Filial Attendance: The Way of Filial Piety of Holy Sons and Daughters of God - Elio Roman

Chapter 43 - Attendance: Bear Children (Multiply Lineage)

Chapter Summary and Introduction

Through the Fall our lineage was changed from God's lineage to Satan's lineage. Satan is the enemy of mankind, thus we have inherited the lineage of the enemy. This has created ill feeling and conflict between parents and children, husbands and wives, and siblings. There is conflict in all relational pairs in human relationships. It is with true love that conflict and ill feeling is resolved. Our original sin and sinful nature are inherited and multiplied through lineage. True Parents primary purpose in this the Completed Testament Age is the restoration and multiplication of true lineage. True lineage is restored through the Holy Wine Blessing Ceremony. True love, true life, true lineage, true ownership and true ideals must all be restored and multiplied. Through the multiplication of true lineage the Kingdom of God is established. The Family Pledge explains the progressive development of God's providence across the eight horizontal stages in detail.

In order to complete the duties of filial sons and daughter who live their life in attendance of God and True Parents blessed families must give birth to children. Filial sons and daughters of a family must multiply the lineage of their parents, grandparents, ancestors and God. Filial sons and daughters of God must multiply God's lineage.

The greatest failure caused by Adam and Eve was that they were unable to multiply God's lineage. Losing His lineage has caused God more pain and grief than anything else. With the loss of His lineage God has been unable to multiply sinless children and ideal families and settle the original homeland in order to establish His Kingdom.

With the loss of His lineage, God lost ownership of His creation and lost His true children who were to receive God's inheritance of all things spiritual and all things material. Without sinless children who are God's substantial object partners on earth, in which God could dwell, God then lost ownership the human forms through which as the architect of creation, could construct His Kingdom on earth. The blueprint still remains within us. Instead, Satan multiplied his lineage of sin and false life and false love. Satan became the architect of this sinful and fallen world, of family breakdown, of conflict and chaos, of deaths and destruction from wars, of sexual immorality, of racism, of poverty and disease, of misery, heartbreak and suffering. Satan has claimed all eight stages. He has claimed the individual, the family, tribes, races, the nations, the world, the cosmos, and has become the false god, owner, and ruler of all.

True Parents have restored the true lineage of God and have multiplied that lineage. True Parents have given the holy wine blessing and established Blessed Central Families whose blood lineage has been changed from Satan's lineage to God's lineage. These blessed families must now give birth to children thus multiplying their lineage, which is God's lineage.

One cannot be perfected without having children. The sphere of love within the ideal family cannot be expanded without having children. The more children a couple has the greater the sphere of love that is created. Blessed families must multiply their lineage and leave descendants on earth. Without bearing children one cannot completely stand proud before God, True Parents, and one's parents. One of the greatest responsibilities of filial sons and daughters who attend God is to multiply His sinless lineage. Similarly, one of the greatest responsibilities of filial sons and daughters in a family is to bear children and thereby multiply the lineage of their ancestors.

The purpose of the universe and cosmos is to give birth to children in order to establish families of true love, true life and true lineage. The purpose of the natural world is to provide all the elements for the formation of children's bodies and to provide nutrition for all. The purpose of the invisible spiritual realm is to provide true love, spiritual nutrition, and education of the minds and hearts in order to establish true life. Without the multiplication of true lineage, true love and true life cannot emerge. True lineage is the most important. The greatest gift or prize that the universe can give someone is children. The greatest gift or prize one can give God and their parents are children.

Having children enables parents to establish vertical relationships of love which creates the vertical realm of love. The vertical relationship of love is the same realm of love that exists between God and His true children. This is the Parent and child relationship. Parents and filial children establish vertical relationships of love. Husbands and wives, and brothers and sisters establish horizontal relationships of love. Once the vertical and horizontal relationships of love are established in the family, then the Four Great Realms of Heart are created. This establishes the four position foundation og the ideal family. This is ideal of creation on the family level. This is where true joy and happiness are found for God and human beings. The ideal family establishes the foundation for the building of the Kingdom of God on earth and in heaven. It is here where God and His children rejoice in the fullness of love. The four position foundation is the most fundamental structure of love and the very building block of the Kingdom of God.

God's Kingdom cannot be realized without the multiplication of true love, true life and true lineage. When one completes their filial duties by giving birth to children, and when their children mature and give birth to children, then love is expanded vertically and lineally through three generations. The three-generation family establishes the Three Great Kingships, which is the vertical lineal extension of love between grandparents, parents and grandchildren. Without children God's realm of love cannot be expanded vertically in the three-generation family or horizontally in the family, tribe, race, nation, world and cosmos. Without having children, God's vertical love cannot be expanded horizontally across the eight horizontal stages.

