The Way for a True Child

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 2. The Course Of Life In Three Stages And The Spirit World

1) Characteristics of the Physical Body and Spiritual Body

A person passes through three stages. Also, in the animal kingdom there is the period of water, the period of land, and the period of air. All beings have to go through these three stages. However, in order to have the qualification for taking dominion over all creatures, a human being has to fulfill a fuller standard of life during the water stage than does any other existing being. Then, during the land stage, a human being must also meet a higher qualification than other animals. But human beings have no wings. How can people fly without wings? Have you ever flown without wings? (No!) Nevertheless, you should fly higher and further than other animals.

Nowadays, it may take 13 or 14 hours from America to Tokyo, in Japan, by jumbo jet. If the plane flies at 500 miles per hour from the United States, it can arrive in Japan in 14 hours without stopping. If a machine such as an airplane made by man can do that, how about human beings created by God? Can humans fly farther than an airplane? No matter how much we may try to jump, we cannot fly high with our physical body. However, since human beings are the lords of all creation and have the same sovereignty and relative position as does God, who is spirit, the range of human activity also has to be the same as God's. The speed of electricity or light is 300,000 kilometers per second, but human beings can move faster than that. How is that possible! With the spiritual body. Even though I am standing here now, my spiritual body has already been to New York. Did you see that? Faster than lightning. The spiritual body can move at the speed of thought. (112-202)

Without a spiritual body, a person cannot travel around the universe. You cannot see it with your physical eyes, but did you know God has created something there? You cannot see it with your eyes: it seems like a desert or that there is nothing there at all. But there is gold and precious stones. I am speaking of seeing with your spiritual eyes: something has already been created there.

We have to become sons of the new world and daughters-in-law of the new world. However, where is there such an original and wonderful house as this new world? It is the spirit world. Do you want to go there? (Yes) No matter how beautiful this world may be, it is like a shadow. On the other hand, once you pass into the new world, the spirit world, it is the eternal world. It is eternal, and never ending. (112-211)

2) The Action of Love and the Completion of the Spiritual Body

What kind of action is the fastest in the world? It is the action of love. The fastest thing in the world is not an electric current but the power of love. When people love each other from the opposite sides of the earth, the power of their love will strongly attract each other beyond the physical borders. The power of love is that strong.

Therefore, the reason today's religions emphasize seeking of love, closeness of the heart with God, having deep heart, and prayer is because by connecting with the sphere of love one can participate in every action of God's love. The meaning of participation is to be able to work together with God. Do you understand this? If this is accomplished, we can fly wherever God flies, and go wherever God goes. If we realize such a substantial self of love and are so qualified in front of God, we can immediately accomplish whatever we think to. The spirit world is the place where we can receive whatever we want. We can receive everything that contains elements of love. Why, then, do human beings need true love? It is because someone who has experienced God's true love in the original and ideal world will have the ability and authority to immediately possess what God wants. Do you understand what I mean? Then, where do we obtain such a qualification? It has to be obtained on earth. From the viewpoint of the Unification Church, we must perfect our spirit self while we are on this earth. In the process of uniting spiritual body and physical body, God's love and the substance of our life must be connected at one point. At that moment, we can reach God's love. Therefore, we have to love God.

How can we feel God's love? We can feel God's love when we love our people, the people of the world and all creation. You must love them all. Everyone must feel the feelings of love. Whatever nation you are from, we must have the heart to love all races. We must feel the heart of love.

There exists a heart of love not only for humankind but also for all things of creation, which comes out automatically. When a flower blooms, the beautiful color of that flower radiates naturally. The fragrance of the flower is not given because the flower so desires; it comes out naturally. Similarly the flower of love must blossom, and the fragrance of love blooms too. Do you understand? The flower of love must receive nutrients in order to bloom. Nourishment comes from the earth and from the sun. In the same way, we receive nourishing elements through our physical and spiritual bodies. Do you understand? That is, we need "vitality elements" and next, "life elements." When you become a perfect being of love, you can fly anywhere. Does that sound good or not? The solar system and the galaxy can then be your realms of activity.

