Blessing and Ideal Family

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon


Chapter 6 Part 4
The Mission Of The International Blessed Families

1. Internationalism Centering Upon God

The Unification Church holds mass wedding ceremonies. Marriages are arranged between different nationalities or between different races with different skin colors, transcending ethnic backgrounds. In the United States, which is a land of severe racial discrimination, white people are prejudiced against getting married to black people. Interracial marriage is only possible centering upon God-centered internationalism -- Godism which transcends ethnic and national barriers.

I mentioned this in America. Unification Church members belong to the "love race." What kind of love race is it? They are the race unified and connected with God's love. If this race grows, what will they be? They will be a love nation. The population of Korea is 40 million now. If the population of Unification Church members surpasses 40 million, their power will exceed Korea. Their donation will exceed Korean taxes. For them the Unification Church has more value than their family, society and nation because the Unification Church is their true Fatherland of their faith and Motherland of their mind. Furthermore, they are the love race and love nation closely connected centering upon God. Only Godism -- namely, one internationalism or brotherhood centering upon one God as parents -- exists here.

Generally internationalism means to see the world as one nation and all humankind as compatriots, but the internationalism the Unification Church is talking about transcends all the walls from the family level. It is an "ism" to establish one world with one God as parents and all humankind as full brothers and sisters. Isn't it a fascination-ism?

Because the Unification Church has such an ideology, this movement is rapidly extending to the worldwide level.

Basically we have two kinds of love. One is humanistic love and the other is God's love. These two should be harmonized well to become one love.

A circle revolves centering upon one point. When this circular motion returns to the central point, it cannot help but move again out of the center. To naturally rotate in and out means that there are no obstacles blocking the way. The central point of this circular motion is the core of the movement. In order to take this central position, the Messiah is to come. Heavenly love initiated from the core -- the Messiah -- can move outward.

So far, the ideal world harmonizing human love and God's love has been considered a mere ideal existing only in a dream world. The Messiah is the one who will actualize the impossible into the substantial. And this is at hand. The Unification Church was born to accomplish this purpose. Reverend Moon's utmost contribution is to bring all humankind together under a common goal and to realize one harmonious ideal centering upon God's love.

The quickest shortcut to bring the unity of the races is international marriage. A man and a woman selected from two totally different cultural and environmental backgrounds are to become one with the love of God. This is complete harmony and unification.

We are to realize such an ideal. In order to accomplish a great work, we should find the gigantic power of love. Such a great power only comes from the utmost power of love. That is not the love played fast and loose with societal and environmental changes. Only the utmost love can transcend the boundaries of nationality, race, culture and knowledge.

In human history, myriads of races and nations have fought each other as enemies and been divided. Father wants to resolve this. Let us pioneer a new heartistic connection. The Unification Church is to break down the national barriers through the international mass wedding ceremonies and to raise rapidly the heartistic indemnity foundation.

Let us jump from hell on earth to he palace in heaven by making this kind of marriage a stepping stone.

You can meet freely, but you cannot separate as you wish. It is a miracle that a man and a woman meet among a large number of people; so to meet is not easy. Moreover, meeting in the Unification Church is related not only to earth but also to the eternal heaven. You are to enter not only the providence but also heaven. It is a dual miracle that you meet in the providential history. Generally, a white gets married to a white, but why Is a white woman married to a black man? A waterfall cannot flow upside down. Father thinks it is done correctly even though secular people think it is done backwards.

A white woman whose mind is broad enough to accept a black husband will give birth to great sons and daughters. You are to embrace each other

In the same manner as a hen embraces her chicks. When two people digest each other's complicated life contents, they make a beautiful harmony. As a result of digesting each other, you will grow bigger and bigger and you'll have great hope for the future

If a British woman becomes a queen through an international marriage with a Japanese man, Britain will be able to get aid from Japan when she is in difficulty. The way for a country to be prosperous can also be found in an international marriage. The world can become one from now on. It is possible. No one can swear that such a unity will not happen.

2. All Humankind Are One Brotherhood And One Family

When people resurrected through the Principle become one, transcending the nation and the world, they are one brotherhood. Then white, black or yellow races won't exist. The skin color may be a little different because of climate and environment, but the bone, skin, blood and mind will be the same.

