Filial Attendance: The Way of Filial Piety of Holy Sons and Daughters of God - Elio Roman

Chapter 10 - Attendance of True Parents

Chapter Summary and Introduction

Only True Parents have been able to liberate God and fulfill God's ideal of creation. Only True Parents can bequeath true life, true love and true lineage to all mankind. True Parents have opened the gate so that many filial sons and daughters of God can emerge and establish the Parent and child relationship. We are justified by our attendance of True Parents. In the Completed Testament Age we are justified through attendance. Our attendance of True Parents enables us to receive complete salvation establish and ideal family, and allow for us to enter through the heavenly gates into the original homeland and return to God. It is there that the True Parent and child relationship is realized.

There have been many saints, men and women of good faith, and angels who remained loyal to God. God shed tears with them, shed tears through them and shed tears for them. However, they were never able to fulfill the ideal of creation and bring glory and complete joy to God. Only True Parents have ever been able to liberate God and bring Him the joy of the fulfillment of the original ideal of creation as filial sons and daughters. Only True Parents have established the ideal through the eight stages and have prepared the highway for all others to likewise fulfill the ideal of creation. Only True Parents have completed the Father and son relationship. God and the cosmos are ecstatic with hope because of True Parents.

Originally in the Garden of Eden, God, who embodied the ideals of the perfect subject of true love, was trying to raise a son and a daughter who were to become the perfect objects as filial sons and daughters and living a true life of perfect attendance to their Heavenly Parent. Perfect attendance is a life of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. The realm of the heart of filial children in perfect attendance to the Father was never established. God could not be the owner of true love and bequeath His inheritance to mankind. True love, true life and true lineage could not be inherited nor multiplied.

True Parents clearly know, teach and actualize the principles of attendance. They vertically attend our Heavenly Father absolutely and have inherited many blessings from God by which to break the curse that mankind is under. True Parents love and serve human beings with a true and sincere heart so that human beings may voluntarily attend them and thus inherit True Parents victories and inherit the blessing True Parents have received from God.

The principle of restoration, like the principle of creation, functions through the laws of the universe by the principle of attendance. The Great Saints, the providential figures, prophets and many men and women of good faith throughout history have had the mindset, the heart and the way of life complying with the principle of attendance. The providence has progressed because of those men and women who attended God with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Those men and women, having an awareness of God much greater than our own, sought to live their lives on earth sacrificing everything in complete attendance of the Father.

There is a very important principle of the interaction paradigm that needs to be elucidated here. This is about the subject partner and object partner paradigm which is an interaction paradigm. That principle states that by attending someone who is in the position of subject partner, we place them in the position of owner of love and we can inherit their blessings. Had Adam and Eve attended God with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, they would have placed God in the position of owner of true love and inherited all the blessings that God had to give to mankind. By attending Jesus Christ one receives spiritual salvation. By attending True Parents one receives complete salvation. This is justification through attendance. St. Paul clearly taught the principle of Justification through Faith, now we must clearly recognize Justification through Attendance. In the providence of restoration, human beings can inherit the blessings that a victorious providential figure acquired from God by their vertical attendance to that providential figure, thus fulfilling a lesser condition of indemnity.

Adam and Eve attended Lucifer (Satan) and thus inherited Satan's false love, false life, and false lineage -- the lineage of sin, spiritual death and selfishness. Lucifer should have attended Adam and Eve. In this way the foundation for the proper structure between human beings and the angelic world and the foundation for the Kingdom of God on earth and in the spiritual world have been established.

Jesus made reference to the principle of attendance and the resulting inheritance of blessings when he said; "He who receives you receives me, and he who receives me receives the one who sent me. Anyone who receives a prophet because he is a prophet will receive a prophet's reward, and anyone who receives a righteous man because he is a righteous man will receive a righteous man's reward." (Matthew 10:40-41, NIV)

Salvation itself is a result of the interaction paradigm between subject and object partners. When one attends Jesus Christ then one receives salvation. The interaction paradigm is a covenantal relationship. It is a partnership. When one attends True Parents they will inherit the victories True Parents have acquired in their attendance to God.

In the providence of restoration the central figures who displayed absolute attendance to God, that is, attended God with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, established the foundation of faith and received blessings from God by which to remove the curse that mankind had fallen under due to the Fall. By uniting with and attending those central figures with absolute faith, love and obedience, then we inherit the blessings that those central figures received from God. We then gain central positions ourselves by which we can multiply horizontally these blessings we have inherited vertically, to mankind, the creation, and throughout the cosmos which surrounds us. These blessings are multiplied horizontally by having others attend us. This is the restoration of the elder son's birthright. This is the mission of representatives of God and True Parents and the mission of the Tribal Messiah. The process of horizontal restoration and expansion is is through the restoration of the elder son's birthright. God's providence of restoration cannot advance without the restoration of the elder son's birthright.

