Filial Attendance: The Way of Filial Piety of Holy Sons and Daughters of God - Elio Roman

Chapter 34 -- Attendance: Unchanging

Chapter Summary and Introduction

One important quality of being true is that of being unchanging. A filial son or daughter of God, that is, a true son or daughter of God, maintains an unchanging standard of heart and duties in accord with the universal laws, which is the way of heaven, and does not compromise with sin, with evil or with Satan. Their filial attendance, their fidelity, their loyalty does not change. Their faith, their filial love, and their obedience do not change. Unchanging is a quality of true attendance, of steadfastness and dedication which does not vacillate. True Father likens this quality of unchangeableness to gold whose color never changes, and to a diamond whose hardness remains resilient and whose radiance and brilliance is never obscured by rust.

All the providential figures, the prophets and the saints had a special personality. This quality of unchangeableness was one of the reasons why they were loved so much by God. John the Baptist lost this quality of unchangeableness and Jesus likened him to a reed tossed about by the wind. Buddha had this quality of unchangeableness. When he reached enlightenment while sitting under the Bodhi tree, he saw that the sun was shinning just for him, and that the brook was flowing just for him, and that the birds were singing just for him. Then the Lord of Evil, Mara (the lord of desire, misfortune, sin, destruction and death) had beautiful women appear before Buddha. These were the most beautiful of all, with sensualness irresistible to men and angels. They came and tempted him. The Buddha, knowing that they came from Mara, replied "My soul is as immovable, as the Himalayas against the wind." This is the quality of being unchanging.

Noah had the quality of unchanging filial attendance to God. Ham and his brothers did not. Abraham had this quality of filial attendance with though at first it was flawed, his faith remained unchanging. He had to prove his unchanging attendance to God by agreeing to sacrifice his son. Isaac had this quality of unchanging filial attendance towards his father, Abraham. The central figures in God's providence receive many blessings from God by displaying their unchanging filial attendance to God. Their children and their followers can inherit these victories by their filial attendance to the central figures.

Moses had this quality of unchanging filial attendance. He fasted for forty days two times in his display of unchanging faith and obedience to God and unchanging love for his people. The Israelites did not have this quality of unchanging attendance during their difficulties in the desert. Moses displayed this quality of unchanging attendance to God during his suffering course in the wilderness. He had such a strong love for his people. However, due to his intense effort and deep love he displayed a strong anger which caused him to unwillingly disobey God. In the Bible we find that Job had this quality of an unchanging filial heart. Jesus had the quality of unchanging filial attendance to his Father in Heaven, even unto death.

God's character is absolute, unique, eternal and unchanging, and He created human beings to fully reflect all aspects of His nature. God's Parental love is absolute, unique, eternal and unchanging. God's laws and standards are absolute, unique, eternal and unchanging. Filial sons and daughters adhere to God's laws and standards.

Unchanging is a quality of a true man and true woman. It is a quality of one's original nature which maintains its trueness to God. Hence, unchanging is a quality of the attendance by filial sons and daughters toward God. As one's conduct is towards God, so also is one's conduct towards one's parents, one's spouse, children, tribe, nation, world and cosmos. Unchanging is one of the qualities of being absolute. Unchanging, however, does not mean theological rigidness. Foundationally, unchangeableness is found when one confronts their sexual appetites. Unchangeableness is found when it confronts changeableness. It means unchanging with regard to the heavenly standards, unchanging in faith, obedience and love in living for the sake of God and for the sake humanity and the creation. God is searching for those unchanging, loyal filial sons and daughters who with loving devotion attend their Heavenly Parents.

The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

People these days talk about God's nature and say that God is absolute, all-knowing, almighty, all-pervasive, unique, eternal, and unchanging. But what is God going to do with His absoluteness? What is He going to do with His uniqueness? What does God's uniqueness have to do with us? These are major questions. What is God going to do with His omniscience and omnipotence? What is the relevance? What is He going to do with His eternal and unchanging essence? It may be good for God Himself, but it has nothing to do with us. The discussion becomes futile and useless, yet we cannot have blind faith. We have to clarify these matters. (223-261, 1991.11.12)

On the foundation of absolute faith, love and obedience, you need to become families that are absolute, unique, eternal and unchanging in attending God. Such families will be in the eternal tribe, people, nation, and world, establish God's kingdom on earth, and create a tradition that would connect them directly to His kingdom in heaven. (295-255, 1998.9.8)

All true created beings in the world possess ideal love, the love of original nature, centered on God, and so we must become families based on absolute couples, children, siblings and parents. This is the second Jardim declaration. As well as absolute faith, love and obedience, God's nature includes the qualities of being absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal. Since these are God's attributes, it naturally follows that He desires His object partners also to possess these four attributes. Moreover, since He wishes for His object partners to be superior to Him, He would look for more absoluteness, more uniqueness, more eternality and more immutability in His object partner.

