Filial Attendance: The Way of Filial Piety of Holy Sons and Daughters of God - Elio Roman

Chapter 30 - Attendance: No Complaint

Chapter Summary and Introduction

"No complaint" is an extremely important way of life and spiritual discipline in our course of restoration, liberation and complete freedom, through absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Filial sons and daughters attend God and True Parents with the ability to digest all complaints. They do not complain. They keep the sin of complaint far from their lips. The religious way of life is the way of salvation, restoration, liberation and perfection. In order for restoration to occur, sacrifice, offerings and acceptable indemnity conditions are necessary. We must make our sacrifices, offerings and indemnity conditions with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. An important attitude pertaining to the offerings on the altar of God is that of "no complaint." In order for our sacrifices, offerings and indemnity conditions to be accepted by God, complaint in not permissible. Filial sons and daughters of God live a life of attendance without complaint. This is the path of restoration and perfection. In this way we bond with the heart of God towards the fulfillment of the Parent and child relationship.

The universe is a complex structure with laws established by God. These laws include the laws of relationships. These laws of relationships are part of the absolute universal laws of love. Situations, experiences and indemnity conditions we live through while on earth occur for the sake of our restoration and perfection. Absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience re-adjusts our vertical axis and connection with God. To pass through these experiences smoothly, avoiding further conflict and receiving the most blessings, and to achieve the original goal of creation, is to live a life of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience with "no complaint" during the process of restoration. Many situations and conditions are almost unbearable. As the necessary time period for ones restoration and growth is endured with perseverance and forbearance, it is easy to despair and lose hope. In the process of re-creation without complaint, the impurities of our hearts are melted away, we restore our fallen nature, we separate from Satan, and our vertical alignment in the Parent and child relationship is re-established. Then God is there waiting to embrace us.

Satan knows our dissatisfactions and complaints. Due to the loss of faith of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, Satan has the necessary conditions to constantly accuse us and fill us with complaints, doubts, worries and fears and often breaks our conditions of faith based on reality and a pragmatic point of view. This is the dilemma of faith and reality. We need to gain a clear understanding of the way of religious life. Filial sons and daughters have either intuitively or through their study gained a true understanding of the religious way of life of restoration and perfection. That way is the way of absolute faith, absolute love, absolute obedience and "no complaint." It is a very difficult path. True Parents, Jesus, providential figures, saints and men and women of good faith have persevered through a most difficult course of indemnity. True Parents have paved the way and through lesser indemnity conditions we can more easily go the way of restoration. However, the condition of no complaint with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience is still necessary, and is the fastest way towards restoration and perfection.

Filial sons and daughters who attend God and True Parents digest their complaints, and come to recognize the suffering heart of God, True Parents, True Parents' children. Filial sons and daughters offer praise and gratitude to God, True Parents, the True Children, saints, providential figures, their parents, and comfort their hearts. True Parents have set the standard. Filial sons and daughters, as representatives of God and True Parents, hold their complaints internally and with absolute love continue to give and forget, to serve and to sacrifice and thus undergo the necessary indemnity for restoration to occur. Filial sons and daughters of God who live a life of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience wisely adhere to the principle of "no complaint."

The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

There can be no complaint from the object partner who exists for the sake of their subject partner. Complaint would be an act of rashness and lead to failure. Therefore, complaint is not allowed in the life of faith. You should only be thankful. Because Heaven will always be the subject, there cannot be any rules or ways of life that moves away from it.

Heavenly law is established when order is properly followed. Therefore, in the relationship between the subject and object partners, God must stand in the position of the absolute subject. The person who ignores that subject cannot become His object partner. If you strive to become the absolute object before the absolute subject, you become absolutely one. Thus, everything that you see, hear and feel, even the loving relationships in your family, are for the sake of God who stands as the subject partner to you as His object partner. Everything works like this. Such a family will never perish. (58-310, 1972.6.25)

You should not complain. There is no room for complaint. You should not think of yourself. Think about God with the heart, "If I complain, how much pain I will cause the True Parents! I understand their circumstances. If the moment comes when I can inherit their tradition, I will inherit it and while following them, I will comfort them." Then, if you shed tears with that kind of heart, God will share them with you. There is no doubt about that. You should shed tears for the sake of God and for the sake of the True Parents. You should know that this is the altar of the Unification Church. This is the life of attendance in the Unification Church. (114-281, 1981.10.20)

Don't complain against God. Your complaint would become a sin which could hardly be forgiven. (The Way -- 163)

"I will become God's true soldier. No matter how terrible this battlefield for God may be, I will join the front line." That is my spirit. I never once complained to God even when the world's persecution swarmed about me -- even when I was in a position of utter loneliness due to persecution and suffering. This is what I can take pride in. (193-73, 1989.8.20)

We must be very familiar with the human portion of responsibility. The history of salvation is the history of restoration and the history of restoration is the history of re-creation. Re-creation has to be carried out according to the Principle. We must fulfill our portion of responsibility. Fulfilling our portion of responsibility means to have absolute faith and absolute obedience. That is the only way. You should not insist on your own way. Eve fell because she insisted on her own way. I am saying that after you join the church you should not complain. (143-113, 1986.3.16)

