Filial Attendance: The Way of Filial Piety of Holy Sons and Daughters of God - Elio Roman

Chapter 16 - Attendance: One in Heart with God

Chapter Summary and Introduction

Filial sons and daughters of God and become one in heart with God and True Parents and embody the Heart of God and True Parents. Upon reaching maturity, filial sons and daughters experience God's Heart as if it were their own heart. They develop their sensibility to the Heart of God. The Parent and child relationship is a heart to heart relationship. It is about the heart of God and the heart of His children. Filial children become the perfect object partners of God and establish the vertical tradition. Such sons and daughters live a life of filial piety in attendance of God and True Parents.

The agony and frustration true filial children experience can be consuming. Such filial children experience intensity of emotion in their hearts and their only consolation in life is to live in attendance of God and True Parents. The Bible and other holy books have accounts of men and women who have displayed the heart of attendance of filial sons and daughters. The heart of filial attendance fervently and single-mindedly, with absolute devotion and dedication, desperately seeks to attend God and help mankind. Jesus endured tremendous suffering and physical pain and ultimately sacrificed his life in his endeavor to attend his Father. His life brought salvation, a better and true way of life, hope and joy to billions of people.

Due to his heart of filial attendance, Noah toiled night and day for 120 years to build the ark. God's heart and spirit were embodied in Noah. There was nothing else Noah wanted to do in his life but to live in attendance of the Father. His accomplishments on the altar of God were the result of his heart of attendance to God. Abraham left his home as an expression of his oneness in heart with God in seeking only to attend the Father. His heart was absolute in seeking to attend the Father. He had one small and costly lapse but later proved His heart of filial attendance to God by offering his son Isaac on the altar of God. It was the oneness in heart with God that motivated Moses to burn with the frustration of tremendous zeal as he waited for forty years in exile in the dessert for the opportunity to free his people.

The heart of true sons and daughters of God is of a depth and magnitude lacking in fallen human beings and fallen families. It is in becoming one with the heart of God that we seek to live for the sake of God and for the sake of others. The heart of attendance that God is seeking to restore in mankind is a heart rarely seen. Such a heart can develop and mature through attending True Parents and through the course of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Such a heart can attain the oneness of God and human beings in love in the Parent and child relationship. There have been many great saints and men and women of good faith who have displayed a very high degree of the heart of attendance and oneness with God. Written history has not recorded the heart and actions of many of these men and women. Many died without receiving recognition. Those filial sons and daughters, however, are recognized by God, the angels, spirit world, the creation and will be for eternity.

Filial sons and daughters who have become one in heart with God can never fall. Upon establishing their ideal family, they become the model families of the cosmos. As representative families and central families of the cosmos who are one with the heart of God and True Parents, they radiate the love of God throughout the cosmos. Such filial families become representative families of God and True Parents and live their lives in complete attendance to God, to True Parents, True Children, and all descendants of the Direct Lineage of God and True Parents. Filial sons and daughters who have become one in heart with God mature as filial sons and daughters in their family, patriots in the nation, saints in the world, and divine sons and daughters in the cosmos.

The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

All of humankind is supposed to connect to God in heart. God, the Father, and humankind, the children, are meant to be connected through the realm of heart. (55-163, 1972.5.7)

I said that God and human beings are in a parent-child relationship, but what is special about this parent-child relationship? The highest place where father and son can meet is the central point where their love, life and ideals intersect. Then, love, life, and ideals are in one place. At that place, God is love, and so are we; God is life, and so are we; and God's ideals are our ideals. The first place where these things can be established is in the parent-child relationship. (69-78, 1973.10.20)

In the Garden of Eden, God created with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. The realm of oneness of God and human beings in love is created through absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. The Kingdom of Heaven in heaven and the Kingdom of Heaven on earth are to be the realm of oneness of God and human beings in love, so that His sons and daughters, who are like the absolute God, can freely exercise their full authority; and they are to be the worlds where they can freely travel, wherever they go. We can finally liberate God only when we become people of ability who can do such activities. (301-85, 1999.4.16)

What is it that will remain in the end? It is God and human beings, their life course, and their outlook on daily life -- the divine and human perspectives on life and the world. These perspectives will not be based on vague knowledge, but on an inseparable, eternal relationship. Why? Since God and humankind have been separated at the point where originally they could not be separated, they must reach a place higher than that point of inseparability. At such a point, they should come forward demanding a global stage for daily life where God and humankind are one. (65-125, 1972.11.5)

The important thing is oneness in heart. The eyes must become one in heart; the nose should be one in heart; everything should be one in heart. Mind and body are one in heart, too, and man and woman are one in heart. The tribes of a nation must be one in heart, and the nations should also be one in heart. (284-76, 1997.4.15)

Ladies and gentlemen, the human mind is more elevated than the human body and the spirit is more elevated than the mind. God resides in a place more elevated than the spirit world, where our spirits are destined to pass on. Only when we have become completely one with God in true love are we complete.

Such a perfected person might be a small individual but would nevertheless represent all of history and all potential future relationships and so could be said to possess infinite value. Once we are aware of our having such universal value, we realize that our lives should be led by and carried out in service to our minds. (Messages of Peace 3 -- 46, 2006.4.10)

In this manner, the first masculine representative created by God as His object partner in substance was Adam, and the feminine representative He created was Eve. God had an objective in mind when He created human beings as separate beings, one man and one woman.

First, God, who exists as an incorporeal being -- though He is the subject being with dual characteristics in harmony -- needed to assume a physical form through which He could relate with the entire world of substance, and not only the body of the man or the woman. Embodied within both Adam and Eve, He intended to communicate and work freely in relation to the entire universe, the world of substance. This is because the incorporeal God, without a physical body, meets certain limits in dealing with the corporeal world of substance. Therefore, if Adam and Eve had attended God in their hearts and become one with Him, then married on the basis of having perfected themselves, had children and created a family, they would have become the external and horizontal True Parents in substance, while God would have been the internal and vertical True Parent in substance. If only this had come to pass, Adam and Eve would have resembled God one hundred percent, both in their inner nature and outer form. If Adam and Eve, as a perfect resemblance of God, had become the true parents of humankind, all people would have perceived the true reality of God manifesting through them in their daily lives.

