Blessing and Ideal Family

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon


Chapter 1 Part 2
The Love Of True Man And Woman

1. The Original Love Of Man And Woman

When God's most beautiful masterpieces, male and female, love each other centering on God, this love is the most wonderful love, the very first love, the representative of all other kinds of love, and the love that gives out light eternally.

When a man and woman love each other, we must ask whether their love equals the standard of love which God had in mind as a model. We can conclude that if the first man and woman had become united through love centering on God, then they would have become the model for a God-centered universe.

God desired to see this level of love from them. Man and woman would also have desired this level of love from each other. This level of true love has to be the core of the universe. It would become a standard similar to the standard of meters and centimeters.

The love between man and woman must be one centered on God's ideal of creation, not just centered on their own couple.

If a man and woman are a God-centered couple, we can conclude that the wife can go wherever the husband goes and the husband can go wherever the wife goes, and the couple can go wherever God dwells.

For whom is man supposed to live? Adam's value of existence could not be perfected until Eve was created. Therefore, for Adam to exist eternally, he needs Eve as his spouse; in this sense, woman can be said to be man's subject. It is the power of love which allows both man to dominate woman and woman to dominate man. No power other than love can make man and woman dominate each other. Only with love can they dominate each other.

God exists with dual characteristics as well. God can exist eternally because these two characteristics are forming give and take action with each other centering on love. God's love is absolute because His characteristics are completely dominated by love. You should know that only love can make perfect dominion possible.

God did not conclude just by forming a vertical reciprocal realm of His love. He then created this existing world to become a stage to perform horizontal love. Therefore, in order to connect everything through a horizontal love relationship, God created all things, plus and minus, male and female. Through this, God can dominate all human- centered things through love.

My earthly parents gave birth to my physical body, and my vertical Parent gave me eternal life. Love makes it possible to unite the vertical Parent and the horizontal parent. When a perfect man's love and a perfect woman's love become united in the midst of God's will, God's love will dwell with them and become the base from which my life sprouts.

God created the whole creation in a reciprocal position to be able to receive God's true love. God wanted them to receive this one love. If a man and woman perfect God's love and each can completely unite that love to their own self, and if they can stand in a position similar to God, sharing love with each other, then this man and woman will definitely become a unified ideal couple.

God's love and human love are essentially the same. Love is the power and desire to unite. Why do man and woman miss each other? Because only man through woman, or woman through man, can possess God. Love means to like each other.

When we think that God is the origin of the dual characteristics, we must praise the sacred value of man and woman, and at the same time, we must become persons who can praise the precious value of God even more.

In the heart of a man, there is a woman whom God loves; and in the heart of this woman who is the man's object, there is also a man loved by God. When they come to praise each other, God would watch and feel happy, and the whole creation would also feel joy. The content of happiness which the man and woman share would become the precious content of joy for both heaven and earth. The place where man and woman are loving and embracing each other becomes the place where the whole universe unites. This is God's original ideal for creation.

Originally, man was to meet a woman who could make him happy, and woman was to meet a man who could make her happy as well. Furthermore, this meeting of man and woman would have transcended the limit of man and woman and even make God and the whole creation happy. Then, for the sake of this couple, the whole creation on this earth would mobilize with the desire to be dominated by them. The birds would sing songs for them, and the butterflies would fly and dance for them. God would feel joy, man would feel joy, and the whole creation would feel joy. If the history of the human ancestors had started from this situation, then this would have become the original ideal world of creation.

Who on earth can be the owner of love? Who can be the master of love? From the point of view of a man, if there is no woman, then neither love nor anything else can exist. The reciprocal base of love for man is woman, and for woman is man. However, this is only a reciprocal base; it cannot be an absolute base of love. We can acknowledge the reciprocal partner as an existence in a temporary process, but it is not an existence which can claim the value of the subject. The possessor and the master of absolute love is God. Instead of trying to perfect God's love according to His will, the thief who stole it was the very person who committed the crime in the Garden of Eden.

2. The Reason Man And Woman Were Born

The reason a being called woman was created was to become the spouse of man, Adam. If there were no Adam, then Eve would not have been necessary. Why did Adam come to exist? Adam also was created because he was a necessary being for Eve.

Human beings, man and woman, are not created to live for the sake of themselves, but are created to exist for the sake of their reciprocal partners.