Grandparents represent one's ancestors. When a couple completes their filial responsibility by giving birth to children, and when their children marry and themselves give birth to children, the grandparents' realm of love, life and lineage is established. The relationships of love between grandparents, parents and children extend relationships of love vertically, and create a greater sphere of love. Thus the three generational families establish the Three Great Kingships of love. In expanding the vertical relationships to our grandparents who represent our ancestors, the vertical relationships of love are extended to the spiritual world, where great-grandparents and our ancestors reside. Through these vertical relationships of vertical love extending into the spiritual world, the necessity of ancestor love and attendance is realized in the cosmos.

By completing one's filial responsibility by giving birth to children, Blessed Central Families realize God's ideal and express God's creativity. We like God, become creators and experience the same joy that God the Creator experienced. Sadly, sometimes due to the debt of indemnity of their ancestors, couples cannot produce children. When couples cannot multiply their lineages, they experience the suffering. God's heart of love reaches out to such couples. God must have a way for filial sons and daughters who have lived a life of attendance to have children. Just as there is apocatastasis, a way for universal salvation, when all human beings share in the grace of salvation, there must also be a way for the universal completion of salvation, that is, there must be a way and a time for all blessed couples to have children in the eternal world. God and His ideals are eternal, absolute, unchanging and unique. True love, true life and true lineage must also be eternal, absolute, unchanging and unique.

The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

What kind of person is a son of filial piety? To become such a son, one has to attend one's parents well, and one should bear children. No matter how pious someone may be, no matter how great one may be, no matter what one may have given to one's parents, one cannot be a child of filial piety if one cannot have children. Jesus was born as God's historical son of filial piety. Even though he realized the glory of the only begotten son and fulfilled everything, without children he could not stand proud before God. Do you know why Jesus has toiled for two thousand years? (Sermons Vol. 7 -- 221, 1959.10.11)

You also should have children. You should give birth to your own descendants. Just as God created Adam and Eve, you should give birth to children as the second Creator. This is the meaning of having descendants.

You should create children just as the first Creator created children. Because the first creation was carried out by the vertical Creator, it has to unite with another horizontal one, bringing the two together. Because the horizontal standard rises up infinitely, the vertical standard expands out infinitely and forms a circular form, which develops into a sphere of unlimited, infinite surface.

For this reason, parents represent heaven, and children, siblings and husband and wife represent earth. Thus when these become one centering on a husband and wife, the vertical standard also becomes one. That is how the perfection of Adam and Eve becomes the perfection of God's ideal of creation. Everything that God hoped for in the ideal of creation is perfected and completed. What does this all mean? It means that we all need a reciprocal object partner of love. (263-57, 1994.8.16)

Do you know what has pained God's heart the most, causing Him the greatest grief over the long history since the Fall of Adam and Eve? God lost His lineage. And with the loss of His lineage, He lost His right of ownership.

Let me talk about lineage for a moment. Lineage is more important than life and more important than love… Please inscribe the importance of lineage in your hearts. I cannot emphasize this enough.

Without lineage, neither life nor love can endure. You strive to set a good tradition, but it will endure only through your lineage. Lineage is the bridge allowing the parents' spirit to carry on through subsequent generations. In other words, lineage is the first and final condition necessary for parents to harvest the fruits of their love, the fruits of their life and the fruits of their joy. We need to know this with certainty. Yet when Adam and Eve fell, this lineage, more precious than life, was lost. (Messages of Peace 1 -- 15-16, 2005.9.12)

If you don't have children you cannot complete the purpose of creation. The essential teaching of Christianity is the Fatherhood of God, but it was not able to teach this clearly. Everything may be lost in history, but the father-son relationship will remain. God seeks, above all else, to have children to whom He can say, "You are the bone of my bones, flesh of my flesh." (The Way -- 39-40)

So what does it mean to be a filial son or daughter? You must be more devoted than people were long ago, when a man and woman got married and had children, thus creating a family, and fulfilled their filial duty to their parents. You cannot become a truly devoted son or daughter before you get married.

You can only become a truly filial son or daughter after getting married. You can only establish the realm of true filial piety after you have married and the wife's filial piety is added to the husband's in front of the parents. Only when, through this, you have a foundation of filial piety in attendance to the parents, can a true realm of filial piety be established.

You cannot become a loyal citizen by yourself. The loyalty that the Unification Church talks about cannot be realized by one person alone. You can only become a loyal citizen after you marry and have a family. So in order for you to raise the banner of being loyal citizens, you must give birth to filial sons and daughters.

You must become filial sons and daughters to God. You cannot be a son of filial piety by yourself. You can only become such a son centering on a trinity in which three brothers become one. You know what a trinity is, don't you? You must become one in your trinity.