Second, God created Adam and Eve for the fulfillment of love. He intended for Adam and Eve to reach perfection and become the embodiments of love in complete union. On that basis, He would have come and dwelt with them and become the Parent of true love for all humanity. Adam and Eve, standing in the position of the parents of substance in the image of God, would have established an ideal family, and consequently an ideal world, through having their own children and multiplying. If this had come to be, the spirit world and the earthly world would have been linked through human beings. We can conclude that God created us with the purpose of our being the connecting point between the spiritual and physical worlds. By coming to dwell in Adam and Eve based on true love, God could remain as the True Parent, the parent in substance of humankind. (Messages of Peace 2 -- 34, March 2006)

If Adam and Eve had achieved individual perfection -- the perfection of character -- by upholding the principles of absolute sexual purity, in accordance with God's will, and then entered into conjugal relations through His Blessing, they would have attained complete oneness with Him. God would have dwelt within their union. (Messages of Peace 10 -- 146, 2006.11.21)

Without creating a starting point from which we can bring God into our heart and where we human beings can be completely one body with God, there is no way to liquidate this devilish world. From this point of view, we understand our time as the age of attendance and the age of salvation based on justification through attendance. We are saved through attendance. God is not a God who is up there in the sky. We should attend God as our subject and Master in our daily life. (144-274, 1986.4.25)

In the Last Days, above all we must become the people who understand God's heart. Humankind is imbued with the three key elements of intellect, emotion, and will, and it remains for us to attain heavenly emotion on the foundation of intellect and will. God's love flows through our hearts. (4-250, 1958.6.22)

How will you deeply experience True Parents' heart and God's love and heart? This is the issue. The question is how to enter that state. For this you have to become the Adam and Eve who have not fallen, free from Satan's accusation. How, then, will you become liberated from the satanic world? You have to win in the battle with Satan. To achieve this, how hard will you have to work and how much will you have to suffer? Jacob and Moses were each deceived ten times. Jesus Christ was also deceived in the same manner. It was the same with me. We must overcome this. We will come to know God's heart through this. We will come to know the Parents' heart. Otherwise, we will never know. Without this experience, Satan will never leave you alone. As long as you do not triumph over Satan, you will never be able to know True Parents' heart or God's heart.

Thus we must go to the front line. Everyone must go to the front line. As long as we do not do this but, instead, live a comfortable life, we will not be able to find God's love, the Parent's love, the Parent's realm of heart, or God's realm of heart. I must send everyone to the front line. You need to be persecuted, despised and beaten, and receive all sorts of harsh treatment. Only then can there be an inheritance of heart. A ceremony of inheritance will take place there. You must therefore always stand at the forefront and march forward like me. How harsh the persecution is on the front line! But this is natural. When you digest it, God will protect you. You will be able to deeply experience the same heart as you stand in the same place. The question is how to experience this heart deeply. The question is how you can come to know that True Parents are the real True Parents and that God is your Father. How will your bones and flesh know? The question is whether those cells, that body of flesh, know it even when you are not thinking. You must overcome the situation of being exposed to Satan's accusation. This is the biggest problem.

The question is how to experience True Parents' love deeply, but it is simple. You must be able to stand in a position like that of the original Adam and Eve, who have defeated Satan on the global stage. To achieve this, how much blood and sweat you will have to shed, and how much accusation you will receive from Satan! How hard it will be, because it can happen only after you have triumphed over the course of indemnity! If you do not appreciate being in that situation, then it will not matter how hard you pray or what you do, you will not be able to go beyond it. You have to experience it deeply yourself. You will experience it deeply immediately upon entering into such a situation. You will receive direct guidance. In understanding the Parents' heart, the great problem is how to feel what is called oneness. It will never happen until you have defeated Satan. It will not come. Power transmission towers have been established. They have been erected in individuals, families, tribes, peoples, nations, the world, the cosmos, and even in God. Now the power lines of heart must be hung there. Who will hang them? It is not I or God, but you who must do it. (125-206, 1983.3.20)

When you create resonance in heart with True Parents, this standard of deep experience in life becomes a foundation for the eternal world of heart. Unification Church members live together with True Parents and God. They are born with the love of True Parents. Since love makes an eternal connection, the connection of love cannot be cut. Until the day you die, you cannot forget about love. Even when parents die, they die with a heart of love for their sons and daughters. It is the same with the husband and wife. There is no one who forgets about love before he dies. Love goes beyond death and becomes connected to eternity. This is why you, a man or woman who have received life through love, cannot forget your parents who are the fundamental root of love. If your parents are the root and you are the trunk, your sons and daughters are the buds. When they grow together, they will extend to the realm of the tribe, people and nation. (218-127, 1991.7.14)

Heaven is a place we cannot enter without a connection of heart. It is the original nation, the nation of original nature, which can govern everything. It is a nation that cannot be possessed based on some situation, but only by those who have a deep bond of heart. As such, Christianity is, ultimately speaking, is a religion where mutual sentiments are understood, rather than circumstances. The purpose of God's providence on earth is to make the foundation on which we can sing sharing our hearts beyond sharing circumstances.

What is the Fall? It is not a matter of God not being able to discuss His circumstances, but rather His heart. Coming in search of fallen humanity with the heart of longing to meet His lost sons and daughters, yet not being able to find anyone who could share His heart, God has worked to find such people. That has been the history of salvation and the one sent to find such people is the Savior.

