Blessing and Ideal Family

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon


Chapter One
The Ideal Of Creation And The Love Between Man And Woman

Part I
The Ideal Of Creation And The Human Fall

1. God's Will And The Completion Of The Four Position Foundation

Many people are talking about God's will. This term seems very simple, but when we are suddenly asked, "What is God's will?" it is extremely difficult to answer.

Until today, many Christians have prayed, "Oh God! May Your will be done." And we are at present living a life of faith in order to fulfill God's will. However, it is somewhat contradictory that we are living a life of faith for God's will and praying for its fulfillment at the same time.

I would like to give a definition of God's will: God's will means "to fulfill the ideal of creation."

Then, what does "to fulfill the ideal of creation" mean? It means to fulfill the ideal of man and woman. In other words, centering on Adam and Eve, the whole creation is to become united into one, fulfilling the ideal of Adam and Eve. In the words of the Unification Church Divine Principle, God's will means to complete the Four Position Foundation.

What is God's will from the viewpoint of the Unification Church? We see it as the completion of God's purpose of creation. When God created all things, He did so absolutely with a purpose. Naturally, it is God's will to fulfill His purpose of creation. Then, who is the center of this purpose? It was Adam and Eve. This is why I see God's purpose as realizing the ideal of creation, centering on Adam and Eve.

Then, what does it mean to realize the ideal? It indeed means to form the Four Position Foundation. The Four Position Foundation is the foundation of the family centering on God, in which God-centered Adam and Eve become an ideal couple, inseparably and completely united, and multiply children. When their Four Position Foundation is formed, Adam and Eve become united through the love of husband and wife centering on God and they are unable to leave the realm of God's love.

What was God's purpose of creation? It was not just to watch Adam and Eve. The reason for creating man and woman was not just for each of them to age and die. God's purpose of creation was for Adam and Eve to grow and, when they recognize their feelings toward the opposite sex, to create humankind's true heaven on earth, making a place of love centering on God. Here, the male Adam would represent heaven, and the female Eve would represent earth. Then as Adam and Eve became united horizontally, centering on love, heaven and earth would automatically have united into one.

More important to God than the moment of creating Adam and Eve was the precious future they were to realize by completing the Four Position Foundation centering on love.

As the center of an individual, God created His son Adam as the representative of plus and loved this son the most. When loving this son, God loved with a love which included a female-type love. Accordingly, when God loved His daughter Eve, He loved her with a love which included a male-type love.

If Adam and Eve had united centering on this first reciprocal relationship, a third origin centering on this new love would have been created. This is why we call children the object of love who can initiate new hope.

Adam and Eve were born as substantial beings representing God's love and parents' love. Therefore, God loved the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve as well as Adam and Eve. You all know about the Three Objective Purposes. The Three Objective Purposes are formed this way.

God's will toward human beings is to fulfill the purpose of creation and realize the ideal of creation. The realization of the ideal of creation does not end merely by men and women getting married and uniting through love. After this, they must experience having sons and daughters, because heaven and earth are formed from a principle wherein everything is linked in relationships of high and low and front and back. If there is a yesterday, there is a today; if there is a today, there is a tomorrow. Everything must be connected. If there is only a husband and wife, there will be today, but no tomorrow If there is no tomorrow, everything comes to have no meaning. If husband and wife are the higher position, then there must be children in the lower position. If there is no lower. there is no meaning. The principle of heaven and earth includes the relationship of high and low and left and right; husband and wife make up the left and right.

Therefore, parents think that they have fulfilled their responsibility when all their sons and daughters have married. When a husband and wife become parents and when their children get married, the higher and lower relationship is realized for the first time. Only when this higher and lower relationship is realized is the ideal manifested. A husband and wife in a left and right relationship become united, but it is only when they become parents with children, forming an upper and lower relationship, that the horizontal and the vertical are linked and they can realize the universal, ideal spherical world. Furthermore, when brothers and sisters become linked to this, at last a sphere is realized. In order to complete the realization of the ideal, we must be able to form a circle in which the vertical and the horizontal are linked. When a man and a woman each come to feel this double realm of the realized ideal, they are able to live the ideal. What does this mean? This is what the Unification Church calls the Four Position Foundation. Therefore we can say that to complete the ideal of creation means to complete the Four Position Foundation.

A person should not be concerned with himself. Starting from "myself," a person must pass through three stages. These three stages are: myself, reciprocal partner, and child. The relationship of myself, reciprocal partner, and child, centering on God, is the Four Position Foundation. Completion of this Four Position Foundation is God's purpose of creation.

The completion of God's purpose of creation mentioned in the Principle of the Unification Church means for man and woman to complete the Four Position Foundation. However, this Four Position Foundation cannot be realized unless the parents become completely united by love and have God dwelling in them and, at the same time, have God's absolute love transmitted to the children through them. God's Four Position Foundation is completed only when, according to the order of beginning which started from heaven, love is passed on to the children without mistake through the family as a midway station. Therefore, we must teach people that God is a God of goodness and teach them to love. We must reach women how to love God, their husbands and children. We must reach men how to love God, their wives, and their children. We call this the completion of the Three Objective Purposes of love

What was God's ideal for our first human ancestors? God's ideal was to connect the ideal man and the ideal woman to realize an ideal family. Then what was to be the center of this ideal family? The center is neither man nor woman. A family is after all a group centering on God, with parents, children and the connection of a husband and wife. When we ask, "What is the center of this group?" we are answered: the center is the love of God. Therefore, we can conclude that God's will is for husband and wife to unite together centering on God and to complete a family.

If Adam and Eve had completely united centering on God, they would have united from a relative position into an absolute position; therefore, their love would also have become absolute love. The children born from the realm of this absolute love would have received absolute love and also would have dwelt inside this realm of absolute love.

In the realm of absolute love, there is no contradiction or opposition. When we stand in a position in harmony with this realm, absolute love dwells in us and dominates us.

In this ideal, the children grow up within a peaceful dwelling place of love. When they grow up like this, all the surrounding atmosphere is harmonized, and parents and children stand in the position of praising God. This is what we call the base of the Four Position Foundation.

