Blessing and Ideal Family - Sun Myung Moon

 Table of Contents



Chapter 1 - The Ideal Of Creation And The Love Between Man And Woman

Part I - The Ideal Of Creation And The Human Fall

Part 2 - The Love Of True Man And Woman 

Part 3 -True Marriage And True Love

Part 4 - The Phenomena Of The Last Days Centered On Love

 Chapter 2 - True Parents And God's Family

Part 1 Jesus And The Blessing

Part 2 - The Feast Of The Lamb And The First Resurrection

Part 3 - True Parents And True Children

Part 4 -The Providence Of Restoration Centering On Families

Chapter 3 - The Meaning And Value Of The Blessing

Part 1 - The Fundamental Principle Of Rebirth 

Part 2 - Rebirth And The Origin Of The Blessing

Part 3 - The Meaning And Value Of The Blessing 

Part 4 -The Indemnity Condition For Receiving The Blessing

 Chapter 4 - The Process Of The Blessing

Part 1 - The Selection Of The Spouse

Part 2 - The Standard For Matching And Our Attitude

Part 3 - Cases At The Engagement

Part 4 - The Process Of The Blessing And Its Meaning

 Chapter 5 - The Formula Course For Perfection

Part 1 - The Formula Course Of The Seven Year Perfection Stage 

Part 2 - The Responsibility Of Children For Recreation

Part 3 - Restoration Of The Family Through Three Spiritual Children

Chapter 6 - The Holy Wedding Of True Parents And The Blessed Family

Part 1 - The Holy Wedding And Seven-Year Course Of The True Parents 

Part 2 - The Providential Meaning Of The Blessed Families

Part 3 - The Value And The Mission Of The Blessed Families

Part 4 - The Mission Of The International Blessed Families

Chapter 7 - The True Husband And Wife And The Ideal Family

Part 1 - True Husband And Wife 

Part 2 - Ideal Family 

Part 3 - The Life Of The Blessed Family

Part 4 - True Parents And Children

Part 5 - The Education Of Children

Blessing and Ideal Family
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
ISBN 0-910621-67-5

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