Filial Attendance: The Way of Filial Piety of Holy Sons and Daughters of God - Elio Roman

Chapter 11 - Attendance of God and True Parents

Chapter Summary and Introduction

The attendance of God and True Parents cannot be over emphasized nor written about with sufficient depth of heart to express its importance. If all the saints and martyrs, and all those men and women of good faith who suffered greatly in their efforts to demonstrate their love and holiness in their hearts, and all those angels who remained faithful, were all gathered together to express their heart of attendance, it would still be lacking the sufficient attitude, love, reverence and actions to liberate and completely comfort God and True Parents. As long as there are people to save and liberate God and True Parents cannot feel complete joy.

In the beginning God created human beings as His children. By keeping God's word not to eat of the fruit, with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, they would have fulfilled the first blessing and reached individual perfection. They would have become one in heart with God and the Parent and child relationship would have been established. They would have attended God as their vertical True Parent and they would have inherited true love, true life and true lineage. They would have lived in accord with God's absolute universal laws, absolute standard and true ideals. The vertical subject partner and object partner relationship would have been established between the Heavenly Parent and filial sons and daughters. God's blessings would have flowed to them in abundance.

Adam and Eve would then have established an ideal family. By having children Adam and Eve would have become the embodiment of their vertical True Parent, God, and become the horizontal True Parents of mankind. By inheriting the vertical love of God they would have horizontally loved each other and multiplied their love, resulting in the birth of children. Their ideal family would have expanded horizontally, forming an ideal tribe, race, nation, world and cosmos. This would have resulted in the establishment of the Shim Jung Culture (the Culture of Love) in the Kingdom of God on earth and in heaven.

However, Adam and Eve failed to become the horizontal embodiment of the vertical True Parents, God. They became sinful individuals embodying Satan's spirit. They became Satan's object partners. Horizontally they became the original false parents of mankind. Horizontally they multiplied false love, false life, false lineages and false ideals. This expanded from sinful families, to sinful tribes, sinful races, sinful nations, and a world and cosmos of sin, resulting in the kingdom of sin on earth and in the spiritual world. Through the long history of the providence of restoration the positions of Adam and Eve have finally been restored by True Parents. The ideal family of the horizontal True Parents embodying the God, vertical True Parents has been established. This has expanded to the ideal tribe, race, nation, world and cosmos. However, the earth is still also inhabited by sinful individuals, sinful families, sinful tribes, races, nations, world and cosmos. All these levels need to be restored beginning with the restoration of sinless individuals and ideal families.

By attending True Parents who have established the original ideal of creation as the ideal representatives of the cosmos, fallen mankind can undergo the process of restoration. It is by attending the horizontal True Parents who are the embodiment of God the vertical True Parents that fallen mankind has a new beginning by undergoing the process of spiritual and physical rebirth. Restored families, by becoming blessed central families; they themselves become horizontal true parents which embody the vertical True Parents. They come to stand as representative families of the cosmos and central families of the cosmos which are the model families of God's original ideal of creation.

These ideal families live a life of filial attendance to God and True Parents. Their children grow to be filial children in their family, patriots in their nation, saints in the world and filial holy sons and daughters, who live their lives in attendance of God and True Parents and living for the sake of the cosmos.

The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Our family, the owner of Cheon Il Guk, pledges to represent and become central to heaven and earth by attending God and True Parents; (260-157, 1994.5.2)

"Our family… attending God and True Parents… by centering on true love." You must attend God and True Parents. However, because Eve fell, God and True Parents were driven out of Adam's family. You must attend God and True Parents.

God is the vertical Parent and perfected Adam and Eve are the horizontal parents. On the foundation of these two parents having become one, you achieve unity and are connected to God and to heaven. For this reason, nothing can be accomplished unless you attend God and True Parents. So, through becoming one with God and True Parents, you can create a family representing heaven and earth. That family holds a higher position than that held by Adam and Eve before the Fall. (260-189, 1994.5.8)

In our past daily life we celebrated in the presence of God and the True Parents only on Sundays. With the declaration of Chil Il Jeol (Seven-One Day), the era of God's all-immanence and supreme authority, and the Blessing of 3.6 Million Couples, we can free ourselves from the realm of lamentation, in which all the things of creation have been lamenting. We will now be entering the world of the ideal and the age of justification by attendance, where we will be in constant attendance of God and the True Parents every day of the week, from Monday to Sunday, from morning till night, eating, sleeping, and leading our daily lives together with them. We are now in the process of preparing for such a time. (285-297, 1997.6.29)