For example, let's look at pine trees. As they move from the extreme arctic regions to the temperate regions, trees become different. They vary according to their environment and history. Let's also look at bears. The bears at the North Pole are white to protect themselves in an environment which is white.

The white race, like white bears at the North Pole, have to be white due to the environment, because the protective color is white.

The white race is like white bears at the North Pole while the black race is like the black bears in the temperate zone. That's the only difference. Can the bears discriminate against each other "because you are white" or "because you are black"?

If the white race has this idea, they will lose the game numerically to the black and yellow races, because whites are only one-third of the whole population. If they have such an idea in this specific era when the communists are at the height of violence, they will be a definite target of attack. Therefore, this idea must be cleaned out as quickly as possible.

Five different races -- Asian, Hispanic, white, black, etc. -- are here. What color or hue would appear if we mixed all the races? Any color is okay with us. The Unification Church transcends race.

So many kinds of flowers blossom in the spring. No painter can exceed a flower in expressing its beauty. We cannot compare the value of a real flower with that of a drawing of a flower. Regardless of color -- black or white-flowers are all beautiful. When we mix seven colors, they become one.

If give and take is performed evenly and fairly between different entities, unification will be brought forth. White symbolizes peace, which means reconciliation with or compromise. Originally, the white race symbolizes the race which can bring about peace, but they didn't fulfill their responsibility.

The white race have been meat-eaters. Their white skin color was protective. Originally, they lived in the Scandinavian peninsula and the North Pole. They survived by hunting on ice and snow. They didn't do farming, but instead ate meat. That's why they have the nature to attack other nations.

But blacks used to eat fruit or plants in the southern area. They have been invaded a lot but they invaded others less. Instead, their daily work was to eat and play. Because they had enough food for survival, they weren't greedy. The time will surely come for blacks to be blessed if they have absolute faith in God.

The whites didn't have any other way to eat except by hunting, so they hunted and invaded others. God called them because He needed the white people's role in the restorational process. Due to the Christian faith, the whites became international, but the blacks shouldn't be disappointed. Even though they are proud of themselves, the whites have a record of invading other nations. On the other hand, Easterners have a religious inclination. While eating fruit, they think.

With respect to races, inferiority or superiority doesn't exist. Color counts for nothing. What matters is how in a fundamental sense we can come closer to the historical tradition and God.

All should become one. The Unification Church holds international marriage ceremonies. Westerners are married to Orientals; marriage with no regard to race is the most beautiful scene in human history. The problem appears when we cannot transcend racial barriers. These marriages will be seen as truly great 10, 20 or 30 years from now. Humankind will perish without such international thinking. Human beings are brothers and sisters centering upon God. There's no excuse for all of us not to be one in front of God.

There are many people with different nationalities in this room. If someone says, "I'm not interested in a black or a yellow spouse," he or she is opposing God, because God wants to make all races one. Therefore, if someone says, "I'm not interested in other races," he or she won't go on a path parallel with God.

The mass wedding ceremony is one of the most remarkable international activities of the Unification Church. Through marriage, Father implants an idea that we are one people. God's nature and His blood are in blacks. Asians and Africans have one mind. Blood is continuously circulating throughout the whole body. Blood is circulating even between the smelly toes; likewise God's blood is circulating in all the vessels of humankind. The Unification Church holds international marriages to break down the walls of the world. When we can go into every country without restriction because of these international marriages, the walls which were high and strong will be destroyed. Love is the most powerful force. There was the 118 Couples' mass wedding ceremony in England, and most of them volunteered for an international marriage. As such a movement expands, the world will become one naturally.

A black marrying a white was considered a sin in the past, but the two extremes becoming one is in line with God's ideal. We are doing such work. When whites are ordered to look for ideal spouses, if they choose black people as their ideal spouses, their nation will prosper; and such a nation can be the Kingdom of Heaven. Nobody except Father and the Unification Church can initiate such a work. God wouldn't complain about the disappearance of the white race. God would be happier if He could find genuine human nature instead of a genuine white person. Our families should be able to follow the viewpoint of God's will.

Black members may be hesitant when they enter white society; but after knowing God's will, they should stick out their chest with pride and without any shyness.

