Filial Attendance: The Way of Filial Piety of Holy Sons and Daughters of God - Elio Roman

Chapter 12 - Attendance of the True Children

Chapter Summary and Introduction

True Parents are the fulfillment of the dispensation of restoration. True Parents were born in this age. They are the hope of the universe. They are the hope of history. They are the hope of God, of mankind, of the spiritual world (our ancestors and the angels), and of the natural world.

God's purpose of restoration is to save, restore, perfect, and educate filial sons and daughters who live in attendance to Him. To do so God must restore and develop their sense of the inner obligation of attendance -- this is their heart of attendance. Filial sons and daughters of God mature, marry, have children (multiply God's lineage) and become true parents. Upon establishing an ideal family, True Parents engraft and bequeath true love, true life and true lineage to all who attend them. Those engrafted become ideal families and Tribal Messiah's, who as representatives of God and True Parents who work on behalf of God and True Parents, and help others receive complete salvation.

We are the result of hundreds of thousands of years of restoration. We are the fruit of the victories of the providential figures and of our ancestors. We are the hope of our lineages. We are the children of mankind that have been born in "the great and terrible day of the Lord." We are the ones born to attend True Parents' family.

Born from the merits of our ancestors and in the position to attend True Parents, it is now our turn to fulfill our portion of responsibility in advancing God's providence. Many are called but the ones who are chosen are those who fulfill their responsibilities in their attendance of God and True Parents' family.

Many attend True Parents. Some attend True Parents and the True Children and True Grandchildren and all those who are the offspring of True Parents' direct lineage. Some attend True Parents' family externally with abilities they were born with. Some attend True Parents externally based on the positions given them due to foundations established by the merits of their ancestors. Some attend True Parents' family with all their heart. These fervently long for True Parents. Through their suffering they become one with the suffering of the True Parents. It is those who attend True Parents with all their heart that enter the bone marrow of True Parents and become as seeds in True Father's body. They become one in heart with True Parents.

As seeds in True Father's bone marrow, one is then conditionally implanted into the womb of True Mother. The change of blood lineage occurs in the womb of the mother. The original positions as Adam and Eve are restored through the change of blood lineage. As we continue our attendance of True Parents, it is then our responsibility to attend the True Children. In attending the True Children we inherit elements of their spiritual and physical sinless birth. They were born directly from the seeds of True Father planted in the womb of True Mother.

True Father and True Mother are in the position of True Parents. The True Children are in the position of Abel. We are in the position of Cain. According to the process of the restoration of the elder son's birthright, when Cain attends (serves and submits himself/herself to) Abel, Cain can be restored. In the process the elder son's birthright is restored and God can advance His providence. As united subject and object partners they stand as true objects to God who manifests His immanence and bestows His blessing upon them. As we attend the True Children we can inherit spiritual and physical elements of their sinless physical birth. In this way we participate in the True Children's position.

Through the restoration of the birthright we inherit spiritual and physical elements of the sinless physical birth of the True Children. Thus it is imperative that we attend True Parents and the True Children so that we may continue our resurrection spiritually and physically. By attending the True Children we are and engrafted into True Parents' lineage and thereby enter the Realm of the Royal Family. Their union with the direct descendents of the True Children of True Parents Direct Lineage establishes the Realm of the Royal Family. In the Realm of the Royal Family blessed families are in the Cain position relative the True Children who are in the Able position.

However, establishing the Realm of the Royal Lineage is not the final goal of restoration. The Cain realm within the Realm of the Royal Family will eventually disappear as blessed children marry descendants of the True Children of the Direct Lineage. After thousands and tens of thousands of years every lineage will have married someone descended from of the Direct Lineage, who are direct descendants of True Parents and True Parents Children's lineage. In this way their offspring will be born in the Direct Lineage of God and True Parents.

When all human beings on Earth are born from the Direct Lineage of God and True Patents, then the Cain component of the Realm of the Royal Family will eventually disappear. God's original Ideal of creation will be established as the Cain blessed families in the Realm of the Royal family marry a descendant of the Direct Lineage. Their children will be born from the Direct Lineage. Only the Realm of the Direct Lineage of God will exist eternally.

The prayer of Blessed Families who are in the position of Cain within the Realm of the Royal Family should be to marry one of the True Children, or the descendants of the Direct Lineage of God and True Parents. Human beings in God's providence are restored from the realm of adopted children, to children of the Realm of the Royal Family, and finally as children of the Direct Lineage of God and True Parents, the original ideal of creation.

Another reason that we must attend True Parents' children is that we can protect them from Satan's assaults. True Father has sacrificed everything for us and has given us everything. It is our responsibility to help care for the True Children. It is only right that we should have helped care for the True Children. We should have attended them, prayed for them and protected them. We did not. Thus they came under satanic attack.

The third reason is also profound and its implications are far reaching. Jesus' disciples had to suffer the same fate as Jesus. Thus Christianity became a religion of martyrs. The things that happened to Jesus set the precedence for the same things to happen to his followers. Likewise those things that happen to the True Children set the precedence for the possibility of a similar fortune for blessed children.

Because Jesus did not have the necessary foundation of individuals who were substantially attending him then he had to go the way of the cross. As the substantial foundation of individuals who attended Jesus increased then the need for Christian martyrs decreased. As the foundation of True Parents children and blessed central families who lived in attendance of True Parents was sufficient then True Parents themselves did not have to sacrifice their lives. Similarly, as the foundation of individuals and blessed central families who attend the True Children increases then the True Children themselves can be protected from satanic attack. In the same way, as blessed central families increase their own foundation of people and families that attend their blessed families then each family and tribe can be better protected and receive greater blessings and proprietary rights. This is one of the purposes for Tribal Messiahship witnessing and outreach activities.

True Father is finally spending time with the True Children to open the way for us to be able to spend time with our children without satanic interference.

The True Children have suffered very much because True Parents have lived their entire life for our sake. The True Children have suffered because True Father dedicated his life for us, the Cain children. We the Cain children have misunderstood the True Children. We have often view them from the eyes of Cain. We have incorrectly judged them due to our ignorance and self-centeredness. We have not attended them. We have not given them the necessary appreciation and attendance for having had to sacrifice their being with and being loved by True Parents. We need to make this up to the True Children. We also have a lot to make up to the True Parents. Restitution must be made.

We need to establish the tradition of attendance to True Parents and the True Children as well as all the descendants of True Parents Direct Lineage. It is our responsibility to educate our children to attend True Parents, the True Children, the True Grandchildren, and their descendents. To establish this tradition is of supreme importance. It is important for restorational purposes and in order to establish the Realm of the Royal Family and the way of life in Cheon Il Guk. Blessed are they who attend True Parents, the True Children, and all descendants of True Parents Direct Lineage, for theirs is the Kingdom of God on earth and in heaven.

The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

If you were to ask the sages and patriots of old and the filial children whether they know true parents and true children, they would say no. No matter whom you asked among the three billion members of humankind, nobody would know. If you could teach this, it would be the highest education one could receive. If you taught this from dawn to dusk, even God would start to concern Himself with it. This is the only education that can connect us to God.

