Blessing and Ideal Family

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon


Chapter 3 Part 3
The Meaning And Value Of The Blessing

1. The Meaning Of The Blessing

The meaning of the Blessing is that the True Parents and the True Children are fulfilling the purpose of creation.

God exists as the dual characteristics of plus and minus. When this is divided into the plus which is the man and the minus which is the woman, then when Adam and Eve are reunified, the resultant form is their children. In this way, centering on God, the first, second and third generations are formed. Then among these three generations, the problem happened in the second generation, Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve could not become one centering on God's love. Since God could be their spiritual connection, God is determined and the relationship with God will be connected to their children through the standard of love. That is what we call the Blessing.

God's hope is that through creating, rearing and Blessing humankind, they multiply through having many children. Jesus' hope also was to receive a bride when he came to the earth. Christianity has been shedding blood for two thousand years, waiting to become the bride. Likewise, God has worked through the way of the providence in order to find one man and one woman to whom to give the Blessing. When God looks at you, you should be a true man and woman; in other words, true sons and daughters. You must know you were to be the sons and daughters of God.

The Blessing is the opening of Heaven's door. You enter with your children.

In this world, there are countless numbers of people, but we can divide them into two: men and women. It is our core purpose to seek the way to unite them. Until now, there was not one family origin, but we are searching for it. If an origin is found and spreads seeds, they will become the new trees. This is the Unification Church's Blessing.

In our Unification Church. we express marriage as the Blessing.

What is the Unification Church's Blessing? Not like a man and woman meeting each other and just getting married, but centering on God and the True Father, they meet and receive the Blessing. Because man and woman met wrongly and were chased out, man and woman must do well and must work to restore everything. You must know that the Unification Church Blessing is making the foundation for this.

The perfection of a man and woman's love is the perfection of the universe. The day this love was broken, the universal order was destroyed and the vertical world was broken. Therefore, from the providential viewpoint, you must know how important marriage is. The Blessing centering on God is the place of meeting of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and Kingdom of Heaven in heaven. Horizontally, it is the place of meeting in the external and temporal world. Through true love, man and woman gradually get closer to the center of the eternal world. Man and woman centering on God will unite into one in the center. Man and woman centering on God, giving and receiving love, will become one and will give birth to sons and daughters. Sons and daughters who are born as the fruit of love, through give and take action centering on parents who are one with God, will produce the four position foundation.

The religions which have been leading the human race do not know about the Blessing. A majority of religions emphasize an ascetic life and are prepared to be the bride. The difference between the Unification Church and the other religions is that the Unification Church has the Blessing in the name of the True Parents. From God's providential point of view, this is a surprising fact. Also, it is surprising that the Blessing candidates include representatives of all humanity on the earth. That is possible with true love. The Blessing is the beginning of the new world.

What religion is the Unification Church? The word "unification" is used because this church is to start one world from the will of God. Centering on the unchanging love of God, a true man and woman become one horizontally with each other and vertically with God.

In the Unification Church, we restore fallen man and woman centering on true love by giving the Blessing. God's primary will is that this be accomplished. In the future this will expand, as the work of making one world will remain. Now, through holding several Blessings for people worldwide, the new tradition of love is established as the road of tradition.

The Unification Church is the place to educate people to enter the heavenly world by bearing the cross of the teenage problem and all the satanic crosses, and putting on white robes. By doing this, we restore them as righteous people and make of them new men and women. The Unification Church mass weddings gather from the world young people who have made the condition to represent thousands of generations as men and women, and make of them a new family.

The Unification Church mass wedding ceremony is not just a wedding ceremony of a man and a woman to make a family. Until now, marriage was centered on the individual self, but our wedding ceremony is holy and has the content to make God happy and the condition to indemnify history. Our marriage ceremony is to liberate God's grief caused by Adam and Eve's fall and fulfill what Jesus could not, which is to pass through the standard of the bridegroom and bride. This is explained clearly in the Divine Principle.

Today, you have not yet made the absolute connection with the True Parents. In order to make that connection, there is the Unification Church Blessing.

