Blessing and Ideal Family

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon


Chapter 5 Part 3
Restoration Of The Family Through Three Spiritual Children

1. Three Spiritual Children

What are spiritual children? They represent three lost archangels. Adam and Eve fell because the three archangels did not stand in a realm of supporting each other. This has to be indemnified. Thus three spiritual children representing the three archangels have to become one and stand in a position to offer their lives to Adam. You stand in the position of Adam and Eve toward your spiritual children. You must make the realm of heart where the three spiritual children who stand representing the three archangels do not have any regret in offering their lives to their spiritual parent. Through education, you must make that relationship.

The purpose of God's creating archangels was for them to educate and take care of Adam and Eve until they established a realm of heart for making a family. But in the opposite way, they brought about a problem. This fact was the fall. Thus the restoration of the realm of heart is established by three spiritual children who are the same as three archangels becoming one and standing in a position of having no regret in giving their lives for you. In this way, for the first time, you can stand in a position of having indemnified the failure of Adam to unite the three archangels.

We absolutely need spiritual children. Adam and Eve had three archangels in front of them. Adam and Eve could not become God's perfected children without establishing these archangels in the position of serving them all their lives. But the archangel Lucifer drifted away from his position and seduced Adam and Eve into falling. We must restore this through indemnity. Three spiritual children, viewed horizontally, are in the position of three archangels. They have to become completely one.

Originally, in the place of the archangels becoming one with God, Adam and Eve were created. The archangels were created first, and by becoming one with God, they created Adam and Eve. We must restore that standard. Thus we must first raise up spiritual children.

It is the fundamental rule that on the foundation of already prepared spiritual children, you are to receive the Blessing and have children.

You must symbolically create the three archangels. In the same way that God created the archangel, all things, and then His son and daughter, you must pass through the course of Adam and Eve's recreating the lost road. Only by raising up three spiritual children can you set up the condition of restoring three archangels.

Only by having those archangels stand in a supportive position and dedicating their lives, can Adam be recreated. Archangels were created as helpers and objects who serve and praise God. But because Adam and Eve fell, they lost the angelic world and material of the universe. Thus we must restore and recreate what was lost. The archangel is a being like Satan and is a spiritual child in the position of Cain.

You must raise up three spiritual children. Because Jesus' disciples, who were supposed to be one body with Jesus centering on him, took the position of betraying Jesus, you must raise up three spiritual children to restore this. Moreover, you must restore 12 disciples and 72 disciples. This is the assignment that we must accomplish in our indemnity course. We must raise up three spiritual children, and centering on them, we must establish 12 disciples, 72 disciples and 120 disciples. This was the 21-year course that Father accomplished.

You must find three spiritual children. Once you have done this, you have established the condition of raising up three archangels, three sons of Adam and three Cain-type older brothers in the satanic world. The Old Testament Age was the age of race; the New Testament Age, the age of nation; and the Completed Testament Age is the age of the world. In the Old Testament Age, 600,000 Israelites had to find their way to Canaan. In the New Testament Age, Jesus, centering on a nation, had to establish a worldwide Canaan. In the Completed Testament Age, we, the Unification Church, have to establish a cosmic land of Canaan within the realm of the world. From this viewpoint, three stages and three children are indispensable.

And again, just as God is called the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and just as there are the first, second, and third Adams, and there were three archangels, we must establish three spiritual children. Thus Jesus also needed three disciples. l he Unification Church also sets up three families first. On that foundation we could be connected in all directions by making 12 families, and I could enter the center. Jesus also had to make 12 families centering on 12 disciples in order to protect his family. Do you now understand the importance of spiritual children?

And if I do not save the worldwide Cain. I cannot enter heaven. In order to connect Cain of three ages, that is, the Old Testament, New Testament and Completed Testament ages, it is absolutely necessary. In the representative positions they can become one, and this can change the direction of the satanic world.

The words that we must guard against the most in the Unification Church are, "Do not witness." The words, "It is OK not to witness. It is OK not to have any spiritual children," are the words that Satan likes the most.