We human beings were originally to attend and honor God and True Parents, but we were driven away due to the Fall. As a result of the Fall, we lose the value of our existence unless we attend God and True Parents. God is the vertical true parent and the True Parents are the horizontal true parents. We are to be born from the union of these two sets of true parents. God is the vertical parent, and perfected Adam and Eve are the horizontal parents. On the foundation of these two sets of parents becoming one, we can also achieve unity, and be connected to God and Heaven. For this reason, nothing can be accomplished unless we attend God and True Parents.

Then, what kind of family is a family that represents and becomes central to heaven and earth? It is the ideal family that God envisioned prior to the Fall of Adam and Eve. The representative and central family in heaven and on earth refers to the family that represents heaven and grows this relationship with God in expanding circles through the eight stages in both the vertical and horizontal realms on earth. What I am saying is that the family comes to the position where God representing heaven and the True Parents on earth are united perpendicularly. (Messages of Peace 14 -- 210-211, 2007.6.13)

You should become the representative and central families attending God and True Parents. Your family must determine to fulfill the way of filial sons and daughters in the family, patriots and virtuous women in the nation, saints in the world, and divine sons and daughters in heaven and earth, and everything Heaven desires. That means that we should determine to become those qualified as the people and the family members of the heavenly kingdom in the world and in heaven and earth through educating our children and through educating the people in our nation. (260-189, 1994.5.8)

The methods for fallen people to go back to God have differed according to the age. In the Old Testament Age, people could go to God by offering sacrifices; in the New Testament Age, it was by believing in Jesus, the son of God; and in the Completed Testament Age, people can go to God by attending the True Parents. (20-340, 1968.7.20)

It is not God who gives birth to children but the True Parents, and the couple standing in the position of the parents of horizontal true love is the Unification Church's True Parents. They are the parents with horizontal love standing at a right angle before God, the True Parent with vertical love. Hence, the love of both sets of parents is necessary. On one hand is the Parent, the Creator, and on the other hand are the physical parents created as the objects of God in pursuit of the ideal. With God in the position of the spiritual Parent and the True Parents in the position of the physical parents, human beings were supposed to be born at the center of both vertical and horizontal loves to allow for the fulfillment of this essential aspect of humanity

There exists our vertical self that enables us to freely relate to vertical love. This is the mind. Until now the nature of mind has remained unknown, even within Buddhism. However, we in the Unification Church do know about it. We depict a spherical ideal with its center defined by a horizontal, vertical and front-to-back love axis. As that spherical ideal operates through God's ideal of creation there can be no loss of energy running through east, west, north and south. Whenever in operation, only good will come; there will be neither evil nor conflict. (182-258, 1988.10.23)

Now the time has come for your families to become ideal families who serve the True Parents and God directly, and represent the True Parents. You need to become messiahs who have risen above the Old and New Testament Ages and consequently ascended into the Completed Testament Age. You need to form families in the place of the first, second and third Adams, and serve God. This is how everyone will be able to enter heaven directly. Once this happens, we will pass into the era of the Blessing through the liberation of the sphere of the fourth Adam. (298-224, 1999.1.8)

God is the Vertical True Parent; True Parents Are the Horizontal True Parents. Ladies and gentlemen, "true parents" is a term that originated within God's mind before the beginning of creation. Because all the ideals of God's creation began under the ideal of true love based on true parents, the term "true parents" represented God's hopeful longing before creation began. Countless people throughout the course of God's providence were sacrificed before God could establish the True Parents. God worked through various religions that He established at appropriate times in the course of His providence…

God is the vertical True Parent. How wonderful it would be if God, the vertical parent, could produce children in the spirit world! However, having children in the spirit world is impossible. That is why God created Adam and Eve horizontally in the position of the True Parents of humankind and through them created a process of birth and growth that would generate the citizens of the heavenly kingdom. A vertical line has only one focal point. Consequently, it cannot engage in reproduction, which requires three dimensions. The volume needed for reproduction appears only when vertical lines meet horizontal lines, thus creating the spatial world.