Why am I giving you a suffering course? It is because you have to go the way of indemnity. I, too, intend to walk the way of indemnity my whole life. I am not reluctant to do it. One should walk this path willingly. You must understand that. Even when I go to prison, I do it willingly. I have to go there for the sake of indemnity. If I complain, my actions cannot be considered as indemnity. (133-69, 1984.7.8)

Without entering the realm of heart, we will not be restored. Therefore, the person who is responsible for restoration must proceed while holding onto True Parents. Even Jesus has no way without going through True Parents. With True Parents as the central axis you should form a perfectly horizontal line centering on True Parents' love. You cannot have any complaints. You cannot complain. If you complain, you will become warped and deformed. (136-67, 1985.12.20)

When God gives us love, how much would He want to give? God's love does not have a set limit. He wants to give infinitely. Even after giving everything, God still says, "Because of you, I want to live in you." What is the essential element that makes this possible? It is love. God would be happy to live as a servant if that life were lived inside love…Love transcends law.

God has been continuously extending His love to people, but that doesn't mean He will complain, saying, "I have given you everything without reserve. Why do you not give back? How can you be like this?" The God of absolute love is still frustrated that He has not been able to give all the love He wants to. God cannot assert Himself absolutely into our lives. If God's purpose in creating man was to give perfect love, God would still want to pour His love into the human world even if He has been prohibited from doing so until now. The more we think of God as being so unconditionally giving, the better we feel. If God were someone who says, "I have given everything, so now you give back," we would not need Him. (36-77, 1970.11.15)

Why does God require us to have obedience? It is not for the sake of God's joy but for the sake of man's joy. God puts man in the position of His ideal object and gives him the responsibility of completing the purpose of recreation. Thus, man must push away and overcome the factors of the fall. Because the fall originated from disobedience, God must order us to have absolute obedience as a necessary condition to restore this. Therefore in our religious way of life we cannot complain. We have no excuse; we must have absolute obedience.

Absolute obedience is a hardship, but the purpose of hardship is to set conditions to allow us to stand in the perfected position, and achieve God's original goal of creation. Therefore, if we undergo hardships and sacrifice, we can come to stand in the perfection sphere. We must go this way because there is no other way, and religion cannot but emphasize the necessity of the way of hardships...

Then, why does God make man walk this path of hardship? God's situation has been most painful as He has to lead this dispensation! If we can understand God's situation, we can feel how miserable He is. No matter how much hardship we may have to go through, it is only our lifetime; our life on the earth is within one century.

Therefore, it is the way of filial piety and loyalty to offer daily encouragement to God. Those who complain selfishly at this point are cosmically unforgiven and unfortunate…

Fallen men have the miserable destiny to carry the cosmic debt, yet cannot find the way to repay it. It is unthinkable even in a dream that we should raise our faces to God in complaint …If one makes a tremendous sacrifice for the sake of God, even God himself bows his head before this offering. Through such an indemnity condition, both God and Satan come to bow their heads.

Perfect recreation becomes possible through perfect denial. Therefore, don't complain in the life of faith. You may say, "I can't give anymore." But, you should conclude whether or not you can give more only after you have done your very best until death.

To complain is essentially to accuse God. But man has to repay God, so, we human beings must absolutely not complain or say such things to God.

My life up until now has been like that. I could never become a man to complain, even though I were put in prison and tortured to the point of vomiting blood. Even if the entire world opposed us, we can be grateful if we know that our relationship with the satanic sphere is being cut. It is natural that we receive opposition as long as the sphere of resentment exists. Don't complain. Be grateful and let us go our way in silence. (God's Will -- 118-119, 1972.9.11)

We need an indemnity course. In order to save the world, you should take the indemnity course. Jesus is God's son, but he also had to take the indemnity course in order to save the world. Because the world refused to go and opposed him, he could not help taking the responsibility and going through the indemnity course. Why am I suggesting that you should suffer? So that you can go through the indemnity path. I myself intend to follow the indemnity way all my life. Go voluntarily instead of reluctantly. Even going to prison should be volunteered. When you complain, indemnity cannot be fulfilled, do you understand? You followed me to fundraising, right? Although you may say, "Gee, I don't like fundraising. What is this?" this is just the beginning. From now on, I may even tell you to walk upside down. I may say, "Since the world is evil, you walk upside down." Because the world is upside down, and going along with evil people will make us evil, we should go in the reverse way. This is how you become good people. This is quite logical. (133-69)

If you were to complain despite your position as a pioneering missionary, then there will be no end to your complaints. If you were to be dissatisfied, there will be no end to your dissatisfaction. If you were to believe half way and doubt half the dispensation, then there is no end to that. If you were to rebel, there will be no end. Because it does not have an end, it is bad. Thus, if you were to not complain, doubt, or rebel, then you must believe absolutely and follow absolutely. This is the way that you can continue to do much work for God.

