The Way for a True Child

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 5. The Attitude Of The Second Generation Who Have Entered Canaan

1) The Era of the Second Generation Means the Era of Restoration

You must know in what a momentous era of history you were born. In the past your parents walked the way of persecution and suffering for restoration through indemnity, but from now on even the words "restoration through indemnity" will no longer exist. There is a difference between the era when your fathers and mothers walked the way of persecution for restoration and your era. Your parents had to promote restoration through indemnity by defending themselves from Satan, but now there is no need to defend against Satan. There is no indemnity. In the work of restoration you have to go on the way of restoration.

Since Father has established everything in this way, from now on even if I am in Africa or South America or elsewhere, prime ministers will come to attend me. We have entered such a stage. What era is your era going to be? It is the Era of Restoration. What era was the era of your parents? It was the Era of Restoration through Indemnity. What is the difference? The difference is that there are no more conditions for accusation by Satan. It is that simple. All the principles of the Era of Restoration through Indemnity are the same.

From now on it is your era. By the time you become fourteen years old you will have graduated from high school, and after that you will start your seven-year course and be involved in activities. The seven-year course is a must. You have to go. Then you will be welcomed. The course of restoration is always the same. (April 8, 1986)

2) The Attitude of the Second Generation Who Have Entered Canaan

What you should be grateful for is that after passing through the forty-year process of restoration of Canaan, the Unification Church is now already entering the blessed land of Canaan. I mean that from now on there is no opposition or obstruction against the Unification Church, on the national level as well. We have now entered the stage in which all the people feel that unless they follow the way of the Unification Church, even their nation cannot survive.

Therefore, from now on you have to become the locomotives or artillery shells that destroy the enemies. You have to develop a new history. Who is going to proclaim that? It is not your parents; it is you. In other words you have to be there. (April 12, 1986)

3) The Lessons of the Israelites and Our Attitude

Where did the Israelites perish? During the process of the forty-year wilderness course, the first generation died, but still the nation of Israelites did not perish. They were marching on to the promised land of Canaan, which was their hope. Then where did they perish? They perished after they had entered the promised land. What was the cause of their destruction? They were not able to unite with their leaders centering upon the Will of God, and they began to be influenced and absorbed by the environment. As a result, after they restored Canaan, the Israelites perished. They were divided into ten tribes of Israel in the North and two tribes of Judah in the South.

As I said, where did the Israelites perish? They perished after they had entered the promised land of Canaan. Therefore if you are to perish, where will it be? You have to clearly know that. I mean that you may perish in the position of having received the Blessing or you may perish after becoming Blessed families. You have to know that. The way of decline starts from the position of having received the Blessing. From these historical facts you have to understand the lesson, and with the mistaken past as a reference, you have to go over the way of decline and destruction in fulfilling your historic mission. Therefore, you should not make your daily life ordinary.

You have to develop from the position of today to the position of tomorrow, and then you have to march forward to further development. You are expected to form, starting from you, a new family, new tribe, new nation and new world. You must not repose at your current standard. To make further development toward tomorrow, you must be careful not to make your daily lives habitual. (April 12, 1986)

Therefore, you should not be influenced by the environment. The reason the Israelites perished, even though they had restored Canaan, was that they were influenced by their environment. As a result they became envious of the people who were eating good things and living a comfortable life. The men followed rich women of the gentiles. Also, they admired the power and knowledge of the gentiles. Will you need all the knowledge you have acquired, in the future? You won't need it. There is no need to study law or economics. In case Japan perishes, all Japanese law and Japanese economics will be destroyed.

Therefore, from now on, to accomplish your mission of doing God's Will, you have to make every effort to study theology. All of you who are gathered here were wrong in your thinking.

The Israelites perished in the land of Canaan, which means that even though I give you the Blessing it is possible that you may perish. But you must not perish. (April 12, 1986)

4) Overcome This World and Establish God's Authority

You must win over this world in all things. You have to stand in the upper position in this world. You must not be buried in this world. Since you have to go up to the top, you have to go the way of suffering, such a suffering that the people of this world cannot even follow. But the Unification Church goes that way. God also goes that way. Since we are going to stand at the top, the Satanic world does not want to yield. Therefore, in order to subjugate those in the higher positions, we have to take the opposite course and go down.

