Blessing and Ideal Family

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon


Chapter 3
The Meaning And Value Of The Blessing

Part 1
The Fundamental Principle Of Rebirth

1. The Reason The Messiah Is Necessary

We need the Messiah because we need to receive salvation. Then, what is the necessary and fundamental starting point for salvation? It is the point of contact with God's love. However, the fundamental reality is that humankind is a collective entity with Satan's substantial body. It has nothing to do with God and in fact is in direct opposition to God's love. This must be indemnified.

Indemnity means the elimination of the original sin. In the process of eliminating original sin, the principal issue is the blood lineage. Fallen people by themselves absolutely cannot solve the matter of the stained blood. That is why we need the Messiah.

Jesus came to earth and fulfilled his mission as the spiritual father. He spiritually warded off Satan. A husband symbolizes heaven, therefore he goes to heaven; a wife is the symbol of earth. Therefore, she must fight with Satan and if she doesn't like her husband, she cannot stand in the position of his bride. Satan fornicated with man and woman in the Garden of Eden. We must gain victory by indemnifying this, then start again. Centering on the Holy Spirit, you must overcome Satan's invisible limitations and be free. Jesus and the Holy Spirit's force of love has the capacity to bring rebirth. After receiving the rebirthing life force, you must fight Satan and win. Unless you live your entire life like this, you cannot go to heaven.

Christians on earth say that they will be free from original sin when Jesus comes again, but what does it mean to be liberated from original sin? It is the restoration of heart, the end of Satan's accusation, and separation from his blood lineage. This is the accomplishment that will remain until the end.

To have a different blood lineage means to have a different . Therefore, fallen man, born with stained blood, cannot indemnify sin without the original True Parents. Do you understand? That is why until today, centering on religion, history desired one person who is not fallen and who is qualified to be the first ancestor of humankind.

What is the nature of the Messiah fallen man needs? Fallen people do not need a Messiah in the fallen parents' position. The Messiah should be as unfallen Adam and Eve, one with God's will, receiving God's love and God's blessing in the position of True Parents, and able to give rebirth to all people. Otherwise, men and women cannot move to a position which has nothing to do with sin.

Who is the Messiah? The Messiah is the True Parent. Then why do you need the True Parent? Because you must engraft to True Parent's love. That is why, unless the Messiah, the True Parent, appears, fallen people cannot be free from original sin and then go from this sinless, liberated position to the completion stage to receive the Blessing.

Adam could not become the True Parent, but rather established the coming of very sinful parents. The Messiah's doctrine, Christ's doctrine, teaches how to engraft history in front of God by the process of restoration through indemnity. This is necessary because of the fall.

We must overcome self-centered attachment to our satanic parents and make the final victory centering on true love. Only through God sending the Messiah can we surrender the satanic lineage.

If there is one who does the work of removing the satanic lineage from the generations of humankind, that one is the Messiah. Unless the True Parents appear, humankind cannot be one with God and cannot make a reciprocal base with goodness.

Because Adam and Eve fell, Cain and Abel lost the way to be vertically one. Adam and Eve are in the position to have their fallen affairs restored through Cain and Abel. Adam and Eve did not have the foundation to make the vertical connection. Since we want to stand in the True Children's position, we need to meet True Parents who connect us vertically to God. Unless we restore our position as unfallen children we cannot unite with God and climb to the completion stage. No matter how much you have faith and no matter how well Cain and Abel are united, unless the True Parents' foundation is restored, there is no vertical way that we can grow.

2. The True Meaning Of Rebirth

Rebirth does not come through fallen people who are the fallen descendants of Adam and Eve; it must come through the blood and flesh of sinless parents. Unless you go through this, you cannot go back to God. The original root of sin began with Adam and Eve. This must be indemnified and overcome. You cannot go back to God's side unless you are reborn, having no original sin and having nothing to do with sin.