Teacher has been making effort and fighting for this day. Through the Blessing you inherit the True Parents' connection. Therefore, the Parents' Blessing is the banner for the battle against the satanic world.

For those who are Blessed, Teacher (Father) will take responsibility even in the spirit world. Teacher will manage and guide. In this way, the Blessing means making an eternal relationship with the Teacher (Father).

The human ancestors fell and a man and a woman were chased out of the Garden of Eden, therefore the husband and wife must triumph over that situation. That is the Blessing.

Now, time has passed the formation and the growth period and is entering the completion stage. The vertical history of thousands of years is passing horizontally. In other words, this time is such that the six thousand years of history are passing at once. Therefore, we must be outside of Satan's zone of attack. Then what is the Blessing? The historical satanic sovereignty until today is being overcome completely by the Blessing.

To receive the Blessing is to become one with God. If you are one with God, you can become whole. Everything of God, whatever the subject has, can be received. God has eternal life. From eternal life He has universal love -- as ideal subject He has the world view. Everything is being bequeathed. That is why receiving the Blessing is the same as inheriting everything. You received God's love previously. By the Blessing we can receive God's substantiality and God's substance. Furthermore, it is not all just God's but it becomes yours. That is why marriage means to inherit everything. The most valuable part of God's love is being bequeathed, God Himself is being bequeathed and everything is being bequeathed. In these contexts we use the word "Blessing." Receiving the Blessing means receiving good fortune.

By the formation of a three-generation family with God's love, God can dwell on the family level and the eternally existing family ideal form is completed. Through the family we can have God, receive God's love, exhibit God's character and inherit the subjectivity of God. There is nothing more a human being desires. That is why the heavenly world is mine and God's everything becomes mine. Originally, this was the hope of humankind. All people desire the best because this standard has remained. You must know this hope and desire. It is possible to accomplish this by receiving the Blessing. Can you understand how surprising the event of the Blessing is?

God's love is absolute, unchanging and unique because God is absolute and eternal. You must reach that heart of God. Those who come to the Unification Church and move in and out of the church are not trustworthy. God's love can abide in the absolute, unchanging heart. Under conditions other than this, God's love will not abide. In order to make God abide in you forever, you must make Satan surrender and you must become the eternal and unchanging self. You have not reached that level yet. In order to be in that position, you must inherit the standard and victory the Teacher accomplished. In Japan, are there skyscrapers? No matter who built the building, the person whose name is recorded on the deed is the owner. According to a piece of paper, that building belongs to that person. Inheriting everything of the Teacher's is the same as this. Get the victory through universal restoration and make the highest skyscraper in the world and make the deed and transfer ownership to yourself. If there is a person who pollutes this, then we fight, risking our lives. Each person here is an owner. Now all members are lined up on the starting line in the same stadium. Please see that you run fast. Absolutely, you will be the center of the Japanese race.

We ourselves do not have any value other than the ability to proclaim the Principle and spread principled opinions. Then, Satan cannot do anything. The entire Principle instructs that the Blessing is the ceremony of initiation for this path. The Blessing is the eternal jewel. It is the one form of promise by which we start now on the path of ten thousand descendants. If someone stains it, all the generations are affected. When Jesus was crucified, the whole nation was affected; in the same way, all the generations are affected.

In the entire life of Teacher, do you know what is the most valuable thing I can imagine? It is the Blessing. For all of you, the ultimate gift in human history is the Blessing.

Giving the Blessing means transferring the heavenly authority.

The Unification Church members must know that receiving the Blessing is the principled way. And you must know that receiving the Blessing is happiness. If you obtained the entire satanic world, you would own a sorrowful world. That is why you must receive the Blessing with joy and thankfulness and never exchange it for anything. How are you feeling? You are receiving without correctly knowing the value.

