Filial Attendance: The Way of Filial Piety of Holy Sons and Daughters of God - Elio Roman

Chapter 39 - Attendance: Representatives of God and True Parents

Chapter Summary and Introduction

The way of true life of filial sons and daughters is the way of attendance. True sons and daughters are those who fulfill their portion of responsibility to God and True Parents and thus realize a true life of filial attendance. As such they become representatives of God and True Parents. Representatives of God and True Parents work on behalf of God and True Parents. These are filial sons and daughters who take on their Parents work and responsibilities as their own. They are God and True Parents' helpers.

There is a special joy that God, True Parents and filial sons and daughters feel when filial children help God and True Parents. Such children fulfill their duties as true parents, true teachers and as true owners in their own right. They fulfill the Three Subjects Purpose. As such they assist God and True Parents in the restoration of all mankind, in educating mankind, in multiplying God's blessings and heavenly fortune, and in establishing God's original ideal, the Kingdom of God on earth and in heaven. They are Tribal Messiahs who to restore their tribe, and their community through home church and Tong Ban Gyeokpa activities. As God's representatives and True Parents representatives, filial sons and daughters seek to accomplish God's work and responsibilities in their tribes, their nation, the world and the cosmos.

As part of their responsibilities in attending their parents, filial sons and daughters vertically live for the sake of their parents and horizontally live for the sake of their brothers and sisters. In this way they live in accord with the heavenly law of living for the sake of others.

If Adam and Eve had have kept the Commandment they would have been blessed by God in Holy Matrimony. They would have had children and inherited God's parental heart. As the family grew, Adam and Eve would have developed their heart as true parents, true teachers and true owners of God's blessings. They would have raised their children with true love. They would also have provided their children with the education of God's ideal of creation involving the three blessings and the traditions of the Shim Jung Culture as discussed in the Family Pledge. As true owners they would have bequeathed to their children the inheritance they had received form God.

Adam and Eve would have become God's representatives and helped God in all His work and responsibilities. Their children likewise would have become the representatives of their parents and of God. As their children grew, they would have observed Adam and Eve living their lives as filial sons and daughters vertically attending God and horizontally living for the sake of each other. The children would have quite naturally and vicariously learned the way of life by observing their parents as role models. They would have observed their parents vertically attending God and taking care of their brothers and sisters horizontally. As the children grew they would have helped their parents with their work and responsibilities beginning with household duties and expanding to their environment.

Helping God and one's parents with their work and responsibilities is a most important aspect of filial attendance. As their Parents' representatives filial children and filial blessed families strive every day to do God's work and multiply God's blessings throughout their surroundings. This is the passion of their hearts. This is the passion of all filial sons and daughters, patriots, providential figures, saints and men and women of good faith, as well as of those angels who did not fall as they seek to attend their Parents in Heaven and True Parents on earth.

We inherit the heart and love of God by attending True Parents. We then become the horizontal representatives of God and True Parents. Embodying God and True Parents heart of love we live for their sake vertically and for the sake of others horizontally. Filial sons and daughters of God live a life of attendance and thereby inherit and embody the heart of God. Such filial children cannot bear to see God or human beings suffering and hence seek to comfort and liberate them.

This heart of love is the heart that Moses had for the Israelites. While he was in exile in the dessert he suffered in great anguish as he waited for the opportunity to liberate his people. This is the heart of love the Buddha has for a suffering humanity. This is the heart of love Socrates has for the citizens of Rome. This heart of love is the heart that Martin Luther King Jr. has for his people. This is the heart of love that Mother Teresa has for the lepers and those suffering in India. This is also the heart of love that Muhammad has for his people. This heart of love is the heart that Jesus has for all mankind.

The fact that the Jews love Moses so much, that Buddhists love Buddha so much, that mankind loves Socrates so much, that Afro-American love Martin Luther King Jr. so much, that people love Mother Teresa so much, that Muslims love Muhammad so much, and that Christians love Jesus so much, is an expression of filial attendance as a result of the great love that these great men and women had for God and for mankind. They shed tears for the suffering they saw. They prayed to God with tears for their people. They were representatives of God and embodied the heart and love of God. The heart of Unificationists and all human beings needs to grow and become representatives of God and True Parents. They need to inherit and embody the heart of God and True Parents. The heart of love that the great saints had for their people is the heart of love the followers of the great religions of the world need to develop for all mankind. This is the Heart of God.

Living a life of vertically attending God does not complete the duties and responsibilities of filial sons and daughters of God. On behalf of God and True Parents they must love mankind horizontally. Filial sons and daughters of God and True Parents become their representatives and love mankind as God and True Parents love mankind.