Thus, the one who teaches the ties between true parents and true children can be the greatest teacher in heaven and earth. That teacher can be an object of historical admiration transcending time and space, and will surely be the guide of mankind. (26-40, 1969.10.18)

When can you adore my family as the Abel type family and at the same time when can your children become one with mine? This is the problem. To do so, you should give them the education of heaven. Teaching them, you should be an example first. You should be a dutiful son first. When you yourselves become devoted sons and daughters following the rules of heaven, the relationship of traditional filial piety of heaven will be established. (30-113)

There are two sets of laws for the royal family. The royal family has to follow the law of the nation as well the laws or rules of the royal family itself. In order for the five billion descendants of Adam alive today to stand in the realm of the royal family, they have to become absolutely one with the children of my direct lineage in a relationship of Cain and Abel. Actually, you are not qualified to just come directly to me. The Blessed families do not belong to Satan, or to anywhere else except to Heaven's side, but they exist as Cain and Abel, the eldest son and the younger son.

The question is how many of you will be chosen. Even though the entire population of humankind might belong to the realm of the royal family, the real question is whether they have a direct connection to me or not. By having your children marry into my direct lineage, the realm of the royal family will be unified and eventually Cain and Abel will disappear. If you ask what the highest hope of all the women sitting here could be, the answer is having someone from their descendants marry into my direct lineage. (249-114, 1993.10.8)

Through whom are you making the condition to be born as a new child and to become one with the True Children? It is not enough just to be one with the Father. Without passing through the True Children, it cannot be done. No matter how important the Father is, without passing through the parents and their children, it cannot be done. True Parents need true sons and daughters. With whom then can women be one? A woman should be one with the True Parents and True Parents' daughters. All men must be one with the True Parents and their sons. Because woman fell first, the restoration of woman occurs first; then the restoration of man happens. Before that, who is standing in the position of a restored woman? The True Parents should give birth to a daughter first, then to a son second. This content is very principled. Although this is brief, we must understand that behind it there is a long and complicated explanation.

By the birth of the sinless True Children, for the first time in history the heavenly four position foundation is restored. The satanic world has no base to attack this foundation. Because the chosen nation has not yet been restored, the heavenly foundation has one starting point and expands to a family, clan, tribe, and national foundation. The nucleus of this restored four position foundation is a heavenly family, and through that family a nation is built. This will be the strongest nation and this will be the new Israel. That nation will be victorious over the satanic sovereignty and will be the center of the whole external world. (Blessing Pt. 1 -- 227)

Since you cannot go back to the womb of Mother, what you should do is become one with the Teacher's children. During three years, you must be in the position of a baby in the womb. That's why Teacher told you to make the following mottoes for these three years: First, "In your life, make these three years the most substantial result." Second, "Become the representative of God." Third, "Show and love others." Here, "Show and love others" means to restore the four position foundation.

By doing this, today, centering on these three stages, make the condition to be a baby in the womb, eating and living together. Mother also ate barley for three years while you were eating barley. As you did activities, she also did the conditions. Ye Jin and Hyo Jin as babies were born eating barley. In other words, Mother lived with the same heart as you. Now, you were born of the womb, as Cain, in order to be in the position to love Mother and the True Children.

By being one with them, conditionally live as if you were a twin in the womb. Centering on them you must be in the position to attend them. Only by doing that can you avoid the struggle of two seeds in the womb. In other words, you can eliminate the origin of the fall. From here the restoration starts. Do you understand? (Yes.) While you were not aware, these things were working out. When Ye Jin and Hyo Jin were born, you ate rice soup. Because Mother ate rice soup, the babies also ate rice soup. Therefore, you ate rice soup reciprocally. You must know that this was the absolute condition for the heartistic oneness to be indemnified. As you see, restoration does not work without careful planning.

It works step by step, with not even a little space for any leak, in order to make the relationship with you in the present historical time. It has been fulfilling all the internal conditions. These contents are not happening by themselves. Like this, the historical course of hard work took six thousand years to find the real authority. Also, throughout history, through countless saints and martyrs, sacrifices were made and we walked the course of indemnity which cannot be exchanged for anything. Through this difficult spiritual connection, the parents fulfilled the four position foundation. You must also fulfill the four positions and make the victorious foundation. This is the Blessing. (Blessing Pt. 1 -- 227-228)

Unless you pass through the connection of love centering on Adam and Eve's first love, and freshly through the parents' womb, there cannot be the beginning of life; and without accomplishing the principle of restoration, the complete indemnity cannot be accomplished. That is why, centering on the will of God, you loved the Teacher, and centering on the Teacher's emotion you worked to become one, and the heartistic direction moved toward this way, consciously and unconsciously.

By doing that, you are engrafted heartistically to the True Parents' bone marrow, through True Mother's womb, making the condition to be born as the original Adam and Eve. Without doing that, restoration cannot be done. Do you understand? Therefore, you must be restored through Mother while the Teacher's sons and daughters are in the Mother's womb, centering on the True Children. You must restore Cain Abel relationships. You must know this clearly. (Blessing Pt. 1 -- 226)

Those who are already born and grown physically cannot literally go back to the position of seeds inside perfect Adam's body. Therefore, we are to set up the condition of rebirth by uniting with True Parents and the True Children born directly of True Parents. According to the principle that when Cain is absolutely obedient to Abel, both can be restored, we who are in Cain's position must be united with True Parents and sinless True Children, who are in Abel's position. By uniting with them, we can receive the same benefit as restored children. When sinless children are born of True Children, we must set up the condition that we shared food and other things the same as theirs. By doing this, we go through a course to participate in True Children's position.

Through whom do you set up a condition to be united with True Children and to be born again as new children? You must go through True Parents. Even though the father is very important, the father alone is not enough. You must go through the parents and their children. All women must be united with True Father, True Mother and their True Daughter. All men must be united with True Parents and their True Son.

Since a woman fell first, women are supposed to be restored first. Who stands in the first restored woman's position? That is the first daughter born of True Parents. The first restored man is the first son of True Parents. This is a very simple way to explain the essence of this process, but you must know that the process is very deep and complicated. With the birth of sinless True Children, for the first time in human history the heavenly four position foundation can be established.