You can go together with your beloved husband to the center of the sun. You might think that you cannot enter the sun because it is too hot, but you can pass through without a problem. You can pass through everywhere -- through the south, north, east, and west of the sun -- so that you can know the details of its composition. Don't you think some of the planets in the universe are made of diamond or gold? There are some planets that are composed purely of gold. Therefore, if you realize the perfect personality of love, you can grasp the entire reality of the universe.

If you do not, your actions will be limited. You cannot go in just any direction you wish, but instead you must pass through only one door. Do you understand? You should not be a migratory bird. If you want to achieve the qualification to live in harmony with each of the four seasons, you must realize a perfect personality of love. (112-204)

3) The Purpose of the Pursuit of Love and the Three Births

Since the eternal spirit world is a place filled with the air of love, during your lifetime you have to learn and experience the breathing action of love on this earth. Therefore, the Unification Church teaches "Love everybody! Love!" People who have lived centered on themselves go to hell. Thus, you should live for the sake of others and help each other. You should always be happy to meet people. Once you become an individual true entity that is the substantial object of love, the universe will welcome you. Wherever you go in the spirit world, you will be welcomed.

When you want to ride in a 747 jumbo jet, if you just mention that, such a plane will appear immediately before you. It doesn't matter how big the airplane is. It can fly, even upside down, and if you say "Go down?" it will go down; you can do as you wish. You fly it like an acrobat. Everything is possible -- beyond your imagination. And you will absolutely never have an accident.

How wonderful it is! God's ideal of creation is to make such a wonderful world and life, centering on an ideal partner of love. This is the original and spirit world. Therefore, we are pursuing love. People need father's love, mother's love, husband's love, and wife's love. Isn't this true? Moreover, we want to be loved by a nation and the world. Why do human beings want to receive love? It is a training course to ultimately qualify to receive God's love. Do you follow? (112-207)

During a person's life, the first resurrection, the first birth, is life in the mother's womb. The second birth is the present, and then the third birth is the return to God. When you live for the sake of others or the world rather than your couple, you can return to the invisible God. It is only possible to do so with love. When you go to the spirit world to receive training in adapting to that world centered on God's ideal of love, you become like God and even God's friend. That is, human beings must pass through the course of the third birth.

Now you have come to understand why you have to live for the sake of others, haven't you? There is nobody who has failed through living for the sake of others centering on love. Why is it that? For example, if you work hard sitting up all night for the sake of your parents, then, when your parents go to the spirit world they will give a blessing so that you can inherit their fortune. Don't you think so? It is the heavenly law that an inheritance comes at the point where you live for the sake of others. (132-275)

4) The Structure of the Spirit World and the Mission of the Messiah

Who will you Unificationists seek in the spirit world? Who is the owner of the spirit world? The lords of the spirit world are the True Parents. Do you follow what I am saying? In the spirit world, Unificationists will say, "Let's go to find the True Parents." In this world, why should people believe in religion, or serve and sacrifice for others? This is a big question. If we do not live for the sake of others, but for ourselves, what will happen in the spirit world? When someone who has lived centering on himself goes to the spirit world, he will come to join the individuals club. In that club, nobody helps others or yields to others, and all people constantly fight among themselves. Once someone joins the individuals club, he is a member forever.

When someone who has lived just for the sake of his family goes to the spirit world, he joins the families club. He cannot go beyond the family level. Likewise, nationalists will be locked within the boundaries of nationalism. Each will argue with the others that he is the truest patriot.

Then, what is Godism? Godism is not individualism, nor is it an ideology centered on the family, clan, people or nation. It is an ideology of the cosmos. Someone centered on himself cannot enter the spirit realm that is based on such a universal ideology. How can someone who thinks mainly of his own children and parents live together with other people who have lived for the sake of others and God? People who lived centering on the individual, family, tribe, people and nation respectively, fight with each other within their respective limited boundaries.

However, since these walls and boundaries came to exist due to the fall, they must be destroyed, according to the ideal of God's creation.

The fundamental cause of these walls derives from the human parents, Adam and Eve. Therefore, in order to break them down, someone original Man and the True Way of Life who can take responsibility for the fall of the first ancestors has to come and break down all walls within the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, and world, and even within the spirit world. This is precisely the mission of the Messiah. (112-211)

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