The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Since this world is longing for Parents, we are preparing for the day when those Parents will come. The one master, the one parent and the one world are the fruits and goals for which God has endured and toiled for over six thousand years up to the present day. Here, an heir of the heart, who can stand representing his parents, has to appear. An heir of the heart is not an heir who just talks, or someone who merely appears to be an heir, or one who is having a good time; but rather the one who takes ownership of his parents' sadness and suffering, agonizes and grieves in place of his father, and struggles to establish the way to manifest the duty of loyalty and filial piety before Heaven. Only such people can stand before Heaven. (9-30, 1960.4.3)

Our responsibility living in the era of the historical transition is to stand in the place of God and the True Parents, in the representative position of the true nation and world. By fulfilling this responsibility we can become the most filial sons and daughters of all filial children in this historical era. We need to become the sons and daughters of filial piety of God's Kingdom that even the past children of filial piety in history can praise. From there we can go on to become the patriots, saints, and the holy sons and daughters of God's Kingdom. (214-306, 1991.2.3)

As representatives of God and the True Parents, you must exultantly fly high with the whole world as your sphere and heaven and earth as the sphere of your nation. You should live energetically, running with a desire to fly rather than just leap high. (283-242, 1997.4.13)

You represent Heaven, and as long as humanity continues to drift aimlessly it needs your help. Please take this opportunity to make a new determination to be Heaven's envoys, prepared to uphold Heaven's command. (Messages of Peace 1 -- 24, 2005.9.12)

Your mission and position have been made clear. I have explained that within the realm of God's grace through the True Parents the way is laid out for all people to change their lineage through the Holy Wine Ceremony, to receive the Holy Blessing and establish true families. The ultimate way to establish a peaceful, ideal world here on earth is to perfect a life that embraces absoluteness in the marriage relationship through the cross-cultural Marriage Blessing. The cross cultural Blessing is the grace by which you inherit Heaven's lineage. You have come to know clearly that the mission for which God has called you is to unfailingly teach these things. Furthermore, as an heir and actual representative of the True Parents, you must now move beyond your concepts and level of awareness to fulfill the responsibility for which you have been called. There is no time to lose. A fearful day of judgment will come if we fail to fulfill our calling -- the responsibility and mission that Heaven has given us in this era after the coming of heaven. (Messages of Peace 12 -- 188, 2007.2.23)

What is it that we should ultimately seek? Countless people who have come and gone throughout history have been waiting until now for the earthly appearance of a person who can put aside his own set of beliefs and assertions and all his proactive behavior and come forth claiming to embody God with his mind and body and acting on His behalf. While longing for His representative to appear, God has endured endless hardships in guiding His providence over a long period of time.

What is the source of earthly sorrow? It is neither the absence of any set of beliefs nor that of anyone who could take action, but rather that of a set of beliefs that could claim to embody God's heart and will, and that of a person who could act on His behalf. These must appear so as to remove all grief, pain and resentment that fill the earth and the human world today. Thus, you should remember that the time has come for you to understand that the purpose of providential history was the emergence of that one person. (3-317, 1958.2.2)

There has to be a representative of love who can start from the most miserable place in the world and overcome everything. He must follow this path and build the bridge. In order to do this, he has to follow the path of the cross of love. This is the bridge. Stage by stage, he must rise from being a true servant of servants to being a true adopted son, and then a true son, a true Cain, and eventually a true Abel. (63-88, 1972.10.8)

The world has become the way it is by receiving a tradition that deviates from God as a result of the Fall. Thus, True Parents must come and establish a new ideology. What kind of ideology should it be? Should it be based on the world or the cosmos? It is the true family-centered ideology. Without its appearance, a true global ideology cannot emerge.

Its representative must be God's true son. He should be the heir who internally inherits everything related to God's heart. He should also be His external heir, the heir of the ownership of all things. In other words, he has to be someone who can inherit God's heart, God's body and all things. Only such a son can stand in God's stead. God's Kingdom will finally be realized only when he comes. (21-49, 1968.9.1)

Do not think of only going to heaven, but, also of building heaven on earth. Before that, you yourselves must become heavenly people. To do this, you must become one in heart with the Father to the extent that you can confidently say that His heart is yours and yours is His. Accordingly, in this earthly life, you should be people representing the hearts of God, the Lord, as well as your ancestors. Only by doing so can you solve all historical problems. (3-294, 1958.1.19)

How can we be separated from Satan? We must stand in a position of Adam's representatives, being able to make indemnity conditions. Therefore, separation from Satan takes place when a person in Adam's position meets qualifications as the one who fulfilled his portion of responsibility according to the original standard, and when this person confronts Satan centering on love and sets the conditions that enable him to be related to Heaven's side more than people belonging to Satan's side are and to love with heavenly love more than with satanic love.

You must understand that indemnity conditions are established in this way. Since Satan controls the environment, he will use intrigues and slander, and he will resort to all means to cut you away from God. However, if you overcome such an environment and, as God's representative, restore the portion of responsibility lost by Adam no matter what happens, you will not fail. It will be eternal. Besides, no indemnity can be accomplished unless in loving God you set an absolute standard of faith no matter who says what. (161-205, 1987.2.4)

If you unite with the righteousness of the original love, you can then embody God's original characteristics, be His representative, and God's full object partner. When God created His object partners with His original nature, He also endowed them with creativity -- that is, absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal creativity. He placed in that partner an absolute creativity based on love. In order to create, one needs the attributes of a subject partner. God thus intends His object partner to resemble Him. (303-260, 1999.9.9)

Since the family was lost, no families of heaven could be formed, and so God's people could not be formed. Could God's kingdom come into existence or not? God, who was supposed to establish that kingdom, lost everything through the Fall. Heaven is vacant. It is a place that can only be entered by those with the authority and dignity of the royal family of true love, who possess the qualities of God's true representatives and God's object partners. They have nothing to be ashamed of as they stand as the centers of the love of heaven and earth. If this is true, then it is serious for the members of the established churches. (219-33, 1991.8.25)