The three families in a trinity must become one as brothers and sisters, and then again the three children of each family must become one. Then, three times four makes twelve, making twelve children. This became the first foundation for Israel. This is the origin for creating the branches of families, clans and then tribes. (30-220, 1970.3.23)

What is the unique value of this earth? There is no multiplication in the spirit world. Go and see for yourself. You will find no multiplication. If you go to the spirit world without children, you cannot have any children there either. You have to bear children on earth first, and then go to the spirit world. Only then, can you join the realm of heart which represents the ideal of creation based on God's heart and live experiencing the stimulation of love. This is why you must have children before going to the spirit world. You must also love your spouse before passing on to the spirit world. Marriage is absolute and the mandate to produce children is an absolute rule. (264-150, 1994.10.9)

When we meet on the vertical line, we explode and spin, ascending and colliding with God. On the vertical line, God descends and we ascend so that God enters the center; and when we descend, we see that God has become the central core of love. Thus, if you want to make this line running vertically from here go in a horizontal direction, you must have children. Therefore, even if a man and woman have created this vertical line, they will not be able to serve God in the heavenly world if they do not have children.

Only those who have had children and loved them are able to serve God, the ideal Subject of dual characteristics. They also need to have children in order to serve the True Parents. If those who cannot bear children are going to adopt a child, they must train themselves so that they will be able to love this child even more than if they had given birth to it. This is difficult to do. Hence, in the Unification Church, we teach people to bear many loving children. Babies in our church bring heavenly fortune with them. They are born with food to eat. Some will become judges, prosecutors, and presidents. All types of people will be born. All the colors of the rainbow will come from them.

So, based on true love, you should have nothing to be ashamed of in terms of your motherhood or fatherhood and you should bring many citizens into God's Kingdom. (210-375, 1990.12.27)

When a husband and wife become one and have children, they can go on forever. As they rise to the position of creator and have children, they can feel God's joy of creation on this earthly plane. For this reason, your wife must be like your son or daughter. She combines the positions of son and daughter and brother and sister. Thus, you cannot separate from each other. Love is not arbitrary. Only when you have your children after following all this tradition, will you reach the original standard that God initially desired as the ideal of creation. This is why the family is called the foundation of the Kingdom of Heaven. (223-24, 1991.11.7)

God's will for human beings is to fulfill the purpose of the ideal of creation. The ideal of creation is not completed simply by a man and a woman marrying each other and becoming one. They must then have children. This is because the principle of heaven and earth connects the relationship of above and below, and front and back. If there is a yesterday, there is a today, and if there is a today, there is a tomorrow. These must all be connected. But for a husband and wife alone there is only today, and no tomorrow. However, without another day everything will end. If we say couples are above, they must have something below, namely children. Without something below, it ends there. (85-178, 1976.3.3)

You are a unique participant and companion in love in front of your parents. With love, you can be equal to your mother and father and rise to an equal position. This is a privilege of love. Parents want to bequeath everything they own to their sons and daughters, whom they truly love. To inherit the universe, you can jump in and inherit a hundred percent when you have found an equal position of value of love in the tradition of love. This is why parents want to have children of filial piety. Children of filial piety pass on the inheritance of love as participants in the eternal love of their parents. (140-233, 1986.2.12)

The love between the parents and children comes from the parents. We receive our parents' love from the moment of birth. We receive parents' love and grow up, and then engage in the horizontal love between husband and wife; in order for the love of the husband and wife to continue, they must have children and love them. The parents can feel genuine love only when they have children. The love of brothers and sisters alone cannot tell us what parents' love is. In other words, we can come to know that love only when we have experienced the circular course starting from your parents and completing the circle by becoming a parent ourselves. (66-119, 1973.4.18)

The reason why parents sacrifice themselves for their children is that they want to return to God through their children. They come to deeply experience parental love while loving their children; this leads them to feel and be aware of God's love, which is a manifestation of something original. Since those who cannot have children can neither feel parental love nor come to understand God's parental love, their love is always incomplete. (Blessed Family -- 1002, Korean Edition)

Why does a wife cry when her husband dies? Why do people weep just because they do not have children? They are not crying because they are disappointed. They are crying because the fundamental principle of the universe makes it necessary to have relationships in all directions -- east, west, north and south. In other words, the force of existence in the universe consists of the force to support the ideal of reciprocation. This is why everything is engaged in give-and-take. Just as north and south interrelate with one another, the North Pole and South Pole interrelate with one another. Stars also interrelate with one another. Nothing can exist without a partner. Ideal beings united -- that is, beings that have become completely one with each other -- are supported by this universe. It is a principle that heavenly fortune embraces such entities so that they can continue forever.

