The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon from 1980

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How Much Have I Been Convulsed in Pain for God? (Circa 1980 pdf)

"Home Church is the base of the Kingdom of Heaven" (January 1, 1980)

Church Is The Base Of The Kingdom Of Heaven (1/1/80 different version)

Prayer: Out Of Many Nations You Remembered The Miserable Nation Of Korea (January 1, 1980)

Prayer: Father, I remember Your historical efforts to raise this son (January 1, 1980 - God's Day Midnight pdf)

Grateful God's Day (January 1, 1980)

Grateful God's Day (1/1/80 different version)

Selections on Home Church and the Kingdom of Heaven (January 1, 1980 - Compiled by Beth Bush in 1981 pdf)

To The MFT (1/2/80)

Myself (1/13/80)

Individual Course Of Life (1/20/80)

Line Of Limitation (1/27/80)

The Strictest Test You Must Pass Is Meeting the Qualification to Be a Real Parent (February 11, 1980 - To All Blessed Couples in America pdf)

Ideal Nation Of God (2/21/80)

Practicing One Simple Principle, "Love Your Enemies" (February 21, 1980 - Excerpt)

I Prayed for My Enemies to be Blessed - Part 2 (February 21, 1980 - Excerpts from Rev. Sun Myung Moon's Speeches pdf)

To Take Back a Fatherland of a God By Your Hand (February 21, 1980 - Ideal Nation Of God pdf)

In order to regain God's Fatherland by your own hands (February 21, 1980 - World Mission Center, NY pdf)

Prayed for his enemies to be blessed (June 12, 1967, June 28, 1959, April 3, 1983, February 21, 1980 - Korea, Japan and USA pdf)

The Kingdom of God (July 20, 1985 and February 21, 1980 pdf)

World Conference 1980 (February 25, 1980)

The Dispensation Of Restoration And Myself (4/6/80)

The Completion Of The Providence And Parents' Day (4/15/80)

Prayer: Please allow us to establish the tradition of the parents (April 15, 1980 pdf)

The Completion of the Providence and Parent's Day (April 15, 1980)

Fathers Prayer After Pledge On Parents' Day 1980 - Original Document (April 15, 1980 pdf)

Parent's Day State Director's Conference (April 16, 1980)

True Parents' Mission (4/20/80)

Stony Path Of Death (4/27/80)

Persecution And Blessing (5/1/80)

Persecution and Blessing (May 1, 1980 - Belvedere International Training Center – different version)

Liquidation And Blessing (May 18, 1980)

The Path to Happiness (May 18, 1980 pdf)

State Leaders Conference (May 19, 1980)

Father speaks at Barrytown Seminary about carp fishing - Original document (May 23, 1980 pdf)

Cross Over The Boundary (6/1/80)

The Way Of Original Form (6/8/80)

The Grandfather is in the Position of God in the Family (June 8, 1980 pdf)

Day Of All Things (6/13/80)

Our Tradition (6/15/80)

The Necessity Of Prayer (6/22/80)

The Road Of Suffering Has Been The Way For Individuals And Religions (June 28, 1980 - Unification Theological Seminary Commencement Address pdf)

The Victorious Day (6/29/80)

Historical Standard Of Indemnity (July 1,1980)

The Way Of Tuna (7/13/80)

The Way of Tuna (July 13, 1980 - Belvedere)

Ocean Church (Excerpts from July 13, October 1, and October 5, 1980)

Total Self Reevaluation (9/14/80)

The World Of Good And Evil And My Indemnity (9/28/80)

Letter from Father to Ye Jin (circa October 1980)

The Founding of Ocean Church (October 1, 1980 - Morning Garden, Gloucester MA)

The Meaning Of The Full Bow (10/1/80))

Speech to UTS graduates - Gloucester, Massachusetts - Original document (October 1, 1980 pdf)

Day of Victory of Heaven (October 4, 1980)

The Day Of The Victory Of Heaven (10/4/80 - different version)

New ERA Luncheon (October 4, 1980)

Our Duty, Our Mission (10/5/80)

Father visits Unification Theological Seminary, Barrytown, New York - Original document (October 10, 1980 pdf)

Let Us Set The Record (10/12/80)

Prayer: Do not let the Unification Church forget its mission (October 16, 1980 - pdf)

Prayer: Let us realize the victorious day of Home Church (October 19, 1980 - pdf)

Historical Children's Day (October 28, 1980)

Ninth International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences (November 1980)

Korea Carries Within Her Womb the Seed of a New World Civilization -- 21st Century an Era of Neutral Civilization Centered on Korea -- Need for a Central Ideology Digesting Democracy and Overcoming Communism (November 2, 1980 - Excerpts)

Autumn is the season of harvest (November 2, 1980 - Excerpt)

Prayer: Let us be sons and daughters who are not ashamed (November 8, 1980 pdf)

Prayer: Please Allow the Fallen Realm to Be Overcome By Your Heart Alone, Father (November 9, 1980 pdf)

Prayer: Please grant that we may be able to fight on to the end (November 10, 1980 pdf)

Prayer: Please let us realize that daybreak is imminent (November 11, 1980 pdf)

Jesus and Christianity from the Standpoint of God's Will (November 18, 1980 - Excerpts)

Let Us Give Thanks (11/23/80)

Absolute Values and the Search for Peace for Humankind (November 27, 1980 - Ninth International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences pdf)

Absolute Values and the Search for the Peace of Mankind (November 27-30, 1980 - The Ninth International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences)

Searching After True Parents - Searching After True Love (December 7, 1980)

Searching After True Parents (December 7, 1980)

Home Church And Myself (12/14/80)

CAUSA International Providence Begins In A Tiny Hamlet In The Mountains Of Bolivia (December 15, 1980 pdf)

Christmas In View Of The Will Of God (December 25, 1980)

Thinking Back Historically (12/28/80)

Holy Wine Ceremony for 843 Engaged Couples -- Part I (December 31, 1980 pdf)

Holy Wine Ceremony for 843 Engaged Couples - Part II (December 31, 1980 pdf)

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