Filial Attendance: The Way of Filial Piety of Holy Sons and Daughters of God - Elio Roman

Chapter 37 - Attendance: Love Brothers and Sisters

Chapter Summary and Introduction

The pattern for the ideal world, the Kingdom of Heaven, is found in the family. The Kingdom of Heaven is the kingdom of ideal relationships. The pattern for ideal relationships is established in the ideal family which is the school of love. Ethics within the family is the model for ethics within society and within the ideal world of love.

Had Adam and Eve kept the Commandment, they would have established the Parent and relationship with God. The Parent and relationship is a vertical relationship of love. God would have lived for the sake of His children with parental love. Filial sons and daughters would have lived for the sake of God by attending Him. In attending God Adam and Eve would have placed God in the position of owner of true love and God would have bequeathed to them true love, true life, true lineage, all ideals, and the universe.

The vertical love embodied in Adam and Eve would then have been multiplied horizontally when Adam and Eve would have been blessed in holy matrimony by God. Adam and Eve would have learned to live for the sake of each other. The vertical love between Adam, Eve and God would have been multiplied horizontally when they gave birth to their children. The horizontal love between Adam and Eve would have been further expanded horizontally when their children would have learned to love each other as brothers and sisters.

There is a natural love that brothers and sisters share with each other. They are of the same family, of the same lineage, and live and grow in the same household. They share love with the same parents. They also share the love of their grandparents, their ancestors, and all relatives of their clan and tribe. The natural love of God was not inherited by human beings do to the fall of Adam and Eve. They were not able to become one with the vertical axis of God. Since then, there has been conflict between husbands and wives and brothers and sisters. There is something which is part of human beings which causes animosity and conflict between all subject and object partners. Because of this conflict parents and children have a difficult time uniting, husbands and wives have a difficult time uniting, and brothers and sisters have a difficult time uniting. This then causes division between neighbors, races, and nations. The family of Adam and Eve established the model of conflict in all human relationships due to the Fall. The only solution is to establish the Vertical Parent and child relationship with God, whereby we inherit and embody the true love of God. What true love does is to love unconditionally until the barriers dissipate. Restoration centered on true love is a difficult course.

Loving and living for the sake of God with filial attendance establishes the foundation for all vertical relationships. Vertical love is then multiplied horizontally as love between husbands and wives and love between brothers and sisters in the family which establishes the foundation for horizontal relationships in society. Thus the family establishes the model for all vertical and horizontal relationships in society. Living for the sake of brothers and sisters establishes the foundation for horizontal love between friends, neighbors, families, tribes, races, and between nations. Filial attendance of God and proper loving relationships between husbands and wives, parents and children and between brothers and sisters establish the foundations for a world of peace. Confucius spoke about the importance of establishing the proper order of relationships in the Family. He wrote:

The Master said, "The filial piety with which the superior man serves his parents may be transferred as loyalty to the ruler. The fraternal duty with which he serves his elder brother may be transferred as submissive deference to elders. His regulation of his family may be transferred as good government in any official position. Therefore, when his conduct is thus successful in his inner (private) circle, his name will be established (and transmitted) to future generations."1

One of the responsibilities of filial sons and daughters is to establish true love relationships between their brothers and sisters. Filial sons and daughters are representatives of God, True Parents, and of their own parents. Such representatives attend God, True Parents and their biological parents vertically. They then horizontally love their brothers and sisters. Representatives of God and True Parents are the restored elder siblings who devote themselves to their brothers and sisters as their caring parents did for them. They yearn for their brothers and sisters with a heart of attending their parents. Such pious filial children receive Heaven's blessings.

Following the pattern of horizontal brotherly love in their family, filial sons and daughters of God expand the horizontal foundation of love through loving their friends, their neighbors, other families, other tribes, other races, and nations. They replace selfishness by living for the sake of others. Different races learn to live for the sake of each other and nations learn to live for each other, thereby establishing a one-world family of freedom, peace, unity and happiness; a world in interdependence, mutual prosperity, and equally shared values.