God does not give birth to babies. They are born through physical (horizontal) parents. Accordingly, God is the vertical True Parent of humankind and Reverend Moon, who carries the horizontal love at a ninety-degree angle to the vertical True Parent, centering on true love, stands in the position of the horizontal True Parent of humanity. The position of the True Parent represents the entire meaning of the long-awaited Savior, Messiah and Lord of the Second Advent. This position is based on the teachings of all religions and it manifests their highest purposes. When we find and attend the vertical True Parent and horizontal True Parents and produce children of true love, there is nothing more to be said. The words "True Parents" thus signify the Savior, Messiah and Lord of the Second Advent…

For the creation of new life, the love of these two parents is absolutely necessary: One parent is our Heavenly Father, the Lord of Creation. He is the vertical and invisible True Parent. The second parent is the horizontal True Parents who have appeared on earth in a substantial body to establish the ideal of creation of the invisible True Parent. Thus, God stands as the True Parent in the position of the mind, and the horizontal True Parents stand in the position of the body. (Public Venue, 2004.8.20)

God's true love is the vertical love which He gives to mankind. This is the vertical true parent's love. The horizontal true parents' love is embodied in the original human couple blessed in marriage by God. The crossing point must be a perfect 90 degree angle so that eternal, harmonious true love is realized. From this point, all humankind can resonate with true love. (Science: Twenty–160, 1988.11.25)

God is the vertical true parent and the True Parents are the horizontal true parents. We are to be born from the union of these two sets of true parents. God is the vertical parent, and perfected Adam and Eve are the horizontal parents. On the foundation of these two sets of parents becoming one, we can also achieve unity, and be connected to God and Heaven. For this reason, nothing can be accomplished unless we attend God and True Parents. (Messages of Peace 14 -- 211, 2007.6.13)

God is the root of love, the root of life, the root of lineage and the root of the kingdom of heaven on earth and the kingdom of heaven in heaven. Had Adam and Eve not fallen, God would have entered their hearts when they married and realized a loving oneness with them. God would have become the vertical True Parent, and Adam and Eve would have become the horizontal True Parents. We would have been born with the flesh and blood of these two sets of parents. Our mind would have become the vertical self and our body the horizontal self, and we would have led lives based on one heart, one body, one outlook and one harmony. (Messages of Peace 14 -- 221, 2007.6.13)

We have led a shameful life as the ones who have shattered the universal laws of God and the ones who owe a debt to the creation. We have caused much concern and trouble for Heaven. Therefore, the husband and wife who are leading a life of faith must be able to act on behalf of the Lord. Furthermore, we must build the relationship to serve (the Lord) as the parents on behalf of God, Jesus and the earth.

You must forge this relationship horizontally and three-dimensionally, in which Heaven reciprocates with the True Parents, the true couple and the true creation. Having accomplished this, you can say to God, "I have finally won the victory. Father! I have offered my life to eradicate all the relationships with Satan in which men had worshipped Satan in place of God and fell into the temptations of Satan. What is more, I am a perfected child who has paid back all the debt to the universe and brought Satan to his knees." You must understand that only when this is done, can we be dignified before heaven and the creation as ones who have paid back the debt to the universe. (Sermons 1–83-84, 1956.6.10)

The first human ancestors, Adam and Eve, were to have attended God as their vertical True Parent, and with God the True Parent as their axis, they were to have become the embodied, horizontal True Parents. In such a world, the word "messiah" would never have come to exist. Their family would have been the ideal family reflecting God's ideal of creation, and the world would have been the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, where God's ideal of creation was completed. After living out their lives in this world, human beings would have automatically been registered as citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven in the spiritual world, where they would live eternally in freedom, peace, and happiness.

Perfected Adam and Eve would have communicated directly with God using their five spiritual senses, and at the same time, they would have freely worked with the creation using their five physical senses. They would have lived as true masters, true parents, and true kings representing both the spiritual and physical worlds. (Public Venue, 2004.1.27)

What is our wish? It is to attend God of true love; it is to attend the True Parents centering on God's true love; then it is to become the true sons and daughters centering on God's true family. Our wish is to form a true family and become one. (Unification Family Life -- 196)

We know that You have now liquidated the sorrowful historical indemnity course centering on July First of 1991 with God's protection for every course until today.