When this Four Position Foundation is realized, i.e., when father, mother, and sons and daughters come together, there is realized an absolute realm of love. Heaven is the realm in which this absolute value of love expands to all dimensions.

In order to create the Four Position Foundation, we must first experience the heart of a husband and wife. Then we will be able to have the heart of a child and the heart of a parent.

God's ideal of creation was for Adam and Eve to multiply children of goodness and realize one world centering on God.

God's will is to realize an ideal family centered on the one love that Satan cannot accuse, and to build a tribe, society, nation and world of God.

2. The Realization Of The Ideal Of Creation Through Love

If we ask God why He created this world, He will surely answer, "Because it was good," which means He created because He wanted to receive joy and happiness.

How can we attain happiness or a good situation? It is only possible through love. Therefore we can conclude that God created this world in order to receive happiness through a substantial object of love.

God created this world in order to realize love. God created all things in order to feel happiness through seeing human beings and all things uniting and realizing a harmonious love relationship centering on God's love; to feel happiness seeing human beings forming true husband and wife relationships centering on God and realizing true love families, clans, tribes and world; and to feel the happiness of love by uniting with them through love. This, indeed, was God's ideal of creation.

God's dream was just one -- to realize His ideal of love. However, the realization of the ideal of love was not possible by God Himself alone. Love, happiness and joy cannot be attained with just one being. They can never be realized without an object.

God is an absolute being; however, He needs to have a being which can become His object of love. God's object of love is man and woman. When they with perfected love come before God as His objects of love, God becomes the God of joy who has found His ideal of happiness.

We are always situated in a position to give and receive. If we are in a high position, we need to become low; if we have received, we need to give. Therefore, to experience absolute love or to be an absolute subject we must stand in the position of object.

An absolute person in the subject position cannot but seek an ideal for the sake of the reciprocal partner. No matter how great a person is, whether the person is a scholar with worldwide power, or an artist, or a politician, no person of goodness can be happy by himself or herself alone. Happiness can be attained only through having an object.

Let us imagine where God's happiness could be shown Because God is an absolute being, if He is the end, He must be the very end.

Because God is standing at the center of the borderline, He has to seek an object which becomes His reciprocal partner. Where there is sunlight, there always appears a shadow centering on a certain object. In a similar way, a person in the subject position wishes to give to a person in a lower position rather than giving to a higher person.

Therefore, the reason God created the whole universe was in order to realize His ideal. The object of the realization of His ideal would be linked from all things to animals, and from animals to man. Of course, nature would also be included. God started His creation from small things and worked toward larger things.

Therefore, even a small thing becomes an object to one part of God. Therefore, for an absolute God to love, small things became His first reciprocal objects. From that point onward, God feels an increasing degree of stimulation.

The base in the original mind where God's unlimited love can be expressed centering on His purpose is the "shim jung." The value of shim jung never changes. We must always include God's love in order to discuss the value of His existence. Something's value can only be determined when it fulfills its role as a partner in a reciprocal relationship.

Therefore, happiness originates from the heart of God. Where can this purpose be realized? It can be realized in man and woman. The invisible heart of God appears in the visible human heart. When people with this shim jung multiply horizontally and form families, then those families will expand to the world and become its center. In order to realize such a family, God gave Adam and Eve the blessings to grow and multiply. Universality is formed on the foundation of growing, multiplying and dominating all things.

Why did God create this world? God wanted to attain happiness through this world. Even if we say that God is an absolute being, He cannot feel happiness by Himself. This is because happiness can be attained only when there is an object.

What God needs is not knowledge, money or power. God Himself is absolute and almighty so He does not need anything of this sort. No matter how much science develops, it cannot catch up to, much less go beyond, God's creation. This enormous universe moves with an order according to a principle. When we think that God created and has been operating this enormous universe, we can say that God also is the absolute scientist.

Among the existing beings in this world, there are none which have the strength to stand up to God. This is because God has almighty and absolute power Also, God is unchanging and self-existing If there is something which this God desires to have, what would that be?

There is only one thing that God absolutely needs, and that is true love. True love is what both God and human beings absolutely need.

God does not need knowledge, because God Himself created knowledge. God does not need power, because God is omnipotent. God does not need money, because He can create diamonds and gold whenever He wants.

Then what is it that God needs? There is just one thing that God needs, and that is love.

Would God be able to receive love by being alone? One might ask, "Can't God handle love as He wishes?" Absolutely not. What God needs the most is an object with whom He can share true love. We just have not understood this point.

If God is an absolute being, the question is why God created man and woman. It was not in order to gain money, knowledge or power. It is because this is the only way through which God can feel happiness.

Seen from this point of view, God the Father and humankind as His sons and daughters form an axis. If this axis is linked, the unified love relationship between man and woman and God will never be broken.

Do you think that a person who is connected to God's original love and who has experienced the taste of that love could ever leave God? A bee comes to taste the nectar in spring. A bee eating nectar will not stop eating even if his rear end is pulled off.

What does God's love taste like? Its taste is such that you want to turn around and come back again to stick to it. When all existence, action and multiplication begins with this axis connected to love as the foundation, then individually perfected men and women will come together to form love-centered families.

Centering on this love axis, a clan, tribe, nation and world should appear. Why, then, has love become self-centered in America? Why are men and women making love so easily, as if they were just casually greeting each other on the street?

The reason God created man and woman was because God cannot experience any stimulation by Himself. Happiness is that which can be attained only through a relationship with an object. One cannot receive the stimulation of happiness alone. If we stand in an objective position to God, we can receive the highest level of love. Then God's internal character becomes substantialized If God feels sad. human beings too cannot but feel sad. Therefore, the relationship between us and God is impossible to break. No matter how much we research, we can come to no other conclusion.

Why does God need man and woman? When we think about why God must need us when He tries to realize His ideal, we can conclude that we are necessary in order to fulfill God's love. Then what is God's love? It must be the love with which human beings are able to love each other eternally, but it also must be the love which would make God eternally love human beings. Therefore, we are the reciprocal partners of God's eternal love.