This is a story about a German sister. At the Blessing, she asked to marry an African. Racial discrimination still exists in American society, but she married an African in order to understand the meaning of true love. She thought of God's concern, regardless of the prevailing social views. To have such a mental attitude is to feel keenly God's will and His love. The mind to look at everyone as part of one's family has great value.

We know how difficult building the Kingdom of Heaven is. The Kingdom of Heaven cannot be established by a general and ordinary method. Without having the conviction to sacrifice oneself for the sake of the whole by knowing God's heartistic situation, we cannot build the Kingdom of Heaven. When we act with such conviction, God has to help and bless us. Eternal happiness lies in the person with whom God always dwells. Therefore, the conclusion is that God's love and eternal happiness are with the person who wants to establish an eternal Kingdom of Heaven. Eternal happiness exists centering upon an eternal ideal.

3. The Meaning Of The International Mass Wedding Ceremony

The power of love is greater than that of atomic bombs. Love resurrects a man with new life, but an atomic bomb just kills a man. It brings not creation but judgment and destruction. The United States and the U.S.S.R. possess atomic bombs which can destroy the earth tens of thousands of times; but they cannot bring forth world unity because atomic bombs are weapons which kill, having nothing to do with love's power to endow people with new life. True love, not the force of arms, is absolutely necessary for the unity of the world. Temporary unification is possible by force but it would be like living on an active volcano -- we would never know when it was going to erupt.

Members of the Unification Church are trying to realize world unity through the weapon of love. One of the activities for this is the international mass wedding ceremony. When a husband and wife from different racial backgrounds try to understand each other's situation and environment and establish a successful love relationship, the world will be one.

When minorities can receive equal benefit from the system and from the civilization, and when advanced nations supply the less advanced nations with techniques, loving to help them be economically independent, instead of exploiting them, humankind will eliminate war and starvation. Because God's love can blossom and bear fruit to establish the Kingdom of Heaven on earth in such an environment, the Unification Church focuses on such activities. A person whose faith in God is absolute can win the victory. We should go over the racial level and finally overcome the whole world with this thought. This is why the Unification Church claims that the five races should be one in the future. Because God's love is one, interest and affection cannot differ wherever God created land. Interracial marriage is a symbol of God's love and will. Love is considered not to have any national boundary, even by the secular world. How much more is it true in God's dominion? It is fundamentally different from the tragic connection of love made by the his tory of force. God's love doesn't just seek individual well-being and benefit; it is a devotional way of love, for the world and all humankind.

Love is the invisible order, peace and core of happiness which promotes the public good at the worldwide level. It is also a public asset and a symbol of God's love and His will.

A new kind of race is being established in the Unification Church. Under the principle that all humankind is of equal value to God, a transcendent race is forming. Unificationists are composed of all races including American, Korean, Japanese, German, African, etc., but they work with the same purpose, which is to establish one world. If five races fight each other, not overcoming the racial walls, then even if we claim to work for God, God will not be with us. Because Father knows that God doesn't like to see such discrimination, he mixed all five races and let them work on the same team. Father knows God's providential desire for one world, so he organized such a combined team in order to break down the racial walls. If Unificationists don't overcome the racial walls, they will not be able to gather together all of humankind, which includes differing histories and cultural traditions.

How can Father bind all the Unificationists into one? To bind them with rope is not complete; neither is it complete to bind them with money, authority or ideology. The only way to bind them is through love.

To bind them in love is the Blessing. And it is not the blessing between a white and a white, rather it is the blessing between a white and a black or a yellow. Likewise a yellow is to be blessed with a black or a white. This is the rope of love. If black, white, and yellow are bound by a rope of love, the children will be different colors, but surely one race. If the ancestors are black and white, there will still be a possibility for a black child to be born out of a white and a white marrying in the future. In spite of parents being white, they will still have black genes in their blood from the mixed blood of their ancestors.

The whites are excited to get married to blacks and Asians. Who made this possible? Did Reverend Moon make it possible? True love did.

Let's imagine that a white woman who is married to a black or a yellow person gives birth to twins; if the twins are a black and a yellow, what will God's heart be when He sees her family? Will He say, "They look ugly so I'll not visit your house," or, "How beautiful they are! I'm so happy with your family"? A white mother giving birth to black and yellow babies would be the most beautiful scene on earth. It would be the utmost beauty that human history ever created. It is most beautiful to see a white butterfly, a red spotted butterfly, and a yellow butterfly together fluttering around a flower. This is the same principle.