Are you confident enough to fight and go up to the top? In order to do that it is necessary to go down in the reverse way. Those who oppose will perish, and you will prosper. This is the secret process of the providence.

This was the case for me. I have been fighting for forty years, even all through my life. Since I go the way of suffering in order to go up to the top, our history became a miserable process. We have been fighting, even eating dog's food. Father does not talk so much about the miserable situation of the prisons, but there is a very miserable history behind. But you have to know that that miserable history becomes a signboard that gives light to the history of later generations, just like a lighthouse.

You have to stand at the top of this world and win the victory. Mother is here, but she does not know anything about this. My son is also here, but he does not know anything either. You have to teach them. Do you know how sacred this is?

Speaking of the process of suffering, for what purpose is it? To stand at the top of this world. You have to achieve victory over this world. You must lead the people of this world. You have to stand above Satan, but this Satanic world does not allow that; therefore, God could not help going the reverse way. For that reason we have to go through the path of persecution and suffering. We have to make sure that Satan cannot follow us, that Satan cannot have a relationship with us. In this way we have to reverse everything.

In order to be able to lead at the top position, we have to fight and achieve victory. In order to do that at the risk of our lives and achieve victory, God established religions and made them go through the way of persecution. Therefore you must not forget that Father's whole life has been the way of persecution.

All that I have said to you so far has been the goal of the history of my struggle. I have been living all through my life in that way. Do you understand? I did not want to have an environment in which I was welcomed. If one achieves victory, one should necessarily be praised; but I instead avoided being praised. Why? Because the Israelites declined and perished by being influenced and absorbed by the environment. Therefore, even if the Unification Church comes to be accepted and welcomed worldwide, still I will not go to that place of welcome. I would rather go the reverse way.

We have to establish God's authority in this way. Soon there will be no one who opposes the Unification family. Therefore I have to drive you, the second generation children, from now on; but you have to know you are yet not qualified to go there. You have to have the determination that you will discard everything and go directly toward the goal instructed by Heaven. (April 12, 1986)

5) The Way of God's Will and the Issue of Going to College

Today all the Blessed Families starting from the 36 Couples of the Unification Church have become accustomed to and influenced by the secular environment of this world. They say, "We have to make our sons and daughters study, otherwise they will not be successful in this world." But I don't think so. Though they say, "If they study they will be successful in life," it is wrong. What is precious is how much they love the nation and how much they love God. How much they know is not a precious thing. To have knowledge alone is no good.

God did not create us just in order to know something. The ideal of creation is not accomplished by knowledge. You have to clearly know that. The ideal of creation, our ideal, cannot be accomplished by knowledge, by power or by money. It is to be accomplished by love. You have to be well aware of this. (April 12, 1986)

6) The Way of the Second Generation

Those of you who study simply to be successful in this world are insane. Everything will be recorded. Such people will not be able to go over a large hill, let alone over the providential mountains which are higher than the Himalayas. They will all stumble on the way. Do you understand what I mean? Therefore you must believe my words more than you believe the words of your parents. Otherwise, you will not arrive at your destination.

What was the beginning of my talk? I said that you should not make yourself accustomed to the way of life of this world. Even if you say, "Since we have received the Blessing, we will try to live in the same manner as other people," you have your special mission. You have responsibility. Those people who restored Canaan had the responsibility to build the nation of Israel. You also have to build your nation. Therefore this year's motto is "the creation and building of the Kingdom of Heaven." For that purpose I am enduring, bearing the responsibility in Seoul, Korea. Even if you did not like it, I stayed for several months regardless of my honor. That's why we have now gone over the hill completely. In this way we will fight at the risk of our lives. I have been living all of my life in this way. It is no good to live a mediocre life. You are no good now because you have been living mediocre lives. You have to realize this. You should not become accustomed to this world. You must search for God's love. We are busy in our way as the original human beings who were supposed to receive the inheritance of the universe. We have to be recognized as being in that position.