From the very time God created Adam and Eve, God eternally wanted to love them as His objects, whom He wanted to see again and again-and again, and to be with again and again and again, and to live with again and again and again. It was God's ideal to have such an object.

With what can we compare God's love? According to the Divine Principle, it is the completion of the Four Position Foundation. Then, what is meant by the completion of the Four Position Foundation? The love of a parent is given to the child and is felt. This process can be divided into three stages of parents' love, husband and wife's love, and child's love. When we look at this horizontally, they are all united and connected to each other. Centering on parents' love, which is the center of the Four Position Foundation, the child is united and the husband and wife are united, and finally they all become united with God's love. This is the Four Position Foundation.

Adam must unite with God. Man is the horizontal representative of the existing world and God represents the three-dimensional world. Love makes this unity eternally possible.

When man and woman with physical bodies unite with God, they become intoxicated and their heart and feelings come to dwell in eternal happiness. Consequently, through love, man, woman and God unite into one. The substantialization of God's ideal world and the purpose of creation start from the point of human beings and the world becoming one through love.

Originally, we were created to live in the midst of unity with God, feeling love substantially. Satan aimed at the center of this love, making Adam and Eve fall. After that, this universe drifted away from God, with no relationship to His love, becoming chaotic.

God's ideal begins for the first time from God-centered love, love which flows according to the law of creation.

3. God's Purpose For Creating Adam And Eve

In Gen 1:27, it is written that according to God's external character, God created man, male and female. Inductively, we can conclude that God is a being of masculinity and femininity.

God, as a being of this nature, could not live alone. Therefore, He needed an object and created this universe. Therefore, what God created was one male and one female.

God's internal character is formed from masculinity, God as Father, and femininity, God as Mother. Therefore, human beings and the universe created from God can be described as embodying God's dual characteristics of masculinity and femininity.

God created Adam and Eve first in order to have physical being, and second to perfect His love. If Adam and Eve had become perfected substantial beings of love, God would have dwelt in them and they would have become perfect parents of love for all human beings. Then, if Adam and Eve had become the substantial parents representing God's external character and multiplied through their substantial children, they would have realized an ideal world. When an ideal world is realized through human beings, the physical world and the spirit world are connected. This was another reason for God to create man and woman.

Therefore, God would have dwelt in Adam and Eve, becoming a true and substantial Parent to all humankind. God can still use the external character of Adam and Eve to appear as a parent even when they go to the spirit world. However, you must understand that because of the fall of Adam and Eve, these ideals were not realized.

The reason God created male and female was for the two to love each other and unite. God did not create Adam for Adam or Eve for Eve. God created Adam for Eve and Eve for Adam. Also, God created Adam and Eve for His love and His happiness. God did not create Adam and Eve for the sake of knowledge, power or money. The almighty God did not need knowledge, power or money; it was love that He needed.

The reason God created Adam and Eve was not to give them knowledge, power, or things to live a good life. It was to make Adam and Eve substantial beings of love.

The purpose for God creating man and woman was to form a base for love through the family. The world without love is hell, and love's absence makes the value of existence negligible. We must know that the absolute law of creation is that love is the purpose for God's creating human beings.

Why would God have created the universe and Adam and Eve? We must know this point. Why did God create? Because it was good. God created because it was good.

God went inside Adam to become his invisible Father, and God made Adam to become the substantial, visible Father. In other words, Adam should have stood as the substantial God. Then why did God need a substantial being? Because the invisible God could not dominate the substantial world; it was necessary for a substantial being to stand as God.

Since God made Adam and Eve to be the substantial God, they had to unite with God. But Adam "pang ku" -- self-destructed. Jesus came to restore this and become one with God. Although "pang ku" is an earthy expression, it is not impolite. I think Jesus would like this expression. The reason I used it is because it gives us a more realistic feeling than some literal expression such as "accident."

God cannot be seen. To have a substantial being, the invisible God created Adam and Eve. If Adam and Eve have God dwelling in them and become perfect, marry, and have children, then God becomes the internal Father and Adam becomes the external father. Then Adam would become completely like God.

If Adam and Eve had resembled God and become the father and the mother, we would always have been able to recognize the existence of God through looking at history. No one would doubt God. If there were no fall, we would see God appearing whenever we called for Him. Then who could deny the existence of God. Not one single person in the whole world could deny the existence of God.

God, watching Adam and Eve loving each other, would not have been a lonely being. God would have felt reciprocal happiness, thinking how strong His internal feature of love is.

For God, Eve was His future wife, because Adam was meant to become God Himself by becoming united with Him. Satan seduced God's wife Satan is God's enemy and our enemy.

4. Adam And Eve's Growing Period

Adam and Eve were created with the possibility of becoming perfect without any sin. Adam and Eve were growing to perfection according to the law of God. During the period for them to become perfect as a man and woman, the relationship of Adam and Eve was to be as brother and sister. They were to form a pure tradition while they were brother and sister.

The love between man and woman was to begin after love matured during adolescence. Until that time God was watching and waiting for their love to mature and become perfect. This is why we in the Unification Church call this period "God's indirect dominion over the result in the Principle."

The reason God told Adam and Eve "not to eat" was because the time for them to love each other as husband and wife had not yet been reached. Because Adam and Eve were still in the growing period, God gave them a commandment to wait until they matured.

When a person is born through a parent, he or she is not born ready made as a husband or a wife. He or she is born as a son or a daughter and is educated in love. Through this education, one must be taught that man and woman should unite.

Therefore, we must stand before God in order to receive the education of love centering on God's love. During the period of receiving this education, one should learn the true standard of all value, and this education must be given until the time of maturity.

However, we do not find any Old Testament record of Adam and Eve's growing up by receiving God's love. Instead the Old Testament starts with a story about the fall.

