Blessing and Ideal Family

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon


Chapter 3 Part 4
The Indemnity Condition For Receiving The Blessing

1. Resurrection And The Indemnity Condition

In the satanic world, every person regardless of situation is in the position to make conditions of indemnity. Making the indemnity condition is the same as making the offering in order to resurrect one's own self. Therefore, indemnity is something for which to be thankful.

Because the way of restoration is to return back to the origin, unless one makes the indemnity condition, one cannot go back to the origin. The indemnity condition must be made by human beings, not by God. In order for a sick person to be healed, he must take medicine even if it is bitter. Bitter medicine is the real medicine. Making the indemnity condition is like taking bitter medicine; it is difficult work. However, without making the indemnity condition, you cannot be restored.

Fallen people were not born from God-centered parents in the direct blood lineage. Therefore, our birth must be denied, and we must make a new relationship with God. Without going back to the origin, you cannot go to the Blessing position. In other words, because we were born from the fallen dead world, in order to return to life centering on God, we must be resurrected. We need to be born again. But being born is not the conclusion; we then must go through the growth period. In order to pass through that, the indemnity condition must be established. In making the indemnity condition, not only the individual's responsibility but also the national mission and world mission together are included. You must know that what you did concerning this responsibility determines what happens with your Blessing.

If you know the will of God more and more, you realize your physical body is being made dirty through Satan and you feel like burning that which has the filthy blood of Satan flowing through it. You feel like throwing away your hands and feet and your whole body, which is used by Satan. If you think you want to preserve yourself as you are, stained by Satan, you are being stupid. Have you ever had that experience? Since we cannot remain dead, we need the conditions to eliminate our past relating with Satan.

You need to get the lesson from Teacher about the method for making the indemnity condition. If, a long time ago in Japan, there had been one person thinking about that and forgetting even the coasts of Japan, by now Japan could have unified the whole world. There is no business in the world as great as that. In the Bible it says, "What good is it if you gain the whole world and lose your life?" Life is that precious. We must know the correct method for the indemnity condition, which results in your own precious life.

The way for salvation is to pay indemnity and then restore the way. Indemnity means you climb through the path by which the fall happened. Then go the opposite way.

Teacher established all the historical indemnity conditions, then he won victory. It should not be a problem even if Satan attacks with all of his methods and ways, as Satan has done to goodness until now. Think about carrying out maneuvers, like Stalin's method of liquidating all religious people, toward Satan. Teacher even has that side.

Perfection does not happen automatically but is established through indemnity. Therefore, the people in the fallen world cannot perfect them selves without making the indemnity condition. Self-perfection is accomplished through the perfection of indemnity. Those who did not go over the hills of indemnity absolutely have no way to be perfected. If we look from the internal view, it is perfection of the individual self, and from God's side, it can be said to be restoration. Perfection of indemnity could be called the perfection of restoration. That is why it is restoration through indemnity. Therefore, we can never separate these two words: indemnity and restoration.

When we say "perfection through indemnity," it means "indemnity for restoration." Centering on perfection, reach perfection through the course of restoration through indemnity. After indemnity, then restoration. After being restored, then go the way of perfection. Therefore, you can think of indemnity and restoration as one.

2. The Indemnity Condition Has To Be Established By Myself

What result came about due to the human fall? God and the angelic world were chased out of the human world, and we lost the world of all things. Next, the individual base, family base, clan, tribe, nation and world foundations were all lost. The word "lost" means that Adam and Eve them selves chased them out. Who has the responsibility for that? That responsibility isn't God's, it is not the angelic world's nor the creation's; it is the human responsibility. This result was the human responsibility. Therefore, human beings must take the responsibility and assume the destiny to go the course of restoration. However, the course of restoration cannot be traversed by oneself Absolutely, you must go through the recreational principle with the help of the spirit world. It cannot be otherwise, because it is the principle of salvation that God and the spirit world mobilize for recreation. Before God created human beings, He created the angelic world. With the help of the angels, He created all things and through all things as material, He created human beings.

Because the fall was committed by human beings, restoration through indemnity must be done by human beings. The Principle is that the one who committed the sin should indemnify it. Since the parents became fallen parents, unless the True Parents come and indemnify this, humanity cannot go back to God. The one who can solve these things is the True Parent. The value of the True Parents is not comparable to ten million dollars or even billions of lives. That is why, when you've found the True Parents, you should be able to say, "I'll follow with my life." Jesus said, "Those who want to live will die and those who want to die will live," because that describes the way, the beginning point of restoration through indemnity.

Indemnity conditions must be established by your own self. Another person cannot substitute for you. The fall means the loss of the authority of subjectivity. In restoration, no matter who interferes, you must be confident of yourself and go with the clear subjectivity. No matter where others are going, I must be busy going my way. At night, there is no time to sleep, there is no time to find a place to sit comfortably and eat a meal. Without having a heart this serious, you cannot go the way of restoration.

3. In Order To Eliminate The Satanic Sovereignty

If you want to find complete salvation, you must liquidate your own sin and your past. Now through your activities you must clean up the sins you've committed. In order to eliminate sin, you must not do things against the Principle.

Evil is to allow the condition for Satan's invasion. What is sin? Whatever content you have for Satan to attack, that is sin. Therefore, Christians more than anyone must clearly know the root of sin. Evil is Satan himself, needless to say, and in Eve evil starts with, "Let me be the subject, let me be the center." God's original principle of creation is, "Live for the other (spouse)," while "Live for myself" is the satanic fallen nature. You must know the origin of good and evil clearly. Evil people say to live for myself; God wants to break this down and Jesus also wants to break it down. That is why He taught: do not be arrogant, live for others and serve others.

We broke down due to the fall; in order to fix what is broken, we must adjust to the original Principle which existed before we broke down. After that, we must go through the course of recreation, in order to become one with the principle of creation. The fall happened from the motivation that the other exists to invest in me, not that I exist to invest in others. Therefore, in investing we must do the opposite from the world. That is why religions teach to sacrifice the self for others.