2. Without Eight Family Members Restoration Is Not Possible

In order to establish the standard of accomplishing God's greatest hope, we must set up indemnity conditions. When setting up indemnity conditions, we are not just setting up conditions; we must set up substance. What is the resentment of God? It is losing Adam's eight family members -- Adam and Eve and their three sons and spouses. That is why in order to dissolve that resentment, we must establish three children. When you find three children, you are finding eight family members, including men and women.

Setting up these eight family members is the best road to filial piety and loyalty. Without setting up these three children, we cannot return to God. We must absolutely fulfill this life and death matter.

What is the fall? It is the loss of eight family members centering on the false parent. In other words, losing Cain, Abel, Seth, and their spouses-all together eight family members centering on evil parents -- is the fall. Thus we must restore eight family members. In order to go over this life and death matter, we must equip ourselves with eight family members.

Quickly find three spiritual children. A woman has to find three daughters, and a man has to find three sons. Originally, the person who did the witnessing was supposed to arrange marriage for those spiritual sons and daughters. Do you understand what I am saying? The only thing that remains in the universe is the Blessing. It is only the Blessing. All of this is plausible because Father gives proof.

Marriage is not done alone. If a couple has three spiritual children, with three sons to whom the man witnessed and three daughters to whom the woman witnessed, they have to marry them first, second and third, just as they are. In that way they have to find eight family members. Since Adam lost eight family members, without finding them, a person cannot enter the road of restoration. At the time of Noah, God sent the flood judgment when they became eight in number. God could wipe away Satan's world because there were eight family members. If eight family members are not there, a person cannot do the work of restoration.

Jesus also did his work in order to establish eight family members. The reason for his setting up three disciples was also that he needed eight family members in order to fulfill Israel. Jesus' three disciples are archangel types representing three ages. In other words, Jesus is restoring through indemnity in one moment the mistake of Adam by passing through three ages. He is fully restoring three archangels who were lost spiritually.

Jesus' three disciples also had to be willing to die in his place. Actually, the archangel has no children. But because man fell, he came to stand in the position of child of the archangel. Thus we must deny that relationship and walk the road of restoration to the origin by connecting with God's heart.

When Jesus was born, why did three wise men from the East come? They came as the restored archangels of the spirit world. They were from foreign countries and had no relationship with Jesus whatsoever. The fact that these three wise men came from the East and offered gold, frankincense, and myrrh was a promise that all of the angelic, satanic world, that is, all of the archangels, would be offered. In this way, Jesus started out as an Adamic being.

Since satanic representatives offered everything, Israel's three high priests, who were heaven's representatives, had to submit to Jesus. If that had happened, Jesus wouldn't have died on the cross. But because that did not happen and he lost everything, Jesus died on the cross. Where did the archangels who came from the spiritual world go? Where did the high priest who represented the nation go? He lost everything. Next, where did the representatives of new religions, who had to testify to Jesus centering on John the Baptist, go? They too were all lost. Since he lost Joseph's family and even his last hope, the three main disciples, where could Jesus go? There was no place. Thus he had to die.

3. The Formation Of The Family Through Three Spiritual Children

If you do not have three spiritual children, I cannot give you the Blessing, and you cannot receive the Blessing. But there are some people who did not set this kind of condition and are leading their lives after receiving the Blessing. These people also have to quickly establish three spiritual children. Even after the Blessing, three archangels have to want to support that couple and that family. If three spiritual children who are like three archangels supported you as an individual but did not support you as a family and couple, it is not good. In order to make that foundation of support, you need a period of three years.

If a couple becomes one having accomplished this standard, since they each have three spiritual children, there will be eight all together, including the couple. In this way, by realizing the condition that the people who are in the position of the archangel became completely one with the spiritual parents, from there they can be restored to the position of eight members of Adam's family. If a man and woman, who each have spiritual children, enter a realm of life by getting matched, and achieve the standard of becoming one by reciprocal love and by not disobeying God, the three persons, who are like archangels, enter the domain of adopted children.