Therefore, man was not created as a man for the sake of himself. No matter how beautiful the woman is, or even if that woman hates man, look at how woman is created. Woman was not created like that just for herself. We are not born for our own selves; we are born for the sake of our spouses. This was the way we were born.

Parents and children start to rotate when the parents live for their children and children live for their parents and when both live for each other. The more they live for each other, the faster they rotate. This is the ideal style. It is not square, but it becomes Three- dimensionally round. To live for the sake of each other means to push each other; therefore, the more we live for each other, the faster we rotate, and then we form a sphere which will allow us to exist eternally.

Therefore, the world is like a sphere. Our faces are also round. Our eyes are round. They all have to give and take completely. Veins and arteries give and take. We get sick when there is a way to give but no way to receive. It happens when equality is broken. Therefore, moving beings cannot come to exist eternally unless they act for others. We must know this.

What was the real reason for a man to be born originally? We cannot deny that a man was created for a woman. On the contrary, woman is not created for woman. We must understand that a problem arises if the woman herself cannot be convinced that she was born for the sake of a man.

Because God, the creator of this whole universe, made this to be the Principle of Creation, without following this Principle, we cannot return to the world of goodness, truth, happiness and peace, or to the world of love and the ideal.

Male was created for the sake of female, and female was created for the sake of male. God cannot dwell in places where one insists on his own being. But God dwells where one values the other. We should walk on our two legs according to the principled way of thinking, following the rules.

Woman was born to meet man, and man was born to meet woman, right? This is the absolute truth. Therefore, according to this principle, we must go out in search of the realm of blessing. It is most evil to leave this realm of absolute truth.

Men and women are physically opposite. Women only go in one direction, but men go in three and four directions. Women only stay at home, but men travel all around the world. All their characteristics are different. How can this subjective man and objective woman be united? They can unite centering on love. It is love that pulls man, woman and God into unity.

Why was man created? It was not for knowledge, money or power. It was for woman. For woman, man was created. The reason man's bones are made stronger than woman's is not for him to earn money and live by himself. It is to support his wife and children. The physical organs of man are different from those of woman. Whom are they for? They are not created for himself. Man's organs were made for woman, and woman s for man. Have you ever thought this way? (Laughter.) It is not a funny story.

What is the symbol of love of man and woman? Where is the last terminal of love? The sexual organs enable man and woman's bodies to unite and provide a path through which mind and body can unite completely centering on love. The sexual organ of man is not for the sake of man, and the sexual organ of woman is not for the sake of woman. You were not born for the sake of yourselves. You should clearly know that you were born for the sake of your reciprocal partner.

Man was not born for man, and woman was not born for woman. When we look at man and woman from the point of view of a horizontal relationship, they are in a master and servant, subject and object relationship. They were born for each other.

Then how can the woman's purpose be realized? It cannot be realized by the woman alone. This is impossible. It must be realized together with a man. Wouldn't the joy of man and woman lie here? It is not something that can be argued.

Why were man and woman created on this earth? They were created in order to love each other. Because God is the King of wisdom, He made the love organs of man and woman different. The owner of man's organ is not man. This is the same in woman. Those who behave as they wish, disregarding their owners, will have to be judged before the standard of love. If you knew that you would receive the most severe punishment imaginable, would you think of doing something on purpose without regard to your own wife? And would the wives be able to think of something disregarding your husbands?

3. The Other Is An Absolutely Necessary Existence

Love is what you absolutely need, isn't it? Is that right? What is absolutely needed in that love is man and woman. Man needs woman and woman needs man. How much do they need each other? They need each other more than Korea, more than the world, or even more than God. Also, if there were no women, all the human race would be destroyed within a hundred years. Therefore, if man proudly boasts that he has unified the world, all would be gone within a hundred years if there is no woman. Therefore, woman is absolutely necessary.

What is the most precious thing for woman? It is man. What kind of man does a woman need? Whether the man is great or disabled is not a problem. The problem is whether or not you can find a valuable love from him.

What is the best thing in this world? Couldn't it be woman to man and man to woman? The love that man likes is not his own, and the love that woman likes is also not her own. Isn't that right? If you are all alone, do you want to love someone? You do, right?

When we say man, we mean a man and a woman. When we look at one man, he has to be with a woman, and when we look at one woman, she also has to be with a man. A man is not born because he desires to be, and woman, whom man needs, is also not born because she desired to be. After they were born, they realized themselves as being a man or a woman. After growing older, we realize that the other is necessary to become our spouse.

