Blessing and Ideal Family

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon


Chapter 7 Part 2
Ideal Family

1. The Ideal Family

The ideal family is the place of the eternal love of parents, the eternal love of husband and wife, and the eternal love of children centering upon God.

Even though a person with lots of property and fortune sings songs of happiness, these external belongings cannot be the cause of his or her happiness. Even though they may come along with happiness, they cannot be happiness itself. Then what decides happiness? There should be loving parents, a couple, and children. Nobody can deny this. In proportion to any part missing among those, there will be a proportionate sadness and dissatisfaction in one's heart.

There must be parents, husband, wife and children in a family -- such a family can be the site of happiness. God's purpose to look for humankind must also be to grope for happiness, because without human beings God Himself cannot establish a site for happiness. Unless God has the proper relationship with human beings, He cannot accomplish His ideal of happiness. When the world of emotion is filled by a family, we feel happiness; likewise God feels happy in such an atmosphere.

Where does unhappiness start? When the nest of love disappears, unhappiness starts. A happy family is the family serving the parents as the wall protecting the house. The family vertically serves the parents representing heaven, and the family is represented by a husband and wife in love, who were strangers before, but who are creating the moral law and are carrying on the lineage.

From where does happiness come? It comes from a family. If there's an emotional problem, happiness cannot be established; neither can it be established where heart and love are lacking.

A formula is not something special. If there's a subjective content which can be applied everywhere in order to maintain one specific type of relationship, it becomes a formula. When we can come to a conclusion by using one specific term representing the same phenomena everywhere, it becomes a formula. That's the Principle. The formula means the center. The center is a vertical standard; therefore, the vertical standard is not two, but one.

Who is the center of a family? The oldest one is the center. If a great grandfather is alive, he is the center. In the time near his death, if the family members neglect the great-grandfather, it will be the same as neglecting the vertical world. Even though he is in his dotage, the center of the family is the great-grandfather. At mealtime, we should serve him first. Even if the father is the president of the nation, the family members should serve the grandfather first because the son is in the horizontal position.

Whom do you like best in your family? Your parents, right? Why do you like them most? Because they are the nearest position with which you can sustain a love relationship throughout your entire life.

The one you love next best is your husband or wife. The unconditional love between a husband and wife is the favorite to bring happiness and harmony, even though this love is not the most intimately close to God's absolute and unchanging love.

Finally, there is the children's love for parents. If the children can sacrifice for and love their parents in a positive manner, while longing for an ideal environment in which the hope of the future can bloom, their love will be a pure and sincere contribution to the happiness of the family.

The family with parents' true love, a couple's true love, and children's true love must be the most ideal family in the world.

The favorite in a family is not decided by you. Then who is the one of the most value? The parents are. Take yourself as an example. Authority, knowledge, fame and money are precious to you, but none of them are more valuable than your parents. Next in value would be your spouse and finally your children.

Is there in fact anything more valuable than your parents, spouse or children? No, there is no such thing.

Then why do we like parents, spouse and children? It is because of love. Parental love is absolutely necessary for children. Conjugal love is absolutely necessary for husband and wife. The sibling love between brothers and sisters, and filial piety toward parents, are also absolutely necessary.

If a parent is sick, what will a child do? The child will do whatever is necessary to cure the sickness, to the extent of selling all of the family's property. Why? Because of the bond of love.

The willing effort to do whatever is necessary to save the parents is rooted in the force of love. It is the same between husband and wife. If one of a couple contracts a serious disease, conjugal love compels us to cure the disease by any means necessary. It is the same between parents and children. This is the universal truth that no one can deny.

What is true love? It is parental love, conjugal love and children's love. Without a tradition of sacrifice for one another, love is broken easily. Isn't it true? Because parents sacrifice for children, the bond of parental love never breaks. And if children grow up in true parental love, they can never disobey their parents. When the degree of sacrifice and sincere effort for one another is extended beyond themselves, blessing comes to a couple; such a family is the blessed land that God visits.

Ideal love is accomplished in a family, but God hasn't had true sons and daughters, true brothers and sisters, and true husbands and wives, and He couldn't become the true parent. Accomplishing all of that is God's will. Love dwells in such a place. People will come to such a place, abandoning everything which belongs to the world.

Even though a father has bushy hair and looks ugly to others, if he has a full bundle of love in his mind, his children will love him. Even though others cannot stand looking at his ugly face, the more the children look at their father's face, the happier they will become.

By having love, God can possess authority and can be a parent.

A woman can play the role of bride by having love. Without love, a man cannot function as a bridegroom. A woman who wants to play a role of bride without love is not a woman; and a man who wants to play a role of bridegroom without love is not a man. With love a man can function as a bridegroom and a woman can function as a bride.

Can a son play a perfect son's role without love? Can a daughter play a perfect daughter's role without love? They cannot.

How should children love each other? What should be their standard of love? They should love each other the same as their father loves their mother. People learn love from their parents. Children should be able to say, "Our parents are the best parents in the world; they exist in place of God." When children, after looking at the unchanging mind and love of their parents, say things such as, "Let's become one as our parents are one," an ideal family can come into being.

When children reach adolescence, they are to look for the object who can be one in heart with them. This can be accomplished through marriage. A man and a woman are to respect each other sincerely and are to endeavor to establish a heartistic standard, so that finally a family where parents and children are one with God in heart and love can be established.

An elder brother is to sacrifice himself by representing his parents in loving his younger brothers. This is the order and tradition of love. An elder brother has responsibility to suffer more than the other brothers.

Parents are in the same situation: they are to suffer instead of their children. If parents do not abandon their children even at the crossroads of tears and hardship, their children in turn will follow their parents in tears wherever they go.

When we become one centered upon God, we are to revolve around Him in all varieties of forms and figures. The older brother is to love the younger brothers by following the example of parental love. When parents and children become one in such love relationships, the love of the family will bloom; and this becomes the love of society, nation and world. But such a love is difficult to find nowadays.

Why do you receive parental love? Because you provide the motivation for your father and your mother to lean on and love each other. Do you understand? Therefore, the love of brothers and sisters rooted in this parental motivation will never change. When we consider our neighbors as our body and act appropriately centering upon this motivation, a desirable social environment will be established. The family is the formation stage, society is the growth stage and the nation is the perfection stage. We should surely go through such a process.

We should harmonize all families in oneness; love arises in such an environment. Then they are to become one on the national level. Here the society is to divide into various social classes. The president exists as a representative in a company. How many representatives do we have now in a nation? We have one, don't we: the national president. There should be one responsible person. In such a way, the shape or structure is unified as the form gets bigger. The principle of the four position foundation makes the divided entities one.

All things exist for human beings. The whole of history concludes in all things, children and parents; in other words, it concludes in a family. This is the fundamental fact of the universe. Without parents, children cannot come into being. Children, born out of parents, are to dominate all things centering upon the parents. Adam and Eve are to dominate all things. All of these apply simultaneously.

What kind of bundle is a bundle of love? When we open the bundle of love in our original home, an ideal husband and an ideal wife will spring out. And it is also a bundle of blessing from which an ideal family will spring. Anything coming out of this bundle of love is to be restored into the first rank, so an individual, a family, a tribe, a nation and the world are all in the first rank. When everything is in the first rank, there's no classification of high and low. That's why brothers and sisters and the family are also to be restored. In order to make such a unified foundation, a bundle of love -- a treasure jar -- is necessary.