One love star s where one mind gathers. Love can visit where minds becomes one. First of all, we should make an environment where love is cherished. Therefore, wherever the mind goes, love follows. The Kingdom of Love is possible when the father's mind and the mother's mind are one in a family.

The Kingdom of Heaven comes earlier to the family of a white and a black than to an all-white family because the united mind of whites can establish the family-level Kingdom of Heaven, but it is still far away from the worldwide Kingdom of Heaven. The way to the world level opens for the united family of a white and a black. Therefore, the Kingdom of Heaven will be established first in an internationally married couple. Two-thirds of the divorce cases in the United States are caused by women. Woman fell first by Satan's temptation in the Garden of Eden. Without women nothing can be done, so they need true education. Such an education has not been given successfully by any prominent scholars or religious leaders. In such an age, international marriage is a topic of discussion not only in the United States but in the whole world. Unificationism is enabling people to engage in international marriages which transcend racial walls.

The Unification Church appeared in order to solve all the complicated world problems of the different cultural and environmental backgrounds. So you as a representative of the world should be able to solve all difficult matters through bearing a heartistic cross. In that sense, an internationally married family is greater than any other family. God's love will visit the successful international married Couples. Because those families bear a family level cross for the world and they represent the honor of the Unification Church, their way is to be solemn and grave. There will be a day when the people who are married to the same race will have to congratulate the internationally married Couples with gifts.

Our sisters! Wanting to get married only to whites is satanic thinking. Even though I'm Korean, my perspective is not limited to Korea. I'm the one who first thinks of the world. We have to set up such a tradition. If five races in the transcendent religion become one in love, the new morning of utmost glory, which God desires, will dawn.

Nowadays many members of the Unification Church participate in international marriage, transcending national boundaries. There are many Couples who cannot communicate with each other because of the language barrier; they are willing to invest all of their lives and youth. For whom do they invest their precious youth? The world is blocked up by the national barriers, so they want to break down those walls. By walking such a suffering course earlier than others, we are to establish God's foundation, on which all the races and nations can be united. If a person accepts such a course with gratitude, he or she will be considered a victorious one, historically and universally.

In order to overcome racial war and sexual corruption, we held an international mass wedding ceremony.

Father is in the position to represent myriads of nations. That's why Father sends Korean men and Korean women out to the world by means of an international Blessing. This is the best way to love the world.

Korea is groping for progress in the realm of international competition; likewise the Unification Church should embark on the international stage in order to establish a cultural realm centering upon the new Unificationism. We have a mission to establish subjective love for the new world. That's why our marriage ceremonies are held internationally.

From now on, all of your close relatives will try to serve Father. At that time, I will visit the internationally-married Couples, First because they are the ones who accomplished the heartistic revolution.

4. The Difference Between Eastern And Western Culture, And International Marriage

What is great? (Love!) Really? (Yes!) That's right. Then, where's such love? Is love vertical or horizontal? (It is vertical!) Then, is love the power of spiral motion or the power of linear motion? (It's the power of spiral motion!)

Therefore, there is also horizontal love as well as vertical love. Then, which is first? (Vertical love is first!) Why? Centering upon the nose two halves of a human body are identical.

Westerners write horizontally from left to right, but somebody started to write vertically from top to bottom in order to connect heaven and earth.

From where will the world become one? When Western thought starts moving around, centering upon Eastern thought, the world can be one. This cannot be actualized by Westerners moving to the East; it should be started by an Eastern man trying to make Westerners one.

You as Westerners are trying to follow and to be one with Father -- an Oriental. This is a phenomenon happening for the first time in human history.

Westerners thought "day" is always with them. Now they are scared because "night" is approaching them. But "night" surely must come, in order to make a full turn so that a higher-dimensional life style can be opened.

Light and darkness exist to make harmony. A person who is ignorant of such a fact doesn't know art. What is God's ideal art work? If there's fighting between white and black, masterpieces cannot come into being.

