The Way for a True Child

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 3. The Way of True Life

1) The Way to True Life

Are you one of the four billion members of humankind or are you just a person on your own? (One of four billion.) Then, can these four billion people live centering on themselves? Please answer! (No!) Therefore, we can conclude that all people must live for the sake of others.

Families start from two individuals and form many tribes. There are also many countries that are made up of various tribes. They are living in different, limited circumstances and have different cultural backgrounds. Therefore, if there is no common standard of truth on which every country or tribe can agree, they cannot make relationships with one another.

Then, if you started from the individual, the important point is to find the elements that can go anywhere and open the door through which individuals can pass in all directions without accident or crush. What are the elements through which people could pass safely at anytime? Here, the important thing is what kind of attitude we have towards the world. Do you want to go forward by conflict or by welcoming? (Welcoming!) Why? Fighting leads to exhaustion and destruction, but welcoming brings growth within us.

Therefore, what we have to know here is that living for the sake of self brings about evil, but acting for the sake of the whole brings development. When you live for the sake of the whole, every door will open and welcome you. The doors of the individual, family, tribe, society, people, country, world, and heaven will open and welcome you.

Then, what kind of way is this? You have to think about that. Thus, the Unification Church teaches the heavenly law to live for the sake of others.

What is the true way to life? Living for the sake of others means to establish a way of universal truth. To live for the sake of others is the eternal and unchanging principle. This is true for the past, the present and the future. If God appears in front of saints such as Confucius, Jesus, or Mohammed, and asks what they think about this truth, they will answer, "That is right." It is the universal principle and the way to live our lives, the true way of one law.

Therefore, if in one family a son works very hard for the sake of his family, the more he works hard, the more he becomes the subject in his family, the center of his family, and the one who is responsible. The reason why your father and mother are in the position of the center, subject, and responsible persons of your family, is because they are in the position to live for their sons and daughters, for the whole family and for all others. You have to know this.

It is the same for patriots. A patriot is someone who lives for the sake of his people and their nation more than anyone else is. It is an unchangeable conclusion from the universal law of the world and life that a patriot is adored as a historical and much remembered person because he dedicated his whole lifetime at the risk of his life for the sake of his country.

Then, what kind of person is a saint? A saint is someone who desires to live for the sake of all the world's people, day and night, unceasingly; a person who lives for people as well as the natural world, and for the entire universe. That is a saint. Would you disagree? If I define it in this way, you cannot deny my words.

Then, how can you describe God who made this universe and law? God is in the representative position, and has lived more for the sake of others than anyone else. Therefore, in order to meet Him, you have to live for the sake of others. Even though He is the great king of knowledge, His desire is not for people to gather knowledge. God is also the great king of power, money, and material, but His desire is not for people to gather those things. If you live for the sake of others, everything can come to be near you. (133-16)

2) Results and Life for Others

You have to live more for the sake of others. What is living for others? One who lives more for the sake of others becomes a responsible person.

Who can be the central point among ten people? It is the person with greater love who lives for the sake of the ten. Those ten people will follow after him. Don't you think so? You should know that a person becomes a central figure and a responsible person in the process of living for the sake of others. He becomes the owner and central figure. You should know this.

The person who lives most for the sake of country may become the president of that country. The person who can inherit a company is the one who sacrifices most and lives for the sake of the company. This is a heavenly principle. Up to the present, you may have thought that living for the sake of others is suffering and no good, but it is the way of inheriting and becoming a central figure. Therefore, you should know that living for the sake of others will not result in your loss. There is no better way.

When you study, for whom are you studying? Do you study for yourself? You have to change such a way of thinking. You have to study for the sake of humankind and God. You should go forward according to the original ideal, which God has given to us. If you determine that, if God sends you as one who has a 100-point value, you will go to the spirit world as one who has a 101-point value. Then God will remember you forever.

If the youngest child among ten brothers sacrifices the most and lives for the sake of the other nine, his name will be recorded in his father's memoirs. Do you understand? Is that true or not? If someone complains about that, he will perish. Although there may be those who build up fortunes through robbery and greed, its value will be negated for various unfortunate reasons: someone's son may become promiscuous, another may get sick, and someone may meet with an accident, or be robbed. God does not want to see such people succeed. However, if all that you have is for the sake of others, it will remain forever. Do you understand? If you, as a musician, want to give joy and happiness to the audience by producing a special quality of musical tone such as the audience has never heard before, how wonderful that is! "Oh? If I can practice thousands of times and make the most ideal sound, never before produced in history, for the sake of that audience, how joyful that will be!" When God looks at you, God may say "You are not so beautiful, but your heart is very great. Oh! My daughter! Do well. I will bless you." That is God's heart.