Have you ever served God as your absolute, unique, eternal and unchanging Parent? God, the Origin, is such a parent. Because He is invisible, Adam and Eve were created to be husband and wife, the visible representatives of the absolute, unique, eternal and unchanging God. (7-104, 1959.7.26)

You must obediently follow in the footsteps of Jesus. In other words, you are to inherit Jesus' ideology as is, and set the unchanging standard… That standard is not centered on human beings. It is centered on the heavenly principles. Therefore, you must pass through the positions of parents of the heavenly principles, the couples of heavenly principles, and filial sons and daughters of the heavenly principles. You must then set the laws of filial sons, the laws of women of fidelity, and the laws of loyal subjects…Father! Earnestly requesting that You guide us to become filial sons and daughters, women of fidelity, and men of loyalty who can live with the Father amid eternal glory with unchanging hearts. (Sermons Vol. 3 -- 43, 1957.9.22)

Since God is an eternal, unchanging and unique being, the love, ideals, peace and happiness that He desires must be likewise. (74-161, 1974.12.7)

What is it that we human beings want after waking up in the morning? Eating breakfast, going out to work and worrying about the whole world are not most important for us. What we want is to have an unchanging heart of love day and night, through all four seasons and throughout our life. God created heaven and earth for the sake of the ideal realm of love, where such men and women form a completely horizontal line and become connected to God at a perfect ninety-degree angle. This is a place of love where human emotion and heavenly emotion become one. (213-157, 1991.1.20)

Love cannot undergo evolution or any type of revolution. The original form of love itself is perfect, unchangeable, eternal and absolute. (Blessed Family -- 351, Korean Edition)

The reason a child of filial piety is precious is that he respects and serves his parents with unchanging love, whether in childhood, as an adult, or in old age. We call such a person a child of filial piety. (168-161, 1987.9.20)

According to Oriental thought, when people walk along the road, the elder person walks in front. Why? It is because the elder person was born first into the world. That is how we try to create order in the environment. The person born later should stand back. Upper and lower, front and back, above and below, these should all be in their positions. These perspectives should not be changeable. These are eternal and unchanging. (168-252, 1987.9.27)

The devil says to God, "God! I am the chief devil that changes. I am the ancestor who is changeable. But aren't You the great supervisor of heaven and earth, the substance of truth, the unchanging Lord? Are You not the Being of love that embodies the principles of unchangeableness in life? I fell and became a rogue. But You are responsible to uphold the original ideal standard that You set up. I can freely pass in and out of the doors of the ideal world where Your will is fulfilled. I can freely come in and out, but since I cannot live there I must come out." That is Satan's assertion. Then God answers, "You are right." (191-244, 1989.6.25)

A true heart does not change. Without it, a standard cannot be set and things cannot be evaluated by saying, "It is this way" or "It is that way." You will not have the root that makes it possible to receive official approval according to the absolute standard.

Those beings that are evaluated as falling short of the standard will disappear. Units of measure, as in the metric system, have a standard and from that standard, something can be gauged as accurate or not. When an issue arises, it can be measured against the standard and, if it fits exactly, all the objections to it throughout the ages will fall away. (186-65, 1989.1.29)

There is neither revolution nor change in love. Nothing that changes is precious. A diamond is treated as a treasure because its hardness does not change. Gold is precious because it has the peculiar prestige of its unchanging gold color. Pearls are also precious because their harmonious and elegant color does not diminish. Why is it that the value of these precious treasures is based on their unchanging attributes? It is because they can serve as the standards by which the value of the existence of all things in the universe can be compared.

Then, among the standards of value that can measure the value of everything in the universe, which would be the highest? This is the issue. Would it be gold or diamonds? It is unchanging love, unbreakable love. It looks breakable, but it cannot be broken. It looks arbitrarily controllable, but it cannot be controlled just as one pleases. We are included in it. Rather than measuring it, we are measured by it.

In this universe, what would be the measure or standard measure that could be the highest cause among causes? It is neither the standard measurement of some measuring device nor some thing that is unchanging. Neither God nor human beings can change its standard. What is eternal and unchanging, has the value of treasure, can transcend night and day, geographical regions, and distances everywhere, whether it is at the end of the earth, in hell or in the heavenly world, and becomes the absolute standard of measurement and comparison?

The Earth has a zero point for latitude and longitude. The Greenwich Observatory in England serves as the zero point. You cannot change it no matter how hard you may try. We need such a standard. Without it, an orderly world will not come about.

What is the original standard -- the one standard that God and the whole of His creation can follow -- that all measurable beings in this universe want to use to determine their relative differences and positions? It is not based on things like money, gold bricks or diamonds. These God can make. God can control them on His own as He wishes.

We think that God can, of course, create love as well, but possessing this love is impossible alone. It takes two to possess love. As for love, even God cannot find it alone. What is the standard, the standard measure? What is the standard that can measure everything not just in the world of existence but also in the eternal world? What is the standard measure of which there is absolutely only one? These are the fundamental questions. The answer is love. Love is not affected by the change of seasons through spring, summer, fall and winter. (137-235, 1986.1.3)

Being True Parents and True Parents' children is the eternal and unchanging destiny. No one can sever this relationship. This is the path we must walk eternally. There is only one path, not two. There is no other way. There is no secret method. We must walk this path. (203-192, 1990.6.24)

If we agree to use the metric system, then however long something may be -- one meter, one hundred meters, or more -- there will be no problem. The basic unit making up a meter is one millimeter. Since one millimeter is so small, we usually use one centimeter. No matter how large a measure may be, it must be accurately based on the smaller one millimeter unit. If all measures correspond and everything can be measured based on the standard millimeter, we can use it as a world standard. A millimeter in America, a millimeter in Korea, and a millimeter in Britain are all the same. They are unchanging. This is truth. (180-14, 1988.8.20)