As Adam and Eve grew, their intellectual and mental faculties developed with each passing day, building their capacity to represent God's original nature. There is no doubt that they were qualified to relate to the world He had newly created -- seeing it, listening to it and touching it as the representatives of His heart. (8-267, 1960.2.7)

Love contains a power that makes it possible for it to be expanded. When it is compressed, it creates oneness. If we want to link ideals that can be expanded and lead lives that embrace all humanity, we must expand our love. The expansion of love in this way is the multiplication of the human population. It is the horizontal expansion of two people, Adam and Eve. You and your spouse become representatives of the True Parents and bear children in their place. (164-93, 1987.4.26)

What was God's purpose in creating Adam and Eve? As human beings we have a body, but the invisible God does not. Without a body, God cannot govern the spiritual and physical worlds. Hence, although God exists, if He wants to manifest as the parent of humankind, He must acquire a body. God's representatives who have that body were to be Adam and Eve. God was to appear by assuming the form of unfallen Adam and Eve.

Therefore, while Adam and Eve are the first ancestors of humankind, they were also supposed to be God, who rules over heaven and earth. Adam and Eve were to be God in bodily form; that is, they had the responsibility to govern the world in the position of parents, assuming the external form of God who dwells in the eternal visible world. (133-91, 1984.7.10)

Father brought victory against Satan on the level of an individual, a family, a tribe, a people, a nation, and the world. Therefore, if you fight as Father's representative centered on God, you will lay a victorious foundation. For this you should march forward with absolute love and absolute obedience before the vertical and horizontal standards.

You must love God. And, you must love True Parents. The depth of that love should go beyond what you can offer to your parents in the secular world as a filial son or daughter. In front of True Parents who became the center of the tribe, you should do your best to fulfill your duties as a filial son or daughter in the horizontal position. (Unification Pt. 2-270)

The original will of God in relation to True Parents cannot be realized on the earth until this standard is established at the level of a tribe, a people and a nation. You who are fighting on my side during this period are representatives of True Parents on the individual, family, ethnic and national levels. As such representatives of True Parents, it is your responsibility to fight on the world stage, not to mention in Korea. From this perspective, what has been the sorrow of both the spiritual and physical worlds until now? It should have been that from the day True Parents appeared on earth, heaven and earth should have sung songs of peace, the entire cosmos should have entered the realm of happiness, and the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth should have been be realized with God at its center. (13-285, 1964.4.12)

I am deeply grateful to the Church members who worked so hard, and to the many who lent their support. God's will, which I began to realize, is actually the original will for all mankind. I therefore ask all of you to become my representatives, and representatives of the True Parents. Please become the inheritors of God's will and multiply the fruits of righteousness and goodness. (Public Venue, 1994.5.1)

Adam's fall threw mankind into chaos. Jesus has to restore this. The fall cannot be restored without parents' healing efforts. True Parents have to do this. Would they have to restore the three billion people of the world? No. Their filial sons and daughters, the loyal men and women who have done their filial duty to their Parents, go out in the name of True Parents and as the representatives of True Parents, restore them all. (Tribal Messiah -- 106, 1965.10.10)

God's work was transferred to Jesus as God's representative, and the work of Jesus was transferred to the Holy Spirit. Now God wants to transfer the work of the Holy Spirit to the faithful believers. Only then can the Trinity rest.

Without going to that position, we cannot find God's Word. Although we have planted the Word in our body, we cannot become the substance who has fulfilled the purpose of the Word. (Sermons Vol. 5-106, 1959.1.11)

We today must live with the concept of the kingdom of Heaven in us. Your every movement and all of your feelings must be centered on the mind-set, "I am the representative of the kingdom of Heaven." You must live with this kind of mentality. When you are cursed before all people and feel a surge of anger within, you must suppress it based on the concern that your anger might bring curses upon the 2.4 billion people of humanity. This is the heart that Heaven has been feeling until now. If you, even after knowing this fact, become overwhelmed by fury and disobey the will of the Father, then how can this be tolerated? All of you are to join in alliance and help each other. (Sermons Vol. 1-258, 1956.12.30)

You must take the responsibilities of the lord of creation who created life, parents, and ownership. If you do not, you cannot be the representative of the absolute being, true parents, and the true owner. If you cannot take responsibility, you should at least be willing to serve in attendance with absolute submission. Therefore, you must stand in a position to be responsible for yourself. Representing the absolute being, the true parents, and the true owner, you must become a victorious warrior. Heaven is eagerly searching for such a person. (Spiritual Leader Pt. 1–65)

Do not be afraid of God's judgment. You are expected to become a representative of God, and take over the mission of judgment in God's place. (The Way -- 165)

God's second goal was to achieve perfect unity between Himself and Adam. What bonds them? Man is the horizontal representative of God the vertical being. The central point of their connection, which is called love, is the string which connects people to eternity. (God's Will -- 38, 1970.10.13)

These days I do not cry, right? If I cry, God cries. The spiritual world cries. Even if I am in a very sorrowful situation, as a man who has the responsibility to comfort God, I cannot cry even if my younger brother is dead. At that time I should not cry, but must have what seems to be a cold attitude. Why did the words "tribal messiah" appear? For what reason did the words "tribal messiah" emerge? The position of the Messiah is the position of parent. Without becoming a subject of true love, one cannot fulfill the position of parent. Even in the fallen world something remains that is from the original world -- that is, the parents' mind that lives for the sake of their children. Parents' love for their children is the only standard of heart from the original world that continues with any dignity in the fallen world. It is a realm of heart that is slowly being extinguished, but is like a kindling that still remains in its essential form since the creation of the world.