Before desiring heaven, we must desire to know God's heart; and before desiring to know God's heart, we must think about how we should conduct our lives. First, have a heart of attendance. Our original nature reveres and yearns for that which is sublime and precious. In spite of the Fall, our original heart wants to attend the sublime and precious heart of God. Therefore, those who have never been able to lead a heart-centered life of attendance have nothing to do with heaven.

To live a life of attendance we need preparation. After passing through a process of preparation, we need to then practice the life of attendance. Our destination, after preparing and practicing a life of attendance, is heaven. The destination of people who have attended with their hearts is heaven. Heaven is the world where we can be proud of our preparation for attendance and the life of attendance, and where we can actually demonstrate our accomplishments. It is our destiny to follow the course that advances toward the world of heavenly purpose.

From the day we were born with fallen lineage until the present day, there has not been even one day when all humankind attended God with a full heart. Before Adam and Eve fell, they grew according to the ideal of creation, but they never attended God based on a relationship of heart.

What is God's regret? It is that we, who were created to attend Him with our heart, fell into a position where we could not do so, and that God, who should have received heart-centered attendance, was left unattended. God was not anguished because there was nobody who believed in or knew Him. The grief of heaven and earth is that there was nobody who could attend or relate to God in heart. (8-290, 1960.2.14)

The religion that can connect with the ultimate world of heart should be one that can teach us in detail about God's most sorrowful state. God is not just feeling happy and wonderful; on the contrary, His plight is a deeply sad one. He has been mistreated and is overflowing with bitter grief. A religion must appear that can teach these things in detail. Only then can we become God's filial children. (151-102, 1962.10.28)

Then what is of utmost importance? The way you set the gate to your mind is the most important matter in your life of faith. Therefore, in your life of faith, always be alert to those times when the gate of your mind opens and how to tune it to the gate of God's mind. Always be prepared for this. You always need to have a mind-set in your daily life of seeking and adjusting your mind to God at any given time.

Therefore, be constantly aware of the depth of your mind and try to open the gate to your mind. Then try to adjust it to the place where the gate of heaven is located. This is the most precious thing to do in your life of faith. As you gradually come to stand in that object position, what happens? You will experience a new three-dimensional feeling that you never felt before. You will somehow come to experience that unknown feeling…

Therefore, if some kind of godly nature flows strongly into fallen humankind, fallen people cannot be purified in a natural way. When this power flows in, it does not come in at once but enters in an alternating plus and minus manner in the way sound waves are transmitted with alternating amplifications and attenuations. This power comes in sometimes strongly and sometimes weakly, all the while cultivating us. You will have vibrations, lose your consciousness, and the phenomenon in which spiritual forces act strongly takes place. This is manifested as spiritual phenomena.

What will happen next if you continue having such experiences? Your physical body and your physical fallen nature will become purified, and through this you will naturally come to accept these works 100 percent. When that happens, even without such phenomena you can enter a state higher than the spiritual phenomena and then receive all that heaven teaches while not being over-whelmed at all. You have to go through these courses to reach that level of purification, as well as the phases of receiving revelations and directions.

Once you reach the level of such experiences, your mind will give you directions. You will be struck dumb when you try to talk to someone, or you will scold someone in spite of yourself. You will experience such incomprehensible phenomena from time to time. Therefore you have to be able to control them. If you mishandle the situation, people may treat you like a crazy person. (76-125, 1975.2.2)

No ordinary people in the world know the taste of water that you drink after returning from having gone out and spoken with a serious heart while shedding sweat. How does it taste? It cannot even be compared to cola or honeyed water. It tastes different each time you drink it.

We must also discover such things; otherwise, we cannot develop extra-sensory perception. You would not be able to respond to anything in relation to the spirit world. If you come to feel such things, your ears will become very sensitive and upon hearing something from a distance, you will already have analyzed the content of that sound. Even with closed eyes, you will be able to perceive who is passing by and whether they are good or bad people. You will become spiritually perceptive. Without understanding this, you cannot discern between good and evil spirits. You know not by seeing but through the mind. The mind's eyes are at a higher level than your physical eyes.

I am telling you this because you have a long way ahead. You should know this. Do not become overly self-confident. This is why it is stated in the Bible, "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven." It is the same principle. It all connects together. (96-169, 1978.1.3)

God's heart is found not only in God's word but also in all things He created. In heaven and earth, God's heart is everywhere. This is why we say that there is nowhere that God doesn't dwell -- that is, God is omnipresent. Since God's heart is found in the things you see, if you want to be in His heart you should have the heart to embrace those things and all that exists in heaven and on earth as yours. This is God's heart.

A person that reaches the highest point on the religious way is one who belongs within the heart of God. The one whose heart sings eternally even at the sight of a flying bird or a fragrant flower does not dwell among all things of creation but, rather, within God's heart. (8-180, 1959.12.13)

The original world, centered on true love, is filled with the true-love sound of everything in creation. In the world of true love, you can understand everything as God does. It is there that you will inherit everything and have the right of participation, enabling you to join in wherever you are. True love provides these three privileges. This means that we can grab hold of true love automatically. We inherit God. God becomes mine. We can be with God wherever He is. How great this is! How happy we are! Nobody can deny this. We have such an amazing thing. How can we worry in our hearts? There can be no shadow. It is bright like broad daylight. This is the pride of Unification Church members. (202-354, 1990.5.27)

Everyone must become one in heart with God. Based on that oneness of heart, people should connect with the heavenly lineage, become a branch and leaf of the tree whose root is God, and become an incarnation of God, thereby establishing an absolute standard on earth to subjugate Satan. Only then will the history of restoration move forward. (13-296, 1964.4.12)

In order to become a true filial child, you must pass through the heart of parents. After entering the Unification Church, to know the Father you must enter the world of heart.