This is the restoration of the heavenly four position foundation in the Unification Church. Anything in the satanic world cannot be connected to this foundation. Since the chosen nation was not restored, this four position foundation on a family level must expand to the tribal and national levels. The central nucleus is the heavenly family -- the place for the establishment of the heavenly four position foundation. The nation built upon that foundation is the strongest nation with which no other nation can compete, and it is the nation that Israel failed to become. This nation will win against all the satanic sovereignty and will stand as the center of the external world. (Tribal Messiah -- 96, 1972.4.1)

Of course, our physical bodies are already grown and we cannot literally go back to the perfected Adam's body in the seed position. Therefore, by becoming one with the True Parents and their children, who are the True Children, we make the condition to be born again. By Cain completely surrendering to Abel, these two can be restored in the Principle; accordingly, the person who is in Cain's position must unite with the person who is in Abel's position, that is, with the True Parents and the True Children. By doing so, we receive benefit as the restored children. Through the True Parents, when born as the True Children, we can receive the conditional object as the True Parents' holy body. In this way, we must pass through the course to be in the position of the True Children. (Blessing Pt. 1 -- 226)

Up until today, Christianity had only a spiritual father and a spiritual mother. Therefore, True Parents had to come on earth, and we must walk the course of physical, as well as spiritual, rebirth through them. Conditionally, or symbolically, we must re-enter the mother's womb in order to be born anew. In Christianity up until today, the Holy Spirit has been taking the role of mother. We are born again on the spiritual level through the mother, the Holy Spirit, and the father's spirit, Jesus' spirit.

Of course, we were born from our mother's womb. However, even beyond the womb, our life originated from our father's seed. Before the fall, the life of a son or daughter would certainly have started from within Adam's body, as one seed. The seed which becomes a son or a daughter exists within the father's body itself. By tracing back to mother's womb, the blood lineage could be changed and restored, but we have not reached father yet. Therefore, up until today, Christians have been longing to go again to their Father, the Lord of the Second Coming, who is the origin, of new life.

We cannot be satisfied with spiritual rebirth only. We must be reborn both in spirit and in flesh. In order to restart in spirit and in flesh, we must go back to the position of the seed. To accomplish this dispensation, Jesus promised that a bride and a bridegroom would appear who could become True Parents, so that we could become the seed sown again through them, to be born again as a new life in this world. From what I have said, you will naturally understand whether or not it is necessary for the Lord of the Second Coming to come on earth as Messiah.

The Messiah on earth must inherit the foundation from Christians, Christians have not been born completely yet; therefore, we can say that they are just like a seed in Jesus' body, They have only spiritual elements of life, Therefore, a father must appear on earth and create a substantial, physical foundation.

For this reason, everybody has a seven-year course in which he or she has to unite with True Father before receiving Mother. You must so back to the position of a seed in the body of unfallen, perfected Adam who was not yet married. You must go back to the source itself. This seed is the genuine one. A seed that starts from Adam's body must be sown in the womb of restored Eve. This very work is being done by the Unification Church. Jesus was rejected by the nation of Israel. Therefore, the very difficult task of restoring the position of Jesus was left for the Lord of the Second Coming.

We have already been born with flesh and have grown up, so we cannot literally go back to the position of a seed. Therefore, we must set conditions for rebirth by uniting with the True Children, who were born from True Parents. The Principle teaches that both Cain and Abel can be restored when Cain completely follows Abel: We are in the position of Cain and must unite with the sinless True Children, who are in Abel position. By uniting with them, we can become restored children and receive the same grace. Accordingly, when sinless children are born from True Parents, we should offer food and things of creation in order to set the condition by which True Parents can share the same elements with us. In this way we must pass through the course where we participate in the position of the True Children.

Through whom are you going to set conditions to become one with True Children and become newly born? Father alone is not enough. You must go through both of the True Parents, However important Father may be, you must also pass through True Mother and unite with the True Children. True Parents have both male and female children. A woman should become one with True Father, True Mother, and their female children; a man should become one with True Parents and their male children.

Because a woman fell first, the restoration of woman is done first, afterward; the restoration of man is completed. Who is actually in the position of the first restored woman? The first female child born from True Parents is in that position. The first male child is the second child of True Parents. This is only an outline and a very brief explanation; there are very deep and complicated processes behind it.

The heavenly four position foundation was restored for the first time in history by the birth of sinless true children. Nothing in the satanic world can touch this foundation.

Since a chosen nation has not yet been restored, we must start from the heavenly four position foundation, and develop from this point to the clan, racial and national levels. The central core of this process of development is the heavenly family in the form of the four position foundation.

The nation that will be established on the foundation of the true family will be the strongest and most invincible. This is the nation that Judaism could not gain 2, 000 years ago. This nation will become the center of the external world by overcoming all satanic sovereignties. Once one heavenly nation is restored, it will expand to two, then three, four, and finally it will cover the entire world. People who belong to those heavenly nations will naturally restore everything together. In order to restore this unified sovereignty of God, we must pass through an incredible course. Unless we restore one national sovereignty, however much restoration work we may have done, it is possible that our earthly foundation might be destroyed by a satanic head of government of our nation. Therefore, to restore the sovereignty of one nation is a most urgent task.

For this purpose we must absolutely become one with True Parents, and we must become completely one with members of the Unification Church in Korea, Japan, and all over the world, Through this course, you will realize how difficult the path of restoration has been, Jesus said to Nicodemus, "...Unless one is born anew, he cannot enter the Kingdom of God." Nicodemus replied, "How can a man be born when he is old? Can he enter a second time into his mother's womb and be born?" Then Jesus asked, "Are you a teacher of Israel, and yet you do not understand this!"

At that time Jesus was talking about this very principle. The words `resurrection' and 'rebirth' in Christianity both actually refer to this same principle. Through the womb of a mother the stained blood lineage was restored to the heavenly blood lineage. However, it is only through True Father's body that we can ultimately be recreated and reborn fundamentally as a pure new life. From that point of new creation on, then, our salvation is perfected by redemption of both spirit and flesh. This way, our children will be able to attain heaven without going through the process of salvation.

You must understand how difficult the course of restoration is. I have not only found out the truth, but have had to accomplish all the truth in substance. Now I am teaching it to you for nothing. You are like college students who receive diplomas without doing anything. Therefore, you must understand what a precious valuable position you have. (God's Will -- 78-81, April 1972)

Man is in the archangel's position, and so Father and the children should become one. We have our True Mother, and the children, Cain and Abel, return to the mother's womb and then eventually become one with Father. With this condition, then, Father has new, original sons and daughters, namely us. Finally, we must come back to where we are. We must first become one with the True Mother, then we come to Father, and then we return to where we are.

We must return to the position where we are reborn in the position correlative to Father's own physical children. Obviously it is not possible physically, but conditionally it is possible, and God will accept the condition, based upon true love. It is just like we are returning into Father's body before being conceived as a fetus. Do you understand? We've got to travel back and return. Then we will have connected with true love. It is like electricity from a generator, traveling around a circuit, going back and completing the cycle. One time we have to do that. That is the true meaning of "to be born again" in true love and True Father.

The Blessed Families who are gathered here today with the True Children will inherit this and show this to their descendants. These Blessed Families are allowed to walk forward into the realm of the liberation and settlement of the ideal of family, by uniting through the fraternal bond between themselves in the Cain position and the True Children in the Abel position, so that the future ancestors and descendants will all become perfected on the same horizontal level, and form the four-position foundation in Your eyes. We hope and pray that You will allow everything that the Cosmic Parent and the Parents of heaven and earth desire, by opening wide the gates of Cheon Il Guk to all 360 degrees, so that all families following the traditions of the Parents will inherit the freedom and discretion that comes from fulfilling the duties of filial children, patriots, saints and Your divine sons and daughters, in order to inherit the name, word, accomplishments and victory of the Parents.

