Blessing and Ideal Family

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon


Chapter 6 Part 2
The Providential Meaning Of The Blessed Families

1. The Meaning Of The Third Israel

Jesus was to be the True Parent of humankind, but Satan prevented him from accomplishing this, which means that Satan also kept human beings who were supposed to be reborn through True Parents from experiencing that. Thus, the offspring of parents cannot exceed the standard of their fallen parents. Therefore, human beings who couldn't start anew centering upon God's will gathered under Jesus' cross. They became Christians, whose faith has been spreading out internationally.

Christians made a spiritual foundation of victory on the individual, family, tribal, national and world levels, but physically they couldn't make any foundation. Therefore, they need to be completely obedient to the Lord of the Second Coming, in order to establish the physical foundation. In order to do that they have to mobilize centering upon the heavenly tribe.

Because we live in an international era, we should establish the physical foundation with a standard transcendent of nationality. In order to indemnify the lost foundation centering upon Jesus' tribes, we have to present the content of heart exceeding Jesus'. That's why we should transcend the tribal standard.

The Third Israel is the group who is to inherit God's heart. Father should extend that substantial and heartistic foundation to the world, and through that foundation, restoration should proceed. Then Father should establish the standard of the restored families.

The providence has been proceeding to open the way for the spirit world and the physical world. When representatives of the individual level progress to a certain point, Father raises representatives of the family level and national level to resurrect them. So with the representatives of individual victory, of family-level victory and of national victory, Father has been paving the way of restoration. Israel was a national representative inheriting the form of specially chosen ancestor.

Christianity doesn't stand in a perfect (substantial) position. In other words, it created the dominion of the Second Israel centering only on the spiritual standard, without the physical standard. The day to accomplish the physical standard is the day of the Lord's Second Advent.

Christians who have been longing for that day, on the spiritual foundation of the Second Israel, are to receive the Lord of the Second Coming and to establish world-level dominion as the Third Israel.

Jesus couldn't establish the dominion of Israel on earth even though he was victorious spiritually; so in order to establish the physical dominion of Israel on earth, the Lord should return. The establishment of the earthly dominion starts from an individual.

The world is becoming as impoverished as the nations 2,000 years ago. In this situation, God chose Korea in the position of Israel and the United States in the position of Rome. When these two nations become one, the foundation for world unity will be accomplished. The Kingdom of Heaven on earth is completed when the communist world is absorbed into the spiritual Christian world. Therefore, the Lord of the Second Coming is responsible for the unity of the communist world and the democratic world.

Now we have gone over the world-level foundation. The Unification Church completed the foundation for an individual, family, tribe, nation and world. That's why there are people of five colors in our Unification dominion.

The Unification Church is establishing the standard which Adam and Jesus failed to set up due to satanic invasions. The Holy Wedding Ceremony commenced centering upon Father's family in 1960. After that, Father had to organize the dominion of tribes transcending the formation of the family.

In order to establish the dominion of tribes, we have to indemnify what Jesus and his disciples failed to do. Jesus was supposed to form a family on the foundation of oneness with his disciples. Jesus' marriage should have been followed by the marriage of his disciples.

They were to organize the new tribes. If Jesus had held a Holy Wedding Ceremony, the 12 disciples first of all would have had to become completely one with Jesus' family. And then they were supposed to make the dominion of victory free from Satan's spiritual and physical invasion by receiving the Blessing centering on Jesus' family. The new tribes organized through the Blessing are totally different from the restored adopted children. This is the first appearance of the tribes initiated by God's true son.

Abraham formed Israel through offerings, but the Unification Church formed Israel through the Blessing. The entry into the Third Israel is possible only through the Blessing.

When we look at the Korean people's situation, atheists are the First Israel, conventional churches are the Second Israel, and the Unification Church is the Third Israel. So Satan is attacking the core of the providence.

Blessed families in the Unification Church are in a position totally different from that of the Jews of the First Israel who wished to receive the Messiah. They are one more step advanced, because they already have organized new tribes through the Messiah.