The eight members of fallen Adam's family came to stand in the position of Satan's children. Thus, for fallen persons to be restored, they cannot enter immediately the position of God's child of direct descent, but must go through the domain of adopted child. From the domain of adopted child, the person has to become one with his or her parent and grow up for seven years from the standard of the perfection level of the growth stage.

You have not yet gone up to the standard of perfection. It is the teaching of the Principle that in order to enter God's direct dominion, you must go over the standard of perfection. You are not like that now. Overall, you are about at the standard of the perfection level of the growth stage. Adam's family fell at the perfection level of the growth stage. But we, centering on that, have to go up with the standard of perfection as our goal, and that is the seven years for the formation of the family.

Because Adam's family fell, everything in the world came to be fallen. Thus, by becoming one with your spiritual parent, you must become a family that lives with world restoration as your goal. Because of the fall, eight members of Adam's family fell into the unprincipled domain under Satan. Now in a reverse process with spiritual parent and spiritual children becoming one, you are going from the position of Satan's child to the standard of God's adopted child. For that reason, these eight people have to become completely one and go the way of sacrifice for the sake of the restoration of the world.

Satan made man and woman fall by going the way of sacrificing their surroundings, but we are sacrificing ourselves in order to save the world and are putting this into practice. Satan made the world fall in order to destroy the world centering on himself. But we have to sacrifice ourselves and go in the opposite way to save this world. This fundamental rule will never be shaken. By forming a restored family, the world will be separated into families of the fallen world and families of the restored parent.

4. The Formula Course For The Restoration Of The Family

In order to make a heavenly family, you must have three spiritual children. In this way you cannot say that you have prepared a family foundation without making a foundation of spiritual sons and daughters' attending your physical children, whom you beget after receiving the Blessing, even from when they are in the womb. Father is not saying this merely for practical reasons. It is the law of heaven.

For that reason Jesus also tried to embrace his three disciples even at the final place of death. But all of them ran away. Thus Jesus had to ascend from there. If the three disciples had died with Jesus, before resurrecting Jesus, God would have resurrected the three disciples. If that had happened, Jesus would not have had to resurrect, but only the Holy Spirit would have had to come down to earth. In that way, if a spiritual foundation had been established on earth, the faithful could have had direct contact with the spiritual world without praying so much. But because there was no standard on earth for him to be the parent, Jesus, who was the father, had to go to the spiritual world as the representative of heaven, and the Holy Spirit, who symbolized the mother, had to come down to earth.

Since the father and the mother were separated, it was very hard for people to become their children. It is clear that this happened because the three disciples of Jesus had not established a victorious base of restoration on earth and because they did not set the condition of going through life and death together with Jesus. Since this is the law, every Unification Church member should know that he cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven without establishing this family. Jesus died because of that, and Father also suffered for 21 years because of that; and also God has been working for 6,000 years in order to end that. This is the formula course that everyone who learns the Principle has to go. There is no forgiveness in this formula course. There is no forgiveness. No matter how well a person knows Father, this is the way it is.

You must from now restore the family. In order to do that, you must find three spiritual children. In this way, by establishing a four position foundation with those children and by making an external four position foundation of faith centering on you as parent, you must make the foundation of your spiritual children's completely serving your direct children. What is the significance of these three spiritual children? They correspond to three archangels in the spiritual world. In the same way as the three archangels' attending Adam and Eve from when they were created, your spiritual children have to attend the children you will have after your Blessing, from when they are in the womb. What does this mean? You are indemnifying on this earth the standard of the archangel's supporting Adam from before his creation to when Adam got married after becoming mature. Thus, three spiritual children are absolutely needed.

There is the age of Adam, of Jesus, and of the Second Coming. Here, Adam is the first son, Jesus is the second son, and the Second Coming is the third son. In these three ages, who opposed restoration history? Cain always opposed Abel. Thus Cain-type restoration has to be accomplished, and three archangels have to be restored first. In this way, without making the foundation of their completely attending the child you will have after the Blessing, your descendant cannot become heaven's citizen. This is the law of heaven.