After knowing the taste of this love, nothing matters. The complaining husband or wife, opposing relatives and persecuting teachers do not matter at all. A problem at school is nothing. Automatically a fireball springs out of our mind. When we can make such a heartistic volcano spurt out a living life, what will come of it? People don't know that when God is burning with this love, He provokes an explosive impulse.

The family is the unchanging origin and the pivotal point. Fathers, brothers, and any national system cannot change it; it cannot be changed internationally; heaven and earth and even God cannot change it. Therefore, the noun "revolution" is not needed in the context of family because it is a place of love.

Man loving woman and woman loving man is the same regardless of historical era. There's no difference between the conjugal love of the grandfather and grandmother and that of the modern young man and woman. The feeling that all people everywhere and at all times have in adolescence is the same. But the pivotal point of the family nowadays is changing in various ways. The loving mind is the same, but the family structure is changing. This change is finally to cease.

If a family is established on the firm pivotal point in relation to which any revolutionary change is impossible, the family will not be absorbed by any kind of ideology or "ism." It will rather surpass any ideology or "ism" and control them. If a family is established on such a foundation, it will never change and will sustain the form of a nation.

Without love a father and a mother cannot become one. Why do we like "love"? It is because we are created not to survive without it. The stronger the power of parental love over the power of individual love, the more ideal your situation will be. It is the rope of love with which you can bind your father and mother completely in oneness. The rope made out of metal rusts as times passes, but the rope made out of love is eternal. And money or food cannot bind parents and children; only love can bind them.

When a mother loves her child, and a child loves its mother, the father won't say, "Don't love the son whom 1 love." When his wife loves the child more than she loves her husband, the husband is happy. When a child loves its mother more than its father, the father won't say, "Love me more than your do your mother." Such an educational method doesn't exist.

Where can we have such a situation in which people love to see their spouse loving others more than themselves? It is in the family. We can never create such a situation except in the family.

The true family is the place where a husband loves his wife as his mother, and where a wife sacrifices for her husband and loves him as her older brother. And the Kingdom of Heaven is the world where a husband loves his wife as God and a wife loves and respects her husband as God. Such a tradition should be established on this earth.

The husband in a happy family consults his wife concerning everything that happened outside, and tries to find the primary factor to make progress. The family in which a couple study together for a better life is a happy family. When parents are like that, children willingly cooperate to create a harmonious family.

The heavenly family is not established by force, but is automatically established by joy. Ideal love is accomplished through proper give and take action, so don't try just to receive.

When mother and father unite into one, the family will begin to develop; when children and parents become one, the family will continue to develop into a higher-dimensional entity. Then what will happen when relatives and a family become one? A national spirit of righteousness will break forth. When the national spirit of righteousness goes forward to a much higher dimension, they will endure as the tribe of loyal subjects.

When there are no children standing with the parents, happiness is impossible for the parents; likewise, without parents children cannot be happy. There is no joy for a man without a woman as his partner, and the same applies to a woman.

The desire of a couple is to sustain their love on a higher dimension centering upon the subject and object relationship; and for this purpose children should exist standing with the couple. A family is composed of parents on the upper side, children on the lower side, and the couple.

A family should become one horizontally and vertically. Then centering upon whom should a family be one? It is impossible to make complete oneness with only human beings. Because human beings by themselves cannot pursue higher-dimensional value, they need an absolute subject of love. The parents are to become one centering upon this subject. The very place in which parents and children become one in love centering upon the subject is the place of happiness and hope.

We should congeal everything into one and generalize and expand into a more valuable and stimulating dimension, but we cannot accomplish this with human love only; it will be possible only through relationship with an absolute entity.

We should stand on an absolute standard in order to establish a sound family. Due to the fall, two entities cannot naturally become one. Unless a man and a woman stand on an absolute standard, they cannot unite together. If Adam and Eve had not fallen, they would have become one and established a family. But they could not have the proper horizontal relationship, namely the "left-right relationship," because of Eve's fall.

The world and "heaven and earth" cannot destroy a family which is completely one with God. The new history will begin with such a family.

At first, we are to be perfect individuals by complete oneness of mind and body, and then we are to establish perfect families by the complete oneness of husband and wife.

2. In The Family Three Time Periods Are Connected

The family is the entity which can embrace history, the present epoch and the future. What is the culminating point for which God has been searching throughout 6,000 years of history? It is the family -- the family in which everything is connected and bound together in love. Every existing entity will be under the control of this family. Creating such a family was the original mission of Adam and Eve.

God didn't want to finish the work of creation with just an individual man Adam and an individual woman Eve. He dreamed of a new union of the two as a family. This was the first motivation for creating man and woman. Therefore, unless your family life is filled with God's love on earth, you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. We are able to overcome the world by creating such a sound family. A movement which emphasizes the family appears in the new historical age. The Unification Church came into being to present such a movement. You should be completely one with God by attending Him in your family. And in the position of subject, you are to be one with your horizontal surroundings. The blessed families are to do this.

In order to form a family domain of love, you should be absolute. Parents can represent history, a husband and wife can represent the present epoch, and children can represent the future. Parents, husband and wife, and children, in unity, representing the cosmos, should be able to say to their descendants, "Follow our example of love." If you can establish an original home of mind through which heavenly love can flow, that place will be remembered by heaven and earth. When a perfect subject is determined, a perfect object naturally comes into being.

Becoming one with parents is the meeting of history and present reality. You are able to love the past by loving your parents, to love the present by loving your object, and to love the future by loving your children. Therefore, you can experience the love of three time periods. The concentrated body of these three kinds of love is the family.

To love your parents is to connect the past history into the present and to pave the road on which God can arrive. That's why you must love your parents. In order to connect the historical figures with you and in order to make oneness of the past and the present, you have to love your parents. To love children is to connect the present with the future. Unificationism is the thought which makes people praise such love eternally. This is the way of the Unification Church, and nobody can block us.

What is the minimum standard by which the past, present and future can be connected? It is the family. The family is the abridged form one of the world. There, the past, the present and the future are connected. In other words, grandfather, father and son exist together in one family. When your father is lifted up to the grandfather's position, you are to take the father's position and have children. Grandfather, father and yourself -- the three generations should be one. That is to say that the past, the present and the future should be one. Such a family will be able to maintain a site of happiness even in the middle of the world's greatest earthquake. When the father is joyful, the whole family is joyful. When the wife is joyful, the whole family is joyful. When a child is joyful, the whole family is joyful. A family is the place where the whole universe can be happy simultaneously.

An age will come in which you will have to raise the beacon of revolu- tion, so we have to prepare the foundation which can exceed the present age. How shall we prepare it? We have to prepare centering upon the ideal love of the family. We take it as the absolute. The family cannot be revolutionized by any social system in any historical age.

The ideal family which we claim, centering upon God, will be the family which can represent history, the present epoch and the future.

3. The Family Is The School Of Discipline For True Love

In a family, parents should completely inherit the vertical axis and align themselves to it. Next, parents are to relate horizontally at an angle 90 degrees to the axis. The axis of love exists in only one place. That's why centering upon this axis, the family extends to the tribe, nation and world. In order to make world unity, Father is correcting the axis right now. Therefore, Father should conquer the position of the "prince of thought" in order to establish and signal the direction. He will conquer this position not by exercising force but by digesting with love.

