Blessing and Ideal Family

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon


Chapter 6 Part 3
The Value And The Mission Of The Blessed Families

1. The Value Of Blessed Families

Blessed families do not come to exist by their own power. Instead, they have an historical significance coming from God and Father. They came into being not by their own decision but by another's. Right there lies God's desire. Owing to Father, the blessed families exist. Creating the blessed families was what Jesus came to do as well.

God desires a family with the standard which exceeds the standards that God has known thus far.

The blessed families start at the top of the growth stage. The blessed families are in the position of being newly born, just like the True Parents' babies.

The blessed families can attend God, whom fallen Adam and Eve lost the chance to serve. Through the Blessing, families can substantially, horizontally and directly restore the relationship which Adam and Eve failed to have with the angelic world. Blessed families are the foundation to restore all things. And they are also in the position of God's sons and daughters who are standing on the perfect standard Adam and Eve should have had.

The blessed families are established as the holy of hollies. God has been seeking for blessed families for 6,000 years.

You are such precious entities that it is impossible to exchange you for even the whole history because God, despite experiencing unspeakable misery, has worked so hard to find you.

Blessed families have an indivisible lineage with heavenly fortune. God wants to put the blessed families in the most precious place, because they are ancestors who will be cherished for thousands and thousands of years of human history; and they are also the root of roots and the seed of seeds.

Blessed families are the ones who can rid God's history of sorrow.

The blessed families are those who are connected to the lineage of the victorious family centering upon God.

"Blessed family" is a very frightening name and a terrifying place because they are responsible for substance, blood lineage and heart.

What are the blessed families? They are like a stick. What kind of stick are they? They are the stick which is like a bridge to help cross over the world of death.

The family is a heavenly altar which can horizontally indemnify the vertical history.

When we can bring all of our belongings in front of God with our children, we become the horizontal substantial body which has restored the vertical history. Without being blessed families, we cannot go in front of God.

The condition to go over the historical, vertical bondage is to establish blessed families.

How difficult is the Blessing? How many individuals, families, tribes and countries have been sacrificed in the course of history in order to find one heavenly family? The blessed families are found and established at the cost of all these sacrifices.

Because the blessed families are cosmic families and a family compounding vertical and horizontal history, they as heavenly children should make perfect unity and completely destroy the satanic world. By doing that, the blessed families create the Kingdom of Heaven.

The fact that a man and woman together create a family holds value. Because the family ideal existed before the prehistoric age and will exist eternally, we are able to live in the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. The concept of the Kingdom of Heaven existed before history and will remain even after history.

The blessed families nowadays are more precious beings than the figures whom God needed in the course of history. Even looking externally, they have concrete content. They are the heavenly families who can represent history and whom Jesus has looked for and whom myriads of forefathers hoped for. Everybody has been fighting to establish this one foundation. In this regard, God sees the blessed families as incredibly important.

The Unification Church has been created for family salvation, so blessed families are the center of the Unification Church.

What is a blessed family? It is the entity which pursues the ideal of the family centering upon God. It is the family which the Lord of the Second Coming should establish and which posterity should establish and which this woman right here also should make.

Due to Adam and Eve's fall, their descendants led a miserable history of blood and distress. But you, as reborn descendants, will give birth to the new descendants without sin. Therefore, regardless of the sacrifices you have to make, you should be grateful and shouldn't complain throughout your whole life.

What is your position now? You are in the position of having conquered the Israel nation that God prepared for 4,000 years, and of inheriting Judaism, which God wanted Jesus to receive, and of taking all the conditions that were given to Joseph's family. Furthermore, you are in the position to claim the status of bridegroom and bride which Jesus, regardless of being chased and persecuted, wanted to establish. Because you are in such a precious position, internal and external persecution is inevitable. We are in a position transcending the small Wedding Ceremony of the Lamb which the returning Jesus is supposed to hold on earth after the 2,000-year course of suffering. That's why we are not to lose the church, nation or tribes; rather we are in the position to restore them. The reason Father orders blessed families to become "national messiahs" is due to the importance of this time.

What is the blessed family's position? Because they already received the Messiah and organized new tribes, they are in a position more advanced than the Israelites who were hoping to receive the Messiah centering upon Judaism. In this regard, an individual alone counts for nothing, because it is the time for all blessed families to unite and pioneer a new history.

When looking at the Unification Church from the perspective of the parent's ideology, blessed families compose the heavenly tribe and all the members centering upon blessed families compose the heavenly nation. In that sense, Father deals with this nation of 30 million people. The tribal standard, family standard and individual standard are included in the national standard. The providence proceeds with these vertical standards horizontally developed.

The blessed family is not a family for an individual; rather, it is a representative family for the nation, world, heaven and earth . In order for us to be reminded of this fact, family level trials and indemnity approach us.

The blessed families represent the whole. The Blessing is a promise for the future world. The blessed family, as the family in which God dwells, should be in the position to share the Blessing with humankind.

The value of the blessed family is immeasurable.

Be grateful that there are blessed families in the Unification Church.

If blessed families have the same heart as Father, the people who oppose them will be defeated.

When people oppose the blessed family with whom God directly cooperates, they will instantly meet a disaster. It is the Principle view that Satan cannot attack the God-centered family.

Only when we respect the blessed families with the same heart as God, will we receive blessing. The blessed families are the entrance to God. Through them, we can go in and out.

Some people may want to ask, "Rev. Moon talks a lot about such a family. What is the difference between the blessed family of the Unification Church and our families?" In both a man and a woman live together. Then what is different? What if we compare the poorest man in Korea with the richest man in Korea -- what is the difference?

Both have eyes, nose, mouth and ears. When we clothe the richest man with the beggar's garments, he would look like a beggar. Even though you are not a beggar, if you dress as a beggar, you look like a beggar. But if the richest man died wearing a beggar's clothes, people wouldn't say that a beggar died; they would say the rich man died. Even though the external appearance is the same, the internal content: is different. Likewise, the difference between the Unification Church blessed family and other families is a difference of internal content.

You valued the family little until now. After knowing the Principle, you realized that the family is essential. Just like a saying that the rejected stone became the capstone of the building, the time has come for you to realize the absolute necessity and dignity of the family. That's why the Blessing is precious.

2. Blessed Families Should Receive The True Parents' Guidance

Let me ask the ladies here a question. Raise your hands if you meet Father often in vision or prayer. Especially the women should receive Father's guidance. When you make a sincere effort, you will be guided. You have to be connected to Father. Having that quality of mind is not enough. If you pray, you'll surely be taught. When a husband and a wife in complete oneness pray, they'll be guided. Try to implant the adolescent heart in your daily life, crying with yearning to see Father. Have a burning heart to visit the church headquarters. . . If you have that quality of heart, God will dwell in your family.

Married sisters definitely need Father's guidance, and brothers also should sometimes receive Father's guidance over important matters. Otherwise they cannot be a part of God's family. To make that kind of family, you should pray and make earnest effort. You should make effort with the knowledge of the aspect upon which God is focusing in His restorational providence. Your effort should be directed to the place to which God is directed; otherwise your prayer and effort will not penetrate God. That's why the ones whose hearts are always desperate to know as quickly as possible what's happening in the church can come closest to God.

If blessed families lead a life distant from the church, their life is wrong. Members should center on Father's family and God's will more than on their spouse. Then Father will guide them directly. This is different from other churches. It happens, transcendent of nationality and race. That's the reason why our church develops internationally.

Unification Church members should receive direct guidance from Father through vision or prayer. There are many members in the church who directly receive Father's instruction wherever they go. What is happening is more real than what happened in Jesus' time. Unification Church members directly attend and live with Father. In the Unification Church, there are much greater works than the works of Jesus' time. That's why unity between the world and the Unification Church is possible.

More than 65% of the Japanese members receive Father's direction spiritually. That means that they are more advanced than you in spiritual life. They prayed more than you and their yearning heart was more intense than yours. If this situation continues, you will fall behind them. It's different now than in the old days. Things were vertical in the old days. It was a time of developing the vertical aspect centering upon the vertical relationship, so spirituality grew. Many were martyred to develop Christianity in the past. On such a foundation, Christianity expanded internationally through a long history. But it's different now. The light sparkles in the East and at the same time it sparkles in the West. Do you understand what I mean? Even though Father is here right now, he is directing all the nations in the world. It is night in certain countries. It is true that light is sparkling in the East, and simultaneously it is sparkling in the West. Father has been dealing with such a history.