Now that True Parents have fulfilled the messianic roles and established the ideal of creation as True Parents, they bequeath to us the inheritance of true life, true love, true lineage, and the right to become true children and true parents ourselves. We can inherit and become one with the heart of God through our absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience. We can fulfill the ideal of creation as sons and daughters of filial piety as perfect object partners in attendance to God. By attending the True Parents, we also attend God. God is the vertical center and True Parents are the horizontal center. They are united and form a ninety-degree angle. Thus God and True Parents are the center of the cosmos. Through our attendance to God and True Parents we are justified and are received by God and True Parents as true sons and daughters, true parents, and the original true ancestors of our lineages.

By fulfilling our portion of responsibility, which is to attend True Parents, we can become filial sons and daughters of God and fully complete the purpose of the providence of restoration. By attending True Parents in our lifetime, with absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience, we can restore all the missions that were left unaccomplished by past prophets, saints and central figures. By attending True Parents we can pay a lesser amount of indemnity and restore all the indemnity conditions that have accumulated through the history of the providence of restoration.

Since True Parents, through their long course of suffering, have restored all unaccomplished conditions of indemnity, they then bequeath to us their victories. This is a tremendous outpouring of love from True Parents. This is our inheritance. How grateful we will be when we come to this realization. By attending True Parents we can horizontally, in our lifetime, restore all the vertical indemnity conditions of the history of the providence of restoration. We will receive complete restoration. We can restore our lineage, which is our task. We will be restored spiritually and physically and become divine spirits and have the right to enter the Kingdom of God. We become representative families of the cosmos who stand in the position of central families of the cosmos. These families are representatives of God and True Parents and can multiply these blessings to the rest of mankind.

In the course of attending True Parents with absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience, one undergoes certain experiences by which one's heart is restored. In attending True Parents they bequeath to us certain victories and blessings they have received from God. True life, true heart and love, true lineage, and true ownership are restored. The restoration of the heart of human beings occurs through the attendance of True Parents. By attending God and True Parents our hearts are being restored and the Father and son relationship is being established. By embodying the heart of God and True Parents we can reach out with true love and restore the physical and spiritual worlds. We become the Lords of Creation by establishing our ideal relationship with nature and the angelic world.

When we cast off our physical bodies and enter the spiritual world, our eternal home, we can then enter the divine spirit level of the spiritual world, which is the Kingdom of Heaven in the spiritual world.

The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

The methods for fallen people to go back to God have differed according to the age. In the Old Testament Age, people could go to God by offering sacrifices; in the New Testament Age, it was by believing in Jesus, the son of God; and in the Completed Testament Age, people can go to God by attending the True Parents. (20-340, 1968.7.20)

We are eagerly anticipating the time of attendance. Attendance of whom? Attendance of the lord, and the lord wants to attend the Father. This is the hope of humanity. Without this foundation there is no salvation. (8-293)

The era when people are to be resurrected both spiritually and physically through the returning Christ and complete the providence of resurrection is called the age of the providence of completion-stage resurrection. All those who live during this era are to receive the merit of the age based on God's work of completion-stage resurrection. Christ at the Second Advent brings the new truth with which to fulfill the promises of the Old and New Testaments; it may be called the Completed Testament.

Believing in this truth, people are to serve and attend the Lord on the earth, that they may fulfill their responsibility for the providence and be justified before God. Therefore, this era is called the age of justification by attendance. By believing in and serving the Lord and devoting themselves to his work, people of this era are to be fully resurrected both spiritually and physically, become divine spirits, and live in the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. When they shed their physical bodies, as spirits they will enter and abide in the Kingdom of Heaven in heaven, which is the divine-spirit level of the spirit world. (Exposition -- 140)

As an individual, each one of us is a product of the history of the providence of restoration. Hence, the person who is to accomplish the purpose of history is none other than I, myself. I must take up the cross of history and accept responsibility to fulfill its calling. To this end, I must fulfill in my lifetime (horizontally), through my efforts, the indemnity conditions which have accumulated through the long course of the providence of restoration (vertically). Only by doing this can I stand proudly as the fruit of history, the one whom God has eagerly sought throughout His providence. In other words, I must restore through indemnity, during my own generation, all the unaccomplished missions of past prophets and saints who were called in their time to carry the cross of restoration. Otherwise, I cannot become the individual who completes the purpose of the providence of restoration. To become such an historical victor, I must understand clearly the Heart of God when He worked with past prophets and saints, the original purpose for which God called them, and the details of the providential missions which He entrusted to them.

Yet there is no one among fallen humanity who can become such an historical victor by his efforts alone. For this reason, we must understand all these things through Christ at the Second Advent, who comes to fulfill the providence of restoration. Moreover, when we believe in him, become one with him, and attend him in his work, we can stand in the position of having fulfilled horizontally with him the vertical indemnity conditions in the history of the providence of restoration.