Proper relationships between brothers and sisters failed to be established in the Garden of Eden between Adam, Eve and the archangel Lucifer. This then was expanded to the failure in the relationship between the brothers Able and Cain and between men and women. Proper relationships between siblings centering on true love failed to be established. The lack of true relationships between brothers and between brothers and sisters expanded to enemy relationships between men, improper relationships between men and women, and expanded to selfish and unethical relationships between neighbors, families, races and nations.

The great commandment, "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind. You shall love your neighbor as yourself" (Matt. 22:37-39) has its origin developmentally from filial sons and daughters loving God and their parents vertically and as their representatives loving their brothers and sisters horizontally and then expand that love to ones neighbors and all of society.

The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

In what position do you have to stand in order to become a filial child? What is the path that filial children must walk? Parents will say "Love your brothers and sisters more than us. Live for the sake of your siblings in the same way as you live for our sake." Fulfilling this is the way of the filial child. Parents will probably say that this is their will. (62-37, 1972.9.10)

What do all the people who were born of their parents call God? They all call Him Father as the Christians do. In the same family, the grandfather calls God Father and so do the father and the grandson. That goes for all members of the family. Likewise, God is Father to all humankind. Accordingly, all people are brothers and sisters. I sometimes think that if that is really the case, then things will be quite interesting when I go to the spirit world. (21-248, 1968.11.24)

The Kingdom of Heaven is not a difficult place; it is a place where we serve God and True Parents and where we receive and give love. Parents want children to love each other. If you have the title of a son of filial piety, but fight with your brothers at the same time, the title is worthless. That's why parents prefer you to love your brothers. People who love brothers and sisters more than they love their parents can eternally live inside the boundary of the Kingdom of Heaven. People who cannot love their brothers more than they do their parents are out of the dominion. By knowing this fact, members should be one.

People who are always prepared to welcome brothers and sisters, waiting for them from morning to night, will be blessed. Since they know that their parents cannot visit all houses, they wait for the heavenly brothers and sisters every day with a heart yearning to serve parents. Long ago there was a similar custom in Korea. Families of the classical scholar rank kept a special room for visitors. Such a custom can be seen only in Korea. Thus a heavenly regulation was shown symbolically in the historical background of the satanic world. (Blessing Pt. 2 -- 257)

The heart of parents desires that children love each other more than they love the parents. Even if you cannot take care of your parents, if you say, "Mom, please wait. I will take care of my younger brother first," your parents will say, "My boy! Oh, he'll grow up to be a good man." Isn't that right? (78-41, 1975.5.1)

The person who is willing to love his brother even more than he does his parents will live eternally in heaven. Those who cannot love their brother as they would their parents are not included in this place. The source of this principle, when understood, is simple. Members were incapable of loving one another because they did not know this until now. The question is whether our members can unite among themselves. If you stand in a position where you cannot fulfill your filial duty to True Parents, you should offer those things that you wanted to devote to them to the members instead. Then Heaven can accept this offering as something greater than your filial devotion to True Parents. Such a person will surely be blessed. (78-41, 1975.5.1)

The path to heaven is opened by loving the members in the same way that you love God. You are trying to follow me, yet, with that same heart, you should strive to go together with your siblings. In this respect, we can conclude that the one who teaches the highest, quickest, and best way to go to heaven is neither God nor me but your siblings. The one who exerts himself with love greater than parental or conjugal love becomes the supreme subject being of love who then searches for his object partner. (66-125, 1973.4.18)

The family sets the pattern for living together in harmony. The family wherein parents and children love and respect each other, husband and wife are grounded in mutual trust and love, and brothers and sisters trust and rely on each other, and all live together as one, is the model ideal family. (Messages of Peace 2 -- March, 2006)

There are two types of law. The one may be the law to prevent a fight and the other is the law to lead people to live for each other's sake. Then, what should we do in order to prevent people from fighting? If they are in the relationship between brothers, the younger should obey the older one. The one who is born first becomes the subject in the order of the universe. The senior one is connected to God. In addition, God is the most senior being who exists before everything does. So God must have established such a law.

If you are situated between parents and brothers, naturally you have to obey your parents, because your parents are born before your brothers were. That's the law. Such a law of order should be applied to each case. Do you understand what I mean?

You may say that you are just born so that nobody can interfere in your life. But you have to recognize that you have uncles or relatives. It means that you are born within the range of the clan. It is wrong to think, "Let's do as we please." On the contrary, you ought to live up to the law of order by which you can be in step with others.