The crab apple of Taegu is famous, right? Sariwon's crab apple is also famous. If they are the same color and shape, you can exchange the Taegu crab apple with the Sariwon crab apple. When they are the same, it is all right.

Who is the most famous person in the Unification Church! I am, right? What about when you are the same as I? When they are same, even if they are exchanged, God will think it is all right. If you, who have been exchanged this way, play the role of the head of the Unification Church, would God complain or not? [No.] Then when I say to Unification Church members, "Whom do you want to resemble?" what would they say? [Father!] Right, they would like to resemble me. What then should Reverend Moon of the Unification Church say? I have to tell them to resemble me.

The road of restoration through indemnity is traveled by coming to resemble me. Without restoring what was lost, indemnity cannot be paid. That is why if you are thinking of taking the road of indemnity, you must come to resemble me, You must shed blood and restore through indemnity the standard that was lost a long time ago. The providence to restore a heavenly nation proceeds through the strategy of willingly receiving persecution.

Since Father has suffered, should you suffer or not? [We must suffer.] Some children from a rich household may squander the wealth they inherited from their parents in one generation after their mother and father die. Why is that? They are different from their mother and father, who did nor inherit anything but amassed their wealth by themselves, even one penny was precious for them. In that sense their son and daughter are different. They will perish because they are not like their parents. (Tribal Messiah -- 86, 1990.2.16)

The motto for my life has been "God's spokesman." From today, I ask that all of you become heavenly spokespersons. Become God's representative and His substitute. (9-7, 1960.3.13)

Pledge number six begins with "Our family pledges… centering on true love." You know what true love is, don't you? You must bear it in mind all the time. The phrase "embodying God and True Parents" signifies that Blessed Families are the delegates of God and the True Parents. Your family represents God and True Parents, and as such, moves heavenly fortune and conveys God's blessing to your community. "Our family…pledges to become a family that conveys Heaven's blessing to our community…." Blessed families should not just try to receive blessings for themselves and live affluently. They have to become part of the royal family and help to restore all people in the world to become citizens of God's Kingdom.

The Blessed Family pledges to embody God and True Parents and as such becomes a family that moves heavenly fortune, by centering on true love. What this means is that the family that embodies God and True Parents can move heavenly fortune. This part of the Pledge says, "Our family…pledges to become a family that conveys Heaven's blessing to our community…" Through these words you are making a vow to become a channel of blessing, distributing all blessings from God equally to all the people of the world. God and the True Parents' family are as one. Though there are only one set of True Parents, there are many Blessed Families standing in their stead that can spread out across the world and become channels that distribute blessings on their behalf. You should strive to become such a family. (260-195, 1994.5.8)

To resemble me, you must resemble my core -- the essence. You are to resemble my essence -- winning over Satan and having absolute love for God, and then you are to control Satan. (Tribal Messiah -- 45, 1987.11.8)

Pledge number six mentions moving heavenly fortune, doesn't it? Here, you are making the pledge to "become a family that moves heavenly fortune by embodying God and True Parents…by centering on true love." The hardships endured by the True Parents were not for their own benefit. Everything was for the liberation of all humanity and in order to convey and distribute heavenly fortune amongst them. The heavenly fortune that comes with the True Parents needs to be handed out. In short, you need to become channels of blessing. Do you understand? No matter how advanced you are and how united you are, you should not try to receive blessings for your own benefit while you are on earth. By performing meritorious deeds on earth you should receive the great benefits of heavenly fortune. These should not be kept for you but conveyed to others so that all may be satisfied.

Until now, I have walked the path of opposition in order to connect all peoples to the heavenly fortune, and to establish the Will of the Parent in an environment of happiness and freedom. As such, everyone would be able to move heaven and earth and receive blessings from God. As representatives of the True Parents' family, the blessed couples should also become families that distribute heavenly fortune to others, because only then can they attain the right to follow the footsteps of the True Parents into God's Kingdom, and live there together with them. (261-91, 1994.5.22)

"Our family… pledges to become a family that moves heavenly fortune by embodying God and True Parents, and to perfect a family that conveys Heaven's blessing to our community, by centering on true love." These words simply mean that you should become institutions of blessings. Only then can you become channels that can distribute blessings from God as the families who can unify heaven and earth. Do you understand? You need to become a fountain of blessings. (264-202, 1994.10.9)

When you go to your homeland, you do so in the position of the perfected Adam, the perfected Jesus, and in the position of a representative of the returning Lord. God will reside in your family. (Public Venue, 2003.10.15)

In the home church crusade you represent the Messiah, so you represent God. The home church children have their own natural parents, and when they are united with you, it resembles God's original intention for the garden of Eden. This is how we came to have the terminology of becoming a tribal messiah. Then God's dispensation can be consummated. The endless conflict between good and evil will end with this consummation. (Home Church -- 226, 1979.10.14)