And, we know that every declaration is needed in order to find the realm of liberation of the original world by newly attending God, the Creator and horizontal True Parents who will become the original parents…

I pray that with everyone's observation, they will support everything that I am offering during the victorious ceremony of proclamation, ceremony of liberation, ceremony of unification that we can go forward toward the Kingdom of Heaven attending True Parents and attending Father's Will. I proclaim all these in front of Heaven in the name of True Parents. Amen, Amen, Amen. (Spiritual Leader Pt. 2–413, July 1999)

Today, the Unification Church has announced the True Parents. If Adam and Eve had not fallen in the Garden of Eden, God would have been True Parents, and Adam and Eve also would have been True Parents. God is vertical True Parents, and Adam and Eve are horizontal True Parents. Do you understand? When we see True Parents where the vertical and the horizontal meet, we see the accordance among north, south, east, and west. Even if we bring above to below, bring below to above, west to east, and east to west, they all meet in accordance. (True Parents -- 155)

Who is God? God is the vertical True Parents centered on true love. He is intimately close to each of us because He is our vertical parents. When we welcome the perfected human ancestors -- perfected Adam and Eve -- as True Parents, we create a 90 degree crossing point between the vertical true love of God and the horizontal true love of True Parents. We have two sets of True Parents. From them we receive true love, true life and true blood lineage. This creates one world totally resonating with true love. (World Peace -- 202, 1990.4.10)

If the first man and woman had realized the ideal of God, they would have become the first visible form of God and created the first family of man. Then God-centered children and grandchildren would have formed an ideal society, nation and world. In this case the invisible God would become the vertical True Parents of man centering upon true love, and the first man and woman, Adam and Eve, would have become the horizontal True Parents of mankind centering upon that same true love. Centered upon these True Parents of man, humanity would have become one family eternally fulfilling true brotherhood.

However, the fall of Adam and Eve meant that humanity lost True Parents. That day we became orphans. Brothers turned into enemies. As a result, nations came to develop antagonistic relationships rather than friendly ones. Accusations abound on every level.

In the final fulfillment of human history, therefore, God's work of restoration is the restoration of True Parents first, liberating humanity from its orphan status. Today this is the central dispensational work of God-to bestow True Parents upon mankind, to create the original family of man centering on God and true love. (World Peace -- 174, 1991.8.28)

My philosophy is Headwing Thought based on Godism. This thought places God, the standard of absolute value and our True Parent, True Teacher and True Owner, in the absolute center. When human beings live in accordance with the Three Great Subject Body Thought, attending God in our life in the spirit world and on earth as our True Parent, True Teacher and True Owner, and living as His object partners, this will be the Kingdom of Heaven and the place where true love is practiced. (Public Venue, 2002.12.27)

From the viewpoint of God's dispensation in the course of human history, humankind is one great family that is to live in attendance to God as the True Parent, transcending national boundaries, race and religious differences. Despite the fact that humankind as a single community is destined to cooperate as a global family, we live in an age when we feel that we have nothing to do with the problems of our neighbors and other countries. We cannot, however, ignore the reality of humanity ravaged by war, crime, drug abuse, pollution, the destruction of the ecosystem, ethical corruption and the scourge of aids. (Public Venue, 2002.12.27)

What you should understand is that the things which you have owned so far, your material possessions, are not really your own; you are temporarily managing them. The things that you manage well should be offered to God through the True Parents. In other words, unless they go through the process of belonging to the True Parents and God, they cannot be yours. This you should clearly understand. (23-334, 1969.6.15)

From where does a fallen man look for the foundation of the original true love? This is a matter for serious consideration. From where? The foundation starts from God and true Parents. It originates from the place where human beings are completely harmonized centering upon God. (156-226, 1966.5.25)

When you know clearly of God and true Parents, you are liberated and you are resurrected. (Tribal Messiah–44, 1986.10.9)

What did God and Rev. Moon -- God and True Parents -- do in order to accomplish this work? They had to penetrate barbed wire and force their way through in order to accomplish the work. There remains not only the stains of blood and tears, but even the pattern left by the whip of miserable, tragic torture. They pioneered such a path. The Unification Church members should have the attitude of heart not to dishonor this kind of heart of Heavenly Parents and True Parents. You must know that this heart is the storehouse of heavenly treasure. From this storehouse, we can abolish hell and create the Kingdom of Heaven. (216-326)

True Parents inherited God's Will, and you must inherit True Parents' Will. You must not lose this traditional thought. What is the traditional thought? You must strip off the blood lineage of the enemy Satan, because you were born with this blood lineage. After that, you must restore your blood lineage centering on God and true Parents. To do this, you must be united with God in heart.