Then how should Adam and Eve have behaved in order to receive God's love? Because God and Adam and Eve were in the relationship of parent and children, Adam and Eve should have followed wherever God went, receiving His dominion; however, on the contrary, they failed this original responsibility. Because God is the absolute being, Adam and Eve also had to follow and obey God absolutely. God was the womb of the lives of Adam and Eve, and He was their guardian. God was to protect them from any threat to their lives. Therefore, it is obvious that God would have enjoyed seeing Adam and Eve mature and love each other more than they loved

Him. Why? Since God is the subject, if His object embodies a wonderful love substantially, God as subject will be able to feel a much greater value of love. Therefore, God would feel happiness.

This is the very first law of creation for human beings. Therefore, fallen human beings who cannot receive this education of love cannot reach this position.

Adam and Eve, as the Lords of all creation, should have waited until the time decided by God, their Father; i.e., they should have waited until they had matured both physically and spiritually. God also told Adam and Eve to be fruitful and multiply. This means that, after their physical and spiritual bodies had matured completely, they were to become husband and wife and to love each other, multiplying sons and daughters.

While they were physically growing up, Adam and Eve spent much of their time together. When something startling happened, Eve would say, "Oh! I'm scared," and be embraced by Adam or hide behind him. When being embraced by Adam, Eve would be relieved, but at the same time, she would be receiving a strong masculine stimulation from Adam. Adam, who did not dislike Eve, would also have received sexual stimulation from Eve, a being different from himself. At the moment when a sexual emotion occurred between Adam and Eve, who sinned first? Eve, who was afraid and jumped to be embraced, was the one who sinned first. From that time on, they gradually fell in love.

God created man and the universe through love. Therefore, Adam and Eve centering on God should have made the world into one systematized world of love, thus connecting everything to God. We must always think what kind of attitude Adam and Eve, who had this mission, should have had, and how together they should have carried the love which God permitted. Because this problem of love is so important, it was to determine their life and death.

Humankind has been longing for maturity. We have to know why man and woman have had to wait for maturity to arrive. It is necessary because our ability to love requires a period of growth.

Adam and Eve, when they become sixteen, seventeen, or eighteen, would naturally start caring about the eyes of the opposite sex. Just as when flowers bloom, man and woman are intoxicated by their fragrance, when they reached adolescence, Adam and Eve began to think about the opposite sex. God also gets involved in this fragrance. When the three God's love, and Adam and Eve's minds and bodies -- unite together, that point becomes the core of the universe and enters the original orbit where love controls everything. However, Adam and Eve fell from this point. If Adam and Eve had not fallen, they would have completely united. If they had united, God would not have been able to leave, and Adam and Eve would not have been able to leave each other as well. Therefore, all generations would have been connected together, realizing the ideal tribe, nation and world. This place would have become the beautiful world, the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

If Adam and Eve, when they reached adolescence around seventeen or eighteen, had not fallen and instead had united centering on God's love, their minds and bodies absolutely would not have divided. Then Adam and Eve, with a perfect life and perfect love, would have been able to become a perfect man and woman living in a perfect environment. After the fall, man and woman have always remembered the feeling of standing in that position, and throughout our lifetime, we long to think, to find, to live and to love as we were intended to . . . We will always will desire to live in that environment.

When can God, man and woman completely unite together with us receiving the direct dominion of God? It begins at the time man and woman individually perfect themselves through the give and take of love. That is also the time when the reciprocal relationship of subject and object and the original human love, matured in all aspects, are prepared. When this is realized, God, man and woman are in complete harmony centering on love and will start going around the eternal original orbit.

5. The Perfection Of The Individual And The Starting Point Of Love

The perfection of an individual is not realized through knowledge, power or money. It is realized through love -- not earthly love, but the original love. Through this love, everything can be perfected.

We all have the senses of sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell. These five senses should work centering on perfect love. We must think that the sensations which our eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hands, and so forth, experience should be perfected centering on love.

Similarly, we can say that when our five senses unite centering on love, then the feelings we receive from the world are the ideal feelings, which means, in short, to be intoxicated. This is the state of being harmonized with the world through love and being intoxicated with joy by the environment

In that state, a person is not alone. There has to be a reciprocal partner with whom to continue in harmony eternally. That partner can always be different, and the feelings coming from the partner would also always be different. True love is something that has the power to become endlessly big when it is enlarged and to converge into one point when it is diminished. It is a heavenly love. When we look with an eye of love, anything big or small is always one. Small things are diminished values, and big things are enlarged

The perfected individual is one in whom the mind and body are completely united through the eternal give and take of love, having matured according to the form of love which God originally created. A person maturing centering on love is like a bud growing into fruit.

God dwells in such a perfected individual. If love cannot be matured, the form to bear fruit can. not be made.

All the creation is created and exists based upon the law of love. When a flower blooms, the stamen and pistil have give and take action within the flower; in other words, a seed is formed through a circular movement. It is the same in the animal world and also among human beings. They all exist through the circular movement of love. Everything on earth is created to perfect itself through a relationship of love. Therefore, we can say that every existence can become perfect only through love.

Man can make his mind and body unite when he becomes one with the core of God's love. Also, when man unites his mind and body and returns back to the realm of God's love, then man, as an unfallen original human being, can grow toward individual perfection.

The perfection of an individual means the unification of the mind and the body. When the mind in a subject position performs give and take action with the body in an object position, then this mind and body become the object of God. The mind should not change eternally.

When the mind centering on heaven and the body centering on the earth unite, what would this idea be called? It would be called a universal idea. DO YOU know what universalism is? Universalism is an idea which calls for the unity of heaven and earth, that is, of the visible and the invisible worlds. Shouldn't the person who tries to dominate the universe have a united mind and body? If that person does nor have a united mind and body he or she would perish. However, if the mind and the body unite centering on God, then God will be the internal God, and you yourself will become the external God. Isn't that so? And, if we ask upon what we should center the unity of our mind and body, we should center this unity upon love.

You yourself are the problem. Therefore, you yourself could become your enemy. If your mind and body cannot unite, they become your enemy.

What on earth does perfection of individuality mean? It means to vertically connect the parent and child relationship through faith. As God loves us, we also must love God. Because love is formed through relationship with an object, our relationship as children to God cannot be left undone.

The perfection of an individual starts from the point where he or she becomes vertically related to God.