You may say, "Do we need any law?" Yes, absolutely, you need the law. Only insisting on yourself to the end may lead to fighting. Then, only the strongest man could survive and the rest of them may die off.

That is the law which tells man to live for woman's sake, woman for man's sake, parents to live for children's sake, children to live for parents' sake, and brothers and sisters to live for each other's sake.

Do you understand what I am saying? It is possible to live up to the law, if you would do so through and by true love. You have to make sacrifices with true love for the sake of others. All laws are bound to yield under true love after all. Wherever you may go, if you go there with your hands raised like this, you will not be caught in the web of the law. You can pass through it. Understand? [Yes] That's why I always say to you that you have to live up to true love, making sacrifices and serving others. That's simple.

Imagine that the position of the older brother and the younger one might be overturned. It must not be so. The overturned position will be automatically put in order, even if it had been so. The older brother may call his younger one "elder brother," but it doesn't mean that their positions are disordered. Parents want to do more and give more in favor of their children. But can their behavior overturn their positions? Can the children be rude to their parents? Well, on the contrary, they must make up their mind to do more for their parents' sake. It's the function of their original mind that leads people to keeping order. Do you understand what this means? (117-216)

Ladies and gentlemen, the reason why we miss the family we have left behind is that at home there is love for one another. It is where the love of mother and father, the love of elder brothers and sisters and younger siblings, and the love of one's spouse, children and close neighbors are all deeply embedded. (Messages of Peace 3 -- 56, 2006.4.10)

Citizens of Cheon Il Guk, the unification of the spirit world has been completed. The issue now is the 6.5 billion people living on earth in their physical bodies. They struggle in agony in the midst of sin and suffering, yet they are your brothers and sisters. Your third mission is to educate them and bring them home as people of Cheon Il Guk. (Messages of Peace 5 -- 75, 2006.6.13)

Now the revolutionary era after the coming of heaven, the time of harvest, has arrived. This year, I will continue to guide you in carrying out this universal revolution for the restoration of humanity. Please do not hesitate! Let us hold hands and together uphold the heavenly decree in fulfilling our calling and responsibility! How can we avert our eyes from the situation in which tens of thousands of our brothers and sisters are dying helplessly while waiting for salvation? (Messages of Peace 12 -- 186, 2007.2.23)

Why do we have brothers and sisters? Why do we need brothers and sisters? It is because with brothers and sisters, boys can watch their younger sisters and elder sisters, and from them learn how their mothers grew up; and girls can watch their naughty elder brothers and younger brother, and from them learn how their fathers grew up. This is called the love of brothers and sisters. So, you should love your siblings. Also, you should learn to love your siblings as you love your father and mother. You cannot love them if you don't learn how. So, through watching your brothers and sisters you learn how your parents grew up and you come to love them as your parents do.

In this way, you will be able to love your mother and father even after you go to the next world. You need your brothers and sisters in order to be an owner of love without shame. Then, would it be better for brothers and sisters to love each other more than their parents or less than their parents? It is better that they love one another more. Why is that so? Because watching and loving your siblings is like watching and loving your mother and father when they were growing up. When you do this, it fulfills the condition of loving your parents from their birth to their death. So these brothers and sisters are connected to each other through such love. That's why I think this way.

Then in the case of the parents, the more children they have, the more they can learn about their spouses. For example, in the case of the mother, as she sees her sons grow up she could think, "Oh, that is probably how my husband was when he was growing up." So, loving the children is essentially the same as loving the husband the way he was before she met him. Also the husband could think, "Ah, my wife would have been like this daughter! She is showing me how her mother was when she was young," and so he would learn from her. Through loving the children, he fulfills the condition of loving every aspect of his wife. The mother and father do not say, "Let us love only the boys and not the girls." They love their sons and daughters equally, without discrimination. So by having sons and daughters, a beautiful circle of love in the family is formed. The mother and father will treat the children equally. All parents are like this. So hating your brother or sister is a greater sin than hating your mother. This is the first rule in family education. (184-60, 1988.11.13)