The path which all past saints walked as they strove to fulfill God's providential Will is the very path we must walk again today. Beyond that, we must continue on to the end of the path, even walking trails they left untrodden. Therefore, fallen people can never find the path that leads to life without understanding the particulars of the providence of restoration. Herein lies the reason why we must study the Principle of Restoration in detail. (Exposition -- 187)

You were unable to become a filial child to all the things of creation that you should love; you were unable to become a filial child to your parents who gave birth to you; and you were unable to become a filial child to God and the spirit world. Yet, in exchange for attending the True Parents, you were bestowed with the qualification of a filial child. For this reason, you must tenaciously follow me. (105-112, 1979.9.30)

By attending True Parents and truly loving them, we can learn what would take a person millions of years to learn after death, and we will pave the road that leads to God in the spirit world. If a person absolutely obeys True Parents, a condition that he has obeyed God's command absolutely can be established. In this way he can establish a tradition that allows him to become one with the parents, citizens and brothers of heaven. By doing that he will pass the training of the spirit world.

We attend True Parents in order to make a heartistic bond with the first parent, second parent and third parent who represent the spirit world and God, and to obtain the qualification to participate in the realm of heartistic victory which can represent all of them.

Because of the fall, you did not become a parent who could love all things, a filial son toward the parents who gave birth to you, or a filial son toward the spirit world and God. But you can be endowed with the qualification of a filial son by attending True Parents; therefore, you should follow with unyielding faith. Just as if the president of a nation signs a certain pass saying a person can go anywhere in that nation, in order to go everywhere in the Kingdom of Heaven, True Parents are absolutely needed. (Blessing Pt. 2 -- 31-32)

When the time and hour of attending Father comes, what will you do, and how will you show your filial piety? You should consider with what attitude you will attend Father. (17-293, 1967.2.15)

How much should you love me? This goes back to the fundamental problem. You should not love in a position that has traces of the satanic world and that is tainted with the love of that world. You should be in a higher position. What position is that? You should love me more than you love your parents, spouse and children born in the satanic world.

That is why in the Bible Jesus says, "Anyone who loves his father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; anyone who loves his son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me." He reached this clear conclusion for everyone. Later, he also says, "Take your cross and follow me." He asks you to take up your own cross. Taking up the cross means overcoming the power which pulls you in the opposite direction is taking up the cross. You should shed bitter tears over this. (178-97, 1988.6.1)

Please become true princes and princesses who live in attendance to God as your True Parent, for He is the Peace King of the multitudes. Let us build the everlasting peace kingdom by attending True Parents, who have been enthroned as the King and Queen of Peace in Heaven and on Earth in the realm of eternal liberation and inner freedom. (Messages of Peace 9 -- 138, 2006.10.20)

Ladies and gentlemen, the age of justification by attendance means the time of attending God in our lives. Wasn't the first of the Ten Commandments revealed in the Bible about loving God?

In the era after the coming of heaven, God is revealing Himself in front of all people as the True Parent. That is why the movement that attends the True Parents represents Heaven's authority and power, and is incomparable to any force of this fallen world. What can prevent you from living a life of attendance that enables you to observe the living God with your own eyes and to experience Him with all your senses? (Messages of Peace 14 -- 207, 2007.6.13)

Adam and Eve fell in the Garden of Eden. Since they lived within the fallen realm they were unable to live a life of direct attendance. People who have no experience of attending God are not qualified to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Although you have lived your life within the fallen lineage, you have paid indemnity in the course of restoration and you have attended True Parents on earth, in the flesh. Even Adam and Eve could not attend them. This condition of having attended God in your lifetime gives you the qualification to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Thus, citizenship of the Kingdom of Heaven is given to you. (150-233, 1961.4.15)

From afar, True Parents are treated as the king of a nation; up close, they are the parents. That is how they are. (150-235, 1961.4.15)

Even before you eat, you should think, "Father, after you!" (11-218, 1961.8.26)

How should you think in order to lead a kind of life of attendance to God? You should think that you are one with God and one with True Parents. If everything in your life is in oneness with them, you should have the idea that everything belongs to God and to True Parents; and that what belongs to True Parents belongs to the kingdom of True Parents and then to you. Since even this house, nation, world and universe belong to True Parents, you come to the conclusion that everything belongs to you since you are True Parents' son. (161-231, 1987.2.15)

A member once made rice cakes containing mugwort for me. He had them wrapped in order to keep the dust off and brought them to the headquarters. When he opened them in front of me, the rice cakes had started to spoil. Although they were unfit to eat, those rice cakes were worth hundreds of millions in gold. My heart feels closer to such people. (33-113, 1970.8.9)

When you look in the mirror, you should ask yourself how much your eyes have shed tears in longing to see the Parents; how much your mouth cried out for the assuaging of the Parents' grief; how much your hands toiled while shedding blood for the land of the Parents; and how much your body has labored, until it shattered, for the foundation that the Parents are seeking. If you seek that path while feeling in your heart, "My grief is in not having been able to do those things!" it will become a path of happiness. A happy person is one who establishes a relationship with Heaven on that path. No one can dominate such a person. The only one that can move him is the Parent; the only one who can touch his heart is the Parent; the only one who can make him happy is the Parent. And the son is the only person who can make the Parent happy. The Parent's wishes lie in their son rather than in the parents themselves. (78-35, 1975.5.1)

Looking at heaven, earth, and humankind, has Heaven ever been able to attend the victorious True Parents? Heaven could not yet do so. Has the earth been able to attend them? It has not yet been able to do so. Has humankind been able to attend them? They have not been able to, but they are now on the way to doing so.