When a man is born as a man, does he know there is woman? After being born, if he finds out that there is only man, would he feel bad? Also, when a woman is born, wouldn't she also feel bad to discover that there is only woman? Wouldn't that be so? Then, when a woman is born, was she born knowing that there is man, or not knowing? I myself was born not knowing, but the person who gave birth to me knew. The reason you are born as a woman is because there is a man who needs you. At the same time, the reason I was born as a man is because there is a woman who needs me. Isn't that so?

The being which man absolutely needs is woman. Even before absolutely requiring God, man must have a reciprocal being called woman. Human history became so miserable because men could not see women as absolutely necessary to them. Similarly, women also did not know that they absolutely need men.

In order to taste true love, we must have an ideal realm. For that reason, it is necessary for man to have woman and for woman to have man. Absolute man and woman having true love are connected by making effort. When absolute man and woman unite into one, you must know that God will dwell in them.

God does not like to see the separation of a couple linked by true love; the absolute love of man and woman is eternal Even though God is omniscient and omnipotent, even the absolute God does not have any meaning by Himself. Similarly, no matter how handsome and healthy a man is, he has no meaning without a woman. A man only intoxicated with his style and health is a being without any use. It is a problem that many men on this earth are self-intoxicated, and it is also the cause of this miserable history. We must know that it is God's providence to change and improve this self intoxicated world.

A man sitting down alone to pursue love would be thought of as crazy.

True happiness for a woman is to meet a person of love to become her subject.

4. Love Comes From The Spouse

Love cannot be realized alone. Where does love come from? It comes from an object. Because love comes from an object, I must lower my head and live for the sake of the object. The heavenly law, "Live for the sake of others," comes from here. The most precious philosophy is "to live for others."

Love is something even God cannot realize alone. Love can always be realized through a reciprocal base. Where does love begin? It does not begin from myself, but grows up from my spouse.

Human beings have love. However, love does not appear when a person is alone. When man is alone, love does not appear. When a woman stands in a reciprocal position, then love appears. When a partner in a reciprocal position appears, then love appears for the fist time.

When we say that parent's love and husband and wife's love is wonderful, we absolutely are not talking about love centered on oneself. Love is not what starts from myself, but is what starts from my partner in a reciprocal position. Everyone must know this point. Love is what appears from a husband or a wife, and love is what starts from sons and daughters, brothers and sisters. Love is not what starts from myself alone; it starts from my partner in a reciprocal position. Then, who is the master of love? The partner in the reciprocal position becomes the master of love.

Where does love appear? It appears from a partner in a reciprocal position If the spouse is not handsome and if you hate that spouse, love would try to retreat. If the spouse is beautiful and if you like that spouse, the effect of love becomes that much brighter. The effect of love is determined according to the speaking, beauty, smell, taste, etc., of the spouse.

Love can never be felt alone. Happiness is the same as well. Peace is also not what we talk about regarding just one country. It is formed from a reciprocal relationship between two or more countries.

Happiness is also the same. Can we feel happy alone? We can feel true happiness only when we have an equal reciprocal relationship with a partner and when we love each other.

Freedom is also the same. True freedom cannot be realized alone. True freedom is what can be gained within love, together with love. Only within love can eternal freedom blossom. Within true love, even if you try to dictate using force, it would not be felt to be a restriction, but as deep happiness and joy.

Where is the base of love? The base of love is not myself. The noun "love" is used reciprocally. No matter how handsome a person is, he cannot have love without a partner. The base of love is not myself. Until now Satan has been saying "Love is for myself." We think that the base of love is myself, but until we correct this completely we cannot change history.

Until now, wives have been saying that they are the center, and husbands have been saying that they are the center. Each has been expecting to be served, causing destruction. The base of love is not where I am -- it is where my partner is; therefore, in order to find love, I must be sacrificed before love. Love always requires sacrifice, and it also requires submission.

In this respect, the contents that can subjugate this satanic world cannot be found anywhere else in heaven and earth. It can only be found through the God-centered Principle of love; therefore, God is always strongly holding on to love. In this world, the word "compassion" does not appear without love either. The word "benevolence" also will not exist without two people. The words "compassion" and "benevolence" are both words used in a reciprocal context.