What should you consider most important in your family life from now on? When Father teaches your wife and your children something in a vision, you have to believe it. You should create an environment such that if your daughter received teaching through a vision, other family members would respect her words as God's, would consider them absolute and would try to be one with them. If a husband doesn't receive teachings, Father is to sure to teach centering upon his wife. If that happens, you should (1) realize that God is near your family, and (2) take your wife's words as God's. You'll see later whether it's good or not.

If you check with your Regional Leader, you will be able to see right away. When Father appears through a vision or prayer, you should analyze Father's facial expression, to see whether he is happy or sad, and then figure out why he looks happy or sad. Even with the same sad expression, the meaning may be different, according to whether you see Father from the front or the side, and it also differs according to whether he appears on the right or left side, or at the top or bottom. You should be able to analyze and know the meaning. Father will surely teach the person who always prays.

If such experiences often occur, you can take data from them and try to match them with reality. You will know how God is leading your family now and what will happen to your family in the future. If there's one family member who receives teachings from Father through visions, all family members should listen to that person, even all through the night, and try to decide what action the family should take.

If you cooperate centering upon one person, that person will surely receive Father's teaching. If there's a perfect plus, a perfect minus automatically appears. Likewise, if the teaching through visions completely matches the reality at least three times, the spouse or children will become very curious and interested. In such a way, you will expand the spiritual foundation. But so far you haven't had such dreams, have you? That's why you need to pray and make a serious effort. If you had such experiences, you would more clearly know the existence of God and your life of faith would be successful. Things are supposed to be like that.

Raise your hand if you are blessed. Centering upon what did these blessed families come into being? It's not true that Father blessed just for the well-being of, for example, the Park or Kim tribe. A loving husband and wife should be totally one even though they have two separate bodies. Is there any way for a couple to be one without love? Is it possible to unify one nation without patriotic fervor -- love for the nation? Anything that says that it's possible to make oneness without love is false.

The communist claim that. Communists make people follow by threat, deception and menace. In order not to be beaten, people externally become one in a communist society. But if the threatening force disappears, people immediately turn away. Will they turn away or not? That time definitely will come.

I hope for the establishment of such a family. You may not want it, because you are much more handsome than I. Even though I'm uglier than you, I hope for such a family. You like the family as it is now, don't you? Do you hope for such a family? Do you think you'd better hope for such a family? Then, you should listen to me even if you feel disappointed about establishing such a family. Since Father knows where the vein of gold is, you'd better just do what I told you to do. When climbing a cliff, if I order you to climb upside down, you should definitely do it. Until you reach the summit, you may feel like Father is a dictator. Who wants to go the hard way? But once you reach the destination, you'll exclaim by saying, "WOW!"

Some of you may have had an experience of pasturing cows. It's really bothersome to feed fodder to cows. When I was young, I would whip the cows on the way to the pasture. The ones who are laughing now had the same experiences, right? I'm not the only one who did that. What could I do when my parents ordered me to pasture the cows and to return at a certain time, if I found that there was no grass on the flat land? In that kind of situation, I would drive the cows out to the steep mountain where my father's favorite meadow was. But halfway to the meadow, the cows would want to eat a very paltry amount of grass. Then I would hit them with a stick, saying, "How dumb all these cows are." I didn't feel sorry. Have you felt the same? What would the cows do when they reached the meadow after having been forced to cross the river and climb the mountain? Do you think that if I ordered them not to eat, hey would obey? Not only their tongue but also their lips, ears, and even their eyes would devour the grass with gratitude.

Because Father knows a place such as that meadow exists in the future,I discipline you now. But you don't realize that. You aren't aware of the existence of such a place. If you knew clearly of such a place, you would long for me to discipline you. Do you understand what I am saying?

3. The Reason For The Blessing

You should receive the Blessing of the Unification Church. In order to establish the foundation upon which you will expand to the world, Father gives the Blessing internationally. In other words, Father restored all that Jesus couldn't fulfill in his lifetime. Therefore, the Unification Church will never perish. Even if Father were to die right now, Unificationism itself will come to lead the world.

Father blessed young men and young women so that they, in a public position, can establish the exemplary families of the world.

The reason Father blesses young men and young women when they satisfy certain qualifications is to let them become eternal sons and daughters of God.

In the outside world, when a matchmaker arranges a marriage, he or she receives a gift, but I did matchings by spending my own money. My motivation to arrange your marriage is not for money; I did it for your well-being and prosperity.

Where will the Unification members go? Father blessed you because he wants you to be a couple, with arms and legs, to fight for the nation. Reverend Moon blesses you for your descendants, not only for yourself.

You are allowed to be the blessed families on the foundation of God's hard work. The reason God gives such a great blessing to you is not so that you will inherit immediate happiness, but so that you will shoulder the responsibility to establish your tribes.

To give the Blessing is to endow you with the qualification for the new mission, "tribal messiahship." The Blessing qualifies you as having completed the ideal of bride and groom for which Jesus hoped, and Father, representing God, endows you with the mission of horizontal messiah.

4. The Mission And Responsibility Of The Blessed Families

The one who receives the Blessing from God is God's representative. Therefore you, after receiving the Blessing, with the establishment of your family, are to conquer Satan. You are to judge Satan. And then you are to be a victorious subject by restoring the four position foundation. Because the blessed families received the most precious love and life with the ideal of silent obedience and sacrifice, they are to set up a heavenly tradition which their descendants will exalt. This will restore the satanic world to the heavenly side.

Young blessed Couples should set up a majestic tradition and extend it to the family, tribes, races, nations and the world. To prevent anyone from destroying the tradition, you should set it up in the most difficult situation.

Father's life was a series of miserable situations; therefore, I have many contents about which to talk and weep. That's the fun of human life, because the shining tradition is buried in it.

For the progress of the Unification Church, Father has been bearing the individual cross and the family-level cross. You don't know this fact. To know it, you need to study the Principle minutely and pray for at least ten years. If parents don't talk about the ordeals of their life, children will not know. The matters and circumstances which parents are not able to talk about dwell in their heart. The blessed families of the Unification Church, as the tribes of Father centering on Father's family, have a mission to restore all the races on earth. In this way, the Unification Church is getting bigger and bigger. Blessed Couples shouldn't stop at being parents of a family; they should be parents for the tribe and nation at least. If they don't love the nation with a strong conviction, disaster will befall them. Jesus embraced heaven and earth with his ideology.

Who is to defend this country? We should defend it. Think if our blessed families became the ones to keep "today" in front of God.

Blessed families are to be the front runners to pioneer the way of indemnity during the restorational course. Because they shoulder the indemnity conditions for the race and the nation, their descendants will be proud of them. Until establishing the heavenly nation, the blessed families as front runners should set the standard for the earth and eternal spirit world. If such a tradition is established, blessed families will become the target of interest. Our mission is huge. We are to go the sacrificial way by shouldering the mission and paying the indemnity to restore heaven and earth.

Those among the Unification Church members who were blessed first, who were called first by love in front of humankind, should feel keenly their absolute responsibility to accomplish the mission of spreading out God's heart and will to their neighbors and society.

We should march forward with the conviction that the world will respond in the near future. Even though the environment is not set up for that, we should be able to proceed. We should go forward with the conviction to found the heavenly nation, raising the victorious flag as the princes and princesses of the battle line. You should know clearly that from now on the establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven is the blessed family's mission. Blessed families are to be responsible for God's 6,000-years of hard work and for the suffering of the Lord of Second Coming, and they should bring the earth, humankind and heaven into God's ownership. Because the meaning of the Blessing lies in realizing the ideal of creation, we must be responsible for the pain of history.

You should know that the blessed family's responsibility is incredibly huge. You should be able to take over and inherit the heavenly grace which has come over thousands and thousands of years as your own eternal resource.

The Blessing does not come free at all; it requires responsibility.