Then, is it enough just to attend True Parents? It is not. After attending True Parents, you need to restore a true family, a tribe, a people, a nation, and the world. The people of Israel were prepared for this. To stand before True Parents as true children, the children's course of individual-level restoration, course of family-level restoration, course of tribal-level restoration, course of ethnic-level restoration and course of national-level restoration are to be accomplished. Through the completion of the parents' course of restoration for the individual, family, tribe, people and nation, the standard of parents and children having become one and victorious is established. Only after this can we finally conclude national-level restoration and make a fresh start toward the global level.

You are in the position of having to horizontally and physically develop what has been a sorrowful six thousand years of vertical history. What kind of resolution do we have to make? What is the goal we must aim for? We must establish the nation of True Parents on a worldwide foundation. We must establish the world-level nation of True Parents.

We must eliminate the remaining sorrow, pain and tears of the world as soon as possible. This is the responsibility and mission of our Unification Church. You are now on the path you are meant to follow. You should not turn to look back, either with your heart or with your body, as the Israelites did when they were on their way to Canaan. What is the hope we should harbor? We should have the sincere hope to be able to truly attend the True Parents who are coming to earth on behalf of God. In attending them, we should not desire to attend them when the victorious foundation is already laid and all people have come to admire and respect them; rather, we should desire to attend True Parents as they pass through history's sorrowful course.

Our ancestors are deeply pained that they were unable to attend the True Parents who have walked through the sorrowful course of history. All humankind harbors the hope of being able to sincerely attend True Parents. Thus, you must become true sons and daughters of filial piety who attend them from a miserable situation rather than trying to attend them from a glorious position. To be such true sons and daughters of filial piety, even in difficulty, despair and misery that makes one cry out, we should be able to say, "Dear God, dear God who is guiding me, True Parents are walking the path of the cross of suffering that is more severe than that of Jesus. As someone who attends True Parents, I therefore accept any kind of heavy cross as a matter of course. I praise that, so please, God, do not worry on account of me."

I am saying that we, on our own, should be able to indemnify the worries, pain, and sorrow that reach us, instead of giving them to God to bear. Only then can we be engrafted, on the individual level, to the parents' individual victory. Every village, valley, mountain and field -- desires to attend the coming True Parents. Serving True Parents is the desire of all people in history. You, as children, should establish the individual and family standard of indemnity and become substantial representatives of True Parents. You should be people whom those in the village want to serve without any regret.

Of course, the True Parents are in the center and make a spiritual relationship with everyone. Since there is only one set of True Parents, however, they cannot relate with everyone personally. That is why the Blessed Families are the representatives of True Parents and stand in the position to relate with all people. True Parents have the responsibility to go over this nation and bear the cross on the worldwide level. Therefore, the cross of the people should be carried by the Blessed Families who live locally as true children of True Parents. All Blessed Families must serve as the foundation of a tribe and of a people in order for the works of Heaven to gain victory based on such a people. (13-288, 1964.4.12)

What is the Completed Testament Age? Serving and caring for the True Parents and the True God, centering on the relationships of love, life and lineage, we are returning to the period when human beings have dominion with which they can act on behalf of God's authority, representing the subject being of the whole world, and standing there in the center position. An age full of hope is coming. I would like you to quickly prepare for this before it is too late. (245-160, 1993.2.28)

Why do we seek justification by faith, justification by works, and justification through attendance? Without being justified you cannot distinguish between good and evil. The evil world and the world of goodness would not be separated. What is the standard of righteousness? It is God. What God believes, how He works and attends is the standard. Why is that so? Satan cannot accuse righteous people who resemble God. If you create an environment in which God's faith, works, and standard of attendance lives through you, then Satan cannot intervene. Even if you are within the satanic realm, if a righteous standard is created that enables you to be with God in such an environment, Satan will withdraw from there. (161-218, 1987.2.15)

When I talk about my hardships, you should think of them as your own; you should be able to feel the same -- your heart should ache, you should be in sorrow and in tears, you should feel mortified and angered. My suffering is the raw material you can use to feel the same way. (34-101, 1970.8.29)

Do you know me? You do know or you do not know? How do you know, and what do you know of me? You know my face. Do you think I am on the level of teaching Principle to you? What do you know? In the Principle, the Principle up to Jesus' time is not the Teacher's Principle. Do you know my history? (No.) If you do not know, then why are you here? Did you practice filial piety? Did you not? (We did not practice filial piety.) Even if you are not people with filial piety, do you have the qualifications to come here and sit down? Did you become a loyal follower? Or did you not? (We did not become.) Why did you come here and sit down if you did not even become a loyal follower? Then do you think that God knows about me, or does not know? (Knows.)