After the fall of Adam and Eve, what kind of illness did the human race contract? Centering on Satan, we got the sickness of love, and through the sickness of love, the blood lineage of Satan has multiplied. In other words, the illness is received from Satan's blood and is born in Satan's direct children. But how did that love sickness start? It began from the point of thinking only of one's self and centering on one's self. By denying God's order and the heavenly principle and centering on one's self, the sickness of the fall was born. That's why in order to heal this sickness, you must deny yourself and you must live absolutely centering on God.

If the archangel, Adam and Eve, were hoping centering on God, they would not have fallen but would have established the ideal world. Heaven is the place of life attending God absolutely and making the relation of love through Him. In order to straighten out this origin, God has been leading the providence of restoration. If you are being proud of your own self, it cannot happen.

In order to come out of the self-centered, fallen sovereignty, you must have a God-centered sovereignty. If you have such, then you can come out. Otherwise, there is no way to get away from the self- centered sovereignty. One must take this way inevitably.

As a member of the Unification Church, while you are doing witnessing or business activities, do you ever happen to say, "It is too hard and I can not do this"? That cannot be God-centered but is centered on your own self. In light of this principle, if you complain while you are working in the Unification Church, and deny the work, you must know clearly that your work is unqualified. He who works in the Unification Church centering upon himself will complain within a short time when hardship comes. He will claim that all the work he has done in the church is his own. The way I must go might be difficult, but I must think: God is going in front of me, my friends are beside me, and our brothers and sisters are there. Also, we must think that the fate of all humankind's future remains in front of us. I must think that I will go until I give my life. By having this thinking, you can overcome the self-centered fallen standard. Not me centered; by thinking centered on God, you can overcome the fallen sovereignty. That is why, in Unification Church, the most difficult times mean we are kicking out the most difficult fallen sovereignty and getting closer to the day of liberation.

Originally, the fall brought us into a place of death. In order to salvage this, you must run into the place of death. No matter what, we all have to go through that fate, so you must do it with a joyful heart as a real man and woman. Like that, make the determination; the members will increase as they go according to the will of God, and the world will go in a new direction. Our heart must be burning to establish that mother-baby desperation. In your heart, do you have the faith to go beyond the limit of life and death?

Teacher has been watching many dozens, many hundreds, many thousands, many tens of thousands of life and death situations, and has fought with Satan. Although the countless situations of difficulties come like waves, the goal that Teacher made has not changed. Even if my legs are broken or my eyes are popped out or my neck is being cut, I do not change from the beginning point of determination. Therefore, I'm victorious as long as I'm alive.

How could we get out of the love of the fallen sovereignty and the blood lineage of the satanic sovereignty? Whenever you think about only yourself and loving yourself. Satan can take you away. If I do the opposite, denying myself and thinking centered on God, and live this way, Satan cannot manage me and God abides in and manages me. By doing this, you can be liberated from the archangel in the satanic world. From the position of fallen archangel you can climb to the unfallen archangel's position.

Although Adam fell in the individual position, because he was the center of the whole he must restore the world. It cannot be restored at once. It must be restored stage by stage. After restoring the position of an individual, the family environment and clan, tribe, nation and world and the cosmic environments must be restored. All together there are eight stages or levels which must be passed through. Only by solving these problems can human beings who are pursuing the ideal world meet freely with God, the subject of love. While doing that, if some level is blocked, one may pass the lower levels but one cannot pass the level above. That means that one cannot continue on the way to be one with God. If you reach some level, you may get the help of spirit people on the form- and life-spirit levels but it is difficult to communicate with God. From the individual level to God: how can we expand the way directly to the communicating environment? This is God's worry and the worry of the men and women of the fallen world. These two worries came about due to the human fall.

Man and woman fell through the archangel, and this must be straightened out. This absolutely cannot be done at the offering stage. The self must be denied first. That is why those who desire the absolute, unique subject must pass through the position of absolute denial. One who desires the absolutely unique subject must fulfill the condition by denying reality. Therefore, restoration through indemnity cannot be established even if a small condition of affirmation remains. This absolute denial must be established beginning on an individual level, to the family, clan, tribe, nation, world, cosmos and to God. Then the eight levels are completed and connected to the ideal direction. Level by level, unless we pass through the course of denial, we cannot be connected to God.

Where does God appear? He appears to the unfallen Adam and Eve. There, we can find God. We all must return back to Adam and Eve before the fall, sinless Adam and Eve's position. If you welcome the True Parents there, you can make the true clan, true nation and true world. This claim is addressed in no place other than Unification Thought. In order to reach this level, we must penetrate through the opposite side from the fall. The indemnity course naturally appears for fallen people, because without overcoming this, you cannot go back to the origin, you cannot clean yourself out. How can we restore from the individual problem to the family, clan, nation and world? We must have a clear ideology.

4. The Foundation To Receive The Blessing

The sinful world started from an individual and then expanded to the family, clan, tribe, nation and world. In order to make the foundation, God also must expand the authority of the archangel, or the authority of the servant. From there, He must expand to the authority of the adopted son and move on to the authority of the direct child. Even in the authority of the direct children, there are Gin and Abel. Cain and Abel were born from fallen parents, and they fought and separated. Without making the condition of Cain and Abel becoming one, you cannot go beyond the fallen sovereignty. Fallen authority can be overcome by making the foundation of substance. By doing that, you enter the completion level, but the original sin of blood lineage inherited from Satan still is not eliminated. In order to eliminate the original sin, the Messiah is absolutely needed. Therefore, the foundation of faith, foundation of substance and foundation for the Messiah are absolutely necessary for fallen man and woman. The ultimate challenge is to establish the foundation for the Messiah and receive him and connect your own blood lineage. By doing so, you should be in the position of his children.

Without restoring the relationship of Cain and Abel, you cannot receive the Blessing. In order to return to parents, Cain and Abel must be united. Without doing this, you cannot go back to the parents. Restoration is like that. In Adam's family, Cain and Abel should unite and carry out the restoration; this is the Principle.