5. The Blessed Families Have The Mission Of The Chief Priests

What happens when you are blessed? You are restored to the level right before the fall of Adam and Eve. And then what should you do? Because the completion stage still remains to be traversed, you should realize God's heart. By going through this process, you should realize God's internal desire to restore fallen humanity. God sent His only son to earth and made him responsible for the restorational history. Likewise, the blessed families should go out to the satanic world by sacrificing their children. While carrying their sons and daughters on their backs, they have to be refugees like Joseph and Mary were while hiding their baby Jesus in Egypt. Because your children are for the world and God, you should believe that Father who loves us so much will protect them. If you do so, God will put you in the position of the substantial Lord who is to come on earth. Therefore, fulfill your responsibility completely. You'll be kicked out if you have an attitude like, "I'm blessed, so you should serve me."

What should we blessed families do? We have to do what Jesus couldn't accomplish. Unless you go over such a position, you cannot be God's sons and daughters. Jesus became God's son by dying on the cross, but we can survive on earth and still be His sons. If that happens, we can conclude that we will be better off than Jesus. Isn't that true? Although Jesus led 12 disciples, he couldn't organize the tribes and the nations. Furthermore, he lost the three chief disciples who were supposed to rally and lead the 12 disciples, so Jesus couldn't help but be expelled from the satanic world. Because Jesus was driven into a comer by the nation, church, family, the disciples, and finally the three main disciples, there was no way for him except to be a sacrifice in front of the worst Satan.

The blessed families should be good examples in front of the nations and churches. By being a good example, you can indemnify what Joseph's family couldn't accomplish. The Unification Church on the denominational level should indemnify and transcend what Judaism and Joseph's family couldn't fulfill. Centering upon the national standard, we should at once indemnify and go over the failure of the family and the tribes. That was what you did last winter. Whose irresponsibility caused the failure? It was Mary's. She couldn't fulfill her responsibility.

Blessed families shouldn't wait idly for God's call and acknowledgement. Instead, they are to create their own foundation with tears of repentance, upon which God will be able to recognize and call them. To let God carry their family in His bosom is the blessed families' mission. In spite of this fact, how many blessed families know their value?

It is a miscalculation to think that blessed families can live outside on their own. They received the Blessing for the sake of Father's family and to defend their Abel position. The blessed families exist to protect the family, life, and assets of the Lord of Second Coming. Their life and assets exist to help God's family and their life to develop. What should be done to bring development? The Lord is to set up blessed families and their assets as the fertilizer and is to absorb them. That's the principle for development. The supply from the other fields is essential to development. Without supplying, development is impossible. Isn't that true? Without being supplied, we can not progress.

Blessed families should fulfill the mission of the chief priests. The chief priests don't have any belongings to be shared except the ones which God gives. In order to handle the sacrifices offered by 10,000 people with sincere hearts, the chief priest should have a more sincere and faithful heart than any one among the 10,000 people. Otherwise he will be judged by the universal law.

Because the Jews couldn't protect Jesus on an individual level according to God's internal will 2,000 years ago, Jesus had to pass away without establishing an individual foundation. Next, Joseph's family and Zechariah's family didn't protect the family level upon which Jesus could stand firmly. You should do the work. There should be a family which is willing to be responsible and to protect internally and externally the suffering path of Father's family at the family level as well as at the individual level.

In living, nothing else matters except being one with the True Parents, and then you should be one with the four position foundation of True Parent's family. Then what should you do? To establish the heavenly tradition, Cain should level a road for Abel to go. An archangel should be a loyal object in establishing the environment and the regulations for Adam's not going against God's will.

You are to create an environment in which Father's children and grand- children can lead a heavenly life in the future. Therefore, you should be the good examples in every aspect for them. Instead of thinking, "Ah, Father's son is spoiled," you should show exemplary behavior to him. Do you understand what I'm talking about?

When you help perfect God's children, you can represent the whole universe by showing them your exemplary words and behavior, you become a loyal object in the position of the archangel. The archangel as a loyal object had a mission to raise young Adam and Eve by showing them his good conduct, in order for them to be matched and become one with the heavenly law. Likewise you should willingly serve as their example.

In the fallen family of Adam and Eve, Cain was not able to inherit a true parental tradition, and neither was Abel. How exasperating it is, and causing such great resentment! That's why they are pitiable. That children cannot inherit a good parental tradition even though they have parents is stifling.

But for the Unification Church members centering upon Father, Cain can inherit the tradition and so can Abel. You should feel grateful to live in this time of great benefit. This is a very terrifying place. This is not the place that you pioneered with your own means and tactics. This is the place to give birth to children only with the benefit of being granted the privilege by the True Parents. Therefore, you should be able to live and die together centering upon the heartistic union. If you encounter a situation in which you have to die instead of them, and retreat, you kill your parents twice.

To Peter, John and James, Jesus was in the position of their father; nevertheless, they ran away when their father was on the way to his death. They were extremely undutiful.

Looking back at such a history causing resentment, you should be determined to protect your parents at the risk of your own life, to keep the way of filial piety. At the risk of sacrificing yourself, you should proceed this way for sure.

Families should hold the church. Even though the Unification Church is so big and Unification thought is so great, without the thought of the ideal family, they count for nothing. Until now such a foundation has not been established, so your families should solidify it. You should make a firm family-level foundation which Satan will never be able to destroy. This means to take 5% responsibility to be restored through indemnity.

The chief priests are the first ones to experience the most miserable situations. Therefore, blessed families should be the first ones to experience misery.

6. Blessed Families Who Are To Be Responsible For The Mission Of The Three Time Periods

Even though you live in this present time, you are to consummate the mission of three time periods. If man had not fallen, the past, the present, and the future would have started at one point. But due to the fall, they became separated.

Therefore, unless you establish the condition, centering on one family of God, to restore the past, present and future by uniting them, your descendants on earth will not be able to indemnify all the remaining tribes from the original ancestors. To bless one person Kim is not just to save one family of Kims. Because he receives the Blessing as a representative of his entire tribe, he is to take responsibility for the tribe. The responsibility is connected to the past, the present and the future from the vertical viewpoint. You are to restore those all at once. You should horizontally indemnify the vertical history.

You should resolve the mission of the three time periods in your generation. That's the blessed family's responsibility. If you make mistakes, ancestors in the spirit world will be caught up by heavenly law. The mistake will influence not only your direct ancestors but also the families of the same clan and all the relatives.

When looking at the blessed families from Jesus' viewpoint, they are the ones who accomplished Jesus' desire in his place. In Jesus' time, the spiritual bodies of the Old Testament Age received the privilege of being lifted up to the growth stage by returning resurrection. Likewise, through you, your ancestors who have not related directly to the restorational providence will receive special benefit. That's because you set up a victorious internal condition to be related to the ancestors by receiving the Blessing. If they seize the rope of your Blessing, even if they had not been cooperative in the course of restoration so far, they will bear providential fruit centering upon the value of your fruit, in front of the Will. That will be the fruit of the 6,000-year lineage. They, in Cain's position, will have a relative relationship with Father, whereas the fruit harvested directly centering upon Father is Abel-type fruit. Because they can have relative relationship, it is possible to set up the lineage of the Abel-type fruit as the standard of value, or criterion, of Cain- type fruit.

Even though your ancestors were not cooperative with the Will, nor were they meritorious servants, still they will be able to raise their heads to the earth among the figures of the past, depending on your activities in the providence.

In other words, only the ones who have Abraham's direct blood lineage are qualified to return to earth, but through your Blessing, your ancestors will be given the privileged benefit to return. With the same qualification as the loyal subjects of God's Will in the past, your ancestors will be able to lead the returning resurrection horizontally through your family.

Isn't it wonderful that, without any hard work, you became the substantial body to inherit the blessing of the whole of Israel, which has suffered for thousands of years? If you know this fact, you cannot help but rejoice, and you dare not make any mistakes. Because you don't know how much you are blessed, you are unstable and keep wavering. Knowing such a meaning, if you don't fulfill your responsibility, your ancestors will scold you. So those who are not responsible for the Will even after knowing all the meanings behind it will get nameless diseases. Their ancestors will continuously bother them.

You are in the middle position among the three time periods. Your family becomes the standard, so if your family does well, it will save the past history, the present, and the future. If it makes mistakes, it will destroy the past, the present, and the future. If you do well, you'll save the three time periods, and if you don't do well, you'll destroy the three time periods. Whether or not you take responsibility for the three time periods depends on you. That's why the ancestors will surrender.

