Blessing and Ideal Family

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon


Chapter 6
The Holy Wedding Of True Parents And The Blessed Family

Part 1
The Holy Wedding And Seven-Year Course Of The True Parents

1. The Holy Wedding Ceremony -- The Peak Of Hardship And Persecution

In the background of the Holy Wedding Ceremony of the True Parents in 1960, there was so much content to be resolved through indemnity conditions for the 4,000-year history from Adam to Jesus and the 2,000-year history from Jesus to the present time. Even though the ceremony had worldwide cosmic significance, only a few people actually participated in it.

The preparation period for the ceremony, from 1953 to 1960, was a period of unimaginable persecution. During that period, more than 3.6 million people, more than three denominations, and the Korean government persecuted the Unification Church. In spite of such terrible circumstances, Father won the victory by establishing the necessary indemnity conditions and finally held the Holy Wedding Ceremony in 1960. That day determined the destiny of the Unification Church.

Father's Holy Wedding Ceremony is a gigantic worldwide and cosmic event to be eternally commemorated on earth. All the vertical indemnity conditions on the world level were resolved horizontally on that day, through the accomplishment of physical and spiritual victory.

Centering upon Father, the recreation of history took place. The victorious family standard should begin from the individual Jacob's position. Therefore in 1960, 14 years after the Korean liberation from Japanese colonization, Father started his family. In order to restore Jesus' failure,14 years, the time up to the completion level of the growth period, are needed. It is similar to Jacob's restoring his family in 14 years. In the historical year 1960, the separation of the family from Satan's side back to God's side took place.

Because Father's original three-year course failed, 14 years were needed to indemnify it. For the first time in human history, a God- desired family was born in 1960. During that period, established Christianity and the Korean government together wanted to get rid of the Unification Church, just as Judaism and the Israelite government crucified Jesus 2,000 years ago. Until the day before the Holy Wedding Ceremony, Father had to go to the police department for investigation. The people in the 12 disciples' position in the Unification Church also opposed Father, as Jesus' 12 disciples betrayed him. Just as the Jewish government, Judaism, and Judas in oneness all wanted to kill Jesus, so Unificationists, established Christianity, and the government together opposed the Unification Church.

April 1960 was the peak of hardship and persecution. Father was standing on the borderline, trying to decide whether or not to go forward one more step. To accomplish this historically new work during such a terrible crisis is to return the utmost glory and joy to God. The historical day of marriage that Jesus mentioned was finally accomplished through the Holy Wedding Ceremony.

From this point, radical development centering upon God started taking place. Jesus died without establishing his bride, but Father genuinely restored the providence by welcoming his bride.

The Blessing ceremony of the Unification Church, centering upon Father's Holy Wedding Ceremony, became the target of persecution from the satanic world through the conventional churches.

Jesus should have established the order of the Blessing in spite of being persecuted by the Jewish people and Judaism. But he couldn't establish the Blessing before his crucifixion. When Father started restoring God's Will by establishing the Blessing, Satan and his side were fully mobilized to oppose the Unification Church.

Prior to the Holy Wedding Ceremony, Satan tried to oppose Father through an anonymous accusation note sent to the police station. In the midst of the opposition from the governmental and national authorities centering upon the conventional churches, the Holy Wedding Ceremony commenced. It was not a celebration or a festival, but a battlefield between God and Saran. Because God's dominion and Satan's dominion would be determined depending on the success or failure of the Holy Wedding Ceremony, it was held in an extremely serious atmosphere. By holding the Holy Wedding Ceremony at the intersection of good and evil, Father was able to return glory to God.

Jesus claimed the family of love and the world of love. By the way, it is an amazing fact that Father could launch the age of heartistic history.

The bride that the Messiah welcomes is an individual, but she represents the whole world and meets him at the central point. Therefore, Satan opposes the meeting by mobilizing all the power of the nation. Because the satanic Cain world begins to break down when the Messiah and his bride meet and set up the center, the satanic world wants to destroy the Messiah's family by mobilizing all the authority and force of the world against them.