The next point was that as the Israelites perished after they restored Canaan, so likewise you too could perish after you receive the Blessing because you want the prosperity and glory of this world. You must not become like gentiles who want money and knowledge. Both of these are ways which lead to decline and destruction.

Next, what was the third point? It is to go to the path of the highest or greatest sufferings. Therefore, you should give up everything and go out like beggars with a small package and save the nation. Do you understand? You need the heart and mind and determination of those special government agents who were sent by the central government to investigate local areas in Korean feudal times. Both of you as husband and wife must become like that.

Who takes the lead? Those who live for the sake of God's Will must take the lead. If we say, "Those who live for the sake of others and for the sake of God's will take the lead," then there is no opposition. It is just simple. Those who don't understand this cannot stand. Even if they are your husbands, if they don't understand, you must slap them on their cheek and pull them and lead them. The same thing can be said with me. I am also in the same position as you. We have to subjugate the nature of getting accustomed to this world. Therefore, we need the world. Before we desire to have control over the universe we must perfect our self-control. You don't know how terrible and how fearful the nature of getting accustomed is. Because of this nature you feel like eating good food when the New Year Day comes, and you feel like wearing good clothes and playing a lot.

In my case, when I was a student under the Japanese dominion, I did not follow those who lived arrogantly in order to be successful in life by studying hard. I never followed such an environment. Therefore, even if I had to be imprisoned in that enemy country, I was determined to follow the way. I had to fight my whole life even if I had to go in and out of prison many times. I chose to follow the path of suffering. You must not forget that.

Even if I say to you one day, "Go to North Korea!" you should not hesitate. I need those people who are willing to go. If I have only those kind of people it becomes possible to build the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. That kind of determination must be established as a tradition. Each and every one of you need to have the heart and mind of becoming a sacrifice. Becoming a sacrifice is a miserable thing, but by becoming a sacrifice you can ignite the fire of the spirit of new patriotism -among young people. You must not forget those three points. (April 12, 1986)

7) The Way of God's Will Followed by Father

When I was the same age as you, I never spoke to others. I thought, why is it necessary for me to talk when I am still unable to find the way to go and still unable to clarify the truth and still unable to be independent? I lived such a life. When I open my mouth nobody can stop me. You also have to have such a confidence. Do you understand? If you are in a position where you make noise and just wander around, you cannot have self-confidence. You cannot become a root. You cannot become a deep root.

Therefore, I suffered more than anybody else in that kind of way of life. I started from a life of a beggar. Beggars also must be saved. I played the role of a beggar's father; I went to where laborers were working and played the role of the person responsible for those laborers. Also, I played the roles of a farmer, a fisherman, a coal miner, a hole digger, and a stoker in a mine. All those things I did. Everything. I even learned how to make charcoal. Why did I do that? Because in order to do the Will of God, even if I am driven away and have to live on a mountain, I can fulfill my responsibility for the Will of God. I had that kind of thinking. That's why I did all of those things.

Because I have been walking that kind of path, I have become the founder of the Unification Church today. Does that mean that I became worse or I became better? It is not easy to be better off. It was really difficult for me, but someone had to do that. Since I should not leave my work undone in front of my children and in front of my nation, I have been doing this work no matter how difficult it may be. For the sake of the nation I shed a lot of tears and for the sake of the world I shed a lot of tears. Since I did not want to leave a suffering path for them, I said to myself, "I will take the responsibility," and I have been doing this. In that way, I have come to this point of proclaiming the establishment of the Global Unified Country. Now even if I die and go to spiritual world it will not be said of me, "You have not fulfilled your responsibility." Do you understand what I mean? As a human being I have become successful.

Human history, it is said variously, has lasted 2.5 million years, ten million years or ten thousand years, but since no one knew that human beings fell, the problems of human history could not be resolved until today. But in my generation within forty years I have restored the history of 4,000 years and I have clarified the Original Being and the Heart of the Original Being, everything, even the way of liberating humankind. By so doing I have opened the way to the construction of the Heavenly Kingdom on Earth, so God can rule this earth. This fact is just like a dream. It may sound like a lie but it is a fact. Therefore, you must be well aware that you are situated in such a blessed position. Do you understand? (October 16, 1988)

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