I ask You humbly to bless these families to become heirs and descendants worthy to inherit the original realm of the kingship and the Blessing that comes from the realm of the complete liberation of the entrance into the unified nation of Your kingdom on earth and in heaven which will fulfill Your earnest desire to realize the ideal of creation. I report this in the name of the True Parents. Amen! Amen! Amen! (404-284, 2003.2.6)

Later on the wife and children will come to obey the husband. This must happen before we really can enter the Kingdom of Heaven. So, this will be the predominant pattern in the Unification Church in the future: centering on the mother, the children will become one and eventually come to the father and return. So the family is the unit, not the individual. Be blessed, then go into Tribal Messiahship, connect them back to the mother as children, and return to the father. So, True Mother is the real entity of the Holy Spirit, but she is not a spirit, she is a physical mother. (Public Venue, 1993.1.10)

You should be an adopted child whose philosophy dictates that although you have received God's inheritance, it is not yours to keep but to return to His original sons and daughters. This is how adopted children should be raised. The adopted child should offer his life for the sake of the coming sons and daughters. He should hope to see the birth of the sons and daughters of direct lineage desired by God, although this may require sacrificing everything he has; he should be preparing in heart for them. Without gaining the qualifications of an adopted child, you have no relationship with the son. You should bear in mind that the one born as an intermediate being, one step above the archangel, is the adopted child. (89-203, 1976.11.22)

I could not take just one course, because the providence relating to my family has to do with two blood lineages centering on God. My elder sons are standing in opposing positions because you did not protect them. The elder sons, Sung Jin and Hyo Jin, and the elder daughter, Ye Jin, are standing in opposing positions. They should surrender voluntarily. It is the responsibility of the blessed families to protect True Children and consider them more precious than their own children and blood lineage. You are a castle wall protecting them from Satan's attack. In spite of that, the three elder couples did not complete this responsibility.

I entrusted the care of Sung Jin to a blessed couple. They had to love him more than their own children. I entrusted the care of Hee-Jin to another couple. They also had to love him more than their children. No matter how many children they may have had, even at the sacrifice of their own children they had to protect Hee-Jin. Not to have done that brings judgment by the Principle. Moreover, I put Hyo-Jin under another couple's care. Did you love him like that? Satan went in and out as he liked.

Therefore, problems happened in my family. My second son, Hee-Jin, died. Moreover, our second daughter, Hye-Jin, also died eight days after she was born.

I was the second son in my father's family. So, to take me from my physical father, Satan used all kinds of methods. My elder brother and elder sister became insane. Out of thirteen brothers and sisters, five people died within one year. Dogs and horses belonging to my household died. Satan used his whole authority to destroy my father's family. However, from this miserable and difficult situation, my official way had to start.

Even in the most difficult situation, the providence of restoration has to go forward. There is no exception in the law of indemnity. Thus, Adam's nation, Eve's nation, and the archangel's nation, which I appointed, cannot be in peace. (The Meaning of The Day Of Victory Of Love, 1997.1.2 Unofficial)

Just as humankind has hoped historically for the manifestation of the Second Coming, spiritual children have to hope for the birth of blessed children through their spiritual parent. That is, spiritual children must expect nothing greater than the birth of blessed children through their spiritual parent. Moreover, they have to respect the blessed child from the time the child is in the womb. Just as the archangel was to think highly of Adam and Eve, and was supposed to talk with and support them, spiritual children have to love and value the child more than their lives from the time the spiritual parents conceive. They have to wait with the highest hope for the day that the baby is born. And when the baby is born, they have to offer all of their property, or else the road to restore the right of ownership of the archangelic standard will never come to exist. (Blessing Pt. 2 -- 53)

I have loved the members in the Cain position more than my own children and wife. You must become crazy about Cain, and in the process sacrifice your own family. That is proper. After doing that then you can come back to love your own children and wife. Even now at East Garden it is rare for Mother and me to eat together with all the children because most of the time I am meeting with the Church leaders at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Even now I still live that way of life.

As my own children mature and think about my past and my mission, they will truly come to love and understand me. Even after I go to spirit world, the remaining leaders and 36 couples will love them as much as I loved those people, or even more. That is the best inheritance I could leave them. That is how I am opening the door for all mankind and all history to love them. (Home Church -- 193, 1979.11.20)

In the world of the unfallen realm, the perfection of Adam was to be achieved by having the angels protect him, raise him, and bring him to the occasion of the Blessing. By having the spirit world fulfill its original mission, the archangelic realm of the spirit world will be restored, and through this the earthly realm will be restored. (177-75, 1988.5.15)

For adopted children to advance to the position of begotten children, the jealousy the archangel felt at the time of Adam and Eve must be indemnified. To do this, spiritual children should value and love the physical children of their spiritual parents more than their own lives. Next, they should restore the satanic world. These are essential points. What this means is that you cannot enter unless you have loved my children. Ask yourselves whether you loved them from the time they were in the womb. Have you loved me, God's will and the children of my body even more than yourselves? The question is whether you loved them more than yourselves. Jesus asked, "Did you love me more than your own sons and daughters, your family?" If you have not done so, you cannot proceed, and should indemnify this failure for three years starting now. (127-128, 1983.5.5)

The True Children must suffer in a different way from you. Wherever they go, whether to school or for recreation, they are always whispered about, "That is Reverend Moon's child." And they are always hearing criticism about their own father. Even though you feel pain when you hear someone criticizing me, that is nothing like the pain felt by the True Children. Many times they are reduced to tears in their own school for this reason. How many tears have you shed because of criticism of the True Parents? How much agony and heartbreak have you felt for that? Therefore, no matter what, the True Children are spiritually higher than you because they are heartistically closer to True Parents.

Being the son or daughter of Reverend and Mrs. Moon is such an agonizing burden that sometimes the children wish they were not in that position. It is that difficult for them. What should be the attitude of the Unification Church members? Instead of standing back and pointing fingers of accusation at the children, you should say, "God, give me their pain so that the children can be liberated. Let them grow up experiencing joy and happiness. Let us be the ones to suffer instead." That is the righteous way to feel. How often have you considered the agony of the children? If you cannot go beyond their heartistic suffering, you had better just be silent and try to do whatever you can to help them. (True Love -- 66-67, 1984.4.1)

What kind of family is the family of True Parents? The family of True Parents is a fruit of history, the center of the age, and the origin of the future. Hence, when our world becomes the heavenly kingdom of hope in the future, True Parents' entire lives will be the origin of its traditions. This is the original source of the national ideology. Also, this is the original point from which to establish that world. You should always establish the three-generation realm with True Parents, based on the connection as children of True Parents. The three generations are God, Parents and you. Horizontally, there are also three generations: I myself, my own children and you. Heaven and earth will not be unified until these three generations have been completed. (44-169, 1971.5.6)

For the first time I can pay some attention to my own children. I never paid attention to them before now. The True Parents' children are the representatives of all mankind, and when they suffer or are unhappy, it means that mankind is unhappy. To preserve their well-being, I had to assist the well-being of mankind. It is your turn to liberate me. Will you give me liberation? So far, when I traveled it was always for the mission, and I would always take leaders around with me, so I neglected my own children. Now I will take my own children and embrace them. When you finish your home church dispensation, you can do the same with your children.