When a religion doesn't support the Messiah's family, it comes to belong to Satan; even when a religion doesn't take any stand by being neutral, it automatically belongs to Satan. This means that when the central religion, Christianity, doesn't accept the Messiah, all the religions and all the nations come to belong to Satan. That's why Satan does everything to keep Christianity from accepting the Messiah.

Therefore, the Messiah and his bride meet in the midst of attack and opposition from all nations. The Holy Wedding Ceremony is not held in a well-prepared environment but on a battlefield. Father held the Holy Wedding Ceremony on such a battlefield in 1960.

By going through this complicated indemnity course, the legitimate couple was born for the first time in human history. Finally, after God's suffocating fight with Satan for thousands of years, and by overcoming spiritual death, the ideal couple which God originally desired has been established. The True Parents -- the long-cherished desire of God -- were finally established on earth. From that point, the substantial four position foundation centering upon God's true love could ensue.

2. The Establishment Of Three Disciples Prior To The Holy Wedding Ceremony Of The True Parents

Jesus definitely needed three disciples. Adam and Eve had three archangels, but they didn't serve Adam and Eve. As a result, the fallen world was formed. In order to stand in the position of perfected parents, the Messiah and his bride must have three absolutely obedient disciples in place of the three archangels. Otherwise, we cannot drive Satan out of the physical world. People who symbolize the three archangels and the three ages (Old Testament Age, New Testament Age, and Completed Testament Age), and who indemnify all the Cain-side problems in-history, are definitely needed. Those three people are to be completely obedient to the returning Lord, who comes to indemnify at one time horizontally the vertical history of the Old Testament Age, New Testament Age and Completed Testament Age.

In order for Father to hold the Holy Wedding Ceremony, he had to restore the three disciples who betrayed Jesus.

One more purpose of the Holy Wedding Ceremony was to indemnify Adam's family. Adam and Eve fell through the conjugal relationship. The fall took place through a couple, so restoration cannot be done alone. Man alone cannot be restored or saved completely. A woman alone cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven, either. Two are needed to solve the problem. The standard of True Parents should be established on earth by restoring the fallen Adam and Eve. In order to do that, the problem should be solved centering upon the three disciples representing the three archangels.

Jesus is to replace Adam, and the Lord of the Second Advent is to replace Jesus. The returning Lord cannot stand in the True Parent's position without having three absolutely obedient spiritual children. Those three disciples are to be sons of filial piety (to the Lord), who can go over the boundary of life and death and who can follow their Abel in the midst of severe persecution. In April 1960, Father established three such disciples.

On that foundation, Father set up the family which is composed of 12 children, like Jacob's family. Centering upon the three disciples -- the three. sons -- Father gradually set up this standard.

The Holy Wedding Ceremony of 1960 substantially determined the parental position on the foundation of having three disciples representing the three sons of Adam's family, the resurrected Cain, Abel and Seth. This Holy Wedding Ceremony is a significant celebration to indemnify the disunity of the three sons and the parents in Adam's family, which was the source of God's deep resentment. This Holy Wedding that took place in April 1960, in Korea, for the first time in history, was an event of universal significance. From that moment, the fortune of the new history started.

Father established three children in the completion level of the growth stage in 1960. The three children symbolize Peter, John and James.

Prior to Father's Holy Wedding Ceremony in 1960, Father matched three couples, and right after Father's Holy Wedding Ceremony the three couples were blessed. To bless three families is to set up the condition that Peter, John and James, centering upon Jesus, stand in God's ideal realm. The absolutely indivisible, victorious foundation was established on that day.

To set up the three families prior to the Holy Wedding Ceremony is to set up the ideal of bride and bridegroom for Jesus' three disciples. It also signified the establishment of the victorious lineal foundation. The three families became the central families to indemnify all the families in our fallen history.