Now the time has come for your families to become ideal families who serve the True Parents and God directly, and represent the True Parents. You need to become messiahs who have risen above the Old and New Testament Ages and consequently ascended into the Completed Testament Age. You need to form families in the place of the first, second and third Adams, and serve God. This is how everyone will be able to enter heaven directly. Once this happens, we will pass into the era of the Blessing through the liberation of the sphere of the fourth Adam. In that new era, once it arrives, the second generation will be blessed by their parents. (298-224, 1999.1.8)

Humankind's portion of responsibility means to pass through the realm of indirect dominion and enter the direct dominion of God's love. You must enter the realm where God's heart and your heart become one centering on God's love in order to pass freely between the earthly and spirit worlds. Once you establish a horizontal position that can represent the vertical Parent centering on God's love, Satan is eliminated. That is the realm of direct dominion. The situation is problematic because you have not yet passed beyond the realm of the human portion of responsibility. (185-126, 1989.1.3)

Why is it that I came to send you to hometown? I sent you to your hometown for you to form a ninety-degree angle between yourself horizontally with God as the vertical standard, and for you as the vertical representative of God and True Parents to unite in a ninety-degree angle with your clan on a horizontal level. Centering on the will of God to form heavenly tribes, I sent you to your hometown. Therefore their lives have to turn around 180 degrees, but before that, they have to make this ninety-degree angle with you. You must stand in the position of a substantial model of love for all of history, someone who has inherited the victory over historical struggles through the payment of indemnity. In this position, your whole clan and all future descendants will bow their heads to you and pledge themselves to you, saying that you are truly the ancestor of love. Without doing that, you cannot have victory in your hometown. (Tribal Messiah -- 118, 1988.8.20)

Why did I send you out as tribal messiahs? In the past, Jesus was sent to this world through a vertical course from the spirit world. Today, True Father is in the position of God and, as a representative of Heaven, is sending out thousands of messianic families who can represent their tribes to the world. Now we cannot perish. I proclaimed tribal messiahship at 2:30 pm on January 3, 1989. (Tribal Messiah -- 86, 1989.1.8)

Until now, the True Parents have made restitution so that all people would be able to develop through the individual, family, tribe, race, nation, and world levels, and then be able to go to God. The True Parents have done this in front of all the people of the world as their representative. Because I did these things and brought the representative victory, you can inherit this 100 percent. And based on my victory, you can go forward and achieve your own victory through a seven-year course.

You can achieve what I have achieved through my life on the worldwide stage. You need your own offering or a foothold, which is a smaller model of the world stage. You should know that this is Home Church. It is Gajeong Gyohae. (109-184, 1980.11.1)

How are tribal messiahs dispatched? Long ago, Jesus sent tribal messiahs to the physical world from the spirit world through a vertical process. However, I dispatched thousands of messiah-like families who can stand as representatives of Heaven in front of their tribe. Now nothing will go wrong. I announced the time of tribal messiahship on January 3, 1989, at 2:30 in the afternoon. (185-238, 1989.1.8)

Since there is only one set of True Parents, however, they cannot relate with everyone personally. That is why the Blessed Families are the representatives of True Parents and stand in the position to relate with all people. True Parents have the responsibility to go over this nation and bear the cross on the worldwide level. Therefore, the cross of the people should be carried by the Blessed Families who live locally as true children of True Parents. All Blessed Families must serve as the foundation of a tribe and of a people in order for the works of Heaven to gain victory based on such a people. (13-288, 1964.4.12)

Throughout my life, whether asleep or awake, I never lost my focus on God's will. Rising from my bed, I keep going. For a thousand years and even ten thousand years, I keep going. It is because I have gained this kind of victory that I am able to tell you that, even if you had been unable to fulfill your responsibilities as tribal messiahs, you can still wipe out all your past mistakes by fulfilling your responsibilities as national messiahs. This is where you should become filial children and patriots. Pray for your brothers and sisters with the heart of loving the nations of the world. Only in this way can you appear before God's royal presence with the status of divine sons and daughters following their Parents. (283-77, 1997.4.8)

Since we have entered the era of kingship, True Father is sending messiahs to a great number of nations, namely 160 nations, on behalf of God. God carried out the work of salvation until now through one messiah. True Father, on the other hand, settled on earth in his endeavors to carry out God's work of salvation, and the world became free of Satan. True Father is therefore able to dispatch Blessed Families across the world in order to fulfill their mission as tribal messiahs. If these tribal messiahs were to connect to all the family messiahs and be registered into the nation of God, then the way that leads to the restored world would be opened. (274-184, 1995.10.29)

Become the son or daughter of inheritance who can carry out God's work in His place, and you will become a soldier of independence in the creation of a nation and a world. Now that you know this fact clearly, all of you must return to your homes and completely turn them around. This constitutes the tong ban breakthrough. You must turn the family around. This is our duty. (209-172, 1990.11.28)

We must return to our hometown after finding the global love line. We must go there because we received many blessings and succeeded in life. Shouldn't we return and save the unfortunate people there? (143-139, 1986.3.17)

How proud we should be of this time in which you can be messiahs!? (Tribal Messiah -- 159, 1989.5.1)

The Family Pledge has the phrase, "by centering on true love" in every single verse. Restoration starts with true love which is completely united with God. You must represent God and True Parents even in your own hometowns. (280-38, 1996.10.13)