5. The True Perspective On The Opposite Sex

Man symbolizes heaven and woman symbolizes earth. Man and woman must come together and realize harmony.

Man and woman are different from each other. Man's muscles are hard, but woman's are smooth. Men have beards, but women do not. Their voices are different, also. When man and woman are matched in a reciprocal position, harmony is made.

The physical structure of man is in a reciprocal relationship of left and right. This is because two halves are completely stuck together.

Do you think it's good to have just high or just low? To make harmony is good. Centering on the horizon, fish live below, and mammals and birds live above.

Woman have a menstruation period once a month. As the tides rise and fall centering on the moon, woman is the same. Breathing is the same.

Man and woman must be harmonized, becoming a parallel line. Why do people like Disneyland, with all the different kinds of vehicles going up and down? It is because the universe is like that. Which strikes one as feeling better: the harmony of only man or the harmony of man and woman? This is because the universe is like that. Because the universe forms a harmony of yin and yang, others must follow as well.

When a harmony of love is realized between the two opposite sexes, a circular movement is formed. If the two opposite sexes unite with love and bear fruit, God will come down and man will rise toward God, meeting at the center point. God will become the central point of the circle, allowing the circle to become a sphere. From this central point, God can reach out in all four directions. This point is where the harmony of love is realized, life begins, and mutuality starts. This is because there is a strength of love. Therefore, the power that activates and embraces everything in the universe is love.

Our young girls say they don't, but their eyes do automatically go toward handsome guys, don't they? Also, unmarried young men have so much interest in beautiful young girls, don't they? This is love in the fallen world. No matter how handsome a man is, girls must first think of him as their brother. Later, they must think of him as "my second brother, similar to my father." This is because a brother is the closest existence to girls. Imagine a person who is the closest to you. If a man appears who you feel is closer than that person and who would live for you, then that man comes to stand in the position of your reciprocal partner.

Are young girls originally made to think of their spouses first? Even if your brother is not handsome, he is the one to whom you girls want to go and discuss things with when you have difficulties or feel happy. You feel the same toward your father. Then if you think, "I am going to treat my husband even better than this!" how beautiful that is!

The reason we must think this way is because we must grow up through brother's love and father's love, which treat you as a true sister and daughter. Through this we must develop a path to a higher level of love. Then, when she finds a husband who will love her even more than her brother and father, she will rise another step. This is the reason why all girls want to get married, even abandoning their father and brother.

Similarly, when young men see girls, a feeling of, "Oh, my loving sister!" should arise. They should think, "Oh, she is like my loving elder sister, and she should be an extension of my loving mother!" Also, when girls see men, they should think of men as those through whom they can bridge the whole world with the ability to love all men of every race and nationality.

Therefore, marriage is a training ground where one can limitlessly extend the road of love of man and woman in the horizontal world. Isn't a world in which people have learned to love all people, young and old, through raising their own children, the closest to the ideal?

When a man and a woman meet, who would be the subject when seen from the principle of a reciprocal relationship? Is the woman subject of mind and man subject of body? Are they both the subject? Is man the subject or the woman? If we ask who is more passionate, it is woman more than man. In this respect, the woman is the subject. However, no matter how passionate a woman is, this woman would not become truly passionate until she meets a man. Isn't that so? The field of passion is woman, but the seed is the man. When there is a seed, there is a field. The field does not exist before the seed. When we look centering on the seed, the field is the object.

Today in this fallen world, love has become the most dangerous thing. Because of the fall, if we do not take care of love, the universe breaks apart and turns upside down. Man has not known why love became false and filthy. Man has tried to protect love because of his original mind that desires true love to appear.

For man, love is eternal and unique. If a man and a woman unite through love, they will live happily together on earth and then eternally even after death. Even though they have two bodies, they become completely united by rotating together When the two bodies unite, they will start moving together with God, forming a Four Position Foundation of love. This becomes the ideal world of love. False love would not be able to invade, and only true love would dwell there.

Centering on God, when a man and woman receive the Blessing and become perfected, God will always dwell within them. When a Four Position Foundation of love is formed, through the physical body of your spouse you can come to love the heart of your spouse, and if you come to love the heart first, then your physical body will follow.

The Unification Church has revealed the providence of love which was hidden for six thousand years; therefore, the Unification Church has tried to spread the foundation of the Blessing in order to realize the perfection of the ideal of creation centering on God. In other words, through the Blessing, the Unification Church has been forming the place which is the holy of hollies of love. We must understand that new life begins there.

