The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1980

Thinking Back Historically

Reverend Sun Myung Moon,
December 28, 1980
Belvedere, New York
Translator - Sang Kil Han

Those of you who are 35 years old were born at the end of World War II. Those who are over 35, raise your hands. Most of you were born after the war, then. We know now that the war did not start by coincidence, but was part of the recurring cycle of indemnity. Especially after the first World War there were rather drastic changes occurring in the world. Before that war, fighting was aimed at doing away with dictators, and societies were heading in the direction of democracy. After World War I, capitalism and democracy both expanded.

Now nations are in a different situation, with the economic and political bases of countries forming them, in effect, into blocs. Collectively they may fight against dictators. Japan, Germany and Italy were allied as the Axis countries, and the countries fighting them were known as the Allies. Broadly speaking, we can say that a Christian bloc was fighting a non Christian bloc, and that the conflict eventually developed into World War II.

Today, countries are aligned into either the communist bloc or the free world. We can see historically that conflicts began on the country level, then countries formed blocs, and now finally a world scale conflict is going on. The pattern has expanded from dictatorships to confrontations between blocs of nations. It began with individuals, expanded to blocs, and now exists on a world scale.

The world's nations can be divided into those that center on atheistic thought, and those that center on the thought of God. But now, in countries that have centered on God, people are saying that God is dead; the democratic world is not as certain of God as it once was. Christianity in those nations is quickly declining. The family foundation in the democracies is splitting apart. Young people in the free world wander without direction, not knowing where to go. They have no concept of morality, and cherish no ideals. They deny country and God, thinking it is all immaterial. They are influenced in different ways by communism.

What has God been doing as history moved in this direction in the last forty years? Knowing that neither the communist nor the democratic side was dependable, God must have been working on establishing an individual, family, country and bloc on His side. From this point of view, we must reason that some country would have to rise. God planned that there should be one country which God could lean on when the individual dictatorships and the communist bloc collapsed.

Even the satanic side goes through three stages of generations. When the German Kaiser was defeated in World War I, the position of fallen Adam on the satanic side was toppled. In the second World War, Hitler was in Jesus' position on the satanic side. Germany, Japan and Italy were in the Adam, Eve, and archangel positions, opposing democracy. Stalin represented the Second Advent on the satanic side, with the mission of bringing the world into one direction under communism.

Knowing this background, it is reasonable that within three years after the end of World War I, I should appear on earth. As the bloc representing the satanic side in World War II was collapsing, the country on the heavenly side could emerge. Thus, Korea gained its independence, and the Unification Church could begin. In 1945, Korea was greatly influenced by America, under the auspices of the United Nations. At that time, the providential focus was on the established Christian churches, on Korea, and on America. At that time I was 25 and 26.

Christianity underwent a great transition at that time also. During the Japanese occupation Christians were not allowed to worship openly, but were forced to worship at Shinto shrines. In Korea there had to be found fallen Adam type Christians, Jesus type Christians, and Second Advent type Christians, for the Christians had to indemnify all the elements of the fall and of Jesus' mission. All those types had to be found in Korean Christianity. My mission was to harmonize the Christians who had turned to idol worship under the Japanese with those who had refused to worship idols. According to Principle, if the two could come into one then a new country could arise.

After the Cain and Abel-type Christians united, they had to come into unity with the Unification Church. I was in a position to do that. Many new Christian sects were rising up, newly formed by spiritual people who received revelations. There was a special group of only men, another of only women, and another proud in between them which was in the archangel position. Someone had to bring them all into unity.

First the traditional groups had to unite, and then unite with the spiritual groups. The contents of all the new revelations had to be presented to bring the Christians who had turned to idol worshipping. In fact, God had prepared a tremendous number of people in the new denominations. Each of the three main providential figures had to be represented there. The Abel-type Christians who came out of prison after the war ended were claiming that they were the true Christians, and that those who yielded to Japanese pressure and worshipped idols were not true Christians, so they started to attack these people. That attitude was not the right one. Those in the Abel position should have repented with tears on behalf of the Cain-type Christians, asking God's forgiveness for them, instead of attacking them.