The white person who only prefers another white person is the same as a picture painted with only white paint. Can it be a masterpiece? From this perspective, all five races are necessary. When the background of a picture is multi-colored, the picture looks more beautiful than the picture with a mono-toned background. In order to make a picture look three-dimensional, various colors should be harmonized.

The Oriental's face and Occidental's face are created in a way complementary to each other. The Occidental's nose is high but the Oriental's is flat. When Occidentals try to kiss, they have to tilt toward the side in order not to bump each other's noses. But it is possible for an Easterner and a Westerner to kiss straight because one nose is high and the other is flat. That is why God also wanted Easterners and Westerners to create harmony in relationships with each other. Therefore, Father encourages international couples, that look more stylish and are closer to a round shape, which can make it easier to revolve around.

Why do I like that? It is because the principle of heaven and earth is so. We should make East and West completely one by solidifying the foundation of love which cannot be separated by any national power. That is the way for the Unification Church to be eternally remembered in history. The world will automatically become one if such a foundation is established.

Do you like flat lands or mountains? There is harmony and mystery in a mountain. We easily get tired of looking at flat land. Then is the white race closer to flat land or to a mountain? Western civilization is low, which means to be closer to the flat land. Why do Americans like words starting with "anti"? It shows the inclination to go higher by using new and opposite methods. If we examine American culture closely, we will find this to be commonplace.

But Eastern culture is deep, lofty and mysterious. Westerners have great difficulty understanding Eastern culture, even though they study so much about it. They don't know about Orientals. When Westerners conflict with each other, they try "grappling." They separate "high" from "low" by fighting, but Easterners do it by contemplation or thought. When something is going wrong, they just wait and see it through with patience.

Therefore, it was inevitable that the Occidental civilizations, which tend to favor war, absorbed Oriental civilizations by initiating wars. The white race initiated many of the world's wars. They were the hunting race, eating the bears near the North Pole. Such a race has been leading the history of wars in world cultural history.

When two objects in a relationship become one, strong power is produced. There's a saying that when women gather together, they totally stir up the village. But when a man and woman become one, unprecedented power will manifest. Likewise, when East and West, having completely opposite natures, can become one in love, they will be eternal. That's why nowadays we can see the tendency of Occidentals to imitate the Orient and of Orientals to have affection for the Occident. When cold water and hot water run into one, it explodes; likewise, when an Oriental lives in the West, and when a Westerner stays in the East, they feel very stimulated. Therefore, future marriages all should be international. In managing such events, Father became a standard-bearer for the world.

5. Opening The Age Of International Marriage

I blessed Japanese, Americans and Germans this time. Originally, I wanted to bless some Japanese in 1967, but I couldn't. So I blessed Kuboki as a representative of Japan in the 430 Couples' Blessing in 1969. At first I blessed Japanese, next American, and then I let the anchor of Blessing land with four nations centering upon Germany. Therefore, you should know that a victorious foundation, with representatives of the world's nations setting up indemnity conditions, has been established.

Because I had to establish a world-level foundation, there was an international marriage among 10 different nations after the 430 Couples' Blessing.

The 36 Couples' Blessing was to mark the victory over all the failures of Christian history. It had a mission to revive the central thought of Christianity.

The 72 Couples' Blessing is to bind Cain and Abel in a unified form. The 124 Couples are the representative forms of the world. The 430 Couples were blessed in the very year in which Korea became 4,300 years old. This Blessing established a condition for any Korean who believes in God to go to the Kingdom of Heaven. From that time on, the door of the general age instead of the specific age opened. This taught us that people from all parts of the world are one brotherhood. Father blessed 43 Couples from many nations in the world in 1969; this Blessing had a meaning similar to that of the 430 Couples' Blessing in Korea. The age of international marriage opened after the 430 Couples' Blessing. Through your international marriage, you are to be the families of the world instead of focusing on each other.

The age of the international wedding opened after the 777 Couples' Blessing. There was the 320 Couples' matching ceremony in England; only two percent of the candidates were matched to the same nation (English to English). Young men and women from 27 nations were matched internationally. The mass wedding will be known as the "integration wedding," which is to match people as independent heavenly entities, regardless of nationality, or financial or social background. When the age of opposition to the Unification Church passes, the age of the "integration wedding" will come.