Going this path will bring revival and multiplication; this is the Principle point of view. I believe that it is when one can live for the sake of greater things under difficult circumstances that one can do a lot for God. (44-13)

What I have done was more difficult than looking for a grain of sand, which had been thrown thousands of years ago into a boundless expanse of water. It is much easier to look for a grain of sand. How precious it is! How much is sacrificed for it? How much have you cherished this precious gift I have given you? You are so deeply indebted to me that you cannot pay it back even if you spend your whole life for it. It is not enough that you beg my pardon for the rest of your life. You can never pay that debt back. Complaint does not work. I am the one who is actually supposed to complain. Unification Church members cannot complain to Father, can they? (Tribal Messiah -- 16, 1990.2.11)

Whenever I was undergoing suffering, I could never complain to God because I knew only too well how much suffering He had had to endure more than I. However heavy a cross and however many I might have to bear repeatedly, because I knew that there was a God who had experienced far greater agony, I was able to pass through tribulations seemingly effortlessly and overcome the harshest conditions. Thus, to you who are following in my footsteps, I should not be someone who saps your strength, but rather who enriches and energizes you. That is God's way.

That is the teaching I received from God. I am your teacher. Just like God, who has always been there for me, never hesitating to make sacrifices for me, I want to be the shoulders you can lean on and the parent who will empower and inspire you. I am doing my level best to fulfill this day and night. (43-262, 1971.5.1)

Let us see Abraham. He was the son of a idol merchant. To Abraham who was living in an affluent environment, God called and commanded, "Oh! Abraham, come out of your home." Thereupon, without a word of complaint, without any guarantee of a good life anywhere else, Abraham left his hometown, Ur of the Chaldeans, abandoning everything. As a result, what did he become? He became a gypsy wandering across borders.

If God calls you to come out, then come out. After coming out, no matter what kind of difficulty you may face, you should never regret or resent God. If you complain then you go back to the position of fallen Adam.

Abraham had to believe God even more absolutely than Adam. In so doing he should become one with God. Then he comes to receive God's love. Because Abraham always went with a grateful heart and never with complaint no matter how much God made him wonder, God loved him and blessed him that "Your descendants will fill the earth like the stars in the sky and the sand in the land." (53-43)

God blessed Jacob. Jacob who received the blessing went into Haran and walked the suffering course for 21 years. He went the path of persecution even being deceived ten times. He was in the sorrowful position. He was driven to the lonely position. However, if Jacob ever became a person who complained about his despair, who felt grief for oneself centering on himself, he could have never occupied the national authority of representing Israel.

Jacob believed until the end that God's blessing will never change even in the suffering course where 20 years were added. He believed that God's promise will never change no matter how much the environment changed. He penetrated and went forth no matter how great a financial power blocked him. There, Laban tried to block the path of Jacob by presenting different things. However, the final victory went not to Laban but to Jacob.

Without bringing such a historical result God cannot establish His victorious day in history. Therefore, you must understand that the victorious foundation for God is the history established when the people in torment did not lose hope.

Although Jacob was driven to the realm of lamentation and despair, he did not lament nor felt despair. He stood proudly believing in the future blessing. Therefore, the realm of the First Israel was established.

It is same for God. No matter how much He was immersed in the realm of despair, He did not lose hope because of despair. He did not lose the ideal of creation because of despair. The stronger and heavier the despair became, the more God determined internally to achieve the ideal of creation centering on his heart and ideal.

Therefore, even if the path that God walks becomes engulfed in the whirlpool of the realm of despair, He does not amalgamate within but steps over that realm of despair to create a day of victory.

If God does not do so, then there is no way for Him to be liberated totally from the realm of despair. Therefore, you must understand that even in the situation of extreme despair and suffering, victory is assured to the people who hold onto God and go forth in belief that "Even in such a position, God does not lose hope nor become discouraged." (64-212)

You know about the famous representative of the life of poverty in the Medieval Age called Francis (Giovanni Francesco Bernardone). He advocated the life of poverty. When he lived such a lifestyle, he did not feel resentful, complaining, and sorrowful even if he faced a harsh life and was persecuted by his external environment. If he felt resentful and complained then he would not have inherited God's Will. However, because he felt gratitude in the midst of suffering, had hope in the midst of pain, sought new standards under such hardships, God was able to help him. Therefore, we can see how a new age dawned there. (66-41)

You have fought for your people, and you have taken responsibility for your village, town, county and province, but you must know that you shouldn't complain or be disappointed in that position. The longer you are in that position, you should have sadness for God's will and mankind. (Spiritual Leader Pt. 1 -- 49)

Jesus, two thousand years ago, said, "He who loves his father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; and he who loves his son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me," and that the one who does not take his cross and follow him is not worthy of him.

What sort of person was Jesus? Jesus was a King of love. He was the King of love in Heaven; therefore, we cannot go to meet him or serve him with the body which is stained with the dirty love of the satanic world. So, in order to go to Jesus, we must love more than we used to. The only way to find the path to heaven is through love that surpasses the love practiced in this world. Because of this, we need to live a single life in order to go the principled way. However, you should not be unhappy about being single. You should live a life overcoming that, whispering with God and not feeling unhappy. However, if you live a single life feeling unhappy and complaining, you will go to the worst place in hell after death. (Blessing Pt. 2 -- 140)

Even in prison I never complained. I never begged God to ease my pain. My only worry was that my blood and sweat were shed for God's sake.