Based upon the unity in heart, you must inherit heavenly blood lineage, becoming a branch or a leaf of a tree whose root is God. You must become a being representing God and establish the absolute standard on Earth, by which you can subjugate Satan. If you do so, the history of restoration can proceed. You must know this. (13-297)

The Kingdom of Heaven on earth is the ideal world of one great family. We will attend God and true Parents with eternal hope, and there will be overflowing freedom, happiness and peace. (243-214, 1993.1.10)

The Kingdom of Heaven is not a difficult place; it is a place where we serve God and true Parents and where we receive and give love. (Blessing Pt. 2 -- 257)

For you to live, you have to long for God and true Parents. By doing so, you can live in a happy, safe, and fulfilled sphere both spiritually and physically. By love. Do you understand? (218-128, 1991.7.14)

God created the earth through His absolute authority. Let's think about going back to the origin. This world was to be established in the name of God and true Parents; so all things started from Adam and Eve, who were to be the original True Parents and one with God. They were to have authority over the archangel and live forever in joy. Therefore, we must become one, centered upon True Parents. (35-178, 1970.10.13)

"Our family… pledges to represent and become central to heaven and earth by attending God and True Parents; we pledge to perfect the dutiful family way of filial sons and daughters in our family." This means that the father needs to practice the way of filial piety, as do the children. In fact, every member of the family needs to do the same. They need to inherit the tradition of filial piety. (260-157, 1994.5.2)

What is the content of pledge number two? It speaks about a representative family. Therefore, you need to pledge, "To represent and become central to heaven and earth by attending God and True Parents, and to perfect the dutiful way of filial piety in our family, patriotism in our nation, saints in the world, and a family of divine sons and daughters in heaven and earth."

We need to rid the world of everything and everyone that was disloyal, impious and treacherous to God throughout history. There were many like that in past families, nations, world, and even in the spirit world. Numerous though they may be, as their representative you need to become as one with the True Parents and perfect such a family as depicted in the Pledge. (261-88, 1994.5.22)

To enter heaven, we must be one with the true love of God and True Parents. Our destination is heaven, but only after we have lived on earth with the children born of that blood relationship. Until now, not one person has lived such a life and gone to heaven. Consequently, heaven is vacant. (176-209, 1988.5.9)

If you want to return to God, you have to be ready to train for the spirit world, which is a four-dimensional world. The training center for loving and becoming one with the spirit world is where you love God and True Parents. The Messiah comes for the purpose of fulfilling the role of True Parents on earth to connect the spirit world and the physical world to God. That is all there is to his mission. He truly loves us and lives for our sake to a greater extent than anyone else.

Before the Messiah -- in other words, the True Parents -- comes on the earth, the entire spirit world is completely divided, similar to this divided world. The True Parents in corporeal form must tear down the many walls that have been built up. Only then will the two worlds be connected. In that connection, the True Parents not only represent the physical world but also the spirit world.

By attending the True Parents and by means of absolute love, for the first time you are able to pave a road that connects to the spirit world. By demonstrating absolute loyalty before the messiah, you establish the precondition of having demonstrated absolute loyalty before even the greatest of all spirit people. You establish the condition of having demonstrated absolute loyalty to God's commands. You have to demonstrate absolute loyalty to the True Parents in the place of God. Why is that? It is so that you can establish a tradition that enables you to become one with the citizens of heaven.

Why do you need to attend the True Parents? Because they represent the spirit world and God. It is so that you can form a bond of heart with the True Parents and be qualified to participate in the realm of the victory of heart that True Parents sealed with love. (105-112, 1979.9.30)

We should live for God and True Parents. That is what you are to do. If you wish to live for the sake of God and True Parents after going to the spirit world, your lifestyle on earth should be in step with that kind of life. That is how harmony is achieved. For this reason, you should go through a process of passing the fearful judgment of substance. That is the law. On that day, a foundation of heart will automatically come into being. (103-236, 1979.3.1)

Even when Blessed Families enter the spirit world or heaven, there will be ranks in which some families will come closer to God and True Parents. (295-300, 1998.9.24)