Everything cooperates in this give-and-take action. That is why you need sons and daughters. Today, the West has accepted the idea that sons and daughters are unnecessary, but let's wait and see if that is right. You will find out in the spirit world. From where you stand, there is someone both above you and below you. You need the number three. You have to go through three stages. This is why everything comprises three stages. You need to have your parents, your couple and children. Not having children does not agree with the Principle of Heaven. When this is divided into two, there are three stages for men and three corresponding stages for women. By combining the two, an ideal world can be established with the unified number three. In other words, it is an ideal that includes grandfather and grandmother, father and mother, and me. The family ethic of the Unification Church stems from this belief. (70-76, 1974.2.8)

One is born through love and grows up in love. Next, he leaves the love of his parents and finds and connects to the love of a partner, which is a love in another dimension. We can call parental love the formation-stage love and conjugal love the growth-stage love. No matter how much a couple may be in love, they cannot see the completion of their love until they have children. This is why they want to have children. This is completion-stage love. Therefore, the process of going through parental love, conjugal love, and children's love is the fundamental core of human life and the original path of God's ideal of love at creation. (48-11, 1971.8.31)

What should you do for your parents? You should be a dutiful son and a loyal subject of your nation because your parents led the nation and the world. You are to be a praiseworthy family member among the true brothers before being a dutiful son, and you are to be a dutiful son before being a loyal subject of a nation. The title "family member" signifies the right to praise one's brothers and sisters. Isn't that true?

What is a dutiful son? Before getting married, you cannot be a true child of filial piety. When you serve your parents with your love plus your spouse's love, you can become a true and dutiful son or daughter. The individual cannot be a loyal subject in the Unification Church. When you are a couple with a family, you can become a loyal subject. That is why in order for you to set up an altar as a loyal subject, you have to give birth to a dutiful son. (Blessing Pt. 2 -- 277)

What do parents hope for? There is no unified root of the lineage with just a mother and a father. They need to have children in order for the lineage to continue. When sons and daughters love their parents, then the unconnected lineages of the parents become unified through the child. The perfection of parents comes about through having children. The father and mother become perfect through sons and daughters practicing filial piety.

It is a joy to have parents to whom you can devote yourselves. We represent our parents' life, love and lineage. Their love has been duplicated through us. It has become the nucleus; your love, life, and lineage have become its embodiment.

Bringing about the perfection of your parents can, therefore, bring about your perfection. When we mature and marry, we must become one as our mother and father have, and in this way both sides achieve perfection. (223-174, 1991.11.10)

Just as how you can understand the true meaning of filial piety only after having given birth, you can sense the value of our path and experience the concrete existence of God only after you have carried it out in action yourself. (29-197)

We know absolutely that man needs woman and woman needs man. It's not just nice to have, but we must have. The same is true of children. If a woman does not give birth to a child then she cannot be perfected without having to go another, much more difficult way. (1991.3.10, Unofficial))

How is it that Jesus did not enter heaven? God created heaven for people who had not fallen. People can enter heaven only when they have reached the original standard of the Principle. Jesus had meant to save fallen humanity, stand with his spouse in the position of unfallen Adam and Eve as the parents of humankind, and enter heaven with his children. Yet he came and went alone. He had no children, and thus would not enter heaven, but went instead to paradise. He is waiting to enter heaven.

Thus, Jesus must return and find his bride. In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve originally were to get married and enter heaven. Despite the Fall of the progenitors of humanity, the rule by which Jesus must return to make the flowers bloom still stands.

By going alone, he could not enter heaven. Jesus must come again to loose on earth what was bound. Only then can he go to heaven. This is in line with what is stated in the Bible that what was bound has to be loosed on earth. (41-299, 1971.2.17)

If you have no children that's incomplete work. An incomplete couple, isn't this so? (Raising Children -- 67)

God's love is the love of a vertical parent, and True Parents' love is the love of horizontal parents. Since you are the people that have inherited these, your minds are the fruit of the tradition that has received the love of the vertical God and parents. Likewise your bodies are the fruit of the tradition that have received the love of horizontal True Parents. In order for these fruits to form the horizontal basis of a family and form a sphere with a vertical center you need to be a husband or a wife and have children. So it is a sin not to bear children. You should not be a childless person. Is there flesh without bone? No, because it would have nowhere to attach itself. (184-309, 1989.1.1)

Why do we need parents and children? To build a vertical bridge. Isn't it so? Vertical relationship, above and below relationship, back and forth relationship, left and right relationship.

You must become a parent. You can never know vertical love unless you become a parent. After experiencing horizontal love, why do we need sons and daughters? In order to experience vertical love. People without children do not understand vertical love. (Raising Children -- 74-75)

What is the biggest award in the whole universe? It is not becoming President. It is not getting a Ph.D. or winning the Nobel Prize. It is sons and daughters who can be born between a loving husband and wife. You should understand that there is no grater prize. That is why sons and daughter are so precious. (129-56)

Now if you look at this pattern, parents and children are vertical, and husband and wife are horizontal. But I said children are more important… That is why God's purpose is children; Adam and Eve's purpose is children. Everything is for this purpose. (118-229)

Human beings are created so that everyone will be linked together through love-centered marriage relationships. In the same way that perfect children are born on a foundation where love has been perfected, it is the responsibility of people on earth to bear and form God's ideal filial, fraternal, and conjugal realms in His family. Reproduction is impossible in the spirit world. The center has no area, so there is no space in which to have children.