Isn't it the same for Rev. Moon? When I went to jail I had no intention of escaping; people in the secular world would have tried to escape in the same circumstances. It was my choice to go that way. I was willing to go to jail with a heart of love for Christianity and America.

It was not because I wanted to be famous for the sake of myself, but to leave behind the name of love by living for others. The entire world will come to follow before such a love. That's true, isn't it? Even a mother and a father will obey a filial son. They will praise you with tears and bow to you. Because the king is the representative of the country, even his parents and grandfather, who are his relatives, will obey him. Everybody will submit absolutely in front of love, because that love is the love representing the universe. This transcends all levels of society. (132-276)

3) Formation of the Perfect Realm of Unification through Living for Others

God is not a dictator. God has also invested for the sake of humankind. God exists for the sake of humanity. For this reason, human beings have tried to follow Him for thousands upon thousands of years. Since the universe and all creatures exist for the sake of others, in order for humankind to maintain their existing position, human beings must live for the sake of others. Living for others goes beyond west and east, past and present. Do you understand? Why is that? Because past or present, east or west, God has the same, unchanging, love. He can transcend east and west, and past, present and future. In other words, since He can surmount past, present and future through love, God will advance continuously. Because He conquers the east and west, the east and west can be unified. This is possible only through love. Do you understand what I am saying? (Yes!) Since the mind that you have been given represents God, the mind has to constantly invest for the sake of the physical body. Isn't that so? Do you always make investments for the eventual sake of physical body or not? How difficult this is! If you just follow what your body wants to do, your mind will signal that you should not. So, clearly that is no good, right? We always tend to try to invest for the sake of ourselves. Even though you invest for self, it does not return. Therefore, your mind feels sad.

Therefore, when you want to give or receive but you cannot, it is a miserable situation. A happy person is one who, day or night, can give when he wants to give, and receive when he wants to receive-even more so when it is centered on love.

Then, when we consider the Unification Principle for the sake of others, there is no theory through which to unify except the Unification Principle. Without the path of living for the sake of others, there can be no unity.

If a man and woman each insist on getting the best thing first, which one can get it first? The man wants to get it first and the woman wants to get it first, isn't that right! When a couple wants to receive God's love, both the woman and the man want to receive it first. That is the problem. If they insist on their ways, everything is destroyed. God exists for others, and cannot relate with someone just centering on himself. God exists for the sake of the whole, for something larger than the individual. This is a universal principle.

If a man insists that because he is bigger than a woman is, he should have priority in receiving God's love, problems will result. Thus, a man should say that he tries to receive God's love first, or occupy God, for the sake of the woman. That is the way. Do you understand? He is doing this for the other's sake not for his own. Only in this way will all problems be resolved. The woman should also say to the man that she will receive it first for his sake. Then, both man and woman will answer OK. Then when God sees them live for each other, He will say, "Grab hold of me!" Then He will say, "I am OK." Everything will be completed.

However, if a man or woman insist only on their own opinion, it will lead not only to their self-destruction, but also to the destruction of their partner and of God. There will be complete separation. You must know that we cannot find any Unification Principle here. Do you understand? These are quite simple words, but they are very important.

At the end of the way of seeking the ideal, we ultimately request vertical unification with God's love. We must live for others in order to ask for this vertical standard to quickly manifest. Through living for others the realm of unification will emerge completely. It is different -- do you understand? (Yes.) (187-89)

4) Everything is Resolved by Living for Others

What is the meaning of unification? The concept of unification starts from unity with God. Unification means to unify God, Adam and Eve, and all things. To accomplish unification, all things must be unified. Then, how is unification to be achieved? Are you Unificationists? Maybe there is someone like a gangster amongst your numbers, or someone born out of wedlock due to your parents' mistake. Such persons should be completely re-educated. Even if your father and mother are people of bad character, you yourselves should not be so because God and Rev. Moon are not.

Then, how is unification possible? How will Rev. Moon accomplish unification? With what? Power, money, knowledge, or by physical aggression? The conclusion is simple: everything is solved at the point of living for others, centering on true love. Through that process, the evil world will be changed to a world of goodness. That is a logical conclusion. Are you clear? (Yes!)