In order to possess the past, present and future, you should be the heartistic representatives of the past, present and future, and so should the family and the tribes. Then these individuals, families and tribes can lead and guide the world.

You should realize that your life doesn't exist just for your own well being, but for all of humankind, and that you have an historically prolonged life and a life which guarantees life in the future. You are in the position to make history shine, to lift up the present age, and to put the first stepping stone for the future, so you should be the ones who pioneer the entire life course through your daily life.

You have the mission to liberate the past, present and future. In order not to leave the slavery of indemnity to your descendants, you should hand down a definite, victorious tradition to them. The position of being blessed is most significant and will be not only honored by the past but also by the whole of humankind.

7. Be A Tribal Messiah

The hope for the myriads of people who had the mission of restoration in the long course of history was to make one individual one with heaven. And then that standard was to be extended to the oneness of the family and heaven. But even if there was a oneness of a family and heaven, that was not supposed to be the end. After becoming an object of the absolute center, you as the second subject are to unite your tribes with that eternal center.

First of all, unification is the oneness of husband and wife. If there's a male Messiah, there should also be a female Messiah. Adam and Eve fell, so restoration also must be accomplished by two people. The same is true for tribal messiahship.

A family shouldn't stop at the family level -- it needs tribes. As ancestors, the blessed families should fulfill their responsibility. Blessed members who are not in a public mission are considered to have deviated from their course of responsibility.

What kind of position are you in? Jesus couldn't hold a Holy Wedding - - the Lamb's Wedding -- and he had to die on the cross without establishing the foundation for the tribe and race, the foundation which had been expected for 2,000 years. Therefore you should realize that the time has come for tribal messiahship. Can you become a tribal messiah without becoming one with God's love? Without God's love, you cannot be the messiah. When you become a man or a woman on such a foundation, you are qualified to establish a family by receiving the Blessing. Spiritual sons and daughters were born from the oneness between the Holy Spirit and Jesus. Likewise, you are able to multiply sons and daughters on the foundation of substantial oneness. If you can do so, you will be called a tribal messiah.

You should be parents who can influence your sons and daughters. That's the first mission. To do so, you should be thorough in church life and public life and be a good example in private life. That's absolutely necessary in order to educate your children to go the way of the Will (or providence) in the future. Do you understand?

Next, be a tribal messiah as Father instructed at the 430 Couples' Blessing in 1968. You have to do the mission. Centering upon Father,36 Couples are organized in an association. Likewise, centering on the first family who got blessed, there should be a form of 36 Couples in the clan. Do you understand? If there are no 36 Couples, you should at least be the ancestors of the form, consisting of 12 Couples. In order to make that standard, there should be an establishment of a four position foundation centering upon your sons and daughters because you are parents. Then you become an ancestor of your clan, you should organize a new tribe centering upon your family clan. That's the form of 12 tribes. If you organize that, everybody is to enter the realm of 12 tribes. Twelve disciples following the form of 12 tribes should exist; centering upon 12 disciples, 70 followers should appear, and the tribe should extend to the form of 120 followers. This is the direct tribe.

Now whatever results you bring about belong to you. The age of no indemnity has come. From now on, you should witness even to the inlaws of your brother (distant relatives). In this way you easily can witness to over 12 people in a year. Find three people respectively in each season. You need representatives who will penetrate and guard the 12 pearl gates of the spirit world. Everybody there would be your relatives, like your brothers and sisters, so a person such as Jesus' disciple who sold Jesus would not be allowed to come in. You are considered to be in a situation better than Jesus', because you can have this family environment, which is different than Jesus had. You also are more fortunate than Jesus in that you don't have to go outside to have a family. You can go out to the world without setting up indemnity conditions. In order to go attain this standard, you should have 12 disciples on earth like the 12 pearl gates in the spirit world. If that's for the formation stage,72 followers are for the growth stage, and 120 followers are for the completion stage. l think you can accomplish all this in three years. Father blessed the 36 Couples (12 Couples for formation, 12 Couples for growth and 12 Couples for completion), 72 Couples, 120 Couples, 430 Couples, 777 Couples and 1800 Couples. The 36 Couples are combined groups of 12 Couples representing the Old Testament Age, New Testament Age and Completed Testament Age. The three groups of Couples represent Adam's, Noah's and Jacob's families. Even if you are not able to arrange marriages according to such a numerical order, at least you can have the bare form. You exceed me in that you can do such a thing as outside people. Father is really envious of you. Father has been doing such work while receiving all the persecution and opposition. l have always carried out this work at the risk of my life.

If you restore your tribe, then three families,12 families,36,72, and 124 families are there automatically. That's why you should restore your tribe. You should know that such a mission remains for you to do.

To restore the tribe is to go to heaven, and the way to the world will be opened by restoring your tribe. When you make your utmost effort for that wonderful day, a new nation will be established. The nation will glorify and praise your hard work. How to overcome the family- level trial is the problem. To survive physically is not the problem. How to accomplish this given task is the problem.

Centering upon the blessed families, the clan "Kim," for example, is to make the Kims' tribal institution; the clan "Park" is make the Parks' tribal institution; the clan "Moon" is to make the Moons' tribal institution. Then with that foundation, what are we going to do? Every tribal institution should inherit the Moons' tribal institution; it should be the Abel-tribal institution in front of the other tribal institutions.

Then from now on, what strategy should we use to marry the tribal institutions? Let's take the Kim tribe, for example. The Kim clans in complete unity should strive hard to save and to develop the Kim tribal institution. They should create educational organizations as well as other various works. When you establish your own tribal foundation which can influence all of society, the stepping stones for your ancestors in spirit world to return will be expanded.

In returning resurrection, it is almost impossible for Kim's ancestors to cooperate with Park's family on earth. So a heavy responsibility to connect the spirit world to the physical world for restoration through indemnity remains with you. From now, the tribes will emerge centering upon the blessed families. Therefore, you should accomplish your mission as a tribal messiah. Future churches will be centered upon the elder of the tribe. All the blessed families are the elders of their tribes.

You should know that your families must take on the incredible mission of restoring your tribe. In order to restore the tribe, you should write letters to them more than you did to your lovers or friends. Your sincerity should be twice as much as before. Sisters should make a very serious effort for their relatives, with a more yearning heart than that which they have for their parents. Restoration comes that way. Unless you once again are moved by a loving heart toward your relatives, restoration is impossible. Check if it is true or not in the spirit world.

Hell is a place you cannot escape once you are caught there; but still you do not feel acutely that your parents and your relatives will go to hell. You just idly think, "Let it be." But imagine that your loving parents will really go to hell! If they had to go to jail in the secular world, you would make whatever effort necessary to release them. That's humanistic sympathy. As sons and daughters connected to them with heavenly love, what do you do in light of the fact that your parents, relatives, brothers and sisters have to go to the eternal jail?

Still you don't know anything about whether hell exists or not. The Principle teaches the existence of hell, but you still don't know what kind of place it is. Do you really know it? It is very vague to you. You will know after death, but then it will be too late.

That's why the parents of church members who have already died appear in spirit and try witnessing now. In spirit world, they are in trouble since they opposed their child so badly on earth. So there are many who are witnessing in spirit. Otherwise they will be caught up in hell. Do you understand? If parents oppose and keep their children from, joining the Unification Church on earth, they will be caught up in hell.

Even walking on the providential road, Father couldn't restore his tribe. Unless we go over the national standard, the restoration of the tribe is impossible. Because Jesus failed to go over the national standard, Father is not allowed to love his family before he goes over the national standard. Jesus lost the foundation of love centering upon Joseph, so in order to restore it, Father is to be successful in indemnifying the course of being driven into a corner by the nation. Because Father laid such a foundation, you can have the tribal foundation as well as the Blessing in your lifetime. Isn't it an honor for you? By knowing this fact you should fulfill your responsibility with a grateful heart; otherwise your family will be accused of irresponsibility. You surely will get accusation. In this respect, of course, the responsibility of the family is important, but even beyond that, a family should have the mission of tribal messiah.

Because the new foundation for a family and tribe has been established, you have entered the historically amazing dominion of providential benefit of the age, centering on the restoration of the tribes. So the time has come for you to witness to your parents, brothers and sisters.

