Blessing and Ideal Family

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon


Chapter 2 Part 4
The Providence Of Restoration Centering On Families

1. The Hope Of Fallen Humankind

Through the fall, the first human ancestors Adam and Eve created the fallen blood lineage. They were to become united with God in the unfallen world, the original ideal world of God's hope, and to give birth to sons and daughters with a direct lineage to God. However, they formed a relationship with Satan and became the head of Satan's lineage giving birth to dead children. Therefore, today all humankind has met false parents. Therefore, we must deny the blood lineage of the false parent and meet the True Parents.

The hope of fallen people is to meet God's son. Fallen people are grieving about being born as Cain's children and are wandering, searching for God's true son. We must find God's son. However, if we had to search out the individual-level son of God, family-level son of God, clan-level son of God, tribal-level son of God and national-level son of God, how much suffering would humankind go through?

For this reason, God sent the Messiah representing the national level son's realm. Therefore, the day when humankind receives this Messiah, they can also search out the individual, family, clan and tribal as well as national-level son of God. You should understand that the advent of the Messiah is to convey the joyful message that now we can discover the national-level son of God.

We, who are born of the fallen relationship, must meet the son of God, who will enable us to transcend the condition which Satan can accuse. After meeting the son of God, we must meet the parent. You have had fallen parents, but you have never had a true parent. Therefore, you must find a true parent whom God can love.

Then you must find the parent's family. After finding the parent's family, you must find God's love. If you have found God's love, then you will be able to meet God.

Likewise, fallen men should search for their brothers and sisters, their fathers, their mothers, "my house," and "my hometown," centering on God. You should understand the fact that humankind on this earth had to walk this path.

When the sons and daughters who can receive God's love become parents and form a family in which they love each other centering on God's love, then in the environment in which everything can be accomplished through family peace, they will automatically prosper, singing the song of love. Then, a God-centered tribe will also take form automatically.

However, because Adam lost that family standard, we must recover it through religion. Until we find the family, we cannot find the clan, tribe, nation or world.

What is the ideal, wish and hope of humankind? We can conclude the following: First of all, the greatest hope of humankind is to serve God as my Father. Second, it is to become the sons and daughters who can receive God's love; and third, it is to inherit everything God possesses. Humankind has no greater hopes.

What is happiness? It is the feeling of orphans when they find their parents after six thousand years. What can be a greater happiness?

Religion is to help find these parents. The parents you thought were dead for eternity are now able to live. If you find you have a means to discover if your parents are alive, you will not do anything else. Will you let your properties be an obstacle to finding your parents? Even if you had to put everything aside, you would invest all your sincerity in finding your parents. Isn't it so in this world, also? Are there any children who feel happy hanging onto their land or money when their parents are dying?

If the original parents centered on the original relationship can come to life again when you thought they were dead, then to pioneer that way you need to have sincerity beyond what can be expressed in words. You have to show your loyalty in the position of feeling heartbreaking sorrow and regret for the sorrow of heaven.

With this heart, you must prepare the way for your parents to come alive again. This is the way of a child living with filial piety. This is our responsibility. Therefore, we must not concern ourselves with this-worldly things, but must pioneer this way. We must not concern ourselves with the joys of this world nor its persecution. We must be able to go even the way of death. We must have a relationship of filial piety to pioneer this way.

2. The Final Goal Of The Providence Of Restoration

In what position will the unfallen Adam and Eve stand? They are the same as the substantial being of God. What family will be formed by Adam and Eve internally becoming one with God and externally becoming one with each other? This indeed is the God-centered family. And whose sons and daughters will those born in this family be? They indeed will be the sons and daughters of God.

However, Satan took Eve and even made Adam fall. Satan committed the crime when Adam and Eve were only sixteen years old. They were still in their teens, the time they yet did not know anything about love, nor what is good or bad. They came to form an unlawful love relationship, and where God was to dwell, Satan came to occupy.

God therefore lost His true son and daughter, to whom He wanted to give all His love. In terms of relationship between man and woman, we lost one couple centered on God. In terms of children, we lost the true parents. Through the action of the fall, we lost these three.

Then, how can we indemnify all at once these three shim jungs through the principle of restoration through indemnity and stand in the position which God can recognize? This is the problem. First of all, we must restore the standard based upon which God can love us as His true sons and daughters. Through this process, and when the time comes, a couple centered on God's love has to be formed. They must have children of goodness to form a four position foundation which God desires and from which God will be able to feel joy once again.