Jesus also died because he did not fulfill this. If it was not like that, but rather was as simple as you think, then why did Jesus die? Did he die because there were no unmarried women at that time? It is because he has to obey this heavenly law. Because that is the formula for entering the Kingdom of Heaven, you cannot enter without walking that formula course. You do not enter the Kingdom of Heaven individually but only as a family.

Everyone without exception has to leave the satanic world in order to be admitted into the nation of God. Thus you must find and meet the True Parents and true brothers and sisters. The Unification Church has to cleanse completely every impure love, and because Eve lost three kinds of love in one generation, it has to restore three kinds of love in one generation. You must form a couple in a place which parents and brothers can like.

In order for you to form a family, you need to witness to three persons. These three people are three archangels. BY having parents, brothers, husband and wife, and angels, you can start a family. Original sin is rooted in false love. Thus, do not be tainted with sin ever again. From an ideal family, an ideal tribe is formed. I hope that you form a true ideal family.

5. The Relationship Between Spiritual Children And Physical Children

Before you came into the Church, you were in the satanic world. Then you entered the Church by coming to know God's will. Originally, you were to have an absolute foundation as you were being born. You were supposed to stand in the position of unfallen Adam and Eve. But since you were born with a fallen blood lineage, in order to restore that original standard you must believe and follow God's word. BY becoming a witness to the Unification Church, you make a foundation of Cain and Abel. Since you did not have that foundation before you were born, you must set up indemnity conditions.

An indemnity condition is set in order to allow your blessed child to become an object of hope. A blessed family has to wait anxiously for the birth of a baby and has to attend to the child from when he or she is in the womb. Without doing this clearly, you cannot go the way of restoration. Without standing in a position of uniting with the blessed child by attending him even in the womb, you cannot stand in the position of the archangel's becoming one with Adam.

You will be blessed and have children. When you conceive a blessed child, you must establish the condition that three spiritual children become completely one with the blessed baby in the womb. In this way, the three spiritual children have to protect and take care of the blessed baby until the baby is 21 and gets married. This is the same as the archangel's having the mission to protect and take care of Adam and Eve until they grew up and became an ideal couple. If your spiritual parent had a blessed baby, that baby is the same as Adam and Eve whom God created.

When you get blessed, you will have children. In front of them, there also are spiritual children. Spiritual children are in the position of external substance, like Jesus. Your physical child is in the similar position, but as children of internal substance.

Just as humankind has hoped historically for the manifestation of the Second Coming, spiritual children have to hope for the birth of blessed children through their spiritual parent. That is, spiritual children must expect nothing greater than the birth of blessed children through their spiritual parent. Moreover, they have to respect the blessed child from the time the child is in the womb. Just as the archangel was to think highly of Adam and Eve, and was supposed to talk with and support them, spiritual children have to love and value the child more than their lives from the time the spiritual parents conceive. They have to wait with the highest hope for the day that the baby is born. And when the baby is born, they have to offer all of their property, or else the road to restore the right of ownership of the archangelic standard will never come to exist.

When the baby inside the womb of the spiritual parent is born, amidst happiness and hope that cannot be exchanged for the entire cosmos, spiritual children should receive the child with the happy heart feeling as if that accomplishment were their own success. By helping the child get married and settle, they have to set up the standard of having restored through indemnity the fact that the archangel did not love Adam, Cain and Abel. By doing that centering on that standard of perfection, Satan will be completely separated. Without doing that, there is no way to make Satan turn back. You always talk about restoration through indemnity, but when have you completed restoration through indemnity? It is possible because there is the principle that completely separates, centering on the blessed family. Thus you absolutely need spiritual children.

Absolute rule connects with the utmost effort and with eternity. Absoluteness is the highest dictatorship. Even though you must be a dictator, you have to make the ground level. Therefore, the responsibility of the family is enormous. You must set up three spiritual children in your family and properly arrange for the children in the womb first. You must have spiritual sons and daughters who say, "Child inside the womb, please be born quickly!" If you do not do that, complete indemnity does not happen.