The place where we want to live is the heavenly nation. There are no borders there. It does not use two languages. Racial differences do not exist there. People are all brothers and sisters because they all were born from God's bosom. In God's eyes, as His children, they are all siblings and therefore all citizens of His kingdom on earth. They are the citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. (66-281, 1973.5.16)

You should love the True Parents as you love God, and you need to love your brothers and sisters as you do God and the True Parents. The person who loves all humankind as he does his family and brothers and sisters is qualified to become a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven. In other words, he is eligible for registration. (190-122, 1989.6.18)

Without parents, can there be brothers and sisters? (155-321, 1965.11.1)

You can enter heaven by attending the kingship at the head of your own royal family, which includes your brothers and sisters as well as your parents. You enter heaven after living with this kind of heart. (247-265, 1993.5.9)

What is Family Pledge number four? It pertains to the universal family encompassing heaven and earth. All human beings are brothers and sisters -- one lineage. (276-180, 1996.2.19)

What is a child of filial piety? They are not those who make devoted efforts for their parents. You should know that those who make devoted efforts for their brothers and sisters as they would serve their parents are children of filial piety. (133-241, 1984.7.19)

What should the love among children be like? What should they use as the standard for loving? Brothers and sisters should love each other just as their father and mother do. From whom should we learn about love? We should learn from our parents. (66-120, 1973.4.18)

When an elder brother loves his younger sister, and the younger sister loves her elder brother, they cannot just love each other; they must involve their parents in that love and cherish their childhood experiences of growing up in the bosom of their parents. They should be a brother and sister who are connected on the basis of parent and child oneness. Only then will they ascend as they grow up. They should grow up like this all the way through elementary and middle school. (236-11, 1992.11.2)

It is the same with the relationships of brothers and sisters. When the eldest brother leads a task, the younger brothers and sisters will cooperate. (299-114, 1999.2.7)

Who is the prosecutor when brothers and sisters quarrel? The elder sister or the elder brother becomes the prosecutor. You should know that there are judges and prosecutors in your household. You, young people, have you ever thought about that? (147-303, 1986.5.25)

However far you go in your travels around the world, nothing replaces the love of brothers and sisters in a family, who share the same blood from their birth. When you go out to society, is there anyone who is closer to you than your brother or sister? Although some people may be close, they will eventually drift away from you. (228-199, 1992.4.3)

Why do you need brothers and sisters? Brothers and sisters are those who are connected through the vertical and horizontal plane. If we say Adam and Eve are horizontal, then God and Adam and Eve are vertical; their intersection constitutes a plane. This is why both a horizontal setting and the front and back are needed. Through their unity a sphere is formed. When the love of brothers and sisters expands to a love for all the people of the world, sibling love transcends family. (236-11, 1992.11.2)

Is it not wonderful when the younger sibling in a family does something wrong, and the other siblings support him and the parents love him? The mother and father would say, "He is our future God!" Why is that so? It is the same when you connect to God's love. You should know that in a family with that kind of love, where the elder siblings love the younger ones like a mother and where the mother displays love when serving the father, God will be with that family and the children will become God's representatives in the future. (184-63, 1988.11.13)

Who are siblings? They are partners in the same kind of love; they are comrades who share the same parents' love. If that is the case, can they fight with one another? They cannot. When you raise your right hand it is your father's hand, and when you raise your left hand it is your mother's hand. Your right foot is your father's foot. When I asked my daughter, Sun-jin, "Whose feet are these?" she answered that the right foot was her father's and the left was her mother's. She was really right. Why is that so? It was made that way because of love. (106-80, 1979.12.9)

Fallen men lost three hearts (Shim Jung) simultaneously. Adam and Eve were God's son and daughter; through the fall, however, they lost the heart of young, small children, and they lost the heart of brothers and sisters that was centered on God's love.

Adam and Eve grew up as brother and sister; however, Eve seduced Adam and made Adam fall. Eve killed Adam. They could have been a brother and sister of goodness, but instead they became a brother and sister of evil. Simultaneously, they lost the heart of children, the heart of husband and wife, and the heart of parents, which are the realms of heart within God's love. The problem centers on how we can restore this.