What is God's method for saving us? Salvation cannot come within the fallen sovereignty, no matter how much effort God makes. That is why God must send the model of unfallen Adam and Eve, the True Parents, to this earth. Through these parents, humankind goes through the course of birthing pain, separating eternally from the satanic dominion. Then no matter what, Satan cannot invade; only God can dominate and subjugate us. People with original sin cannot go back to the original sinless position without being born again.

When Nicodemus asked Jesus, "What must I do to receive salvation?" Jesus said, "You must be born again." That means that because Nicodemus was born as Satan's child, in order to receive salvation he had to receive the Holy Spirit and be born again. All satanic relationships must be liquidated and God-centered original relationships must be created.

When this leader asked Jesus, "What must I do in order to get to heaven?" Jesus answered, "Unless you are born again, you cannot go to heaven." Being born again means becoming a citizen of heaven after removing the chains of sin.

Being born again means changing in heart.

There are people among Christians today who believe the second coming of the Christ is on the clouds. Salvation through this concept cannot be true faith; it is blind faith. If salvation were that simple, the Unification Church would not be needed in this world.

Even if you have made the foundation of faith according to God's providence, you need to be engrafted in order to become God's children.

If the True Parents are the true olive tree, then you are the false olive trees which need to be engrafted. It is not just about an extra sprout or branch. New branches must come out in order for the normal function to occur. What happened to humankind after the substantial foundation of faith and love was lost? The blood lineage was turned upside down. This must be reversed. This is why we must understand the importance of the contents of the time we are in. When Nicodemus asked Jesus, "How can I enter the Kingdom of Heaven?" Jesus answered, "No one enters the Kingdom of Heaven unless he is born again."

In the process of engrafting the true olive tree onto the false olive tree, you do not engraft at the level of a branch up on the trunk; rather you cut the very bottom of the tree (leaving only the root), then you engraft the new branch there. This means that the Christian churches must establish a new standard, a new system of order, and a new way of thinking centering on the coming Messiah. The result of their faith was the fruit of the false olive tree. In order to raise the fruit of the true olive tree, the old tree must he cut and the new branch engrafted onto it. If engrafting is not possible, the entire old tree must be pulled up with its roots and burned. If left alone, the seed of the false olive tree will spread and make countless false olive trees. The purpose for cutting the false olive tree is to engraft onto it the eyes of the true olive tree.

The problem is that when comparing the eyes of the true olive tree and the false olive tree, they appear the same; therefore, conflict comes in. Especially at the time of the second coming, many antichrists appear, confusing people and preventing them from seeing the truth. That is why Jesus said, "Pray constantly and stay awake."

By cutting the bottom of a false olive tree and by attaching to it the true olive tree, the false olive trees will all be cut and become the orchard of true olive trees. I am working on this job, so people are in an uproar. They are afraid of the pain of cutting their bodies and are doubting the ability of the gardener. With the springtime of God's providence, the work of engrafting the false olive trees has already begun.

In rebirthing, you cannot be less capable than Adam and Eve. If you are, you cannot restore even the basic things. In rebirthing work, an individual must be born again, then the family level, tribal level, national level and world level should be reborn. Today's Christians are ignorant of this.

3. The Meaning Of Changing The Blood Lineage

The birth of human beings begins with the seed of the husband, the seed of life, which enters the wife. If that is so, where do you think is the site of conception? It is the woman's womb. History is ready for us to make the condition to go back to that one point, the site of conception. Now, in order to give birth to a baby from a woman's womb, there must be a man. Eventually a family must be established. However, considering the entire process, the hidden seed of the baby started in the man. So, man's seed in his blood must have the condition of being one with God's love. Unless man passes through this course, he cannot fulfill the condition for complete blood lineage conversion.

So, the seed of the baby arrives in the woman's womb. What about the father? In the father, the seed originates in the bone marrow. Therefore, by passing through the father's bone marrow and the mother's womb, the baby is born. Then, how is a baby made? You must know that you were made by passing through your father's bone and your mother's womb. History is interesting.