Whoever suffers the most will receive God's blessing. You have the form of an individual but you are not a mere individual. You should live as a representative of God, transcending the individual dimension. A person who lives for the society and the nation is called a loyal subject; and a person who lives for the world and humankind is called a saint. Working for yourself counts for nothing. The result of self-centered action will be fallen and rotten, having no meaning, like the fallen leaves of autumn. A person who works for the whole purpose will be eternally remembered as a champion, a mature fruit in society.

This time everyone was blessed internationally. In order to restore the world, you should have a universal feeling, transcending any national feeling or thought. That's why everybody received an international blessing. Father felt joyful because the Couples were happy. So Father asked them what they can do for Korea. They answered that they can do anything.

No Asian man in human history has done such work in Europe. We can feel the awesome power of the Principle.

If Korea is the champion nation, which is the object nation? It is Japan. That's why many Japanese members want to get married to Koreans, who are the ones closest to Father. They are digging into Korea. International marriage automatically becomes a great success because it is the only way. Why? Because it is the shortcut to heaven.

We are to organize the victorious dominion of the individual, family, tribe, nation and world from the remnants of the satanic world. I plan to arrange many international marriages this time. If that happens, people will be able to change their concept toward the other nations, going over national barriers and limits. There was a matching among members from 27 different European nations; only two percent of the people were matched to the same nation. Others were matched to unexpected partners. Some had language barriers, and some were matched to an enemy nation; but everyone was joyful. Difference in customs might have made them a little awkward, but it was no problem. So the wedding became a topic of interest among the European nations. People started a rumor that Reverend Moon escaped from the United States to England; but actually he gathered European young men and women and arranged their marriage. The members were matched to persons of whom they had never even dreamed. But they were so happy, even though they were matched to total strangers, because Father led them. Outsiders may wonder about those young people!

6. The Mission Of The International Blessed Families

It is unprecedented that you crossed over national boundaries and gathered here. Father made it possible for you to go over the national boundaries; it is a great achievement. For example, England and Germany were enemies during World War Il. But by marrying a young man and a young woman from those countries to one another, a historical phenomenon of give and take with love took place between those enemy countries. Even though they cannot communicate completely with one another, when they look at the babies born out of their base of love, both will feel the same joy. From this point, the heartistic dominion of unification is binding people together from all over Europe; this is an amazing fact.

The language and life style of the people from five oceans and six continents cannot be understood easily, but the international marriage which went over the historical walls became a landing base for God and True Parents on earth. It is a great task. A doctrine of the Unification Church is to live for the sake of others; this is the idea of sacrificing oneself for the sake of others. In this world dying from selfishness, a crowd of proud individuals gathered in front of Heavenly Father -- the grand Subject of the Universe-and determined to live for the sake of the family, nation, world and cosmos. The battle cry of the crowd which is determined to break through all the layers of crucifixion is ringing throughout the world. This is a revolutionary and epoch-making song of which to be proud.

For what did you cross your national boundary? Why did you come to Korea, leaving your culture, land and parents?

God's providential goal has been to find an original husband and an original wife. Therefore, you came to meet your true husband or true wife, for whom your original mind has yearned, separating from the satanic national foundation. A true man and a true woman are to grow through their close relationship with the True Parents. In other words, you came here to serve the True Parents. You are not here pursuing money. You are not here to be proud of being American, British or German. Rather you are here to be proud of your spouse and of True Parents beyond everything else in the world. Because True Parents haven't left the sorrowful path, you came here to love them. Father knows the international blessed Couples are the ones with this heartistic determination.

You came here to look for love with an obedient and loving mind. Even though your husband is crippled or deformed, it is God's and True Parents' decision. You should have a strong desire that at the cost of your life you will leave one fruit, which is the sap of your love, on earth. With this quality of desire, you should be able to give birth to sons and daughters. Have such sons and daughters ever been born before?

Father wants to ask you, "With what kind of milk do you feed your baby?" When you nurse your baby, consider that your baby is born as the flower of your united love centering upon God and True Parents. Do you hold and nurse your baby with such an attitude? The most valuable asset for you is your child. If you had looked for money, knowledge or fame in the past, that was a false life. If your couple serves one another with sincerity and tries to pave the way to become True Parents, God will be responsible for your family. Such a family will not die of starvation; neither is it to disappear due to persecution, mockery or name-calling. The environment will surrender to such a family, as it has in Father's case.