Do you think the ancestors in the spirit world know about me, or do not know? (Know.) You should attend me more than God and the good ancestors attend me. Among those who doubt how this can be, those bad members, those false people, not even one person has the qualifications to sit here. I fought for forty years of my life, and then had the Holy Wedding in 1960. Until I reached that point, I went to prison many times. I was beaten countless times. I threw up blood many times and I survived the battle. However, when did you get persecution or get enormous beatings and when did you shed blood? When did you receive persecution like that? Investing my life in and out of the country's boundaries in order to make the foundation, and I shall bequeath the whole thing to beggars like you. You have no qualifications to receive the blessing! If Satan cut off all of your heads and threw them in the Pacific Ocean you would turn into water ghosts, I would not recognize you. Because there is no other way, I give you the Blessing. (Blessing Pt. 1 -- 283)

The sphere of families centered upon God expands through the Blessing By attending our True Parents, these families inherit the internal heart of heaven. As these families expand horizontally, they form tribes and nations. People can enter the Kingdom of Heaven only by attending the parents, who represent the new heavenly foundation. Those who attend their parents enter the Kingdom of Heaven together with them. In the Unification Church, the True Parents are already in the dominion of God and have blessed many families in the course of worldwide indemnity restoration. And yet, blessed families are still not all they are supposed to be. (God's Will -- 472, 1978.10.22)

You should cry, longing for the True Parents who are in the position of God's substance. You should always want to see True Parents. You should want to serve True Parents even by making them a bowl of rice or by giving them a glass of water. You should always have such a sincere heart. Your heart should over-flow with tears.

In feeling this way, if you unite in heart centering on me and breathe together with me, you will come to understand the standard of my character, my past and my circumstances during the early days, which are the foundation of that standard. You will also be able to inherit and receive those things. (38-75, 1971.1.1)

Originally, only those who lived on earth centering on the True Parents can enter heaven. Therefore, for those spirits that could not live with and serve the True Parents on earth, the Blessing is a ceremony that opens the path for them to come down to earth to serve True Parents.

Now they are liberated to come to earth, bringing with them whomever they like, in order to receive the Blessing and become married couples. This was not fulfilled in the Garden of Eden. By following their descendants and supporting them in practicing absolute faith, love and obedience, they can live together with the True Parents on earth, and be a part of those following the great path that leads to heaven. Rooting out the deep-seated satanic lineage will make this possible; this is something I must achieve. Do you understand what I am saying? (298-209, 1999.1.8)

True Parents are doing this work for God, in His place. Thus, by attending True Parents and truly loving them, we can learn what would take a person millions of years to learn after death, and we will pave the road that leads to God in the spirit world. If a person absolutely obeys True Parents, a condition that he has obeyed God's command absolutely can be established. In this way he can establish a tradition that allows him to become one with the parents, citizens and brothers of heaven. By doing that he will pass the training of the spirit world. (Public Venue, 2002.12.27)

Everyone, you cannot make conditions without going through the True Parents. Although you go out to a region to pioneer, then become a district leader and fulfill your mission, you might make the condition without centering on the True Parents. Everything must be connected to the True Parents. Only by working and getting results in relation to the True Parents can you harvest the results for heaven. Otherwise, you cannot harvest for heaven. That is how you receive salvation in the Completed Testament Age. Before longing for worldly things, you must long for the True Parents. That is the responsibility of the children. Does the one who tongs for his wife first qualify as a son?

The child grows up in the parent's nest and thinks its parents are the number one favored people. This is the principle. Even if you receive the Blessing in the future, you must make relations with your spouse only after making relations with his or her parents. Before anything, you must long for parents. You should feel that without parents there is no night or day or world and that your own existence has no value. A heart of love and adoration for your parents should dominate your daily life. After that, you can be a son and daughter of Heaven. After going through that course of life, you can welcome your spouse as your husband or wife. Without going through the course, how can you welcome your husband or wife?

First of all, you really need to long for the parents. My motivation for life is the True Parents. My entire hope is True Parents, all my ideal and the base of my happiness is True Parents. Unless you attend the True Parents with this standard, you cannot find salvation. Have you attended the True Parents like that? You are false. You must understand this clearly. That is why you must have faith so strong as to go beyond your existence. Think, "I am a son or daughter who is becoming one with the True Parent eternally." Unless you incarnate this thought, you cannot do it.

You cannot attend True Parents alone. You need to have your reciprocal partner, either a man or woman. In case you are alone, you must get help from one in the position of Adam. So you offer and return something to the parents and by that you win parents' love and you can connect the blood relationship to your descendants. This is how you can connect the foundation of love to your bloodline, which is the valuable content of the relationship of attendance. Attend the True Parents with the intensity of the blood-related reciprocal standard of value; if you do otherwise, you cannot attend. You must know about this.

The starting point of faith in the Unification Church is the realization that you are the son or daughter of God. This is centering on God's love, restoring the position of children. (Blessing Pt. 1 -- 213-214)

Who are our true parents? True Parents are those who attend God as their Parent so that we can live as sons and daughters. We must find our true parents since they have been lost to us. (Unification Pt. 1 -- 66)

All people have to have in their heart a meeting point with God's Heart. For this, everyone must have a relationship with True Parents.

Soon the time will come when the world will be full of hope. Now history can be finalized by one Heart. How can we link ourselves to this Heart? We cannot share this Heart as our own through any external circumstances. We cannot share it by having any hope or ideology. To share this Heart, we have to go through a gate that is called True Parents. We must have a certain standard. It is called True Parents.