What do you think is the center where all physical cells and spiritual elements become one hundred percent united? It is man and woman's sexual organs. When a man or woman pass through the period of adolescence, or the period in which they become physically and spiritually mature, and come to the road of love, both body and spirit completely resonate and become perfect.

What do you think the color of love would be? Do you think that it would be black at night, white during the daytime, and yellow during the evening? In the central color of love, there is a strength that can bring peace and unity and that can create the concept of the equality of humankind. Therefore, if we happened to enter the most holy place of love carelessly, we would be burned and killed.

Don't you think that the Unification concept of love is beautiful? The color of love in today's American society is, to put it frankly, the color of terrible death. Instead of realizing the eternal ideal world of creation, we are sinking down into the den of death. Men and women should keep their holy place clean until the time of their Blessing, and once they love each other, continue forever. However, American people are villains, with both men and women violating their most holy place of love.

The American people who do not think of marriage as a blessing from God have bad eyesight, not able to see their future. They are the destroyers, not the founders, of the country of God. If American society continues to go this way, it will not even have hope for tomorrow, but will be filled with desperation. It is clear that America will be destroyed not only by God's judgment, but also by persons who have lost their humanity.

Where is God's holy of hollies? It is where love dwelt before the fall -- the sexual organs of man and woman. This is the holy of hollies of heaven.

What is love? Love is the holy of hollies where God can dwell. We must cleanse this fallen world through love. We have already made it clear that Adam and Eve, who had to pass through the period of adolescence without any problem, failed to do so and went off the track, creating the fall.

The first human ancestor, Eve, had an illicit love relationship with the archangel and fell. And then because of this, Eve also fell physically through her relationship with Adam. Therefore, the blood lineage of sin has passed down to all humankind.

We must know the fact that God can never dwell in a place where there are traces of Satan remaining. In order for man and woman to receive God's love, they first must die and be born again. Even in human society, when a woman gets married for the second time, there is no reason for her new husband to love her if she had not yet forgotten her ex-husband.

Therefore, God has been carrying on this providence of restoration in human beings to cleanse their sins through indemnity.

6. Man; Chastity; Woman; Purity

You must start forming the heavenly idea centered on the family. You must think deeply about families. You must become the king of a family. You must also become the subjective king in the historical sense as well. To do this, men must always keep their purity.

Until now, we have emphasized the purity of woman, haven't we? Purity was lost in the Garden of Eden. Was it Eve or was it Adam? (It was Eve.) Was it Eve? Man lost it, also. Man who was the center of Eden also lost it. By Adam's being tempted by Eve, man, who was originally the root, was cut off. It was Eve, the woman, who made Adam fall. In order to indemnify this, women have been mistreated by men. Isn't that so? This is why women have been mistreated by men Therefore, in order to liberate women I am creating a movement for the equality of men and women and a movement for the liberation of women. We must do this for the sake of our coming generations more than for anyone else.

What is the bridegroom before the bride? He is a virtuous man. He is the world-level virtuous man. You have heard of a virtuous woman before, but you have never heard of a virtuous man, right? Before all humankind in the bride's position, Jesus was a virtuous man. Jesus was the man officially recognized by heaven and earth, history, the past, present and future. Could the people in the bride's position before the time of Jesus even conceive of the noun, "virtuous woman"? You are like a thief if you try to become a bride of Jesus without being a virtuous woman. What if a woman living in a cave of robbers claimed that her husband is a world-famous president, like President Kennedy? Everyone would think she was crazy.

The established Christians are playing this kind of a game. From a beggar's position, Christians are saying to the prince of God, "Oh, my bridegroom, please come, please come here and live with me." This is why Jesus has not been liberated from his deep resentment. If Jesus has not been liberated, then can God, who sent Jesus, be liberated from His resentment (han)? No, He cannot. God could not be liberated, and Jesus also could not be liberated. Therefore, the whole creation created by God could not be liberated either.

Even though there are so many men in this world, you should not look around. No men can treat the women in the Unification Church as they wish. If your purity is threatened, you should die or kill by stabbing a knife in the attacker's chest. It's one or the other. Do you understand?

Purity is more important than life. The historical path on which husbands, sons and daughters, the nation, and the world can love is opened by women. With truth, dignity and genuineness, you should devote all your sincerity to building a foundation on which woman's beauty, novelty and emotional tradition can shine.