Leaders and missionaries should enter into this heart. Many times during the day, while you are walking, without being conscious of it, you are crying because of God's heart. Such a church can only prosper… Doing your absolute best in the place of heart, you and the Teacher can become one in the world of heart and everything can be one. Heart transcends distance, transcends the environment and transcends history. Also, it can shorten the time period. Therefore, you must be in the position of Teacher. If I am sad, you must feel sad. We must breathe together. If I am breathing out, you are inhaling. Unite with me and do things with the right heart…

You are having hard times, but you are going the way of restoration. We are going this way because you and I know God. You may have complaints or grudges, but because you know God you cannot hate. Is this a bad thing? (Blessing Pt. 1-215)

Why do we listen, and learn these things and live a life of attendance? What is the purpose of our suffering for six thousand years? It is for the sake of understanding God's circumstances and His heart just as the Bible showed. It is for the purpose of understanding that God related to ethnic peoples and nations, as well as to individuals, with a parental heart and that He is our Father who has been wounded, trampled upon, rejected and torn to pieces. (8-252, 1960.1.17)

From now on, you should live a life of attendance. Up until now, a life of faith brought salvation through faith, but from now on you attain salvation through attendance. Originally, if we had not fallen, we would be following our normal path by attending God. You should attend Him in your daily life, and with your heart. (150-213, 1961.4.15)

What is the quickest way to become emotionally one with your parents? By being a filial child. Those who have forged the bonds of filial piety that can be recognized by Heaven and Earth are accorded the privilege of inheriting the Kingdom. (32-258, 1970.7.19)

Do not think of only going to heaven, but, also of building heaven on earth. Before that, you yourselves must become heavenly people. To do this, you must become one in heart with the Father to the extent that you can confidently say that His heart is yours and yours is His. Accordingly, in this earthly life, you should be people representing the hearts of God, the Lord, as well as your ancestors. Only by doing so can you solve all historical problems. (3-294, 1958.1.19)

What is God's bitter pain? It lies in the fact that human beings, who were created to attend God wholeheartedly, fell into a position where they could not do so. In other words, God, who should have been lovingly attended, was left deserted. God's deep anguish is not that there was no one who believed in Him or knew Him. The bitter grief of heaven and earth is that no one attended and related with God in heart. (8-290, 1960.2.14)

You should know that God exists near you and is concerned about each of you more than anyone else. People think that the love of their own family is the greatest in this world. However, you should know that God's love is greater and deeper than that love; it is deeper and greater than any human love in this world. You should be embraced in God's love and be able to call Him, "Father." You should become such true sons and daughters who deeply experience God's internal heart in a position that says, "I know the Father's sorrow." If you can become such sons and daughters, and possess the Kingdom of Heaven in which you attend God, no one would be able to take that kingdom away from you. (2-234, 1957.6.2)

A few days before Heung Jin's death, I had to prepare the ceremony of unification. "Son, you became one with me," I said. "You set the condition of becoming one with me heartistically and on a worldwide level. Also, you are the second son of my family. You are the first target of Satan's attack. Even through providential history, you are the target of Satan's attack." I know that. However, I have to be responsible and establish the supreme victory by passing all conditions. Otherwise, the whole universe and God's providential history would be destroyed.

Please, think how serious it is! I cannot think of the death of a son as the major problem when heaven and earth are carving down in my heart. How can anyone imagine that parents will not cry when they think about their son's death! But I had to be in that situation. When I go into such a situation, I cannot go alone. God must follow me. Mother must follow me. So, we must go down to the bottom of hell. In the face of my son's death, I had to console God. Mother had to admonish me not to grieve at our son's death. Also, I had to say, "God, you should not be grieving." We had to have a unified heart. On the foundation of the unified heart, the ceremony of unification could be held. (The Meaning of The Day of Victory of Love, 1997.1.2 unofficial)

What we speak, see, feel and perceive through emotions must all be connected to God. (53-239, 1972.2.29)

In order to become the object of God's heart, we must first walk the path of blood, sweat and tears. By being under Satan's domination, man came to stand in opposition to God. Therefore, God, with a parental heart, full of sorrow over the loss of His children, has wandered in the sinful world to save the children of corruption. In order to save mankind, who had rebelled against Him, God had His living children sacrificed by Satan, finally suffering the sorrow of having to give His son, Jesus, to the cross. Therefore, since the fall of man up to the present day, God has grieved day after day, while any individual, home or nation which has struggled against the Satanic world for the will of God, has not been able to avoid the way of blood, sweat and tears.

How can we expect to be comfortable and complacent as children walking the path of filial piety and loyalty as the object of the parental heart in such grief? (Divine -- 525-526)

We can -- after transcending this indirect dominion -- become one in heart with God under His direct dominion. It is where you can also become as one with me. That is why if you hold on to me and become as one with me absolutely, the two realms of dominion will not be separated, but instead will remain united, and you will be able to follow me as victorious sovereigns. You must realize that such is the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, as seen from the internal religious viewpoint. (272-95, 1995.8.30

What is it that I have agonized over the most? It is the matter of how to facilitate the oneness of God and humankind in love, and how to explain it logically. If this is not clarified, this arrangement cannot logically take root. If these fundamental circumstances of love for human beings are not established, everything will go wrong. (249-223, 1993.10.10)

The meeting place of love through the oneness of God and humankind can only be situated at an angle of ninety degrees. (224-167, 1991.11.24)

God is the root of love, life, lineage and the root of His kingdom on earth and in heaven. At the time of Adam and Eve's wedding, God enters their minds and fulfills the love that arises through oneness. God is the vertical True Parent, and Adam and Eve are the horizontal true parents. Since we were given flesh and blood and born from such parents, the mind is our vertical self and the body our horizontal self.