True love is the type of love that lasts forever: true love in the spring, summer, autumn and winter; true love when you are in your teens, adulthood and old age; and true love even when you go to the eternal spirit world. This is unchanging love. (194-303, 1989.10.30)

Although it is invisible, love is the most precious treasure on earth. That is because it is unchanging in nature. Gold is precious because of its unchanging color, a diamond is precious because of its unchanging hardness, and a pearl is precious because of the unchanging harmony of its colors. However, these precious treasures do not have life in them. True love, on the other hand, is a treasure that has life, and is therefore more precious than all of them. (201-142, 1990.3.30)

Human beings must follow the path of that unchanging standard in keeping with the demands of the heavenly way. This means we must follow our destined life course in order to attend God, our eternal parent. In other words, for us to perfect ourselves in resembling God and to obtain the stature of people of character who can be called the sons and daughters of the eternal God, we must follow the path based on the unwavering standard God has determined. The essence of this path is the standard of absolute sexual purity. (Messages of Peace 12 –177, 2007.2.23)

We must find true love. Then where can you find it? True love lasts forever, and remains unchanged, day or night. Something that exists for oneself alone cannot be true love. True love cannot belong to just one individual. True love belongs to all, and is jointly owned by the whole universe. True love connects the family, the society, the nation, the world, and the universe. (Blessed Family -- 380, Korean Edition)

God's love appears in a place that does not change. God's love is unchanging, and thus, eternal. If God's love appears to us, it appears on the foundation of an unchanging heart. Thus, for our entire life, we should eat for the sake of that love, sleep for the sake of that love, and act for the sake of that love. As long as we have an eternal and perfect standard for the sake of love, God's love will appear. Otherwise, the public principles of this universe would all be in vain. (83-179, 1976.2.8)

Between the Subject and yourselves -- fallen people, the object -- if God decides something, because He is an absolute God, what He decides is eternal and unchanging. He sets the standard. Can you meet His standard if you change your mind a hundred times a day? And another example: You come here and become very inspired when you hear our lectures, but when you go back into the reality of the world, you will have doubts. How long will this inspiration last? God is eternal. He never alters His course in the middle. Even if you make a determined effort, how long will you continue? A month, a year, several years, ten years? Your determination also will change.

Sometimes you say to yourself, "If I like it, then I will go and do it. If not, then I will not do it." Truth is truth whether you live or die; it is eternal. Truth is beyond death, beyond changeability. In order to be a true person you have to be beyond death. You must have the quality of steadfastness. This means there will be a collision at some point between your changeability and unchangeability. Unchanging elements will overcome changing elements. Changing elements will vanish. Life and death will collide. When you overcome death you will have life. If you pass through this stage then you will have a connection with God. Then when will the moment of truth come for you? It will be the time when there appears an opportunity to be unchanging and changing at the same time. A life and death situation will appear. This is a time of confrontation and challenge. That is when the truth emerges.

Unfortunately, when we live in this world, we like to remain as we are. Also, we don't want to die, or we don't want to be defeated in the reality of this world. The secret to overcome this situation, to find the eternal truth, is to overcome death and come to life, to overcome changeability and become unchangeable.

Then, in this connection, what are the Last Days? They are days of radical transformation taking place in this world of reality. In these days the world will be running to destruction; people will find no hope, only despair. Out of this chaos and trouble must come God's children, an element unchanging and beyond death. This eternal element will exist amid the chaos. A collision will take place, when we come to this situation, and one of the two elements will be eliminated from the world. Changeability must go and the eternal quality will remain. When a completely faithful person appears in this world, since God is Himself unchanging, then He will come down to dwell with him among the people on earth and help them. He will remain eternally with us when He sees the chaotic world begin to center itself on the Source of life, the Source of eternity.

So because God's essence is this absolute standard, to be His object we have to copy that pattern, meet that standard. We have to ask ourselves if we qualify to meet His criteria. In order to find whether or not you are qualified, you must be tested through suffering and hardship. You may sometimes think a certain test is too hard for you, but when you look at it in a different way, this is the means through which God will give you the chance to prove your value. And when you pass the test with a perfect score, that means the Teacher has given you one chance to promote yourself.

Usually a teacher asks those questions which he thinks the students do not know. Why ask them what they already know? Usually test questions any professor gives are designed to bring the most qualified person out. To do that he picks the toughest questions. When you have passed the test and are at the top, then you and the professor immediately have a certain relationship. The professor values you especially because you have made it through the test, and he can bequeath all his legacy of knowledge and work to you. If after many years, he finds only one person who can pass the test, then naturally that person would become the heir of this professor.

God is doing the same thing with us. He would not want us just to be businessmen or salesmen. He is not interested in that. He wants to find His loving children, to make you His true sons and daughters. When this relationship is really established, it is inviolable. Nothing can invade that. God feels so sorrowful that this oneness of love was lost by the fall. He has been working through the Restoration Providence to find people on earth who understand this. (New Hope -- 5, 1973.5.18)

Father, we pray and wish that You allow us to be unchanging, loyal and filial sons and daughters with passionate devotion toward You. (Sermons Vol. 6 -- 47, 1959.3.29)

Become an unchanging man in front of the Will of God. God is looking for unchanging children whom He can trust eternally. (The Way -- 200)

In any relationship, it is the object-partner who places the subject-partner in the position of an owner of true love. To fulfill this position the subject-partner must live for the sake of that object-partner, invest in that person and forget that investment, and sacrifice for the sake of a greater purpose. Here we create absolute values that are eternal and unchanging. (Public Venue, 2004.12.13)

The most valuable things to us must be true, eternal love, life and the ideal. We know that people have pursued love, happiness, peace and the ideal throughout history. However, today's people have tired of seeking such an ideal and love. One can find the unchangeable ideal and love not in this changeable world, but from the unchanging God.