Why have my wife and children come last? We must love the Cain world first. Love your enemy first and then love your own family. By doing so you are completely free from Satan's accusation. Not only can Satan not accuse you any more, but Satan will have to obey you. (Home Church -- 194, 1981.2.10)

Now is the time for you to do home church with all your heart and soul. In the meantime, the true children must have their well-being taken care of for the sake of mankind, for their suffering will reflect the suffering of the nation and the world. When Ye-Jin is over twenty and gets married and has children, if she is still going through suffering then it is not good for the sake of this nation, or you, or the world. This is because your children's path will follow the pattern of the true children's course. We have to completely smooth it out and lay the highway so that they can go forward easily. It is actually for your sake that I am now going home to take care of the true children. That is for the sake of the future. While I am doing that, you become frontline soldiers.

When you do home church in seven years and really give yourself, the time will come that your home church people will say, "You are father and mother to home church. We will liberate you and take up your mission. You don't need to come here because we shall work harder than you do. Don't worry about us." That should happen now here. You should say to me, "Father, don't come. We don't need you. Go to a big resort and stay with your children and have a wonderful, peaceful, glorious time. We shall take over the battle." Would you do that? Then eventually you will be treated just like that by your home church. (Home Church -- 195, 1981.2.10)

I spend very little time with my own children at East Garden. Virtually all my time is spent with church elders and visitors. Sometimes the children, without understanding my heart, have felt very lonely and asked me, "Daddy, why don't you spend time with us?" But I always tell them, "If I give more love to the 36 couples than I give to you, their love and my love will combine into one and return to you that much greater. Therefore, I am not neglecting you but loving you that much more." (True Love -- 60, 1982.6.1)

Before your physical child arrives you had better start loving Cain's children so they will love your child. I never paid a lot of attention to my own children; of course I love them but I paid more attention to the 36 couples and gave them precedence. Even now I am not able to pay my full attention to my own children. In other words my own children are being sacrificed for the sake of the world without their even understanding it. That is why members from all over the world want to serve and love my children. It is only natural. (True Love -- 60-61, 1982.7.11)

Sometimes my own children feel regret for not having received unlimited love and attention from Mother and me; their hearts are pained by this sometimes. I know they have every right to feel sad and claim that they did not receive enough attention from us, but then what have we been doing? We have worked hard and suffered for the sake of the entire world and humanity, sometimes greater than our own children. Therefore I have no pain in my conscience. Since I have been pursuing greater and greater accomplishments, my family has received care and protection. (True Love -- 61, 1983.1.1)

Heung Jin Nim was in the Abel position within the True Parents' family. He was the most exemplary, obedient son, with the greatest piety. He was the son who gave the most comfort to Mother and me. Through the tradition of Christianity, we know that in order to receive greater blessing, there must be a sacrifice offered. Heung Jin Nim was that sacrifice in front of God and Heaven which humanity and our movement offered.

This morning I offered a special service, called a Unification Ceremony, in the hospital chapel. On the foundation of this precious Sacrifice… we called for total unification. At this moment, the life of Heung Jin Nim is hanging by a thread. I am calm; whatever happens, I know that God will achieve a victory for His dispensation throughout the world. As I told Mother, our son's life may have to be offered as a sacrifice. If so, that will be an incredible event in which the best possible sacrifice will be offered to God for the sake of humanity. In return, peace, harmony and the unification of mankind will be achieved.

Heung Jin Nim was a devoted son who loved Mother and me dearly. It is truly heartbreaking to see him lying injured in the hospital. But I know that we must not allow ourselves to become discouraged or saddened by this. God will bring much greater victory for the sake of humanity.

The important thing is that each of you must strive to succeed Heung Jin Nim in his piety, obedience and love of the True Parents. You should feel like bringing the victory to True Parents and building the fatherland on his behalf. That is most important. Heung Jin Nim has longed for and prayed to see the day of the creation of the fatherland. So his spirit must be succeeded by you; in that way, his sacrifice will not have been in vain.

This year's slogan is an unusual one. I am giving you this mission and responsibility so that you can feel deep in your heart that you will succeed Heung Jin Nim. Jesus died and because that one man died, humanity could be saved. By the same token, the life of Heung Jin Nim can make the spirits of billions of people come alive. That is the way God works.

I am totally calm, knowing that our destiny is within the hands of God. If God allows Heung Jin Nim to recover by some miracle, that will be a cause for His great glory. But if he is chosen to be a sacrifice for the sake of humanity, then let God's will be done. We shall move forward and prosper to an even greater degree upon his sacrifice. If Heung Jin Nim becomes that sacrifice, he shall be buried in the fatherland. Everything comes to the turning point.

At this especially sacred moment, we are consecrating our lives for the highest purpose. We shall move forward to the ultimate victory that God has ordained. That is the mission I give to you this morning.

In the creation of the fatherland, we shall exceed all historical standards of patriotism because we are doing it for the sake of God and His country. There is a drive now in Korea to gain seven million members.

This is the message of New Year's morning; it is a serious one and also one of commitment. You shall become the fulfillment of this message, becoming Heavenly soldiers, moving forward toward the greatest victory in the year of 1984. (True Love -- 62-63, 1984.1.1)

I receive all sorts of information not only from one source but different sources and channels. I know that God is right behind me; I have been acting just as if no dangers existed. When Heung Jin went to the Cartagena Media Conference and to the Chicago Science Conference, he walked in front of me all the time, because he knew there was no one else who would serve as a shield if danger was imminent. You can learn a lesson from this. (True Love -- 66, 1984.1.29)

At the time of Jesus' crucifixion, there were two thieves hanging on crosses, one on Jesus' left and one on the right. By Divine Principle, we know that the one on the right represented the free world to come and the one on the left represented the communist world. The one on the left was scornful and said, "If you are really the son of God, why don't you get down from there and save all of us?"

At the time of Heung Jin Nim's accident, two other blessed children were with him. They survived and are now in good condition. They were driving on Route 9 and a big truck was traveling in the opposite lane. The driver of the truck threw on his brakes to avoid a patch of ice but his trailer jack-knifed into their lane. Normally such a situation would have caused the greatest damage to the person in the front passenger's seat. But Heung Jin Nim had just enough time to turn the car so that the fullest brunt of the impact was on his side.

When these two boys, Jin Bok and Jin Gil, got out of the hospital, they gave testimony in tears that Heung Jin Nim had died on their behalf. He could have easily turned the other way to protect himself, but they reported that he deliberately took the impact to save them.