The family is created to be the textbook for life in the Kingdom of Heaven. If you love every person who is your grandfather's age as your own grandfather, you will surely go to the Kingdom of Heaven; if you love a person who is your parents' age as your own parents, there will be no boundaries for you in the spirit world. If you can consider all the young people in the world as your own sons and daughters, you will be able to visit any place in the Kingdom of Heaven. Even though there are twelve pearl gates and the direction is already set up in the spirit world, you will be able to pass through at any place. The family is the teaching material -- that is, a textbook through which you can relate to the whole Kingdom of Heaven. If you apply the axis to the nation, you will become a patriot, and if you apply it to the world, you will become a saint. That is the value of human beings.

Where is the discipline hall of true love? That is "God and Our Family," which is the topic of today's sermon. Jehovah is the vertical God and Adam is the horizontal God.

The family is the workshop-through-exemplification for education in the love of humanity. It is the representative environment for establishing the center of heart. If you trust each other and lead a happy marital life in your family, you will stand as the center of the whole universe and be blessed with happiness. That is the beginning point of the ideal dominion. Beings without love have no meaning to their existence.

Where is the center of the universe? It is the family. Where is the base for true love to settle down? It is the family in which you live right now. Therefore, the family of the original ideal is to grasp the love of the universe and to experience the protection of the universe. Also, such a family is to extend to the national level in order to walk the way of patriotism and, finally, it is to reach the world level. The person who loves a family is called a son or daughter of filial piety, the person who loves a nation is called a patriot, and the person who loves the world is called a saint.

Brothers and sisters! Why do you have affection for your family? Because it is the base for free action centering upon parental love. God also should act freely there. When society is composed of the internal individuals with a nucleus of love, regardless of their poor appearance, God becomes free.

Don't you think so? When a guest visits your house, you feel uncomfortable, don't you? Why is it? Because there's no bond of love with the guest. You feel awkward because the bond of love is not set up in all four directions. Therefore, our way is to become men and women of character.

Why do you have affection for your family? Because in the family there is a foundation on which you can freely give and take love, which you can enjoy. That's why people long for the hometown where parents and brothers and sisters live together.

A true family is the place where a husband loves his wife as his mother and a wife loves her husband as her brother. Next, the world where a husband loves his wife as God and a wife loves and respects her husband as God is the Kingdom of Heaven of the ideal family.

Such a tradition should be established on earth. You cannot abandon your mother or your brothers. You cannot abandon anybody in your family. Therefore, the word "divorce" cannot exist. A husband represents the father and an older brother, so a wife cannot abandon her husband any more than she can abandon her father and older brother. You have to love the world with such love. When you see a person who is the same age as your father, you should love him as your father, and when you see a person the same age as your mother, you should love her as your mother.

Wherever you go, you shouldn't think people are just strangers. Instead, you should consider them as your own family members. When you see old people, you should consider them as your parents and should be able to cry together with them if they are in a sad situation. You should always have such a heart.

The family composed of parents, a couple, and children is the abridged form of the world. The way for humankind to live is to expand love for the family into love for the world. You should consider and love old people as your grandparents, middle-aged people as your parents, people who look older than you as your older brothers and sisters, and people who look younger than you as your younger brothers and sisters.

So the true person is the one who considers everybody as his or her family and whose heart can love the whole of humankind by transcending the walls and barriers of nations. Then you are truly qualified to love your father and mother.

"I'm born as a white, but I will serve and attend a black grandfather and a black aunt," or "I will attend whoever suffers in difficult surroundings as my parents." These are the conditions for an ideal environment.

Life together with grandparents, parents and children is sound family life. If one generation is missing from a family, the family is crippled. When one ideal family is established, that family should serve as the bricks to build the Kingdom of Heaven.

We have the mission to establish ideal families on earth. When people who experience their grandparents' deep love in their family come out to the society -- for example, the streets of New York -- they will feel very intimate toward the old people, and the old people will treat them as their grandchildren. Using any method, they will communicate with each other, feeling close to each other. Young people who have served their grandparents will try to help old people right away whenever they are in need of aid.

When children who have received love from their parents go outside and meet people their parents' age, they will feel very close and will try to talk with them and help them. When people who have a beautiful relationship with their brothers and sisters in their family go outside into the society, they will easily get along with people and have close relationships with their neighbors, and they feel natural even in relationship with the opposite sex. They come to feel the opposite sex as their brothers and sisters without any sexual desires or unsound ideas. The Kingdom of Heaven is the family where you are able to experience such love relationships centering upon God.

Raise your hand if you like old grandfathers and grandmothers. What about those who don't like them? If you are given 500-year-old grandparents, what will you do? Will you still like them? To like older people is to like God, because God is the oldest being in the world. If you love God, you should love everybody regardless of age. That is to say, you are to love God's family, which is composed of people of many ages. People with all nationalities -- Japanese, Korean, American, etc. -- belong to God's family. The person with racial prejudice is not the one who loves God's family. The ideal world can be established when there's no prejudice. Isn't that true?

What is the ideal world? Being colorful is more ideal than being one color, so in that sense, which is more ideal, five races in unity living together or five races living separately? To live together is more ideal. Therefore, we have to repair the world, which is not built in an ideal way. Do you think God likes Reverend Moon repairing this crippled world? God wants to support such a person. From this year on, you should focus on how to magnify the heartistic bond of the heavenly family which inherits heavenly tradition and loves humankind.

We should become parents, husbands and wives, and brothers and sisters centering on the family God desires.

In the United States, where do people go when they reach the age of sixty? They don't go to their children's houses Or neighbors, but to the asylum for the aged. It is ideal for old people to visit their grandsons and granddaughters. Which does a grandmother prefer: going to the grandson's house or going to a home for the aged?

Blessed families in the Unification Church should be able to attend and serve the grandparents and parents of every race. Do you want to marry into the house where grandparents-in-law and parents-in-law live together? Do you want a household with many younger brothers and sisters? Or do you want a house where only your couple can live? It is the universal law that you get married and live together with your grandparents-in-law and parents-in-law.

Grandparents live by themselves in America. Old people live by them- selves. When they are asked, "Are you happy?" they answer, "I want to go to my son's house." That means they cannot go to their son's house. And when we ask if they miss their grandchildren, nobody says, "No." They are unhappy people.

What has the absolute authority to judge the world? It is the true family, not an individual. Satan strikes the family. Disunity of a family leads to the rupture of the father-son relationship, the husband-wife relationship, and the whole family. The wound of the people who experienced the break-up of their family will never be cured. It is no use to try to console such people.

In order to be God's son, you should resemble God's heart. God's heart is planted in the world. Therefore, you should love the world. If you cannot love the world due to the great distance between yourself and the world, you are to love your nation, tribe, family and parents, because parents represent God, a couple represents Adam and Eve, and the children represent the whole of humankind.

We should put value not in the ideal world, but rather in the ideal person. That's why you should love people in order to love the world.

The method of love is the same as that of man loving woman or woman loving man.