The purpose of restorational history is to restore a family. How much quicker is it to restore your direct family than other families? It seems like a dream for Father to be able to order you to witness to your parents and your brothers and sisters.

In order for you to be a true Unificationist, you should gain victory on the individual, family and tribal levels on the front line. You should win victory up to the tribal level; thus, the blessed families should fulfill the tribal messiahship. That should be done during the second seven year course, which means that the tradition should be clearly set up in this period. To accomplish this mission you should live, fight, and be willing to die in the seven-year course. The condition for success or failure is determined and an overall march should proceed in this course. Therefore, you should establish the tradition in this period.

In blessed families, the man represents the substantial Jesus and the woman represents the substantial Holy Spirit. Therefore the blessed families should dash to rescue their nation without any hesitation as Jesus and the Holy Spirit did. Therefore, blessed families can start as the tribal messiahs.

You are to find the land of Israel with your family. Such a responsibility is imposed upon you. As the 12 tribes of Israel had to go to their assigned land, you are to march forward to the land of the tribe. That period is from 1970 to 1972; it is time to go over the international hill.

Father's family life and your family life are identical. The tribal life centering on Father and your tribal life are the same; the ethnic, national, worldwide, and universal lifestyle has the same formula content even though the scale is different. That's why I ask you to be the tribal messiah.

8. The Mission Of The Previously Married Blessed Couples

The previously married blessed family has problems. They will become a problem. In the spirit world, the regular Blessing and the previously married Couples' Blessing are totally different. There are three heavens in the spirit world; it is like the structure of high, middle and low class in the physical world. When we look at the 36 Couples, which are composed of three sets of 12 families respectively representing Adam's family, Noah's family and Jacob's family, which family group is most precious? The last group is most precious. From now on we should serve those families. It is not time yet to distinguish the difference, but they are different.

Why does Father make those couples' Blessing different? He does that in order to save the fallen world. There are so many spirit men in the spirit world who married on their own and died like that. For those spirit men, their descendants should open the door through which they can be resurrected. That is the formation stage. Next, the growth stage and the completion stage follow. It should be systematized, but we are not there yet.

(To the previously married blessed couples:) Brothers and Sisters! Are the regular blessing couples and the previously married blessed couples the same? Or are they different? They are different. You are in the formation stage. Then how will your children get married ? That is a matter to be seriously considered. The children of the previously married blessed family are not supposed to marry the children of the 36 Couples or the regular blessed couples. They should get married according to the principled order. Isn't it right?

There should be three stages in the blessed families; three types of blessed families are necessary. Centering on those families, the tribes should be organized in the future. Then, do you know where you belong? You belong to the first group of families, representing Adam's family.

In this aspect of God's will, people related to the two worlds are archangel type. Originally, it's not Father's responsibility to deal with the previously married couples. Father set up the perfect standard of the Blessing.

Originally, True Parents are supposed to bless only those men and women who are virgins. But to bless the previously married couples is to make a bridge for the salvation of the world. You are the bridges to save the world. What will happen if the bridges fall apart when the people of the world try to cross them? You have to fulfill your responsibility as bridges.

In the world, there are "family" and "non family" groups; likewise, the Unification Church is composed of the regular blessed families and the previously married blessed families. There should be a way to absorb the whole.

When there are needs for sacrifice and martyrdom, you should be the first ones to be martyred. Do you understand this? When there's the need for death, you should die first. The third group of blessed couples who are blessed as virgins shouldn't die.

Father will make you suffer enormously from now on. You shouldn't look over the fence even though you dislike the suffering path. In this respect you should educate your children well and let them get the Blessing as quickly as possible. It'll be okay if the three generations of your family receive the Blessing. The three generations should be blessed in your lifetime. That is the way to go over the hill.

The Israelite nation was connected centering upon Adam, Noah and Abraham's family; likewise you should connect the standards of three generations.

God is called the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. This represents the God of three generations. Through the fourth generation, the tribe of Judah, Jesus appeared. So the starting point is the fourth generation. Why was Jesus born in the tribe of Judah? It is because the heavenly principle is made centering upon the number "4" of the four position foundation. That is the reason that we make offerings for three generations. It is to liberate the three generations. From that point, you become related to God. This is the Principle viewpoint. When you know this fact, you shouldn't continue your past life style. Therefore, you are to fulfill your mission as the tribal messiah. The previously married blessed families should know the important responsibility of bearing this dual mission.

In your tribe, married families exist, a middle group of people who were engaged or divorced or who had very complicated love relationships also exist, and the pure virgins exist. By connecting those three groups, you are to horizontally indemnify the vertical history. You should stand in a position representing the oneness of the three generations and offer repentance and sacrifices in the position of the first son of the last generation -- the grandson in the completion level.

It is a great blessing that the children of the previously married Couples get blessed. Through this, vertical history is indemnified horizontally on earth. When you are in the formation stage, your son is to be in the growth stage; and through your son, a son of the completion level will be able to appear. You will be able to have give and take with the grandson who is in the completion level on earth. Is it possible to give and take like that in a vertical relationship? It is impossible. "Give and take" is supposed to take place in a horizontal relationship. In that way, you restore through indemnity on a horizontal level. Therefore, restoration takes three generations. The Unification Church works for the perfection of the family as well as individual salvation. Religion advocating individual salvation required the sacrificial life of individuals, but the Unification Church, advocating perfection of the family, claims that the requirement for the perfection of the family centering upon God is the sacrifice of the family.

9. The Inevitable Destiny Of The Blessed Families

You may want to ask why you have to witness, to go up to the point of death, and to suffer. It is because we are blessed in the fallen world, not in a place transcending the fallen environment.

When we accomplish a family-level dominion, we find that Satan already has dominion over the tribe. When we accomplish the tribal dominion, we find that Satan has national dominion. When we accomplish the national dominion, we find that Satan already has worldwide dominion.

Even though we are blessed in the satanic world, there's a great distance between the satanic dominion and our blessed families. The hills remain to be crossed. Each blessed family has tribal, ethnic, national and worldwide hills to go over.

You may misunderstand, and think that the Blessing is the end of suffering. But you didn't get the Blessing out of this world. You didn't get any victory over the world, neither did the world invoke a blessing upon you. Instead, you are positioned as the Abel family under satanic dominion and Cain's dominion. From the external viewpoint, the Cain-side world never blesses the Abel family; rather the satanic side surely persecutes the heavenly side. So in the process, you are to receive persecution.

Father had the Holy Wedding in 1960, but the ceremony was not accomplished on the victorious and complete foundation of having won over Satan in the physical and spirit world. Father's family inherited the same situation as Jesus, and received the worst persecution on the national level. Therefore, even though the family started to form a new tribe, nation and world, they were destined to be persecuted by the satanic world.

The inevitable destiny of Father's family and your family is to overcome the world. How do we overcome the world? It should be accomplished not after death but by going through the indemnity course in our lifetime. In the way of indemnity, a certain period, a conditional offering, and an Abel type central figure representing Adam are needed. Father himself also definitely has to set up certain conditions in the indemnity period for world history. The condition is to leave a substantial result of loving and living for the nation and the entire world.

That's why Father in the position of Abel has lived for the Cain-side individual, tribe, nation and world, even though they have severely persecuted him. Unless he survives this severe process and establishes a victorious foundation, Father cannot propagate the Abel-centered ideology to the satanic-side individual, family, tribe, nation and world.

Where should our families put their combined desire? They should put it in a conviction to become the families who live for the sake of the nation and the world. And they should feel responsible as God's representatives to form God's nation and world. They should be able to pull all of their action together based upon such a mind.

Even though you work on a smaller level in a limited environment, the question of whose orders you are following is very important. The conviction that you are receiving God's orders or the summons of the nation and the world is essential. You are working as the world's representative in that limited environment. You also work as the nation's representative in that limited environment. The same is true with your individual work. They are all the same, but the result differs, depending upon the background of the orders.

It seems as if there's no difference between your individual work and the work representing the world. If you are to work following the world's orders, you will belong to the world; if you work following the nation's orders, your work done even in a limited environment can be contributed to the nation.