When the three couples are blessed centering upon the True Parents, eight family members are formed. These three families represent Adam's, Noah's and Abraham's families, and they are the restored Cain- type families. From here the direct, lineal children of God can be born. These three families are the Cain-type figures set up as the children of the returning age, replacing Jesus' three disciples. By serving the Lord of the Second Advent, they are to stand as the restored archangels. Therefore, the three families are the restored families of the three archangels.

3. The Age In Which Parents Pioneer With The Responsibility

In 1960, the Unification Church stood on the completion level of the growth stage. In order to reach the perfection stage from that point, seven years were needed. That was the first seven-year course. When we reach the perfection standard, we are to enter God's direct dominion. The direct dominion is the stage where God directly dominates our hearts and our living.

The first seven-year course is the course in which parents pioneer with the responsibility. During this period, Father had to arrange all the internal and external conditions so that Satan could not accuse Father's family as he developed the providence centering upon his own family. Father and Mother in complete oneness as the representatives of humankind were to resolve all the heartistically alienated, complicated human problems during this seven-year course. They were supposed to stand on the heartistic site bound to the world. Father restored through indemnity the way for Jesus, Jesus' family and Jesus' tribe. In order to connect the one tribal dominion of God to the world level, Father has been holding the Blessing ceremonies.

By 1967, the national standard was established, and it was connected to the world level in 1970. In other words, through the Blessing, Father laid the foundation for all the tribes in the world to follow his victorious tradition.

The parents who are not fallen are called true parents. But Adam and Eve became fallen parents. As a result, the struggles and indemnity for 6,000 years have been left to humankind. That is due to the original parents' mistakes.

Who should take responsibility for that? Parents should take responsibility. They shouldn't leave that responsibility to their children. Due to the parents' mistake, the individual, family, tribe, nation and world became the foundation which Satan could accuse. Parents should cut that off by setting up indemnity conditions. The period to cut this off was the first seven-year course -- until the end of 1967.

Therefore, the way for Satan to accuse was blocked during the second seven-year course. You are now in the safety zone.

Who is to go the first seven-year course? Parents should go this course. Because Adam and Eve fell in the completion level of the growth stage, parents should go the way. They are to go centering upon God, not centering upon man or woman. When the blessed family is formed at this level, the center should always be God. When a blessed couple conflicts with God's will, even though they are very intimate, they have to get rid of those intimate elements and stand in the public position. They are not to guide their lives by discussing with each other in a reasonable way what is humanistically correct and fair. They are to go completely centered on God.

When a man stands in the subject position, his wife should be absolutely obedient in front of him. The Abel and Cain relationship applies to the man and woman relationship. There should be absolute obedience with no objection. The more objection the couple has, the more obstacles will block their way. God has been leading such a history.

Father won the substantial victory by going through the seven-year course through such a process. To go through these 7 years and set up these indemnity conditions, Father fought with myriads of nations and with countless denominations.

Here Father must determine the standard of parents on that victorious foundation; then he can proclaim God's Day.

During this seven-year course, Mother should be completely one with Father. She should show absolute obedience to Father. There should be no objection. She may have the emotions of a woman and she may encounter various troubles as the mother of a family. But those problems shouldn't be primary. Various and complicated matters, including a woman's emotional problems, are involved in becoming one with Father.

In order to eradicate all those problems, Father fought for seven years. Father didn't work for the church during that period. You have been fighting externally for the sake of the nation, but the root of your activity is this standard of complete oneness of Father and Mother. Even though you prepared the victorious national foundation, it would have been in vain without the determination of this standard of oneness of husband and wife. The essence is the foundation of the True Parents.

Jesus sacrificed his whole life for the sake of the world, abandoning his physical family and relatives. That's why Father was not supposed to witness to his physical tribe and relatives during this seven-year course. Father marched forward with the heart that anyone who follows God's will is my father and my brothers.

Father's kinsmen were sacrificed in North Korea during this seven-year course. Because they had to indemnify the failure of Jesus' relatives, I knew that they might be trampled to death or horribly overcome by Satan.