There were Cain and Abel types both in the traditional Christian churches and among the new spiritual groups springing up. The atmosphere of conflict among the traditional Christians carried over to the spiritual groups, who also fought among themselves. The Cain-side Christians justified their actions by saying that those who went to prison were only thinking of themselves, not of the country in general. They said it was easy to go to prison, but not to stay out and take care of the churches and the country.

I sent my own messengers to the spiritual groups of the time. Because they received revelations, they would not act on my messages. They didn't know that the providence could only advance after Cain and Abel united. Though I sent several messengers to them, they would not listen, and were persuaded that they alone were right. The same situation of 2,000 years ago was repeated, where John the Baptist and Jesus could not come into unity.

Since the spiritual groups would not connect with Unification Church physically, God had to connect their foundation with the Unification Church spiritually. Jesus had built a foundation on the spiritual level, and it had to be connected to the Second Advent.

The various spiritual groups were prepared for the purpose of helping the Unification Church, so their foundation had to be connected to me ultimately. Even if they refused to follow, if their spiritual mission could be brought to Unification Church, the Church could physically act in their place. Their spiritual fruit could be planted in Unification Church, which then could act in their place. Thus, the Unification Church could be connected to the Christian tradition. For that reason I sent people to tell them that the two groups must come into unity. First I tried to persuade them that all Christians must unite, and that then the country must rise. In other words, they must unite for the sake of the country, to bring it to live in sight of God.

It was my mission to tell them what must happen, and their mission to follow that explanation. I did my part, but they did not do theirs. Thus, the Unification Church had to replace the spiritual groups, to take over their responsibility of preparing for the mission of the Unification Church. The purpose of the traditional Christian churches and the spiritualist groups was essentially the same-to prepare for the Second Coming. But they didn't function that way, so heaven had to collect back the blessings they had been given, and give the blessings instead to Unification Church. They became aware that what they had been given was now being given to Unification Church, and then the opposition began. Heaven couldn't just leave these groups as they were, however-it had to take back the blessings they were given for the purpose of the Second Advent.

Because the Christians were divided into two big groups and refused to unite with Unification Church, the country also had to be divided in two. It didn't stop there: the world itself was split into the democratic bloc and the communistic bloc. Then those in the Cain position started attacking those in the Abel position, with North Korea attacking South Korea, and communism worldwide attacking the free world countries.

The Christian groups were never meant to be strong for their own sake. Because they didn't follow God's direction, though they became strong they were broken into pieces. Instead, Unification Church has grown and encompassed the worldwide elements, becoming the center of everything The Unification Church came to America, not to change things a little, but to change the whole nation. Korean Christians could have established the necessary condition for world Christianity but because it failed to do so, I had to go to worldwide Christianity myself. Thus, I came to America to send this message all over the world.

On the other side was the communist world. Communism expanded on the scale that we see it today only after 1945, after the Christians failed to come into unity with me and the Unification Church. As a result, Korea was split into two. Historians point to political reasons to explain this event, but the true reason is that Korean Christians failed to unite with Unification Church. The Unification Church had to do the work of the spiritual groups, and went on to expand to various levels, ultimately reaching the world level, with that course culminating in 1976. What I have been doing is working hard to let people know that it is God's will that everyone become one.

All the Unification Church did until 1976 was to plead with people to come into unity. Even though we were kicked out by individuals, then by families, still we kept saying that this was the only way to live. There is a time for an individual and time for a family. When an individual is opposed by a family but he keeps on pleading with them, then he will have made his foundation. When the tribe opposes the family, the family has made its condition. When the society opposes the clan, the clan's condition will be completed. When the world opposes the country, the foundation on the country level is solidified. When the communist world opposes the free world, the free world will be established in its mission.

When there is persecution there is always blessing. During 1976 persecution came to me on the individual, nation and world levels; during that year everything joined in opposing the Unification Church. That means that all the blessings of the entire world were collected, to be put back into Unification Church. Outwardly Unification Church doesn't seem to amount to anything, not owning much or possessing visible things, but nevertheless, this is the center of the entire cosmos.