What is the center and where do you start if you want to love the nation and the world? You start by loving one individual. How do we do that? The love between man and man, or between woman and woman, is centered upon some particular purpose; it is not emotional love. But the love between man and woman is centered upon the entities themselves, not upon a specific external purpose. Therefore, it is the motivating love.

In this perspective, we should sincerely love our spouse in order to love the world. That is to say man should truly love woman and likewise woman should truly love man. With such a loving mind toward your husband or wife, you are to love all men and women of the world. Further, you should realize that you are the being of value who is able to receive love from your subject or object.

When man loves the world, he should love the world as the representative of his wife and should value the world for being as precious as his wife. The formation of a family is to be the standard for the formation of a nation. No matter how great a world you may establish, it will be in vain if the formation of the family is illegitimate.

That's why the Unification Church is shouting out for "Cosmos-ism," that is, "Heavenly Family-ism." This "Family-ism" is the fruition of true love.

A family is the ethical foundation of the society and is the exemplary, fundamental and primary organization. In such a family, love becomes the standard (criterion) of value.

4. The Family Is The Ultimate Standard

God created man in His image and man is trying to develop the world into his image. Why do people want to be successful in life? It is because the world resembles a person. It is an iron rule of Principle that man in the subject position deals with the world in the object position. That is why everybody wants to be successful in society, and has motivation which concludes with the nation and the world.

Everything is divided from one mass and it is to be combined again into one huge mass. This is the law of development. One is divided into parts and the parts are to be united and then the union is to be split again into parts and they are to form a bigger mass. Everything is to enter a world bigger than itself.

Centering upon the family, we should accomplish "Cosmos-ism." The cosmos is the totality of heaven and earth. Heaven and earth are like mind and body in a man. Mind and body should become one. One object is needed for one subject; likewise, one woman is needed for one man. The union of a man and woman is a family.

There is earth when there is heaven; when there are heaven and earth, there should be something symbolizing them, namely man and woman. The heartistic standard for those to be spherically one is the family. The family is the absolute standard for the world of purpose and it can pass through any process. There, the foundation for the new history, new world and new cosmos is to be established.

"Cosmos-ism" is an ideology to make mind-body unity, to establish the family as the essence of love, and to connect this idea to the spirit world and physical world. The Chinese character for ju in chun-ju (Korean cosmos) means house. That's why Father is using the term Chun- ju jui which means "Cosmos-ism" in Korean. Cosmos is the combination of the invisible world and the visible world. How does this relate to us? We need a family. If you cannot become one on the family level, "Cosmos-ism" will have nothing to do with you. The family is the ultimate standard to complete the ideal of which Cosmos-ism teaches. If you cannot be happy in a family, you will be unhappy in the spirit world as well as in the physical world.

The family is the horizontal foundation of the abridged form of the world. The nation and the world start from a family. What is the family? The family is the horizontally abridged form of the world and it is the relative center in front of the absolute center. Then what am "I"? "I" am the stepping stone for the absolute center.

The world has always resembled a family, no matter what kind of world it has been. The ideal world is to be established centering upon the four position foundation of a family.

Then what is the purpose of creation? It is to accomplish the God- centered four position foundation. Above all, human beings are to establish the four position foundation; that's why everybody has a family.

Man is to resemble God; the society centering upon man resembles man centering upon God. By establishing the Unification Church in the world, Father has been creating such an environment. The people of the world know this principle, but they don't actualize it. Actualizing such a principle surely will change the world into the ideal. When the whole world completely resembles one human being, it becomes the ideal world. There, we transcend nationality.

What are the most important moments in human life? The time of birth, the time of marriage and the time of death are the most important moments of one's life. How are we supposed to be born? We are supposed to be born centering upon heartistic affinity. Next we get married, in order to establish the four position foundation. When we establish this as a universal pattern on earth, God's will and human desire will be accomplished. A family is to be established in order to equip the world with the content and form that the universal law directs.

A family is a small nation, world and cosmos in the soil of society. Therefore, if we leave home we cannot do anything. The Unification Church is great because it believes in and teaches of such a family.

Where does the Kingdom of Heaven begin? It begins from the family. Then which doctrine do we support? We support "Family-ism." The "Cosmos-ism" that we advocate means "Heavenly House-ism." Now the meaning of the cosmos becomes clear.

The sixty-six books of the Bible are just talking about the desire for the ideal family. What do all men desire? They desire to receive ideal wives. Men who don't agree with this are not men. And the common wish of all women is to meet ideal husbands.

A woman with a bachelor's degree or doctorate also needs an ideal husband. The root of happiness for a woman is to meet an ideal husband to love, and then to give birth to children. Unificationism is implanted in the family, so nobody can root it out.

The family is the ideal of the Unification Church. It starts with a family and it also concludes with a family. Because happiness lies in the family, Unificationism has systemized it and is displaying its limitless cosmic value. That's why Unificationism is acknowledged. When everybody bows down and loves this ideology, the world will become one automatically.

In order to show the moral law of the universe and to leave the core content for establishing tradition through your families, you should begin with a grand inauguration.

You should love each other and should be prepared to be a fortunate couple in the position of each other's brother and sister, so that God can restore the principle of love of the three generations -- love as brothers, as a couple, and as children. When the three generations become completely one in your family, you will be able to give and take God's love. "Cosmos-ism," about which the Unification Church is talking, is an effort to realize God's ideal of creation centering upon families.

To establish one family where God's love can blossom centering upon three generations of human love is the long-cherished wish of the world, humankind and the future. This is the precious and beautiful conjugal love which appears as a new flower spreading its fragrance across history in line with the universal law.

This world is composed of a man and a woman. The thing that can bind the two is love. A husband and wife didn't come into being naturally. They are connected by tradition to their parents. The family can make human beings inherit the traditional standard for the unity of man and woman. Everything is to be caught up by father and mother in a family. This world is to gather together in the relative domain of man and woman. A family is the place where the whole of humankind rallies. Therefore, to become one with our parents is to be in relationship with the original subject. The person who wants to completely love and obey his or her parents is connected to God.

Then what are parents? They are the beings existing the closest to you; they are the resultant beings of the Absolute, who is related to the dominion of love and the absolute ideal, and they are the beings who can make a definite relationship with you. Then what am "I"? "I" am the substantial resultant being who can rally all humankind in front of "my" parents. **

The family is the starting point to realize God's ideal and to actualize human happiness. It is the place in which you are done with human work and in which God sees the completion of creation.

The dominant cause of happiness or resentment is expanded to the nation and the world centering upon your house. **

God's desire starts from the family and ends with the family, but we haven't established a family that is pleasing to God. The more we try to be closer to the purpose, the more our present family situation rather leads us to unhappiness and destruction.

5. Why Do We Have To Give Birth To Children?

The love of your father and mother precedes your existence. There should be a relative relationship prior to your birth. Life is to be connected to the environment of love. This happens in the place of greatest yearning, not in a place of hatred. The position of true husband and wife is established when they become one through love. So the love, the life, and the ideal of the husband are the wife's, and the love, the life, and the ideal of the wife are the husband's. A child is to be conceived in such a unified place.

Sons and daughters are the realized body, the body in which the parental love is invested. They are the extended body of the life of their parents and the actualized body of the ideal of their parents.