On the way out of Pyongyang, I could have met my parents; but I had to depart for South Korea in order to save other tribes first. You are the very ones that I wanted to meet by sacrificing my family and abandoning all my relatives.

4. The Course Of The Family-Level Cross Of True Parents, Or The Way Of The Cross In The True Family

Until 1967, there was a separate providence centering upon Father's family; God and Father could not go around this law. Father had to create the most trustworthy environment in the most difficult time.

Humankind's 6,000-year history was the history of the individual cross, but the time for the family-level cross remained. Then who is to carry the family-level cross? Nobody has wanted to shoulder it so far. Jesus was supposed to go forward into the world with his family, carrying the national cross. Because Jesus died shouldering the national cross, Father had to reindemnify it. Due to Jesus' death, the way of the individual cross and of the family-level cross remained -- the dual indemnity course was left. In order to accomplish this. Father walked the way of the individual cross until 1960.

This 14-year course is the same as Jacob's 14-year course. When he had gone over this period, Father could establish the four position foundation of the family level on earth.

In walking the way of the individual cross, one is not to receive or to accept sympathy from anyone. One shouldn't sympathize with anyone or receive any sympathy from others during this indemnity course.

After completing the individual indemnity course in 1960, Father launched the way of the family-level cross. That's why I stopped leading you directly. Until the summer of 1961, Father himself led Sunday service, but I stopped then because the internal problems within my family were more desperate for the providence. Father's focus at that time was how to indemnify the family-level cross in order to successfully restore the 6,000 years of fallen history. By going through all of these courses, Father could establish "Parents' Day," "Children's Day," "The Day of All Things" and "God's Day." You don't know how much Father internally suffered from 1960 until the first day of 1968 when he proclaimed God's Day. You will never know how Father has gone through this course.

5. Mother's Seven Year Course

The fall started from Eve -- the woman. The Bible doesn't state in detail, but Eve must have been 16 years old at the time of the fall. Due to Eve's fall in her adolescence, she lost the standard of the mother of humankind. Therefore, in restoration, the one who is to be the True Mother for humankind should be chosen before she turns 20 years old. Father shouldn't be over 40 years old for the Holy Wedding Ceremony. Because of this principled reason, Father loved his young wife as his daughter.

Due to the fall, Eve didn't play the role of a loving daughter to God or a younger sister and wife to Adam. Therefore, Father had to raise up Mother as his daughter, love her as a younger sister, and then treat her as his bride. As a result of the fall, Eve received false love from false parents and her false older brother, so the one to be Mother shouldn't have false parents or a false older brother.

Mother should be like a younger sister, a wife, and a daughter all at the same time. She should not have a physical family or relatives to whom she can appeal about her suffering whenever she faces difficulties.

The first seven years after the Holy Wedding Ceremony were the period to raise up Mother with heavenly education. During this period, Father continually prayed for this, day and night. Even Mother didn't know all the significance behind this period, but Father substantially restored the heavenly daughter, heavenly spouse and the standard of True Parents, all of which were lost by the fall. This is the way for every fallen descendant to traverse. During the first three years, Father sent Mother to another's house and let her suffer there. Due to this harsh treatment, all the women in the Unification Church who were jealous of Mother at that time became sympathetic with her. They all came to Mother's side eventually. Then Mother could return to her original position.

Mother had to go through the seven-year indemnity course with a strong and bold heart. One great point of Mother is that she tried to trust Father more than her physical father. She felt as if Father were her grandfather. Mother trusted Father 100% more than her grandfather, her father and her older brother.

After man's victory, woman should be victorious. That's why Mother had to go through the indemnity course for seven years in the midst of extreme opposition from the society and nation.

Because Mother fulfilled her responsibility, God's Day could be established. Mother's faith in me was absolutely unchanging during the seven years. She overcame the seven-year course with an attitude and a conviction to follow Father at the cost of her life.