In our Unification Principle, what do we want to establish centering on the foundation of faith and the foundation of substance? Since right before the fall was the engagement period, we must be restored to the position of Adam and Eve before the fall. Then what must be done in order to be restored to this position of the engagement period before the fall? Adam and Eve fell with false love and became the false parents. Centering on these false parents, there were three sons, Cain, Abel and Seth. Including their wives there were eight people in the fallen positions. The internal and external content of the foundations of faith and substance are needed in order to restore these eight positions of the family After this has been restored, then attend the Parents and overcome whatever blocks your way.

Here, the heavenly parent is the Messiah. Therefore, after accomplishing the foundation of substance, the foundation for the Messiah must be established in front of the fallen people. Without the Messiah, we cannot go back to the original position. The descendants of fallen Adam and Eve, all people without exception, cannot liquidate original sin without receiving the Messiah.

The ancestors of humankind, Adam and Eve, fell with the wrong kind of love, centering on themselves. Through love centering on themselves, the archangel entered. Through the fall, they chased God out, chased out the original true character of Adam and brought the result of chasing out the original true character of Eve. In this way, by establishing the love relationship not permitted by God, what happened to humankind was that the original sin came about. Therefore the problem for humanity is how to wash out this original sin. However, we were born from fallen parents. Without reconnecting to the love of the True Parents, the original sin cannot be eliminated. Because the original sin was planted by false parents, the denial of this love cannot be done without the formation of love by the True Parents.

People with original sin cannot go to the Blessing, because even though they try to be God-centered, the content of Satan's blood lineage is in their own bodies. Thus, the Blessing position is not possible. Therefore, the original sin must be eliminated. Because this original sin is connected to the false parents, in order to eliminate it, we must center on the True Parents. Without centering on the True Parents and establishing the indemnity condition, there is no way to eliminate it. Without eliminating the original sin, there cannot be the completed husband and wife position with the Blessing centering on God's love. Because you were born from the origin of love, you must be one body with the True Parents. Without that, you cannot have the benefit of resurrection. After passing through this, fulfill the heavenly laws and get the qualification as unfallen Adam and Eve in the completion level. After that, you are recognized by God. Thus, by being "good" you can receive the Blessing. That is why these three stages or courses must be accomplished.

5. The Indemnity Condition Necessary To Receive The Blessing

People use the word "blessing" easily. However, this Blessing is the other side. You do not know how much suffering and hardship came before and follows after, how difficult it was. The one who gives us the Blessing is God. And those who receive the Blessing are men and women -- you. However, unless individuals in the fallen world make the appropriate condition to receive the Blessing, God cannot give it.

When looking at the Unification Church's Blessing, what is the challenge? The challenge is to make the indemnity condition in order to receive the Blessing. Enormous contents are linked with this. From the historical view, you received the fallen blood lineage. That is why in order to receive the Blessing, you must cut off from the fallen lineage, and in order to solve the fundamental problem, you need the heavenly condition. That is why until now the Unification Church has received persecution and walked the course of the heartistic cross. That is why, when you joined the Unification Church, all your secular relationships were severed. Everything is being divided.

In order to receive the Blessing, the indemnity condition must be set up. If any filthy thing happened in the past, it must be washed clean. However, this cannot be done by yourself You need help. In order to get the help of a lawyer, you need to confess everything including your internal heart. Then the lawyer can defend you as if he himself were standing in your position. If you do not do that, you cannot receive his help.

I am defending you in the position of a lawyer in front of God. Therefore, you must confess to me all of the secrets that no one knows. You may think that you have worries. You must know it is a thankful thing that Teacher will listen to those stories. In order to receive the Blessing, you must pass through this. Although it became dirty, by erasing with an eraser you can make a clean white paper. Only by completing this condition can the Blessing be received.

The moment of Blessing is welcomed through countless sufferings establishing the indemnity condition, overcoming the satanic false charges and safely breaking through with faith in the Principle.

Unless you have internally restored three things, your Blessing standard is not acknowledged. God is the center, above is the heart of parents and below is the heart of children, and unless you can reach the heart of husband and wife, your wish for the Blessing is itself against God's Principle.

Those who can say confidently that you are in that position, raise your hands! Nobody in Japan is qualified for the Blessing! Whatever may happen, we always have the problem of indemnity. That is your sacrifice for your resurrection. Therefore, you must make the indemnity condition. You should be saying "thank you" to that.

In order to receive the Blessing, there must be the individual resurrection. You must pray as Jesus prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Jesus came as the father of humankind, as the true parent. Judas selling Jesus, consigning him to the way of the cross, represents what the whole of humankind did to Jesus. That includes us as descendants. In the providence of God, it is the same as if all people sold their own parents. To make the indemnity condition, we have the indemnity fund. Due to one person's action, Jesus who came as the True Father was chased out and the providence of God was completely blocked in all directions. As the condition to indemnify this, for a four-years period, an amount of money equivalent to the number three must be returned to God as the price of selling Jesus. The four-year period represents East, West, North and South. In Korea the amount can be 3,000 won per year; in all 12,000 won are donated during the four-year period. That amount of money is in no way close to the condition for selling Jesus. However, you must think about the holy will of God. You must offer it with the heart of blood and tears.

6. The Indemnity Period In Order To Receive The Blessing

In order to receive the Blessing, you must go through a long period of religious life. However, until now I have blessed people who do not have that long-time faithfulness. Observing the result after the Blessing, it was not good. It has always been like that.

More important than the Blessing is whether or nor your course of indemnity is finished.

Until now, I walked the indemnity road and made the effort. What I would like is for you to take one-half of the responsibility. It is easier for you because you can just copy what I've done. Originally the term is three and one-half years twice; in other words, you must pass through a seven year period of indemnity. However, before the Blessing, go through three and one half years and overcome the seven year indemnity course. That is the course of recreation.