5) Receiving Love

What do you have to do to receive your parents' love? You have to love everything that your parents love. Then you can receive your parents' love. To receive parents' love in the family, a son has to love everything, which his parents have and then he can receive his parents' love.

A person who tries to receive love without doing this is like a thief. If someone tries to inherit, in his own way, that which his parents value, he has no qualification to receive his parents' love. He can receive his parents' love after loving that which his parents value. Why is there a period of adolescence around the age of seventeen to eighteen? It is the period to train in loving everything one's parents' love.

Because parents love the grandparents, we must also love our grandparents. Do you follow? Further, since parents love their relatives, we must also love our relatives. Moreover, because parents love their sons and daughters, we must also love our brothers and sisters. Then we will receive our parents' love.

Then, what do we have to do in order to receive God's love? It is the same principle. If we love the land and people of a country, then we can be a friend of the king's. The woman who becomes the queen will receive the love of the king, and if she loves everything that the king loves, she can receive the king's love.

The life of a couple is the same. When a husband loves his wife after loving everything that his wife loves, his wife can feel that her husband truly loves her. If he only loves his wife, but not the things his wife loves, it will not work. In the Unification Church, many women do not want to marry church leaders but would rather marry businessmen in order to live affluently. This is not the way of the Principle. Do you understand what I am saying? You have to live for the sake of others. Accordingly, I decided to make all women of the second generation into church leaders' wives. The first concern of many men and women after receiving the recent blessing seems to be how to make money.

I will send them out on an opposite course to work like servants. I am not someone who would become indebted to you. Some people say that after finishing their studies they will work for the church. However, Rev. Moon is not so worthless as to receive help. I have prepared and set up everything. There are many influential people in America who are indebted to me and I can be proud of that. I do not think to ask help from you. I need people who can do God's work in my place.

Those who have the mind to live more comfortably are those who will decline toward hell, while those who want to live more sacrificially are the ones who will be elevated up toward heaven. What kind of people are you? (133-26)

6) God's Love is for the Whole

You know that God exists, don't you? (Yes?) What belongs to God? All things, the natural world, and humankind belong to God. Which things of nature would God discard and which would He keep? God needs everything. Whom does God want to discard, whom does He have no need for? God needs everybody.

When we see the natural world, you could say, "I don't need four seasons; I just need spring. I dislike summer, autumn and winter." But if you ask God about that, God will answer that He likes all four seasons.

Therefore, even though you don't like summer, autumn and winter, you should learn to like those seasons. When a snowy winter comes, God likes to see the white snow-covered world. "Ah? I like this too," He says. So you must also like it.

You have to look at nature with the same mind as God. Even when there are floods and lightning strikes, you should not say, "I don't like that." God will say with a smile, "It is like kisses and marriage." Then He will say to the people who are complaining, "You are wrong." You should always love nature, and love human beings of all races without prejudice. Will God say, "I like only the white race!" If so, everybody would have to wear white clothes. You would have to throw away all your colored clothes. However, when you enter a room, there may be a black piano or some colored furniture. "Why did you put a black piano here? Why did you place a blackboard here?" A black board is black. If white people like only things that are white in color, they should throw away all colored products. Moreover, they should not have any dark nights either? What is the meaning of the superiority of the white people? It is the way of ruin. How many years will it last? No matter how long winter may be, it lasts just three months. For the sake of the eternal reality, you have to love all four seasons. Therefore, you should not like only the white people.

Who is going to solve the race problem? Rev. Moon is going to handle this problem. The other day, some people were saying, "Reverend Moon is fighting on behalf of the weak and the minorities." I don't think in those terms, but people are saying so. You white people who have blue eyes, yellow hair, and white faces should be careful. You should know that if a race war were to take place, all the colored races would attack the white people.

The time may be coming when the colored races unite together and sweep away the white people. Don't think that the white race will always have dominion over the world. God does not think so. Since the white people were the people who loved the world and humankind at one time, God blessed them. But God certainly never thought that the white people would control the world as they wished.

God's love is to love not only all present humankind, but also all the people of the past, present, and future. You must know that God therefore works to liberate even spirit people who have gone to hell. Human beings must go the way of truth, life, and love. No matter how great you may be, if you do not have a foundation of living for the sake of others, nothing will follow you. On the other hand, someone who lives for the sake of others will naturally become the subject. He will become a human being of true life. (133-29)

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