In order to restore your tribes, you need to fulfill the mission of tribal messiahs. Such a command is unprecedented in history. The position of the tribal messiah is the same as the position of the second true parents, and therefore a much better situation than that of Jesus. The bestowal of such a position holds great significance and cannot be exchanged for anything in this world. Why should you fulfill your responsibility as tribal messiahs? The first reason is that you need to save your parents. Your parents stand in the position of the first Adam, and you stand in the position of the second Adam. You must fulfill the mission of Adam by restoring and recreating your parents. The second reason is that you require a hometown. By fulfilling your mission as tribal messiahs, you will come to have your own hometown. In the end, the reason you need to fulfill your responsibility as tribal messiahs is to perfect Adam's family. In concrete terms, you need to educate your tribes. (CSG -- 1437)

Tribal messiahs are absolutely necessary! Those who do not fulfill their missions cannot connect the realms of the first and second Adam. They cannot be connected to True Father, nor can they be registered. Therefore, are tribal messiahs absolutely necessary, or not? They are necessary. The people who do not realize the true value of such blessings from God will treat anything given them with carelessness, even if they are endowed with treasure. These people will be judged according to the same thoughtless standard which they have demonstrated. Everything will be completed once all the tribes are restored. (192-233, 1989.7.4)

If the members of the Unification Church were to be graded according to how many people they have witnessed to in twenty years, those who have not witnessed to even one person will be viewed as hangers-on. In the future, at the time of registration, that number will be of great importance. We will soon be entering the era of registration. Therefore, the people you have witnessed to must become a part of your clan centering on your family. Isn't Adam's family a part of his clan?

Taking Adam's family into consideration, you can see that as long as there are sons and daughters of Adam's family and his clan, a nation can be established. When you restore the tribe, then a nation will be established automatically. (240-27, 1992.12.11)

I gave you the name of messiah. Tribal messiah! What should you do about it? What should you do as messiahs? Everything you will require in being national messiahs, world messiahs, and cosmic messiahs has already been prepared for you. A mountain-high pile of treasures has been prepared for you. Once you become messiahs, every part of this mountain of treasures will be bequeathed to you. A water pipe will be connected between the treasures and you, and they will flow down the pipe right into your laps as naturally as flowing water. (189-247, 1989.4.9)

What kind of time is this time? From now on, without exercising the right of tribal messiah you cannot inherit tribal messiahship, you cannot inherit world messiahship.

Once you inherit this messiahship alone, you inherit everything that the vertical parent and horizontal parent did in your age. If you do not, you cannot receive that. In other words, you only have to advance to the position at which Jesus could have lived, married and saved the tribes of Israel…What is your authority? After a tribal messiah fulfills the responsibility Jesus had, I will hand the worldwide victory over to him. (Tribal Messiah -- 78, 1989.4.1)

Do not look to me from now on. Until now I took responsibility for everything, but now you must take responsibility for your own clan. (Tribal Messiah -- 85, 1988.10.3)

All of you gathered here today must fulfill the mission similar to that of the messiah in your tribes… Each of you must think, "I am the Messiah!" representing each of your clans in establishing the Kingdom of God. You have to regard yourself as the savior. You must consider that you are the savior of the Kim clan if you are a Kim. In order to do so, you need to fulfill the duties of a chief priest. (155-265, 1965.10.31)

If an individual gains victory and forms a family, that family has to go over the hill of restoring their tribe, society, nation and world. What is the desire of the individual? It is to establish a family that can stand on the side of God. After an individual establishes such a family, what would happen if he says, "To get to this point, I have overcome all sorts of hardships and suffering, but since now I am married, let's relax"? Let's say he lives in luxury and fun, and takes naps whenever he wants. What kind of realm is that? That is the realm where Satan surrounds him on every level, from the tribe to the world…

Therefore, I am telling you to fulfill the mission of tribal messiah. Have you heard that kind of talk or not? [We did.] I have taught you everything already. Do what? [Mission of tribal messiah.] I am telling you to do the work of a tribal messiah. Then I am telling you to become a messiah to a race. In the future if you go out in the world and witness, you are doing mission of a messiah on the level of race. (Tribal Messiah -- 85, 1972.5.18)

The Messiah is the embodiment of the purpose of faith and the embodiment of the purpose of hope. He is the embodiment in whom the purpose of faith and hope are realized. When this purpose is realized through the Messiah, what is the only thing that will remain? Nothing will remain but love when this purpose is realized. This is why it is said that what remains in the end is love. This love comes through the perfect incarnations of faith and hope. The representative of this one love is the Messiah. (13-140, 1964.1.1)

What do you do once you get to your hometown? I am telling you to go in order to become an owner; then go in order to become true parents. You should go to completely educate the fallen world, the ignorant people. You are to go in order to complete the ideology of three subjects centering on the three loves. Who is the unity of the three subjects? It is God. Isn't God the Owner of owners? God is the Parent of parents. He is the root. God is the Teacher of teachers... The ideology of three subjects centering on the ideal of creation and love is the ideology of owner, then the ideology of parents, and then the ideology of teacher.