We must become like children by entering God's realm of heart. You must unite and restore the lost heart of brothers and sisters… Unless we connect the disconnected heart relationship and realize the realm of restoration, we cannot escape the fallen realm. (Blessing Pt. 1 -170)

Who is a filial son? A filial son is not the one who devotes himself to his parents. He is the one who devotes himself to his brothers and sisters like a loving parent. (133-242)

Had the unfallen brother or anyone else gone to Satan and tried to take Adam and Eve back, Satan would not have let them go without a condition. In order to give up the fallen brother, Satan must be given something which he feels is more valuable than that which he is going to lose. In other words, there would have to be a man who is willing to sacrifice himself in place of his fallen brother. That sacrificial brother will become the second Adam, or Christ. The fallen brother will be liberated on that condition alone.

If there had been anyone who had had such filial piety toward God, His Father that he could feel his Father's heart when He lost Adam and Eve, he would have felt that he would do absolutely anything to relieve the Father's grief and take back his brother. If that had been so, he would have been willing to sacrifice himself in place of his brother. When man fell, God was tearful. Both God and man were tearful when they parted from each other. Someone must come who will experience God's grief and his fallen brother's grief and who is willing -to do anything to relieve those suffering hearts. (New Hope -- 45, 1971.12.14)

When He gives praise and everything good, you may say: "Father, now that you have given all this happiness and these blessings to me, they are mine, aren't they?" He would tell you, "Of course they are yours." Then you can do anything you like with them. You would want to give all your blessings out to other people, thinking, "Let all that I have received belong to my brothers." God would be happy with you. (New Hope -- 73)

To become filial sons and daughters who are loved by Heaven and serve their parents, you must, first, become one with your brothers and sisters. (Sermons 3 -- 43, 1957.9.22)

Father, I ardently wish and desire that You allow us to liquidate the sorrowful facts on this earth by feeling and experiencing Your sorrow and becoming true brothers. (Sermons 5 -- 62, 1959.1.3)

You today must become one now. To become filial sons and daughters who are loved by Heaven and serve their parents, you must, first, become one with your brothers and sisters. (Sermons 3 -- 43, 1957.9.22)

If we are to receive His true love, we cannot live selfishly, centering on our own self. Instead, we should live for the sake of God and humankind as our brothers and sisters. The more a person sheds blood and tears for her brothers and sisters in place of her parents, the deeper, wider and higher will be the love she receives. This is the son and daughter we must become if we are to inherit everything from our parents. Every man and woman must go this path. Even if we have to face death ten times or a hundred times, we must continue our search for God's true love. This is the supreme path of life. (World Peace -- 104, 1999.3.19)

Only love binds brothers. Only love binds brothers, families, clans, tribes, peoples, and eventually the world. Love binds humanity with God as one.

The reason we prefer love is because it is the foundation that unifies all things. You don't understand completely why love is such a wonderful thing. That's why Teacher brings out the issue of love now… Through love -- pupils shedding tears of love for teachers, teachers for pupils, children for parents, sisters for sisters, brothers for brothers, siblings for siblings, tribes for tribes. (Unification Pt. 1 -- 226)

What is a saint? Is he a person who eats well? If he a person who fights well? No, he is not. A saint should love all people as his parents, his brothers and sisters, and his children. (186-74)

When you met Father, you naturally felt like loving Father. You felt love that you could not help but give to others. You should give such love to your brothers and sisters.

Then God will give you back as much love as you gave to others many times over. It is because parents wish their children to love each other. If you love brothers and sisters in the same way you love God, the door to the Kingdom of Heaven will be opened. You should go together with brothers and sisters just as you want to go with Father…The way to the Kingdom of Heaven is to realize brotherly and sisterly loves based on parental and conjugal love. The key to enter the Kingdom of Heaven is to give and receive love for joy. You should keep it deeply in your mind that brothers and sisters are more valuable than you are. (66-125)

For what purpose are we Unification Church members gathered here today? We call our members "Sik-Goo," don't we? What does Sik-Goo mean? It does not mean the one who eats meals. By Sik-Goo we mean those who have the connections of brothers and sisters; those who were born under the same parents' heart. We should have the relationship of brothers under the same parents. Then we inherit the life, habit, and tradition of the parents, and we have the life style that heaven likes. In this way family members come to be formed. (155-211)