Since history has looked for a man for 6,000 years, 6,000 years were added to you. So are you the man for whom history has been searching? Have you won over Satan? Have you or haven't you? You are not qualified.

You should make the national Satan and the world-level Satan surrender. Who has done that? Father alone did, while all Korea opposed him.

Always you should go the same way Father goes. If Father goes east, you should go east. If Father goes west, south, or north, you should respectively follow the same way. Without having confidence to follow, you cannot get the glory of victory.

So you should determine internally to return a grateful heart in front of Father and actualize it externally. It is no use if you don't express externally the internal determination. It is not right to go the providential way with just your mind. Action should follow mental desire. Inside and outside should be one.

You should pray for this. When nursing your baby, ask yourself, "Do I love the nation more than this baby?" and "Have I loved the nation more than I loved my husband?" Husbands also should ask themselves if they love the nation more than their wives and children.

Otherwise you cannot enter heaven. In order to set up such a tradition, you should work for the nation and the world, abandoning your family. You should know this concept very clearly.

Even after eating, you should proceed saying, "Father! I'll go forward for the Republic of Korea and the whole world." On the way, there will definitely be an enemy; how to get a natural surrender, not a forcible surrender, is the problem. Is it easy? You may think destruction is simple and easy, but destruction doesn't solve the problem. The heavenly tactic is to be beaten first and to win victory later. That is the only way to solve the problem. That's why Father lets members suffer.

My way is the one that 30 million Koreans have to follow. Humankind also has to follow it. To do that you should eat, live, and die for the sake of that way. Otherwise, you cannot lead a life of attendance for God's will. If there's an order to do that, you should go straight in the direction of the order. You shouldn't think of returning. Going forward at the intersection of life and death is the way of filial piety and loyalty. What I mean by this is that you should go forward at the risk of death in the position in which you can express the utmost value of living and dying. Without passing through this position, you cannot set up the way of filial piety and loyalty. This is the way to march on preparing for death. Even if you fall down, it doesn't matter when you risk your life for the purpose. If you have to die, it's better to die while going straight forward.

In the perilous situation of your parents having died and your family going down, you shouldn't make a fuss about a little bleeding at the tip of your finger. You should have the attitude, "Let it bleed; I have my work to do." When the nation's survival is at risk, you don't have any extra time to worry about your survival, your children's schooling, or your spouse.

Because we are in a very difficult time, one which determines whether or not the nation and the world will be demolished, we must make a very sincere effort with one united heart. We should make a very strong determination to be loyal at the risk of our lives.

In order to restore the world, we are to love the nation more than the tribe, and the world more than the nation. Therefore, we should be in a hurry for the restoration of the world.

It doesn't even matter if you sacrifice your own sons and daughters or family for the sake of restoring the world. That's why I want to make you suffer; otherwise, we cannot save Korea. Is it possible to create a peaceful world without sacrifices? When you sacrifice for the world, history develops. Why do I demand such a strategy? By going through such a process, you can set up complete indemnity conditions.

What kind of church is the Unification Church? You should know clearly. You should be able to love the world even at the sacrifice of your husbands. The women who can sacrifice their husbands are world- level women. The parents who can sacrifice their sons and daughters for the sake of the world are world-level parents. If there are sons and daughters who travel the path of death with a burning heart to love the world, they are true sons and daughters of filial piety. Do you understand? You should go this worldwide and universal way.

The Kingdom of Heaven starts from a family. The central course of the Unification Church is to sacrifice families for national restoration. In order to do that you should gather all the conventional churches together. Father is responsible for the blessed families, and the blessed families are responsible for the conventional churches. If you can accomplish this, then the restoration of the nation will be no problem. To set up the condition for this, Father blessed 430 Couples. Therefore, if we push forward in unity, it will take three years for national restoration.

There have been many righteous and loyal individuals thus far, but the unit of loyalty and righteousness in the future should be the family. So loyal families should come forth. Without the appearance of loyal families, the loyal tribe cannot come into being. The nation which can win God's official commendation should appear. For that purpose, we have to go forward with a definite determination.

Restoration cannot be compromised by the nation. It is to be reinforced by giving one's blood and flesh, and it is to be strengthened by the reorganization of one's kin from the position of denying ourselves. The way of restoration cannot be walked alone; one should set up the condition for one's family to walk along as well. This is love.

Family members should grit their teeth and give up the desire to live happily. Father's family never had a happy moment. By going through the most difficult road, Father laid the foundation. Your family should go the same course as Father's family. This is the responsibility for all the families.

Blessed families nowadays want to take their children under their wings, but it is wrong. They should be able to sacrifice their children. They shouldn't love their children more than their nation. They should be able to sacrifice their children for the sake of establishing the nation God has sought. Therefore, they should be determined to sacrifice their children to establish God's nation. This is the way for all Unification Church members to go.

To love God is to go along the providential way. The way of God's Will is to build the tribe, nation and world centering upon the family. Furthermore, you should know that you have the responsibility to liberate the spirit world and hell. Those are the tasks resulting from the fall. Therefore, we should clean them up in the same way we clean a garbage can.

You should think day and night about how to love your parents more than your husband, and how to love your brothers more than your husband. You should love your nation, world and God more than your own family. Unless this order of love is established, there will be no way to go.

The family you desire should be equal to the family for which God has longed; and the nation you desire should be the nation God has never forgotten even in His dreams; and the world you desire should be the Kingdom of Heaven where God and you can dance joyfully, centering upon God's love.

10. The Way The Blessed Couples Should Go

You shouldn't go through the blessing process with a worldly viewpoint. You shouldn't just go through the process without knowing the tangled history behind it. If you proceed on your way knowing the full story behind the Blessing, you will control the world. When you direct yourself toward one purpose, the world will align with that direction.

Therefore, the blessed Couples cannot live their lives on their own. They are to live always keeping a public commitment for God and the nation. Whether your spouse is handsome or not doesn't matter; his or her purposefulness is the matter to be considered. What is important is to prepare, during your lifetime on earth, a proper way for your descendants to go.

It is wrong to demand that your spouse love you. That kind of love cannot be acknowledged. After demanding that your spouse loves the nation and the world, you can ask him or her to love you. This is the right way for the blessed Couples to go. It applies to both husband and wife. You should be able to ask your spouse to love the nation, world and God instead of loving you. Next, have you loved heaven, the world and the nation? That's the problem.

If Adam and Eve had not fallen, their love would have represented the love of heaven and earth, the world and the nation. It all starts from this point.

By the way, when have you been in the position to love the nation, the world and God on the restorational road? You haven't been in such a position. Such a position cannot be established with an attitude in which you ask for self-centered love and demand self-centered relationships to satisfy your happiness. With such a concept, you cannot go on the road which all the blessed families should walk.

Blessed families have the destiny to restore love for God, the world, the nation, and the tribe, which Adam and Eve failed to develop due to the fall. Therefore, you are to love God above and beyond the nation and the world.

You are to love the world with the recognition that you first loved God; and to love the nation with the recognition that you loved the world; and to love the tribe with the recognition that you loved the nation; and to love your family with the recognition that you loved your tribe. After getting an acknowledgment from God that you loved your family, you are allowed conjugal love. You are supposed to love in this reverse way.

Disunited blessed families are self-centered families. Such disunity results from forgetting God's will. So a wife should say to her husband, "You should be able to love God before loving me; love the world with the recognition that you loved God; love the nation with the recognition that you loved the world; love the tribe with the recognition that you loved the nation; love the family with the recognition that you loved the tribe."

Blessed families shouldn't say habitual words such as "Love me only" or "You are mine." Whenever a wife has time, she should set up a very serious condition to make her husband not be a selfish man. A husband also should do the same to make his wife unselfish. They should help and lead each other with their utmost energy. The people who have the responsibility to give courage to each other and to lead or be led by each other are husband and wife -- the family.

Blessed families should love the world, nation and tribe more than their own families. And they are to love their relatives and fellow blessed members. If there's such a family, it will be recognized easily, even among the thousands of people and ten thousands of families. In the family where the husband and wife are completely one, the attitude of loving the nation, world and heaven is expressed naturally. In this way, the husband and wife should be one.