In order to indemnify Eve's distrust of God, Mother had to set up the firm condition that could win God's 100% trust in her. Eve led her husband Adam to fall, so in order to indemnify Eve's failure, Mother had to win Father's 100% trust. Owing to Mother's victorious spiritual foundation, which won the trust of both God and Father, God's Day could be selected and established.

Seven years after the completion level of the growth stage, in the eighth year, 1968, Father and Mother could appear on earth as the husband and wife qualified at the completion level of the perfection stage.

From that time, I with my family could launch the worldwide providence beyond the national standard. That's why Father went to America at that time.

6. The Providential Motto For The 1960s

The year 1960 corresponds to the completion level of the growth stage. The perfection stage is the following 7 years.

What were our mottoes for the 1960'57 The first one was, "Let's make this the year to leave the utmost result for your entire life." The second one was, "Let's become Father's representatives." The third one was, "Let's be the ones who can show the exemplary standard and who can be proud of it." The fourth one was, "Let's be the victorious subject." All those were talking about Father. In the view of restorational history, I left the utmost result of my life in the 1960s. That's why we should fulfill our mission by being God's representatives. In order to be God's representatives, we should have the standard to show and to be proud of. The standard is to restore the four position foundation in three years. Because Father fulfilled that mission, the motto, "Be the victorious subject," could be promulgated. That has been Father's battle so far; therefore, you should enter the seven-year course in order to leave the utmost result of your life centering upon this first motto. Next, you are to be God's representative; be the victorious sons and daughters who can console God's sorrowful history of being driven out by Satan in the restorational battle. When you block Satan's accusation and make him surrender to you, God will praise you as His victorious sons and daughters in front of all things.

Since the completion of the four position foundation is the completion of the purpose of creation, it is the principle to defeat the satanic world. Therefore, we should create the victorious dominion to win Satan's natural surrender; then we are to go forward into the world with this victorious foundation. This is the formula. You should be able to leave the utmost result of your life with the first motto. Then, when does your seven-year course start? The first seven-year course has been fulfilled in view of the whole; but your own individual seven-year course should start depending on your decision.

The motto of the first year of the seven-year course was, "Let's make this the year to leave the utmost result of your entire life." The second year's was, "Let's be Father's representatives." The third year's was, "Let's be the ones who can show the exemplary standard and who can be proud of it." The motto from the fourth year until the end of seven-year course was, "Let's be the victorious subject." In the first three years, Father blessed 36,72 and 124 couples, and assigned them to mission areas. It was like distributing the new land to the 12 tribes after the Israelites entered Canaan.

The new historical age opened in 1960. The new tribe, new nation and new world were to be formed during this period. Centering upon this cardinal point, Father held several Blessing ceremonies. The blessed families have extended the victorious shield (cardinal point of the victory) to the nation and world in the course of the restorational providence.

The rapid change of history since 1960 is due to God's dispensation centering upon the Unification Church. The modern historians don't know why we've entered such a great transitional period. You should know clearly that the Blessing is given to show a good example.

The spirit world has been in great confusion so far. When the river flows and gathers in the sea, it forms a huge ocean. The spirit world was composed of many dams forbidding the flow of water; that's why the water couldn't flow to the sea. But now is the time to destroy the dams and the walls. Since 1960, the historical process of destroying the dams has taken place, so the spirit world is in great confusion.

The final factor of victory is determined by the physical world, not by the spirit world. Originally a couple fell together, so restoration should be centered upon one family. The cooperation of husband, wife and children is vital. The three generations of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, centering upon Noah's three sons' families, formed the foundation of indemnity.

Prior to 1960, Father was focused on fulfilling the individual mission. I overcame those years of receiving all kinds of persecution and hearing all the bad rumors. In 1960, Father could develop God's love horizontally by establishing the family; and then the foundation extended through the following Blessing ceremonies.