You can be considered as part of the Third Israel only if you become the object who can possess Jesus' mind and throbbing heart. Since Jesus offered his body with a sacrificial heart and established the Second Israel, we should have such strong determination to be the ancestors of the Third Israel and to be the original children of the Garden of Eden -- the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

The Third Israel is the nation resurrected out of sorrow, not out of joy. It is different from any other nation in that it made Satan surrender in the world of tears. I have mentioned about the Yong-mae- do accident before, but it is really difficult to do that. As a refugee, Father had determined to have the most difficult life among his 30 million Korean brethren. Father's determination was, "I'll go until death; I'll go until my heartbeat stops; I have to go until my breathing ceases."

The final words in the Last Days, when we have to be the ancestors of the Third Israel, are the words of God's love -- the words according to God's love. You shouldn't deviate from God's words; instead you should be the visible substance of God's words. God's internal heart should be your internal heart; in other words, you are to be the substantial body of the original mind (God).

You have the mission of being a second creator, who can multiply God's words. This means that you should express His words, life and substance. Only if you become one centering upon love can you attend God eternally.

That is the standard of the Third Israel. Only by setting up this standard can you implant words, life and substance into people. Let us be the substantial body of words who can attend God and who can see and feel the words; let us also be the substantial body of life and of the heart of 6,000 years of fallen history, so that we can fulfill the mission of recreating the Second Israel. Then we can become God's sons and daughters, who penetrate God's internal heart, and by being God's true children we can live in eternal glory centering on God's love.

2. The Organization Of The Third Israel Through Blessed Families

God should organize the dominion of the new Israel by giving birth to blessed families. So the fortune of the heavenly side is to be raised up from 1960 on. From that point, we are to proceed to the worldwide era by crossing over the era of family, tribe and nation.

Father, in the position of Jacob, has to organize a tribe and a nation by uniting with members in the position of Esau.

The 36 Couples represent the number 12 in three stages. The 72 Couples represent reversing the failure of Cain and Abel by restoring all the historically lost families in the fallen history.

At first, there were Jesus' three disciples in Jesus' age. In order to match that standard, first there was the Three Couples' Blessing. Next, the number 12 should be fulfilled through the Blessing. The 36 Couples correspond to Jesus' 12 disciples horizontally extended through the three stages of past, present and future. The Cain and Abel types of the 36 Couples expanded as the 72 Couples. The 36 couples represent the family and the 72 Couples represent the tribe. Jesus started the world providence centering upon the 120 disciples in Mark's upper room; similarly, the 120 Couples represent the world. If Jesus had blessed 120 disciples and had successfully connected them to the nation of Israel, God's will would have been accomplished in Jesus' lifetime. Jesus should have laid this foundation within three years.

Next, there was the 430 Couples' Blessing. The number 430 corresponds to the number four, three and seven. Forty-three has to do with liberation. The Israelites were liberated from Egypt after 430 years of slavery. Israel started the national and worldwide providence of salvation. After the lapse of 430 years, Israel became a nation. But now we enter the age to restore the world after 430 years.

Father opened the way for any nation or tribe through the 430 Couples' Blessing. Then, to make a reciprocal relationship, Father was to match the number 43 to the West. That's why, one year later, Father blessed 43 couples in the United States, Germany and Japan.

The 777 Couples' Blessing was composed of individuals from ten nations. It established the worldwide foundation.

Father blessed 1800 Couples 14 years after 1960. It was originally supposed to be held in 1974, but the real providence started from April of 1960, so it was permissible for that Blessing to take place before April of 1975. Therefore, the second seven-year course was completed with the 1800 Couples' Blessing, and the Unification Church could depart for the worldwide providence. Six times three equals 18, which indicates the complete subjugation of the satanic number six and the accumulated foundation to enter a new age.

The Unification Church has been forming a nation as a new race; you should know this fact clearly, since you are the very ones to inherit this tradition.

The blessed families, centering upon Father's family, form a new tribe. It will develop and form a nation and world. That is to say that a new nation -- the Third Israel -- is to be formed. For example, a Japanese who is blessed will not be a descendant inheriting the blood lineage from the Japanese historical ancestors, but instead he will inherit God's lineage in the Unification Church.