Parents consider children to be the substance of their love, the extended body of their life, the realized body of their ideal and their second selves. The more parents look at their children, the more lovable they become, and vibrant with life, and the more they appear to be ideal objects.

The achievement of a couple's creativity through conjugal love is the child.

What is the purpose of the love between man and woman? Where does their desiring love bear fruit? love surely wants a certain result which can be connected to the whole; that is the child. A couple doesn't want to finish their love within themselves. The accomplishment of the purpose of love is the child. So unless the purpose of love is accomplished, their ultimate desire is not fulfilled no matter how much they love each other. A child is the universal representative of parents.

A baby is the love of a husband and wife itself. The human being called "I" is a participant of parents' love and the substance -- the fruit -- which is the maturation of the parents' love.

A child, as the substantial body to certify the parents' invisible love, is an inter link to accelerate and mature the conjugal love of parents. Parents are to strengthen their limitless conjugal love through children. This dynamic love relationship is extended to the love for the nation, world and universe as well as the love for an individual, family and tribe, and it is finally to be connected to God.

When a couple becomes closer and closer to each other through their horizontal love, power comes to move vertically. Therefore, when a husband and a wife are in completely pure love, God definitely comes down there. In other words, when a husband and wife are horizontally in love, God's vertical love meets them at the ninety degree contact point. And on the opposite side of God's love, the children as another kind of love appear.

Therefore the being called "I" is the participant in his parents' love. "I" am the participant in my parents' pure love. Why did I participate? In order to participate in God's vertical love -- the essence of love. Life is born right there.

The most glorious new morning for God is the moment when He can put on the flesh; and the next is the moment when He can have the people (a husband and a wife) to love; and the next is the moment when He can love grandsons and granddaughters more than His sons and daughters.

How did God teach Adam the joyous feeling that He had when He created him? God had to teach Adam this joy by letting Adam and Eve give birth to their sons and daughters. Do you understand? Our Hyo Jin still doesn't know parental love; but when he has a baby, he will understand the love of parents. He will come to understand how much his parents loved him when they were rearing him. That's why the day in which your sons and daughters marry is the glorious day, and then the day in which your children give birth to their children is the glorious day.

In the process of creation, where does completion take place? The creation reaches completion in Adam's sons and daughters, not in Adam. The completion of the purpose of creation originates when Adam accomplishes his four position foundation.

It is the ideal of the principle of creation that God's sons and daughters are to go through formation, growth and completion standards of dominion. The age of completion finally opens when God's married children give birth to their children.

Why do we need children? In order to know God's love we need children. You have to know parental love and how to attend and serve your parents. You have to know your spouse's love and how to attend and serve your spouse. You should also know children's love and how to serve your children. You shouldn't just give orders to your children, but you should be able to serve and understand them. Then you can understand God's love. Without children, you are incomplete and you cannot understand God's love. Without children, you don't know how much God loves human beings, who are His children.

Also without being a husband, you don't know what a wife is; and without being a wife, you don't know what a husband is. Children don't know parental love until they become parents. Therefore, without having children, you cannot be true parents.

Are you all right without children? Without a child, you are destined to perish. Nothing will remain. A child is an incarnation and successor of its parents. Therefore, people want children after marriage.

Parents want to have children because they want to hand over all of their love to their children. The parents' substance remains in their descendants. That's why we need descendants.

Love is eternal. Because love is the utmost desire of human beings, we want to inherit it no matter what. By leaving your love on earth, you are able to stand in front of God with dignity in the spirit world. The family is the place provided for completing such love. To go to the Kingdom of Heaven through the family means to establish the domain of oneness in love.

Human beings should follow the principle of the universe. In spring you should sow seeds -- in summer they flourish, in autumn they bear fruit, and in winter you should arrange everything and implant anew the origin of life into your heart. When the spring returns, the implanted internal seed will be sown again. This means that you should give birth to children. Do you understand? You should rear your children to be the way you are.

Why do you feel sad when you don't have children? It is because you cannot form a circle. We get to know the utmost love by watching a bird feeding its babies; likewise, when you give birth to children and have the experience of rearing them, you are able to confirm love. In the Orient, people like children more than they like adults. They politely respect adults and pour out their utmost love to children. By rearing sons and daughters, you come to realize how much your parents loved you.

Human beings should have the experience of bringing up children. Then they can possess parental love and children's love. Western people don't seem to do that; they are avoiding bearing and bringing up children. Because they think children could be troublesome in the time of divorce, they are hesitating to have children.

But when a human being doesn't establish the four position foundation, he or she cannot understand God's heart and therefore cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven. Many Americans think they don't need children. But if they would deepen their conjugal love by rearing children, there would be less divorce. They live in false love instead of true love by leaving out children, and repeatedly divorce. The ethics of American society are declining due to this bad trend.

Jesus is the bridegroom and we are the bride. Then what do the bridegroom and bride want to do? Of course, they want to get married to each other. Then what are they going to do in marriage? They want to establish a family and bear children. If they don't have children, they cannot be considered a family. Without giving birth to children, they start to split. After bearing children, a family is to certainly be established. Even though a groom hates his bride so much that he wants to divorce, if she gives birth to a child, the groom cannot do anything. With no way out, he has to live with the bride. Therefore, children are absolutely necessary to establish a family.

I talked about birth control in Barrytown. What do you think about birth control? If the people of Jacob's era had practiced birth control, Joseph wouldn't have come into being. If God prepared a man who had the scientific ability to enable people to see God through television, but due to birth control he were not born, that generation would have no excuse in front of the spirit world and humanity. Heavenly sons and daughters should live more happily than anyone else, and should bear more children than people in the satanic realm. Ma be twelve children will be average for you. Continuously give birth to children. Unification Church members cannot practice birth control. You should bear more than ten children. I will feed them all.

Do you want to give birth to a son first or a daughter first? First son or first daughter? (First son is better.) How did you learn that? Without being taught by anyone, we know that. When a wife gives birth to a son first, the husband is so happy that he drools. It is no problem to demand that the couple who just had a first son treat us to a great meal. Korean custom is very good in this area. Beyond the basic desire to give birth to a child at all, man and woman alike prefer that the first be a son.

Man and woman should establish the four position foundation with love. In order to establish the four position foundation, you should be a good husband and a good wife. Then you will be able to give birth to a baby whom God and the universe like. Good sons and daughters pour out power upon the center of love, and the universe likes that.

Unification Church men and women should give birth to such children. That is what God expects and what Father craves. He expects us to give birth to sons and daughters who love God, nature and humanity. Such children should be able to go anywhere, centering upon love.

Problems shouldn't be vague and obscure. How much have you loved your husband? You should think that your husband represents the world. If you give birth to a child within this principle, your child also will be great. So by examining the children, we can estimate the parents' faith. The Unification Church manifests each person's fortune according to the truth.

The quality of children is determined by how much you work for God's will. It is best for a child to be conceived at the point of the parents' heartistic oneness and biological oneness.

Is a baby whose parent is very knowledgeable born filled with knowledge? Or is it born resembling its parents' bone structure? What do babies resemble? If parents have good ancestors, even though they are very ignorant, they will give birth to good sons and daughters. But evil children will be born of evil-hearted parents in spite of their intelligence.