If a husband and a wife cannot find the nation which they must find, they should even separate to find it. If they are confident to find it together, they may also try that way. Otherwise, they will leave a condition of resentment and have to return to earth and cooperate with their offspring. Therefore, open the door for God, the world, and the nation to go through. Come down reversely. With such recognition from God, you should start. In order to do that, what matters is whether they fought for the world and nation in union or nor, and whether they fulfilled filial piety and loyalty to the nation or not.

Blessed families are to bear the dual crosses respectively, from the day of their Blessing. The man should be responsible for the woman's world as well as for his own world; and the woman should be responsible for the man's world as well as for her own world. They shouldn't leave any condition to be accused by Satan in this process. You should know that this is the way for blessed families to follow.

What is the instruction for the blessed families of the Unification Church? It is not to love Korea but to love the whole world centering on Korea. After loving the world, they are to make a family nest. In that way, the Kingdom of Heaven will start. The man without a nation is miserable. If there's no national sovereignty, people will be overturned by the enemy, even though there's so much love in the family.

In order for an individual to take Sabbath -- a holy day of rest -- the family foundation is essential; and in order for a family to take a Sabbath, they should indemnify the tribal cross. After establishing a peaceful site centering upon the tribal boundary, they can take rest. Therefore, in order to take Sabbath, you have to deal with the next higher level, which involves suffering.

The way that the blessed families should go after receiving the Blessing is not one which is for the sake of the Couples. For a couple to find the place for their Sabbath, they should work for the tribe first; and the tribe should exist for the nation before they feel they can take Sabbath; and the nation should exist for the world before it takes Sabbath.

In this respect, you should know clearly that the Blessing is not for your own happiness. You should have the conviction that the Blessing is so that you may represent the whole. When a couple with such an attitude forms a family, finally the family can go forward to the world level. What kind of place is the Kingdom of Heaven? Anyone who has been in a conventional church should listen to this very clearly the Kingdom of Heaven is the place for the people who love the world as they love their sons and daughters in God's position. What does that mean? You are supposed to love the world more than you love your spouse.

You should clearly determine whether to love your spouse more, or to love the world more, centering upon God's will. What should you do? [We should love the world more.] You all know that. A woman who can save the world even by sacrificing her husband is God's daughter, whom God can trust; and a man who wants to save the world even by sacrificing his wife is God's son. This is God's will.

Blessed families have responsibilities to fulfill from the very day of their Blessing. The responsibility is not to form a family, but to form a nation together. All the blessed families in unity should organize the new tribes centering on the new perspective of the world. In order to form a new nation, a new tribe first should be organized. The tribe should not be in disunity, but should be one unified tribe.

So the purpose of all the blessed families should be the same. Because there are few chosen families established in the satanic world, they are always in the position to be attracted by Satan. That's why they should always be internally strong enough to overcome the external pressure from the satanic environment. In order to surpass the external power of the environment, complete unity within the blessed families is vital. If they can become completely one, they will be able to overcome any satanic invasions. From such a concentrated substantial body, a new tribe which is free from Satan's invasion can be formed. Isn't it right that a new nation will come into being through the unity of such tribes? The blessed families are to go forward until they can embrace the world as well as the nation through their families. You cannot help but go such a way, even if you don't want to.

If you don't follow the way that the blessed families should go, you will not be able to live in the spirit world. You might misunderstand, and expect that you as blessed families will surely live happily in the spirit world; but the heavenly law is not established in such a way. Through the Blessing, you should become the core of honorable substance among the myriads of people in the world today. That is the original attitude, but there's nobody with such an attitude in this fallen world.

So many nations are scattered in the world. Because such nations are now the encampments of the enemy, you, in the place of God, should restore them into the realm of God's victorious guiding authority. Then you ate to stand in a position to return glory and praise to God. If you go to the spirit world without having been in such an original position, you will not find any place to take Sabbath. Therefore, you should pull your husband or wife and even your children, and have them cooperate in restoring the world. The families in such a position are the blessed families.

11. The Restoration Of The Family Level Canaan On The World Level

What is the difference between the Unification Church and other churches? Religion so far has been directed toward individual salvation. In other words, the perfection of human beings, or the perfection of the personality, was the goal of religion. But the Unification Church has been working for the perfection of families as well as for individual salvation. Religion advocating individual salvation required the sacrificial life of individuals, but the Unification Church, advocating perfection of families, claims that the requirement for the perfection of families is the sacrifice of families, centering upon God.

When the Israelites were returning to Canaan from Egypt, they didn't have families; they couldn't have families. The families at that time belonged to the satanic dominion in the providential viewpoint. That was the age for restoring the individual Canaan.

The Israelites entered Canaan centering upon individuals, not centering upon families; they were in an age to enter Canaan centered upon individuals. But now we are in an age to enter Canaan centered upon families. Therefore, all the families in the Unification Church are walking a course of restoration to Canaan.

Where is the Canaan of which the Unification Church talks? It is the castle of the earth, in which everyone can have a happy life. Canaan for the Israelites was limited to a certain area, but our Canaan is the world. The dimension is different.

In what kind of age is the Unification Church? It is in an age to develop the restoration of the family-level Canaan, which hasn't existed in history, onto the world stage. The modern age is an age of a great migration of families. That's why all the blessed families in Korea, Japan and the United States are moving around, like a multitude of Gypsies moving around the castle of the earth.... The Unification Church members are like Gypsies. They are not settling down yet.

We are now walking a 21-year course to restore Canaan. If we dash along in this period, indifferent to life and death, we will arrive in the worldwide Canaan and start paving the foundation there. Forty years later the whole world will be the peaceful Kingdom of Heaven. In the year 2000, which is 40 years after the initiating year 1960, the Kingdom of Heaven will be completely realized.

The Unification Church is in the worldwide restorational age of the family-level Canaan. Don't prepare a heavy bag for yourself. The heavier your bag becomes, the more you will lose. That's why Father ordered us not to buy houses until the end of the third seven-year course. It means not to make your bag too big.

Now you are not supposed to have your own belongings. All the things in the world should be claimed as God's before being claimed as yours. Next they are to belong to the True Parents, and then they will be bequeathed to you. Such an arrangement hasn't yet been established with an international standard. Unification soldiers are wandering about to save the nation. Unless you accomplish the whole purpose, your portion of land and ownership cannot exist. We will go through the same history as the 12 tribes of Israel, who couldn't divide the land of Canaan until they had restored the blessed land.

It was not until I went to the United States that I bought a house. Father didn't own a house in Korea. Father bought a house for the first time in the United States, because to fight without having a house is a dishonor to God there. After restoring the nation, we are to own a house. If you own a house without restoring the nation, you never know when it will be stolen away. Restoration of the nation is not enough. We are to restore the world. If you are just happy with the restoration of the nation, without restoring the world, you will never know when you will be invaded by the enemy.

You should determine to save the world at the price of Korea, even if Korea is completely restored and stands upright in front of God's will. After at least setting up the foundation in Korea to save the world, Korea will become the heavenly blessed land where you can take Sabbath. You should know that the Kingdom of Heaven will be established on earth after fulfilling the worldwide responsibility.

You should always live in the name of God and Father . . . Even though you feed your children with barley rice (humble food), you should be able to happily say, "Father! Our family will be the sacrifice if there's a way to save the nation." That is precious.

The Unification Church is working to create Canaan out of the Third Israel, so you should explore the entire peninsula of Korea. You should go out to the alien land while leaving an altar of blood, sweat and tears in your hometown, and return back. Unless you go out while leaving an altar, or God's promise, in the land where your disciples representing 12 tribes live, the nation of Israel will not be born when you try to return, and there actually will be no way to return.

That's why Reverend Moon has been leading such a course. Father can return home from the United States because there is a dominion of Israel with such an altar there. Father has struggled through a bloody course to make such an altar on the individual, tribal and national levels. Unless Father made the condition to return, He could not have come back. If there is a group of people who welcome Father with such a condition, they will be the ones who want to capture and utilize Father.

In order to establish such a realm of Israel in Korea, Father ordered all the blessed families to launch a "big movement."

Blessed families should go to the assigned land, because to look for Canaan from Egypt is restorational history. Therefore, all the Unification members who are in Egypt should sweep aside all the obstacles there and go forward to Canaan. Such a wilderness course is assigned to each person. I mean abandon your family first and march for Canaan. Go! Neither your family nor your house should matter. It is inevitable that you go. You'll see later why you have to go. I'll not explain in detail. The Unification Church in Korea is in a big national movement (migration); and it is moving to the world level.