The Third Israel should be formed on earth by connecting the spiritual First and Second Israel into it. Therefore, the Lord of the Second Advent should establish the first family (Adam's family) in place of the First Israel, the second family (Noah's family) in place of the Second Israel, and the third family (Jacob's family) in place of the Third Israel. That's why the 3 Couples are to be the ancestors of humankind.

All of you know well that God's providence is to be lifted up to the national level through establishment of the internal family standard. That's why Father started organizing the family in 1960. The 36 Couples, 72 Couples,124 Couples,430 Couples and 777 Couples were set up. Centering upon those families, Father could gain victory. Father could depart for the world due to the victory gained on the national level.

To extend the territory of the blessed family means to expand the mainstream families who inherit heaven's internal heart and the True Parents' lineage. Finally, it means to form a tribe, nation and world centering upon God.

The blessed families of the Unification Church were not originally intended to form a nation; rather they were predestined for the world of goodness. Therefore, each blessed family has national and universal value. It doesn't just represent a family of a few individuals, but it represents the family of all humankind. In other words, it represents the whole, transcending the tribal and national level.

Unificationists are to form a new tribe, with a new vision transcending the conventional concept of tribe, and then make a single nation in which the persons of all races love the other races more than their own.

3. The Dispensational Meaning Of The 36 Couples' Blessing

The 36 Couples are composed of the first family, second family and third family. The first family symbolizes the Old Testament Age -- the age of marriage without God's permission. The second family symbolizes the New Testament Age, in which people wanted to get married in God's chosen land but the bride had to wait for the bridegroom to come, due to Jesus' crucifixion. The third family symbolizes the Completed Testament Age. It is the age of perfection in which God wants to start true families.

Today's dispensation parallels that of Jacob's symbolic victory. Therefore, Father is to establish the age of true children after restoring the age of servants and the age of adopted sons. The 36 Couples symbolically restore the course of these three ages. The restorational providence has been proceeding centering upon the 12 tribes and the number 12 or 10.

The first group of 12 of the 36 couples is composed of previously married couples, representing the Old Testament Age. The second group symbolizes marriage in Jesus' Age, in which people wanted the God- centered marriage but couldn't achieve it. The third 12 families symbolize the Completed Testament Age -- the age of Jacob, who overcame all the trials and won the victory. The 36 Couples, centering upon Father, became the victorious foundation to indemnify horizontally the vertical Old, New and Completed Testament Ages within one generation.

In the view of dispensational history, the first family of 36 Couples is in the position to restore Adam's family. In order to indemnify the 12 generations from Adam's family, including Cain and Abel, to Noah's family, 12 couples were established.

The second family restores the 12 generations from Noah's family to Abraham's family, including the prolongation through Isaac and Jacob brought about due to Satan's invasion of Abraham's family.

For the first time in history, Jacob succeeded in the horizontal indemnification of the vertical providence through his 12 sons. The third family of 36 Couples symbolizes Jacob's victorious course. The family started on Jacob's victorious individual foundation and also symbolizes the Old, New and Completed Testament Ages.

Adam, Noah and Jacob, respectively, correspond to Adam, Jesus and the Lord of the Second Advent. The 36 Couples symbolize this numerical standard of the providence and the historical parallel.

Our ancestors in the course of restoration didn't fulfill the mission given by God, but God restored this fallen history by blessing the 36 Couples. Humankind today should become perfect human beings who inherit God's heartistic tradition. In the course of achieving such a perfect standard, for the first time, the 36 Couples established the victorious ancestors' foundation centering upon God's heart. Therefore, they symbolize the restored ancestors of humankind.

You don't know how important your mission is and how important your position is. You are standing in a very dreadful position. At least one family out of the 36 Couples should live with True Parents.

The blessed families of virgin brides and grooms have the condition to be connected to Father. That's why the center of the family-level foundation is the blessed family of virgins. Knowing all these things, you are to set up the order of the family. The third set of 12 couples among the 36 Couples -- those who were virgins -- should be the center.

The 36 Couples are the historical ancestors. They should set up the condition not to fail. These 36 Couples should establish the foundation of joy.