Those who have perfected mind-body oneness in love by uniting with God in love become His sons and daughters. Once they become His princes and princesses, they are in a father-child relationship with Him, and so can inherit everything from Him. When these children attain conjugal oneness based on true love, they form a family attending God, and the starting point of peace and the ideal. (254-106, 1994.2.1)

God, the Subject Being of true love, created humankind as the object beings of that true love. His love ideal can be perfected only through human beings. His purpose of creation is the world of the absolute love ideal through the oneness of God and humankind in love. God created human beings as God's highest and very best object partners of His love. Accordingly, of all forms of creation, human beings are His object partners uniquely embodying His image. They were born as visible beings in front of the invisible God. When human beings are perfected, they become God's temples. They are the corporeal beings into whom God can freely and comfortably come and dwell at any time. God's absolute overall ideal of true love is realized and fulfilled only through human beings in the form of the vertical parent-child relationship. (277-198 1996.4.16)

If you have inside yourselves the place of complete settlement, in which the love of God can reside, you will become one in heart with God, so that just like the swing of a pendulum, if God's heart beats once, your heart will beat once too, and your body will be turning around together with God. Once you begin to revolve, you will continue to turn. The more you turn, the more momentum you will gain, and the action of centrifugal force will demand that you love your family, love your society, love your nation, and love the world. (Blessed Family -- 376, Korean Edition)

Since human beings fell because they did not believe in God, they must believe in the Savior and follow him. What should they do as they follow him? They should prepare a love nest for Jesus. Isn't it simple? Then, they should become one substantially, as well as one in heart with Jesus, the groom, through whom they can then be prepared. In this way, the place where God, true parents, and true children come together, that is, the place originally desired by God at the time of creation, comes into existence on earth. A new universe can then begin from there. (15-263, 1965.10.17)

You must become one in heart with the True Parents. In seven years, you can accomplish all the things I have overcome during my lifetime through my sorrowful heart to save the world. It will not take seven years. Even if the opposition is rampant, everything can be finished in seven years. If you invest completely like I have, you can finish Home Church within seven years. What does that mean? It means that all the world's problems will solved in seven years. If our Unification Church members spread throughout the world, and if each of you works with 360 houses, it becomes a simple process. Therefore, sincerely invest your heart, so everything can come together. (122-117, 1982.11.1)

If your sons and daughters have not united with the will of the True Parents concerning God, they cannot be said to be your own children. Only when they have become one in heart as the sons and daughters of the True Parents can they succeed you as your children. Fallen people should give birth to and raise children who do not belong to them, and through such children be elevated to a higher position. When such a concept is established, there can be no unrighteousness. (205-274, 1990.10.1)

When we say a husband and wife are one in heart, and a parent and child are one in heart, we mean two people are united in minds and bodies. Oneness in heart cannot occur when one person is in an upper position and the other is in a lower position. If the father is in the upper position and the son or daughter in the lower, they cannot become one in heart. Only if the two are equal, on the same level, can they be one in heart. Therefore, only when the internal and external relationships are level can people be one in heart.

It is the same for husband and wife. Only when they have a horizontal relationship of inner and outer and of front and rear can they be one in heart. When their relationship has one of them in an upper position and the other in a lower position, they can never be one in heart. (41-30, 1971.2.12)

Unless you have fulfilled the way of true children of filial piety in front of God, of patriots in the nation, of saints in the world, and of divine sons and daughters in heaven and earth; unless you have an attitude of one heart, one body, one mindset, and one harmony based on mind and body unity; and unless you all can determine with a pure mind of filial piety, "We will live attending True Parents eternally," you cannot become citizens of Cheon Il Guk. (396-157, 2002.11.5)

When I talk about my hardships, you should think of them as your own; you should be able to feel the same -- your heart should ache, you should be in sorrow and in tears, you should feel mortified and angered. My suffering is the raw material you can use to feel the same way. (34-101, 1970.8.29)

You should thoroughly understand that all existing beings have come about through God's loving hand. So they are inevitably connected to God in heart. (9-166, 1960.5.8)

You cannot enter heaven without being joined in heart. Heaven is the original nation, the nation of original nature, which can have dominion over the whole. You cannot possess that nation based on your situation. Only people who have a deep bond of heart can possess it. Therefore, Christianity is ultimately not a religion dealing with situations but dealing with heart. The purpose of God's providence on earth is to create the foundation to be able to share heart beyond our personal circumstances. (8-290, 1960.2.14)

You should witness even when it does not go well. It is like throwing stones into the sea. You keep doing it without limit until the stones fill the sea and form a mountain. Through this, you grow in heart. Although the body does not change, your heart grows. (96-282, 1978.2.13)

In all religions, they teach people not to look at, listen to, speak to, or treat people carelessly. This means that you should do everything -- look, listen, talk, feel and love -- centering on God. You should not do so centering on yourself. (66-231, 1973.5.13)

My awareness, intuition, and even my sensory organs all belong to the Father. The view must be established that what you feel and perceive all belongs to the Father. You should know clearly that when this is not the case, the Father, who moves in accordance with heart, cannot belong to you. (8-294, 1960.2.14)

Heaven is where you can take pride in your life of attendance. Then, what kind of person can enter heaven? It is not a place for those who expect to receive blessings simply because they believed in the Lord. Heaven is for those who prepare their hearts in order to attend. It is a place for those who leave behind a life of attendance and joyfully move on, even though they might die in the process. Resurrection is found in such a place. (8-304, 1960.2.14)

Now, we three -- God, True Parents and you -- must become one. We have to act in concert. Since this is a decisive question of life and death, all three must unite at the point where they come together. The realm of resurrection is at that very point. It is the connecting point where oneness comes, where True Parents and you become one and unite together. There, the unification into one heart takes place. Therefore, you must lead a life of oneness with His will. (31-321, 1970.6.7)

Why do you look and listen to all the things within the twenty-four hours of your day? It is for the sake of God. We have to look and listen for God and even feel for His sake. Even though we are living on earth, we have to be connected with life in the heavenly world and live that way. (35-284, 1970.10.25)

Those who don't yearn for God every day cannot attend Him. You should always be immersed in longing whenever you yearn for someone. But when it gets to midnight, and you say, "It's already twelve midnight, let's go to bed," this causes God concern. There is no concept of day and night in the Kingdom of Heaven. Night poses no difficulty when you are living and embracing centering on heart. (17-293, 1967.2.15)