No matter how omnipotent God may be, He alone cannot establish the world of peace, happiness and the ideal. That world can be made in reciprocal relationships. Even though God is the origin of peace, happiness, love and the ideal, God alone cannot make such an ideal world.

The relationship between God and people is the reciprocal relationship of parent and child. We have to restore such a relationship from now, therefore. Even sinful people desire that love, peace, happiness and the ideal be eternal. In the same manner, God, as the eternal subject partner, also wishes that we, as His object partner, be eternal. If God has eternal love, happiness and the ideal, there must be a world of eternal love, happiness and the ideal. This is called the Kingdom of Heaven. (69-75, 1973.10.20)

There can be no development or revolution when it comes to love. Love in its original form is perfect, unchanging, eternal and absolute. (Blessed Family -- 351, Korean Edition)

Furthermore, if God is an eternal, unchanging and absolute being, can He say to people, who were made as His object partners of love, "You are necessary to me only when I need you for a moment and according to my situation?" He cannot think that way. Since God loves them, and they are His object partner of happiness and the fulfillment of the ideal, He and they have a relationship as the subject partner and object partners of peace. His object partners should also be absolute and unchanging beings just like God, who is not temporal but absolute, eternal and unchanging. We have to understand this fact. (77-116, 1975.4.1)

Those who vacillate are not reliable people to God. Therefore, never change. (God's Will -- 111, 1972.5.7)

We must be able to have a central point located in the external, visible world connected to the central point located in the metaphysical world of the highest dimension. Then, with the latter as the unchanging axis, the other will revolve around it for eternity in the action of give and take-giving absolute meaning and value to all things in space and time. (Science –50, 1975.11.27-30)

When this sphere completes itself and revolves, it becomes a new entity based on the number eight. As long as True Love remains unchanging, the central point can revolve without change. But because of the human Fall, God was expelled from the central position. Since God's True Love was expelled, the True Family ideal collapsed. (World Peace -- 70, 1997.6.17)

Why is jewelry valuable? Gold or diamonds are valuable because they are unchanging. What is the most precious thing in the world? It is true love, not jewelry.

True love is unchanging. Is there any objection? American young people need parents in order to find unchanging love. (Blessing Pt. 2 -- 327)

If there is a being called God, then the standard of my conscience must not change in relation to Him. Therefore it seems to me that the important standard which religion should assert is how to establish an absolute, unchanging standard of heart in front of the absolute God. If this deviates, if this changes according to the age or according to one's situation, then I don't see that the mission of a religion to accomplish God's will can be fulfilled. In that sense, it is the mission of religion, which has crossed through the course of history of human society, to unite our standard of conscience with the absolute God. (82-272)

Then, what is our original self? That must have been something unchanging -- therefore, something believable, something of value, something good and right, something of existence. That must be the truest thing and the truest thing will never change. We think that gold is precious -- what makes it precious? Gold is precious because nothing can vanish its glow and it will never change from the original color. A diamond is the most precious stone, because it is shining and it is the hardest stone in the whole world; nothing can excel its hardness. It is harder than anything else, so we can set the standard of hardness on that stone alone, nothing else. Then, what is one's original self? That is the source of one's self, being unchanging, and being the standard of one's self, through eternity. If our original self is such, then where can we find our self? After having found out our own self like that, it can never change and no one can invade there. If that is eternal, unchanging and unique, nothing or no one can invade there and we must be sure of that. There can be no such thing as a Fall there. Is that true? [YES!]

Then, when we find ourselves having fallen, then we can realize that we are far from our original self. Then, in what manner can we define our original self? Again, I must say, our original self must be unchanging. It must be true, it must be unique, it must be eternal. Being unchangeable, it won't vacillate, it won't sway, and it is going to keep the original condition, all the way through. If that kind of person is found, every other person will treasure that person and will try to be like that person. When you evaluate anything, well, if you find that thing is unchanging and has eternal value, you want to have that, more than that ... if you know that this thing is the only thing in the whole world, you will want to possess it. And, if you find that this thing will never change through eternity, you will cherish this thing even more. And, if you find that this thing is the standard of everything else and a measure for everything else, so you can measure other things according to this standard, you will take more delight in this thing. If there is anything like this, then you can safely define that this is the original thing or source thing. Don't you think so? [YES!] (The Original I, 1973.3.3, Unofficial)

You must like the color gold. To what are all other colors compared? They are compared to the color gold, isn't it so? Light colors are close to the color gold. Is the sunlight white light or does it have more color of gold in it? (Color of gold.) The sunset has even more.

Therefore, is there or was there any true man within humanity who had unchanging color that lasted for millions of years-that is the question. Any true woman? What do you think?

Religions understand that humanity had fallen. There are religions with different backgrounds, of course, but all of them are seeking a valuable new person for the sake of salvation. They have always pursued it, for they couldn't reach the image of True Original Person, the True Original person. This was the same millions of years ago. It is the same now, and will be in any environment. No matter the times, religions are to pursue it. You should know that.