Christians who believe in Jesus, centering on the standard before the fall, must be born from Jesus' bone marrow in the position of his children. This means that there was the seed of a son before the birth of Adam. Today, Christians must be reborn as children through Jesus' bone marrow. In order to do this, they must be one with Jesus. Then they must be born through the spiritual mother, the Holy Spirit. That is why Jesus told Nicodemus to be born again.

Jesus said to Nicodemus, "Unless one is born again, one cannot see the Kingdom of Heaven." Then Nicodemus asked, "How can a fully grown man be born again? Isn't it impossible to go back to the womb and be born again?" Then Jesus said, "You are a famous teacher among the Israelites and you do not know?" At that time, Jesus was speaking deeply about the Principle. In Christianity, the concepts of rebirth and new life imply the Principle system, which means that the restoration of the blood lineage happens through the mother. The liquidation of original sin happens through restoring the heavenly lineage.

But receiving a new life, being recreated and born again, happens only by going through the True Father's body. Complete spiritual and physical salvation is possible only through the True Father. The children who are born through this course do not have original sin. They enter heaven without repeating this course. Until today, Christianity could not completely explain how a person is born again -- what the starting point and the purpose of rebirth is. They cannot even understand that it is a big mistake to think that one is born again just by growing to be thirty years old believing in Jesus. The starting point of the heartistic content is not being thirty years old. Unless you make the condition of having the heartistic connection, the starting point and purpose of rebirth cannot be realized. If you do not know this, rebirth is impossible.

In order to change the blood lineage, go back to Adam's bone marrow, go back to the center of his body. Satisfy the condition of connecting God's love with a seed in the father's body or you cannot be reborn as a child of God. This is absolutely clear, even intellectually. Is this message in the Bible? If it is, then the Bible is God's Word.

Until now, what did it mean to believe in Jesus? Jesus is a man who is the unfallen original Adam. Above all, he is the spiritual father with flesh. That is why, unless you are one with him, there is no way to be born again. That is the reason that in Christianity, human beings enter Jesus' bone marrow, which means yearning for Jesus like craving water in a dry desert and meeting with Jesus' loving heart. The only way to learn this is through experience, yearning and welcoming Jesus as the bridegroom. Interpreting Jesus as the bridegroom has two meanings. The first is to become a seed entering into the center of his flesh and the second is to make a condition such that you pass into the mother's womb, which means being in the bride's position.

Originally, there should not be a separation of spirit and body at a person's rebirth. But because Jesus died as he did, only the spiritual rebirth is possible; the spiritual body was reborn but the physical body could not be reborn. So Jesus must come again in the flesh. That is why people who believed in Jesus and went to the spirit world must come back at the time of the second coming, passing through Father into and through Mother's womb. Unless this condition for rebirth is made, there is no way to have life. In other words, you must emerge from Father's bone marrow as the seed of a son or daughter and be born through True Mother. You find Jesus through the Holy Spirit; this is like entering True Father's bone marrow as a seed. Accordingly, that process must be restored through indemnity spiritually at the time of the second coming. The seed has entered the bone marrow spiritually and has come out through Mother. That is the way to restore the connection of heart and blood lineage. Today's Christians do not even think about this; they just believe that they will enter heaven. That is absolutely a mistake.

Since your given position has nothing to do with the True Parents, and instead you were born with the blood of false parents who were chased out of heaven, you must deny and transcend yourself in order to get rid of your blood lineage. Basically, without changing the blood lineage, you cannot go to heaven.

4. In Order To Be Born Again

Consider Jesus giving the bridegroom's love, united with the Holy Spirit giving love as his bride: that love must become my bone and flesh. That is, "I am in you and you are in me." According to these words of Jesus, unless the foundation of heartistic love is established, there is no rebirth. You may say you need to be born again, but in order for you to be born again you need to love Jesus more than anyone. Satan's dominion is based on satanic love, so you must realize that unless your work of God-centered love is on a higher level than that of satanic love, there is no way for you to connect to God. This is the suffering course and difficult road which religious people must go. Christians love Jesus every day and wait for His second coming with their whole heart. Didn't they cry for 2,000 years, "Oh come, Lord and Bridegroom Jesus"? Unless you come out of your body, with your hearts torn apart and your bones melted, you are in a situation of not knowing whether your spirit is inside or outside of your body. Only if you are able to communicate or relate to God or Jesus will the Holy Spirit come. With the coming of the Holy Spirit, the event of giving birth to a spirit baby happens. Have you had this experience? If you have no experience such as that, you are still the children of the satanic world. Even now, you must understand that you have a base for Satan's accusations. In this state a person cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven; he or she goes to hell.