Originally, as a rule, we were to live, think and love centered on ourselves after we had become completely one with God. You have to know this clearly. Even though you would live, think and love centered on yourself, it would be the same as living, thinking and loving centered on God. This is the Principle. (92-166, 1977.4.3)

The extent to which you devoted yourself to meeting the Father and creating bonds with Him will become your asset. (50-288, 1971.11.8)

You should become the sons and daughters who, from the valley of tears, can receive a response when calling for the Father. You should become the people who, when you call, "Father!" from a place of tears, He will reply, "Yes! I am here." When you call, "Father!" from a place of piercing pain, shedding blood and sweat, He will reply, "I have endured, so you can too." When you call for Him even at the moment when death approaches, He will reply, "I am here, be at ease." The question is how much you attend the Father, how much you consult with Him and how much you live with Him in such situations. No matter how hard you call the Father from a place of self-centered glory it does no good because the Father has still not seen His day of glory. (11-102, 1961.2.12)

How many times during the day are you aware of God's existence? How many times during twenty four hours do you feel God's presence? How can people who are determined to be saved through attendance, attend God just one or two hours in a day? God is something you need more desperately than even the air. God is something you need more desperately than even water. God is more precious than your meals. Yet, do you really feel this? (33-230, 1970.8.16)

Who are the True Parents that the Unification Church speaks about? If Adam and Eve had not fallen, God would have become the vertical form of love, and Adam and Eve would have become God's body. It would have been as if they were the flesh of God -- God as the bones, and Adam and Eve the flesh. God would have achieved mind and body unity through Adam and Eve.

God is meant to become the internal parent in the internal position, and Adam and Eve the external parents in the external position. The internal and external parents must become one through love; and at that place, we come to have external parents and attend the internal parent in heart. With the union of love between God and Adam and Eve, the True Parents -- the perfected man and woman -- can emerge. There can be no perfected human beings without unity in love. (184-71, 1988.11.13)

How many members with longing, yearning hearts have you met? I have met numerous such people. They visit from the ends of the earth to bow before me. Why is this? It is because I have already thrown the line of love, bonded in heart, to the ends of the earth, and because I have already sent an electrical current through it, they know the direction they have to go. That is how it should be. (171-30, 1987.12.5)

The Shim Jung Candle was created on January 5, 1961, and was given to Blessed Families. The Shim Jung Candle symbolizes True Parents and is therefore used when one prays in order to comfort God's heart and to commit oneself to the fulfillment of God's will. After Adam fell, he lost the source of his true life and love, Shim Jung (heart). Humankind has continued to fail You in heart. Because of this failure, You have had to engage in restoring fallen people. (CSG -- 1088)

If Adam and Eve had been able to fathom God's inner heart, they could not have possibly fallen. God loved His children as a Parent, but they did not understand the depth of His parental heart. Of course Adam and Eve fell while they were still young, but their young age itself was not the cause of the Fall. Rather, they fell because they were lacking in heart. Had they been able to feel, "He is living for me. He can never, ever be separated from me. He is involved in everything related to me," they would not have committed the Fall. Ultimately Adam and Eve fell because they could not reach unity in heart with God. This dreadful problem occurred because their desires deviated from God's desires and the direction of their thinking was different from the direction of God's thinking. (65-173, 1972.11.19)

Our view is that our ancestors failed to fulfill God's will because Cain and Abel, the two sons in the first family in history, failed to become one in heart, thus deferring the fulfillment of God's will. (84-144, 1976.2.22)

It is our destined and inevitable task to create a relationship of unity between father and child, but what should that unity be based on? From the bone marrow and the seed, it should be centered upon true love. Only when a baby is born in such a way can it come to mature enough in heart and body to embrace the whole world and to unite with its father and mother. Children should follow their parents with absolute faith, love and obedience, just as the son and father should follow the grandfather with absolute faith, love and obedience. These qualities will be handed down as an eternal tradition. Our preordained task is to perform liberation! Only then can we fulfill pledge number eight of the Pledge, which is to achieve the ideal of God and human beings united in love through absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, as we have entered the Completed Testament Age. Only when this state of oneness has been achieved can we perfect the realm of liberation in the Kingdom of God on earth and in heaven. (295-167, 1998.8.28)

Who is Christ at the Second Advent? As the True Father and True Mother were lost in Eden, he is the one to come upon the earth as the True Father. He will become as one with God in heart, lineage and flesh, establish the position of True Mother, and form a family centered on this oneness. The Messiah's family will be the first to live with and serve God. (282-51, 1997.3.10)

Satan trampled upon four generations, from the queen to the queen's mother and grandmother, and the queen's daughter. These four generations lived together. Satan stripped them naked in front of the King in broad daylight, violated and killed them all. Satan even trampled on the daughter. We should know the heart of God who is unable to take vengeance on such an enemy. (200-68, 1990.2.23)

How many tears have you shed for God? Have you ever struggled to seek out the path upon which you would suffer God's own pain and toil on His behalf, even though your own limbs might be torn off? You have never tried. In seeking to become God's children, you have to shed tears for the purpose of the whole. When you meet Him, your tears should gush out without ceasing as you comfort Him, saying, "Father, how great was Your sorrow upon losing me, Your son, and our first ancestors! Too many times throughout history until the present day have You suffered humiliation, pain and extreme hardship from their descendants!"