The holy days and anniversaries we observe in the Unification Church are providential days of victory, obtained after bloody struggles against the satanic world. Since they are days commemorating the accomplishment of absolute victory, you should commemorate these days with a heart of thanks and gratitude toward God and True Parents. You need to know that the tradition of love based on God and True Parents is the starting point for everything. Where do the true love of God and humankind unite and begin? In the sexual organs. What kind of sexual organs? They would be the true sexual organs desired by God. This is the conclusion. (267-321, 1995.2.5)

The True Parents are God's body, just as we have a conscience and a body. The point of origin of the universe and the very first starting point, are God and the True Parents. True love starts from that point. What about humankind? God is the mind of Adam and Eve. This is a multi-dimensional mind and not a two-dimensional mind. It is impossible for either a multi-dimensional mind or a two-dimensional mind to decide their positions for themselves. Their eternal positions are determined by the power of love. With the unity of God and True Parents everything becomes unified. If the conscience is in pain, the body will also be in pain; this is unavoidable for they are as one. (192-200, 1989.7.4)

However much we yearn for the ideal family, parents, couple and children, they do not exist, for their overall perfection can only take place through the True Parents. From a traditional position, as the heirs standing in the place of God and True Parents, you need to reach the value of the seed which is equal in value to the highest level of oneness ever seen among brothers and sisters, and similar in value to the oneness between God and Adam and Eve. Coming from such a world, if you were to harvest a family that can be expanded to produce new descendants for all human beings, then this family -- having the same value as that of a unified God and True Parents -- will then become successors able to inherit the record of champions. (301-19, 1999.4.16)

At the time and place that the reawakening takes place, when all families in the world can claim to be the sons and daughters of the True Parents, the global Kingdom of Heaven will be manifested. When the world becomes one family, we will enter the new world of God's Kingdom on earth. (146-132, 1986.6.8)

When you achieve unity, with God and True Parents as your focus, the heavenly kingdom on earth and in heaven can be built. Where does the Heavenly Kingdom on earth start? It starts from your families, your sons and daughters. (260-185, 1994.5.8)

The Messiah must come to this earth in the position of the True Parents. Then, who are the True Parents? They are the horizontal Parents possessing horizontal true love and representing the vertical True Parent. Christians say that the Messiah is God and God is the Messiah, but this is wrong. God is the vertical True Parent. He is only one. The Messiah is the horizontal True Parent. (186-40, 1989.1.24)

If Adam and Eve had not fallen in the Garden of Eden, God would have become the True Parent. Adam and Eve would have become true parents also with God as the vertical True Parent, and Adam and Eve as the horizontal true parents -- true parents within whom the vertical and horizontal are united. Viewed from this perspective, all four directions are the same. Even if things were turned upside down and east traded places with west, no matter how things were rearranged, all would remain in harmony. (202-165, 1990.5.20)

When you say True Parents there is God, who is the vertical True Parent, and there are the earthly True Parents, who are the horizontal True Parents. You should be created through the love arising from the union of the two. Because at the zero point -- that place where there is no love -- you will finally develop the character of a true subject; if you desire love, you must start from nothing. You must ignore your own fundamental existence. This is why in the Bible we find the paradoxical expression that those who seek to die will live and those who seek to live will die. Thus, you should be grateful for your having been liberated from the satanic world. Next is lifestyle. A history and tradition are established on the basis of culture, so when I say lifestyle I mean culture. Next is lineage. Lineage revolves centered on love. You need to be liberated. This is why you should say to yourself, "I am part of God's lineage. God dwells within me." Your mind and body should not fight with each other.

From now on, ask your mind and heart. God has already entered your mind and your heart; you are God's bud and leaf because you attend True Parents and have the root. Everything experiences the ambient atmospheric pressure, but, because that pressure is completely balanced you do not feel it. Everything is protecting you to prevent you from deviating but because it is all perfectly in balance, you do not feel it. However if you act against your conscience -- against God's will -- even a little bit, the power of the universe will strike you, saying, "You numbskull!" This power is so strong that even if you try to go one way, your body will be spun around.