Every one of you is also searching for that true person, for the true man and true woman. All the men and women who came into life throughout the ages of history were destined to think about it even at the risk of their lives. This way, if someone lives in a village, he will try to become the most advanced true person in that village. (177-100)

It is the "true" heart that does not change. This is why without it you cannot make a true standard, you cannot make true judgment, you cannot have a root of content that can be certified by an absolute standard or by the core of the cosmos. If you do not have a standard that is not true, everything valued by that standard will be floated away.

A measurement, such as the meter, has its primary standard. We can calculate any deviation from that standard. We refer to that original standard whenever we need to settle some relevant argument. (186-66)

You have to lead. What does it mean to lead? Although the four seasons change, you must uphold the unchanging vertical standard so that what you have led in spring, winter, fall, summer will not change. You cannot say, "Since spring has come, I am bored with the vertical position; how wonderful is the horizontal position. I do not like the vertical position. I will move to the horizontal position." A leader cannot behave in this way. (148-22)

Job's faith towards God was unchanging and immovable. We should restore our hometown with such an absolute faith. (Unification Pt. 2 -- 268)

To control oneself is difficult because the mind wants to go in one direction and the body in another. There is a traditional Oriental proverb: The human mind changes from morning to night, but mountains never change, whether in ancient times or in the modern age. The problem is how to achieve unity, with an ever-changing mind. We would need to know how the greatest saints of history were able to dominate their bodies. Let us look at Jesus, Confucius, and Buddha. Our mind and body are always changing, but holy sons and daughters keep them unchanging. For example: what would happen with the mind of Jesus when he saw a woman? His mind might shake because he is a man, but Jesus wouldn't take a step and his body would not fall down. However, ordinary people are different. Their hands and feet follow, they cannot control the desires of body and mind, and their body succumbs. No one can be better than Jesus. Jesus unified his mind and body; but we are different. When American men and women meet one another, they can kiss and enjoy each other at any time-, but we must make love in the proper place. This is an example of fallen worldly people. If we seek a new ideal, then, as righteous people, we should start with mind and body unity. We can conclude that it is impossible to realize the ideal without unity of mind and body. (Unification Pt. 1- 206)

I wish that you would center on the absolute sexual organ, unique sexual organ, unchanging sexual organ, and eternal sexual organ, and use this as your foundation to pursue God. You should realize that this foundation should become the foundation of love, life, lineage and conscience. We also have to realize that the Kingdom of God on Earth and in Heaven will begin on this foundation. If all men and women admit that their sexual organ belongs to their spouse, we all would bow our heads and become humble when we receive our spouse's love. (World Peace -- 65, 1996.8.1)

Regarding the absolute person, we must give our lives. Regarding True Parents, we must give our love. Regarding the true owner, we must give our loyalty. Otherwise, we cannot establish the connection with the true life of creation, true love of True Parents, and the duty of the true owner. If you cannot take responsibility for yourself, you cannot make any connections with any of your neighbors.

This kind of person becomes recognized as a being of unchanging value. When you go out to the different regions, you must go as people who can be responsible for and stand in place of the position of the ideal of creation, the position of parents, and the position of owner. Creation does not lament because they don't have a God, but because they don't have anyone to can take responsibility in the place of God. You must be responsible for yourselves. If there is a place to take responsibility for, you must go there whether it snows or rains. (Spiritual Leader Pt. 1 -- 64)

If God's companion of true love, humanity, had matured according to God's will and inherited God's absolute, unchanging love, then the world would have seen a history of absolute unity, and there would not have been a history of war, bloodshed and misery. If your mind and body become one centered on true love, then each of you will become God's companion of love and will come to be in the position of God's eternal object. Not only that, you will come to inherit the eternal love of God.

Contained within the inheritance of love is the right to inherit, the right to live together with God and the right to participate in what God does. Even though a woman may have been born to a lowly family and did not graduate from elementary school, if she becomes the wife of the president and they become a loving couple, then what belongs to the husband belongs to the wife. She can be together with her husband day and night; she also has the right to participate in what her husband does.

Because true love contains the three great attributes of inheritance, living together and participation, if you stand in the position of being one with God's absolute, unchanging true love, then you can go to where God is and you have the right to be together with Him and participate in anything and everything He does. Because humankind fell, God's heart came to be full of grief. There are those who have experienced God's sorrowful heart. Such people, as they walk along, will stop and burst into tears because they feel God's grief so deeply. (World Peace -- 13, 1992.6.10)

No matter what kind of temptations or other trials you face, you must not waver in your determination to reach the goal. By securing the authority as the child of God, no matter how much love in the Satanic domain or any other power of love and emotion that dominates the whole environment tempt you, and no matter what kind of force opposes you, you must be unchanging in loving God. It is absolute. If you persevere the persecution in this way once and twice, it cannot come more than three times. By doing it like this all must go over the hill. (161-205)

The blessing ceremony liquidates all false love relationships and orients couples to a sacred marriage centered on absoluteness and to the restoration of values. Therefore, those who join the blessing ceremony deem purity, fidelity and trust as paramount in their own lives, and pledges unchanging conjugal love. On the basis of true love, they promise to devote their lives to the realization of true love, the upbringing of true children, and the substantiation of a true nation and a peaceful world. (288-172, 1997.11.27)

Listening to the story of a person who cries in great desire to have love, will your heart suddenly be filled with emotion? (Yes) Why is it filled with emotion? It is because we have the same elements. We are all composed of common elements. So, what would you do if you found God unhappy and crying for all humanity? Would you kick him out or welcome him? Would you kick him out? (No) If God was crying for any other reason, you will probably deny Him, but if He cries with an aching heart because He hasn't accomplished the purpose of love with mankind, all creation would want to give Him sympathy and help. That is the way the world of love works. This is eternally unchanging.