You Unification Church members must not think as you do about the Blessing. This Blessing is the condition for restoration by indemnity. The condition for restoration by indemnity means you are taking responsibility for your family's destiny. Therefore, families must be restored one by one, making the worldwide Satan surrender and pioneering the road for the world. You must think like that, not that you want to receive the Blessing selfishly. You must think you exist in order to give. If you think centered on yourself, that is self- centered and that thinking will destroy you. This is a very serious problem. Good and evil divide here. The Blessing is very valuable and if you receive it in the wrong way you will be ruined.

2. The Value Of The Blessing

From the Principle point of view, you must know how important marriage is. The Blessing centering on God is the meeting place of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven. Horizontally, it is the meeting place of the eternal world and the temporal world.

The 66 books of the Bible are not scattered. They are organized by the word Blessing. If you study these 66 books, you will find that they harmonize reasonably with the victorious Blessed couple.

The fact that you came to the Unification Church and received the Blessing means that God, after four thousand years of the providence, sent Jesus and he restored the family centering on the will of God and he stands on the victorious foundation. That is why, even if your descendants may not gain merit in the providence of restoration from your victory base, you can inherit merit from your ancestors who made effort during four thousand years of providential restoration.

Jesus came, consummating four thousand years of history, and what did he do? Because he did not have the family, he was destroyed. If he had the family horizontally representing the same length of time, the tribe could have been indemnified within history. If that had happened, Jesus' clan, tribe and nation could have been established. In order to win that family, Jesus suffered for 33 years. He could not get the Blessing even after he suffered 33 years -- and you think you know the value of the Blessing? The Blessing is the door which opens upon the solution to thousands of years of searching.

What is Jesus' wish after two thousand years of effort? It is for the Marriage of the Lamb. What is the Marriage of the Lamb? It is the Blessing! Jesus' wish for two thousand years has been the Blessing, that is, the Marriage of the Lamb. In order to have the marriage feast, the bride must come in front of the bridegroom. That is the consummation of Christianity. Therefore, without passing through Christianity, you cannot enter heaven.

Between Jesus and you, who received the Blessing first? You are in Abel's position and you must restore the elder sonship, that glorious position which you can inherit first. Spiritually, Jesus is in the father position to you, but on the physical level. you have made relations with Teacher. After receiving this enormous Blessing, you do not know the value of the Blessing. You are like a prince born to a royal family, who does not know his value when he is a baby. Since you have grown up, you must recognize yourself as the prince of heaven and heavenly people, and you must have the proper manners for all situations and fulfill your responsibility based upon your own position.

The meaning of the Blessing is that it is the starting time of the Messiah, who has made a foundation on the earth for two thousand years centering on the chosen nation and religious organizations, now having the name of the bridegroom and bride. Can you be the Tribal Messiah? Because you made the relationship of father and son with the Teacher, Satan cannot do anything. As you can see, the Blessing is incredible.

What position do you have through the Blessing? The Blessing grants you the best position in the world. In the position of Blessing, with whom will you make relations? You cannot become perfect by yourself. You are perfected by the love of parents entirely. When a son is born from parents, whether he is handsome or not, he resembles his parents. In the same way, the Unification Church teaches about the True Parents' mission. That is the blessing of all blessings.

The value of the Blessing cannot be exchanged even for the world. Sometimes I regret that I gave the Blessing. The Blessing is one man and one woman, centering on God's will, becoming true father and true mother, producing true love.

Because of a problem relating to eating and clothing, will you forget your mission and sell your Blessing for money? Are you intending to do this? God's Blessing cannot be exchanged for heaven and earth.

Death is the same for the king of a country and the people of the country, but their content is different. In this way, concerning the Blessing, externally it does not look so special, but the content has an incredible difference.

Among the participants of the March First Movement, among thirty three people, wasn't there a Lee, Gaup Sung? Now he lives alone, but if you study about the March First Movement, you know he is higher than the president, don't you? Of course, he is higher, without question. Like that, those who received the mass Blessing will be receiving unusual glory Do you understand? Even though in the last couple to get engaged the bride is missing one eye, her nose is tilted, she is missing an ear, one arm is not there and she may be disabled in the worst way, she will receive the glory of the world. Not because of these problems, but because she is blessed by the Teacher. Do you understand? You cannot buy this with billions of dollars. Our Unification Church ladies, do you understand? How much do you know?