God could have judged the entire world and even Satan by His all-knowing and almighty authority. Our hearts break when we think of God crying out over the fact that even though He has toiled so long and is capable of pronouncing judgment, He still could not do so even if He wanted to. Our hearts break when we understand God's lonely, desolate position, not surrounded by the environment that should have existed, accused by Satan, robbed of His rightful place by the satanic world…. How much have you wept in sympathy with God's situation? It all comes down to this. (51-111, 1971.11.18)

How many Christians are there who clearly understand God's grievous heart as He sees human beings, who were originally to become the children of the Lord, become the children of the enemy, trapped in an inescapable state of misery? (200-235, 1990.2.25)

Have you ever cried, longing to see God? Have you ever cried until your vocal cords ruptured and fluid streamed from your eyes and nose? Have you ever felt so mistreated and sorrowful that tears come to your eyes this way? This experience is crucial for entering the world of heart. (49-291, 1971.10.17)

When parents believe in their beloved children but are betrayed by them, there is no describing the shock, distress, and misery those parents experience based on that trust. When people betray, reject and mistrust those who have loved them with their lives, it causes unspeakable misery. You cannot understand unless you experience that struggle and suffering yourself. It cannot be understood merely by words. (20-205, 1968.6.9)

According to the Principle of Creation, when God advances into the ideal realm of oneness in love, He is to be the central eternal Owner and Subject Being of love. However, Satan took His place as the center. Therefore, heaven and earth became inverted, turned upside down. Nothing should have interrupted the oneness based on God's true love, His ideal of love. (206-236, 1990.10.14)

Human beings today are not God's children. No matter how much God weeps, we pretend not to see His tears. No matter how sorrowful He is, we pretend not to see. This is because the human race springs from the flesh and blood of Satan. They even celebrate to see God in sorrow, and they ridicule His ruin. How much trouble God takes to guide such people and teach them about the path they must forge! God could not guide providential history if He did not have a caring and sympathetic heart. (42-257, 1971.3.21)

How enraged God is when He looks down on us on earth! All human beings should have had His lineage, but Satan pushes them into a miserable state and scornfully jeers at God saying, "Your descendants are miserable." When Satan asks God, "How will You, with all Your omniscience and omnipotence, redeem this difficult situation?" God can only be silent. He has to pretend to be deaf though He can hear, pretend not to smell though He can smell, and pretend not to feel though He can feel. Have you ever thought about the misery of God throughout history? (183-19, 1988.10.29)

Even though human beings sinned, God does not just say, "Hey, you! Why did you sin?" He knows the state of people who sin. He cares about humanity rather than Himself. He comes in sorrow to sorrowful people, in suffering to suffering people, and in sympathy with those feeling victimized and angry. How much have you empathized with God's situation? God comes into our sphere of life in these ways. Moreover, He comes speaking from His heart, "Although you betrayed me, I have searched for you for six thousand years with the heart of your Father." (9-231, 1960.5.29)

How miserable is God's inner heart as He watches His children lose their original, privileged value of creation, become like fallen maggots and struggle in a life without value! How mortified He is to see people groaning in lamentation, suffering and despair, ending up being defeated instead of becoming God's direct children through His love, life and lineage and attaining the glory of the heavenly kingdom! Nobody knew God was so sorrowful. That is why I wept profusely for many days and weeks upon coming to know this God. You should be aware that the Unification Church began amid such profound circumstances. (211-207, 1990.12.30)

The time of fantastic and illusory notions of faith has passed. The time of believing in a conceptual God and living under such concepts is also behind us. You should attain a certain standard where your flesh, bones and heart come together in oneness so that you can call God your father and be able to boast of the father-son relationship after connecting your heart to the heart of the Father, who has been exerting Himself for six thousand years. (Sermons Vol. 7-83, 1959.7.26)

If Adam had stood as the perfected substance of the Word without falling, God would have dwelt in Adam. Adam would have become the substance of God and the incarnation of the Word. In other words, God would have dwelt in Adam's body and Adam's heart; his Shim Jung and feelings would have appeared as God's heart, and feelings. This was the purpose of creation. You should know this clearly. (Sermons Vol.5–107, 1959.1.11)

In order to live a life of attendance, preparation for attending is required. After the preparation process, one needs to practice the life of attendance. After the preparation process and living the life of attendance, one can go to heaven. The place where people who have attended wholeheartedly go is heaven. The place where we can be proud of our preparation for attendance, and where we can be proud of our life of attendance, is heaven. It is our destiny to follow the course that advances towards the world of heavenly purpose. (8-290, 1960.2.14)

Nobody knows a person's painful sorrow except himself. Faith by experience is therefore emphasized in the Unification Church. It encourages you to feel God's heart. Why do we lay emphasis on faith by feeling? If you don't understand God's sorrow, you cannot draw close to God. For children to be devoted to their parents, they should know their parents' sorrow completely and try to remove it with a heart greater than their parents'. Then they can be filial sons and daughters. How much did you make the foundation to unite with the heart of a loyal subject or of a virtuous woman? How many times did you become one? Faith is decided according to the degree and the frequency of desire to become such a person. (43-26)

If Adam and Eve had achieved individual perfection in accordance with God's will -- that is, if they had achieved the perfection of their character and entered into conjugal relations through His Blessing, they would have attained complete oneness with Him. God would have dwelt within their union. Their children would also have been linked to this holy order of love and enjoyed a direct relationship with God as their Parent. In other words, the marriage of the perfected Adam and Eve would have been God's own marriage. While God is forever God, Adam and Eve were meant to become His incarnations. Adam and Eve would have become God's body, and God would have settled inside their minds and hearts to become the True Parent of humankind in both the spiritual and physical worlds. (Messages of Peace 9-122, 1998.12.18)

When a father grieves, his son should grieve. When a father suffers, his son should suffer. When a parent lives a difficult life, the child should go through the same thing. Isn't that so? If one is truly a filial child, that person would live according to the will of the parent. You have to realize that only when you are connected in flesh and blood with the Father, only when the will is shared, only when the heart is prepared for one's daily life can you call Heavenly Father "Father." Heavenly Father is still working in order to show this to humankind. (Sermons Vol. 7-41, 1959.7.12)