If President Nixon had listened to what I had to say, he would not have found himself in his present miserable position. If President Carter had heeded what I said about communism, he would have acted differently. Even a big country like America will be replaced in its mission if it won't listen to what is right. You saw the result when Congressman Fraser attacked the Unification Church, and when the Carter Administration opposed us. By today's thinking, most people would say, "What kind of talk is this, anyway? It's completely self serving." But this isn't self serving; we have historical proof.

Knowing the principles of history, I act confidently, and events develop accordingly. I could go on in more detail, but don't have time. I might write a book about it all. What is important now is that 1980 is the end of my three seven-year courses.

In Unification Church there are many Abels from all countries and races. It may not seem convincing at the moment, but they are representing their entire country and entire race. All the world's elements are represented here, forming a world.

Just like the tide always goes in and out, we are entering the time when we can go on the offensive, instead of just being persecuted. That turning point was 1976. The new age has been proclaimed, and God will be with you forever from now on. This is not vague; God will definitely be with a family that is blessed.

You can see that when I proclaim something in the name of God, it will happen. What the Unification Church proclaims in the name of God will happen. I predicted that communism would start to decline starting in 1978, and we see that it is happening. It could not develop beyond the number seven to the number eight, and 1979 is the last of the seventies. The numbers seven and eight belong to heaven, not to Satan. This is why communism can rise to the number seven, and then must go down.

You are sons of the Abel position, and communists are sons of the Cain position, so when they decline, you will go up. This is why you must be stronger than the communists in sacrificing and working hard, not to pressure and bother others, as the communists do, but to sacrifice for them. When that happens, all the unnecessary things will pass away, and the heavenly work will be done correctly.

From this time on we will be entering a new era of confronting communism and winning victories over it. When that starts to happen, the free world and all religions will tag along and help us. Once the fight against communism begins, unity will come into being. Do you think that is true? This moment of history has been long awaited. Now the time is right to go strongly against communism. When we do that, the unity we have been hoping and working for will materialize.

This is not difficult to believe. Judaism, for instance, has been greatly oppressed by communists. All religions have been persecuted by the communists, who say that religion is the opiate of the people. Many religious people have tried to fight communism, but they have been ineffective. For the first time in history a religion has appeared which has a strong doctrine and definite method for defeating communism. Religious people will be very happy when they see what we do to solve that problem.

I am the individual in the forefront of fighting communism. Korea is the country in the forefront of fighting communism. Korea will welcome me for this reason alone. If we fight against communism in America, even if we don't fight it in Korea, then that nation will automatically unite with me. Then Korean Christians will protest when anyone comes against me, and insist that they stop. Then all Christian churches and the country will become one automatically. Now is the time to do that work and make sure that happens.

When I was last in Korea I met with and pounded on the leading scholars, Christians and political leaders. By speaking strongly to them instead of being diplomatic, a condition was set to indemnify their opposition to me in the past. For 35 years they persecuted me, so I really gave them hell in order to have a condition to forgive them. More and more, what I say and do is the focus of their attention. Now they will vigorously defend me.

When you go somewhere and work hard, people will come to you with encouragement. Since you are the core Abels, everyone who shares your background as a nation and race will support you. Spirit world, too, will come down and help your nation. Dr. Durst has said that now the media doesn't write harshly about him, and this is the reason. It is not amazing.

All the blessings received by the communists in the past are being transferred to the free world. It follows that if you work for the Church that serves God, you will receive the benefit of it. Now that indemnity for the individual, family, nation and world has been achieved, it is time to go on the offensive against communism. When Christianity becomes one with a nation, America will soon join with it, and soon communism will have nowhere to stand.

Today, Christianity is only prospering in Korea. Now Korean Christians are coming to bring revival in America, whereas before it was always American missionaries who went to Korea. Now Koreans are here making American young people powerful like locomotives. Then you just need to be connected to the Christian churches and you will pull them like a train. You would head toward Moscow with them.

Moscow is "must go"! Whatever you are doing, even eating, or sleeping, you can be thinking you must go. If you are getting married, it is because you must go.