Maybe the work of changing the blood lineage is done by the Messiah, but the art of changing yourself is the work of no one other than yourself. Unless this is accomplished, you cannot advance on the road to salvation. It does not happen easily; you must face and overcome life and death situations. Unless you do forty days' prayer, fast, or face the near-fatal situation in which you are vomiting blood, the change of blood lineage might not be possible.

Jesus said to his followers, "Whoever wants to follow me must give his life and bear the cross. Those who want to live will lose their life and those who lose their life for my sake will gain their life." Without craving life in the satanic world, in front of God's will, my blood, flesh and bones will be burned and made into powder. The smell will be so wonderful. When shaken throughout the heavens and earth, one who loves God and the universe like that will not go to hell. He can live forever.

"With all your heart and effort, you must love the Lord your God," is the same as saying there is no excuse for selfishness. This means that we must maintain the whole purpose, for the public, and that individual things are not tolerated. That is, with all your heart, will and being, you must love the Lord your God, as is said in the first commandment. This is to be public from the absolute position.

From the absolute position, to be public means that "self" does not exist. You represent the whole, and that representation should be made subject. Because this world belongs to Satan's sovereignty, Satan represents the whole as the center of existence. We must attend God as our absolute subject. In this, you cannot have the idea of "self." When you have a notion of "self," Satan's condition for accusation always remains. From the position of denying the self, centering on the absolute subject, the mind and body and external things must become one. From this position, you must make offerings.

Jesus said to Nicodemus, "Unless you are born again, you cannot enter heaven." The self which lived until now must be denied historically. No matter how much you give reasons that you are good and that you do many good works, "self" must be denied. Because of the fall, there is no possibility of avoiding this. Ours is the life of denial, denying living and even denying death.

All of humankind who were born before the birth of True Mother were born meaninglessly. That is the reason we must engraft to Jesus and go back into Jesus' bone marrow, then become husband and wife and be born again through the Holy Spirit. Because you are born out of false love, you need to be born again through true love. Christianity emphasizes love for this reason.

In unity with Jesus, love is the only thing needed, not truth or righteousness. Before life, love is needed. Love goes beyond history and transcends distance and space.

Centering on love, God wanted to unite the original human beings. Unless you forget about your own suffering and longing for love, you cannot jump to the original human level.

When you have the heart which loves God and the creation, you can eliminate fallen love. Progress comes only if the pursuit of the original standard is stronger than the love of man and woman. Further, you must love God absolutely, make a goal that has personal value centering on the love which recreates, and go forward. It is like that because of the fall into unprincipled love. Human beings fell to a level of love centering on pride and on the self. That is why only when we have God's original love can we go forward. Your desire to reach the perfection of yourself must be stronger than the heart of a young man and woman dating; only then can you go up to the perfection level. Unless your love for God digests satanic love, you cannot go up. That is why I am teaching you to adore God and the coming of the ideal groom, the Lord. This is the meaning of the 2,000 years of Christian celibate life, waiting for the groom in the bride's position. Christians do not understand this content.

If your love for God does not surpass the love of a worldly husband and wife, parents and children, and patriots for the nation, how can you become the sons and daughters of God? In order to become the true sons and daughters of God, first of all, God, the spirit world, and your descendants on the earth all must praise you. The sum of three must be accomplished. After three points are connected, an area is created: Two points form only a line and this is insufficient.

