The Way for a True Child

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 2. The Providential Time And The Way Of The Second Generation

1) Now is the Time for Children to Take the Lead

What day is it today? Today it is the day the True Parents' wedding anniversary and also it is the anniversary of the day when the twenty-one years of the three seven-year courses came to an end. Why did I summon you all today? What is the time now? From now on you have to take the initiative in doing what I have done. Centering upon the family of the church leaders, all the Blessed families must inherit what I have been doing.

Although your parents received the Blessing and gave birth to you, still many satanic elements are remaining. Since they have not fulfilled what they were supposed to and have not accomplished what they had to accomplish, from now on you have to act exactly as Father commands. You have to take responsibility for your parents' failures. You are now old enough to take responsibility for establishing the families of the Kingdom of Heaven by educating your own fathers and mothers.

Those of you here who are over eighteen years of age, please raise your hands. Over seventeen years old? Those who are over seventeen years old please raise hands. Oh, how wonderful! Do you know how old Mother was when she came to me as my wife? She was seventeen. Those who are over seventeen years of age raise hands. All of you girls who are over seventeen years old stand up.

Was it a happy thing or a miserable thing for Father, who was over forty years of age, to marry a girl like you in front of our family members all around the world? Please answer me. Was it a happy thing or a miserable thing? The world of God's will cannot be understood by the common sense of the people of this world. Do you understand what I mean? The person who was qualified to become Mother had to be less than eighteen years of age. It is the Principle. (April 12, 1981)

2) The Position of the Unification Families and the Era of Substantial Indemnity

Let me tell you in what position you are standing. The members of the Unification Church stand in Cain's position and you of the Blessed families stand in Abel's position. Do you understand? There has been a struggle to get the elder-sonship until now. Who are the eldest children? They are my own sons and daughters. Since my sons and daughters attend me, Cain's and Abel's are all supposed to subjugate themselves automatically. This is how the Unification Church is.

Therefore even those who are older should call my son Hyo Jin Nim their elder brother. Do you know why this is? It is because he has the elder-sonship representing the whole world-the family-level elder-sonship. In the fallen world the elder-sonship belonged to the satanic side, but now the elder-sonship belongs to the heavenly side.

Since that elder-sonship has come into existence, what happens from now on is this. If the Unification Church is in the formation stage, then you are in the growth stage and Father's family is in the completion stage. These three must become one. Who is the center of that? It is not the Unification Church members who are the center. The scholars and doctors who have joined the Unification Church recently must realize that. Even if you have doctorate degrees or even if you are excellent scholars, that is not enough. Those things don't count in this case. The members of the Unification Church are in the formation stage and Blessed families are in the growth stage and Father's family is in the completion-stage position.

The Old Testament Age was the age for indemnity through material things; the New Testament Age was the age for indemnity through oneself., and now the Completed Testament Age is the age for indemnity through substantial being. In the Unification Church even I had to pay indemnity through material things. Also, Heung Jin had to pay indemnity. Then substantial indemnity remained. Therefore now we have entered the Era of Substantial Indemnity. We have to go forward overcoming the legal struggle. Do you understand?

In my case, I have established conditions for indemnity even while I was in prison. I have been liquidating completely, as True Parent, all the burdens left behind by the Crucifixion. Therefore, the Unification Church has been involved starting with Hyo Jin, and next, established churches got involved. What next will be involved? The Free World will be involved. Next the Communist world will be involved. There is no need to fight with the Communist world. If Unification Thought is taught correctly, then there is no need to fight.

Then what is God's Will? It does not mean the separation of church and state. It should be the unity of church and state. We are marching forward toward one world, in which God-centered hearts are one. That world will endure for thousands and tens of thousands of years. Do you understand? The fallen world becomes one, centering upon God, centering upon the True Parents and centering upon the elder-sonship. This is the original way towards the Kingdom of Heaven and this is the principle for reaching the Kingdom of Heaven.

No matter how hard people may search for the elder-sonship or Abel's right, still they cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven without True Parents. If they fight like orphans without parents, then the second sons are going to be killed by the eldest son through strangulation. Therefore religion becomes victimized in front of those who have sovereign power. However, since the True Parents have appeared and restored the original positions, the eldest sons and second sons by attending the True Parents and creating unity among themselves and living together can enter the Kingdom of Heaven. This is the Principle and there is no doubt that this is the last stage now.

Yesterday, Japanese leaders came to me and said, "It is indeed strange that when we listen to your words we feel like flying and floating around. Why is it?" Do you know why it is? It is because the time has come. You must make preparations for this time. You should not fantasize or daydream.

How about you? Do you choose the person you are going to marry or do you choose God's Will? How about you? No need to ask. Are you going to chose complaint and become losers? If you complain you become losers. You should answer, "I will not make a choice." Do you understand? Now is the time for those things. (July 19, 1984)

Jacob furthered the Providence centering upon his twelve sons; Moses did so centering upon his twelve tribes; Jesus also did so, centering upon his twelve disciples. Therefore it would have been a serious thing if Mother had not given birth to twelve sons and daughters. No matter what this world says concerning this, Father had to have twelve sons and daughters by all means. Do you understand?

From now on whoever they may be, those who secure the position and fulfill the responsibility are qualified to represent all other brothers and sisters. Even if a younger brother takes that position because he has fulfilled his responsibility, the elder brother should not oppose it; he should support it. In the satanic world this situation was opposed, and as a result there has been a history of struggle between Cain and Abel. In our age we should not oppose that kind of practice.

