. Talk to your parents in that way. You have to do that.

You have to protect your family in that way. A long time ago when Adam and Eve were teenagers they could not protect the Garden of Eden, so today you who are the teenagers of the Unification Church, should protect what your parents cannot protect; by fulfilling your responsibility, you can prevent the fall. You have to know that. Do you understand what I mean?

Then your father and mother will say, "Well, you are right." By saying so they will be fearful of you and will hesitate in front of you. Then they will cease to do that kind of thing. Do you understand what I mean? Please guide your parents well by giving them your advice. Then your father and mother will give birth to wonderful younger brothers and sisters and form a wonderful true family.

6) The Pride of the Second Generation is the True Parents

What can you be proud of? Let me ask you a question. When you yourself love God, what can you be proud of? Have you ever loved God or not? What is your pride? Do you have the capability to love your father and mother who are blessed? Those who cannot trust their parents, answer me. What can you be proud of in front of Satan? If you, who have nothing to be proud of in front of Satan, meet me and receive the Blessing, then how much will Satan mock you? He will laugh at you, showing his teeth. You may have heard that people laugh with their noses, but you may not have heard that someone laughs with his teeth.

What is it that you are proud of? Being Second Generation? Second generation of what? You have nothing to be proud of in front of Satan. Then, how can you who have nothing to be proud of in front of Satan, receive Blessing in front of heaven? What is it that you can be proud of in front of Satan? Is it money? Is it your face? Is it your physical body?

No. What is it? Answer me. What is it that you can be proud of in front of Satan? Those that can answer me raise your hands.

Do you think there is anything within your parents you can be proud of or not? Why? Centering upon what? You say you have nothing to be proud of. What is it you can be proud of in front of Satan? It is simple. It is that you love God. Does Satan love God? When Satan comes to love God then everything is finished. Next, you love the True Parents. Do you love your True Parents?

Have you loved the True Parents as you have answered at this time? I don't believe you. What is the evidence that you have loved the True Parents? That is the problem. Your parents have nothing much to be proud of, but there is one thing they can be proud of. They love me. The fact that they love the True Parents is something that Satan cannot do. Satan cannot have it. In front of the world of the True Parents, Satan must retreat completely. Satan has to go to hell.

The only thing you can be proud of in front of Satan is loving God and the True Parents. This is the pride that Satan can never have, to love True Parents who are the center of this world. The same thing can be said of my family, my tribe. In my family it is my pride in front of my father and mother. Have you ever thought of that? What you can be proud of from the beginning to the end is only the True Parents. It is no good if you stay in the place where your fallen parents stay. In the place where the True Parents are denied, you return instantly to the satanic rhythm. Do you understand what I mean?

What is the best pride of the Unification Church? What is it that we can be proud of in front of Satan? It is that we can insist: "We remain loyal and die for the True Parents whom you can never attend, whom you can never have. That is our pride. We are fundamentally different from you who sacrifice others for your own sake." Are your father and mother like that? Are they the same as Father? What is your pride? The True Parents. What is next? Love. You can be proud of yourselves in front of Satan by having True Parents. There is nothing else.

Our pride is that we have True Parents in this universe, isn't it? What Satan regrets is that True Parents have appeared on this planet Earth, but what God rejoices in is the same fact that True Parents have appeared in the world. The world of the true family has come, and the true tribe and nation and world have come into existence. And now the Unification family has come to the stage where we can lead the world.

We start not with the unified nation but with the family centered upon love. (February 19, 1986)

7) True Parents and the Mission of the Second Generation

What is your pride? The True Parents. Where are the True Parents? When you are asked, "Where is the Kingdom of Heaven," you have to say, "It is within my mind." It exists within our minds. My thinking cannot be just my thinking alone when I become centered upon the True Parents and the will of the True Parents. This foundation must expand to become the foundation of the family-level heaven, the foundation of the tribal-level heaven, the foundation of the national-level heaven, and the foundation of the world-level heaven. All of them come from within the mind. Please follow the True Parents. The True Parents have turned all the barriers in the world upside down and have destroyed all those things.

Now the age of persecution against the Unification Church is over. When I sent overseas missionaries to 140 countries, they were initially persecuted in those countries; but now all persecution is gone. There is no more opposition. Within my own generation, I have stopped the history of martyrdom. In the case of Christianity, because Jesus was not able to achieve victory in the Senate of Rome, Christians had to be persecuted and sacrificed during the 400-year period under the Roman Empire. It is a terrible thing seen from God's will. But I have solved all those problems within my own generation.

Who exists within your mind? The True Parents? Do the True Parents exist within your mind? What are the True Parents doing? Fallen parents sowed the seed of fallen love and drove the whole world into the realm of the fall, but the True Parents have connected this entire fallen world to the heavenly world with love that transcends this fallen sphere. The True Parents are the central figures of love who connect heaven and earth. Therefore, the conclusion is that you have to love the True Parents more than you love the satanic world. Unless you love the True Parents more than your own physical parents, more than your own physical body, more than your own spouse, more than your own sons and daughters, you cannot inherit the victorious indemnity foundation of the Kingdom of Heaven that Father built.

Father has become famous in the Republic of Korea, hasn't he? What do you think? Am I famous or not? But are those people truly able to see Father? They don't know Father, except through my works. They want to see me, but how can they see me? They cannot do that. You are the representatives of Father. You are the problem. Only when you live with your heart and mind centering upon me and live physically as my representative and become those leaders who can deal with this Satanic world, can we make it possible for the Satanic world to disappear. (February 16, 1986)

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