Thus, God created a plane and three-dimensional space to produce citizens of heaven, who would then enter and inhabit that vast realm. Couples are therefore individual production units for reproducing the citizens of heaven. To create a reciprocal realm with the right of inheritance and the right of ownership in the next world, they need to bear many sons and daughters on earth and eventually be with them in that world. Those without children will not have such a reciprocal realm. Such a reciprocal realm can only exist when you have children. (255-265, 1994.3.11)

Since God creates with two natures in Himself and since we humans also create, through a position where man and woman vertically unite and, centered on love, have children, we humans also have to stand in a position where we can create such masterpieces. We are talking about creating children.

God granted us the ability of creation and at the same time God gave us the love of children to let us experience the joy God felt through creating the universe.

That is why love does not exist without parents, without an object or without children. So only a person who has completely received such love can stand before God, who is the subject of love. Since this is the fundamental rule and heavenly rule, in order to pass this exam, you must have these qualifications.

Without having these qualifications, the universe would not accept you and you will be dismissed from this world of existence, you will taste pain and sorrow. (54-24)

In the family system, vertical love is represented by parents and children; horizontal love exists between the husband and wife, subject and object. Two kinds of love are necessary in the family. Why do we need, why do we desire children after marriage? Do you really want to have children after being blessed? Why? Because the source of the universe is composed of two loves, horizontal and vertical, so that you are instinctively looking for that. If you don't have offspring, you never experience vertical love. You have to feel this love. (Our Hope, 1974. 8.20, Unofficial)

A person should not remain alone but rather go through three stages, beginning with the individual, then the partner stage, and finally the stage with children. The God-centered relationship between a person, the spouse and their children is the four-position foundation. The completion of this four-position foundation is God's purpose of creation. (19-106, 1967.12.31)

To expand a better environment standing on an environmental position, they will need children, wouldn't they? Like you usually see in the movies, when his dear wife becomes pregnant, the husband rejoices without noticing. Well, why is he happy? Because it means the expansion of himself, and the expansion of a base that connects him to a larger extent. Since it is needed, we desire it. (110-68)

Not having children causes unhappiness. Some may think that conjugal happiness would suffice despite being childless, but it is not like that. Since the four-position foundation is a universal principle, when husband and wife come together and attain oneness, they must give birth to children and form that foundation. This is a universal law. If you fail to realize a four-position foundation, you will not be considered as successful. Also, you should not just have sons. If you did, you would only have tasted the love of a son, but not that of a daughter.

Can you know the taste of honey through someone's explanation? Just an explanation would not work. Before explaining, one would have to open your mouth and feed you the honey and then tell you that this is the taste of honey. Then, why do we say that not having a son brings about disappointment and unhappiness? People with only daughters say that those having sons would have nothing more to desire. Westerners are a bit dull in this regard. Through emphasizing individualism, they have lost all such feelings. Therefore, they must regain them. Hence, they now are returning to Eastern thought in order to do so. Thus, your families must have husband, wife, sons and daughters. This way, they must attain complete oneness and go forward in sync with heavenly fortune from beginning to end, going on to live eternally, which is not possible alone. Even if you could live alone eternally, you would be carrying a bag of suffering around in the eternal world. You would not be able to receive the elements necessary for happiness. (24-223, 1969.8.17)

The reason we have sons and daughters is to learn the way of loving the world. Children connect to the world and future. If you have no children you cannot be connected to the future. (135-120)

Adam and Eve connect to a vertical center. When you look at it like this, in order for Adam and Eve to be connected vertically, they are required to be like this, and they must not stop here.

This must be attached. But if there are no children this does not connect. Do you understand? So when you look at it in this point of view, this is the Four Position Foundation... Now, if you have no son, there will be no vertical standard. This is all lost. Vertical and horizontal standard will not be connected. This cannot be. (92-217)

Do you know what has pained God's heart most, causing Him the greatest grief over the long history since the fall of Adam and Eve? God lost His lineage. And with the loss of His lineage, He lost His right of ownership. Lineage is more important than life and more important than love. Life and love come together to create lineage. Lineage cannot be established if either life or love is missing. Therefore, among the three qualities that define the parent-child relationship, love, life and lineage, lineage is the fruit.