In order to receive the Blessing, you are to love God most of all. You should love Him more than you love your parents, your family or yourself. Because to receive the Blessing is to take up the cross of love, some members had to leave their families for the Blessing. It was like Jesus' teaching that "Anyone who loves his or her parents or spouse more than me cannot become my disciple." Abraham had to leave Ur in Chaldea to follow God's call; likewise, some had to leave their home towns. That propels the bad rumors even more. Such abnormal phenomena happened not by force but by each individual's internal choice.

7. The Blessing Of 36, 72 And 124 Couples

All Koreans opposed the mass wedding ceremonies in the 1960s. One after the other, about 15 people sent accusation notes to the police department in order to put Father in jail. Unless we stand up against such opposition and persecution from the world, the twisted history cannot be indemnified. The mass wedding ceremony was such a terrible pandemonium that even policemen were mobilized to stop the fights. The wedding ceremony was held inside with all the doors locked while people outside were shouting and raising a terrible commotion. This was the first such wedding ceremony in history. After the first three years of holding such a controversial wedding ceremony, Father felt it was like a dream. There's a clear reason for that. It was not the result of Father's miscalculation. Father never runs a losing business.

Father's marriage and the 36 Couples' marriage shouldn't be held under the auspices of the permission of their fallen parents.

The 36 Couples' Blessing ceremony in 1961 was also a turmoil. But we moved onward, even though we had guards standing at the door.

Every parent opposed the 36 Couples' Blessing of the Unification Church. These parents were rioting to get back their children. Because human history started from false parents, True Parents must lead in God's will. The government also opposed it; Father was negotiating with the court at the time of the marriage. Father led an adventure in the midst of total opposition.

At the time of Adam and Eve's fall, the whole universe was in complete darkness. In order to indemnify this, the Holy Wedding of the Unification Church was held with all the doors locked. People were shouting outside, "Give me back my son and my daughter. What are you going to do with our sons and daughters?" They were upset at the fact that their children's marriages were handled by Father when it was their business to take care of their children's marriages. Satan stole God's children, so Father was bringing God's lost children back. According to the Principle, God cannot help but stay with the Unification Church. The negative parents who were opposing the wedding now say to me that the marriage was wrong, but they ate happy to have good sons in law.

Providential history has been prolonged because Cain, in the position of the archangel, couldn't be obedient to Abel, in the position of Adam. In order to indemnify this, the 72 Couples, in the position of Cain, were established in front of the 36 Couples, in the position of the ancestors.

The 36 Couples are in the position of the historical ancestors from Adam to Jacob, and the 72 Couples are in the position to restore Cain and Abel's families. I then blessed 120 Couples representing the world. Upon the condition of forming Cain and Abel families centering upon Jesus' family, I selected the holy grounds. Therefore, the 120 Couples represent all the nations of the world. Jesus began anew on the world level by the oneness of the 120 disciples at the Pentecost; likewise, the 120 Couples laid the worldwide foundation.

The returning Lord should indemnify Adam's family. Therefore, he is to establish Adam-type, Noah-type and Abraham-type families as the ancestors. In order to set up those vertical ancestors, Father blessed 36 Couples (12 couples of Adam-type, 12 Couples of Noah-type, and 12 Couples of Abraham-type families). Centering upon those ancestors, Father blessed 72 couples as Cain and Abel-type families. And the 120 Couples symbolize the leaders of the 120 nations of the world.

The 36 Couples are the resurrected bodies of the fallen ancestors; the 72 Couples are the resurrected bodies of the children of the ancestors; and the 120 Couples are the resurrected bodies of the people in the world. Therefore, when they become one, the family, children, and whole world also will be united. That's why Father will be directly responsible for those blessed couples (36, 72, 120 Couples).

The 36 Couples are in the position of the ancestors and the 72 Couples are the restored family of Cain and Abel in front of the 36 Couples. In other words, Cain and Abel are restored simultaneously through the 120 nations of the whole world.