In our church you should not accuse others. Those who make accusations will be accused even in life after death. Those who attend the True Parents well and are willing to work for the sake of the world, will they be accused? In terms of trees they are the branches on the east side and the west side. We should protect them and should observe them and wish they should grow older as soon as possible. We should never accuse them. We know that all the historical grudges and resentments during the providence can only be solved by us. (July 19,1984)

3) To Become One with the Restored Original Eldest Children

When we view things in a horizontal way, who are the ones in the formation stage? Unification Church members. Next, who are in the growth stage? Blessed families. Who are in the completion stage? The True Parents' family. They are the central families. When we look at the children of the Blessed families, they are the second generation. Now is the time of the second generation, not the first generation. Even if the first generation become bait for birds in the wilderness, they have nothing to do with us. Since I had to enable them to survive, I did that by giving them the Blessing.

This is the Principle. In the spirit world this law becomes the Principle. You want to go to the Kingdom of Heaven. In order to do that how should you live? You have to become sons and daughters of God. In order to become sons and daughters of God, as Abel you have to save Cain, and you have to be publicly recognized by the True Parents. In order to receive public recognition by the True Parents, you have to become one with the children of the True Parents. Since it is the era of children, in order for you to become one with the True Parents, you have to become one with the eldest son of the True Parents, who is not the fallen son, but has completed the position of Cain. As your sons and daughters become one with Cain, they can receive the benefits of Abel's position and can enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Do you understand what I mean? You have to know this well.

You cannot become one directly with the True Parents. Father's sons are the eldest sons. They are not the fallen eldest sons but they are in the original position of perfection in front of heaven. In the case of your sons and daughters, they enter the Kingdom of Heaven by becoming one with the restored eldest son through receiving the Blessing of the True Parents. Now is the time that you should repent and put everything in order. Whom do you have to love more than your children do? You have to love the eldest children.

In the course for the restoration of the fallen world, Abel had to work hard in order to restore elder-sonship. Just like that, you have to work hard, many more times, and even if you have restored the elder, sonship, there still remains the step-by-step process of restoration: individual restoration, familial restoration and tribal restoration. With what can we make comparisons! Can you have pride and glory in having restored the eldest-sonship? You have to say "God, we are grateful."

Whom did the eldest son deceive? He deceived his parents. You 36 Couples made many mistakes in the past. You loved your own children. I feel sorry for Hyo Jin and Ye Jin, my own children, because I did not love them and embrace them kindly. They had to be patient. Originally, you 36 Couples had to love them. Since I had to love the Satanic world, you, the 36 Couples, in the position of Archangel, should have loved and taught Hyo Jin by saying such things as "You must attend your Parents in this way." Originally, Adam should have been educated not by God Himself, but by the three Archangels.

In that sense the 36 Couples must represent the mission of the three Archangels. They have to take responsibility representing the Three Ages and the number twelve. They have to establish the tradition centering on the sons of True Parents' family, and, centering upon the restored eldest son and uniting with a grateful heart for thousands and ten thousands of years, establish the tradition of attending True Parents. But they could not do that.

Now that you clearly understand that point, with whom do you have to be united? With the eldest children. You have to become one with the twelve children, with my family. When we establish our positions, all of you must be registered and you have to belong to one of the tribes. When the nation is established you are supposed to belong to one of the twelve tribes. Otherwise, there is no way for you to stand in front of Father. Since there is such a principle, the Unification family cannot be shaken. Even if unrighteous people appear they will be eliminated once and for all by the Principle. (July 19,1984)

4) Discard Your Former Selves and Become Greater than Your Parents

You have to abandon all you have been until now. From now on, you should not only follow and learn from your own parents, but you should become greater than your own fathers and mothers. You have to become superior to your parents. Unless you can establish the tradition that your own parents could not establish in front of heaven, the way for your own parents to go will be closed. That kind of thing will happen. Therefore, your parents should be restored through you, just as Abel was supposed to restore his parents, according to the Principle.

You must know that those who have been Blessed by me must go beyond this standard. Do you understand?

You must not become such sons and daughters who live only at the level of parents. If you become like that, your family will perish. Those families can no longer develop. Since now is the time when we go over from the realm of God's dominion based on the results of the Principle to the realm of God's direct dominion, we have to leap forward. It is not enough to maintain the standard of faith in which you receive advice from your parents.

From now on the Era of Indemnity comes. The Communist world, which persecuted me, will be gone, and even the Democratic world will be gone. From now on the world will leap forward to the world of Godism and the world of Unificationism. For that purpose you have to become representative men and women who can perfect themselves centering upon the original standard based upon the Principle, and centering upon love as the core of the Principle. Otherwise, it is impossible for the ideal world of creation desired by God to appear in front of this universe and cosmos. This is the Principle view. You have to go to that position at the risk of your own inevitable destiny. Are you willing to go or not? (July 19,1984),

Everybody, now is the important time. Look. You who are now in America must become the exemplary role model for students, who can save students in the university towns. You must become a light by standing in leadership positions, which can show them the direction. You can be good at studies as well. Until now Father has been working while sleeping only two or three hours all throughout my life. For the sake of the world, I have established that kind of tradition. You have to inherit that tradition, and in the position of direct children who can inherit the tradition and following the tradition you have to study hard. There is no time for you to waste. You have to have confidence that you can accomplish in three hours what other people accomplish in ten hours. (June 20, 1984)

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