Without lineage, neither life nor love can endure. You strive to set a good tradition, but it will endure only through your lineage. Lineage is the bridge allowing the parents' spirit to carry on through subsequent generations. In other words, lineage is the first and final condition necessary for parents to harvest the fruits of their love, the fruits of their life and the fruits of their joy. We need to know this with certainty. (Messages of Peace 7 -- 14-17, 2005.9.12)

Where is God's love found? Does it exist between brothers who love each other? No. Also, God's love is not created centered on love between a man and a woman. God's love is found in the love between a father and a son. The flesh and blood must be connected. In order to create a tradition that lasts for eternity, flesh and blood must be connected. That is, a vertical relationship must be formed.

It is the vertical relationship that receives God's love, so it cannot be any other than the love between a father and son. This love has no distance. (28-169)

Without children you are incomplete and you cannot understand God's love. Without children, you don't know how much God loves human beings, who are His children.

A child is an incarnation and successor of its parents. Therefore, people want children after marriage. Parents want to have children because they want to hand over all of their love to their children. The parents' substance remains in their descendants. That's why we need descendants. (Blessing Pt. 2 -- 219-220)

We also feel sorry for people without children. It is because God's ideal of creation is designed such that parents and children unite and bind the cosmos together with love. (True Parents -- 48)

These days, many couples marry under a legal contract. Are you aware of that? They do not want to have babies. They do not want to have a family.

It is like that in the age of archangels. Can people without a baby know parental love? Would they know how to love children? They can never learn to love through making contracts. (301-63, 1999.4.16)

Without children, parents cannot know what love is. You can feel true love only with an object… you cannot be called a mature person without having children.

The question is where we should decide the standard of a mature and completed figure. You may see the parents themselves are mature, but unless they are horizontally and vertically mature, they cannot be called perfect persons…A vertical relationship is extending love between parents and children. Parents, husband and wife, and children are the fundamental rules of a vertical relationship. When all of it comes together, it forms one family. When you expand a couple's love, it can be connected to parents' love. If the children become parents after becoming husband and wife, their love also must become the same size, the same length as the love of their parents. (66-119)

People without children cannot experience God's love as well because of the absence of parental love. That's why such people's love is imperfect. (Blessing Pt. 2 -- 270)

In the view of the Principle, in order for an individual to be restored, he must pass through more than three generations. In order for more than three generations to pass, the four position foundation should be restored by parents giving birth to children. (Blessing Pt. 2 -- 91-92)

What is the realization of the ideal? It is the establishment of the four position foundation. The four position foundation is the foundation of the family centered on God, in which God-centered Adam and Eve, completely united in love as an ideal couple, multiply children.

If Adam and Eve, centered on God, had formed an ideal family, then God's will would have been completed in Adam's family. They would have attended Heavenly Father above, and stood in the position of human ancestors to their descendants below. Their family would have become the origin of love. This family would have been the foundation upon which God, Adam and Eve could have become one body, united in love, thus completing God's ideal. (Unification Pt. 1 -- 3)

The blessing to be fruitful means that all people born on the earth must grow to be people of perfected character. The second blessing of life, to multiply, means that, as a man and a woman with a perfected character, they must establish the bond of husband and wife, give birth to children, and raise them. (World Peace -- 20, 1992.7.6)

That is the basis for the principle that we live as families in the spirit world. Why do we need to have children? The vertical love of God and the horizontal love of parents bring descendants into this world. This is a vertical and horizontal mixing of the blood of God and the parents. Thus, people who were unable to have descendants on earth will not be able to harmonize Heaven and earth in the spirit world. They will be unable to keep step with the rhythm of north, south, east and west. A person who has no descendants will have no place to rest or play in the next world. (Public Venue, 1999.2.4)

Adam and Eve were to become God's true son and daughter and then were to become the true parents of humankind. Adam and Eve were to dominate the whole of creation. There was supposed to be this glorious day for the whole creation also.

The dominion over all things cannot be accomplished alone. The parents must have children, forming a family. All things can be dominated based on that restored four-position foundation. No one alone can dominate creation. Jesus came to this earth to dominate all things and the world, but he could not. (Blessing Pt. 1 -- 174)

Then, how can we indemnify all at once these three shim jungs through the principle of restoration through indemnity and stand in the position which God can recognize? This is the problem. First of all, we must restore the standard based upon which God can love us as His true sons and daughters. Through this process, and when the time comes, a couple centered on God's love has to be formed. They must have children of goodness to form a four position foundation which God desires and from which God will be able to feel joy once again. (Blessing Pt. 1 -- 179)

God is an invisible being. To have a form of flesh, the incorporeal God created Adam and Eve. If Adam and Eve, with God dwelling in them, had attained maturity, married and had children, then God would have become the internal Father and Adam the external father. Adam then would have completely resembled God. (Blessing Pt. I -- 14)

You should have children for you to be accepted by the universe, being labeled, "the most worthy to feel God's love substantially." With this you can get into the Kingdom of Heaven. Without this seal of approval, it is not possible. (133-138)