The Blessing is not fulfilled easily. It does not happen like a memorial ceremony or an annual event. If you know the value of the Blessing, you must inherit the love and the heart of the Father.

The place of Blessing is majestic. It is a fearful place. You cannot respond to it suitably with your emotion. The value of one life is greater than that of the universe. That is why when taking responsibility for one person's life, you must take responsibility for eternity. You must know this problem is a concern at the place of the Blessing. That is why when this time comes in one's life, everyone is happy. In order to participate in this enormous Blessing place, you must make an historical determination. The Blessing is the point of life and death.

The Blessing is the most valuable thing in the cosmos. At the same time, it is really a fearful thing. Suppose one spouse thinks about other things, spacing out. That is betraying the other spouse. Through you good ancestors, the world and the nation are born. Therefore, those who received the Blessing must think about the universe with their eyes open. The Blessing is so you can give blessing to others.

You must know the value of the Blessing before receiving it. By receiving the Blessing, you are standing on the level of being a citizen of the third Israel. All of you after knowing the meaning and the value of the Blessing, can you say that you are Unification Church members without receiving the Blessing? Do you respect as adults those who are not married? Even the secular world recognizes that if a virgin lady or bachelor dies, they turn into a ghost or demon. That happens not because somebody artificially contrived it. It is the way of the universe.

In the Garden of Eden, if a woman had not been created, what would have happened? The fact is that the existence of women is the cosmic magic. This is the truth. The magic among all magical events is the existence of man and woman. If just one side existed, human history would have ended.

You must understand the value of the Unification Church Blessing from this angle. Once you meet your spouse, that is your connection to eternity. You must be thankful and be so strong and bold that you would not exchange the original husband and wife's love for the cosmos or God. If you taste true love in the Unification Church, that light of love must follow you no matter where in the world you go. Without loving humanity and the cosmos centering on true love, you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. That is why the keys to heaven were given to Peter.

Heaven is entered after fulfilling the family. That's why we have the mass wedding in the Unification Church. What is that mass wedding? Those who come to see the mass wedding are surprised, saying, "I thought the mass wedding was not a big deal, . . . but wow!" It is true. It is a beautiful and great thing. That is why those young ladies and men who come for the first time, wanting to go to the mass wedding, panic and cry because they are afraid that they might not qualify.

A while back, there were some sisters who escaped to headquarters and lived there because their parents wanted to have them married. Normally a daughter feels happy when her parents want to arrange her marriage, because she knows that she is becoming old; but why did these sisters escape? It is because they did not want to marry if it was not officiated by Reverend Moon. What is going on there? The content of True Parents is there. If not in obedience to Reverend Moon's word, they knew marriage is no good.

Being 80 years old, a grandmother knows that she cannot enter heaven without receiving the Blessing, so even in the last minute of her life she wishes to make conditions for the Blessing. In the Unification Church, things are going this way. Since Reverend Moon must take care of this, he has a rough life.

In the Unification Church, why do we perform the mass wedding? If I explained everything, it would melt the bones of even the grandmothers. They would pine, "If I could be young again, I would go to the Unification Church mass wedding." Whether or not ignorant people say bad words, with tears they would want to go. When a person is happy, she is positive, and laughs. When she is overflowing with joy, then tears come. That is not a bad thing.

Today, in the Unification Church, we perform the mass wedding. Among you here, if you are wise, there is no more fearful fate than being kicked out, unable to receive the Unification Church mass wedding. Because they know that, if I call to an American or Japanese, they respond, "Yes, I'm coming," and run to me. No matter if the king or the president opposes, they come. In this way, put the hook in the nose and pull the world hard; it will be pulled.

3. The Reason For Receiving The Blessing

The fall is marriage not centering on God. Because marriage centered on Satan, it now must be done in the name of God alone. Such marriage is the world-historical marriage. It is not marriage in one nation but it is the marriage beyond nation and beyond the satanic world. It is the ground of surpassing the satanic world.