Centered on love, especially centered on greater love, if there was a man who wanted to work more passionately then people around him, which is the family, nation and world, would be eager to move according to his will. (187-50)

God is eternal, unchanging, absolute and unique, and the standard of the ideal that He held at the beginning of creation must also have these qualities. If you were to ask God directly, I think He would confirm what I am saying. If you were to ask God directly, I think He will confirm what I am saying. How can God reply when Satan says to God, "God, when you made me an archangel in the beginning, were you acting out of a love for me that was temporary or eternal"? (World Peace -128, 2000.2.10)

The ideology which is the highest ideology on earth is the ideology of the Unification Church. You should know that. Why? It introduced pursuing love centered on religion; it introduced God, the source of love, as the Father; because it has presented substantial content which you can love more than your father, more than your country, the Unification Church is a greater religion than any other religion. It is teaching the love of God who is unchanging and centered on heart. (94-79)

God is conquering the world. God endeavors to conquer an individual. God also endeavors to conquer a family. He has been fighting until now to conquer a race, a nation, and a world. Our forefather Noah fought for 120 years to conquer himself and his family. It was probably not an easy task. Isn't that so? From the time he received God's word that He would judge the land, Noah fought every day for 120 years. God only promises those whom He has great hopes for once. Once you have received God's direction, you have to have an unchanging heart of loyalty to that and be the victor who can conquer persecution from the family, the society, or bodily desires for food and sleep. If not, God will say He does not know you. (Sermons Vol. 7 -- 60, 1959.7.19)

When Noah was being persecuted by everyone around him, he could overcome because he invested himself completely in what he was doing. He thought that he was just fulfilling his duty of loyalty and filial piety as a child of God just following God's command.

The closer Noah came to God, the more he felt the heartless environment, and the more he was made to suffer, the more he went before God with tears of repentance. It was because of this that no one could stop him.

Just think about Noah who endured for 120 years. The satanic world mobilized all its methods to destroy this one man, Noah. The people opposed him in every way possible, but Noah didn't change in the slightest the standard of loyalty that he showed to God. That standard established the absolute center of the cosmos. It established the righteousness of humans in the cosmos, and it established the true victor. Based on the standard set up by Noah, God wanted to clear up all the elements of the enemy that opposed this standard. (18-159)

We have to have an unchanging heart. (Unification Pt.1 -- 70)

Even if you receive sorrowful things, in front of the True Parents you must not change, but maintain the belief to be filial, pious and loyal followers. Do you understand? That is really important. If you have not had faith like that yet, you should repent with no reservations. If you come here with the feeling of shame, you need the prayer of heaven's sympathy and pity (Blessing Pt. 1 -- 287)

Love has wonderful attributes. Once you stand in the position of oneness with God's absolute and unchanging true love, you receive the authority to be where God is and live with Him at any time. Then you will be able to see God even without closing your eyes. The one who has deeply felt God's sorrowful heart will stop in his tracks and weep bitterly; such a realm of deep feelings exists. Even in the fallen world, a mother's love is such that if her child has an accident far away, she can sense it. She will wake up shouting his name. Doesn't this happen often? (201-356, 1990.4.30)

God is the absolute Father, absolute True Parent, and the unique, unchanging and eternal True Father. Such a Father should bring about unique, unchanging, and eternal couples for the absolute sons. For such daughters, too, He should bring about absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal couples. So, the families in which they will settle peace-fully are absolute, unique, unchanging, and eternal families. Such families can live together with God, and constitute the eternal base of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Justification through attendance signifies the age of realizing the Kingdom of Heaven in daily life. This is why we are talking about justification through attendance. The history of restoration is re-creating God's ideal of creation. (161-218, 1987.2.15)

What is truth? It is trueness. What is this quality of being true? That which stands in a place beyond which it cannot be elevated is called true. We have someone here with a doctorate in physics. Studying physics requires that you know all the movements of the natural world. These movements are not vague in their direction.

How big is the Earth? As this giant Earth annually orbits the sun, there is not even a minute's deviation. It exactly fits a formula without an error of even one second. Any gap would be catastrophic because the orbit would become either continuously smaller and smaller or larger and larger and, then, the land and the sea would be fractured. The Earth has been moving and functioning in accordance with a universal standard without a problem during its estimated age of four-and-one-half billion years. A unit of measurement based on the Principle, constituting a formula we can call the universal principle, is required. In the same sense, what constitutes the quality of being true? Something true fits with not just one thing but numerous things.

Twenty-four karat gold is true gold. There is no such thing as twenty-five karat or twenty-six karat gold, is there? Something true stands in the center at a place where it can establish its balance; it reverts to the most basic unit and meets the horizontal plane. If something deviates from this vertical standard, it would not be true.

Twenty-four karat gold forms a straight line. It is because it stands within such a standard that we say that twenty-four karat gold is true. It fits whether it is placed against a perpendicular or vertical standard. It stands parallel to the vertical of the universe and, also, forms a line parallel to the horizontal of the universe.

If you look at the tremendous motion within the universe, there is nothing vague about its direction. Everything is moving according to laws. Subject and object partners always move in perpendicular relationships.