Whose children will be born great among the blessed families? When parents in oneness with the Principle tradition cross over the national boundaries to seek for noble love and determine to leave the bond of sacrificial true love, there will be born a child with heavenly wisdom and the capacity to inherit the authority of the great Will. Even though the parents wrap this baby in swaddling clothes due to the poverty of the household, the child will be the one who can control the economy or become the president who unites the world with righteous authority.

You will be able to give birth to great children if you have the conviction, "If I cannot do enough, I will bear a child who can work more than I for Father. As a person who is commemorating God's Day, I must give birth to such a child."

6. The Value Of Blessed Children

Blessed children surpass their parents.

By Cain killing Abel, history went the wrong way, so all humankind became Satan's children -- the children of a servant. Human beings were supposed to be princes and princesses, but they became the children of the servant. How much was God stifled? Jesus, the Messiah, in place of the original Adam, came as a luminary, one with God and God's love in spirit and body. Therefore, all men and women in the satanic realm can be attracted to the Lord, treasuring the day of His coming. That's why history is the history of indemnity. No other explanation is necessary.

Without going through the indemnity course, you cannot go in front of God, but the blessed children can go forward without any condition. Their quality is totally different from yours. You were born centered on the root of the fallen world and were engrafted to be the harvested fruit. Your root still remains in the fallen world. But your children are the new fruit centered upon God. To bear children rooted in God and True Parents is more exalted than Mary's bearing the Messiah. The blessed children born of you are better than Jesus, for whom God prepared 4,000 years. Did Jesus' mother and father receive the Blessing and bear him? Your children are born of the Blessing from the True Parents.

Blessed children are born under heavenly fortune, so they will surpass you in quality. Because they have the heavenly fortune, you shouldn't speak impolitely to them, even though they are younger than you.

The children of the Unification Church are to be born with the fortune of heaven and earth.

Blessed children are the precious beings who can shine more than you, so don't beat them. Even if you and your spouse are fighting, smile in front of your children.

7. The Kingdom Of Heaven Of The Family

The starting point of Kingdom of Heaven is not an individual or nation, but a family. So Jesus came to seek the relationship of a bride and a groom on earth. Is the starting point of the Kingdom of Heaven an individual? No; it is a family.

The family is the basic unit for the Kingdom of Heaven. Once you visit the Kingdom of Heaven, you will never want to return back, because "the one" with whom you will never tire of being dwells there. If all humankind in common wanted to visit there, and wanted to meet and live with "the one," the world would be unified right away. The Unification Church is the group which is heading for that place. But that doesn't happen at once. First of all, an individual foundation should be established, and then it is to be extended to the family, national and worldwide levels.

Your family is in the position to represent the sovereignty of Heaven. The parents represent the sovereignty, the children represent the nation and your goods represent the land, so to be dutiful toward parents means to be loyal to the nation and to practice the principle of the saints. The fallen family became the origin of disgraceful behavior, but God expects the family to be the sacred site. Therefore, our mission is to guide all the corrupted families in the fallen world. Even though the families on earth are being ruptured, we do not have the right to turn away from them.

Human beings must have a family. There are parents, children and material in a family. These three are the substantial representatives for the horizontal development of the vertical history -- the Old Testament Age, New Testament Age and Completed Testament Age. These three, parents, children and belongings are necessary components defining the boundary of a family.

What should a husband do? He is to relate to the church, and his wife should relate to material. That is the environmental aspect. Then what should a family member do? Father, mother and children should be completely one. The family level Kingdom of Heaven starts at that unified point. Therefore, in order to establish the Kingdom of Heaven centering upon people, they should set up the four position foundation.

The Kingdom of Heaven of husband and wife is established only if a couple becomes one centering upon God's love. Nobody can dissolve that union and it will never split in two.

What kind of love did you find? If you found God's love, your mind and body should be completely one so that God's love can dwell in you. When a father and a mother are completely one in love and the children have their objects to love, the Kingdom of Heaven of a family is to be realized. When parents become plus and children become minus, the Kingdom of Heaven of a family comes into being.

As Father did when he started the Unification Church, you must take sincere care of your friends when they visit your house. You have to make them say, "Your house is better than mine. This meal is more delicious than at my house. Can I stay here one more night?" When you make your house a place where every guest or friend wants to come and live, even abandoning their own families, you have the Kingdom of Heaven of a family.

There is a reason that I don't build churches now. It is because we don't need so many people in the church. The Kingdom of Heaven starts not from the church but from a family -- namely, from a bridegroom and a bride. A woman was born to see a man, and a man was born to see a woman. The first sound that a baby makes right after waking up in the morning is "mommy." A husband should call his wife more than a baby calls "mommy."

Those men who haven't called their wives in the same way babies call their mothers are pitiful. A wife also should call her husband in such a manner more than the husband calls her. A couple has to treat each other this way. If they live with such an attitude, even when they become very old they will not envy young people. When blessed couples turn eighty years old, Father will let them have a round-the-world trip.

In the future, the Unification Church worship service will have to be in the form of giving reports, not sermons. The content of the report should be something of which each family is proud. Therefore, the whole family should participate in the worship service. While doing so, we should learn from the exemplary family and try to guide the family which is in a bad situation. In such a way, let us establish the Kingdom of Heaven of the family. We should clearly know that the Kingdom of Heaven on earth cannot be established without the Kingdom of Heaven of the family.

The Kingdom of Heaven is to be established centering upon a family. You shouldn't forget the dignity that you must have as a family member.

Where does the life of the Kingdom of Heaven start? It starts from a family. It doesn't start anywhere else. The Kingdom of Heaven is the spherically extended form of a family; it is not something outside of the domain of a family. Therefore, you have to think you are embracing your spouse so that the men and the women of the world may become one. The family is the place where you can set the condition to love the whole of humankind.

"The day of meeting" comes after passing through the age of "words" and the age of "substance"; and after passing through the day of meeting, you can lead a life in the Kingdom of Heaven. You have to reach the status where you can feel God's mind, heart, appearance and suffering as your mind, heart, appearance and suffering. With this status, the family of the Kingdom of Heaven is to be established. It should be completed on earth.

Now Heavenly Father feels that I should teach the norm for life in the Kingdom of Heaven. People in the restoration course should learn from those who are expert in the Principle. Father cannot be responsible directly for those problems. That age already has passed. The organization of the Unification Church is the organization of a family. The Unification Church is centered upon a family, not upon an individual, which has been the center so far.

Where is the Kingdom of Heaven? It doesn't just drop from the sky. It is the place where we establish a living stage of give and take among father, mother and children, and where we feel 100% joy in utilizing all things for life and for the ideal condition.

What is the world of God's ideal of creation? It is the place where the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and the Kingdom of Heaven in Heaven are established centering upon the sovereignty of the True Parents. The Kingdom of Heaven is established only through the foundation of love. Nobody has received the love of true parents in the fallen world; there is no trace of it. The same is true with the spirit world, because there has been no one who received the love of true parents on earth and went to the spirit world.

Man's love, woman's love, son's love, daughter's love, parents' love and God's love are included in the original family-level foundation. Whoever loves parents, spouse and children in such a harmonized place leads a life of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Our family and the Kingdom of Heaven are the same in form. There are parents, husband and wife, children, and brothers and sisters in a family. We can create a unified house of love. Unification can be established, life can be connected, and the ideal can be realized in a family. Therefore, you become qualified to go to the Kingdom of Heaven when you can respect conjugal love and parental love. Grandparents handed down love to parents, the parents handed down love to a husband and a wife, and the couple handed down love to children. If you deny any one of those, the Kingdom of Heaven cannot be established. You should love your parents more than your husband or wife, and you should love your grandparents more than your parents. This motto is the core and the ideal of the Kingdom of Heaven.