Three spiritual children are restored archangels. Just as three archangels guided and supported Adam and Eve from the time of their creation, spiritual children have to attend their spiritual parents' blessed child of substance from when he or she is in the womb and until he or she is married. Then, finally, they can set up the standard of their own restoration.

When a Cain-type son and daughter are established, they have to attend and raise up the sons and daughters of substance from the moment they are born, and even be able to help them get married.

The fact that Jesus and his three disciples suffered together and traveled together through life and death was because there was the fundamental rule called "spiritual children." Because we have not clearly understand that fundamental rule until now, Satan has violated this world at will and made everyone miserable. The archangel who did not love Adam and Eve, nor the child that Adam and Eve conceived, is Satan.

In order to restore the realm of the archangel, spiritual children have to love Adam and Eve, represented by their spiritual parents, and their child within the womb. And through that standard, they have to take responsibility for the child from the day of birth until the day of marriage. This is the fundamental rule of the Principle. When you look at this in Father's family, Father himself is not supposed to raise up his children through direct intervention. Three other families had that responsibility.

6. How To Stand In The Position Of Restored Parent

Right now Christianity in the spiritual world and Christianity on earth are not one. The spiritual realm of Christianity, that is, Paradise, and the realm of Christianity on earth have to become one. We have the responsibility to make them one.

Your physical child and your spiritual children have a very close relationship in terms of the Principle. Your child represents the realm of substance and is in the position of Abel. Spiritual children are a spiritual symbol as well as being in the position of Cain. That means they are in the realm of the archangel. Abel, in terms of Adam's position, signifies the realm of earth.

In order to unite the earth and the spiritual world that were separated, your spiritual children and physical children have to become completely one. If that does not happen, the realm of Christianity in the spiritual world and the realm of Christianity on earth absolutely cannot become one. Cain and Abel have to unite in order for the ideal parents to be born. If Cain and Abel do not become one, the restoration of parents cannot be accomplished.

If, as a condition of indemnity, the spiritual child and the physical child become completely one on earth, then they stand in the situation of the archangel and Adam before the fall. If they stand in that position, they will always receive love from God. If your spiritual child and blessed child become completely one, the position of true parents established according to God's ideal finally can be restored.

You Unification Church members have to fund three spiritual children in order to get blessed. The three spiritual children have to attend the child that the spiritual parents conceive after receiving the Blessing from when the baby is in the womb. This is the same as three archangels' supporting and attending Adam when he was being created. Without restoring that foundation through indemnity, a family cannot reach the standard of perfection.

A fundamental restoration has to be established through the baby born after receiving the Blessing. In order to do that, three spiritual children have to absolutely attend the blessed child from the time that he or she is in the womb, and when the baby is born, have to give the utmost effort to support the baby until he or she grows up and gets married. Without establishing this tradition, complete restoration cannot be accomplished. Father has to go this road of restoration, and all of you have to go this road, too.

The fact that the archangel made Adam and Eve fall is the root of God's resentment. Without attending the blessed child, the road of restoration for the three spiritual children, who are in the position of archangels, does not appear. The spiritual parent, who is blessed, and three spiritual children have to make a relationship of attendance centering on the blessed baby. Centering on the blessed child, the parents also can finally stand in the position of restored parents. Ultimately, just as fallen Adam and Eve are being restored through Abel, the parents who received the Blessing are being perfected through the second generation. Thus, you should know that, without spiritual children, you should not conceive your own children. Without spiritual children, you cannot love your blessed baby or be restored.

You must inevitably establish three spiritual children before receiving the Blessing. If you look centering on yourselves, that is just as important as meeting the Messiah. In order for you to receive love from God, you must stand in the position of Abel. The position called Abel substitutes for Adam, so three archangels are needed. Only by establishing the foundation of three archangels in complete obedience to Adam can you be restored to the position of unfallen, perfected Adam. But even if you received the Blessing, if you do not have three spiritual children, or if you stand in the position of three archangels having dominion over you, restoration through indemnity absolutely cannot be accomplished.