4. The Dispensational Meaning Of The 72 Couples' Blessing

Father has to offer sacrifices standing in the position of Adam, Noah and Abraham. And then I and you are to inherit the heartistic foundation.

Father set up the condition to restore all the failures of 36 generations and became the ancestor of humankind. But it is not enough just to be an ancestor. Where did the battle start? It started from Cain and Abel. They led their descendants to fight with one another, so the world became a battlefield. This should be indemnified. In order to indemnify the historical battle, sons and daughters of 36 generations should set up the condition not to fight with one another but to become one in front of God. That's why Father set up the 72 Couples -- twice the number 36, in order to represent both Cain and Abel.

The 72 Couples set up the historical four position foundation of harmony between Cain and Abel. Therefore, the absolute standard to defeat Satan was established. Do you know how serious the position of the 72 Couples is?

The 72 Couples were established on the foundation of the 36 Couples. The 72 Couples symbolize the restored Cain and Abel. In order for Adam and Eve to stand in front of God as the true human ancestors, Cain and Abel should be completely one. The 36 Couples symbolize Adam, so they can be qualified as parents on the foundation of the oneness of Cain and Abel-the 72 Couples.

The 72 Couples are in the position of Jesus' 70 disciples. The oneness of 70 disciples means the establishment of the indemnity condition on earth. Likewise, God's dispensational foundation gradually can extend into bigger dimensions on earth.

The Blessing of the 36 and 72 Couples means the completion of the ancestral families. It also means that God's providence gets to extend into the tribal and national levels on the foundation of the perfect family. The God-centered four position foundation is to be completed on earth through the blessed families.

The 72 Couples' Blessing represents the completion of the vertical four position foundation centering upon God, and it represents the establishment of the central point for God's providence. God could extend His providence horizontally on the foundation of the vertical four position foundation. On this victorious foundation, the 124 Couples' Blessing was possible.

Father proclaimed Parents' Day on March 1 (lunar calendar) of 1960 and Children's Day on October 1 (lunar calendar) of 1960. Therefore, Father had to find 12 children to represent each of the three stages of formation, growth and perfection. These were the 36 Couples. Next, in order to indemnify Cain and Abel, 72 Couples came about. Finally the families were to expand to the national and worldwide level.

5. The Dispensational Meaning Of The 124 Couples Blessing

In the view of the Principle, in order for an individual to be restored, he must pass through more than three generations. In order for more than three generations to pass, the four position foundation should be restored by parents giving birth to children. The four position foundation cannot simply be established by having children; the children should be able to represent their parents. When the parents and the children become completely one, the family is an Abel- type family which should restore three Cain-type families. Those three families are to multiply as spiritual children. Centering upon the three families, 12 families representing 12 directions should be established, and then they will extend to 72 and 120 families. The 120 families are the tribal foundation to depart for the world level. The 120 blessed Couples of the Unification Church are the representatives of one tribe. They are to sacrifice for the nation. That's why I drove you out to the local regions to sacrifice for the nation. This three- year witnessing period corresponds to Jesus' public life course; therefore, you shouldn't escape from it, regardless of the severe persecution you receive.

The standard of a worldwide ideology, which Jesus wanted to establish by sending out 70 disciples, has been set up on earth. Jesus' 70 disciples are connected to the 72 blessed Couples. Jesus chose 12 disciples to restore the lost 36 generations since Adam, but he lost his 12 and 70 disciples, which meant he lost the ancestors and children. That's why Jesus started the world wide providence after his resurrection centering upon 120 disciples.

The number 12 represents formation, 70, growth, and 120, the future nations of the world. When 120 nations join the United Nations, which was established centering upon Christian ideology, we should understand that the Last Days are near. Now the United Nations has a membership of 123 nations. One hundred twenty-four nations should join the United Nations, centering upon the crisis of 1967. The 124 blessed Couples of the Unification Church and the 124 nations should be matched; this is not accidental at all.

God made it so. Otherwise, the Unification Principle falls apart. Then what does the number 120 mean? It is the number of sovereignties in the world. Therefore, it is a sign of the Last Days when 120 nations join the United Nations.