Although we human beings were created from God, today we are unable to act as God's sons and daughters. First of all, God cannot love humankind as His sons and daughters. God cannot love us, and we cannot receive love as God's sons and daughters. Second, we are unable to have a holy ceremony as sons and daughters receiving God's love; and third, we cannot form a family centering on God's love. If humankind were able to realize these three, then we would nor be as miserable as we are today. If these had been realized, the cultural benefits of today would have been realized much sooner. However, because humankind failed to do so, we have come the way of restoration and we are struggling now to reform the culture and make some other kind of world.

Therefore, we must search for a place where we can meet, a place where we can finally settle. The nations throughout the world must search for their original home country and the many tribes must search for their original parents. This has been the whole purpose of God's providence.

The goal of restoration is to restore Adam's family. God started His providence of salvation immediately after the fall of Adam and Eve.

However, Cain killed Abel and the providence of salvation centering on Adam's family moved to Noah's family. Centering on Noah's family, God planned to destroy all the people through the flood judgment in order to set up a family which was free from Satan's condition of accusation, and to form a foundation for the providence on earth. This was prolonged again to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, to the age of Moses, to Jesus and to our age today. Therefore, our final goal in the providence of restoration is to search for Adam's lost family.

For what has God been searching until today? He has not been searching for a subject. He has been searching for an ideal object. He has been searching for an object with the internal and external content of the world created through God as the model. What will be the base of this result? It will be a family. Nothing else but a family can represent the universe.

For what has God been searching throughout the six-thousand-year providence of restoration? What did He have to find before searching for a nation, tribe or church? It was a family. In other words, He had to find his reciprocal partner and a family. In order for a nation to be formed, there must be a family. Therefore, what is the origin of everything? It is a family.

Adam's family, which was the ancestor of humankind, was destroyed; therefore it must be restored. Jesus had to come as the unfallen Adam. Therefore, Jesus came as the second Adam. Because our first human ancestor Adam became a fallen ancestor, God sent Jesus as the unfallen true ancestor of humankind, in order to set up the original will. We must search for and find Adam's family centering on this true ancestor.

Why did Jesus come? He came to find a family. The history of salvation is a history of restoration. Because we became sick, we have to be healed. Jesus came to save fallen humankind. Then what is salvation? Because we lost our family, salvation is to find that family again. How can we do that? Unless we return to our original position, it is not possible. Then for what reason does humankind have to search for a family once again? Why did Jesus have to come to search for a family? It is because we lost our original family. Because we became sick, we have to be healed. In other words, because we fell, we have to be restored.

If we look at the Bible, it says that the first human ancestors fell. When the human ancestor fell, did he fall alone or with another person? (Two of them fell.) That is the problem. Even if there were a fall, if it were only one person, the problem would be simple. If only one fell, God as the Creator could have created another one.

The salvation of an individual, which the religious groups, especially Christianity, have had as their goal or as their faith, does not refer to individual perfection, but only to a primitive salvation which represents the start of one stage.

The goal of salvation is conceptualized as a base of one family. By the salvation of a family being the base, we mean a family which can lead the world and take responsibility for saving the world. To form a family of that realm of heart has to be the highest ideal in our life of faith.

What have all the religions throughout history been doing? Until now, religion has been searching for one man. Religions until now did not permit the concept of having a reciprocal partner. They did not permit something new. If you continue to go forward without having the concept of reciprocal partnership, you will perish. However, in the history of searching for one man, if you have reached the point of finding that man, then as the next step you must search for a woman. The movement which proposed to search for a woman was the Unification Church we have today. Therefore, what does the Unification Church do? It is a church in search of a family.

Until now, religion has been searching for an individual. Do you understand? If you find an individual and form a family, that family will became a clan. That family will become a tribe and then will form a nation. Therefore, that family, until a nation is formed, will become more and more united. The more sons and daughters, the more the family will be united. It will be united as hard as a stone of steel.

When this is realized centering on the providence of restoration, the movement in search of a nation has already begun; therefore, from that time on, everything will run a normal course toward finding a world. It must reach out to the world. A family centered on the providence of restoration must be formed first, and then a tribe must be formed. When a tribe is formed, the fortune of the world will start to change. History is now moving in that direction.

Religions until now have had the salvation of individuals as their goal; however, in our new age beginning now, the religion which God sets up and over which the world will be able to rejoice has to be one which can save families.

Therefore, if a man is saved, women will follow. And if all women emerge to indemnify, men will follow. It will be like that. When Eve fell, Adam followed her. Likewise, the man who believes in the woman's word even at the risk of his life will go to heaven. Also, the woman who believes in the man's word also will go to heaven. This way or that way, everything will lead them to heaven.