The day that God promised to establish in the Last Days is Parents' Day. On this day we can welcome True Parents and attend them. In other words, this is the day when all humankind can meet with original parents who are able to accomplish God's blessing on this earth, where all parents had been lost because of the human fall.

What is the inevitable requirement for humankind to go back to God for the purpose of restoration? The requirement is to go through the gate of True Parents. Until we go through it, we cannot connect our heart to the Heart. If you want to be one with someone, your will should be one, the circumstances should be same and your hearts should be united. God has worked for the unification of the whole of humankind. He will bring about the unified world.

Without the True Parents of humankind, the world can never become one. No one is able to realize the unified world except the True Parents. That is why the True Parents are the embodiment of all hopes and desires in the history of humankind. All victories are substantiated in them, because through them the entire indemnity is accomplished. So, nothing can be exchanged for the True Parents; their value is the highest in the world. (Unification Pt. 1 -- 74)

Jesus came to this world and said that he was the only begotten son of God. The Bible records Jesus' presence as the glory of the begotten son. Jesus called God "Father." He said to attend him like the bridegroom, that the people were his bride and his brethren. This is something to be grateful for…

What kind of people are the original parents? They can communicate back and forth with the eternal, everlasting God in a relationship of parent and child. Yet such true parents, who can live as the children, attending God as their parent, have disappeared. Therefore, humanity has to search for true parents. (Sermons 7-58, 64, 1959.7.19)

What term expresses the most fearsome teaching of the Unification Church? It is the term True Parents. These are words feared by both God and Satan. Since we human beings are in the fallen domain, those who are following the True Parents are judged by their words.

It would be better if they had not appeared, but since they are here, the judgment has to be made and God listens to them. Why then does Satan fear the words True Parents? It is because when people believe and follow these words, everything Satan has will be destroyed and brought to ruin. These are words he intensely fears. Satan always tries to block the way of the True Parents and longs to see their corruption and downfall. So the question is how much you will believe and follow in going this way.

If you are standing in such a cutting-edge position, you should take each step and do each deed with discernment while gaining strong inspiration from more than a thousand years' worth of devoted effort. (65-276, 1973.1.1)

You and the True Parents must form a united relationship, and this relationship should never change. (Blessing Pt. 1 -- 166)

You were bought with my blood and sweat. You were bought with my own flesh and blood. Therefore you should carry out the same work as me. I want to take pride in our members. Let us make a commitment in this regard. (11-164, 1961.7.20)

How seriously have you prayed for me? How much did you really want to see me? If you truly desired to see me, prayed with deep sincerity, and desperately yearned for me, then just seeing me in the flesh would not be the issue. (23-52, 1969.5.11)

The one day that God promised in the Last Days is Parents' Day, the day on which we can serve True Parents. It is the day on which the countless numbers of people on earth who lost their parents through the Fall, can welcome back their original Parents who bring God's blessings. Human beings can only advance towards God with the purpose of restoration, by passing through the gate of the Parents; prior to passing through this gate they cannot have their hearts connected to God.

In this age one race cannot communicate with another through the heart; neither can the religions, or one family with another. To enable such communication, we must know and form a connection to God's heart, through the connecting intermediaries, the True Parents. Only after finding the original True Parents can we be connected to God's heart. (11-59, 1961.1.1)

When you place the picture of True Parents in your room and hang up the Unification Church flag, you come under God's dominion. I am trying to have you belong to God's dominion. There were many who were struck by lightning while they were cursing the flag. This is quite miraculous. Some people developed sickness in their hands because they were pointing their fingers at me; they were only able to recover from it after holding their hands and praying in repentance for several days. Such phenomena took place, right? Why? When heavenly fortune comes, it cannot be blocked by an individual's destiny. It is an unchangeable destiny. When Moses held his rod up high, all those who looked up at it lived. You will live as long as you look up at the Unification Church flag, bowing to it every time you come and go. Every time you set out from or arrive at home, bow before the picture. (219-91, 1991.8.25)

I have experienced hardships to this day for the sake of God's will. Even now I am going this path day and night. Those who have not attended me closely do not know me well. The minute I open my eyes from sleep I kneel on the floor and pray. Why do I live in such a way? It is because even in the middle of the night, my beloved children spread across the world depend on me as they pray for God.

Even though I cannot offer devotion together with them, shouldn't I keep time with them just the same? Since I do not know of this when I am asleep even God forgives me. When the child falls asleep in fatigue at that hour, God prays on his behalf in the same way a father watches over this child. (26-138, 1969.10.19)

When you love your children don't love them as individuals. You must raise them to express filial piety toward True Parents and loyalty toward the Ideal. For that purpose, you must build a certain foundation so that your children will, without fail, become loyal subjects, women of fidelity, and sons and daughters of filial piety. Only this way can you become ready to enter heavenly life. (The Way -- 407)

In your daily life, you should serve me more than you serve God. God cannot restore the elder sonship. It is to be restored through Cain and Abel. It is not supposed to be done by parents. Mankind should restore it. After the restoration of Cain and Abel, Parents will come. Only when Parents become one with their children will God come down. God cannot do whatever He wants to do because the human blood lineage was wrongly established. (Tribal Messiah -- 13, 1990.2.11)