The human fall happened by not believing God, so we must believe the Lord of the Second Coming and follow him. After following him, what are you going to do? You must make the nest for love. Isn't this simple? After that, you must substantially and heartistically become one with Jesus, the bridegroom. Then, all things must be restored. By doing this, the positions of God, True Parents and True Children appear, for which God hoped at the beginning of the world. That place is appearing in the universe; from this point, the new heaven and earth are opening.

Although the contents of each of your blood lineages and backgrounds are different, in order to resemble the True Parents you need to do the engrafting work. If you do not engraft, it cannot be done. In order to engraft, you must complete your indemnity course. Because it started from the parents, it must be solved through the parents. Because Adam and Eve could not become the true parents, but became instead the false parents, God had to search until today for the true parents. The images of the bridegroom and bride and the Feast of the Lamb at the time of the Second Coming refer to the search for the true parents.

Everyone, you cannot make conditions without going through the True Parents. Although you go out to a region to pioneer, then become a district leader and fulfill your mission, you might make the condition without centering on the True Parents. Everything must be connected to the True Parents. Only by working and getting results in relation to the True Parents can you harvest the results for heaven. Otherwise, you cannot harvest for heaven. That is how you receive salvation in the Completed Testament Age. Before longing for worldly things, you must long for the True Parents. That is the responsibility of the children. Does the one who longs for his wife first qualify as a son? The child grows up in the parent's nest and thinks its parents are the number one favored people. This is the principle. Even if you receive the Blessing in the future, you must make relations with your spouse only after making relations with his or her parents. Before anything, you must long for parents. You should feel that without parents there is no night or day or world and that your own existence has no value. A heart of love and adoration for your parents should dominate your daily life. After that, you can be a son and daughter of Heaven. After going through that course of life, you can welcome your spouse as your husband or wife. Without going through the course, how can you welcome your husband or wife?

First of all, you really need to long for the parents. My motivation for life is the True Parents. My entire hope is True Parents, all my ideal and the base of my happiness is True Parents. Unless you attend the True Parents with this standard, you cannot find salvation. Have you attended the True Parents like that? You are false. You must understand this clearly. That is why you must have faith so strong as to go beyond your existence. Think, "I am a son or daughter who is becoming one with the True Parent eternally." Unless you incarnate this thought, you cannot do it.

You cannot attend True Parents alone. You need to have your reciprocal partner, either a man or woman. In case you are alone, you must get help from one in the position of Adam. So you offer and return something to the parents and by that you win parents' love and you can connect the blood relationship to your descendants. This is how you can connect the foundation of love to your bloodline, which is the valuable content of the relationship of attendance. Attend the True Parents with the intensity of the blood-related reciprocal standard of value; if you do otherwise, you cannot attend. You must know about this.

The starting point of faith in the Unification Church is the realization that you are the son or daughter of God. This is centering on God's love, restoring the position of children.

In order to become a true filial child, you must pass through the heart of parents. After entering the Unification Church, to know the Father you must enter the world of heart.

Leaders and missionaries should enter into this heart. Many times during the day, while you are walking, without being conscious of it, you are crying because of God's heart. Such a church can only prosper.

Doing your absolute best in the place of heart, you and the Teacher can become one in the world of heart and everything can be one. Heart transcends distance, transcends the environment and transcends history. Also, it can shorten the time period.

Therefore, you must be in the position of Teacher. If I am sad, you must feel sad. We must breathe together. If I am breathing out, you are inhaling. Unite with me and do things with the right heart.

You are having hard times, but you are going the way of restoration. We are going this way because you and I know God. You may have complaints or grudges, but because you know God you cannot hate. Is this a bad thing? Because of not knowing God, everything is destroyed, communism spreads throughout our world and Christianity breaks down into pieces. Is knowing God a sin? No matter how miserable you are, this way of life is very valuable. No matter what is breaking down, do it with your best effort and go the best way.

It is the same in searching for the truth. Unlike in other Christian churches, just reading the Bible does not make it. Think about the many ways you must use your observation as a scientist. Finding the Principle requires the scientific method. Thinking about that, Teacher found many things, didn't l?



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