In order to have the family, you must realize self-perfection and then make the reciprocal relationship. Standing in the position to make the reciprocal condition, receive the Blessing and then pass through the three- year course. This is the Unification Church Principle. I am not saying this just to make you do witnessing. It is because the heavenly law must be obeyed.

You are also like Jesus. Going the way I went, prepare for death and go to hell on earth as a savior so that you can fulfill the indemnity course. Because of the 33 years of the indemnity roads that I walked, I'm letting you do three and one-half years within three years now.

You have three and one-half years to find spiritual sons and daughters, and then you get married and go three more years. During those three years, fulfill a separation period; after that you should have physical children. That must be done in seven years. Because the number seven was not completed, the spiritual and physical worlds were lost. You must know you have the mission to complete the spiritual and physical restoration through indemnity within seven years. Without doing this, you cannot follow Teacher.

I try to bless all people who joined and were members for three years. Those who did not, I cannot help.

If you respect receiving the Blessing, you should not just go the common way of a three-year course and offering three spiritual children to God's will.

Those who joined the Unification Church must go through the course of self-development and self-discipline. More than a seven-year course of trials must be passed. In the future, this will be official.

Young men and women: do not sweat blood for your own bodies or for your own families. Only for the Will, honestly devote all you can for at least three years. Then you can have truly great royal children.

7. The Course Of Training And The Seven Days Fast

In the Unification Church, there are 2-day workshops, 7-day workshops, 21-day workshops and 40-day training sessions; all together, within 6 months you should receive 70 days of training in the Principle. This is the Word and the Law. By doing that, you can know what the Unification Church is.

Those who join the Unification Church go through the training course. There are 2-day, 7-day, 21-day and 40-day workshops -- all together 70 days of training are needed. Through this training, fallen, ignorant people are restored. The 2-day workshop is for changing to the new direction. From the ideological point of view, if looking at it from the providence of restoration, it is the same as the foundation for the providence of restoration. The 7-day workshop goes to the formation period. It is correlative to the Old Testament period's providence. By entering here, one goes to welcome the New Testament period's Messiah. 7-day training is correlative to the Old Testament period and is the time for restoring the characters of the formation stage. 21-day training is correlative to the New Testament period. After this workshop, you should be able to attend Jesus as the Messiah, perfecting the character of John the Baptist. That is to perfect the adopted child position. From here, by receiving the 40-day workshop, you are entering the Completed Testament, welcoming the Messiah and entering the engrafted position. Finally you are entering the position to make the heavenly new generation. By doing this, you are inheriting the heavenly son's position, which is better than the unfallen Adam's position. However, it is not over by inheritance; you must be equipped with the character of a heavenly son and then you are able to enter the Heavenly Kingdom.

If you receive 1 20-day training, you are able to establish the prestige and reputation of the Unification Church.

Those who do not get 120-day workshop are not counted as core members.

Because training is being systematized from the 2-day to the 120 day level, it is the same no matter where you are in the world.

In the Last Days you must pass through the three stages of judgment. These are the judgment of truth, judgment of character, and judgment of heart. In here, doctrine is the truth. By passing through these three judgments, you are qualified for the position to attend and make a relationship with the True Parents.

It is the Principle that those who do not pass through these stages cannot receive the Blessing; this is the Principle. Think about it: if I give the Blessing to people who do not even know the Word of God, what can I do if they do whatever they wish afterwards? If a person who does not know the law is on trial, the judge makes the decision as he wishes. That is why the law is taught.

In the Principle, there are three stages of judgment: judgment of the truth, judgment of character, and judgment of heart, because the fall violated these three things. I am qualified and I am teaching you. The way of restoration could be taught only after I myself went through it. Because it is the Principle, the parents should know first. Practice also must be done by the parents first. The Principle has already been established through this foundation by Teacher; if it were not it could not be taught.

You must practice the Principle and not be the person who is caught by the Principle. To do so, you must embody the Principle. Those who are contrary to the principle of indemnity cannot fulfill the substantial restoration. If the condition remains unfulfilled, Satan will pull and say, "It is mine." Therefore, in order to establish the substantial foundation, you must get the victory through a face-to-face fight with Satan.

Because we were born with Satan's blood, we must take out our blood and throw it away. That is the reason religion has taught, "Do fasting, be humble, and hit your own body."

When you are going to the spirit world, if you did the seven-day fast for heaven, you can be registered. Why? Because God suffered six thousand years working in the course of restoration, you must do this fast. That is why in the Unification Church there is the seven-day fast. Think about it. It is not to make you suffer but to let you have the condition that your body is being hit in front of heaven.

That is why the body must be hit. We human beings must say, "This body, my enemy. Hey, this meat loaf! In there, the blood is wriggling," and then stab it with a knife. But thankfully, Jesus was stabbed instead. Then what did Jesus leave for us? He gave us his blood and flesh. You must become the person who represents Jesus.

In the past, when the followers of Jesus were praying to meet Jesus, they had to make effort for at least seven years, day and night. Without doing that, they couldn't meet Jesus. However, in these days if you make effort for seven days, you can meet the Teacher. No matter what the problem may be, if you make effort for seven days with fasting, Teacher will teach you without fail. You must know how hard was the road by which God has come. Although I have come here, I must go again. In order to find me, attend God who went through unknown hardships. I must attend God and go through the indemnity process. Then where are you going with God? In what position are you? It is not centering on you. From the spirit world, through the heavenly connection, with the given foundation, you must run ahead to the front of the world.

Those who judge the life of Teacher do so because they don't know the life of Teacher and don't know the situation of heaven. 80% of the people around me should be communicating with the spirit world. You must raise your standard even by doing special fasting and prayer. Otherwise, I will look for more desirable members.

Among you, those who have finished 7-day fast, raise your hands. To those who did not experience one week fasting, you do not know the feeling on the seventh day, thirty minutes before midnight. Even if hundreds of books tried to explain, you still could not know. The many times you may have heard explanations about the taste of sugar do not amount to once licking a piece of sugar. Those who want to believe in the cross have to substantially walk the road of the cross. Those who do not know the heart of God must stand as the incarnation of God. In order to be the central figure of the providence of restoration, give your loved one to Satan and have the determination to endure.