My path has been nothing but a way of misery, many tears and much hardship. Do you think I am insensitive or dumb? Any time I take a beating or see some sorrow, I must shed tears for God. When those situations come to me I always think of God first, that I am the person to liberate Him. Then I cannot help but comfort Him and tell Him I am fine. I know also that God has shed many tears because of me, and that is why He cannot forget the Unification Church. (God's Warning II -- 128)

The speed of love is the fastest, and it passes in a straight line. This is not a worldly love but Godly love. What is Godly love? It is true love.

When you are in the realm of true love, you can move at the highest speed on a straight line, so you can operate on the stage of the universe, which is under the control of your thought. This is a truth that sounds like a lie. It is because I know such things that I did not complain even when going through the valley of sorrow all alone as a pioneer for seventy years and that I am still determined to walk this path straight until the time of death.

So if I die this way, there is a railroad in the spirit world. The railroads on earth and in spirit world are connected like train rails that go through a national border; they have to fit exactly, not too big or too small. Only the Unification Church knows these things. No matter how proud Christianity is, they don't know it. In this age, which boasts of late-20th century science and the logic of structured progress, Unification Church is the only place where we can testify to God with a religious theory developed through a well-structured process. (210-225)

Some of the blessed couples may complain about their spouses. They are the ones who do not know God's sorrowful path, which has headed toward the establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven in the future. God knows the difference in standard between you and your spouse. When you keep your heart grateful to God, even though your spouse is not satisfied with you, He will bless you abundantly in the near future. The grateful heart is the absolute condition for receiving God's blessing. We must be the ones with such heart. (Ideal Family -- 499)

When you go to a school, who is the vertical representative of the school? The vertical representative is the teacher who comes into the classroom. During that time, students must absolutely obey the words of the teacher. Those who gossip or complain on the side are destructive. (148-25)

That is why it is not bad to be opposed. If opposed, that indirectly proves that you are good. You just need to do more than that which is being opposed. We received opposition in the bad sense, but if we do more in the good sense, the evil will be indemnified and as with this fundamental rule, if you indemnify and survive, you will rise. It is the same logic. That is why the Unification Church has not complained when being opposed, but digested that 100 per cent. Do you understand? No matter how much we are opposed, we can digest everything. Once you have digested the problem, that person can three times. (Family Life -- 97)

In that God supports humankind, who is groaning in travail and distress in the restoration process, He must be a God of sorrow, a God of anxiety and a God of concern. We may try complaining of our woeful plight to Him, but He cannot transfer us directly into the liberated realm of peace. Now is not yet the time to welcome liberation, but let us look forward to the ideal of building heaven in the future, after this era. God's providential goal for saving mankind is the heavenly kingdom. This heavenly kingdom is the goal of fallen mankind. Therefore, I am asking all of you to offer your sincere devotion. (17-113, 1966.12.11)

Similar to the study of Job in the Bible, Father has been walking a path of restoration, not complaining even once about any tribulations. Job's faith towards God was unchanging and immovable. (Unification Pt. 2 -- 268)

In our life of faith, we can never complain. Answer me, can you find any reason to complain, or not? [No.] Why? "Oh, I'm dying, I feel suffocated. What is it?" Can you complain like this? [No.] You have to be joyful, laughing while shedding tears. You have to go this way. You have to go shedding tears and smiling. Now, do you understand or not? [We understand.] If you understand, are you going to do it or not? [We will do it.] After I have taught this, if you don't do it, what will happen?

If you don't do it, there is no other way. God cannot help you, I cannot help you. Because of that, you have to decide whether you are going to the Kingdom of Heaven or hell. Rev. Moon does not decide. God does not decide. You yourself decide. Each of you decides. If you complain, it is hell. If you do it without complaining, and feel thankful, that is the Kingdom of Heaven if you maintain a thankful heart. (96-122)

In the Bible, Abel's blood was crying out to God after Cain killed him. It is the True Parents who have the position in which they can redeem sacrificial history and liberate the hearts of sacrificial victims. You are the people who inherit such a mission and walk the way of indemnity rightly. If you come to know your mission truly, you will not be able to complain about anything. (67-227)

This is a new chapter, a new era, a new history. You are the master of this new history. In order to do that, you must have determination. Without that determination, you will not even get near it. With the determination to give up your life, you can separate yourself from Satan; Satan will have no business with you anymore. Don't try to survive. Go to the land of death. That means that God will take your sacrifice, and God will never let you die. That is the Principle. That is my life exactly! I have always been ready to die. This tradition goes down from me to you, from you to all others. As long as you are alive, as long as you are breathing, you cannot complain because you have already made that resolution; you are ready to die, but you have not died yet. You can say, "I am still alive! I have to go on, more and more. I am not yet dying, that means I can still go further. Thank God!"