Therefore, woman should have man who will believe her at the risk of death, who will risk his own life for her; and man should have woman who can risk her life for that man. If those people appear, they will be God's sons and daughters.

The goal of religion until now was to save the individual. However, the Unification Church's goal is to save the family rather than the individual. We say that salvation should be of the family and that you cannot go to heaven alone.

The view of salvation in the Unification Church does not feature sending the husband to heaven and wife to hell. We make them both go to heaven. Also, we are not sending mothers and fathers to hell; we are telling sons and daughters to serve the mothers and fathers and to go to heaven together. The Unification Church is a religion which teaches the way through which you can take all your loving family and tribe to heaven. Therefore, the level is different from other religions. Religions until now have emphasized remaining single; however, the Unification Church lays importance on families. We go centering on families. That family is for the world and for God. This is the way which the members of the Unification Church should go, and the way which you should live your own lives from now on.

Transcending law, system, all environmental backgrounds and even transcending yourselves, the love of parents, love of husband and wife, and love of children tries to form a relationship which will be together eternally. There can be no social system which ignores this and a nation cannot be formed ignoring this. Therefore, the Unification Church does not hope for an individual church, but hopes for a family church. The Unification Church does not hope for the salvation of an individual, but hopes for family salvation The Unification Church does not make its goal individual salvation, but tries to fulfill family salvation. The Unification Church differs from Christianity in this point.

If we cannot find a God centered family, we cannot find a nation or a world; therefore, Jesus also tried to form a family which God could love on this earth. Therefore, Jesus as a bridegroom had to find a bride. Centering on a man, a true parent, true husband and wife and true brothers and sisters can appear. The marriage feast of the lamb is a prophecy that this will be accomplished absolutely. It is to receive the bride and the bridegroom.

What is the common goal which should be the final goal of all humankind? What are the common barriers through which all must go? It is not a nation or a world. It is not even the communist world or democratic world. Before the communist world, there had to be an original family. Before the democratic world, there had to be an original family which could found the democratic world. Where has there been the system, education or standard for this goal? This absolute standard has not appeared on this earth. Unless it appears, there can never be a peaceful kingdom, peaceful ideal nation or peaceful world.

Therefore, we hope that an ideal family, an original family, a family which we can meet and live with will definitely appear on this earth, and that the time will come when this family can share its fate together with human history. This way, the providential investment of God in this earth will be realized, which will be the beginning of a blessed land or a nest for settlement.

The family is the base where God's ideal can be realized and the base where the happiness of humankind can be realized. This is the position where the final work of man and woman will be finished and where God's work will be completed.

3. The Providence Of Restoration Centering On Families

Where is the original base from which God begins the salvation of fallen humankind? Is it a certain nation which has pride in its civilization? No, it isn't. Would God make a certain social system the center, saying it is the ideal system? No, He wouldn't. Then would God make a talented individual the center? No, He wouldn't. Then, what would be the center? You should know that the family is the base which can transcend all these things.

If God exists, God also has to find that family. Therefore, humankind has to qualify to pass through that gateway of family, raise the symbol of victory and move forward toward the world. An individual who can follow this principle and thought has to appear.

Restoration takes place centering on families.

The Messiah is the person who comes representing the Christian individual, Christian family, Christian clan, Christian tribe and a Christian nation. What that person has to do is something global. But the beginning is with a family.

Why will it start from a family? It is because all the incidents started from a family. In other words, it started from the family of Adam and Eve. The fact that we lost God, expelled the archangelic world, lost the world of all things, lost human value, lost human love -- all started from Adam's family. These all occurred because one man and woman met each other wrongly.

Therefore, how can we link all these together? A man and a woman must meet correctly. Who and who have to meet correctly? Is it God and man? It is not God and man, but man and woman who must meet each other correctly. Because everything was expelled by man and woman meeting each other wrongly, if a man and woman correctly meet each other, we can restore through indemnity.

In order for you to perfect yourself as an individual, you have to go through the course of restoring your family. When Adam fell, after the individual fell, the fall was completed by the fall of a family. Therefore, for you to perfect yourself, to become perfect by yourself is not enough. Your family must also become perfect.

From the Principle point of view, Adam and Eve originally fell from an immature position the completion level of the growth stage. we all know that when Adam fell, he did not fall alone but he fell together with Eve; in other words, they fell as husband and wife. This means that a husband and wife united and fell to the adopted child's position, servant's position; and servant of servant's position. We can conclude that in the course of restoration we cannot go up, searching for the child's position, without the husband and wife relationship.