Human beings should mature in stages as they experience the true love of God during their growth period. Born through true love, human beings first experience the true love of true parents, true love of true brothers and sisters, true love of true husband and wife, and true love of true children. According to this order one is perfected. (Public Venue, 1998.6.11)

Then why do we like parents, spouse and children? It is because of love. Parental love is absolutely necessary for children. Conjugal love is absolutely necessary for husband and wife. The sibling love between brothers and sisters, and filial piety toward parents, are also absolutely necessary…

An elder brother is to sacrifice himself by representing his parents in loving his younger brothers. This is the order and tradition of love. An elder brother has responsibility to suffer more than the other brothers. Parents are in the same situation: they are to suffer instead of their children. If parents do not abandon their children even at the crossroads of tears and hardship, their children in turn will follow their parents in tears wherever they go.

When we become one centered upon God, we are to revolve around Him in all varieties of forms and figures. The older brother is to love the younger brothers by following the example of parental love. When parents and children become one in such love relationships, the love of the family will bloom; and this becomes the love of society, nation and world. But such a love is difficult to find nowadays.

Why do you receive parental love? Because you provide the motivation for your father and your mother to lean on and love each other. Do you understand? Therefore, the love of brothers and sisters rooted in this parental motivation will never change. When we consider our neighbors as our body and act appropriately centering upon this motivation, a desirable social environment will be established. The family is the formation stage, society is the growth stage and the nation is the perfection stage. We should surely go through such a process. (Blessing Pt. 2 -- 199-200)

"Family member" is a title that brings the right to sing the praises of your brothers and sisters. (30-220, 1970.3.23)

The brotherly love between siblings and the heart of filial piety manifested by the children towards their parents is also absolutely necessary in a family. (Blessed Family -- 915, Korean Edition)

What about impious children? They dislike being with their parents. We find stories of such people in the Bible, do we not? Some did not want to be with their own brothers. They wanted to do and live as they pleased. What kind of seed is this? It is the seed of the unfilial. (147-292, 1986.10.1)

You must become filial sons and daughters to God. You cannot be a son of filial piety by yourself. You can only become such a son centering on a trinity in which three brothers become one. You know what a trinity is, don't you? You must become one in your trinity. The three families in a trinity must become one as brothers and sisters, and then again the three children of each family must become one. Then, three times four makes twelve, making twelve children. This became the first foundation for Israel. This is the origin for creating the branches of families, clans and then tribes. (30-220, 1970.3.23)

Sometimes, families split up over a very small amount of money. If a brother says, "Brother, you are you, and I am me. I lent you a million won, so why don't you pay me back? I don't like love or anything else. Money is the most important thing!" Then he is losing all the blessing he was born with. Let us say he was born with the fortune to become a millionaire or a billionaire. If he had love, then all the blessings of the universe would have come and built a nest for him; but instead the universe will run away without pity, saying, "My! What a miser he is!" This is the reason people like filial children. (141-298, 1986.3.2)

You must love with the bond of heart felt between brothers and sisters who are ready to fulfill their responsibility of loyalty and filial piety. (CSG -- 2201, 1971.1.16)

Pray for your brothers and sisters with the heart of loving the nations of the world. Only in this way can you appear before God's royal presence with the status of divine sons and daughters following their Parents. (283-77, 1997.4.8)

Only when we embrace the world and love all people with sibling love, will we join everything together in an ideal sphere of love; when that occurs, no mishap will severely shock us. Only then will all the substance of God's thought finally bear fruit. God's ideal of children unites and bears fruit there: the fruit of children's love, the fruit of siblings' love, the fruit of the love of husband and wife, and the fruit of parents' love. When the plan that the incorporeal God had at the time of creation is made substantial, upper and lower, front and rear, and left and right will be merged with Him. (236-146, 1992.11.4)

Through brothers and sisters a nation arises and all humankind arises. The relationship of brothers and sisters signifies front and back, a flat surface, but when flesh is added a sphere is formed. So it is brothers and sisters and the people of the nation who form the sphere. Brothers and sisters expand to become a people. The love of siblings is connected with the love for the world. A family where many brothers and sisters are growing up is like a model to embrace all people of the world and to create an ideal Kingdom of Heaven, the Kingdom of God on earth and in heaven. Hence, brothers and sisters expand in number. (235-268, 1992.10.1)