8. Three Spiritual Children

In order to make the indemnity condition, you absolutely need three spiritual children. This is because, due to the fall of Adam and Eve, eight family members fell. Unless you go over the standard of representing these eight people, you cannot proceed. Without fulfilling that requirement, to say, "Live for the tribe, nation and world" is just spouting empty words. From the starting point, this standard is absolutely necessary. Accomplish this absolute standard and you will be going the road of destiny, this is the Blessing position which you must know clearly.

To receive the Blessing is to be restored to the position just before the fall. When Adam and Eve were growing up, three angels should have been attending them. Likewise, your three spiritual children represent you being attended substantially by three angels. Three spiritual children symbolize Adam, Noah, and Abraham's three periods of having three children (8 family members) and represent three periods of Cain.

First of all, the foundation of three united angels, which are these three spiritual children, helps you to receive the Blessing. If they do not help you receive the Blessing, it cannot happen. Therefore, without three spiritual children, you cannot be restored. If you do not have three spiritual children, you cannot stand on the foundation of the unity of the three angels. Then you are remaining under the fallen sovereignty and Satan can make a base with you and pull you anywhere. The spiritual children are to be absolutely a unified foundation. Therefore, sacrifice everything and make the environment for the Blessing. If three archangels do not attend Adam and Eve, it is no good. After passing this level, for you to get the recognition from God, these three angels can say, "Adam is fully grown, so please give the Blessing to him with his spouse." Therefore, if there are not three spiritual children, absolutely it is the Principle that you cannot receive the Blessing. Those who got married without fulfilling this remain in the fallen sovereignty.

In order to receive the Blessing, you must go beyond the standard at which Jesus failed. When Jesus was dying, his three main disciples denied him. Therefore, even if you meet the situation of death, you must be one with three disciples and with them you must make a four position foundation. Because that is the formula, you absolutely must have three spiritual children. Otherwise, you cannot receive the Blessing.

In order to receive the Blessing, you need to restore three people. Jesus had the same condition to fulfill. When he went to the Mount of Transfiguration with his three disciples, these disciples were not completely united with him. Jesus said, "I did not come to be served but to serve."

Blessing candidates get the qualification for themselves through restoring three spiritual children as the victorious resurrected body. Because Abel is the victorious elder son, he must take away the children of Satan. The restoration of three spiritual children represents: 1) Spiritually restoring three generations of the archangel; 2) The absolute condition for deciding the parental position; 3) The absolute condition for bringing children to the position of complete victory. Without fulfilling this, you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Those who have been members for five years or more, raise your hands. In Japan, it's about 150 people, but when I went to London, about 60% had been in the church for five years. When I asked how much work they did for the Will, they answered that they worked continuously for the Will until now. I asked about the substantial result. Working for the world means saving the world and working for the Will means leading the whole world to the Will so that the world can receive salvation. When I asked them, they agreed. Then I asked, "How many hours a day do you witness?" They said they witnessed only two hours a day, and that when they tried to witness, they couldn't witness even to one person. With that amount of effort, do you think that you can work for the will of God? To how many have you witnessed, those who have been members for more than five years? Those ladies who want to get blessed, to how many have you witnessed? Can those who have not witnessed to more than three ask to be recommended for the Blessing? By helping those people, the church will be destroyed. The captain who stands on the front line knows how miserable the loser is. Those who know about that will not lose even if they have to go to their death. Teacher knows about the sorrow of losers. Nobody sides with people who do not have the foundation and capability.

9. The Original Standard Of The Blessing

Because the human ancestors fell at the adoption level, that is, the completion level of the growth stage, to qualify in terms of external form and the proper connection, you must climb back to the completion level in the growth stage. Then you can inherit true sonship. Because the human ancestors fell from the completion level in the growth stage, to be restored you first go back to the completion level of the growth stage.

When I look at you, there are mouths and other features in your face. In the body there are legs and arms, flesh and form. When you combine them all and appear in front of God, what part do you think God would love? God does not love you centering on one part. God, loving the whole, wishes you all to be sons and daughters. The standard God desires is not 50 points, nor 60, 70 or 80. He desires above 100. What is the standard beyond 100 points? It is not the standard from which Adam and Eve fell. Seeing the sorrow of the fall, in front of God everything must be restored through indemnity, and 100 points is the place of going beyond the standard of the fall. In other words, Father desires that you pursue the standard which existed before the fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. If this condition is not accomplished, God's reputation will decline. Knowing the fact that Satan's attack on Adam and Eve took away that glorious day, God must have those who go beyond that standard and receive the Blessing as husband and wife. If Satan takes back the children of God, then he is destroying God's reputation. Thinking about this huge standard, you in here must not think about getting Blessed for your own sake.

Historically, the providence of restoration appeared and then remained unaccomplished. All its contents must be pulled into the present and again clarified, indemnified and restored. To realize this, the Unification Church came about. My mission is to do it on my own and to have all the Unification members follow and do this throughout the world. Your mission is set according to the words of the Teacher, marching to complete the providence of restoration. Men must arrive at the standard above Adam before the fall and, because they must substitute for Jesus' body, there must be no shortcoming. Women should be at the standard above Eve before the fall, as the bride of Jesus, and should have no shortcoming. The mission of the Unification Church is to give birth to those men and women.

With the authority of God's sons and daughters, no matter what the hardship, go toward Satan's origin and make the standard to fight it out face-to-face By making Satan, who attacked Adam and Eve, pass through the course of surrender, the standard of the Blessing can be established

Those who follow the Unification Church say "Relationship with the True Parents," "new heavenly family," or "the Blessing." That Blessing is not in the line of death. The Blessing is not part of the indemnity rule nor below the death line. The Blessing is within the unfallen Garden of Eden. This is the Blessing.