The best blessing of all is not money or power, but it is children born of good fortune. It is to have children who can receive God's love. (Blessing Pt. 2 -- 293)

Your bloodline has undergone a transformation. As a result, this has become the beginning point for the liberation of Jesus, for the historical wall to be dismantled centering on your family, and for the alleviation of the suffering of God and of the pain of the 2,000-year history caused by the failure of Jesus to marry and have children. (Tribal Messiah -- 157, 1989.1.8)

You will receive the Holy Marriage Blessing and be connected to the true lineage. Then your eternal life will be assured. True love, true life, and true lineage will expand eternally through your descendants. (Public Venue, 2003.10.15)

As a husband and wife have children and rise to the position of parents, they come to feel deeply how much God rejoiced when He created human beings. Having children transforms the environment of having deep experiences into the essence of those experiences. Through those experiences, we become able to inherit the full authority of God, the great Subject of heaven and earth. The parents' responsibilities include giving birth to and raising their children with care, continuing until the children marry. God should have raised Adam and Eve and blessed them in marriage, but He was unable to do so. Similarly, having given birth to children, Adam and Eve were unable to bless them in marriage. This bitter sorrow must be resolved. These are the fundamental principles of education. The conclusion is simple. (223-196, 1991.11.10)

When the only begotten son comes, it would be a disaster if he were to live alone. There has to be an only begotten daughter. The only begotten daughter must be found and, centering on God, the only begotten son and daughter should marry each other when their mutual attraction matures. This way, God should rejoice as the vertical parent and the only begotten son and daughter must become the bride and bridegroom who can rejoice as the horizontal parents and give birth to children on earth. Only then will the tribe begin to expand. (58-218, 1972.6.11)

Everyone should get married and have and raise their children so they can know both children's love and parental love. It seems that western people are not like this. They avoid having and raising sons and daughters. They hesitate to have children because the children may limit their freedom to marry and divorce. But when people fail to establish the four-position foundation, they cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven because they do not know God's heart of loving people. (Blessed Family -- 934, Korean Edition)

It is surely a misery when a couple cannot have children. (23-11, 1969.5.11)

If a couple has no children, there can be no happiness there. Also, if children have no parents, there is no joy for them. Where there is a man, there will have to be a woman as his partner. The same holds true for woman. In the case of husband and wife, their desire is to keep their love at a higher dimension within the subject-object relationship. Further, they must have children.

A unified family is realized only when a couple has parents above and children below. A family should be united vertically and horizontally this way. Then centering on whom are they to unite? It is impossible just with human beings. Since they alone cannot pursue a higher value, if there is an absolute Subject Partner of love, the parents will want to become one with that Subject Partner as the center. The place where parents and children attain oneness in love centering on that Subject Partner will be a place of happiness and hope. Everything must be brought into oneness and unified through something more valuable and stimulating. This is not possible just with our human love, but only from the absolute Subject Partner position. (Blessed Family -- 913, Korean Edition)

In order to walk this path, just man and woman will not do. There must be children. Why? When you go to the spirit world, the gates of east, west, south and north are still not open. Only by connecting children. You can create the substance only by marrying and having children like God created Adam and Eve. (181-82)

Perfection must be achieved on earth, not in the spirit world. It can be done based on true love on earth, not in the spirit world. This is why you need to have children. They become heavenly citizens, ideal citizens of the heavenly kingdom.

So give birth to many sons and daughters. Originally, there were to be more than twelve directions, and that is why I desire more than twelve directions. (217-130, 1991.5.12)

Those who live a single life stand as criminals before God's original will. Those who practice birth control and declare they will not have children will go to the other world and face the words of judgment: "Through your sons and daughters, I was going to send the prince and princess that would govern the universe! Shame on you!" Once you pass into the spirit world, these things will be known in an instant. You would come to know of this in a moment. God was trying to bring blessings to your generation and tribe through the merits of your ancestors who had worked hard through thousands and tens of thousands of years of bitter painful history. Yet, you were the one who cut off that channel. (264-150, 1994.10.9)

Men and women are horizontal. They are level. The union of man and woman is to be engrafted, based on vertical, lifelong and eternal love. As men representing east and women representing west have lost the central line, they will seek to graft into this, so they must absolutely get married. Aren't there many in America who oppose marriage? There are many who, like homosexuals or lesbians, dislike having children. Those without children have lost out when they pass on to the spirit world. This is the formula of the universe. (163-88, 1987.4.19)

What is happening in America nowadays? Originally, grandparents, parents and children could not separate. These three generations should not be apart. They need to be united in order to establish the four-position foundation. Otherwise, the foundation for the ideal cannot be made. You understand this clearly, don't you? Thus, God is creating the horizontal foundation of His love through human beings. If the True Parents had not appeared on earth, God could never have children in the spirit world. For the first time, the children of the original nature will be born through us. Through us, God's royal family will come into being. You should be proud of yourselves on that account. It is up to us to connect all nations to the original Eden. (218-199, 1991.7.28)