It is a matter of fact that we must love God as God loves us. This is the law of the Principle. If you respect and serve God as the vertical center, you will be able to receive His love as His sons and daughters. Therefore, unless we form a tradition of loving each other, we will not create the starting point for our individual perfection.

You all should know that the completion of one's responsibility is the only way to the perfection of one's personality.

The reason God cannot display His love toward fallen man and woman is that fallen man and woman must first perfect their individuality.

God is the subject of true love. Because God is the subject of love, when an absolute object appears, He can perform the give and take action of love.

What do you think perfection of our individuality means? It means to become a person who can complete his or her responsibility. In other words, it is a revolution of personality, in which the person first is restored to his or her original position before the fall and then is perfected by fulfilling his or her responsibility.

The perfection of personality can be said to be the perfection of individuality. We can say that when a person has fulfilled his or her responsibility, he or she has realized the perfection of individuality. As children of God, we must become mature beings who can stand in a position before God to glorify and love Him. Understand clearly that you can obtain true love after you have perfected your personality, and always have deep in your mind that there is no other way you can go than the way of perfecting your personality.

In the satanic world there can be no connection between hearts. In your case, you can only connect with true love after you have gone through a revolutionary change in your personality. You should always remember that unless you free yourselves from your self-centered, private mind, earthly greed, attachment to yourself, or personal cultural superiority, you will never be able to perfect yourselves.

For Adam and Eve to become people of mature personality, they had to start anew centering on a complete, ideal religion and denying everything in the satanic world. Therefore, although I am receiving so much persecution, I am denying every worldly thing in order to stand in a perfected position.

The people who are always thinking centering on their own selves are people who are stuck in the satanic realm. If you have inherited God's heart and maintain the standard of perfected individuality, then you can come in contact with God's standard of personality and also unite with Adam's intended standard of personality. We must become perfected individuals who match the standard of original, perfected individuality. To do this, we must continually revolutionize ourselves and fulfill our given responsibilities. In this respect, I can definitely say that nothing in this world can make you revolutionize and perfect yourself except for the Unification Principle.

To improve this world, we must complete our individuality one hundred percent. Otherwise we cannot reach the level of happiness we desire, because even if we say we have restored fallen humanity, there should not be a fallen concept remaining in us, and God also should not have the concept that we once fell. In order to erase even the concept that man and woman once fell, we must become a one hundred percent complete ideal being.

Where is the beginning point, the foundation, and the resting point of love? You might hope it is your mind and body. In fact, if your mind and body could become the resting point of God's love, then you would become the perfect unified foundation. Then, becoming God's son or daughter, you would become the object of God's love who could inherit all the creation on earth and in heaven. And you would inherit all of God's love as His son or daughter, and God would close His eyes, shedding tears of gratitude, saying, "Oh, my child!" Everything would be under your control.

Where does love start? Love starts with a perfected Individual. The Principle view is that we are to start loving after becoming perfected as an individual. The relationship of love starts only after you have gone through adolescence, becoming qualified to love the opposite sex and to carry the responsibility of uniting with the harmony of heaven and earth.

However, in the case of Adam and Eve, it was different. What kind of love was their love? It was not love which could unite all the creation and the universe. Adam and Eve's love should have been a subjective and necessary love, but it was not. Therefore, none of their descendants could make this level of love either. Although we know the word "love," people do not know the idea of a world of true love, wherein people love each other centering on God and God comes to love the people.

In other words, when God sees people, who are His masterpieces, love each other, He cannot help loving them. The blessed marriages of the Unification Church link the love relationships of the people as God's sons and daughters.

God, who existed as Logos in the beginning, created man and woman after creating all the creation. When God created human beings as His object, God created the male Adam as His object and then created the female Eve as the object of Adam.

Centering on God, Adam and Eve should stand as subject and object and become linked through love. When this happens, God and the human beings (Adam and Eve) would each form a relationship of subject and object. However, if Adam, without forming a subject and object relation ship with Eve, formed only the subject and object relationship with God, he would not be able to inherit the eternal love of God or exist eternally. Eternity and perfection come not from a straight forward movement, but from a circular movement. In order for the straight forward movement to become a circular movement, Adam must also form a relationship with Eve who is the object. Adam cannot move in a circular direction if he forms a relationship just with God or just with Eve, and he would not be able to create the harmony of life and love by himself alone.

All the creation exists through a movement with three points as its base. If the movement does not go through three points, it will not be eternal or perfect.

Adam was not supposed to stand before God in a straight line. Adam was to form a circular movement only by standing before God through his object Eve, and Eve through Adam. When Adam forms a circular movement through Eve, he has to be in a love relationship with Eve. This is because Adam does not have the power to circulate by himself alone.

What would have happened if Adam and Eve had perfected themselves and reached the level to receive the Blessing? In other words, what would have happened if Adam and Eve had completely matured as man and woman? Centering on one love, they would have become a motherly womb united with the whole universe. If this unity had formed, Adam and Eve would have become united with God, and God and man and woman finally would have established a new beginning in this universe. What would have been the starting point? It would have been love. From the origin, the starting point had to be love. Then what love would that have been? It would have been God's love.

Where would the origin of this God-centered, unified love have appeared? Originally Adam and Eve were to grow and embrace all the creation in heaven and on earth. They were to be filled with happiness, with hope for tomorrow and with heart enough to reach the position of intoxication in God's love and love the future generations eternally. When Adam and Eve reached this position, then finally the origin of true love, where man and woman could unite centering on God, would have appeared. The origin of a unified love cannot appear by any other means.

After reaching perfection as an individual and perfection as a reciprocal spouse, and when we become approved publicly by God- centered love, we can realize the genuine, true ideal.

6. The Ideal World Of Creation Through Adam And Eve

God created one male and one female. After they became perfect, God wanted them to live a heavenly married life as one heavenly couple, husband and wife.

God planned to make Adam and Eve the very first husband and wife and then to build the heavenly kingdom through them. If this had happened, then the blessings "be fruitful and multiply" would have been realized at that time. God had given Adam and Eve the ability to multiply His children. Then the children of Adam and Eve would have been sinless, perfect human beings.