Making a comparison to the nation, parents are in a family, teachers are in a school, and the owner is in the nation. It all works out. The question is how to connect these together; there has been no theoretical way to harmonize them in love, but now because the Unification Church is equipped with the correct theoretical content, if it is applied to the nation, then the peace of the nation will be achieved. If it is applied to the world, then the peace of the world will come about. If it is applied to Heaven and earth, then the peaceful world of Heaven will dawn upon us centering on true love. (Tribal Messiah -- 164, 1991.8.29)

The conscience must be absolutely one in the position of the object that can attain the Three-Subject Thought. If it does not stand in a better position than our natural parents, our teachers or the king of any nation, it cannot become the object of God's love. It needs no teaching. You have to absolutely serve and attend it as the representative of God. (259-41, 1994.3.27)

Distinguished guests, please, even now, open the gates to your hearts and receive your calling from Heaven with a spirit of one heart, one body, and one mindset with God. Follow the tradition of the True Parents to practice the life of a true teacher, true owner, and true parent. This path will lead to your becoming representatives and heirs of Heaven and True Parents. It is the path and mission of true love that builds the Peace Kingdom. (Public Venue, 2003.10.15)

What do people want? What do fallen people really desire? It is to become true parents who give birth to and raise sons and daughters who are able to go straight to the heavenly kingdom without being persecuted by the satanic world. But, this has not happened. People's desire is to be representatives of True Parents who can give birth to true sons and daughters and send them straight to the heavenly kingdom. Surely you all want to give birth to good sons and daughters! You want to give birth to the best children in the world, but you have been unable to do so. Then the question is how to do so. Then what is next? The archangel failed to raise Adam and Eve who were God's children. The most important thing is to raise our children as God's sons and daughters by whatever means possible, and educate them as people that God will need. I am sure you all want to be teachers and good examples. You want to work hard and be the president's right-hand man who can represent the nation, or the owner of a company or the head of a branch of the country's administration. You want to be successful. It means that you want to become a true owner.

We have three great ambitions: to be a true parent, to be a true teacher, and to be a true owner. You want to succeed and become a leader of your region, even the nation's president, right? Before achieving this, you have to become the master of your own household. You have to stand in the position of the master who can inherit the family tradition, representing your ancestors and God. Through this you will be respected by all families and by the nation itself. These three ambitions contain everything in the world: true parent, true teacher and true owner. You should each become a true parent, a true teacher and a true owner. This is the Three Subjects Principle. What is the root of this three-subjects philosophy? It is true love. True love means being willing to invest more than a hundred percent, invest again, and then invest still more. You should be a parent, a teacher and an owner who has this kind of philosophy. The root is one. This is why, when we say true parent, a true teacher should come to the right side and a true owner to the left. They all go around together. You do not become true parents just by having sons and daughters. You must give birth to them and raise them. Sons and daughters should depend on their mother and father. You must teach them. (205-19, 1990.7.15)

I believe that the life of religious people should be one where they become united with God, stand as the representatives of God's love before creation and this world, and expand and connect the horizontal relationships to the whole environment, based on a standard of love. This should be connected and established in your lives. To do so, you should establish relationships with other people with the heart of God. (82-275, 1976.2.1)

In the spirit world, a person who lives thousands and billions of miles away will come to you and not want to leave you because you have the same standard of heart. You would not say, "Oh, I wish he would leave soon!" There is no need for food in that world. Everything will be solved by your intuition. That is the intuition of love. It spreads out to all nations from the complete experience of this love. Once you attain the heart of God's representative, all the necessary people will gather and a platform will appear that can be filled at once with millions of people. (225-223, 1992.1.20)

You should not think you are entitled to go to heaven. You should think of building heaven on earth. Before that, you must become a heavenly person. In order to become such a person, you have to make unity of heart with Heavenly Father to the degree that you can say confidently, "Father's heart is my heart, and my heart is Father's heart." (3-295, 1958.1.19)

Among the possessions that a man has, two parts of the sexual organ represents the dual characteristics of Adam and Eve, and the one that stands stiff represents God. (205-348, 1990.10.2)

When a man and a woman come to stand in the position representing God centering on love, they become connected to everything in the universe. When this happens, everything God possesses becomes theirs. (298-308, 1999.1.17)

When a husband and wife love each other, each should love their spouse as a representative of God. (Blessed Family -- 880, Korean Edition)

Since God is the original substance of true love, when we are connected to true love, we all become one. The parents represent God as a living God in their own right. A husband and a wife each represent one aspect of God's divided nature, and the sons and daughters are additional little Gods. (298-306, 1999.1.17)

You were bought with my blood and sweat. You were bought with my own flesh and blood. Therefore you should carry out the same work as me. (11-164, 1961.7.20)

One who gives has more blessing than one who receives. Why is he blessed? It is because he can represent God's side. (46-35, 1971.7.18)

God sent His beloved son and daughter to the earth to establish one, absolute nation, but until the present time He could not prepare the foundation to restore one nation. This has failed every time. Thus, God's work throughout history has been to send His people to earth to manage, advance, and accomplish this work. (30-10, 1970.3.14)

The saying "Human beings are the lords of all creation" makes sense then because human beings, as the representatives of the loving God, have the privilege to receive love first in the central place before the Lord. (132-244, 1984.6.20)

You need to become the representatives of the owner. (406-316, 2003.3.12)

Those who are connected through the true blood lineage should resemble True Parents. Do you resemble me? Your eyes are blue and my eyes are black. Our hair is also different. I am an Oriental, and my face is flat. (178-99, 1988.6.1)

God will be looking for individuals, families, peoples and nations who are one with His ideology in seeking to fulfill their responsibility to the world. God has long sought such individuals. Such people must comfort God's heart and demonstrate loyalty and filial piety before Heaven, and resolve all the circumstances of Heaven and Earth. So you have to become a person to whom God can say, "You are the person who can take responsibility for this age. When I see you, I have hope for tomorrow. You can achieve the victory in today's fight." This kind of individual is absolutely essential.