An individual related to the providence of restoration does not end as an individual. The individual must link to a family. Why? This is because the fall was linked to a family. The motivation of the fall was in Adam and Eve as individuals, but them pulling that motivation into the family resulted in the involvement of the clan, nation and world.

Originally, Adam and Eve were to unite as substantial father and mother, completing a family which was God's ideal of creation -- in other words, completing an ideal family of love. However, this was not done. In order to complete this, Jesus had to come. When Jesus came, he had to greet his bride from the position of the bridegroom.

When Adam's position, which was to be perfected without falling in the Garden of Eden, can be restored, and when Adam and Eve can be united centering on that love, then the fall can never occur again.

You must know that God is the God who moves according to the rule of the Principle. Because Adam was lost, he has to be found once again from the satanic world. Because Adam was in the position to dominate Eve, but Adam made a mistake and could not fulfill his role as husband, Eve was taken by the satanic world. Therefore, we must find Eve once again from the satanic world.

If we can find Eve once again, will we not have to fight? God prepared the foundation of a nation, church, tribe and family. He prepared Joseph's family and Zachariah's family. Therefore, if Joseph's family including Jesus, and Zachariah's family including John the Baptist, became one, God's will would have been realized in a short period.

If John the Baptist had believed in Jesus, what would have happened? Also, if the sister of John the Baptist had become the bride of Jesus, what would have happened? If I say things like this, the Christians will oppose immediately. They will fuss that a problem has occurred. However, no matter how much they oppose, if they go to the spirit world, they will know that Reverend Moon was not lying.

Jesus, when he came to this earth, knew the historical fact that he had to find a bride in order to realize heaven. If Jesus had received a bride, what kind of a life would they have lived? Would they have fought and said they would divorce? This is only a guess, but I suggest they would have realized the most wonderful and beautiful family.

What was God's will? God's will was for Adam and Eve, after forming a base as perfected man and woman, to realize God's family centered on God's love.

However, was this family of God realized? No, it wasn't. Jesus knew this as God's will and he believed in it. However, because of the betrayal of the Jews, the base of four thousand years' history of the Israelites and Judaism, which was prepared for Jesus, was destroyed, and Jesus had to die miserably on the cross. Who until now was able to know Jesus' heartbreaking situation? No one knew.

Today, because this person called Moon came to tell you this story, you came to know. If this is true, how happy Jesus must be.

Jesus as a bridegroom must find the True Mother who will become the bride, or else it is not possible to complete God's family. Unless Jesus' family is formed, God's will can never be realized.

From the Principle's point of view, no matter how wonderful a saint is, or how much a person knows of God's will, he or she should not be alone. He or she should be a couple.

Centering on the prepared foundation, it was the ideal of creation and the ideal of restoration to prepare a family foundation. It was the hope of history spanning the providential ages.

It was the mission and purpose of religions to fulfill this hope of history and to cleanse all the miserable facts of history. And the family is the base of hope where Jesus, who came to fulfill that purpose, can settle down.

Through Adam and Eve forming a relationship of false love, evil resulted. Therefore, we must seek the lost result of goodness. Thus, the coming Lord of the Second Advent should prepare the relationship of a parent which Adam and Eve lost, uniting it with the heavenly side. The Lord of the Second Advent should link love through centering on God and form a foundation for the Blessing. Then the relationship with the True Parents will be formed and a family of goodness can start. Because Adam and Eve fell during the completion level of the growth stage and lost the foundation to realize a true family, the family is to be sought. That family can be found through relationship with the True Parents at the position of completion level of the growth stage.

If the Lord of the Second Advent comes to this earth and realizes the victorious realm of an individual and family, that family is not limited to one environment. That family will represent world Christianity. If a tribe is linked to this foundation, then that tribe will not merely be one tribe but will become a world tribe.

The center of a perfected individual, family, clan, tribe, nation and world is a family. Therefore, in the history of the providence of restoration, families such as Noah's family, Abraham's family, Jacob's family, Moses' family and Jesus' family were set up. At the center are not many families, but one family. It must be only one family which represents the clan, tribe, nation, world and universe. It has to be a family that is united centering on God's heart. I cannot yield on this point. We have to be superior as an individual and as a family.

What is the hope of history from now? It does not hope for a superior person or a superior nation. It hopes for a family standing in the realm of love which is linked to the universe. Only a family of that quality can prepare a foundation upon which God can rest, and only that family can forma new world. Only that family can bring eternal happiness to this universe. If we would like to relax in this kind of family, we will find a foundation of happiness prepared.