Heung Jin Nim was truly born to save others, which he did even at the moment of his death. Thus the fact that he sacrificed himself for the other two boys is symbolic of the fact that he sacrificed himself for the sake of the world. Abel is always in the position to be a sacrifice and Heung Jin Nim never feared that possibility; in fact he virtually volunteered for it.

Jesus and the two thieves were all crucified; but in the case of Heung Jin Nim, he died and the representatives of the world survived, healthy and strong. Jin Bok and Jin Gil had often testified that Heung Jin was always saying, "I love my father and he is in danger. I am in a position to protect him and I am ready to die to do that." These two boys lost their own father many years ago; because of that, Heung Jin Nim always loved them very much and felt a fatherly heart toward them.

Because Heung Jin Nim paved the way, we now have a wide open door to save the communist and the free worlds. He sacrificed himself on the national foundation level for the sake of the forthcoming unity between the democratic and communist worlds. The accident occurred in the Western world but was buried in Korea; thus his body is linked to both worlds. His body returned to his homeland, which was the national foundation, and he died for the sake of the world. Since he was living on the victorious national foundation and he died on that foundation, he will be able to travel back and forth from spirit world. He will be able to work here on the national level and move on the worldwide level.

Heung Jin Nim's sacrifice brought back the situation of the two thieves being crucified next to Jesus -- it was their resurrection. Even though many sacrifices have been made by our church elders in the past, such as Mr. Eu and Mr. Lee and also my other children who died, they were sacrificed only on the church level. For the first time, a sacrifice was made on the national level by Heung Jin Nim. This is the reason why he can become a commander-in-chief in spirit world and the physical world, moving freely back and forth.

Since Heung Jin Nim was unmarried, his death has another significance. At this time, the spirit world is an unmarried realm and will remain so until the True Parents go there. He has become the commander-in-chief of all those unmarried men and women in spirit world. For that reason, I told Heung Jin Nim not to worry about being unmarried. I will provide him with an adopted son here on earth. That means he shall receive the blessing as well.

Heung Jin Nim took on all the blame for the Unification Church; by dying for that purpose, he has freed everybody else. Therefore, his contribution touches not only our church but also the free world and the communist world. All those people will come to love Heung Jin Nim. He loved the world and proved it by becoming the conditional sacrifice for the world. For that reason, the rest of the Unification Church must also love the world.

He died in my place. Therefore, your love for him must manifest itself in your love for me. Before this, spirit world has had no way to connect to True Parents; but because Heung Jin Nim is a direct representative, they can now connect. Also, they can connect themselves to the Unification Church because he died for you, too.

Here on earth, Heung Jin Nim showed the example of loving his fellow man unto his life. Likewise, for the love of his father, he died for the sake of the world, knowing that his father could continue to live for the sake of the world. By loving Heung Jin Nim in spirit world, those men and women can connect with the True Parents on earth. Therefore, his entry into that world was a great and joyful day; he came as the messiah of love for the spirit world.

Heung Jin Nim set the example for martyrdom for our church. The spirit world and the physical world will be loving him. The True Parents' position has been that of willingness and joyfulness to contribute their beloved son for the greater benefit of the spirit world and the physical world.

God never had the chance to love Adam and Eve, who fell as teenagers. Now this pure, unmarried teenaged son has been lifted up into spirit world. This is the first time such a gift could be given to God -- that He might love such an unstained child. Therefore, I told God that I would not feel sadness for myself but rather repentance that when I was a teenager I could not love Korea enough and that there wasn't enough foundation at that time. But now, with the sacrifice of my son for the world, I have fulfilled my responsibility for the nation of Korea and for the world. Those things which I myself could not do in the past can now be received by God through Heung Jin Nim's sacrifice.

The spirit world, the physical world, and the True Parents are loving Heung Jin Nim for the sake of those two passengers in his car, which symbolize the free and communist worlds. I am proclaiming that he obtained the victory of love. I will now physically save the free world and the communist world. Furthermore, I am declaring the resurrection of love. In this way, the realm of death has no more power.

That is why I declared that the funeral of Heung Jin Nim should be entirely different from any others. It was to be a joyful celebration, even like a wedding day. Furthermore, I declared the Day of Victory of Love. I never had the time to think in terms of my own son dying but rather how this victory would benefit God and hurt Satan's realm. Thus I concentrated upon making many conditions to lead into making the declaration of that Day of Victory of Love.

Instead of thinking in terms of our departed son, Mother and I were centered upon the dispensation of God. In the hospital, I held the Unification Ceremony for the overall benefit. I pledged to God that the True Parents would remain regally proud and that the entire spirit world and physical world would recognize the True Parents and praise them, due to this victory of love. The entire world would proclaim to the True Parents, "You are the true center of God's love." The Day of the Victory of Love is that day in which the True Parents have reached a new level and are marching forward upon the foundation of Heung Jin Nim's sacrifice. Therefore I said to Mother, "This is not the time to shed tears. This is actually a moment of glory for God and humanity. Particularly during the funeral time, you are not in the position to shed tears." I admonished her not to shed tears in public; privately, as a loving mother, she would shed many tears…At 4:00 a.m. on January 3, 1984, I declared the Day of the Victory of Love. (True Love -- 63-66, 1984.1.15)

There are a lot of long-time Unification Church members here from Korea. There was never a single instance in which I became indebted to them and for that reason I indeed became their central figure. Nowadays, my own children have come to a new realization about me. They have been somewhat empty-headed in the past, thinking, "My Dad and Mom are always taking care of the world and pay all their attention to the Church members. Why don't they care about me?" But lately they have come to tell me, "Now we can understand better why you did what you did. We see that you truly loved the world's children first, before you loved us. We love you for that and you are great in our eyes."

In order to become a true father and mother, Mother and I have been living according to the Principle. Before we loved each other or before we loved our own children, we had to love the world and be willing to give up our very lives. This is now being understood by the East Garden children. Ultimately, the Cain world will say, "Father and Mother, you gave too much to us. Now we want to give something to the True Children. We want you to be with them and do things for them." If my way of life had not followed this principle and if the Unification Church had not been guided by it, then we would have diminished and would not have survived up till now. It is only because of this principle that I have been able to prosper and continue this far.