The fact of the members getting the Blessing now correlates with Teacher's Holy Wedding standard in the 1960s. Because you are following Teacher's accomplishment of the standard of perfection on the national level, there is no persecution for you. The Blessing you received is the standard Jesus has desired for two thousand years. It represents the position of being substantialized. Therefore, sending the blessed members to work with their clans is the same as Jesus sending the Holy Spirit to work on the earth.

What condition will chase out satanic things created by the ancestors' mistake? It is the Blessing. Making the victorious condition of the Blessing chases out Satan. Because Satan invaded Adam and Eve, by our fulfilling the blessed family, we indemnify all the past mistakes of our ancestors and we can see the start of the victory of resurrection on earth. That is why until now all the satanic false charges in the spirit world could come at us easily, as if through an open door.

The fall is below the completion level in the growth stage, and the Blessing is above the completion level of the growth stage. That is why the Blessing has no relationship with Satan. Accordingly, Satan cannot object or attack.

The Holy Wedding does not mean that the husband and wife can do as they please. It absolutely happens in the position of representing God's true love. Masculinity receives complete love and femininity receives absolute love.

Until now, it was common to exchange letters between man and woman and relate to each other. Winking is done so naturally that it is like buying a pencil on the street. When people of that quality want to receive the Blessing, Teacher feels bad. Originally, the standard of the Blessing rules out feeling bad like that. If I look from the Principle point of view, you are not qualified. But as the descendants of the fall, you must be restored to the original standard.

The crux of the matter is: am I in the position for God to call me to substitute for Adam? Am I in the position to be called to substitute for Jesus? Could I be recognized as representing the new coming of Jesus? Seen from this perspective, before receiving the Blessing you must criticize your life from the past to the present.

Today, there are many of you thinking just as you please. You may think, "The Blessing is a ritual in the Church. I myself have fulfilled this and that condition, and many years have passed since I came to the Church. Therefore I'm qualified for the Blessing." However, you must not think like that. This day is the day that God finds the son who was lost for six thousand years and He finds the lost daughter by welcoming this day. Through this, there is the solitary point at which we can connect to God's love. We must know this overwhelming fact. From here God's will spreads horizontally. We must consider seriously the question of how many of us here think like this as God's sons and daughters, one with God's heart, preparing for the day of the Blessing.

10. The Qualification To Receive The Blessing

When I look at you, you are like trash. What qualification do you have? I mean, do you have the qualification for the Blessing? You are sitting here because you want the Blessing, but what have you done since you came to Unification Church? Receiving the Blessing is not like coming in, sitting down and taking it. After thousands of years of making effort and tens of thousands of years of establishing the effort, then those descendants come with ten million degrees of gratitude. Also in front of the heavenly world and earthly world, all humankind is watching, to glorify the glorious day. That is how to receive the Blessing. Personally, do you think you can do it?

Even though you should stand up with the victorious flag of tomorrow, centering on conditions to be praised as the filial sons and daughters of God, with the internal and external qualifications, with the character that Satan cannot accuse, when I take a look, you are in a big mess. Therefore you must have new faith from this moment. Do you understand? Peter in Jesus' time, John and James -- you should not be the descendants of those betrayers. Suppose Teacher is going to the place of death. Could you surely go beyond the standard of Peter, John and James and block the Teacher's road of death, and place yourself on the road of death instead of Teacher? You must have asked yourself this. Young and old, man or woman, all should absolutely make this pledge. Without thinking like this, you cannot liberate Jesus' grief Without liberating Jesus' grief, you cannot come to the Blessing.

Until now, you may have thought that if you did a certain amount, you were all right. However, although you've met Teacher, there is a distance between you and me. It is a mistake to think that everything is solved only by meeting the parents. As does God, Teacher also has responsibility on the earth -- not to throw away everything that I have as a beggar in a wanderer's position, but to stand in the position of God desiring a filial son. We should be in the position to find the enemy and restore his children and his wealth, as did Jacob. Without doing this, after returning to the original place, you have no honor in front of God, and you must know that you cannot receive the blessing.

In the family context, you are the Adam of the family; in the society context, you are the Adam of the society; in the national context, you are the Adam of the nation. On each level you must know clearly that you are in the position of Adam and Eve to gain Satan's surrender. You can receive the heavenly Blessing only if you were victorious over Satan. You are receiving the Holy Wedding. Is that not the Principle? How can a person who could not bring Satan to surrender receive the heavenly Blessing? This is the bottom line in the history of restoration.

In order for a fallen person to go to the position to receive God's Blessing, he must make the condition as a faithful servant. After being loyal with his whole heart in the servant's position, he must be loyal from the adopted son's position. In order to pass through the adopted son's position, you must fulfill all the conditions of the adopted son's standard. The adopted son can receive the inheritance but cannot carry the blood lineage. With the qualification of adopted son, you can go to the spiritual level of Paradise only. That is why in order to go over the adopted son's level, engrafting as direct sons and daughters must be done.

After you create heaven in yourself, you can be blessed. Complaining people who wish to receive the blessing will bring about the ruin of their spouses. If you cannot create your own heaven but you desire the blessing anyway, you are a thief. It is more important to finish the indemnity condition than to receive the blessing. Before wishing for the blessing, you must be more desperate to finish the indemnity course. You must do all your duties as a child of God.

Without completely passing through the course of restoration, you cannot receive the blessing. Individual, family, clan, tribe, nation and cosmos by going through all levels and making the condition to stop the accusation of Satan, you can go to the blessing.

Satan, with his chronicle of blood lineage relations, for many thousands of years has made God suffer and has infringed on our ancestors. Those chains of sin must be completely cut, and with the flag flying from the position of freedom and equality, all nations, all people and the whole cosmos can be harmonized. This place is the blessing.

Heartistically, unless you restore three positions to the standard of the Blessing, you are not qualified. Centering on God, the heart of parents, the heart of children and the heart of husband and wife must be substantialized. Then you become confident men and women; otherwise, you have no qualification for entering the blessing.