The mass wedding centering on our Unification Church is not just limited to our own church's marriage ceremony. It is the formula through which the whole of humankind will move. We must know this clearly. Then, what is the fundamental reason for receiving the Blessing? It is because our ancestors were fallen. If the human ancestors had not fallen, this work of the Blessing would not be happening. But because of the fall, there is the course of restoration remaining in order to go back to God's sovereignty, and we must climb this way. This explains the purpose for religion and the goal of history.

Ultimately, what is the final purpose? It is to have the true family. This is the ultimate purpose for fallen humankind to discover. In order to establish the true family, true people must come. Among the true people, true man must appear first. By doing that, the true man finds the true woman and they have the holy wedding centering on God, and finally the true family is started.

Due to the human fall, humankind was unable to have that origin. Therefore we must deny all the families which existed until today, according to God's providential will centering on the family foundation, and we must go over the existing family standard. If someone cannot go over this standard, the fallen world cannot return to the original world. This is the principled interpretation. Fallen man and woman, no matter who they might be, cannot stand in front of God without going through this conditional formula. We must understand this.

Satan entered through Adam and Eve; in other words, a husband and wife pulled him in. Therefore, the husband and wife must chase Satan out. They were attacked by Satan and became fallen parents, so the true parents must come and restore this. Without doing this, we cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. The fact that even now Jesus is praying in Paradise means that we still remain under Satan's accusation. In the future, in order to become citizens of the third Israel, we must receive the Blessing centering on the Unification Church. In the past, in Abraham's time, in order to become Israelites, people had to receive circumcision. In the same way, without receiving the Unification Church Blessing, you cannot be a citizen of the third Israel. However, in receiving the Blessing, conditions are not simple. I myself offered my forty years of life because of that condition. I spent my whole life for that.

Why do we get the Blessing? In order to give the Blessing to others and see that the Blessing goes to the whole world.

We cannot establish the ideal of heaven without marriage and the family. In the Unification Church, the purpose for all the good men and good women receiving the Blessing is to build the ideal of the Kingdom of Heaven. Not only unmarried people, but also people already married who have the correct standard must get the Blessing. Everyone must receive the Blessing in order to return to the world of the original creation. In the Principle, a true man and woman enter the world of the original creation through the Blessing, but due to the fall, that work of love never happened.

Human beings, by finally standing in the position of parents, are receiving the heavenly inheritance. That is Jesus' Feast of the Lamb. In other words, people must go through the Blessing of the Unification Church, which means receiving the Blessing from God.

4. Who Is Giving The Blessing?

Adam and Eve fell from the completion level of the growth stage. In order to restore this, we must go the opposite course. Because they fell centering on the love problem, in our course of restoration and reaching our goal, we must absolutely overcome the love problem between Adam and Eve. In order to overcome the power of love centering on Satan, you must connect to God's love through the True Parents. Therefore, the descendants of the fallen parents must go the way of overcoming the fallen sovereignty by welcoming True Parents and becoming vertically one with them. You cannot overcome the fallen sovereignty by yourself. Absolutely, man and woman must become one to solve this.

The Unification Church Blessing has that meaning. Therefore, the Blessing does not happen according to your thinking. It must originate centering on the parents. Even in the fallen secular world, people have a history of getting married centering on the parents, not on themselves. It is the same in the course of the restoration. True Parents come and, through them, according to the providence of restoration, we go beyond the level at which Adam and Eve fell for the first time.

Because the fall happened by love, also restoration has to be done centering on the love relationship of heavenly new parents. That is why Teacher and Mother perform the mass wedding ceremony together. That is the ceremony of inheriting love. What is formed here becomes the eternal tradition. Revolution is not necessary. In this way, without revolution, the new tradition is established between heaven and earth; the new family, clan and tribe, and the new nation and world are forming and will conquer this earth.

This is the place to establish the heavenly way. I have been giving my life in order to establish the Principle rule. I'm not going to listen to your advice and take care of marriage matters lightly.