Then what else would Adam and Eve have done? Sin never would have been passed on to humankind. Through their children, Adam and Eve the God- centered True Father and Mother of all humankind.

If Adam and Eve had reached perfection without falling, they would have become perfect not only individually but also on a universal and historical level. And they would have been able to start a new family centering on God's love. From this family, a society, tribe, nation and world -- one big family -- would have been realized in which God could have dwelt.

The center of this one big family society would have been God and Adam. In that world, the lifestyle or course of Adam's family would have remained as an historical tradition. Their lifestyle, customs, practices and background would have become the historical tradition.

It can only become a tradition if it is linked to God's love. God's love is the origin of life and the spring of all ideals; therefore, we would not have been able to leave its bosom, and would want to return even if we ever left.

In this fallen world, we see many people leave their parents or brothers. They always feel lonely and miss their family. Similarly, once we are united with God, who is the subject of life and ideals, we can never leave His bosom. If we leave we feel lonely and bereft of happiness; therefore, there is no option other than becoming united in the realm of God's love.

In that position, these are the things man can be proud of: one, God is my Father; two, we are sons and daughters who can receive God's love; and three, I am the inheritor of the universe created by God.

Today, the people of this world are proud of just marrying the daughter of a rich man. But if God is my Father and if I can receive all His love, could there be anything of which to be prouder?

If Adam and Eve had realized a God-centered ideal family, God's will would have been realized. Adam's family would have become a family where a unified base of love could have been formed with God as Father on the top and all humankind below as His family. That family would have become the foundation on which to bring everything into unity through love, in order to perfect the ideals of Adam and Eve created by God.

Through the husband and wife's love and children's love formed on that foundation, a unified cultural realm would have been realized on this earth centering on Adam's family. There would not have been numerous tribes forming their own cultures and civilizations, as exists today. It would have been a world with a single culture, single thought and single civilization, centering on Adam. When this is realized, then all cultures, history, customs, languages and traditions will be unified.

Also, we will realize an ideal family, clan, tribe and nation in the realm of God's love, and by enlarging that even more, we will form one ideal world realizing the ideal of Adam. As the root trunk and leaves of a tree are all connected as one life, we should serve God as our Father above us, and we should think of humankind as our brothers and sisters below us, making one "life-body." God's will is to realize an eternal ideal world centering on God. The people living in that world do not need any salvation or Messiah. They are God's sons and daughters of goodness.

If Adam and Eve had realized the first God-centered family, the God- centered tribe, nation and world would also have been realized centering on that family. In that place, only God would be the ruler. Then from the very beginning, a perfect rule would have been accomplished for eternity.

If this had been accomplished in the Garden of Eden, then we would not have many different nations and languages we see today. We would have been included in Adam's tribe, following one tradition centering on Adam. The language which Adam used would have been the language of the world. And the whole world would have indeed become one nation under God. As God planned, all humankind would have been born in the heavenly kingdom on earth.

We were to enjoy the heavenly life here on this earth and, after our physical life, we were to go to the spirit world to live in heaven eternally. This was the original blueprint of God. In this world, there would have been no Satan, no evil and no hell.

7. The Fall Of Adam And Eve

Why did Adam and Eve, created by the omniscient God, fall? This is an important theological problem.

Many Christians believe, what literally is written in the Bible, that Adam and Eve fell by eating the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. If this were a literal fruit, then it would not have been a big problem. However, when we see the history of restoration providence taking six thousand years, we can understand that Adam and Eve did not fall by merely eating a literal fruit.

Then, by what did Adam and Eve fall? In one word, Adam and Eve fell through the problem of love. Because of this, the providence of restoration has taken thousands of years and had to be prolonged so many times until now. Many religious believers did not know about this fact until now.

Then who distorted love? It was the archangel who twisted the love of Adam and Eve The archangel formed a relationship with Eve by seducing her and mistreating Adam. Therefore, the direction of Adam and Eve's love, which should have pursued God according to the true path centered on their parents' love, shifted to a different direction.

This is why all humans who were to inherit God's blood inherited Satan's blood instead. Most religious believers have never even dreamed about this level of understanding.

In the Bible is a verse which says, "Do not eat of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil." This commandment was given because something had the possibility of destroying the relationship between God and human beings. The Principle solves this problem very clearly. The Principle is a great gospel that can save all people, who are living in suffering.

We cannot say that the fruit was literal. Why would God create a fruit that could cause a situation in which all humankind would suffer in struggles and destruction for millions of years? That the fruit symbolizes a problem of love is much more plausible.

Where did the fall start? What does it mean that Adam and Eve fell as a family? Nothing other than love could have made Adam and Eve fall as a family. What kind of fruit would make thousands of future generations become sinners? This is a blood relationship. If a root of sin is planted in the blood lineage, it would continue eternally according to the law of inheritance. Only the problem of love could make this happen. Mistaken love was the cause of the fall.

The fall started when Adam and Eve were seduced by illicit love which violated the heavenly law.

When you come to know about love, everything becomes connected. You can understand not only the facts of the horizontal earthly world, but also your spiritual eyes will allow you to understand the multi- dimensional spirit world. Therefore, you reach a stage at which you can meet and relate with God directly.

However, Adam and Eve fell before their love senses developed. They had an illicit relationship with the archangel. This was the fundamental cause of the destruction of the universe.

Because of love, the fall occurred. The starting point of love is not the eyes or mouth. The fall occurred through the love organs of man and woman. Everything came to be destroyed because of the fall.

The unifying point of love is where all the senses are brought together. However, through the fall, the standard was destroyed, damaging the entire universe.

We are to grow centering on love; however, when damage is caused through love, God retreats. In this respect, the fall cannot be anything other than an accident of love. This is why it became a problem to God, to humankind and to history. Only an accident of love can cause such a shock, as the greatest catastrophe in the whole universe.

Forming a love relationship with Satan was the cause of the fall.

The fall means that we fell together with Satan and left God.