Where should the place be for the young person who has kept the clean, unstained holy heart of love for twenty years? Put him in the place where God is most happy to meet and make oneness with the person of pure heart. Isn't that holy place the place where the bride and groom meet?

If you witness to a man or woman in the secular world, raise them as you would your younger brother or sister. Adam did not raise Eve well and also Eve did not relate to her brother. Gather all these facts and make the heavenly public pledge. In here, transcend your man-woman relationship and make the public pledge before God. In a brother- sister position, in front of one's parents, centering on parents' love, pledge to obey the heavenly rule. This is the responsibility of all Unification Church members in the world.

11. The One Qualification To Receive The Blessing

Our standards are different from the secular ones. I have taught you to block the satanic accusation and to establish the victorious authority. What situation are you in? It is a problem because you are not in the completion level of the growth stage. How am I going to bless you?

You are gathered now in order to receive the blessing. What is the Blessing? Until now, for six thousand years, religion emerged and was practiced in order to find one man. Therefore, you who were born as women, if you did not join the Unification Church, you would not be able to receive the Blessing centering on God. For one thousand years, ten thousand years, no matter how long you made the effort, you would not be able to receive the Blessing centering on God. If there were no Unification Church, there would be no Blessing. Without the Teacher, you cannot even think about it. What is the fall? It is loving each other by yourselves. This happened due to Satan. Therefore, centering on God and with the connection of love, the new husband and wife come out from the new place waving the flag of history. It is happening for the first time in history.

Then are you qualified to enter here? No. If there is one qualification, what is it? It is to know the True Parents. The fact that you know the True Parents is the qualification. Consider the ancestors who were in the providence of restoration until now. Actually you do not qualify to face those ancestors. However, they did not know the True Parents. Jesus came on this earth but could not teach about the qualification of the True Parents. Long ago, among ancestors like Abraham, Moses and others, no one knew the True Parents. Today, one thing is different for Unification Church members: we know the True Parents. Therefore, you can have faith only in that. We are the sons and daughters of the True Parents. In this world, nothing can deny this. Even God cannot deny this. It is absolute.

Do you know me? You do know or you do not know? How do you know, and what do you know of me? You know my face. Do you think I am on the level of teaching Principle to you? What do you know? In the Principle, the Principle up to Jesus' time is not the Teacher's Principle. Do you know my history? (No.) If you do not know, then why are you here? Did you practice filial piety? Did you not? (We did not practice filial piety.) Even if you are not people with filial piety, do you have the qualifications to come here and sit down? Did you become a loyal follower? Or did you not? (We did not become.) Why did you come here and sit down if you did not even become a loyal follower? Then do you think that God knows about me, or does not know? (Knows.) Do you think the ancestors in the spirit world know about me, or do not know? (Know.) You should attend me more than God and the good ancestors attend me. Among those who doubt how this can be, those bad members, those false people, not even one person has the qualifications to sit here. I fought for forty years of my life, then had the Holy Wedding in 1960. Until I reached that point, I went to prison many times. I was beaten countless times. I threw up blood many times and I survived the battle. However, when did you get persecution or get enormous beatings and when did you shed blood? When did you receive persecution like that? Investing my life in and out of the country's boundaries in order to make the foundation, and I shall bequeath the whole thing to beggars like you. You have no qualifications to receive the blessing! If Satan cut off all of your heads and threw them in the Pacific Ocean you would turn into water ghosts, I would not recognize you. Because there is no other way, I give you the Blessing.

Are you in the position to receive the Blessing? (I am ready.) Are you ready? (Yes.) What do you mean that you are ready? Until now, I brought all those stupid people and taught the will of God and gave the Blessing. Therefore, how should we prepare for the Blessing?

Break down Satan and, in front of heaven, pledge to return the glorious victory in the end. There should be people proclaiming this but you came here with no preparation, like naked people. That is why you must observe the heartistic standard of the Blessing from the historical view and reexamine your own shortcomings. You must know how much you are lacking. Until now, there have been many terrible mistakes. It is unforgivable, but with special grace, I forgave you.

The heart of parents cannot hate the children who are going to the place of death. Even with the burden of the cross, in order to make the children live, parents keep going. That is the heart of parents. Therefore, I bear all the burdens and make you live and keep going. However, if you think that this is the tradition, you will be destroyed. You will be left with nothing. Before Parents open the door of love, you must rethink. You must think how you can be qualified without shame before Heaven and earth.

12. The Faith And Determination We Must Have

By centering on whom do you receive the Blessing? It is the Parents, the absolutely trustworthy True Parents. "I am centering on the True Parents' connection of flesh and blood. No force can cut this relationship." Unless you have this faith, you will be punished if you receive the Blessing. In the future, if you get caught in this condition, you will be miserable. Look and see these blessed families until now. See the result. That time will come. Those kinds of people were returned to the satanic world. What is going to happen to their descendants? I'm not going to talk about that now. It would affect their relatives and their ancestors in the spirit world. Because of this, huge problems are involved. You appeared representing history and the good ancestors. You represent good ancestors and your own clan at this time. You came forward and you are in a serious position. When we went out to witness in 1960, those who opposed the Unification Church with their whole energy received punishment. All were broken down, while we are being successful. Fireballs will come down on them. They played as they wished, but will see in the future. Heaven has never been advertised. ??? Under this enormous promise, we are marching seriously.

What is the one and only truth? It is the fact that we came out with the flesh and blood of the True Parents. That is why although billions of satans from the satanic world are surrounding us, they cannot attach to us. We are different from the old Adam and Eve. We are not the people of self-interest and desire. Because of self-desire, the origin of the fall has remained. We have the destiny to go on, stepping over and climbing over the remaining grudges. That is why we must step over and climb over those grudges. In order to welcome that holy day, we will never give up no matter how dreadfully tangled are the courses. We must clarify our faith. Without this belief, to receive the Blessing is to make God a puppet. For that level of people, it is better not to receive the Blessing.