We are not moving forward with individual salvation as our goal. We should form a base for family salvation. The family becomes the base for the formation of societies and nations. Therefore, it must be a true family. True and true come together even if we try to prevent it. However, water and oil separate no matter how we try to mix them. The more we try to mix, the more they separate.

Thus, if a family can have an essential unifying element or unifying factor, then the formation of a clan will be possible through this model family. This family will be different from the families to which we are accustomed. It will be different from families which search for a new method by uniting and influencing practical social systems and world affairs. The model family will not try to blend with the environment or the society in which we live. It transcends them all.

Heaven and earth differ to a degree of which we have never dreamed. All people, no matter what their differences, desire to love and serve a laughing parent rather than a crying parent. Then, how can we live with and serve a laughing parent and laughing brother? A model family must center on a parent of all humankind and the world, and not on this-worldly couple or a parent.

If you come to form a true family centering on true parents and true children, the age of you Unification Church members will arrive, in which a base will be set up for you to become dominators. And from now, flowers of happiness will blossom along the way Unification Church members go. The reason I went on a world itinerary was to restore a family four position foundation. Through a world-wide family four position foundation we must restore what Jesus could not restore individually by forming a four position foundation centering on Peter, James and John.

This is why I prepared, centering on Korea, a horizontal family four position foundation with the United States, Germany and Japan. In other words, because I have already prepared a conceptual base for the world level Messiah, the Unification Church will never perish. Even if I die, the concept of the Unification Church has the enough power to subjugate the whole world.

What is it that the Unification Church is proposing today? The Unification Church proposes the family. This is a new family centered on a parent. Sons and daughters making their new start from this new family system must stand up, cleansed of their past.

The Unification Church way is not an individual way. It is a way to go as a family. It is a way to go forming a family together with the members. Do you understand ? A family member has a parent and brothers and sisters. If a member of the Unification Church cannot love the brothers and sisters with more than the brotherly love of this world, he or she is not being true to our ideal. That kind of person will receive indemnity. He or she will not be able to avoid it. Ultimately, that person will be pushed out. No matter how hard you try, you will be pushed out.

Then next, you have to move on to your families. Each family member will gradually come to have a family. There will be your brother's family, sister's family, your younger brothers' and sisters' families -- they all will form families. The time of you being an individual family member has passed. From now on, you have to act in terms of families. You rise to a higher level to go as a family unit through the Blessing. Then, which is more precious you as an individual or you as a family? You as a family. This was the hope of six thousand years of history.

4. Restored Families

When the Lord of the Second Coming receives a bride, the term "restored family" will appear for the first time. The restored family must be found again; it is the family all humankind hopes for. During the history of six thousand years, many religious leaders, who were sacrificed by the resentful power-holders and false politicians, hoped for the Lord to come and compensate their resentment. However, the attack upon the enemy cannot be done alone. If it were possible to do alone, they would have done it already. Therefore, a heavenly family has to appear. A heavenly family should appear and form a new footing on this earth. And with heart dynamite, it must burst the satanic world.

When we say restored families, who will be the center of these restored families? The purpose of God's creation, for which God has been searching, is a family formed by true sons and daughters.

Therefore, the center of the restored family should be God's true sons and daughters. Then who will that be? It is a person who comes with all the power to inherit this universe. That person is the Lord of the Second Advent. This Lord of the Second Advent has to come and form a family.

What is our resentment? It is that Adam and Eve could not form a true family as true parents in the Garden of Eden and start a new history. This was God's resentment before it was humanity's resentment. The purpose of God in creating humankind was to form this family and to build a kingdom of peace on earth. However, God continuously repeated the history of restoration instead, carrying this resentment for the endless course of six thousand years, because this family was destroyed. You are to know that during that course, God had to cross over so many paths of resentment forming history up until today.

The Lord of the Second Advent is the person who comes to take responsibility for and resolve that history. Then what does the Lord of the Second Advent have to do? He has to form a family. He has to form a family not in the air but on the earth. From there, a clan, tribe, nation and world will appear for the first time. When the Lord works to build a new heaven, he should not suffer the world with the authority of the second advent or with numerous steal windows. When the Lord of the Second Advent goes over the national level, we must prepare a foundation so that the world can turn at once. You must know that if we fail, the miserable history which Jesus had to go through on this earth may be repeated.