So if you pray for God to be in your mind and for True Parents to come into your body, they will come; God will dwell where mind and body intersect and correct the angle between your mind and body. You need to be liberated from the three great satanic realms. First, you must be liberated from the vertical representative, Satan, and next from the cultural realm, or lifestyle tradition you have received from your natural parents, such as the Korean culture or the American culture -- and all other cultures. All of them are heading towards one center, but the farther away they are, the more trivial they are. (202-278, 1990.5.25)

Beloved Heavenly Father! Today is October 5, 1998, which is also Chuseok in Korea, a day of celebration on which the people honor their ancestors. You have worked endlessly to establish the realm of liberation for the Old, New and Completed Testament ages in history to ease Your grief over not having seen this world become a settlement of love, in which all forms of creation, all people in the spirit world, countless believers, and all things created with love and living on earth would have lived together with You. Today, before heaven and earth, Chung Pyung in Korea, and the people gathered here in São Paulo in the western world, please bring to an end the sorrowful history that You have had to endure.

We understand that You as the vertical True Parent of heaven created the horizontal true parents in this world through the ideal of heaven and earth, that they represented Your external form, and that they should have become our ancestors of the very first generation. They were meant to achieve complete oneness through their family, thereby unifying their minds, which are vertical, and their bodies, which are horizontal, and thus bring the seed of love created through that unity to complete fruition on earth. Through this achievement, Your eternal lineage and that of True Parents were to be connected, and would have led to the multiplication on earth of children whose minds and bodies would have been as one. However, the joyous day of such a beginning of history did not come to pass, and You have had to continue with the providence in order to erase the legacy of lamentable and mortifying historical grief; we are aware of all this. (296-9, 1998.10.5)

God is the root of love, life, lineage and the root of His kingdom on earth and in heaven. At the time of Adam and Eve's wedding, God enters their minds and fulfills the love that arises through oneness. God is the vertical True Parent, and Adam and Eve are the horizontal true parents. Since we were given flesh and blood and born from such parents, the mind is our vertical self and the body our horizontal self.

Those who have perfected mind-body oneness in love by uniting with God in love become His sons and daughters. Once they become His princes and princesses, they are in a father-child relationship with Him, and so can inherit everything from Him. When these children attain conjugal oneness based on true love, they form a family attending God, and the starting point of peace and the ideal. (254-106, 1994.2.1)

What is a true parent? Had the Fall not occurred, God would have been the vertical love and Adam and Eve God's body. They would have been just like God's body. God is like the bone and Adam and Eve like the flesh. God also has mind and body. God becomes the internal parent in the internal position and Adam and Eve become external parents in the external position. As the internal parent and external parents become one, they become intertwined through love. We come to attend the internal parent by attending external parents. In other words, the union of God and human beings in love would have resulted in true parents, that is, perfected human beings. Without unity in love there can be no perfect person. (184-71, 1988.11.13)

The term True Parents began in God's mind before the creation. You should know, that as all ideals were created by God under the head of the ideal of love centered upon the True Parents, they too reflect His desires before the Creation.

Vast numbers of people were sacrificed in the course of God's providence to establish the True Parents. God created a great number of religions in His dispensation and they typify the angelic world, Cain, Abel, the child by a concubine, the adopted child, the stepmother, and the adoptive parents' positions. Finally, He created the True Mother and True Father religion.

In conformity with the overall will of God's providence Protestantism and Catholicism took on the responsibility of leading the world. If the entire religious realm had been united, one nation and one world of peace would have been established. Christianity stood in the mainstream of the many religions attempting to fulfill God's will, by pursuing this one world of peace.

Christianity teaches about True Parents and love. It has taught about "brother" and "bridegroom" in relation to Jesus, and "parent" in relation to God. Since Christianity is completely based on the ideal of the family, it has taught us how to perfect in full measure the family idealized by God. Hence, it could rise above all other religions and unify the world.

Then who is Christ at the Second Advent? As the True Father and True Mother were lost in Eden, he is the one to come upon the earth as the True Father. He will become as one with God in heart, lineage and flesh, establish the position of True Mother, and form a family centered on this oneness. The Messiah's family will be the first to live with and serve God. The Messiah solidifies the position of the perfected Adam. The Kingdom of Heaven will be established only after the perfected Adam and Eve marry, live on earth serving God, have sons and daughters centered upon Him, bring forth His clan and live on earth together with them, and then, finally, move on into the heavenly world together with God. (282-51, 1997.3.10)

If the invisible end of the needle is God, the visible end is our human ancestors. God is the vertical Parent. We might think it wonderful if God could have sons and daughters in the spirit world, but reproduction does not occur there.