Whatever loses that perpendicularity will be blown away. It will flow away and be shattered. Only when perpendicularity firmly takes its position can it secure its place in the spatial world and be the foundation for its continued existence. This must be quite difficult to understand.

What is the yardstick for human beings? They also need to have a yardstick. Mathematical problems are solved based on numerical standards shared commonly throughout the world. When a common basis that has passed a certain standard stands on the world stage, it is called the truth.

What is contained within the truth? Within the truth there are always the four directions of east, west, north and south. With the truth there is always the related environment. Then, does the environment come first or does the truth itself come first? This is the issue. The environment comes first.

How about human beings? The question is, "What kind of person is a true person?" The true person must be the vertical and horizontal standard. He should be the standard of whom it can be said, "He is accurate and true, both vertically and horizontally, and is free of distortion."

According to universal law, front and back, left and right, and above and below become identical only when the vertical and horizontal are aligned. When some-thing fits to the east, west, north, and south, the earthly world, and the spirit world, it is said to be true. On the other hand, no matter how large something is meant to be, if it is found to be oversized when measured in millimeters, even by less than one-half of one millimeter, it will be rejected. It is incomplete and should go into the trash can. There should be some standard like this. We need such a standard of measurement. (180-14, 1988.8.20)

There are measures for distances. If the centimeter is the unit of measurement, it is the one and absolute standard. If we compare something to it and it matches, then it is accurate and true. A person may think he is the best, but if he does not match with the original form, he will fail to make the grade. (128-78, 1983.6.5)

The less that needs to be added to or subtracted from something, the more complete it is; hence, complete things do not change, and unchanging things last forever. (38-228, 1971.1.8)

Although parents may sacrifice themselves, they want their children to grow up as wonderful people. Parents are unchanging masters of love. Parents have an unchanging heart towards their children, although the children may do all kinds of unusual things. So the unchanging love of parents is precious. (141-241, 1986.2.26)

The family is an unchanging point of origin, a timeless cornerstone that cannot be altered even by the father, by brothers and sisters, or by the system of government of any country. Nothing can alter the sovereignty of the family -- not the world, not heaven and earth, not even God Himself. For this reason, the concept of revolution will never be needed in the family. No revolution is necessary since the family is the throne of love. (25-85, 1969.9.30)

If there had been no Fall, then the formula for love would have remained unchanged even after a hundred million years. (225-300, 1992.1.26)

Heaven is immense and unchanging. It is infinite. (202-38, 1990.5.1)

God is everlasting, unchanging and self existing. (Blessed Family -- 302, Korean Edition)

What is the original motivation of parental love? While conjugal love is changeable, why is parental love toward the children born of that conjugal love unchanging? Parental love does not originate from conjugal love. Unchanging love does not originate from the horizontal conjugal relationship, but is surely related to the origin of a vertical flow. Who would such a vertical subject be? He is known as God. Vertical love is not the kind of love that a husband and wife can enjoy as they please. In the case of vertical love, it is impossible to say that you will love, when you want to, and not, when you don't want to. It cannot be severed.

It cannot be severed by man who is in the horizontal position. Thus, the love parents have toward their children never changes.

In today's democratic society caught in the flood-tide of individualism, children say that they have changed according to the new trends of the age. They want to disassociate from conventional norms, yet even though they argue about the old ways and new ways, their parents' heart does not lead them to say, "You go your way, and I will go mine." Parental love is not like that. Even animals are the same. In loving their young, they transcend their lives. (48-154, 1971.9.12)

It is clear that parental love brings us closest to an eternal and unchanging standard. (48-156, 1971.9.12)

Children should be able to say to their mother and father, "Our mother and father are the greatest in the world. They are the ones who stand in the position of God!" When children see an unchanging heart and love between their parents and say, "Let us learn from this love and become united among ourselves as well," this is the realization of an ideal family. When children grow up and reach young adulthood, they go looking for a partner with whom their mind and heart can be one. This is realized through marriage, where a man and woman totally respect each other and strive to establish the standard of love and heart. You should have a family in which the mother and father can unite with God's heart and love, and then the children can take after their parents and also unite with God's heart and love. (Blessed Family -- 913, Korean Edition)

God will come and dwell in such a place where love is absolutely unchanging. (287-27, 1997.8.10)

When a man and a woman become husband and wife, the important thing is how to achieve unchanging unity between them. When they sing of eternal happiness in such unchanging unity, this is eternal happiness. The standard of an ideal heart of love can only be established with an unchanging subject. (Blessed Family -- 351, Korean Edition)

A man, in loving a woman with God's love, should stand in a position where he can say, "I have loved her totally with an eternal and unchanging love from beginning to end." (26-156, 1969.10.25)

From now on, please make the absolutely pure sexual organ, unique sexual organ, unchanging sexual organ and eternal sexual organ the basis of your pursuit of God. These organs are the basis of love, life, lineage and conscience. From here, the true family will be connected to the true nation and true world, forming a peaceful and ideal world. Wherever you go, please try to spread Rev. Moon's message through television or other media. You will never perish.