The coming Jesus must definitely form a family God desires. That family has to be a true family. Until now, humankind has been pursuing true love. False love after all is not good for the family or the society. Therefore, there must start one true family centering on God's love, love which all humanity can share in common, and centering on the greatest love, love for which all humanity hopes. Unless this family appears, we cannot form a tribe, and unless this tribe appears, a nation and a world cannot be realized. Therefore, the family is the highest standard of humankind and the highest standard of God's hope in the providence of restoration which God proposed.

What is a restored family? It is a substantial historical hope. God, for six thousand years until now, has been carrying on His providence in search of this one family. Where should this substantial historical hope be formed? It should indeed be formed in this present world, in this practical society. It should not be formed in the future. It should be formed now, in the present world. The time this family will be formed is the Last Days. This is the base of historical hope and the hope of all people living in the present world. It is the base of the hope of humankind living in the past, present and future. Many saints and sages who were born as human beings, who lived and went to spirit world, longed for this family.

The spirits which died for goodness -- for what did they become sacrifices? Many people of goodness died as sacrifices in order to become the fertilizer to support this one purpose. Therefore, when this hope is realized, the saints and sages who were sacrifices in the process of history will for the first time be able to receive the grace of God. The Bible talks about the crown of righteousness, the crown of love, and many other crowns. These are references to the grace of God. The central place where their descendants, living in this present world, can receive this grace through their ancestors is the restored family. Therefore, the people living in the present world believing in religions have to receive the Blessing through this foundation. A family which can resolve the historical resentment can resolve all resentments in this present world and can become the starting point for a new history.

What is the Unification Church members' hope? It is to become a restored family. Our hope is here; the origin of peace of the United States is also here; the base of happiness of all heaven and earth is here; and the base of our providence is also here. Also, the base of heaven and earth turning upside down, which begins the true heaven and earth, is here; the origin of all the value of life is here; and the beginning of hope is here.

Then, who is the center of the restored family? It is the true ancestors.The true ancestor is the parent.

Humankind, because they fell, can see a father and mother reborn. Can you see a father and mother born again in this world? Because of the fall, we can see it happen. It is an amazing fact. This is why Christianity teaches that we have to be reborn. We have to reenter the womb of a mother and be born again. But can we go into the mother's womb again? Because this is impossible, we have to be engrafted. We have to cut off our heads and graft Jesus onto our necks.

5. In Order To Become A Restored Family

You should know that Jesus came to this earth, externally as a King having the power to depose the satanic world, but internally as a parent.

In order for Jesus to act in his position as a true parent, he must set up a condition to become a true parent. But this condition cannot be formed with power. It is only possible through love. Then what kind of love is that? It should be love that is much bigger, deeper and wider than love in the satanic world.

You must know that unless Jesus proclaims, "Treat me better than you treated the king of the satanic world; treat me better than you treated your parents in the satanic world; and treat me better than you treated your husbands, wives and children in the satanic world!" we must conclude that Jesus is not qualified as the Messiah. For this reason, Jesus proclaimed, "Love me more than you love anyone else." The proclamation which determined the qualification for Jesus to become the Messiah was, "Unless all humankind living in the satanic world in the past, present and future loves me more than anyone else, they cannot come before God." Jesus could actually practice this, not just say it. He was able to love those who loved him that much. You must understand this clearly.

Then, how will it be? If we love Jesus more than we love the king in the satanic world, a road will be opened to inherit the royal power of the heavenly nation, and if we love Jesus more than we love our parents in the satanic world, then a road will open for us to serve our parents in God's nation. If we love Jesus more than our wife and children in the satanic world, then a road will open for us to love wife and children in God's nation, and if we love Jesus more than we love our husband and wife in the satanic world, then a road will open to love husband and wife in God's nation. Do you understand what I am talking about? If you love Jesus that way, externally you will be able to find everything and also you will be able to receive Jesus and God.

Jesus declared, "No one can become my disciple unless they love me more than they love anyone else." In that age, by such words, Jesus was as much as consigning himself to death by a person with a sword in front of other people. Isn't this too much to ask? If a husband who has a wife hears this, will he say, "Go and love Jesus," to his wife? No; he will threaten her, saying, "I will kill you if you go to him often."

Therefore, the most difficult position is the position of the Messiah. The most difficult work is the work of the Messiah. Raise your hand if you wanted to be a Messiah once. To my knowledge, those who say they want to be a Messiah are crazy people. You cannot become a Messiah by doing anything you like. Do you understand how difficult it is?

In order to find God's family, you must be able to stand up, rejecting satanic love. This is why Jesus said, "You must love me more than anyone else." He said, "You are not worthy of me if you do not love me more than your parents, husband and children, or wife and sons and daughters." But is that possible?