Now you know what time in history we are in. This is why I am stressing the points that we must fight against communism, so that unity between the religions and free nations of the world will come about. With that unity, we can easily annihilate communism. Later Satan will say to God, "Without communism, which was on my side, the Unification Church could not have attained unity between the religions." Then God will have to reply, "You have a point there," and He will have to forgive Satan and the communists.

Did the Unification Church win, or did the satanic side? I will be very famous, won't I? Now I am famous with a bad name, but later I will be famous with a good name. I have a bad name from Satan's point of view, but a good one from God's point of view. Satan did his best to give me a bad name, and God did His best to give me a good name. That's what God can do; that's the Principle. From that point of view, will I have a good name all around the world?

In the forty years since World War II, the world has vastly changed and gone through upheaval and turmoil. But Unification Church has always been in the center and risen to higher and higher levels. weaving around all these events. We have already been a champion on many small levels, and now it is time to be a champion against all communism. Should I fight, or will you do it? Even a small and weak girl can start a fight against communism and win.

Should the blessed couples of the Unification Church go together as husband and wife to fight, or should just one of them go while the other remains? If both are killed in action, who will raise their children? In wartime, only men go to fight. In Japan, the women have been responsible for the families. If this is going to be difficult, you have to separate more in order to make it easier. In order to advance to Moscow, where would you begin?

After eradicating communism in America, we will focus on South Korea, for that nation is the focus of interest for Russia, China and North Korea. North Korea is Adam on Satan's side, China is Eve, and Russia is the archangel. These three will start fighting eventually, and already the rift is very deep between them. South Korea, Japan and America have parallel positions on the heavenly side, so Satan's side is doing everything to make them fight. I am trying to prevent that, telling them that the only way to survive is for them to become one. The forthcoming blessing will go beyond national boundaries, and result from these three countries coming together.

Many of you might really wonder why I fight communism. The purpose is to bring all free nations and all religions into unity. By fighting against communism we can achieve that. We do that because God is doing that; because God is fighting against Satan, all spirit world is becoming one centering on Him.

Will you gain anything by fighting communism? It is dangerous, and we have nothing to gain immediately. So far in history allies who united to fight always divided again after the war. But now, wherever Unification thought is injected, people will no longer divide and fight. Until now it has been very difficult to pioneer this road, but now there is hardly even persecution.

Will you really do this? What I worked so hard to achieve in forty years you can achieve in less than four years if you really focus. Focus all your attention on this point and penetrate this barrier. You can be stronger than a hydrogen bomb. Who in the world would dare go where Unification soldiers go? When we go arm in arm with the strongest determination, there is nothing that can block our way. So far I have been working hard to assemble the small pieces of restoration, but people would not listen. But now we find that when the Abels are solidly one, they can stride together through enemy territory.

The Bible says that those who have ears will hear, and those who have eyes will see. Now we add that those who have love will begin to love. Those who have the will to do, will do. Though sometimes we don't want to hear, we must hear. Sometimes we don't want to smell, but we must. Though you might prefer a hamburger instead of kimchi, you must eat kimchi!

This is the Christmas season and you might like to hear nice music. The one thing you didn't want to hear is that now you must fight. You might want to wear soft clothes, but now you must wear armor. Starting next year, there must be no word of complaint from any part of your body, or any of your five senses. Tell each difficulty that you expected it.

I told our members that worldwide persecution of Unification Church would come. I wanted to hasten that persecution, knowing that our time to advance would quickly come afterward. Now we are not just receiving persecution, but are on the offensive and are approaching the time of liberation. When your determination is big and your actions brave, you will have great result.

This is the historical wish of all mankind, so if we fulfill it today with no reservations then we can indemnify even what the next generation might face. A thousand fold reward is possible. I will send the person I love most to the most difficult place. Do you love me? I love you too, and I will send you to the most difficult assignment, where people are dying. Would you welcome that? Not for yourself, or for me, but for all mankind and eventually God.

Those who say they will try to do that with all their might, raise both hands. Blessing to your new year. Let us pray.

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