Who is giving the Blessing? If there are no parents, then another person can do it, but if parents are here, no other person can do it. Therefore, in the Unification Church, the Teacher gives the Blessing. You young men and ladies here, if I say I'm not going to give you the Blessing, your whole hearts will be disappointed. Once anyone knows the Principle, he or she cannot get married on their own. Must Teacher give the Principle so plainly in order for you to receive it?

In the Garden of Eden, originally the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve would have married according to God's commandment, with Adam and Eve giving the Blessing. Our marriage ceremony is the same. Therefore, in our Unification Church, the Blessing is given in the name of the True Parents. Have you ever seen one's own parents giving the Blessing in the secular world? Saying no is to say that in the secular world there are no perfect people. The marriage ceremony is the ceremony of the inheritance of love, God's love. Parents are living with parents' love representing God's love. With the order to live like this, marriage is the ceremony of inheritance. God's love is inherited from the parents. You do not receive it from some famous person; that is the archangel's giving marriage. Some famous person coming and doing the marriage ceremony is the archangel's giving the marriage ceremony.

Before marriage, you should not have your own idea about it. You assemble your heart before the heart of God and Parents. After that, grandparents and parents are linked, then the Blessing is received and the whole thing is inherited. Our family is linked, with my receiving and I'm giving to you, so the parents' love is being given to you. The ceremony of the Blessing is the inheritance of the whole. From that moment, I exist, I can have pride. I can say that I am in the center of the cosmos. Likewise, until you receive the Blessing, you cannot move your heart as you like.

Why do I speak in this way? Right now, some people are handsome and have the ability to look good inside and out, and in our Unification movement they are necessary people, but even about them I have worries. They make decisions centering on themselves. Is that good? If a self-centered man gets married to a self-centered woman, they both will be ruined. Is that good? Then how will they avoid destruction? They must digest what marriage is, and centering on the will of God they must make a substantial foundation to overcome. Without doing that, they will absolutely be destroyed. It is inevitable. Then who is going to do that? I am doing it. That is why I have been giving the Blessing.

Things that no one else can even touch, the Unification Church has been starting and guiding on the way of recreation. The very possibility of this day coming means that the world will be one, that the evil satanic world will be transformed into the heavenly world. Today, that American young people are allowed to find their own spouse is a very strange thing. It is a Christian culture, but they are doing things that the Bible does not permit. This is because material civilization brings satanic erosion, turning the Christian culture into a satanic free world. But why do you not do like that? Can we not do what Satan has been doing? What is love? Inheriting marriage from God and from parents is the Principle. Because free marriage is the fall, we cannot return to the heavenly world unless we pull out this root.

When the Teacher was touring, he called Americans, Germans, French, English and Italians and asked, "Would you like your mother and father to marry you or is it better for your Unification Church Teacher to marry you ? Those who want the Teacher to make their marriage, raise your hands." When I asked, everyone raised their hands and said, "Of course, please make my marriage for me." Raising your hands is doing good, isn't it? You shall raise your hands until you are happy.

In the past, Western people did that sort of thing to Oriental people. It doesn't matter that they graduated from a famous university and received a Masters and Ph.D.; once they come to the Unification Church, listen to the lectures and understand the Principle, they cannot get married by themselves. So they invite the Teacher and want to receive the Blessing. However, do I go to that place? It is a very interesting thing. An Oriental person from Asia gathers western people and says, "You rascals!" and they say, "Yes." In that way, they are making the foundation. If I say to sacrifice, they sacrifice, and if I say to go out, they go out. Also, the most valuable thing in their life, marriage, is decided by the Teacher and they just follow. They do not even listen to their father and mother's words or to their own country's president; they just listen to Teacher's words. If Teacher draws a line, everyone follows well.