The world is afraid of the Unification Church owing to the blessed families more than to the Principle. The blessed family is a linkage of three-generational love. The Messiah and the blessed families become one in love centering upon God's love. The Messiah, the blessed couples, and the blessed children: these three generations are connected to be one in love on earth. Next, the blessed couples, blessed children and blessed grandchildren are to be connected as one in love. The Unification Church is the place where three generations can be linked.

The four position foundation that Unification Principle talks about is the domain of three-generational love. When three generations live together in happiness, the ideal of creation is realized. Of course, husband and wife should love each other. In addition, they should pray for their children with love and take sincere care of them in order to create a happy and harmonious family. When this is accomplished vertically and connected horizontally, perfect love is established. Even cousin and second cousin should become one in love to form the perfect shape of love.

The Unification Church regards the Kingdom of Heaven as starting from within the domain of the tribe. When parents, brothers, cousins and second cousins become one centering upon the grandfather, a perfect three generations are established. When this tribal domain of love becomes one with God on earth, the whole world will be the world of love -- the Kingdom of Heaven. When a woman marries into a family, she has to serve her grand parents-in-law and parents-in-law in place of God and her husband. She also has to be harmonized with the sisters-in law and the brothers-in-law. If such love relationships are extended to the society, nation and world, this world will be full of peace and love, instead of crime and war; that is the Kingdom of Heaven, the ideal world of God.

The Kingdom of Heaven of a family is established when a man and a woman are completely one; the individual Kingdom of Heaven is established when the mind and body are completely one. Husband, wife and children should be one centering upon God's Will in the Kingdom of Heaven of the family. The purpose of the Will is for the sake of humankind, and the center of the Will is God. Therefore, the Kingdom of Heaven of the family is to be linked to the place where a family exists for humankind, centering upon God.

We have to work for humankind -- not only for God. God wants to find a family with this standard. Unless such a family is established, God cannot save all humankind, all nations and all families. In order to create such a family, Father raised up blessed families.

The center of the family is God, and this world should be God's nation. The blessed families should strive to lead a life which is connected to God's nation. The tribe, the nation and the world are to be established from the point that we exist and work for others, so a family should be responsible for organizing the world centered upon God.

How much you have influenced your tribe, nation and world becomes the standard for receiving the Blessing. The content of the Blessing differs in internal value and internal results.

The Unification Church centered upon Father is like a tribe and a nation. The purpose of the Unification Church is to form a nation composed of five races in unity which can work for the sake of the world. This is Father's purpose and it is the purpose which God wants to accomplish through Father.

8. The Key To Enter The Kingdom Of Heaven

The key to enter the Kingdom of Heaven is not the place to which you can go alone, but the place to which you must go with your parents, brothers and sisters.

What is the key to go to the Kingdom of Heaven? It is not a place for you to go individually; you have to go there leading your tribe as well as your family. Having a big clan standing in front of God on earth is blessing. A family with many children and a lot of fortune is considered blessed, isn't it? You should enter the Kingdom of Heaven with your family, not alone.

You can never go to Heaven individually. Father discovered that the Kingdom of Heaven is not a place of wild fancies as Christians believe. Originally, we are to enter the Kingdom of Heaven as a family unit. The ideal world is the place where parents and children can live together centering upon God. By the way, if your father goes to hell, your mother goes to the Kingdom of Heaven, your older sister goes to hell, and your younger brother goes to the Kingdom of Heaven, will you feel good even though you go to Heaven? The Kingdom of Heaven is the place to go as a family unit.

Human beings are to be married in the bosom of God's love and have children whom God loves and grandchildren whom God feels joy to be with. The Kingdom of Heaven is a place where your family goes all together. Is going somewhere alone, where your son cannot go with you, really going to the Kingdom of Heaven? Paradise is the place to which people go separately, discarding the intimacy of "husband and wife" or "parent and child." Paradise doesn't have anything to do with the family. Is such a place the Kingdom of Heaven? The world where all family members can give and take centered upon God is the Kingdom of Heaven. While a son is floundering in hell, can his parents be happy in Heaven? Is such a place the Kingdom of Heaven?

The Kingdom of Heaven that the Unification Church is talking about is the place where all the family members are going together, not the place to which we go alone. In view of God's ideal of creation, is the Kingdom of Heaven a place to which man and woman go separately? No, it is the place for two people to go together; father and mother are meant to go together. In this respect, our Unification Church is the history making religion.

Originally, God didn't create a world in which a husband could go to the Kingdom of Heaven and his wife to hell. The main characters of God's ideal of creation, namely, father, mother, son and daughter, are supposed to form a tribe and a nation. Doesn't this make sense? Due to the fall, hell came into existence.

What kind of place is the Kingdom of Heaven? It is the place for a family -- man and woman in union -- to enter. Because Jesus couldn't find a bride and bear sons and daughters on earth, he has been letting the Holy Spirit work on earth while he himself has been praying in Paradise for 2,000 years.

Because a woman fell first, a female spirit -- the Holy Spirit -- as the substantial body of a mother should cleanse sin and make the world clean.

Then Jesus as a bridegroom with the new seed should return. God's purpose is to create a new world centering upon God, with the kin of True Parents in a new heaven and new earth. When such a world is accomplished, we can say that God's plan is fulfilled according to His will. We don't need to believe in a God who has been working for 6,000 years without a clear purpose.

The four position foundation is the cornerstone of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and Kingdom of Heaven in Heaven. The Kingdom of Heaven cannot be established by one individual alone; Jesus alone cannot build it. That's why the Holy Spirit should come down.

Because Jesus couldn't establish a family, he is in Paradise now, not in the Kingdom of Heaven. Paradise is the waiting room for entering the Kingdom of Heaven. Hell was created because of the human fall. God did not create hell originally.

We never go to the Kingdom of Heaven alone. Two people, Adam and Eve, opened the door of Hell due to their fallen action, so we cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven alone. That's why Jesus is in Paradise, not in the Kingdom of Heaven. He is to go to the Kingdom of Heaven with his bride. Nowadays, Christians want to follow Jesus without having any idea of this fact. Unless we establish the standard of restoring a family, we cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven. That's why the Unification Church gives the Blessing.

According to the principle of creation, the Kingdom of Heaven is the place to enter centering upon the family. Happiness is to be felt when parents, children and all the relatives can enter the Kingdom of Heaven together. If children go to the Kingdom of Heaven while their parents go to hell, is it the real Kingdom of Heaven?

Therefore, the Unification Church should lay the family-level foundation in paving the way to the Kingdom of Heaven. Without doing that, you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Centering upon a family, you have to be free of the historical and dispensational standard which Satan can accuse.

You cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven alone. The Blessing helps us swiftly go through the door of the Kingdom of Heaven. It is the place to go on the family level, holding the bond of three generations. Jacob's seventy family members were the union of three generations; they entered Egypt as such a group.