The fall initiated an illicit motivation in the blood lineage. This is why the result of the fall has been inherited until today as the original sin.

Amazingly, Reverend Moon has revealed at this time that the fall resulted from immature love. It is an undeniable fact.

The reason that the omniscient and omnipotent God could not prevent the fall is as follows:

Adam and Eve should have developed their love up to the level desired by God. But since they fell during the process of their growth, God, who must maintain the absoluteness of love, could not prevent their fall. As we human beings have to go through the period of adolescence, Adam and Eve were to become perfect after going through a certain growth period. Then they were to become united with God, but they fell before reaching that stage.

If Adam and Eve had understood the internal feelings of God, they would not have been able to fall even if they had tried to. Parents have a heart of love for their child, but the child cannot understand this deep heart of the parents. The fall occurred when Adam and Eve were very young. But wasn't the motivation of the fall not because of their young age, but rather due to the immaturity of their heart-? If Adam and Eve had felt that "God is related to me. I cannot separate myself from Him," then they would not have been able to fall. The fall occurred because Adam and Eve did not have that unity of heart. The fall happened because God's wish and Adam and Eve's wishes differed, and because the direction of Adam and Eve's thinking and the heavenly thinking differed.

What was the &11? The fall began when we followed self-centered love, forgetting to see heaven and earth, human beings and God. Therefore, any society where adultery is prevalent will perish.

The fall resulted from the archangel and Eve together trying to destroy the husband.

The fall was man and woman separating, Adam and Eve becoming enemies.

The most serious among all sins is the sin that destroyed God's love. We must know this heavenly law. Unquestionably, Adam mistook his original duty as a brother and Eve mistook her duty as a sister. When Eve was seduced by the archangel, Eve was to ask Adam and Adam was to ask God. However, by deciding by themselves, they went the way of the fall.

What do you think the fall means? The fall means that we cannot live as the original ideal human beings, becoming the true husband and wife of love desired by God, and living with God centering on love.

Adam and Eve, who should have united with each other centering on God, instead united with the archangel, who was the servant. This was the fall. Humankind, which was to inherit the blood lineage of God, inherited the blood of the servant instead. This is why no matter how often fallen people called God their "Father," they could not experience the real feeling of being His children.

This is because we inherited the original fallen nature that makes us think only self-centeredly, whether about God or anything else. If a conflicting being forms a clan and a tribe, as time passes, everything will become conflictive. The realm of satanic culture was formed from one dividing into two and two into three, and then finally becoming completely separated.

God has been working on a providence of unification to bring the divided cultural realms together. Every human being has an original mind that tries to be one with the central existence of the universe. However, the central existence of the universe now is not God, but Satan. Therefore, whenever we try to seek the center, we end up becoming unhappy rather than happy. This miserable history is expanding.


8. The Result Of The Fall

Through an illicit sexual relationship, Eve united with the archangel, and Adam united with Eve who had united with the archangel. Adam and Eve formed a family through the husband and wife relationship centered on Satan rather than God. For this reason, all their descendants came to inherit the blood of Satan.

Therefore, even though the sons of Adam and Eve originally were to have been the first and second sons of God, through Eve's forming an illicit relationship with the archangel, Satan claimed them instead.

Originally in the ideal of creation, love was to determine ownership. According to the Principle, when a subject and an object form a relation. ship of love, each shares the other's possessions. Therefore, when we look carefully from this Principle viewpoint, we see that Satan came to have the ownership of all humankind born as the descendants of Eve, because she fell with the archangel through an illicit love relationship.

John 8:44 reads, "You are of your father the devil."

Because of the fall, man and woman cannot but surrender to Satan. Human beings exchanged their own Father. We abandoned God, who is our true Father, and united with a false father, Satan. This way, the first man and woman became the son and daughter of Satan.

Adam and Eve unlawfully became husband and wife under Satan, without the blessing or permission of God. Therefore, when Adam and Eve had children, they were born not as children of God, but as children of Satan. Therefore, after Adam, children with original sin multiplied to form a world of evil. The cause is that man and woman could not persevere centered on God.

In the world of evil, there is only sinfulness, faithlessness, crime, hatred and war. Nations cannot feel pain even when they act to destroy each other. This is hell on earth. The actual master on earth is Satan, not God. Therefore it is recorded in John 12:3 l, "Now shall the ruler of this world be cast out."

We all know that God created this universe. We also know that God created human beings. However, God could not become our master because man and woman went against God and became one with the false parent,

Satan. Therefore, Satan has been the father of all humankind.

The first human ancestors, Adam and Eve, disbelieved God's Word and fell. They therefore lost the true husband and wife relationship and were not able to become each other's true object.

God's purpose of creation was for Adam and Eve to marry as a bride and bridegroom of goodness, becoming husband and wife and then parents. However, this was destroyed because of the fall, and the providence of restoration began with Cain and Abel. This was not supposed to have been the beginning of our history. We can't help but resent our ancestors for this unfortunate history.

Because of the fall of Adam and Eve, God cannot treat them as the first ancestors of true human beings, as the parents of humankind, as His son and daughter, or as His bride and bridegroom. Although Adam and Eve were His only son and daughter, God cannot treat them as children of filial piety.

Through the fall human beings lost the true love of father, of husband, and of brother.

Since Eve's fall caused this loss, women have to go through so much suffering, until they restore what they caused to be lost.

Through the fall, we lost true parents, true husband and wife, and true children. Eve and the archangel caused this loss. Thus all women living on this earth are dependent upon the archangel-type father, the archangel-type husband, and the archangel-type brother. These women are very miserable. It is like the daughter of a rich man living with the servant of his house. In other words, the daughter was born inheriting the blood of the servant.

Since these women are unable to receive love from their original husband, original father, and original brother, the person who comes as the Lord brings these kinds of love. Because of the fall, three kinds of love relationships -- with a father, a husband, and a brother -- could not be perfected, and as a result women could not become daughters with happiness. Therefore, these three kinds of love relationships must be restored on earth.

Because the order of love has been violated, we cannot bring happiness to the world until we restore the order of love.