My leg is not just muscle; it is always swollen for some reason. Even with the overuse of my legs from standing on the deck so long, I say, "Thank God! I have not yet died; I am still breathing. God, I can go on." One night there was an accident and I collapsed in the bathroom. Mother does not know, but I fainted. I got up and the first words I spoke were, "Thank God, I have not died. I can go on and on and on." That is the kind of tradition I laid in the Unification Church. How can we complain? If we disregard this tradition, America will become a very dismal and tragic country. When you inherit this tradition, America will be glorious and prosperous. Everlasting blessings will come if you inherit this. (The Ocean -- 326, 1983.6.27)

What should women do? They have to indemnify the crucifixion of Jesus in the position of Jesus' bride. How can they do this? They have to be loyal to Heaven more than any other women in the world. Jesus died because he could not find a bride. Therefore, women should not pray, "God help me do Your Will," even though they are in the valley of death. Do not utter these words. Even though women are alive, they are already dead. So from now on, women should never complain about God's Will. Do you feel bad? As the Bible states, "He who finds his life will lose it, and he who loses his life for my sake will find it." (Matthew 10:39)

You have to obey this direction with greater determination than the direction given on December 1, 1970. Of course there will be some problems and resistance, centering on your family situation, that will affect the church community, but this is not really a problem. When I mobilize you thinking about God's Will, I have more heart and thought than you. If you always remember the heart you had when you went out obediently, then your course will advance infinitely. Otherwise, you will not advance. This is exactly heavenly law. What is the Principle? An absolute subject creates an absolute object, and when there is complete give and take, then God's power of creation can manifest and bear fruit, and the dead can be resurrected. Isn't this the viewpoint of the Principle? (43-262)

As you know, the human fall came in the perfection level of the growth stage. Therefore, the seven-year course Mother and I went through together was the period to cross through the growth stage to perfection stage, the period in which I would restore and install Parents' Day, Children's Day, and Day of All Things. The most important condition Mother and I made during the seven-year course was that no matter what difficulties or obstacles and hardships came upon us, we would not complain. We would not even feel discouraged inside, or anguished or rebellious in any way...

No matter how difficult Satan's standard was, God was justified in saying that we had passed the test. The many other blessed couples who came knew that the True Parents had set the true standard, and they followed that standard by uniting with them and serving them without a word of complaint. By doing so, they could obtain the same degree of perfection.

During the seven-year period I had blessed many couples, and they could easily have exclaimed to me, particularly the women, "I just don't understand you. What kind of husband are you? How can you treat your wife like that?" But these blessed couples who passed the test knew one thing: no matter how many things I did that they didn't understand, they were at least sure that I was absolutely God-centered, and whatever I did was for God. The 36 couples, 72, 120, and 430 couples were blessed within that seven-year period, and they knew one way or another what a difficult path Mother and I trod. Since they knew what kind of difficulties we had to overcome, they could not complain. (True Love -- 78, 1980.1.1)

Due to Adam and Eve's fall, their descendants led a miserable history of blood and distress. But you, as reborn descendants, will give birth to the new descendants without sin. Therefore, regardless of the sacrifices you have to make, you should be grateful and shouldn't complain throughout your whole life. (Blessing Pt. 2 -- 100)

You only say "all right" because you heard me talk tonight, but you should have been thinking "all right" from the very beginning. You might also think, "Oh Father, you are the True Parent. You are supposed to be loving me. Why do you always push me down to do the impossible task?" Some of you might think that. However, the people who always complain are the ones who always lose. (The Ocean -- 295, 1986.8.28)

For 21 years Jacob endured a life of tribulation in Haran. During that time Jacob was repeatedly deceived by his uncle Laban. Ten times Laban cheated Jacob, and Jacob did not complain even once. He just persevered and waited for the day when he could return to his blessed homeland (God's Will -- 183, 1973.10.21)

If clothes are here don't think they are yours. Those are God's clothes, and parent's clothes. You have to think that you wear those clothes representing your brother. You should not be proud. The food is not mine. It is God given food. It is food parents gave to me. And it is food my brothers gave to me. After the meal you shouldn't say, "Ah, I'm so satisfied." After you finish the meal you should think you are sorry to have eaten well. That's because somewhere there is a Unification member who is starving, and they are suffering. So when I eat and work I should think that I am representing them. The reason why Rev. Moon thinks that way is because such suffering members don't complain, and they have a grateful mind as they follow me. Whether 10 or 20 years, or even their whole life, they follow me, but they don't hate me, because I live my life this way. Even though their life looks like failure it surely will be a success. (161-23)

There is no room for complaint. Absolutely you must never complain. Don't think of yourself. Don't set yourself up with the self-love concept or the concept of yourself based on your possessions. Force yourself to digest and absorb such a complaining mind and endure while thinking of God, and think, "If I complain how much pain I will cause parents! I understand their circumstances. I can inherit their tradition, if they stand in front of me for one instant I can inherit, and while following them, I will comfort them." Then if you shed tears of sorrow and regret heaven will share them with you. There is no doubt about it. These should not be tears shed for your own sake, but shed for the sake of parents, then heaven will cry with you.