God must be able to say to that kind of person, "You are truly the bone of my bones, the flesh of my flesh, and the heart of my heart." No matter how many ancestors we have, and no matter how many people there are in this age, unless a person appears on this earth about whom God can say from the depth of His heart, "You are the greatest ancestor, unparalleled in human history," then humankind will be unable to escape the sadness brought about by the Fall of the first ancestors of humankind. We, who were born in this plight, need to attend a new set of parents. (15-216, 1965.10.10)

You are each walking the path of restoration as an individual, but you are not walking it individually. You are always walking that path on behalf of True Parents. Otherwise, you will not be able to prepare True Parents' victorious foundation at the tribal, ethnic, or national levels. For you to proceed correctly on behalf of True Parents, if True Parents are going out to establish the worldwide spiritual standard of victory, you should go out to establish the national standard of victory. You should know this clearly. Now that True Parents' standard of victory is established spiritually, it must be established on earth. You are going beyond the level of one people, carrying out True Parents' responsibility on their behalf. To explain this from another viewpoint, you are going over the national level towards the worldwide level, to spiritually establish the cosmic standard of victory. The Lord, who is coming as the True Parents for us, has to spiritually pioneer the cross we must bear, achieve substantial victory and take responsibility for everything. This is the difficult aspect of restoring parents.

Looking at heaven, earth, and humankind, has Heaven ever been able to attend the victorious True Parents? Heaven could not yet do so. Has the earth been able to attend them? It has not yet been able to do so. Has humankind been able to attend them? They have not been able to, but they are now on the way to doing so.

Then, is it enough just to attend True Parents? It is not. After attending True Parents, you need to restore a true family, a tribe, a people, a nation, and the world. The people of Israel were prepared for this. To stand before True Parents as true children, the children's course of individual-level restoration, course of family-level restoration, course of tribal-level restoration, course of ethnic-level restoration and course of national-level restoration are to be accomplished. Through the completion of the parents' course of restoration for the individual, family, tribe, people and nation and the children's course of restoration for the individual, family, tribe, people and nation, the standard of parents and children having become one and victorious is established. Only after this can we finally conclude national-level restoration and make a fresh start toward the global level.

Then, what is the mission of the Unification Church and in what kind of position are you who have joined the church? You have been called into the Unification Church, of which I am the central figure. You are in the position of having to horizontally and physically develop what has been a sorrowful six thousand years of vertical history. What kind of resolution do we have to make? What is the goal we must aim for? We must establish the nation of True Parents on a worldwide foundation. We must establish the world-level nation of True Parents.

We must eliminate the remaining sorrow, pain and tears of the world as soon as possible. This is the responsibility and mission of our Unification Church. You are now on the path you are meant to follow. You should not turn to look back, either with your heart or with your body, as the Israelites did when they were on their way to Canaan. What is the hope we should harbor? We should have the sincere hope to be able to truly attend the True Parents who are coming to earth on behalf of God.

In attending them, we should not desire to attend them when the victorious foundation is already laid and all people have come to admire and respect them; rather, we should desire to attend True Parents as they pass through history's sorrowful course. Our ancestors are deeply pained that they were unable to attend the True Parents who have walked through the sorrowful course of history. All humankind harbors the hope of being able to sincerely attend True Parents. Thus, you must become true sons and daughters of filial piety who attend them from a miserable situation rather than trying to attend them from a glorious position. To be such true sons and daughters of filial piety, even in difficulty, despair and misery that makes one cry out, we should be able to say, "Dear God, dear God who is guiding me, True Parents are walking the path of the cross of suffering that is more severe than that of Jesus.

As someone who attends True Parents, I therefore accept any kind of heavy cross as a matter of course. I praise that, so please, God, do not worry on account of me." I am saying that we, on our own, should be able to indemnify the worries, pain, and sorrow that reach us, instead of giving them to God to bear. Only then can we be engrafted, on the individual level, to the parents' individual victory. Currently, our Blessed Families are spread throughout Korea. Why have I spread the Blessed Families out everywhere in Korea? God works with the thirty million people of the Korean race and the entire Korean peninsula, and True Parents are coming to the thirty million Korean people and the Korean peninsula…

You, as children, should establish the individual and family standard of indemnity and become substantial representatives of True Parents. You should be people whom those in the village want to serve without any regret. Of course, the True Parents are in the center and make a spiritual relationship with everyone. Since there is only one set of True Parents, however, they cannot relate with everyone personally. That is why the Blessed Families are the representatives of True Parents and stand in the position to relate with all people. True Parents have the responsibility to go over this nation and bear the cross on the worldwide level. Therefore, the cross of the people should be carried by the Blessed Families who live locally as true children of True Parents. All Blessed Families must serve as the foundation of a tribe and of a people in order for the works of Heaven to gain victory based on such a people. (13-288, 1964.4.12) 

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