The purpose of the workshop for the blessed children is not to treat them in a special way but to give them 21 days in order to practice living for the sake of others. Hyo Jin has been given the responsibility of leading this workshop and I am watching very closely to see how he does. If he is going to succeed, it will only be by serving the group lovingly and sacrificially. If he does, then everybody will love, respect and follow him. But if he behaves in a different way, then he will not be popular and he will not succeed. (True Love -- 67-68, 1984.7.1)

I have been in Korea for six months so far, but I never called my children. I only answer their calls when Mother hands me the telephone. While in the battlefield, it is my tradition not to ask, "Are you and your children all right?" I have no room to be concerned with my children since I want to dedicate my energy to the will of God whenever I have the time. Though I treated my children this way, they regard me and Mother as incredibly precious, really caring for their parents. If they made a mistake in word, then they cannot sleep at night and come to repent before us as soon as morning comes. All this indicates that they were born as great blessings of God. (True Love -- 69, 1986.6.1)

If your determination is firm, you can go forward without one iota of deviation no matter what difficulties you may have to face. I have done that in my life. Look at my own children. They came to America simply because their Daddy and Mommy came here; there was no other reason. They have grown up here, enduring a lot of ridicule from this society. Imagine the children's position when their father went to prison. Think of it from a father's point of view:

"What did I give to my own children? Am I bringing honor to them?" Now they have become an even greater target of ridicule from society and their peers. (True Love -- 69, 1986.6.15)

By my coming here and creating this incredible and controversial movement, all the True Children were exposed to tremendous pressure and emotional pain. When they go to their schools, the other children make fun of them and whisper, "That's Reverend Moon's son and daughter. Oh, those Moonies." The children have had to endure that kind of daily scorn and come home with heavy hearts. I know that. This is different from your own position or that of your children. My children have to carry an extraordinary mental burden all the time. My message to them is always, "Look at me, your Daddy. I am receiving worldwide persecution and I am receiving it willingly, gladly. Can't you take this small persecution that comes from your school? That is really very small compared to what people have done to me."

However, I have the vision and the experience to see well beyond the present moment, so I never become discouraged or disheartened. But within the minds of my children, these experiences are gigantic because they cannot see as far beyond. For that reason, their suffering is much greater, in a way. You don't know about these kinds of things. If I had not come to America, these things would not have happened to them. But I came here for a purpose: for the sake of the world and the entire providential goal. I have never become discouraged even one iota or moved backward one step, even though my own children have had to be overburdened in that fashion and sacrificed, in a way. (True Love -- 69-70, 1986.9.7)

Isn't it true that, even though you are much older than the true children, still you consider them your elder brothers and sisters? Hyo Jin is younger than almost all of you, but you still call him "elder brother Hyo Jin Nim." The same is true of the sisters, no matter how young they are. You even call Hyung Jin, who is much younger, your elder brother. Likewise with Jeung Jin, the youngest. You still call her "my elder sister Jeung Jin Nim."

It is truly amazing that your elder brother, Heung Jin Nim, sacrificed himself at such a young age for you. This is opposite from the worldly elder brother, who tries to make use of the younger brother for his own sake. We must understand how difficult Heung Jin's position initially was. He went to spirit world; he did not have a body any more. He worked so hard there to make a foundation on earth so that he could teach you. Therefore, you must learn your lessons from him with great respect and with most serious attention.

You must believe strongly that if you are willing to sacrifice yourself for the sake of mankind as Heung Jin did, and then work toward your goal, your victory is guaranteed. What other result could you get? You must be absolutely confident that you are completely one with the True Parents. (True Love -- 71, 1987.11.21)

Through my son, Heung-jin, going to the spirit world, Abel and the angels -- who had been completely separated like earth and heaven -- were bound together like twins. Upon that unified foundation, parents could be mobilized. This is the view of the Unification Principle.

Heung-jin is the Abel-type son who went to the spirit world on the basis of establishing conditions of indemnification for the realm of dominion of the Principle, which was established through True Parents' love. He went to the spirit world from the position of having conquered the realm of Satan's dominion and having realized the realm of God's direct dominion. He attained the state of being the son who went to heaven with the qualification of having perfected himself for the first time since the Fall.

Originally, if people had not fallen, they would have passed into the spirit world with the qualification of owners or sons centered on love based on the family foundation. That is where the realm of dominion based on accomplishments through the Principle and the realm of direct dominion are unified with that of True Parents' heart. By the Principle one cannot go to heaven without this foundation.

Since Jesus and Christians went to spirit world without reaching that point, until now they have all remained in the middle realm of the spirit world. With Heung-jin passing, however, a central point was established where they could be engrafted to God. Since Heung-jin received the Blessing and his spouse is still on earth, he can stand in the same position as having a family in his lifetime.

Thus, centering on Heung-jin's family, the spiritual foundation on which one can visit one's family on earth has been established. This is precious. The establishment of Heung-jin's family is precious.

If such work could have been done, despite Jesus' death, Christianity would not have needed to sacrifice as it did until now. Yet there has been no other way. Why? Jesus had to go to the other world and return because, within the realm of True Parents' heart, separation from Satan could not be done within the realm of dominion based on accomplishments through the Principle; and because the foundation of love was not established within the realm of direct dominion.

Yet Heung-jin does not need to come again. Heung-jin lives both in the spirit world and on earth. That being so, what will happen? The spiritual and physical worlds have become like twins from the standpoint of the realm of heart. The parents are in the eldest son position. From the viewpoint of generations, vertically the parents are above and Heung-jin of the second generation is below.

Yet in the spirit world this is reversed. In terms of our birth on earth, I am in the position of the elder brother and Heung-jin in that of the younger brother. I am in Cain's position and Heung-jin in Abel's position. In the spirit world, Heung-jin becomes the eldest son. He is in the position of the elder brother and all the other spirits are in the position of younger siblings. Based on the realm of heart, that is how it is. From God's standpoint, He is the Father, I am the elder son and Heung-jin is the younger son.

In the spirit world, Heung-jin is the eldest son based on the realm of love and all others in the spirit world stand in the position of younger siblings. There is a reversal. Thus, we reach the conclusion that the standard of heart for the right of the eldest son finds its correct position and settles there. You must teach this well when giving a Principle lecture. Now, in accordance with the realm of heart, before all the people in the spirit world, including even Jesus and all the good saints, Heung-jin is first to be born as the eldest son. From the viewpoint of the realm of heart, Heung-jin is the first son and the others are the second sons who are next to be born.

Consequently, Heung-jin can let the realm of the second son inherit the blessings of the right of the first son. Satan tried to prevent this from happening by plundering the inheritance. But Heung-jin, who now stands in the realm of the first son, delivered all the blessings he received while on earth. So there is a connection being made. Heung-jin unceasingly endeavors to pass these blessings on, whereas the satanic world resists doing do. (131-52, 1984.4.1)

I have brought a candle (Tongil candle) with me today. I will bequeath this to you. After receiving this candle, you should all become proud sons and daughters before True Parents and children who can bear fruit on the earth. By doing so, I hope to arrive in heaven with you all. Please expand the foundation of your devotions today so that it can be one of offering devotion with the children of True Parents' family. Even though you may have difficulties, I pray that you may fulfill your responsibilities with a heart of participation during this condition. Although this candle is only one, it consists of three different candles. True Children's love resides in this candle. (CSG -- 1090)

Lineage and ownership must be converted to God's side. Japan has inherited Satan's ownership. Adam must become the master ahead of Satan. Before Adam becomes the master, God must become the owner. But God has not yet become the owner. Adam has not become the owner. In order to recover the ownership that Eve lost, she must go out to the world and put everything in order. That is why ownership must be returned to God's side. In order to have that ownership returned, it cannot be brought to me directly. It must be brought through my children, through Mother. It must be done in reverse, the way it is done in restoration. (229-154, 1992.4.11)

True Parents' family, which represents the whole historical realm of victory, attained this position because it went through a history of purification to the root. If Hye-jin was sacrificed for the sake of cutting off the bloodline of the fallen woman in the Garden of Eden, then Hee-jin represents the Old Testament Age. They have different mothers. So, Hee-jin pertains to the Old Testament Age and Heung-jin represents the New Testament Age. He was not married, just like Jesus. Yet subsequently, since he was blessed in marriage, the earth is connected with the spirit world. This Blessing is also connecting the perfected physical foundation of Christianity with the work of establishing the spiritual perfection of those in Christianity who were not blessed. The family-level Blessing is being connected to the spirit world. (304-304, 1999.11.12)

What do I mean by saying that kingship cannot be achieved without a family? In order to acquire a cosmic kingship, one has to go step by step from an individual kingship, a tribal kingship, a national kingship, etc. There is a step-up order. That is why you must be united with the True Family on an individual level, a family level, a tribal level and national level.