Heaven does not share tears shed for your own sake. You should cry tears for heaven and tears for parents. This is the foundation of the Unification Church. You must know that this is what we call the life of attendance of the Unification Church. Do you understand? (114-281)

You have the aspiration to live in the Kingdom of Heaven; every one of you is wanting to live in that Kingdom. Some people have complained, "My fiancée is not the perfect match for me. We have so many problems; I want to break my engagement." But think about the Kingdom of Heaven and how to get there. The way to Heaven is the way of patience and endurance; you must be able to love unconditionally and sacrificially. God is trying to teach each person through his fiancée a realm that he could never learn in any other way. You should think, "My fiancée is a gift from God to teach me how to go to Heaven." God is trying to bring every sinner back into the position of His own true child. This is a seemingly impossible job, if you think of it. Can you say, "My fiancée is not handsome enough for me. And he's too short; he's Japanese." Please raise your hand if you are a perfect person. Then how can you complain against your fiancée? (True Love -- 99, 1981.12.20)

In my family, there is a tradition to not let hungry people leave our house empty-handed. When we had a guest, we would never just send him back where he came from. We had such a family custom. We gave food to many people from all parts of Korea. During the Japanese occupation, as the Japanese came and made people's lives difficult, many escaped to Manchuria. As our house was by the highway, people from all the eight provinces of Korea dropped by and had a meal. My mother made food for thirty to forty people every day. She followed this family tradition throughout her life without uttering a word of complaint. (111-310, 1981.3.9)

How about you? Do you choose the person you are going to marry or do you choose God's Will? How about you? No need to ask. Are you going to chose complaint and become losers? If you complain you become losers. You should answer, "I will not make a choice." Do you understand? Now is the time for those things. (True Child -- 97)

You should know that many individuals, families, and nations have suffered and died in order to make a relationship with the coming age. The blood of hundreds of millions of sacrifices is crying out to you at this time.

The Bible says that Cain accused God when he killed Abel and shed his blood. This is the only place where such a history can be set right through the liberation of resentment. The people who have gathered to inherit this mission and undergo the amazing task of restitution are the Unification Church members. If you truly come to know this, you cannot complain about your life or situation even in your dreams, even though you may die a thousand times. (67-226, 1973.6.27)

In the position of infinite suffering, in the position of extreme sorrow and in the position of risking your life, you must decide. You must take responsibility for your fate in the place of experiencing and tasting the worst suffering, sorrow and death. You should not feel any complaint whatsoever and you should feel with the understanding that this will never happen again. (Blessing Pt. 1 -- 298)

From this time on, you should not complain. (True love -- 219, 1984.5.27)

Why are human beings born? They are born for the sake of love. For this reason, they are grounded in true parental love and grow in the mother's womb, which is a bosom of parents' protection and love. Children grow to maturity embraced by parental love that digests with joy all the hardships without complaint. Upon reaching maturity at about twenty years old, the child should meet their eternal love partner and be engrafted into heavenly love in which they live entirely for the sake of one another. Following this life course, this new couple should have their own sons and daughters and love them. Only when they experience the depth of God's love can the substantial realm of God's love of the object partner be completed. (143-283, 1986.3.20)

When you give birth to and nurture your children, do so with true love. Through this, if your family members unite closely and learn to love their nation, they will be called patriots.

Hence, parents watch over the growing process of their children and educate them and sometimes wield the stick of love so that they can grow up in the right way. Children should not complain or protest because of being scolded or even spanked by their parents for their mistakes. Taking it as a lesson, they should repent seriously and strive to make amends for their errors. Such people will be able to grow up correctly and draw near to the center where God abides. (Blessed Family -- 1027, Korean Edition)

Where shall we die? We must find the place of our death. If you were born as a bomb, you should be dropped on rocks and explode cleanly. Do not waste your energy in a sewer. Consider yourself as a bomb already released; your goal is to land on a rock. As formidable beings, pit your strength against that of formidable enemies. Because I made such a resolution, though past fifty, I have not yet complained about the long distance to cover and I do not hesitate to keep going.

In order to realize the hope of tomorrow you should devote yourselves while shedding tears. You should exert your entire effort and mind, passion and devotion. (49-303, 1971.10.17)

God's sorrow is embedded within us, and at the same time, within this nation, world and within all things. We should liquidate this sorrow and develop a movement to restore His joy. Experiencing God's sorrow is central to our life.

The question is whether we have set the standard to mobilize the people in the spirit world, who are unknown to earthly people, to testify to us. The spirit world is also requiring such things. Since the spirit world knows God's heart, if such people on earth appeal to them, spirit people will be mobilized to help with the work on earth of actualizing the ideal of the heavenly kingdom. Spirit people cannot come to earth because it has become a realm of complaint (4-60, 1958.3.2)

True love expressed through human beings is the blossoming of absolute value. For what reason does God exist? He came into being through true love and lives based on true love. Why were we born and why do we live? We were born because of true love and live because of true love. In that case, both God and human beings have no cause for complaint. (201-201, 1990.4.1)

You decide whether you go to heaven or hell. I do not decide. God does not decide. You are the one who decides. If you complain, it is hell. If you go with a grateful heart to places where you would have complained, it is heaven. (96-122, 1978.1.2)

Satan is the adulterer who seduced Eve. Therefore, he is the enemy of God's love. Even though that enemy of love has been coming to God and making accusations for thousands of years, until today God has been fulfilling His role as the true Master without a single sign of displeasure on His face.