Jesus said things that would make people criticize him for being a dictator of love. Jesus told us these words because we have to transcend the love toward parents and children in the satanic world. If we are below that level, we can be possessed by Satan. Even if you become a minister or an elder, no matter how famous an evangelist you become, you cannot come out of the realm of satanic dominion.

Most religious people do not know this amazing fact. Especially the Christians, who are to inherit the traditional historical relationship, do not even dream of this. You must come to know how regretful this fact is.

The road for us to go in search of a family is not a straight road, but a rough one. Because all the twisting of history were caused from one family, in order to search for that family again, you have to understand that we have to overcome many rough paths of resentment over the tangled situations of history.

How can you become one of the restored families? You have to be related to the Unification Church. You have to practice the teachings of the Unification Church. What are the teachings of the Unification Church? They teach how to subjugate Satan. They are trying to expel Satan, who has been doing historically resentful things to God. In this teaching, there must be a content which has the power to expel Satan anytime in history, appearing before Satan saying, "Hey, you enemy Satan: step back!" Unless we have the power to subjugate Satan in this Satan-dominated world, we will never be able to unify this world. In other words, you cannot become one of the restored families unless you can prepare content which has the power to subjugate Satan and completely obliterate the fact that Adam and Eve came under satanic dominion in the Garden of Eden.

Today, what do the people believing in the Unification Church, or the people who know the will of God through the teachings of the Unification Church, have to become? They must have confidence to be victorious, winning every fight in history. Furthermore, these people have to have the personal subjectivity to move forward keeping loyalty, with the ability to subjugate this evil world no matter how evil it is.

The Unification Church has to take responsibility and restore the failures of the history of God, which has been retreating every time Satan and God fought. The members of the Unification Church have to become the people with that qualification. In the present world, democracy and communism are fighting each other. But even within that process of fighting, we have to be the qualified people who can step over, solve and be victorious. Only with a subjective power to stand up, dominating the age and not being dominated by it, can we qualify to link to the heavenly family.

What should we not forget in our daily social lives? The incidents that occur in your interpersonal and social relationships are the environment still hand cuffed to the enemy who maltreated God in the historical process. Therefore, you have to throw away all Satan's historical traps and become a person who has the power of judgment. In other words, you have to be careful not to be caught by the rope of Satan's accusation. In each word you say, in your living, in the work you do in society, you should remember that the environment surrounding you is the result of Satan's cumulative persecutions, attacks and insults to God over six thousand years. You have to become a person who will not fall down even in the midst of this environment.

Unless you can dominate Satan, you cannot link with the heavenly family. If you cannot be connected with the heavenly family, you cannot became a heavenly clan. If you cannot enter the realm of the heavenly clan, you cannot participate in the heavenly tribe, and if you cannot become a heavenly tribe, then you cannot join the people of the heavenly nation. If you cannot join the people of the heavenly nation, you cannot enter the heavenly kingdom, the kingdom of heaven on earth.

What kind of a world is the kingdom of heaven? Because this is an original world, an individual, family or clan which will be accused by the satanic world cannot enter. Therefore, members of the Unification Church from now on must unite their clan -- the individual, family and relatives. In other words, three generations must become one. If we look at Adam's family, Adam was one generation, Cain and Abel were the second generation, and the sons of Abel and Cain were the third generation. The three generations must become one. When we look centering on God, God will be the first generation, Adam and Eve the second, and Cain and Abel the third.

Jesus came as the second Adam and was to become the second ancestor of humankind. However, because the providence he was pioneering failed, Christ had to come again. Therefore, the Lord who comes again will come as the third Adam. This third Adam, in order to fulfill human history, must solve everything in history. Therefore, based on the three generations, you also have to form a family which Satan will not accuse. You have to know clearly that unless you can form such a family, you cannot be included in the heavenly realm of clan, nation and world.

What should a restored family be like? After loving all the people, all the nation, and by love transcending everything, you can rise one step higher as a restored family. Who is in the restored family? God is in the restored family. You have to be able to love this God. You must love God with love greater than that with which you loved the tribe.

6. The Principle Of The True Family And Religion Of The True Parents

History started from the struggle between Adam and Eve. It started from betrayal. God said, "If you eat you will die." But history started from a lie which seduced and made Eve eat secretly by saying, "This is all right to eat. If you eat, your eyes will open." There was a mistake from the beginning. For this reason, we have to go through so much suffering. In order to pay for our sins, we have to harvest according to what we have sown.