Father's desire is to see exemplary families called by Heaven out of the enemy world, so we should know that we cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven without going through the family.

Who restores the Kingdom of Heaven? The door of the Kingdom of Heaven opens by means of an absolute couple with absolute faith, absolute practice and absolute heart, who are willing to bear the cross with gratitude.

How do you conceptualize the Kingdom of Heaven? In a word, the Kingdom of Heaven is the living environment for a perfect person. If it is for a perfect person with true love, then what is the nature of a person with true love? Humankind is composed of man and woman. Without a man and a woman, the completion of God's ideal of love cannot be established on earth. God's love cannot be perfected without a man and a woman who together possess the subjectivity of perfect love.

A single person can never enter the Kingdom of Heaven. For a single person, the Kingdom of Heaven is the land of despair. A land of solitude still presents hope, but the land of despair has the status of being without hope. When blessed families of the Unification Church accomplish vertical love on the foundation of horizontal love between husband and wife, they enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Here is recent spiritual proof for that. (Colonel Pak explains it:) The former president of the Unification Church of Korea, Rev. Hyo Won Eu, who is in the spirit world now, once spoke to a female psychic medium. "As Father's first disciple, I worked for a long time in the president's position, and I wrote Wol-li Kang-ron (Discourse on the Principle) which became the worldwide scripture, so I thought I would be in the top position in the spirit world. But when Father organized the spirit world trinity with the order of Ki Suk Lee, Hyo Won Eu and Chung Goo Park, I was so disappointed and I complained. Father said, "The spirit world is the world of love, where the competition of love exists, not the competition of intellect. Ki Suk Lee has more love, that's why he became the first brother in the trinity." I could understand after listening to Father's explanation. I didn't enter the Kingdom of Heaven yet; I'm on the way there. Thus far, my work has inclined toward the intellect, but I will work hard heartistically with my wife on earth." Heung Jin Nim is in the Kingdom of Heaven. He couldn't enter the Kingdom of Heaven until he got blessed. After establishing the four position foundation, he entered the Kingdom of Heaven. The spirit world is the world of love.

What kind of person can go to the Kingdom of Heaven? The kind of person who loves his son, wife or self more than he loves God cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven.

When you can respect parental love and conjugal love, you are qualified to go to the Kingdom of Heaven. You have to love your parents more than you love your spouse, and you have to love your grandparents more than you love your parents. This is the core of the Kingdom of Heaven and the motto encapsulating the ideal.

Your mind and your life should overflow with God's love and should let the love drops fall continuously. When love flows out, there is hope, but when love dries up, you and your family will perish. Dry-hearted people will be stricken out of the world of love. Such people are destined to be excluded from the world of the tradition of love.

If you cannot experience heavenly love on earth, you cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven. Have you sincerely loved a Cain-type person? In order to go to the Kingdom of Heaven, your love should surpass the parental love and conjugal love of the satanic world. Parents have even died for the sake of their child in the fallen world; still, our love must surpass the parental love of the fallen world.

You cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven alone. One man and one the couple should surely become one with Cain. A proper environment is needed. Before receiving parents or spouse, you are to set up a standard of unity between brothers and sisters. This is Unification thinking.

What is the human fall? What are fallen children? Fallen children cannot feel God thoroughly as their Father. Their mind doesn't have a concept of God. You should have the following experience and realization. First, you should substantially feel, "I'm born again and have received new life, and I'm God's son or daughter who leads a new life through the love of True Parents." Second, "I'm a qualified citizen of God's land." Third, when you look at the nation and world, you should feel God's mercy and think, "God handed down this world to me, so l as God's child have a right to possess this world."

The awakening of this actual feeling is the most important task for us in 1977. You should realize, first, that you are God's direct child; second, that you are a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven; third, that this world is your legacy from God. God blessed His children with three gifts. An individual who actualizes this feeling is moving toward perfection and is endowed with the qualification and right to be the center or a member of the Kingdom of Heaven of the family.

When God settles down on earth with joy, then all things can take Sabbath. The sabbatical site for all things cannot be set up unless God set you cannot establish a happy family centering upon your parents. Likewise,new order cannot be established in this world unless your mind and body can naturally and spontaneously sing a song of happiness centering upon God, the subject of the cosmos, and unless you are given independent authority in a free environment.

Even though you've established the individual Kingdom of Heaven, if you cannot apply that to the family, you will not have a safe place for yourself as an individual to take Sabbath. Without establishing the victorious tribal-level foundation, you cannot lay a safe foundation for the Kingdom of Heaven of the family. In order for a tribe to settle safely, the national foundation should be determined; in order for a nation to set up the foundation to take Sabbath, a worldwide foundation should be organized. You are in this process of development.

When we say Heavenly Father, we are saying that God is a parent. If Adam and Eve had not fallen, they would have become the King and the Queen of the nation, as well as parents. They would have been the King and the Queen of the Kingdom of Heaven and the King and the Queen of the universe. That's why there is a saying that a loving loyal subject and a son of filial piety can go to the Kingdom of Heaven. When a woman serves her husband as God, Lord or King and leads a life of true love, she can go to the Kingdom of Heaven. The logic that you cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven unless you love your parents, nation and world makes sense here.

A family belongs to a nation, a nation belongs to the world and the world belongs to the universe, so if you love God, you will attain the condition-that you loved everything in the universe, even though you abandoned your family and nation. That's why you are told to live for the sake of the world and God. If you can love the world and humankind as much as you love me, you can go to the Kingdom of Heaven.

A person who is bound by his or her family and who is fettered by conventional forms and past habits cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Such a person needs a heavenly gift to revolutionize his or her mind to an explosive degree. Where is the place to dispense this heavenly gift and stimulate us to carry out such a revolution? It is the Unification Church. The motivation and the wellspring of the revolution originates from the Unification Church. It applies to everybody.

Father says to the Unification Church members that we are to establish the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, but it is not accomplished by ourselves. You are told that in order to establish the Kingdom of Heaven, you should become the oldest grandson of the main family. In order to be the oldest grandson of the main family, you should marry into the head family and fulfill the moral obligations there.

You should be a good example in public life. In other words, you should be thorough in church life and our official activities. These two areas are critical.

You belong to a certain region. The degree to which you strive to absorb your whole region in God's Will vitally influences the education of your children. The change in your life after you began to live centering upon God's will, in other words, how much you lead an exemplary life in the village and how much you make an exemplary relationship with others, will be the object of potential criticism by your children. Therefore, your public life should be solid.

Next, your private (personal) life is the problem. Is there any qualitative difference in your life before the Blessing and after the Blessing, when you are trying to lead a life of faith as a family? If, when a husband becomes arrogant, his wife keeps complaining and nags at him more than before, they are not a good example to their children. After the Blessing, they should change totally. It is very important to create a situation in which their children respect them, so they should be good examples to their children in their personal life.

Public desire can be accepted anywhere; never have self-centered desire. You should have the attitude that you will do such and such in order to save the nation, instead of acting with the motivation to become popular in the nation. Does a nation move according to your mind? If that's the case, you may think that God would move following your mind. Those thoughts are all self-centered. You always have to lead a public life. In all your actions, earning money or participating in certain activities, you should be motivated to save the nation and the world. You should not think that you will do something good later by earning money now.

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