Thinking humanistically, how rude is the person who takes sons and daughters without their parent's permission and arranges marriage for them. Those parents of whose children received the Blessing must thank the Teacher, saying, "Teacher, thank you." But this is not the time for greeting, because we are so busy. Without greeting at the ceremony, they just looked at his face and said, "Oh, that is Reverend Moon of the Unification Church." By doing that, they knew everything was all right. With that happening, are they all right? In the future, if the son of the American president joins our church, I will arrange marriage for him without concerning myself about the president. Then if that son follows the Teacher's will, that president will have to come down and visit. We have a beautiful plan like that. When you think about this, don't you feel excited? The world is sleeping; we must wake up this world and change history. Mother and Father stand together officiating, being the model, and we will continue officiating the ceremony like that in the future. If the Unification Church does this, others will follow.

5. The Blessing Is For The Entire Cosmos

God's Blessing is absolutely public. That Blessing is not for the individual or family only, nor for a nation only, nor for the world only. God's Blessing is for the entire cosmos. In order for you to become perfect Adam and Eve, fulfilling the purpose of creation, you must get married. Why do you participate in this marriage? You do it because of God, for the will of God. However, until now, from the perspective of the will of God, there were many people who did as they pleased. If something was not to their taste, they would say that they were not going to do it. Such people should be cut off. In front of the will of God, they cannot be forgiven.

Now, for whom are we doing this work? It is for God, for the Will, for humanity and for the world. It is not being done centering on the self. You, individual by individual, man or woman, it is not for yourself. Before it is yours, it is God's. It belongs to the world before it belongs to you. In order to go to this noble position of bride and groom, you must realize the value of your own existence in all seasons, day and night sacrificing and witnessing to people in front of God. Then the Blessing is allowed for you.

The Blessing is not for your own self, for through you as an individual the new family represents a clan, tribe, nation and the world. That family, if he is Kim, is not for the Kim family only. The family should represent the tribe, nation and furthermore the world. We must know that unless you accomplish such a family, the Blessing cannot be fulfilled. That is because although the human ancestors, Adam and Eve, were two individuals, since they stood at the historical starting point, it did not end with just those two people. Through those two people, the new family was founded furthermore, a new tribe and nation were realized. The Blessing position is this place of forming the world-wide foundation. This foundational place was lost due to the fall of Adam and Eve, and we are in the position to restore it. Therefore, this Blessing is not for ourselves. Also, for the base of this Blessing, we must receive the Blessing from the position of transcending tribal and national limits. Without this determination, we must know the inevitable fact that restoration cannot be accomplished.

When you receive the Blessing, think that you are receiving it for the world rather than for yourself. Those who receive the Blessing with this thinking will remain in history, but those who do not will just pass from history.

Now in the present moment, centering on your tribe, you are standing in the position connecting Korea and the world. Therefore, representing world humanity, representing three million Koreans and representing your tribes, pledge to take responsibility as religious leaders. By that, our family will remain. Centering on heaven, in the historical moment and in the presence of the world, our family will be the necessary family. In your world of love you will be the necessary family. Receive the Blessing with determination to establish the absolute content. You must know this content.

Centering on heaven and earth, the new world must appear. As an individual self, you must be able to say, "I will become like this son or daughter. The way these sons and daughters are going is for the country of God's hope. Until this moment they have been pursuing not only the country but the world." While you are going, there may be many difficulties, poverty, and ups and downs. But that should not be a problem. No matter what, you should be husband and wife overcoming everything and surpassing the country and the world. Surpassing the country and world should be the problem.

As one male and one female, two naturally live together. That is not the point of receiving the Blessing. The Blessing is the position of taking the destiny to make a new world and going forward with definite relationships. You must know that this is the Blessing place. This way is determined by whether you want to go or you do not want to go. It is our life's inevitable fate. This way is given once in our life; there is no second chance. If you want to go, you must know that there is no further restoration course; this is the final way.

Those who are attending the Blessing should not attend just as one individual male or as one individual female. That position is for six thousand years, representing man and woman. You must know that this is the place to which you are invited. You must experience this by internal heart.

The one who appeared at the point of Blessing as the responsible leader, in other words, the center of existence, is not limited to the immediate environment. He is the central figure with global content. Therefore, the Blessing does not end by fulfilling the relationship of husband and wife. Through the Blessing, a new family, new clan, new tribe and new nation should be formed. This point is only the beginning.