People who are in the satanic realm have no relationship at all with God's blood lineage. In other words. humans who were to be born as children of good parents were born with a relationship to evil parents. Centered on evil, one family expanded to become a tribe, nation, and world.

The fall might seem to be a problem limited to Adam and Eve. However, because Adam and Eve are the ancestors of humankind, they are the origin and center of our existence and they influenced the whole future of the individual, society, tribe, nation and world.

The fall of Adam and Eve was not a fall just of Adam and Eve; it was the fall of all human history combined together. In other words, the fall of Adam and Eve means that Adam and Eve became parents of evil instead of goodness. From an evil parent, evil children were born, and through these evil children, the evil society, nation and world formed.

The history of humankind living in this satanic realm has been very sorrowful.

God's ideal of creation could not be realized because of the fall of Adam and Eve. Because Adam and Eve became fallen parents, they multiplied children with original sin. The history of humankind has developed centering on this fallen family of Adam and Eve, expanding to the society, tribe, nation and world. After the fall, the ideal of a true parent who can stand in the position of having perfected the original will of God remained unfulfilled until today. Also, the creation of a true family, true society, tribe, nation and world centered on True Parents remains an unfulfilled ideal.

9. If Adam And Eve Had Not Fallen

If Adam and Eve had not fallen, whose descendants would you have been? Naturally, you would have been born as sons and daughters of God.

If Adam and Eve had not fallen, all humankind would have been the sons and daughters of God. We would not have been people mocked at, dominated, or accused by our enemies. We would have become the sons and daughters of God with absolute authority to represent God's omnipotence wherever we went. When a family was formed centering on such people, it would have become the family of God to which all existing beings in the universe would have submitted. Also, when the tribe formed from this family went out, the whole creation would have protected them and been absorbed by them. However, because of the fall, human beings instead became a group of people who have been mocked by the enemy.

Consequently, human beings could not stand in a position where God could intervene, but were completely occupied by the enemy.

If the first human ancestors had not violated the original law of God and instead had become eternally united with Him, then in the midst of that unified love relationship no one would have been able to take Adam and Eve away. After Adam and Eve had been born as a son and daughter of God, and after they had matured, even if Adam and Eve were ridiculed and persecuted, "Hey, who is your Father? Isn't He your Father?" there would have been nothing that could have made them deny their relationship with God, not even if they were attacked with a gun or knife.

If there were no fall, an original heavenly family would have formed in the Garden of Eden and prospered within God's dominion. This family would have had no relation with Satan.

After the fall, Adam and Eve could not understand God's heart. If Adam and Eve had grown up and appeared before God with perfected personalities, and if Adam and Eve as perfected beings had reached the level of maturity, then God would have blessed them and bequeathed to them His heart. Cod tried to make a heavenly couple who could inherit His love and heart, forming a family of His blood lineage.

If the first human ancestors, Adam and Eve, had not fallen, what kind of world would this have been? If Adam and Eve had matured and reached perfection under the protection and love of God, God would have called Adam and Eve to bless them in marriage. This is why God had created man and woman. If this had been realized, then rather than the fallen human ancestors, sinless, true, perfect human ancestors receiving God's love would have lived on this earth. Adam and Eve would have become the True Parents. Thus, a bride and bridegroom whom God truly loved would have been born on earth.

If Adam and Eve had not fallen, they would have completely supported God's will, and in the midst of that love, a true brother and sister would have appeared on the earth. Through this, a family would have been realized on a God-centered earth, and sinless parents would have given birth to sinless children, creating a sinless tribe, nation and world. Both in name and reality, this earth would have become an earth dominated by God, as the King of all humankind.

If this had been realized, then salvation, religion and even prayer would not have been necessary. We must understand that it was because of the fall that we came to need salvation, religion and prayer.

Let us imagine what a God-created unfallen world would have been like. Adam would have become a True Parent with true children in his blood lineage. Therefore, the cultural world would have been Adam's cultural world and would have been unified.

Something that is once connected to God's love cannot be separated. Even in this fallen world, people loving each other can never be separated even by death. If this is true, then who could separate two things united with God's love in an unfallen world of goodness? If an individual is united like this, then the mind and body would never separate. In other words, the mind and body would be perfectly united.

If Adam and Eve had not fallen, they would have received God's com- plete love. If Adam and Eve, as a son and daughter receiving God's complete love, became completely united through God's love, they would have given birth to children centered on God's love. Then in the midst of this true love of God, they would have formed a tradition as a husband, wife, son and daughter. God's will is completed when a tradition of God's love-centered family is formed.

This world could not become the garden of love which God originally desired. Adam was a fragrance representing God's right side and Eve was a fragrance representing God's left side. The day when these two sides met was to have been the day the whole earth and heaven were filled with the fragrance of love. However, because of the fall, this world came to be a world where evil continues. We ourselves should never have become evil people.

If Adam and Eve had not fallen but had fulfilled God's will, this world would definitely have become a God-centered world of one single culture, a world of Adam and Eve's culture, and a world of Abel and Cain's culture. This world would not have different languages nor different traditions or cultures; therefore, this world would have become a one-world tribe in which God would have dwelt.

If Adam and Eve had not fallen, what kind of a world do you think would have been realized? It would have been a nation which God could have directly dominated. Because this world became dominated by Satan through the fall, we now need salvation and a life of faith believing in God.

Adam and Eve were to have become perfect according to God's will, receive the blessing from God, and realize God's nation starting from their family Adam and Eve's perfection should have been realized through true love. If Adam and Eve had served God and had become horizontal reciprocal partners, then the world fulfilling the purpose of creation would have begun and expanded throughout the universe.

Adam and Eve would have realized one world in the midst of a tradition of becoming a united husband and wife. However, Adam and Eve betrayed God's will and fell.

After being created, Adam and Eve were to learn and master everything in order to dominate all things. If Adam and Eve had learned about natural law and their own nature, they would have been able to discern good and evil; then the action of the fall would not have occurred.

In order to move from the fallen world formed by Adam and Eve to the original world, God has been going through the course of indemnity. This we would call the "Providence" or the "Way of God's Will."

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