The Way for a True Child

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 1. View of True Man

1) The Most Precious Things of God and Man

God created Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Of all His creatures, they are the most precious beings to God. Why does God think of human beings as the most precious beings? It is because God needs an object partner of His love. Although God has love, if He has no object partner to love, He cannot feel love. Love can only be experienced through relationships. The reason humankind can be considered the most precious beings to God is because they are in the position of an object for God to love. In other words, it is human beings that God loves most.

Then, what is most valuable to human beings? God's love can be considered the most precious thing. So far, people have not known this.

Therefore, the objective love of human beings is the most valuable thing for God, while the subjective love of God is the most precious thing for human beings. (143-309)

2) The Origin and Purpose of Humankind

The purpose for which God created humankind was to accomplish the ideal of love. That love does not start from God, but is found to be coming from the object partner of love. If there is no object partner of love, the ideal of love cannot be completed.

Therefore, an object partner is necessary for the realization of God's ideal of love. Even God absolutely needs an object partner of love.

Thus, God Himself seeks out an object partner in love so that He can realize absolute love through that object partner. In this sense, God exists for the sake of love. This is the very reason why love is wonderful. God exists for humankind and humankind exists for God. True love thus begins from the point of living for the sake of others. Where were human beings born originally? Humankind started from God's love. Human beings were born because of love. Love is the origin.

Life, which we inherit, is not a precious thing in itself. Since life comes from God's love, love precedes life. This means that our lives have come through the root of love. Therefore, it is our destiny that a person is born from love, grows up in love, and meets an object partner of love. If God is the first generation, then human beings are the second generation. As God loves His sons and daughters, human beings can become perfect objects of love before God only when they stand in the position to experience that love. (143-310)

3) The Reason God Created Humankind

What was the purpose for which God created Adam and Eve? Let's look at the image of man. Man has shape and body. However, the invisible God has no shape or body. Without having a body, God cannot reign over the spirit world and the physical world. God thus needs a substantial body in order to manifest as the parents of humankind. Adam and Eve are the substantial body representing God. God manifests Himself through the body of unfallen Adam and Eve. Do you understand? Then, who are Adam and Eve? They are the progenitors of the human race as well as God's substantial body. That is, Adam and Eve are in the position of wearing a substantial body on behalf of God and of taking responsible dominion over the world in the position of parents.

Why, then, did God create Adam and Eve? God has to unify the spiritual and physical worlds according to the image of Adam and Eve since they are the center of the substantial world.

Then, what is the center of the spiritual and physical worlds? Since God is the leading being of the spirit world, and Adam and Eve are the leading beings of the physical world, they have to be united. Thus, Adam is in the position of king of this world during his lifetime. You understand what I mean, don't you? He is the eternal king, and comes to this world with eternal kingship. Then, what is the position of Eve? She comes as the queen who represents eternal queenship. Therefore, when they go to the spirit world, they will be in the role of king and queen representing God.

Then, what does the invisible God do alone in heaven? The invisible God has no purpose by Himself. In order to be parents of humankind, God needs a substantial body to be able to feel. God has to wear a substantial, human-like body, and He thus had no option but to create Adam and Eve as beings of dual characteristics.

Why did God have to create Adam and Eve as beings of dual characteristics? To be the same as the invisible God, they must establish the standard to completely unite mind and body during their lifetime. If they go to the spirit world without fulfilling such a standard, their external aspect cannot be united with God. In order to establish parents (Adam and Eve) bearing the substantial kingship and who are united with the invisible God, and to realize the kingship of manifesting through a substantial body in the eternal spirit world, God had to create Adam and Eve as beings of dual characteristics.

Without a relationship with Adam and Eve, God has no way to connect with the world. Only when a relationship between Adam and Eve exists can He be connected to their children. That is a natural connection.

The reason God created human beings is to place them in the same parental position as Him by manifesting through their substantial body. The same parental position has both internal and external meaning: that is, while Adam and Eve are the external parents and the external God, God Himself is the internal Parent and internal God. Adam and Eve are as the body of God, with God as the mind of God. God is the Parent of humankind. The original Parents. These Parents are not separate, but one. One person. Thus, creating Adam and Eve like a branch temple, God comes to dwell within them. As God works with, in them, Adam and Eve can have an ideal relationship. Without God present and working, they cannot know God's will.

Without that, there is no foundation upon which God can make a relationship with human beings. After the original foundation was destroyed, we can conclude, God could not have that original relationship with humankind. No matter how many people live in this world, therefore, they have had no relationship with God. (133-91)

4) The Privilege and Value of Humankind

God created human beings because of love. Why were human beings created? Human beings were created because of love. Human beings are distinguished from other creatures by being created as God's children and as the objects to receive God's direct love. This is humanity's privilege.

What is a human being? What is God's love? Human beings were created to be objects of love. However, because God consists of dual characteristics, being the subject with plus and minus, for something to become an object partner before that subject, it needs to consist of dual characteristics of plus and minus. Its form cannot be opposite to the subject's characteristics. The object has to have such a form as to precisely fit the essence of the love of the subject and be related to every characteristic of the subject. Are you clear about that? Since the object is a relative being, it fits only with love. God does not need such things as knowledge, power or money. He needs only love. Therefore, only love can match the object to the subject.

Human beings are the center of the universe and the creation because God made all creatures and the universe to fulfill the ideal of love. Human beings are called lord of all creation because they have the privilege of being able to receive God's love first in the central position, on behalf of the God of love. Do you follow? One cannot be the lord of creation without being an object in the realm of God's love. A human being without God's love is similar to an animal. The special value of a human being is having the privilege of love so that he or she may have dominion over the universe in the position of first object of God, on behalf of the entire created world. A human being is a lord of creation. Without love, everything will pass away. (132-245)

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