Now, are you allowed to love someone as you wish, or not? When a man calls to you on the street, are you to follow him or not? No, you are not. But you always follow, don't you? (Laughter.) You should not have this nature. You should protect your physical body until the right time comes. You should not allow a ghost-like man to take over your heart. Men who are wondering around on the streets without any purpose are all ghosts. Are you going to allow your fate to be taken over by such a man? This is not a simple problem. You have only one life and if you make a wrong step, your entire life will be unstable. Isn't that so? It is the same for men. Until now, we have been emphasizing that women must keep their purity, but from now on, men should as well. Then, everything will be restored. No matter how evil and rough this world may be, you should not do things that deviate from the original way.

You should not ruin your purity during your adolescence, which is the precious time when you cleanse and indemnify the purity lost by Adam and Eve during their youth. You should preserve your purity, precious and clean, and you should have the mind and the determination that "even if I have to live a thousand or ten thousand years alone, my love will absolutely never be misused."

If you do not love people, the nation, the world and God, you will not be able to have a person you can love. This is the thought of the Unification Church tradition. Therefore, after you have loved God, the world and the people, then you can love your wife or your husband. This is the Principle.

Some men, when they meet a beautiful woman, think how nice it would be if she were their wife. We call this person with two minds a man with the mind of a thief. Satan started from two minds, so a man who has two minds can also be called Satan. Such a person is no different from Satan.

The time is coming when men should also keep their purity. If a man does not keep his purity, but makes a mistake, it is as if his entire family and tribe committed a serious crime in the Providence. Even a noble person is not allowed to have an affair. If a man makes a mistake, his family and relatives will perish. Such a time will come for you, unless you come to understand Unification Thought.

From now on, it is the age in which men too should keep their purity. Men should keep their purity and create a historical tradition of purity. The ceremony to eat Jesus' flesh and blood is done in order to set up a tradition of the pure flesh and blood of Jesus.

There is a phrase that says woman is purity, man is chastity (boldness). What this means is purity for the fulfillment of the will (or love), and chastity for realizing a purpose. Therefore, since woman is purity, women should know only one love; and since man is chastity, man should go forward to realize just one single purpose.

Adam and Eve were to know the path they should go, keeping their purity and chastity; however, they failed and fell.

A man, when loving a woman centered on God, should stand in a position in which he can say he "loved completely," or that he "loved with a love never changing from beginning to end." Woman, on the other hand, should thoroughly protect herself in order to stand in that position. The blossom of the peony is formed from many layers of petals. A woman should hide herself deep inside, like that flower. Then, when spring comes, together with the harmony of heaven and earth, she should start a new life. We must all know this clearly.

7. Love Has No Development Or Revolution

Love does not have revolution, development, or regression. Love cannot undergo development or any type of revolution. The original model of love itself is perfect, unchangeable, eternal and absolute.

Love has no development or revolution. Love is eternal and perfect, a permanent and unchangeable truth. If you think love develops and you try to experiment, it is wrong. Americans who think of love as a livelihood can only perish. God has no reason to bless their future. If this aspect of America does not self-destruct, then I will make it perish by making a love bomb explode. What is clear is that we should not use love as a means of making a living.

A husband does not desire any revolution or development of his wife from when he first fell in love. This also is the hope of a wife toward her husband. We must clearly know that it is the hope of all husbands and wives to keep the pure appearance with which they started their first love. They do not want any other color to be added to that purity of love, and they do not require any revolutions. I want you to understand that you should hope that the purity of love itself is eternally preserved.

Why do problems like divorce occur among people who love each other? When we think that the people who have divorced or are willing to divorce are all people who once were in a love relationship of life and death, we must say that something has gone wrong. There may be many reasons to get divorced, but in general it means that something changed, that something became different between the two. This is because they could not keep and grow their love. Love itself does not change; it is the person's mind that changes.

When a man and a woman become a husband and a wife, the important thing is how to realize unchanging unity between them. If they unite and praise the song of happiness, this is the eternal happiness. The standard of an ideal heart of love can only be established with an unchangeable subject.

We first get married thinking that the man is handsome. But one week later, if an accident happens and the husband's body is paralyzed, it is not true love to call for a divorce. That is false love.

I saw a result of some research done on divorce, and it said that more than sixty people out of one hundred said their divorce was caused by the woman.