6. The Reason For Holding The Mass Wedding

The mass wedding ceremony is the pride of the Unification Church. Moreover, we are having this wedding ceremony not just within one race but with Western and Oriental together. Therefore, this is our pride. This work cannot be done except in the Unification Church. Even the president cannot do it. It is not because I was born good that I could do it, but because the face of God is working.

More than anything else, the mass wedding is for establishing God's new family.

At the mass wedding ceremony, everyone is here together, passing through the work of indemnity. Don't you want to know why we hold the mass wedding? If the Blessing event had happened in the Garden of Eden, it would have been the big cosmic event. However, due to the human ancestors' fall, in order to indemnify the failure to accomplish the heavenly standard in the Garden of Eden, we are holding the mass wedding ceremony. Jesus should have held such a marriage ceremony on the level of all of the Israelites, at the least. However, no one was even concerned about Jesus' marriage. To liberate Jesus' grief, we must even be willing to die at the mass wedding in view of all people.

Last year, the 430 Couples mass wedding ceremony became a world topic. In many ways, the world uses this as research material. God's marriage must be a worldwide event on that level.

The reason we perform the mass wedding is because the fall happened together, as a union. The archangel and Eve and then Eve and Adam fell together. In order to fix this, we must mobilize the spirit world and also the world of woman and man.

The feast God sponsors should be greater than any feast in the satanic world. However, because as individual selves we cannot stand at that standard, we must hold a mass wedding ceremony the likes of which has never happened in human history.

The Teacher's Holy Wedding ceremony should have been more magnificent than any wedding ceremony until today, but because I did it during the suffering period, it did not happen magnificently. Therefore, in failure, the condition for doing it magnificently has remained Church members among three generations, centering on yourselves, should be in the position that you had the best wedding. By doing this, you can make the condition in front of Satan. That is why we hold the mass wedding ceremony. Even on the internal level, in order to have the wedding which makes God happy, we must make the condition of offering.

Before the coming of the holy family, there could be no way to engraft satanic families to the heavenly families. Because of that, in order to establish heavenly families, we have the mass weddings in the Unification Church. Although secular people may mock the Unification Church's mass wedding, through the mass wedding God can have the content for engrafting.

God is working in order to connect the right blood lineage. The Unification Church's mass wedding is cutting the many generations of wrong blood lineage and revising according to God's wish.

The Unification Church's mass wedding is not just solving one individual's marriage problem but solving this problem from the beginning of history to now, for countless ancestors, tribes, nations -- all those who were in conflict with God, in order to open the door. In order to do that, each Blessing group at one time, as a club, takes their period's portion of responsibility as one team; if 36 couples, 36 families are one team; ?2 couples, 120 couples and 430 couples each become one team. Through them, centering on establishing the indemnification the historical marriage of failed families, the central resurrected families appear.

The Blessing stage is not the marrying place of Kim so and so and Moon so and so. These people are historically representing the world, nation, tribe, clan and family, and are making the foundation by even throwing themselves down centering on the family.

Centering on God, for the world race, we perform the mass wedding ceremony in the Unification Church.

Because we are related as one big family even without having had the marriage ceremony, we must have the mass wedding.

What is the purpose of the mass wedding? It is to save the world. This marriage ceremony transcends national boundaries, race, language, culture and customs. It is the international mass wedding ceremony. It is the appearance of the new people of God. Accordingly, this marriage ceremony is the basis for public interest.

Originally in the Garden of Eden, there should have been the marriage of one man and one woman. By doing so, they were to represent the whole world of man and woman and heaven and earth. This Blessing is the mass wedding ceremony. Maybe there is a small number of couples, but this is the foundation of the Blessing. It will get larger as more come each year. If the number of blessed families is more than 3.7 million in Korea, Korea will be restored automatically. Suppose, one day we will have 10 million, 50 million and 100 million. Asia will be more than restored. It will automatically happen.


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