Why did God create the horizontal parents in the form of Adam and Eve? They were created as the production plant to multiply the citizens of His kingdom. Since there is only one focal point on the vertical, reproduction cannot take place. What would happen if reproduction were carried out at the very center? All that was created up to that point would have to be pushed out. Therefore, reproduction is impossible on the vertical for there is only one point. (214-204, 1991.2.2)

Your mind is your vertical self and your body is your horizontal self. Through true love the two must become one. Are not your bodies and minds in conflict? Why is that? It is due to the Fall. How then can they be reunified? Without true love they cannot unite. When they are united through true love, like God, you can go straight to heaven. There will be no need for a savior, for you will be able to enter as you are. (201-123, 1990.3.27)

The King in heaven as the vertical center occupies the position of the mind, and the king on earth, that of the body. The ideal marriage of the perfected Adam and Eve would be both God's marriage and theirs, with their bodies and God at the center. (245-89, 1993.2.28)

My possessions do not belong to me. I think of them as belonging to humanity as the original base for the condition determining ownership in oneness with God's love; they are free from the invasion of the Fall and Satan's realm of accusation. They were inherited through an Abel-type love on God's side and ultimately will come under God's ownership through the True Parents on earth. Hence, if the Unification Church buys something, it should not be resold, until after establishing that the True Parents themselves have cast it away. Once I have bought something, I would never resell it even if I were reduced to a beggar's status. Those who sell our possessions behind my back in disregard of this understanding will all be caught in the end and suffer the consequences.

It was determined that the True Parents take ownership in oneness with God's love and that all Blessed Families have a path leading them toward the position of the Parents. Yet they waited to receive ownership from the Parents centered on God's love.

Today, by us celebrating Parents' Day together, ownership has been connected to you horizontally, in this era of God's direct dominion, whereas before it moved vertically from all things of the creation to the children. From this place the seven stages of individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos must be completed and connected to the central line. They are all meant to be connected, seven stages of man and the seven stages of woman. (137-270, 1986.1.3)

The Savior comes to the earth to seek his Bride. He needs to find the true woman, thereby connecting vertical and horizontal, and achieve God-centered, unfallen perfection for the first time in history. Through the external True Parents, God the internal Father can come to earth and link us to the road leading directly to heaven.

From the outset of history, no one has been persecuted as much as I or faced as much opposition. In one era I had to be persecuted worldwide on the individual, family and tribal levels.

The Unification Church tribe must be related to all peoples in all 160 nations of the world through the global association of Blessed Families. That is the work of restoration. We need to first carry out this work tribally, next on the level of a people and then nationally. (176-332)

The True Parents have come into this world that we are living in; it is inhabited by their sons and daughters as well as those of fallen parents. Originally, through the flesh and blood of the True Parents all were to have been God's beloved children. Through the Fall, however, they became fallen sons and daughters instead, and so the Savior, Christ at the Second Advent must come again as the True Parent, to clear away all the wrongdoings of our first ancestors. He must come and restore the firstborn son who is already born. That firstborn son was like an illegitimate son, made illegitimate by a switch of his bloodline apart from God's. He would have inherited God's lineage through original love, but due to the Fall he inherited another bloodline. Still, God cannot cast him away. (210-360, 1990.12.27)

God, who exists as an incorporeal being -- though He is the subject being with dual characteristics in harmony -- needed to assume a physical form through which He could relate with the entire world of substance, and not only the body of the man or the woman. Embodied within both Adam and Eve, He intended to communicate and work freely in relation to the entire universe, the world of substance. This is because the incorporeal God, without a physical body, meets certain limits in dealing with the corporeal world of substance.

Therefore, if Adam and Eve had attended God in their hearts and become one with Him, then married on the basis of having perfected themselves, had children and created a family, they would have become the external and horizontal True Parents in substance, while God would have been the internal and vertical True Parent in substance. If only this had come to pass, Adam and Eve would have resembled God one hundred percent, both in their inner nature and outer form. If Adam and Eve, as a perfect resemblance of God, had become the true parents of humankind, all people would have perceived the true reality of God manifesting through them in their daily lives. (Messages of Peace 2 -- 34-35, March 2006) 

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