Among you, those who think that you have the qualifications for the Blessing: raise your hands. From the Principle viewpoint, raise your hand if you have the qualifications for receiving the Blessing. (Everyone is quiet.) So, until now you have lived as you pleased. From now, are you going to listen to Teacher's words and live with absolute faith? (Yes.) You must know clearly. Can you believe? (Yes.)

After you are married, even if your husband or wife is sent out, you must be grateful. They must be sent out and come back. Without doing that, you cannot conquer the satanic world. Also I went to North Korea and came back. It was not just once that I went and came back. Since I was beaten by the communists and shed blood, you also must get the beating and shed blood.

I received distress from three nations. I received persecution even from the Russians. Of course, I got persecution from Japan and from Korea, including Kim Il Sung's party. Talking about the nations, I went through four nations and went through suffering. Among the many denominations, I received suffering through three generations from the churches. From them, countless thousands of people were mobilized; more than 300 thousand people were mobilized. Without passing through the trials and suffering, restoration through indemnity cannot be done. When I recount this story, your eyes are so big and blinking. There is no one who has gone through what the Teacher has until now. When did you worry about the will of God without sleeping during the night and without food? Have you determined to do the will of God even if you lose your life? The fact that you do not do like this is an insult to God. It is an insult to the good ancestors. It is an insult to Teacher and it is an act of betrayal. What is the fall? Centering on the self in order to make progress, isn't it? No matter what type of man or woman you are and no matter what kind of suffering or trials you have endured, first of all you must have faith in the True Parents. You must have absolute faith. My heart toward the True Parents cannot be changed no matter what tempts me. Even if ! lose my life ten times, I will not deny them. Like that, you must have faith. That is the problem. If you are not like this, you must repent. Do you understand? What this means is to have absolute faith.

With your entire life, go through the course of trials and fight it out. Offering my heart, with one mind in one life, I have been fighting. I came out looking forward to cross the final line centering on the original will of God. I came out to have the heart of gratitude even if I fell down ten million times by the sword of Satan. With desire for Principle, and without fault absolutely centering on the True Parents' blood relationship, I made brotherhood relationships.

That is, no one could attack me. "Who is your brother?" If asked, you should be able to say, "He's so and so." By doing that, you can do restoration. I have been doing this work. Jesus passed away doing this work. You are here with me, in a position better than Jesus. Is that not true? You have the special blessing that you are attending the True Parents. Therefore, you must have filial piety Among your brothers, you must be the most filial, pious son. Not a prodigal son; become the one of filial piety. Centering on the parents, you shall be the son of filial piety. Do not become a prodigal but honestly become the true sons and daughters.

By doing so, you become the example in front of other brothers. Brothers should be bearing all the crosses by themselves. In order to teach them, be the one with the greatest filial piety. They must be the representatives of filial piety. All of you in here should be like that. You have cloudy and blinking eyes and want to lead an easy life, don't you? Such people are false people. They are the same race as the enemies. You must repent, and if your conscience is hurting you, please repent. Are you eating the food? You must repent by fasting. Do you understand?

That is an insult to God, an insult to the ancestors and an insult to the parents. It is an insult to the three worlds: the world of angels, the world of Adam and the original world, which is an insult to the world of the original home. Such people cannot be forgiven. However, I gathered such people and matched them. I relate to you the sorrow of parents having bad children. However, you do not even think of this, not even in your dreams. That is why you must have only one belief. Even if you receive sorrowful things, in front of the True Parents you must not change, but maintain the belief to be filial, pious and loyal followers. Do you understand? That is really important. If you have not had faith like that yet, you should repent with no reservations. If you come here with the feeling of shame, you need the prayer of heaven's sympathy and pity. If I look at you, there is no room to say this and that.

The Blessing is incredible like this. I also get caught in here and I have been battling my whole life. Doing that, I lost all my younger years like a withered flower. Now, I am going over 50 and looking toward 60 years old. While the blood is flowing in my veins, until now, I've been doing this work. Because without me, everything is ruined. If there are crowds left from the first seven-year course, I have the responsibility as the father; I must pull them to go. I do this work. That is why I have gathered you. That is why, even if your bones are being melted, no matter what, you must have faith: "I belong in here." Until the law and the Principle for the nation is established, as a fighter, march in that direction. By heaven's order and command, like a loyal follower, even at the cost of life in front of the countless good ancestors, I must establish my duty in front of God as I am today. You must make the new determination. By doing this, our work must begin.

The Blessing position is a resultant position; the matching with Heaven begins from the position God cannot recognize. This should be the fallen people's attitude. If it is not like that, you must know that you will remain a loser. If you do not do it right with your one chance in this position, billions of your descendants will be caught, and your good ancestors will be caught as well.

The time just before the Blessing, when I call you and am questioning you, is for you the most valuable time. In the future, in order to give the Blessing to many people, I will have a time like that in the Headquarters. In order to do it, a large number of hours are going to be spent, but even if it takes months, I will do it. It's not an easy thing to do. Therefore, you must pray very much. After making effort, come to that place.

In Japan, they are wondering what the Blessing is, and the relations of men and women are very active. Even if you promise to each other secretly, I will know. Even if you do not wish to tell, eventually you will have to confess. Relations between man and woman, other than those between brothers and sisters, are Satan's substantial body. That is absolutely not permitted. If there is a small element of that in you, it must be cut and destroyed.

You are the final, total, substantial body of the 6,000 years of historical blood-lineage sin. You are exhibit material of the 6,000 years of sinful history. Your cells, one by one, are tangled in the sin of 6,000 years. In order to solve this, you need historical repentance.

In your blood, Satan's blood is moving. That is why you do not have all the elements for God to be close to you. You should be complaining of your shame and, after hating it, step out of it and come to this place. However, have you ever thought about that?

In order for you to inherit from the True Parents, you must know clearly that you cannot retain the characteristics of the satanic world, like a false olive tree. You must not do things to satisfy your own desire, not caring whether they are good or bad. Such people have nothing to do with God and they are relegated to the satanic world.


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