The happiest and most precious thing that could happen to a woman is to have a husband. The greatest joy for a couple is to have children. Your children do not belong to their father or mother, but to the world, to the heavenly nation. Their genealogy is in God's Kingdom. Though they are your children they all have a nationality. Having a nationality means being the citizen of a nation. By the same token, these children are those of the heavenly nation, and that couple consists of a husband and a wife who represent God's nation. If you have such a heart, you can align yourselves to the standard of the heavenly nation when you are registered there. You will be able to resonate with that standard. Without having that kind of resonating experience on earth, you will have a hard time in the spirit world even if you have received the Blessing. The same goes for men. They are most happy to have a wife. Their second happiness is in having children resulting from their union in love. This nest of love should be passed on to the world. When that happens, you will be fully qualified as citizens of heaven. (233-212, 1992.8.1)

The people who can enter heaven will perfect themselves as the princes and princesses of God's love. They will form families and have children in order to experience all dimensions of love. (236-261, 1992.11.8)

People say that those who are without parents are pitiable. Why? They have no way of conquering the spirit world and physical world. We also feel sorry for those who are without children. God's ideal of creation was for children and parents to unite and bind the cosmos together with love. However, they will fall into a miserable state because they are in a position where they can fail to emulate that highest model… This is why those who are without children or parents are sad people. (222-309, 1991.11.6)

Regardless of how happily a husband and wife live together and love each other, which would be the happy couple, one without children or one with children? A couple without children is an as yet unfinished work, an incomplete couple. Is this so or not? (92-218, 1977.4.17)

Also, no matter how happy a husband and wife may be together, they will be miserable without children. Do you need only sons? You need both sons and daughters. But what if the parents have only one son and one daughter? A son needs an elder sister and an elder brother, and a daughter needs an elder brother and an elder sister. Furthermore, they each need a younger brother and a younger sister. Everyone needs elder and younger siblings, and without any one of them, the individual would be unhappy. A family wherein the younger sister, younger brother, elder sister and elder brother are all united will be protected by God. This is because such a family becomes the origin of a clan, a people and a nation. My father, mother, elder brother, elder sister, younger brother, younger sister and me total seven people. This underlies the significance of the number seven as the number of perfection. You should know that I am talking here about perfection in reference to love. Why is seven the number of perfection? Why is it that the creation of heaven and earth taught by Christianity was completed based on the number seven? It is because of this. It is said that three is the number of heaven and four is the number of earth. The number three is established by my father, mother and me. Then what does the number four refer to? It refers to brothers and sisters. (20-40, 1968.3.31)

When we examine the universe, we see that all beings exist in pairs, relating to one another as subject and object partners, plus and minus. The mineral, plant, and animal worlds, and even the human world, exist based on the pair system. All beings desire the experience of true love through a reciprocal relationship. In the universe, love can never be possessed by any of us alone, but once we have a partner, love enables us to possess everything.

Likewise, without children, a couple cannot express and become the owners of parental love. Thus, we can say that God created human beings and the universe as His reciprocal partners in order to bring about true love. Filial, fraternal, conjugal, and parental love come about through the unity of subject and object partners. When two partners attain oneness, it is impossible to separate them. If separation occurred, true love would be destroyed. Therefore, in true love there can be no concept of divorce. When man feels love, the feeling arises not from him but from woman. Likewise, the fire of love is kindled in the heart of a woman not by herself alone but by her husband; that is to say, their love belongs to each other. (Public Venue, 1999.11.20)

The Messiah's family will be the first to live with and serve God. The Messiah solidifies the position of the perfected Adam. The Kingdom of Heaven will be established only after the perfected Adam and Eve marry, live on earth serving God, have sons and daughters centered upon Him, bring forth His clan and live on earth together with them, and then, finally, move on into the heavenly world together with God. (282-51, 1997.3.10)

You should know God's love. You should experience your parents' love and learn how to serve them. You should all experience conjugal love with your spouses and learn how to serve them. You should know your children's love. Do not just give orders to your children, but learn how to understand and serve them as well. Only then can you understand God's love. Without children, you are in an incomplete state. You cannot understand God's love. You cannot understand how much God loved human beings, His children. Furthermore, without being a husband, you cannot know the wife, and without being a wife, you cannot know the husband. Children do not know what parents' love is like until they become parents. So without sons and daughters, you cannot be true parents. (133-138, 1984.7.10)

Yet, even if you have children, what good is it without a nation? It is of no use to be in first place or in any other position as a family if we cannot build a nation. (29-73, 1970.2.24) 

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