Therefore, until God sets up one central base on the earth, no matter who comes to Him with complaints He cannot oppose that person. The reason for this is the existence of the archangel. (182-246, 1988.10.23)

While you are witnessing or fundraising as a Unification Church member, do you know what happens if you start saying, "Oh, this is too hard for me, I can't do it!" It becomes something centered on you, not centered on God. When you think about such basic principles, you must clearly understand that if anyone who has become a Unification Church member says he cannot go on, or complains while doing his task, that disqualifies him. Those who work in the Unification Church for their own benefit may very soon begin complaining about Rev. Moon and the church when faced with difficulty and assert that all the work they have done in the Unification Church is theirs. (92-256, 1977.4.18)

You must live within the framework of love with the determination in your heart to love more than Satan does, with the desire to love God and the universe; you must be able to say, "For the sake of God's will and the liberation of humanity, I will go down to the abyss." How do you go down? Try being trampled upon. Let all the four billion people of the world walk over you. I do not complain, even when I am trampled on. I digest everything with gratitude and love. That is what you must do. (138-288, 1986.1.24)

The love between a husband and wife is engrafted to the vertical love of God. Once you become one with that vertical love, there is no one on earth who can detach it. The engrafted love is bound so strongly to the love of God that no one can ever separate it. That is why even though everyone complains about their lives and how difficult it is to go on living, they still continue to seek the path of love. (180-309, 1988.10.5)

When you consider your body and mind, how pitiful is your original mind? It stands in God's stead. It represents all of your ancestors, your antecedents. The original mind represents the teacher as well as the ruler. Yet, it has been disrespected and treated with contempt for an endlessly long time. As the center of the universe, it stands in the position of true parents, true teachers, true masters, and the one Subject Being with true love. It sacrifices itself over and over again to save you while you live on this earth. Isn't that true? Though it sacrifices so much, has it complained even once? Although it is continuously dragged around and treated contemptuously -- to the extent that one would presume it to be dead -- whenever you harbor an evil thought or attempt an evil deed, it comes alive once again to advise you not to do so, calling you to your senses with the words, "Hey, you devil!"

How much have you made sport of the mind? The original mind stands in the stead of parents, teachers, and masters. In the world of the mind, there is no need to hold a court trial, because you yourselves know better than anyone else what you have done. There is no need for third party witnesses. (209-154, 1990.11.28)

A healthy person can digest things that even ordinary people cannot take in, which is why everyone likes a healthy person. Similarly, those who have sound minds, that is, healthy minds, can take in anything mentally, be it democracy, communism, or any other system of thought. Then what is the way of thinking that the Unification Church is following? It is Unificationism. Does it sound easy? When we examine the human body, we see that it incorporates the eyes, ears, nose, hands, feet and other features. These different parts of the body must act in unison through connecting to the one life in that body. Then, for the body to function properly, should the different parts, instead of uniting in common purpose, complain among themselves, "Oh! I don't like the eyes," or complain about some other part of the body? Of course not. They should say, "I like all parts of the body." Each part of the body must cooperate with the others. (111-96, 1981.2.1)

The ideal history and new culture, love, life, family, nation, world and cosmos, together with God's love, will begin based on the True Parents. You must understand that the term "True Parents" is nothing like what you have known until now. In order to establish a relationship with the ages to come, nations, individuals, and families perished. Therefore this position is a place where the blood of innumerable billions of sacrificed offerings is crying out to God.

The Bible states that the blood of Abel shed by Cain cried out from the ground to God. There is no other position that can resolve all history; this is the only one. The throng that has gathered to inherit such a mission and to straighten this amazing way of indemnity is none other than all of you. If you come to understand this truly, you would not be able to complain about your life or your situation in your dreams, even if you were to die a thousand times. (67-226, 1973.6.27)

I am preparing for the future world. I am not doing this just because I love the ocean. It is difficult being at sea. In the beginning, when I came back after a week, my entire body was in pain. Still I thought, "There is so much to do. I should go on without complaining about my age. I should be like a colt going over the Himalayas." How could I rest? (189-295, 1989.6.17)

Sons and daughters should not live for their own sakes. In serving heaven and earth and humankind as themselves, they should be sons and daughters who must inherit a stronger and higher tradition. This is how it should be. No one can complain. This is why not just anyone can be the successor to the founder of the Unification Church. They should be sons and daughters who can inherit the lineage and live according to the tradition of living for the sake of others. They should be sons and daughters who are at a higher level and who can do better than their own mothers and fathers. Unless they have lived for and served others, how can the sons and daughters say they have surpassed their parents? Those who are inconsistent will not succeed. We need the eldest child to live for the sake of others even more than high level sons and daughters do in order for him to receive the inheritance. (175-185, 1988.4.16)

God's will for the world and God's love for the world have to be passed down. This must be your legacy even if you die. All you need to realize is that people who devote their lives to bequeath this tradition will become filial children and patriots. We do not need a one-day filial son, or a one-day patriot. Even the most evil robber can become a filial son for a day and anybody can also become a patriot for a day. If you repent immediately, you can still become filial children and patriots. God wants people who live as filial children and patriots from the moment they are born to the day they die.