In the future, we must prepare a foundation to attend True Parents and assemble the brothers and sisters of the world before them. We are the ancestors with this responsibility. Therefore let us remove the path of the cross and persecution that may befall our descendants. This is our original mission. (20-135, 1968.5.1)

Who are the True Parents? They are the ancestors of humankind. You should therefore attend True Parents as your own parents. (118-147, 1982.5.23)

Until now you have not been able to attend True Parents, but you should attend them. You should put True Parents' pictures in the best place, a better place than for the pictures of your mother, father, or ancestors. It is good to value the pictures of your grandfather and mother, but you should not put up your parents' pictures first and then put True Parents' pictures next to them. True Parents are the ancestors. You establish the ancestors through this and you will be able to turn from the two-dimensional family foundation to the foundation of God's tradition. There, you will have no relationship with Satan. This is how the Principle is. (220-90, 1991.10.15)

The fallen world has been connected to false parents up until now. When you attend True Parents, it is easy to be engrafted horizontally. It will happen in the family. Otherwise, you have to go through the nation and the world and then come back to this side for engrafting. My having a loving heart and the heart to save all people creates an environment which enables engrafting on the family level, and what a blessing this is! (219-91, 1991.8.25)

The world is now changing rapidly. Many evil people are dying in accidents. Suddenly they are dead. Now there is no indemnity. An age has come where decisions and punishments are instantly rendered. You have to straighten out your act. Who is doing this? The devil is not bringing our indemnity. Your own ancestors are dealing with it. The standard of the Blessing I have now given you is equal for you all. If you fall away from this standard…. When you go to the spirit world the standard should not be lost. Since you have to stand in a certain spiritual position, you should be taken to the spirit world in order to prevent your losing that standard. Such an age will come. Your ancestors will give you both the illness and the medicine. They will say, "Attend True Parents' picture!" (301-164, 1999.4.25)

What is the hope of humanity? It is to attend True Parents. Six thousand years ago, Adam and Eve were supposed to be blessed in marriage, an event that would have allowed all humankind to subsequently become the descendants of God. However, due to the Fall, everyone became the descendants of Satan. Therefore, True Parents, who were lost six thousand years ago, must be restored on the side of heaven, and human beings have to be reborn through the relation-ship of the love of True Parents. Only then can they become citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven. (19-203, 1968.1.7)

Before anything else, you must long for True Parents sincerely. You cannot be saved if you do not attend True Parents, centering on the standard that they are the origin of your life, all your hopes, and the source of all your ideals and happiness. Have you ever attended True Parents like this? You must understand this clearly. That is why you must have a firm belief that transcends even your self-awareness. This shows that you are the son or daughter who can become one eternally with True Parents. If you do not have such a strong faith, nothing will come to pass. (30-238, 1970.3.23)

Unless you have fulfilled the way of true children of filial piety in front of God, of patriots in the nation, of saints in the world, and of divine sons and daughters in heaven and earth; unless you have an attitude of one heart, one body, one mindset, and one harmony based on mind and body unity; and unless you all can determine with a pure mind of filial piety, "We will live attending True Parents eternally," you cannot become citizens of Cheon Il Guk. You must make the discovery that you should not think you could live well alone. It does not matter that there are certain difficult or happy circumstances in this world. You must go beyond them and go even to a place of misery. You can be the person who is to inherit Cheon Il Guk only when you determine to become God's representative in the position of a pioneering prince.

Because you desire to live with True Parents, you should be determined to bring them to a position where they can be more liberated and happy than anyone else. Because True Parents are suffering, you should be willing to suffer thousands of times or more. You should gather everything together and establish an environment that you can relate to in your daily life. You can become an owner of Cheon Il Guk only when you become a person who can overcome hardships in the most extreme circumstances and still be eternally grateful, offer praise and the glory of attendance to heaven, as well as leave your descendants something to be proud of. (396-157, 2002.11.5)

Until now, we have not known what would become of humankind. We have not known what would become of ourselves. In other words, people have not understood history. They have not understood where history is headed. They have not known what would happen in the future or their purpose. Why is this so? It is because they have not had true parents and ancestors. But as for us, because we are attending True Parents, we can say, "Ah, I know history; I know the circumstances of the history between God and each of us." Also, we have come to know the present and future. We can both know such tradition and inherit it. Now we can have the tradition with which we can win over history and the future. From whom? Why? It is because you have met True Parents. You follow what True Parents teach, and what they do, and you desire what True Parents desire and inherit from them. You are inheriting these things from them. (71-21, 1974.3.24)

Everyone's birth, marriage and death are recorded in the family register, aren't they? We also have to do the same, but we do not have God's nation. If we have a nation, we have to register our birth, marriage and ascension. When you die, all of you will enter the spirit world as Americans. The gatekeeper there will ask you, "Where did you come from?" You would answer, "I came from America." He will also ask, "Do you want to enter heaven?" When asked, "Where did you come from?" there will be no problem whatsoever in entering heaven if you can answer, "I came from the Kingdom of Heaven on earth where I was attending True Parents." This is a fact, not just a theory. (278-36, 1996.4.28)