What force can turn around this world of hell? It is impossible to achieve this without living in God's love -- that is, according to the absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal standard. The original owner of our sexual organs is God. (279-257, 1996.9.15)

If there is a spirit world, do you think that it would be in constant change? There is a saying, "A person's mind changes morning and evening, yet mountain scenery never changes." The spirit world is also unchanging. Assuming God exists, would He change? God is unchanging. If there is a nation in the spirit world under the reign of God, that nation would be unchanging. It would live under the established law for eternity, without any dissatisfaction or discontent. It would endure in dignity and harmony, and survive by means of adapting and refining itself. This place would have no need of a revolution. All those who tried to bring about a revolution would perish. (203-326, 1990.6.28)

We can live forever! We want to attain eternal life! We desire eternal life; so what is it that is unchanging? The answer is love. That's how it is. All other things change according to their environment, so why doesn't love change? Love does not change because it exists as the center of power for all life. Why doesn't love change? It is because love occupies the central position of the ideal environment. The center does not disappear until all the surroundings have disappeared. Love is the center of the universe. Since that love is united with God's love, anything that unites with that love can remain as long as God exists. (157-267, 1967.4.10)

Love has an eternal quality within it. Partners of love are unwilling to separate. True love is eternal. The partners unceasingly resist being separated. For that reason, eternal life can be found in true love. Eternal life cannot be found where there is separation. This is why love is great. Love is unchanging and eternal. When we establish a blood relationship centering on true love, we will naturally live forever.

God is the subject of unchanging love. Love is united with God, the subject partner. Since God is unchanging and eternal, it is logical to conclude that God's object partner who unites with His love is also unchanging and eternal. (289-133, 1998.1.1)

Do you know how infinite and unchanging the spirit world is? We are now aware of the vastness of the universe. The universe is over 22 billion light years across. How big is that? Light travels 300 million meters in a second. In one second, light can go around the Earth seven and a half times. The distance light covers at that speed in one year is called a light year. Light takes 22 billion years to cross the universe, not 200 days. So how vast is the universe? The entire universe is the stage for our activities. (206-83, 1990.10.3)

When heavenly fortune comes, it cannot be blocked by an individual's destiny. It is an unchangeable destiny. When Moses held his rod up high, all those who looked up at it lived. You will live as long as you look up at the Unification Church flag, bowing to it every time you come and go. Every time you set out from or arrive at home, bow before the picture. (219-91, 1991.8.25)

The gates of heaven can be opened only through the husband and wife who are an eternal and unchanging couple with absolute faith, absolute practice and absolute heart. (Blessed Family -- 951, Korean Edition)

What would come first, the concept of evolution or the existence of male and female in the universe? Does the subject and object partnership come first? In the mineral world, too, there are positive and negative ions, which are in a pair system of subject and object partners. The plant world is like that, too. Stamen and pistil are in a reciprocal subject-object partner relationship. How about the animal kingdom? It is made up of males and females. This is the unchanging natural law of the universe. (272-255, 1995.10.6)

The existence of absolute values is eternal, unchanging and unique. Then, when we consider what the eternal, unchanging and unique principle in the universe is, we reach the conclusion that it is the love relationship between subject and object partners, cause and effect. (89-226, 1976.11.27)

The sexual organs are the palace of love, the palace in which eternal life is born, the palace that inherits the lineage that will succeed to the eternally unchanging tradition of heaven. They are the palace of true life, true love and true lineage -- the most precious place of all. You cannot use them arbitrarily. You cannot open them without God's permission. They cannot be touched by anyone other than your husband or wife who has obtained the permission of God and the universe. Yet is love in America like that? (216-207, 1991.3.31)

We should be eternal and unchanging like God. Love is absolutely unique, eternal and unchanging, like God, and the place it settles is the sexual organs. No one knew this until now. That's how precious the genitals are. (278-203, 1996.5.24)

God dwells in the place where love is absolutely unchanging. He resides in the sexual organs. He is the source of love and the origin of life, the life of man and woman, and lineage. Then where would the love, life and lineage of God and humankind come together? It can only be in this place. (287-29, 1997.8.10)

In today's satanic world, the sexual organs have ruined everything. Free sex, homosexuality and drugs are reigning supreme. Drugs make you lose your senses. They make you like animals, not human beings. They make you think nothing but animalistic thoughts. The Kingdom of Heaven, on the other hand, is diametrically opposite to this. It follows the concept, not of free sex, but of absolute, eternal, unchanging and unique love. They connect to the Kingdom of Heaven instantaneously. When such a foundation is laid on earth, it will become God's Kingdom on earth. This is the undeniable logical conclusion. You should exercise great care toward the foundation of love. (278-271, 1996.5.26)

Who are Adam and Eve? They are God's body. Eve is God's substantial wife. God, being spiritual, is the vertical and perpendicular Father. Your minds possess an original standard that enables you to inherit the lineages of these two sets of parents. Thus, but for the Fall, they would be eternally unchanging. (227-274, 1992.2.14)

What is it that will remain in the end? The relationship of God and human beings in love will remain. This is how we should see it. The unchanging love between God and human beings -- this law of love -- cannot be changed by anyone. Nor can any force change it. (164-9, 1987.5.3)

Heavenly fortune never perishes. Our life sometimes becomes sidetracked by the environment and flows away along byways, but heavenly fortune does not change its course because it obeys God's governance. It is eternal. Just as the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter are immutable, the way of heavenly fortune, which moves humankind, moves along the unchanging track relating to human individuals, families, tribes, people, nations and the world. Humankind has been hitherto ignorant of this. (204-57, 1990.7.1)

With absolute unchanging love, you remained faithful after knowing me. (205-212, 1990.9.2) 

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