When there are many siblings, two may have to share a bowl at mealtimes. They do not fight because there is only one bowl of rice. Even if there are many siblings and they have to live in hardship, if they have such a heart of love that says, "Although I may starve, I will give this to my elder sister" or "I have to give this to my younger brother or sister," then everything will work out very well. (112-195, 1981.4.12)

Once you become one with God, circular motion manifests in all kinds of forms and figures. That is why the older sibling must love the younger, following the example of their parents loving them. Love will blossom within a family that is united in this way. That love then becomes the love within a society, and then the love within a nation. In this way, it later becomes the love of the whole world. (28-168, 1970.1.11)

Suppose one day you leave the house after having a fight with your brothers or sisters. The least you can do upon your return is to hold a party so that you can make them happy again. Ask for their forgiveness and tell them that you should love one another as you love your parents. Since brothers and sisters represent your mother and father, if your brothers or sisters are poor, help them and serve them as you would serve your mother. There is nothing more beautiful than this. The Kingdom of Heaven starts from there. (184-65, 1988.11.13)

When the time comes for the True Parents' arrival, all nations in the world will begin to form relationships like brothers and sisters. (51-354, 1971.12.5)

You should only walk the path that conforms to God's will. You should become brothers and sisters with people who are not actually your brothers and sisters, and follow parents who are not actually your parents. The Unification Church is making a movement that goes beyond the affections of flesh and blood. This movement focuses on God and is formed of brothers and sisters who are not actual brothers and sisters attending parents who are not their actual parents. A new culture will be created as we transcend races and the world. (83-177, 1976.2.8)

In the future, we must prepare a foundation to attend True Parents and assemble the brothers and sisters of the world before them. (20-135, 1968.5.1)

Since we have transcended the world, white people and black people should be brothers and sisters. This is to realize the brotherhood realm of humankind, the realm of Adam and Eve, which has nothing to do with the Fall. Then, what is the basic philosophy to establish that tradition? Everything will work out if we live for the sake of others. From here, your sons and daughters will grow up without suffering in this kind of environment. They will become descendants who can go straight to the heavenly nation with actual accomplishments that surpass the satanic world and can directly connect with heaven. Next, these brothers and sisters will marry one another. For us, marriage transcends nations. We have the mind-set that we can marry a black person if told to do so, marry a white person if recommended to do so, and marry a yellow person if recommended to do so. Such a tradition should be established from now. This has not yet been established. We should create oneness from now on. So you must guide your descendants and the world with this. The two must become one. When you become one you should not bear evil children. To bear children of goodness, the husband and wife should be completely one. Without becoming one, no children of goodness will come out. Thus, they should become completely one centering on God's will. (71-19, 1974.3.24)

Human history has been knit together by war. It has been a battle, this history of fighting between Cain and Abel. To put an end to this, brothers and sisters must become one. When will we come to realize that those enemies are our brothers and sisters? They used to be our elder brothers and younger brothers. Who will teach them this? The parents will teach them. They did not know about the divisions among their ancestors. Who will teach them? The parents will. Since the parents teach them, the children will come into harmony. They are to be children centered on the parents (218-69, 1991.7.2)

God's love appears in an orderly fashion. First is parental love, and next come conjugal love, children's love, and the love of brothers and sisters. (20-33, 1968.3.31)

The Kingdom of Heaven is a place where you must go together with your parents and brothers and sisters. (15-278, 1965.10.30)

In the spirit world, those who have had enough love for their parents, brothers and sisters, spouse, and children -- that is, those who have had a deep experience of love in their family life -- will be able to enjoy a lot of freedom. They will be able to go wherever they want, in any direction, without restrictions. Conversely, those who have had no experience of love, as well as those who are narrow-minded, will find themselves isolated and alone in the spirit world with no freedom whatsoever. (Blessed Family -- 1062, Korean Edition)

Since the beginning of history, who has practiced true love focused on parents, true love focused on husband and wife, and true love focused on brothers and sisters? True love is absolute. (20-40, 1968.3.31)

The number three is established by my father, mother and me. Then what does the number four refer to? It refers to brothers and sisters. (20-40, 1968.3.31)