After his resurrection, Jesus spent 40 days with his disciples. On the day of Pentecost, 10 days after Jesus' ascension to heaven and the 50th day after his crucifixion, the Holy Spirit descended upon 120 disciples. Then they could start the national era of Christianity. The descent of the Holy Spirit meant that Jesus spiritually welcomed his bride on the national foundation.

The 120 disciples who welcomed the Holy Spirit symbolize 120 nations; so when Western society centering upon Rome takes a stand for God's side, more than 120 nations will appear in the world. That symbol was accomplished by the appearance of 120 nations between 1967 and 1968. We can see that nothing is separate from God's providence. As a symbol to restore all the nations of the world, Father blessed 124 couples. The number 4 in 124 corresponds to the number of Blessings. Unless Father adds the symbolic number four to represent three Couples, 36 Couples, 72 Couples and 120 Couples, the way to return to the heavenly nation cannot be open for all the blessed Couples. The four Couples also symbolize the doors of East, West, South and North. The 124 Couples have the meaning and the value to restore the heavenly nation -- the ideal world for which all humankind has longed.

The 120 Couples represent Jesus' 120 disciples. Four Couples are previously married couples, and they are to open the doors in the 4 directions.

The victorious family-level dominion of Israel is to extend to the universal dominion of Israel, and the victorious foundation of the tribe is to horizontally expand to the universal foundation through the 124 Couples' Blessing.

6. The Dispensational Meaning Of The 430 Couples Blessing

The Blessing of 430 Couples is the establishment of national indemnity. In the 4,300th year of Korean history, Father blessed the 430 Couples. It also represents the number of years of the Israelites' slavery in Egypt. Therefore, the blessing of 430 Couples means the liberation of the nation of Israel.

The blessing of the 430 Couples opened the way for the Korean people to establish the God-centered ideal. So far, religion has been working toward an individual ideal, but the 430 Couples' Blessing made the whole nation display a God centered ideal. The vertical providence is to be completed horizontally within one generation; the 430 Couples' Blessing fulfills all the qualifications. The number four symbolizes the four position foundation and the four directions of east, west, south and north. The number three symbolizes the formation, growth and completion stages. The numbers four and three are the absolute numbers for restoration through indemnity. The blessing of the 430 Couples shows the victorious foundation of restoration through indemnity. It established the national standard for any Korean who joins the Unification Church to receive the Blessing.

The 430 blessed Couples mean the addition of the heavenly number and the earthly number.

The number 430, as in 430 blessed Couples, means 4,300 years of Korean history. It is also the number to indemnity the 430 years of slavery of the Israelites in Egypt. Therefore, the worldwide course of the restoration of Canaan started centering upon the 430 blessed Couples.

The number 430 represents the departure of the Third Israel toward the worldwide Canaan. The Israelite nation started its national restoration course after 430 years of slavery; likewise, the Korean nation started the worldwide providence after 4,300 years of history.

In order to connect the 430 Couple' Blessing to the world, Father blessed 43 Couples in foreign countries. By doing so, this Blessing can connect the tribes in Korea to the nations of the world.

Father established the national standard through the 430 Couples' Blessing, and connected this foundation to the nations of the world in 1969, through the blessing of 43 Couples during his second world tour. According to the internal providence, Father chose 43 Couples from 10 nations and extended the providence to the worldwide level.

Through the 430 Couples' Blessing, the way opened for every person in the world to connect to Father. That's why there are 430 Couples inside the nation, and 43 Couples outside the nation. These 43 Couples are composed of the central families from Japan, the United States and Europe, and they are in the object position to the 430 Couples in Korea. As the object families of the 430 Couples, the 43 Couples are bound with five races.

Because Korea represents the whole world, the 430 Couples' Blessing is the door to the Kingdom of Heaven on earth for any Korean to enter, even if he is a criminal or thief. Due to the establishment of the 430 Couples, the number four was restored and the worldwide foundation was made for every nation in the world to be connected.

Now we have to be united for victory, not for defeat. That's why the motto, "The Victorious Front Line for Unification," came into being. What is the center of it? It is the family. Families should be one; that is why Father established the 430 Couples.