The 36 Couples,72 Couples and 120 Couples are one team which cannot be separated. The 36 Couples are historical ancestors, the 72 Couples are sons and daughters, and the 120 couples are archangels representing the worldwide tribal factions. So the ancestors, Cain and Abel, and the 12 tribes are to be totally one. Restoration history seeks unity. When the 36 Couples, who are ancestors, and the 72 Couples, who are Cain and Abel, become one, a family is formed. The 120 Couples and 120 disciples are the worldwide extension of the 12 tribes of this family.

When the four position foundation is centered upon God, Satan has to retreat. In the Unification Church, which accomplished the worldwide standard of development on earth centering on the True Parents, there were the Blessings of the 72 Couples and 120 Couples. The 120 Couples symbolize the representatives of the nations in the world. Similarly, to start a worldwide providence, Jesus established 120 disciples.

Jesus spiritually led the salvation providence by using those disciples on the front line. Father's mission was to establish substantially those front liners whom Jesus spiritually established.

That was accomplished, so next Father was to bless all things. After finding the figures that God wanted, Father should find all things. In order to set up this condition, Father in 1965 had a world tour and established 120 holy grounds centering on 10 nations. The international holy grounds became the starting point of a big transition of fortune. Centering on three disciples, Jesus wanted to organize ideal families on earth with 12 apostles, 70 chief apostles, and 120 followers. But Jesus died without fulfilling this ideal. So, Father has to dissolve all resentment resulting from the unfulfilled ideal and restore the failure of Adam and Eve.

The next providential step is to restore the dominion over all things. Through the fall, man lost his dominion over all things, so in order to restore it, Father selected and established 120 holy grounds in 1965. To extend the national level of the victorious providential foundation to the world level, Father brought Korean soil and rocks to the selected holy grounds on his world tour. Without restoring the foundation of all things, Father couldn't act internationally.

In order to set up the foundation on which God could proceed, Father selected 120 holy grounds in 40 nations. That providence was to extend True Parents' victorious foundation into the world. By establishing 120 holy grounds in 40 nations, the heavenly way was opened to restore all things on the worldwide level.

When we pray at the holy ground where Korean soil and rocks have been implanted, the road will be open to restore the national sovereignty of God. By selecting and establishing holy grounds for the restoration of all things, for the first time a door to receive God's Day was opened. In 1968, after victoriously completing the first seven-year course, God's Day was declared.

We should know how big the children's duty and responsibilities are. Whether or not the 36 Couples, 72 Couples, and 124 Couples fulfill their responsibility is truly influential. When those children fulfill their responsibility in front of God, the resentment of modern people and spirit men will be resolved.

8. The Period In Which Father Selected And Established The Last Days

It is our pride that the Unification Church has big holy days like God's Day, Parents' Day, Children's Day and the Day of All Things, which don't exist in the secular world. In order to restore the lost days, we should resolve the twisted history, and to celebrate the days we should establish the fundamentals of the heavenly family centering on God's love. You have to know that the Unification Church is such a blessed place.

As you all know through the Principle, if the first ancestors, Adam and Eve, had not fallen, God's Day, Parents' Day and the Day of All Things would have been declared on the day of their Blessing. If that had happened, all those days would have been established in one day. Due to the fall, we have had to restore those days through the seven- year-course. That is a sad process for the fallen world.

God gave the first Blessing in 1960, with the remaining seven years of the completion stage to go. Until now, human beings have been under satanic dominion because of the fall. Because a figure appeared and tried to destroy satanic power, Satan has been desperately attacking that figure and his family. But finally, Father could declare God's Day, Parents' Day, Children's Day and the Day of All Things while setting up the indemnity conditions and having a bloody fight with Satan. All these days were established in the first seven-year-course.

Because God restored the days which had been stolen by Satan, He could establish a perfect standard on earth. On the foundation of success fully having driven Satan away, a groom and a bride could meet each other. Receiving the day of that meeting has been God's long cherished desire and the 2,000-year-old wish of Christianity. The groom represents Jesus and heaven, and the Holy Spirit as the female spirit represents the earth. The Unification Church is the fundamental driving force which has demolished satanic power and made heaven and earth become one by bringing about the meeting of the groom and bride.

