Filial Attendance: The Way of Filial Piety of Holy Sons and Daughters of God - Elio Roman

 Table of Contents

Part I Attendance

Chapter 1 - Attendance (Moshinda)

Chapter 2 - Attendance in The Old Testament Age, The New Testament Age, The Completed Testament Age and The Age After the Coming of Heaven

Chapter 3 - The Vertical Order and Horizontal Order of the Laws of the Universe

Chapter 4 - The Father and Son (Parent and Child) Relationship

Chapter 5 - The Father and Son (Parent and Child) Vertical Relationship

Chapter 6 - God's Need of an Object Partner of Love

Chapter 7 - Owners of True Love (Inheriting Heavenly Fortune)

Chapter 8 - Holy Sons and Daughters of God

Chapter 9 - Attendance of God

Chapter 10 - Attendance of True Parents

Chapter 11 - Attendance of God and True Parents

Chapter 12 - Attendance of the True Children

Chapter 13 - Attendance of Ancestors

Part II The Way of Filial Attendance (Attitude and Behaviors of Filial Attendance)

Chapter 14 - Absolute faith, Absolute love and Absolute Obedience: The Three Pillars of Attendance

Chapter 15 - Absolute Sexual Morality

Chapter 16 - Attendance: One in Heart with God

Chapter 17 - Attendance: God First

Chapter 18 - Attendance: Dutiful

Chapter 19 - Attendance: Live for the Sake of God

Chapter 20 - Attendance: Loyalty

Chapter 21 - Attendance: Serve God

Chapter 22 - Attendance: Comfort God

Chapter 23 - Attendance: Liberate God

Chapter 24 - Attendance: Sincerity

Chapter 25 - Attendance: Sacrifice

Chapter 26 - Attendance: Sacrifice - Self Denial

Chapter 27 - Attendance: Sacrifice Ones' Life

Chapter 28 - Attendance: Tears

Chapter 29 - Attendance: Gratitude

Chapter 30 - Attendance: No Complaint

Chapter 31 - Attendance: Striving Every Day and Utmost Effort

Chapter 32 - Attendance: Without Recognition

Chapter 33 - Attendance: Patience Perseverance Endurance Forbearance

Chapter 34 - Attendance: Unchanging

Chapter 35 - Respect Attendance

Chapter 36 - Deference Attendance

Chapter 37 - Attendance: Love Brothers and Sisters

Chapter 38 - Attendance: Live for the Sake of Others

Chapter 39 - Attendance: Representatives of God and True Parents

Chapter 40 - Attendance: Public Law, Public life, Whole Purpose

Chapter 41 - Attendance: The Tithe

Chapter 42 - Lords of Creation

Chapter 43 - Attendance: Bear Children (Multiply Lineage)


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