The 430 Couples' Blessing enabled the Unification Church to make a linear development into the worldwide domain. The link between the 430 Couples and the 43 Couples means the departure for the new, transcendent nation.

7. The Dispensational Meaning Of The 777 Couples' Blessing

The fortune of the world started moving according to the providence of the Unification Church beginning with the Blessing of the 777 Couples in 1970. Due to the birth of the 777 Couples, the universal fortune began to flow in relation to the Unification Church. The 430 Couples' Blessing made the national fortune move toward Father and the 777 Couples' Blessing made the universal fortune focus on Korea.

The value of the 777 Couples' Blessing is to make the world return to God centering upon the ideal of the family. Because the important 10 nations in the providence are included among the 777 Couples, the universal fortune begins to move in oneness with the fortune of the Unification Church. Since the 777 Couples' Blessing, the confrontation of north and south, and left and right, has became more clear. This Blessing ceremony opened the way for the restoration of the world, and Father could form a new nation in the world, centering upon God.

The 777 Couples' Blessing is on a worldwide level. All nations can be connected through this Blessing.

The 777 Couples' Blessing made it possible for all the families, tribes and nations of the world to be linked to God. The 777 Couples opened such a door; so when we follow the 777 Couples, we will end up in the Kingdom of Heaven.

That's why the Unification Church, based on the 777 Couples' Blessing, could begin to work on the worldwide level. A new origin was established in 1970.

The 777 Couples' Blessing was held on the 21st (three times seven) of October,1970, and this was the last marriage held centering upon a providential meaning. This Blessing opened a new age, in which all nations can be related in blood lineage. From this point, the Unification Church laid the foundation to form a new nation, transcending conventional nationalism. If we make a genealogical table in the Unification Church, it will be centered upon the family, not the individual. The Unification Church is to depart for the world, going over to the trans-national and trans-tribal age centering upon the 777 Couples' Blessing. That's why the blessed families entered the stage of persecution right after the Blessing of the 777 Couples.

The 777 Couples' Blessing was the last providential mass wedding ceremony; this is the meaning of the 777 Couples' Blessing.

8. The Dispensational Meaning Of The 1800 Couples Blessing

Father thinks that the 1800 Couples' mass wedding will give the public a wondrous feeling. Our second seven-year course will be completed next April; that's why I planned this Blessing. It is one condition for complete indemnification.

Father blessed 1800 Couples 14 years after 1960. Originally it should have been held in 1974; but it was permissible until April of 1975, since the actual providence started on April of 1960. The second seven-year course was completed with the Blessing of 1800 Couples, so the Unification Church could begin the worldwide providence.

Six times three equals 18. This number means the complete subjugation of the satanic number 6. Centering upon the foundation laid so far, we enter the age to embrace the world.

The 1800 Couples' Blessing is composed of 25 nations, which means it is the worldwide Blessing. In establishing a tradition transcending the nation, don't be the shameful ones who fall. You have to set up this tradition at least, even if you cannot achieve anything else. You are responsible for opening the way for your family; otherwise, your kinfolk will perish.

9. The Dispensational Meaning Of The 6,000 Couples' Blessing

The international mass wedding ceremony of 6,000 Couples was held on October 14. I announced it 20 days in advance. I just gave the simple instruction that there will be a mass wedding; it was prepared in only 20 days.

As soon as the day of the Blessing was announced, young people from all over the world gathered in Korea. The Blessing is to give the qualification of tribal messiah to the Couples. Father in place of God endows the Couples with the new mission of horizontal messiah. The bride and the bridegroom become the small messiahs, who are to accomplish the perfect ideal through the Blessing, and they are sent to each nation as God's special envoy. That is also the meaning of the 6,000 Couples' Blessing.

It is not easy for young people from 84 different nations to fly here. Then why did they come here despite all the difficulties? They came here to return to the original world of love for which God has yearned so many years.

In order to go to the world of essential love, an essential man of love and an essential woman of love should first form an essential family, and then it should be extended to the tribe, nation and world. The 6,000 Couples have gathered here with their eternal mission to liberate God, the subject of essential love.


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