What is the family? It is a training ground for the heart. It is a place where you train your heart to love. This is why you should live affectionately like brothers and sisters at school and also live affectionately like brothers and sisters in the nation. Parental education is needed at school, in society and also by the nation. Parents should pass everything in the realm of heart on to their children. They should create a foundation of heart for their children by teaching them to follow their parents' footsteps in living in certain ways in the family, the society, and in the nation. (180-130, 1988.8.22)

Human beings are born through love and grow through their childhood while receiving love. After a certain stage of growth, parental love is not enough, and their love expands horizontally through the love among brothers and sisters and the love of the tribe. (Blessed Family -1062, Korean Edition)

Those who have no brothers and sisters will also be in a poor position in the spirit world (Blessed Family -- 1062, Korean Edition)

We call our Unification Church members "family members." Members should have the connections of brothers and sisters and be born under the same parents' heart. (155-211, 1965.10.30)

People of all races are brothers and sisters. God doesn't see colors. He is color blind. (134-206, 1985.7.20)

If you want to seek God and love Him, you must think of human beings in this world as your brothers and sisters, and love them and relate to them as you would your parents, or even God. If you do so, God will come to you. (91-235, 1977.2.20)

We have begun a marriage movement, unprecedented in history, as brothers and sisters, demolishing all barriers separating countries, races, skin colors, religions, and cultures, through international joint weddings. (269-300, 1995.5.1)

The families that follow the satanic world have their basis in the evil love, life, lineage, and mind. However, since the Blessing signifies restoration, once you walk in the footsteps of the True Parents, you will become Blessed Families of true love, life, lineage, and conscience, and these families, tribes, and eventually the whole world will become like one great extended family, living together as brothers and sisters. (286-41, 1997.7.1)

When children who have received love from their parents go out and meet people of their parents' age, they will feel very close and will try to talk with them and help them. When people who have a beautiful relationship with their siblings go out into society, they will easily get along and have close relationships with the people they meet. They will feel natural even in their relationships with the opposite sex. They would see the opposite sex as their brothers and sisters without any sexual desires or unsound ideas. God's Kingdom on earth is realized through families in which you are able to experience such love relationships centering upon God. (Blessed Family -- 927, Korean Edition)

The way for humankind to live is to expand the love for their family into love for humanity. You should consider and love old people as your grandparents, middle-aged people as your parents, people who look older than you as your older brothers and sisters, and people who look younger than you as your younger brothers and sisters. So the true person is the one who considers everyone as his or her family and whose heart can love the whole of humankind by transcending the barriers and boundaries in the world. Then you are truly qualified to love your father and mother. (Blessed Family -- 926, Korean Edition)

Unification Thought teaches that you cannot be restored unless you have established a standard of unity between brothers and sisters before reaching the position as parents or couple. (Blessed Family -- 953, Korean Edition)

Families would invite guests whenever they had something good to eat, with the heart of sharing it with other brothers and sisters from around the world. We will enter an era in which every family will want to serve other families in the world as their own brothers and sisters, sharing food and whatever else they have. (264-202, 1994.10.9)

The only ideology that should remain is Godism, which provides us with the absolute ideal of love and the realm of heart for our brothers and sisters in all nations. Only Godism and no other should govern this world! Amen! (137-196, 1986.1.1)

When have you loved your brothers and sisters in the true sense of the word? (68-268, 1973.8.5)

Between brothers and sisters, you should create the standard of investing and forgetting. This was the ideal starting point that the true God desired centering on the love of the ideal of creation. (253-66, 1994)

We become a people who form reciprocal bonds of heart as brothers and sisters, and create that brotherly realm of the heart. Centering on the lineage passed down through the eldest son's line, this foundation of heart will be passed on into the eternal future for a thousand, for ten thousand generations, as the lineage of the royal family. (228-282, 1992.7.5)

We must clearly understand that peace will be realized only when humankind commonly shares and practices God's true love and truth: starting from individuals to families, then from families to societies, nations and to the world, and realizes that all human beings are brothers and sisters and builds the global extended family on earth. (259-47, 1994.3.27)


1 Legge, James. Xiàojing., (Accessed Oct. 2, 2007).  

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