Kingship is to go through a family of a tribal messiah. The kingship must be completely united with the descendants in the direct line. Tribal messiahship belongs to the second generation. My second generation must be completely united. Which do you have to cherish more, True Children or your children? One's own tribe should be sacrificed for the sake of the kingship and the prince. That is the way for a tribe to go. (Tribal Messiah -- 15, 1990.2.11)

The Blessed Families that are united with my family make up a new tribe. As time progresses, they will grow in number and form a new race. Further expansion will bring forth a new nation, and finally a new world. In other words, a new race, the race of the third Israel will be formed. For example, it is part of the work of the Unification Church to enable Japanese people to become those who will inherit the new realm of the lineage of God, instead of merely remaining as those who inherit the lineage of their historical Japanese ancestors. (22-197, 1969.2.2)

What is the responsibility of tribal messiahs? It is the restoration of kingship. Your house should be ready to receive and serve the king. What does that mean? The kingship which is to connect Heaven to earth must be restored. The sap of every tree must penetrate the root and the bud, and reach all the branches; then a tree survives. The restoration of kingship must go through the family. It must go through the individual kingship, family level kingship and tribal level kingship. You are the kings centering upon your tribes. That is why the Bible says, "They will be priests of God and of Christ and will reign with him for a thousand years,"

That is the reason why you must be absolutely united with the True Family. First of all, you must be united with my sons and daughters, more than with your own sons and daughters or anybody else. When connected at the family level, the kingship of a nation and of the world takes place. You should not be ignorant of what is going on in the world. You must not be blind and unknowing. (Tribal Messiah -- 9-10, 1990.2.11)

From Sun Myung Moon's Unofficial Speeches

When the Messiah comes, will it be as a man or as a woman? Answer clearly! A man! What does he do when he comes as a man? What is his mission? What does he do? He gives rebirth. To whom? With whom does he give rebirth to everyone? He has to find a mother and only then can the Father and Mother together give rebirth. The Messiah will find a bride, but what will you do? You will have to crawl into him, crawl inside his body, ready to be reborn within six months.

You don't know who your mother is going to be, but you do know that you have to symbolically crawl inside the True Father as the seed of a baby. Do you understand? You must think constantly, I am now surrounded strongly by love, I am right inside the bone marrow of the True Father, surrounded by love. I am safe and I am right inside him waiting to be reborn by True Mother. We have to have that strong feeling of being inside Father by loving Mother as well, feeling, 'When Father makes love with Mother, then I, who am deeply inside Father as the seed of a baby, will be conceived and be reborn.'

But you are not yet reborn, so what can you do? You must consider ourselves as True Parent's own children. You have to feel that I am the older brother and you are the younger brother and you will never let me go. Then when I have my own child, this could be regarded as you being born again by becoming one with that child. You already know that I took Mother, and all the children were born. Of course our children are younger than you in physical age but to you they are still elder ones, aren't they? This is why everybody calls them elder brother, elder sister, even if they are only two or three years old. They are the same as you, and you are twins. It so happens that they were born first and you are born later, but it does not make any difference because you are twins. You should become a really strongly connected twin. The fallen twins can be claimed by Satan, but not you, because you became one with the God-born child. Satan has no claim over you. You can walk as reborn sons and daughters of God.

Now let me ask you again, are you reborn? If not, now you know. Then why did God do this for us? So that we could make a foundation to be born again. God did not do that for the sake of me, but God worked through me for the world's sake, to give rebirth to everyone on earth. Isn't that right? Isn't that what God did for us?

When you hear the perfect explanation you still have some thinking to do to catch up; but I have had to fight constantly against Satan and try to discover things from Satan; otherwise the 4 billion people of the world would be ruled by Satan. But because of one individual, True Father, Satan's dominion of the world is absolutely at an end. ..

You already learned this, in a different way. The purpose of creation is explained in the Divine Principle as the forming of the four-position foundation. You know that God, True Mother and myself are the basis of Heaven and God can dwell right there. Now all of you, let me ask you another question. Do all of you love me? Yes? Do you really mean it? The ones here at the front, do you really love me? Yes. Why does this happen? Why do you love him? Yes, as a parent. You will come right into my body as a seed of a baby, and through Mother be born again, isn't that right? When I come, you are all happy in spite of yourselves. We don't know why we are just happy. (How We Are Born Again, 1978.5.18, Unofficial)

Our pride is this: We are living contemporaries of the True Parents, living at the same time in history. You are learning from True Parents how to practice true love in order to remake and bring a brand new history to humanity. This is the time of transfer for all of history. What a great time we are living in! The highest point of history -- the time when you are living. Isn't that true?

This is the dramatic meaning of the life of the members of the Unification Church. We share history with the True Parents. God with us as every moment of the day ticks by. The highest point of drama is occurring on the face of the earth. The entire spirit world has been mobilized. The universe and all things of creation are looking at this moment as the most dramatic moment of history. Think of it: In this time, you were born and lived, joined the Unification Church, and went through persecution with Father. You received criticism from the outside world, laughed together with Father, ate, wept, and worked together with Father. This is. the highest, greatest honor history could have bestowed upon anyone.

This high point of history will never come again. That one time in history is happening in our lifetime. We can serve True Parents, we can serve the True Children, we can serve True Parents' grandchildren. We can attend the three generations of the heavenly family -- physically. In the past two millennia, Christians have been waiting for this opportunity, but they never got it. It is a joy, privilege and honor to serve.

Think about it. You are serving the three generations of True Parents' family. At this time, everything you are doing, even everything you wear, becomes a part of history, an archive item. This includes the clothes you are wearing today. If you sack up your everyday dresses, overcoats all your life, they will be sought after by the entire world in the future. Museums will be constructed to keep those precious items, and after about a thousand years they will be offered in auction. "This is the sweater worn by John Doe in 1989 when he was working for the True Parents.. Here is a dress worn by Jane Doe during the Yankee Stadium Rally, and here is one worn at the Washington Monument rally." What do you think? Would the prices be astronomical? Yes. (Living in the Time of the Highest Point in History, 1989.4.9 Unofficial) 

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