Why does Father do that? Because God hates to see even a little trace of Satan. He doesn't want to see anything centering upon Satan. In order to destroy such a harmful Satan, God has to be severe. God will let you suffer much more than did the slaves in Egypt. While suffering, you shouldn't think of the life you had in Egypt. In the wilderness, you should think only about God's will. In order to lead you into such thinking, God attacks you. Father himself has been going this way.

The restoration course to Canaan is a course of battles. Father is leading the blessed families in the same way Moses led 600,000 people, which means that Father is fulfilling Moses' mission. Blessed families should be able to freely move left and right, up and down according to Father's direction. You shouldn't say, "I cannot go because of my son," or, "I cannot go because of my wife." If you do, you will perish. If you are ordered to go over the valley, you should do it willingly. If you are told to swim across the river, you should do it. To avoid drowning you should fasten yourself to the person already across the river by a straw rope around your neck. Even if you have to cross in this way, if you don't go across the river, you will die.

The Israelites perished because they didn't go across the Jordan River. What is the Jordan river? It is the borderline between God's dominion and Satan's dominion. In other words, it is the river of boundary.

Therefore, if a husband comes across the river first, he should pull his wife by the straw rope which is fastened around her neck. If she dies, you should have the determination to resurrect her by artificial respiration. With such a mental attitude, your family will be saved. Parents should know that it is time for their children to have the adventure of crossing the Jordan River.

Your family should be centering upon God's will, and you should be completely one with Father as a living example helping you to manage your collective life. Husband and wife, parents and children should be one in heart; and the family should be one with God and Father in heart and in will so that the whole family can go over the boundary when they hear the "last order." You are on the verge of such a moment. You should cross over the Jordan River at once when such an order is proclaimed. Wasn't it the same when the Israelites had to cross the Red Sea? At the very moment separated the waters, they had to cross immediately. If you miss that moment, you will perish.

We are in the restorational age on the family-level Canaan, moving to the worldwide level. The Jordan River lies across our path. You are to transfer your family to the victorious Kingdom of Heaven and the original home -- the place over the river. Such a responsibility is given to you. If you cannot transfer to the other side now, enormous resentment will remain.

Moses died looking at the Jordan River, didn't he? The first generation Israelites became the prey of eagles, didn't they? Such a history lies in front of us. Father goes this way at the risk of his life because he knows this.

There's no time for me to be sick or to take a rest. When my body is sick, I would sometimes wish to die right at that moment because it would be better to die while working for the Will than to die leaving the resentment of not fulfilling my responsibility on earth. l would at least be able to make a reasonable excuse for not fulfilling my responsibility in the spirit world; but if you die without fulfilling your responsibility, there will be no way to excuse yourself.

Today you've brought many children. Aren't they lovely? You should love God's will more than your children. In the past, Father left his child and wife for God's will. Even though Father had no food or money, God ordered him to go. God is cruel in front of the Will. If you think about your wife's suffering or child's misery, you cannot go forward.

Since Father has gone through such a course, you should at least have an attitude to go such a way, and even try to mimic Father. You are suffering even after the Blessing. If you suffer for the sake of the world, you, instead of the world, will get the blessing. You don't get the blessing in a comfortable bed, but the blessing will be given to a person bearing a cross of blood and misery. You are to take over the blessing at the summit of the family-level cross and at an intersection of life and death.

You should show a good example in front of your children by being a good husband or wife. You should be able to educate your children saying, "God is joyful when He sees the complete oneness of father and mother, so you should be like that, okay?"; and you are to prepare an altar for God to dwell inside your family. Then you'll receive the blessing. If you follow this, you'll never starve. There is limitless food all over. God is even feeding the satanic world. Do you think He will let the blessed families, who are determined to be loyal for God's Will, starve? Absolutely not.

There have been so many stifling accidents while walking the providential road, in fighting for the nation and the world. Father couldn't even talk with Mother or his children about those experiences. Many times I walked, dog-tired, like a crazy man. Whenever I walked like this, God helped me in unimaginable ways. That would make me keep on going.

You worry about your wife or your children, but the Will doesn't go that way. The Will is to save the tribe by sacrificing the family, to save the world by sacrificing the tribe, and to liberate hell by sacrificing even the world. With such a clear way to go, if worries for your wife or children prevent you from acting, you will die out.

The way for the Unification Church is to go forward centering upon God and True Parents, regardless of any difficulties and distress. The Israelites wandered about, losing their direction in the wilderness. Likewise, humankind is roaming about without direction in a desert like world. During a voyage, if a ship loses its compass, the sailors find their direction by looking at the North Star. Likewise, the Unification Church is the North Star for the people who have lost their direction for life in this desert-like world.

Father has set up the worldwide indemnity condition at the risk of his life. Father accomplished 95% of it, so you have to establish the remaining 5%. By fulfilling this responsibility, the Father-son relationship is determined, and the matter of entry in the Kingdom of Heaven appears. You have to register your name in the Kingdom of Heaven some day, right? The entry in the Kingdom of Heaven is not determined in the spirit world but on earth. The foundation for the entry is not yet established. Therefore, Father has to quickly prepare the foundation for the entry centering upon one nation. Otherwise, the world is to be destroyed. Have you registered in heaven? Many important matters remain for Father to deal with -- for example, making a distinct heavenly constitution. Therefore, internally Father is really anxious. There's no time to take a break, not even one moment.

When the family of a stepson becomes one with True Children, they can go over the completion stage in 7 years, which means they enter God's direct dominion. But the mission to restore the connected body of spiritual children, namely individual, family, tribe, nation and world, still remains. Blessed families themselves have the mission to restore the world. Therefore, they have to sacrifice until the world is restored. Father, instead of you, has been extending the representative foundation of the whole indemnity course into the family, tribe, nation and world in the third seven-year course. So you in the position of spiritual children, namely in the position of the families of stepsons, should serve True Parents with one unified heart in order to develop a worldwide standard. Then you will go over the worldwide completion stage dominion.

Until that moment, you shouldn't think of settling your family down in a safe place. We are still wandering about in the worldwide wilderness. It is not time yet to settle down in the land of Canaan. Therefore, even though your family settles down in a certain place, it is not an eternal settlement.

12. The Ones Who Will Be The Owners Of The New Age

The owner of the new age should be the international leader with a new ideology to go forward into the world, transcending nations. If Korea can do the job, she will stand in such an owner's position. We shouldn't want to work: just for Korea. We are in a big fountain-like position to control the world, so we should prepare all the requirements for that position. There are Cain and Abel in fountain- like positions. It is time for both sides to be united even though they fought from separate positions in the past. In order to make such a unity, we are to transcend national concepts and barriers. Otherwise we will be divided again.

Then what shall I do? Each individual should also become the sacrifice for the world. The families, the Unification Church as a tribe, and the whole nation of Korea all should become the sacrifices. This is the conclusion. And then to restore the whole spirit world, humankind should be the sacrifice. it doesn't mean that the three billion people all at once become sacrifices. It means to set up the condition to sacrifice the representatives of the world. Owing to such a condition, the spirit world will be liberated. Our job is such an enormous one. Unless you love your nation, you cannot love the world. What is the purpose of loving one's own nation? It is to love the world more. So far people didn't know that fact. The communists also didn't know. From now on if you don't know that fact, you will perish.

Father is a very cruel man. I don't feel good when I see blessed Couples cherish their children so much. They should let the children suffer. If their mission is done in Korea, they should let the children stand on the worldwide stage. When a sacrifice survives, all humankind and the spirit bodies will bow down to the sacrifice. The sacrifice who was put on an altar can meet the Lord and receive the blessing because of his or her sincere loyalty. If there's a nation resembling Isaac, who was once put on an altar but survived and finally received God's blessing, that nation will dominate the world. That's the fate of restorational history. What kind of person does history remember? A person who died centering upon an individual purpose cannot be remembered as a respectable example. A person who died for the family can be an adored model for many individuals; a person who died for a nation, centering upon a religion, can be an honorable model for the families; a person who died for the world in the name of religion can be a respectable model for the nation which is seeking after religion.


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