Today, in the developed countries, white people are in the higher position of initiating and activating the society, and black people are in the lower position of being dominated. However, when we look at the love of parents for their children, the density of love is no different between black people and white. Here, one race does not have the status of being dominated or surpassed by another, and this does not change eternally. The heart of parents loving their child, the heart of a wife loving her husband, the heart of a husband loving his wife, the heart of true lovers loving each other . . . these never change no matter how much history changes, develops or goes through the process of revolution.

True love is absolute, unchanging and eternal.

8. Love Is Something Very Natural

When I was young, I once caught many birds and tried to make them kiss each other. To do this, I observed them preparing a nest and fed them, because even as a small boy, I wanted to see the birds love each other and sing songs of joy. I did this from curiosity about the laws of nature, as a child's experiment. When I think back now, I wonder how I continued those mean things. I became aware after a long while that love occurs as a very natural phenomenon.

True love occurs within a natural, free atmosphere. I came to know about love clearly because I went through long years of experiments.

When I was young, I grew up in the countryside where migrating birds came and different flowers blossomed as seasons changed. Wherever I went in Korea, I could clearly see the four seasons change, and the beautiful scenery of each season. In Seoul today, it is difficult to see nature even if one walks the whole day. I feel sad that Seoul is becoming such a barren city in which all the environment is man-made.

People who grow up in a city environment will lack emotion and have no chance to feel the mystery and beauty of nature. We must know that the urban environment easily creates a rough and individualistic personality. The interaction that occurs when we contact nature allows people to learn and gain awareness of many things.

I was able to learn and master many things from nature. I became aware of what true love and happiness are through nature. It was from the natural world that I could learn the most basic things, more than from education in school.

When the seasons changed and I saw a beautiful bird flying, I followed the bird and watched to see how it built its nest and lived. There were times when I walked around for more than ten days to see a bird lay eggs and hatch them. I became deeply convinced of God's mystery and love by looking at the cute and beautiful baby birds, just as their mother. The baby birds did not appear from evolution. Would a baby bird hatch if you warmed an egg? Birds are only made to be hatched through the warmth of their parent's body and their parental love.

I once picked up a baby bird and decided to raise it sincerely. Although I took the baby bird secretly, the mother bird cried whenever she saw me. I understood that it was crying, pleading to have her baby back. Mother's love in the bird's world is also very strong. When someone comes and tries to take away the baby bird, the parents try to protect it, even risking their own lives.

To a person who has lost the value of love, what difference would it make even if we gave him a university level education? The education would only give knowledge and create an individualistic, materialistic person.

Korean soybean stew (denjan chige) can only be delicious when served in a unglazed earthenware bowl (tokpegi). Similarly, training of personality can be accomplished fully only when it is done based on love.

World civilization must flower based on an artistic harmony. This is similar to burnt kalbi being most delicious when served on a plate with soybean paste served in a tokpegi If you know the real taste of soybean soup you will never be able to forget it wherever you go.

Similarly, if man once tastes the real taste of love, he will never be able to change. As we easily get tired of eating instant food made tasty by being very sweet, we cannot say that love found easily, like instant food, is true love.

Recently, we see people here and there making love as if they were making instant food. This is a problem. This is like trying to deepen love by taking a perfume bath. I would say that love is deepened, purified and lasts longer when a couple living in the countryside take a cold bath and sleep together.

If a couple brushes their teeth in order to kiss each other, it is not true love. This is because the smell of the toothpaste would stop them from enjoying the taste of the other's individual body odor. When I look at people kissing each other after brushing their teeth, it makes me wonder whether they are kissing in order to taste love or in order to taste the toothpaste. When we look at recent generations, we can say that calculating, artificial and deceitful love is so widespread that it confuses our concept of what human happiness is. We can say that this kind of love is the main criminal leading this world to destruction.

When you meet the person whom you like or love, it is a natural instinct between the two opposite sexes to want to hug and kiss each other. The reason I am trying to be in contact with the natural environment is to love this universe. This is a natural act of human beings in order to find a reciprocal partner.

If all humankind meets man to woman or woman to man based on the theory of reciprocal partnership, no accidents or acts violating the order of love can occur. The order of true love will be formed when man and woman meet based on the theory of reciprocal partnership.

However, if you stand in a position violating the order, ignoring and denying the environment, the ideal order of love cannot be set up.


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