In the Last Days, the relationship between brothers will be cut off. In our human history, the way of heaven or the relationship of father and child was the center holding the world together. However, in the Last Days, these will be destroyed. What about mothers, what about children, what about wives, what about husbands! -- when everything is maltreated you know that it is the Last Days. If a murder such as a parent killing their own child happens, it is the Last Days. If a story of an elder brother killing his younger brother is heard in all directions, it is the Last Days. If the concept which stressed that brothers are one, or that parents and child are one, or that husband and wife are one, changes to a way of thinking which considers beneficial only something for oneself, it is the Last Days. Because that was sown through the fall in the Garden of Eden, these phenomena are occurring throughout the world. Soon the time of harvesting the fruit will come, but isn't it time now to harvest? This world should not continue to flow like this. Therefore, the time to harvest all this has come.

Through the relationship with the fallen parents, we inherited the tradition which separated from God, and the world ended up in this situation. Therefore, True Parents have to come and set up a new principle. What kind of a principle would that be? Will it be worldism? Universalism? It is the principle of true family. If the principle of the true family does not appear, the principle of world peace will not appear. The representative of this principle of the true family has to be a true son of God. He is the internal inheritor of all the heartistic elements of God, the inheritor of the external world, and the inheritor of the possession of all things. In other words, he is the person who can inherit the heart and body of God, and who can inherit all things. This son can for the first time be a representative of God. When this son appears, heaven is realized for the first time.

What is the principle of the true family? The principle of the true family is a principle of God's love. Isn't it simple? If you do not have love, even if you walk around boasting that you are number one in the world, you are an unhappy person. Do you think so, or not? The principle of the true family is a principle that the sons and daughters will eternally follow the parents when the parents move. It is a principle that makes the younger brother eternally follow the elder brother and the elder brother eternally follow the younger brother. Therefore, when there is a younger brother's nation, the elder brother's nation will follow, and when there is an elder brother's nation, the younger brother's nation also has to say it will follow.

What is the principle of God's love? It will transcend the national borders, will transcend every horizontal world, and in the act of giving and receiving, will always try to give first and receive later. The world following principle is the ideal world to come. The ideal world is not a world which will shout out, "You guys." An ideal world is one with a principle of the brotherhood of all people. Here, people's hearts will automatically move to harmonize with God's love. This world will be like that from now on. Therefore, a true family must appear.

A savior is the Messiah. In the Messianic thought, there is the word "Savior." If you ask those people who believe in Christianity whom they believe, they will answer that they believe Jesus. But will they say that they believe in the family of Jesus? And if you ask those people who believe in Buddhism whom they believe, they will say they believe in Buddha. But will they say that they believe in the Buddha's family? Have you ever heard of people saying they believe in a family?

However, from now on, a religion of that nature must appear. A religion of a salvific family must appear. That is the religion of the True Parents. This is a living religion of the True Parents who form the four position foundation. In that case, the father and mother become the savior of the family's sons and daughters. Isn't that so?

If you look at the very end of the Book of Revelation, the history of restoration is written. This is why the Bible is great. Because there was a rule of restoration, it was written in the last chapter of the Bible. If you look at the Revelation to John 22:17 it is written, "The Spirit and the Bride say, 'Come.' And let him who hears say, 'Come.' And let him who is thirsty come, let him who desires take the water of life without price." Do you understand what the Spirit and the Bride represent? The bride is the wife of the Lord and the Spirit is a spiritual being. Therefore, from here, a mother with both spirit and body has to appear. Jesus, as the father of humanity, is a man, so he must find a mother from among women, save her and together form the new world. The Christians do not know this. Even if I tell them I will teach them, they will say no. It is amazing because they call me a heretic instead.

What kind of a principle is universalism? It is the principle of the True Parents. These two principles are, after all, the principles of the parents. This is the principle of our family, our nation, and the principle of each of you individually. If man and woman had not fallen, whose principle would this world have followed? It was to have been the principle of Adam. That principle of Adam was indeed the principle of True Parents. It is the principle of father and mother. No other principle is possible. Therefore, the Unification Church has to link the heartistic problems with the principle of heaven centering on the concept of True Parents within the boundaries of the original ideal family. If the relationship of a family systematized by this concept is remaining, the Unification Church will not perish. It shall not perish.

What is universalism? Imagine if your family were overflowing with gold and silver jewelry. Instead of being intoxicated with that jewelry, you are able to forget about the jewelry and live constantly intoxicated with the love of God -- when we talk about families, it is this kind of a family. What belongs to the son belongs to the parents, and what belongs to the parents has to be returned back to God as belonging to God.


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