If you compare yourself to me, then I am probably a more filial child of God than you are. The reason is that I have lived my whole life in the way that God wants. Yet, I would not even dream of assuming that I have fully carried out my filial obligations. In fact, I feel ever more inadequate with the passage of time. When people think they have fully discharged their duties of filial piety and loyalty, they actually cease to become filial children and patriots.

The person who complains, saying, "I am a filial child. I am a patriot. Why do you not recognize me?" is the person who is retreating. You must understand that Heaven's filial child and Heaven's patriot is the person who realizes, as time goes on, how much more of his filial duty remains to be fulfilled. He then renews his commitment and goal to fulfill his filial duty as his life's philosophy. (35-341, 1970.11.1)

You have been given the victorious authority to restore your hometowns -- the places to which you had been unable to return -- a place where the true nation has now been established through the True Parents. You should know that this is something to be truly grateful for, which cannot be exchanged even for heaven and earth. You should follow that path back to your hometowns with tears in your eyes. If you complain, you will be cursed. Your ancestors would strike you, and your sons and daughters would know no moment of peace. The time is coming when it is up to you whether you will be afflicted or cured. (219-220, 1991.8.29)

Do not complain, but practice absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. (281-45, 1997.2.14)

While claiming to have learnt the Principle, you stowed it at the back of your minds and did as you pleased, and consequently have not embodied it. You should not go out witnessing in such a state. Doing so would only make you a fraud, for you are not working with God. Your actions should conform to the Principle.

In the Divine Principle you can find God's heart of six thousand years, as well as the history of my lifelong bloody struggles. It has so much hidden content unknown to you. Reading such a book that is the Divine Principle, as you turned page after page, have you ever stayed up all night praying, reciting and seeking the ladder that would lead you to God's heart? Have you ever underlined any passage, wondering what history lay behind that word or phrase? If you haven't, how can you come here complaining God is not helping you? As such, I cannot but institute a new system. From now on, everything will have to be radically reformed. You can never afford to be ignorant of the sacredness of the vocation of a church leader doing God's work. (68-101, 1973.7.23)

Nothing is more awesome and precious than the fact that all these dreamlike stories will come true in the spirit world and on earth. Therefore, you should not complain; instead, you should obediently follow the way of Principle and God's will. You must inherit God's and True Parents' way of thinking. If I said to you that you should not inherit it, you should insist that you have to inherit it. In that case, even if I initially opposed you and became extremely obstinate, inevitably I would have no other choice than to liberate you. (283-92, 1997.4.8)

Throughout the course of my life I could never complain. I could never criticize. You must not complain on the path of filial piety and patriotism. You must not criticize. As long as we have a relationship of love with the perfect subject partner, we can neither complain nor criticize. If your husband does wrong, you should take it as your own fault. "This is my fault." If your wife does wrong, you should take it as your own fault. You should not say, "I do not like you." (263-105, 1994.8.21)

Godism is the ideology that centers on the True Parents. Godism belongs to the vertical realm, and that vertical aspect needs to fuse together with the horizontal plane so that all forms within the world also fuse together. This then manifests as the global or spherical ideal. Love is actually a spherical form. That spherical form connects with and resonates with the vertical dimension anywhere and everywhere. The surface of that form becomes the realm of the ideal. For this reason, the everyday world, that is, the surface realm or area, has no foundation to complain. When a soccer ball rolls over and over and eventually stops, each and every surface aspect of it has an equal element that connects with the vertical. By the same standard, with this value system, we can reach up to and arrive at a world of equality and balance. It is important to understand this. (218-347, 1991.8.22)

There must be a period of indemnity. It is not finished in a day or two but rather over a period of time, such as seven years, forty years, seventy years, or even a few centuries. (54-277, 1972.3.24)

Everything was shattered due to lack of faith. This happened because the first human ancestors failed to absolutely love God. They fell because of their inability to absolutely love and obey God. For this reason, the True Parents have indemnified this and prepared the highway for all of us to follow. Thus, if you practice absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience towards the True Parents, heaven and earth will respond and obey you, even if you call upon them day or night, and wake them up ten times.

You should, therefore, not complain even if you are woken up a hundred times during the night. This is obedience. Consensual obedience has within it a part of "self", but in complete obedience this does not exist. You should be obedient even if it means following a thousand times a day. (300-238, 1999.3.23)

In our life of faith, we should not complain. There is nothing to complain about. You should be joyful. You should go joyfully even when shedding tears. You are to go laughing while shedding tears. If, after being taught this, you do not do it, what will happen? If you do not do it, there is no other way. God cannot help you, and I cannot help you.

Thus, you decide whether you go to heaven or hell. Rev. Moon doesn't decide, God doesn't decide, you yourselves decide. The decision is yours. If you complain, that is hell. If you go with gratitude even when you have something to complain about, that is heaven. (96-122, 1978.1.2)

If I had complained about going the way of indemnity, I would have disappeared long ago. The reason I haven't disappeared is because I know well what the way of restoration through indemnity is like. On the path of indemnity, I must receive worldwide persecution. Every single person, that is, all five billion people of the world, may individually oppose me, one by one; nevertheless, I must have the courage to do more than each one of them so that I will not be defeated. Otherwise, I will not succeed. (138-134, 1986.1.19)

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