Who on earth can understand the life of Reverend Moon? His has been a life of misery; by biting his tongue he has endured for the sake of comforting God, and for the salvation of the fallen people of the world who are suffering in the realm of death. Even now, if someone were to look into my heart and speak one word of sympathy, I would burst into tears and my tears would flow like a waterfall. (Messages of Peace 9-124, 1998.12.18)

If Heaven had eyes and shed tears, He would have shed more tears than all the waters of all lakes put together, so much that there would be no place in heaven and earth which could contain the tears. Hence, one who has deeply experienced the grief of God will look upon a mountain and feel that it is full of God's labor and anguish. As he beholds an ocean, he will feel that it is God's tears. As he looks upon the trees and plants, he will feel that they are God's concerns. When we behold the sight of the infinitely vast cosmos, we may find all its phenomena beautiful, but we must understand that they are a source of God's sorrow because they have not yet come into a direct relationship with human beings. God will look for sons and daughters who can sense this and call out to Him with this heart of understanding.

A person who is worthy to be called a son of true filial piety is not someone who shares joy with the Father when He is happy. Such a person does not demonstrate true filial piety. Only when someone can shoulder the sorrow and difficulties of his Father can it be said that he has demonstrated true filial piety.

The same holds true for Heaven. Because this is a fallen world where relationships of the heart cannot bear fruit in joy, because we human beings suffer through grief and the vicissitudes of life, even when our hands swell and our bodies become exhausted, we must keep our determination to run toward Heaven. You must understand that the moment you experience a sorrow so deep you cannot share it with anyone on earth and call out, "Father!" is the moment when you can be re-connected to the lost love of Heaven. The moment sorrow disappears from our hearts and we can sing in joy and peace is the moment Heaven will descend, smile and delightfully raise His hands and bless us as His children.

Fallen people must go. They must halt in their steps and take a new course of sorrow. The people should repent who did not understand that Heaven has suffered grief for 6,000 years to protect human beings. They must repent over their family, nation and world. Unless we follow in the footsteps of Jesus, who was concerned about God's suffering, and who prayed for his enemies even when he was crossing the Golgotha of death, we cannot feel the toilsome and grieving heart of God while we are on the earth. Unless we alleviate the sorrow found deep inside God, there is no way for the eternal joy, goodness and happiness lying inside God to forge any relationship with people living on earth. (Sermons Vol. 5–246, 1959.3.8)

For us to be acknowledged as victors among all the explorers who have sought for truth, we have to first welcome the sorrow and suffering of history and the sadness and pain of the ages. We must be able to stand in front of God, the true parents, the true couples, the true children, the true siblings, the true people, the true nation, and the true Heaven and earth. Only when such a deep, desperate heart stands within you can you then take your places as the people of that nation, the loyal subjects of that nation, and the filial sons and daughters of that nation. (Sermons Vol. 7–69, 1959.7.19)

You must become one in heart with God. When you become one in heart and are pleasing to God, then God cannot but love you. Moreover, because you become God's child when your heart becomes one with His, He will give you specific commands in your life, "You should live like this and do like that." Then would you follow the directions? [We must follow] You must follow the orders to fulfill God's purpose. By doing so, your unity of heart will be manifested as external oneness. You have to understand these principles clearly. (34-85)

Based upon the unity in heart, you must inherit heavenly blood lineage, becoming a branch or a leaf of a tree whose root is God. You must become a being representing God and establish the absolute standard on Earth, by which you can subjugate Satan. If you do so, the history of restoration can proceed. You must know this. (13-297)

If Adam and Eve had not fallen they would have harmonized with God, perfected themselves as His embodiments on earth and become the king and queen of love. They would have fulfilled the human portion of responsibility which connects the realms of direct and indirect dominion through God's love. Then, God would have resided in Adam's heart and the spirit of Adam would have become the body of God. They would have become one body. They would have shared and breathed the love of God and humankind eternally. (213-190, 1991.1.20)

The members of the Unification Church comprise a tribe. Our blood is connected. If one cries, others must also cry. If one feels joy, others must share in that joy. We are related by blood. We are one people. We have gathered as one, transcended the five races of humankind, transcended the different national standards with different cultural backgrounds, and broken down all these barriers. We will create the new heavenly kingdom. When this people becomes a holy people, the heavenly kingdom can appear, and when you live as the divine sons and daughters of that nation, the heavenly world will be established. On the foundation of that world, the cosmic Kingdom of God on earth and in heaven will be built. (168-136, 1987.9.13)

When I talk about my hardships, you should think of them as your own; you should be able to feel the same -- your heart should ache, you should be in sorrow and in tears, you should feel mortified and angered. My suffering is the raw material you can use to feel the same way. (34-101, 1970.8.29)

In the same way that God is in a serious position and miserable circumstances, we should be also. The Father's circumstances should be felt as our own. Unless someone appears on this earth to fulfill the duty of a child and comfort God, there will never be a way to resolve historical problems.

Even if we were to find ourselves in extremely difficult circumstances, we should not stand before God hoping to receive His sympathy, but rather we should stand in a position to sympathize with Him. Jesus was the crystallization of all the elements that were carefully accumulated throughout history in the context of such a bond. Yet, because Jesus could not realize God's will, the returning Lord must continue it and go that way. The True Parents are the concentration of all historic hopes. God has sent them to represent the whole as the condition for the restructuring of history.

You bond with the True Parents not from the spirit world, but from the earth. Since the True Parents come to the earth in corporeal form, they can answer when you call on them and sympathize with you when you are in difficulty. You cannot imagine how blessed you are that you can meet True Parents on the same horizontal plane. (31-73, 1970.4.19)

No matter how exalted God is, if you should call for Him with a heart of love saying, "God!" He will immediately answer inside your heart saying, "Yes?" If you should ask, "God, where are You?" He will answer, "Where? Why do you ask where I am? I'm at the source of your heart." Isn't God originally the source? He is at the root and source of our hearts. That is how it is. (194-42, 1989.10.15) 

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