Regardless of the opposition of the whole world, Father proceeded to look for true brothers and true tribes. After establishing true tribes, Father went on to look for the true race. After establishing the true race, Father went on to look for the true nation, true world and true spirit world. Reverend Moon has been the representative to look for the world of heaven filled with unity and love.

You don't know how precious the Blessing is. You should become a proud international couple which is qualified to receive God's love as well as His praise. You should pray for the birth of a standard-bearer who will be able to unify your two nations, and also determine to raise your child as the prince of the two nations. Have you prayed like that? If you didn't, you should repent right now.

You should change your fundamental attitude toward life. While shouldering the historical responsibility to confirm the domain of love, and while enduring in order to pass over the suffering course of the cross, you are to make an expedition into happiness in the distance. You will be punished if you forget that you flew here from all over the world to pioneer the way for true love, and your nation will be punished.

The international marriage didn't take place by accident. The traditional mission of the children of those Couples first is to annul the difference between East-West and North-South resulting from authority, knowledge and economic power, and next, on this foundation, is to build a lofty Mount Everest of love.

Are there any Japanese members who want to be martyred for God's will in Korea? The Japanese are told to marry anyone except a Korean; that is the Japanese disposition. l know it clearly. You don't know how contemptuously Father was treated in Japan. There would be no way to end my resentment even if I beat and break the bones of the Japanese. But because I realized God's love and the universal law, I can forgive and bless you; otherwise my eyes would flare with resentment. l can never forget the situation in which I was on the verge of death, bleeding from severe torture. Is it easy to gather such descendants, and make them God's children?

Since you came to Korea, you should fulfill your responsibility while learning Korean tradition. If I am buried in the "Garden of Unification," you will also be buried near me. If you get buried in the same garden as Father, your descendants will be so proud of you. The day is not so far away when your offspring in tears will cherish your memory. You should experience the awesomeness of leaving your traces in history.

To endeavor day and night is the traditional movement and action of the Unification Church.

Korean husbands and Japanese wives! You are not to live for Korea. You are chosen as the worldwide pioneers of love to unite Korea and Japan.

After Japanese members learn Korean in Korea, they should go to the wilderness of Manchuria or Siberia, or prepare to go to Red China. When the Japanese can love Red China more than the Chinese love her, the way to march forward to the world will be open. God's will is to plant the seed of true love even at the sacrifice of your life. Father expects that God's front liners, who will be able to pioneer the continental dominion, will be born centering upon the Japanese members and their descendants. You are gathered here for such a task.

You came to Korea by an historical summons, so you shouldn't live as Japanese or Europeans any more. Even if you suffer more than the Korean people, you must go out as the front-liners to establish the heavenly tradition. While Father is establishing the worldwide foundation, you came to this fatherland of faith, so you must try harder and sweat more than Father. Have you worked more than have the Japanese members in the United States? Japanese sisters should work more than they suffered in Japan; European members also bear the responsibility to work harder than they did in their countries. No matter how difficult it is, to walk this way is your duty and goal. When your heart becomes one with the homeland of your faith, and when you master the Korean language, I will send you to your country as Korean teachers. Every country will need you. As an advanced contingent, Father matched you as Couples. Do you have time to listen to radio programs? You must study Korean every day until late at night, according to a study schedule. You will be able to spread the Korean language all over the world. You should play the role of connecting your country to God's nation.

The time will come soon when you are proud of having a Korean husband. At the very time of opening the door to the Kingdom by creating the Unification dominion centering on God, you came to Korea. So you foreign wives shouldn't be driven out of this nation, and you Korean husbands should embrace your wives with love and protect them from being driven out. You should experience this elevated and deep heartistic bond while working as the main unit for home church activity. You will have to extend the Unification dominion into your country with an anchor of love holding fast, centering upon the Blessing.

Who will receive more blessing from God? The couple from the same country who risk their lives for the providence, or the couple from enemy nations who are determined to accomplish the Will of love in oneness at the risk of their lives? The internationally married couples will receive more blessing. Knowing that, you should fulfill your responsibility as the messengers of love, in order to provide a good example to Koreans.


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