7. The Mission Of The Spiritual Parent And The Formula Of Love

You must find three Cain-type persons in the satanic world and set them up as spiritual children. Spiritual children have to be persons who can serve at the risk of their lives. You must set them up in the position of protecting Adam by risking their lives until Adam perfects himself. You have to set up three people from the fallen world in the position of restored, victorious Cain.

When Jesus is put in a situation of dying by being nailed to the cross, you should not run away. You must protect Jesus when he is going the way of death. You must stand with the determination to lay down your life before him and in his place. If you are not a person of such character, you cannot become a spiritual child who has restored the position of the archangel and harvest a complete victory. You must know in your heart that raising up spiritual children to have absolute faith is three times or even seven times more difficult than rearing your physical children.

The human history of sin started from the archangel who became Satan. In order to restore this history of sin, you first must restore the fallen archangel. Through the restored archangel, you must love spiritual children and make them return to your side. Thus by first loving spiritual children and then loving your physical children, you are restored to the position of parent.

Since man lost love to Satan, he has to snatch love away from Satan's realm of love. Since Satan took away original love, God's side has to take it back. You must establish three spiritual children and make them absolutely obedient in the position of the archangel. You must stand in the position of having loved them absolutely, as God would. Since through false love man lost true love and fell, we must restore by investing love more true and sincere than satanic false love.

Without loving your spiritual children more than secular parents love their children, you cannot restore them. A person who was pulled away by love has to be pulled back through love. In this way, on the foundation of three spiritual children who have been established on the standard of love that harvested victory, you can love your physical children. This is the formula of love.

Father also has maintained that kind of lifestyle. Without going through that formula, the foundation of perfection does not come about. Thus, if you did not establish spiritual children completely, no matter how lovely your physical children are, you cannot live together with them in your house.

When raising up spiritual children, you must love them much more than parents of the world love their children. A person who does not love his spiritual children does not have the qualification to love his own children. Because this is the way of restoration, no one can change this fact.

In order to raise up a son and daughter who represent Cain, even if you starve, you must give them food. And you must give them God's words even if it means not sleeping at night. You must do for them just as Father has done for you.

Blessed families should not love their children just because they are their children. You are not supposed to love them. Since you are in the same situation as Father, without restoring the standard of Adam's family through establishing three spiritual children, you should not love your own children. Blessed families are in the same situation as Father when he was going that road. For that reason, you must also quickly restore spiritual children.

Because even the baby who is in your womb passes through three stages, your three spiritual children must submit to the baby from the time when he or she is inside the womb. Without doing that, you cannot love your own children. Just as the archangel attended Adam and Eve as a servant in the Garden of Eden from when they were in the womb, you must set up three spiritual children so that they attend your child in the womb. There are these kinds of complications on the road that the family has to go.

You are not supposed to love people who are your close relatives first. Instead, you must set up the standard of loving a person on Satan's side -- a Cain-type person first -- more than loving your parents and brothers and sisters. This is the way of Principle, and that is why the Unification Church, which has walked this road, is developing greatly. Without your making Cain-type people submit themselves naturally through your loving them more than your own parents or brothers and sisters, restoration through indemnity cannot be accomplished. Therefore without Cain, the salvation of Abel also cannot be accomplished.

Without making them persons who love you with a heart of filial piety, more than do your own children, you cannot fulfill restoration through indemnity. Then how hard is it to establish that situation? Without loving Cain to the extent that you forget to eat and sleep, he will not submit himself in his heart. You must know that Father has often broadened that kind of environment and made a realm of victory.

From God's viewpoint, even though Jesus was sent to the earth for restoration through indemnity, he could not find spiritual children who would die with him; thus God had to give him up to the cross. Therefore, you must know that, without establishing the condition of sacrificing for your own children, you won't be able to love them. Without spiritual children, you cannot accomplish the perfection of the providence or your own salvation.


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