Unity comes on the basis of people attending True Parents. (293-79, 1998.5.24)

The question is whether you have become a united couple, as a brother and a sister like Adam and Eve, who can attend the True Parents. Another question is whether God's love and the Parents' love can dwell in your family. In other words, are you conveying the love of God and Parents through your own love such that your sons and daughters are born and nurtured in this loving environment? This is a serious question. You should know that if you do not do this, the door of the family Kingdom of Heaven will not open. (137-185, 1986.1.1)

By attending the True Parents and by means of absolute love, for the first time you are able to pave a road that connects to the spirit world. By demonstrating absolute loyalty before the messiah, you establish the precondition of having demonstrated absolute loyalty before even the greatest of all spirit people. You establish the condition of having demonstrated absolute loyalty to God's commands. You have to demonstrate absolute loyalty to the True Parents in the place of God. Why is that? It is so that you can establish a tradition that enables you to become one with the citizens of heaven.

As America represents the democratic world and the whole of humanity then, if it is to attain the heavenly standard of restoration through indemnity centered on the historical Christian cultural realm, what way of thinking should America have? It should be based on being determined to liberate God. It must have a conscientious heart in seeking the liberation of God. The True Parents who are to come, come as the incarnation of God, so America must attend the True Parents and love humankind more than its own people. Americans must love humankind more than their own people and nation. That is why, within America, there are numerous nationalities, peoples, tribes and families. (148-166, 1986.10.8)

In 1995, just three years after the Blessing in 1992, I blessed the 360,000 Couples. They were blessed in the same position as the 30,000 Couples, based on the international level. They were placed in the same positions as Cain and Abel. After seven days of studying the words of the Principle, if they made the resolution to attend the True Parents with absolute faith, to love the True Parents with absolute love, and to walk the path of the Principle with absolute wisdom -- not with the cleverness of the satanic world, and not in ignorance, but with the wisdom of the True Parents -- then they were eligible to receive the Blessing. If they listened to the words of the Divine Principle for one week and pledged to do that, they could be placed on the same level as others receiving the Blessing. (277-133, 1996.4.7)

Our Unification Church should do Home Church. Through our Home Church work we should unify the tribe of Cain. If the Cain tribe becomes one, but we do not create a domain for Abel's tribe, there will be no foundation upon which to attend the True Parents. There will be no tribal heaven. (137-178, 1986.1.1)

Heavenly fortune is rushing in. Now in April 1987, a new light will shine forth and the hope of the world will blossom centering on one place. How much the spirits in the spirit world must have wanted to come to Korea! They are all gathering. So, people who have shed blood for the nation and spirits who have sacrificed themselves are uniting and initiating a joint movement to attend the True Parents. They will serve in the future as mediators to gather together all the spirits of the world. By connecting with them, this world will quickly turn around. (163-25, 1987.4.18)

All Blessed Families should defeat the archangelic world in order to attend the True Parents. Having completed this course, they must totally offer up everything, including their families, state, and nation. In May, 1994, I founded the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification. At that same time, the Family Pledge was created in order to clearly establish the boundaries between the satanic world, archangelic world, and Adamic world. The Family Pledge signifies the complete separation from the satanic world. (266-69, 1994.12.11)

If you live by attending the True Parents during your lifetime, you automatically go to heaven. This is the heavenly tradition. The True Parents have lived such a life. Thus, they are connected to heaven naturally. Consequently, all of you are also connected. How amazing, joyful, and precious this is! You should not exchange this for anything. (230-110, 1992.4.26)

Move with the awareness that when it comes to attending the True Parents on behalf of heaven and earth, you will become people of even greater loyalty and filial piety than any of your ancestors in history or anyone from any other time in history. Then Heaven and all the people around you will be influenced and unite with you. (275-187, 1995.12.8)

Until now, all people have harbored the historical hope to receive and attend the True Parents. God founded the nation of Israel and Judaism so that they could receive the Messiah. The Messiah is the True Parent. God created Christianity and the Christian culture to receive the Lord at the Second Coming. The returning Lord is the True Parent who comes as the third Adam. When the time comes for the True Parents' arrival, all nations in the world will begin to form relationships like brothers and sisters. At the end the Second World War, the victorious nations liberated the nations that were defeated. History, up until this point, had never witnessed this kind of unusual phenomenon. History has been seeking a way to encounter the True Parents. Religions have gone through their course in order to meet the True Parents. Furthermore, the world and the nations are following a course to find the True Parents. They are all walking down paths that will prepare the way for the True Parents. (51-354, 1971.12.5)

Who are True Parents? The words True Parents are not simple words. They are the most fearsome words. You do not know how fearsome they are. This one term, True Parents, controls the direction of history. Until now, untold numbers of patriots have walked the path of sacrifice in order to find and establish these words. The name that is established with hope through continuous bloody struggles and desperate cries is the holy name of True Parents.

When True Parents come, true children should also come. Have you become true children? Think about this. That which is true does not change in the past, in the present, or in the future. (33-109, 1970.8.9) 

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