The Holy Wedding Ceremony is a ritual in which God for the first time in human history blessed an ideal couple, and it is also the historical wedding in which fallen man is endowed with True Parents. Because of that, God's Day, Parents' Day, Children's Day and the Day of All Things were established. We should know that all of these were accomplished through the victory of the first seven-year-course.

Having fallen parents has been the root of human resentment. But by establishing Parents' Day on the foundation of the victory on the heavenly side, finally the lineage of the parents who were qualified to stand in front of God started. Therefore, from this point, blessed Unificationists were to go forward. What is God's Day? It is the day to accomplish God's will and His ideal; and the Ideal of man and all things is also to be accomplished on this day.

God's Day is not only the day for God, but also the day for Adam and Eve, all things and the cosmos. So far in the course of restoration, God has been restoring first all things, next children, and finally parents, which means that parents spiritually had to bear the entire cross. Therefore, Jesus and the Holy Spirit have been persecuted, but that is just during the period of Christianity. In our time, we are to reverse that.

To establish Parents' Day is to go over the growth stage with the cross of Parents' Day, Children's Day and the Day of All Things. After accomplishing those days, finally God's Day is to be declared. Through indemnity, parents come into being, and then children exist. By having children they are to dominate all things. In order to create such a form, Parent's Day, Children's Day and the Day of All Things were made, and when those days become one and are connected to God, they lead to God's Day. During this seven-year course, Father had to go over the growth and the completion stages.

Parents and children were supposed to subjugate all things and the angels. Because this was not accomplished in the Garden of Eden, such a structural foundation has to be restored. After making a God- centered foundation, we were to enter God's direct dominion. Therefore, the establishment of God's Day on the first day of 1968 is to match the standard of entering into God's original dominion, which should have been preceded by the oneness of parents, children, all things, and God-centering on the family-level foundation in the Garden of Eden. On such a foundation, three stages arc formed centering on Father, who is free to enter God's direct dominion, the blessed families, and the Unification Church.

Father's family, the blessed families, and the Unification Church, respectively, symbolize the family of the Lord of the Second Advent, the Christian family, and the whole world.

The whole world is in the formation stage, Christianity is in the growth stage, and the Lord of the Second Advent is in the completion stage. In laying such a foundation, Father even extended the providence to the national level during these seven years. To connect the national foundation to the world level is very significant. In the second seven-year course, Father uses the blessed families to do that.

It is a miracle that Father has dealt with these incredible restorational contents in his lifetime. Then, who is the ancestor of miracles? Moses' crossing over the Red Sea counts for nothing. Is there any meaning in crossing the Red Sea? All the miracles that Jesus performed count for nothing. During the several decades of his life, Father systematized the most precious, the most surprising, the most enormous, and the most universal thought. Has it been simple or complicated?

When Father speaks something new, it sounds casual. But Father has already thought about and investigated it deeply for a long time. Reflect! When Father declared Children's Day and Parents' Day, did you know the meaning? Or of Father's three children? You knew only when I explained them after the work was done, didn't you? And suddenly the "Day of Heartistic Resurrection," the "Day of Substantial Resurrection," the "Day of All Things" and "God's Day" were declared. Were they wrong? They are organized by Principle and perfectly structured. Focusing on this structure, Father has been actualizing it.

Father laid a worldwide horizontal foundation with 36 Couples, 72 Couples, and 124 Couples in the first three-year course. The families who are to start the second and third seven-year courses on that foundation are responsible for laying a perfect horizontal foundation for the nation (Korea). It is a very sad fact that there's a great distance to go to accomplish the responsibility and the mission.

You should establish your own tribal Parents' Day, Children's Day, Day of All Things and God's Day. That is the responsibility of the blessed families in the Unification Church.


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