The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1980

Cross Over The Boundary

Reverend Sun Myung Moon,
June 1, 1980
Translator - Bo Hi Pak

No one in our world likes a boundary. How about you? If men dislike them, then would God like to have boundaries? Let us examine the history of boundaries; who made them to begin with? Most boundaries are established by men. of course. but there must be a spiritual cause preceding men that makes boundaries inevitable. If all creation is united around the one good God then there are no boundaries and all that territory! would be governed by goodness No foreign element could dominate. If any foreign element tried to undermine the prosperity of goodness, there would be a certain repelling action or force pushing it away and protecting goodness. Of course such action would be necessary.

In the beginning God created all things and His children, Adam and Eve. in the garden of Eden. There were certain regulations set for them in order to protect God's own desire and will, providing a protective element against any foreign element that might attempt to penetrate. The action or force to prevent any penetration by this entity should already exist within God's creation. and not necessarily outside. God's commandment not to eat the fruit, for example, existed to protect the purity of Adam and Eve from unseen danger.

The important point is that before the fall there was only one master. But when you talk about a boundary you are immediately talking about two masters, one inside and the other outside. Boundaries come into being whenever there is more than one master. Here at Belvedere we have a fence because there are two governing factors, one inside and the other outside. Within Belvedere we have certain rules; for example. that there should be no fighting here. Even in this small instance we recognize a boundary separating Belvedere from others, but how many other boundaries are there in society? In every facet of society there are different categories and areas, and many. many masters.

There are many nations around the world. Each nation has a different goal, with each one going in a different direction. In order to bring everything under one true master we have to eliminate the boundaries. If we recognize God as the almighty lord of creation then we must somehow eliminate all boundaries so that every creation can come under His control. Thus, we have to recognize that all of today's boundaries came into being because of the fall of man. Yet even after the fall, if people had at least made conscious efforts to unite centered on a common recognition, then no boundaries would have been necessary.

The prerequisite to maintain one united entity should be selflessness, but the actual result has been the opposite. All kinds of boundaries came into being because people are self-centered. moving toward their own goals instead of a unified goal. Even in homes, when parents and children disagree you recognize that there are invisible boundaries separating them. The divine will is such that ultimately all boundaries will be abolished, however. How can we do that?

First of all we have to decide whether to follow the direction of evil or goodness; we have to decide who will be the master. If we want a unified world without boundaries, there will always be an opposing element trying to stop the expansion of goodness. Also, there are two ways to unite things-by force, or through willing obedience. Today we in the fallen world must recognize that everyone of us is destined to cross over many boundaries. Do you feel that?

Let us look at things from God's position. Can He reach men directly, or does He have certain boundaries to cross over? No matter how almighty He is, He cannot work at random. Satan is limited as well, and cannot do anything at whim either. Actually the battle between God and Satan is a tug of war with man in the center, each trying to pull man to his side. That battle is engaged with the individual in the center. Each camp has a boundary which it tries to pull man across; would that be true for the family as well? There is a boundary which tells the individual which camp he is in, as well as a boundary for the family, tribe, nation. world and for the spirit world. But is there any one with the courage to engage in the battle to destroy the boundaries of all these levels within his lifetime?

What would be God's strategy to eliminate or cross over all the boundaries? Would His method be force, mowing people down at gunpoint? If not force, then what? when you use a "passive" method such as sacrifice and obedience then aren't you mostly in the position of retreating? How can you still aggressively advance?

God is truly the lord of creation, but man fell into an unprincipled world so God is trying to pull man back. Even in dealing with man and Satan, God has to follow a certain covenant. What is the principle and pledge between them ?It must have an eternal and unchanging quality. Also, it must be applicable to every level of boundary, whether for the individual or the world. That one covenant is the kind of rule or principle through which everyone can successfully cross over every boundary. What is that covenant?

The problem in our world is that there are two masters. Satan is trying to claim ownership based on the fact that man united with him. God needs a covenant for His side, but Satan insists that it must be fair to him as well. Satan at least recognizes that God is the original creator and lord; even Satan must give God that credit. By what method would God like to make a world without boundaries? God wanted to have a world without boundaries based on the principle of true love that begins with Him.

That love we are talking about is the central, principal love. What is the meaning of it? The words "central love" denote the necessity of having something else besides the origin. When you refer to the center, you are saying it is central relative to other things. The power of central love is such that it could unite God and Adam and Eve into one; furthermore, it would unite the entire angelic world, as well as uniting the entire world of creation. That was the purpose of creation to begin with.

Satan also has to recognize God's original purpose of creation, as well as recognizing God as the creator. In order for true love to come to be recognized as the center, what attitude should it have? Should it be self-centered and self-proclaiming? In order for God's Jove to be at the center, everyone should give up his own feelings and unite with it. Only if everyone is joined in that goal can unity be made.

True love of God must be the common goal of all men, for which they give up their selfish desires. Then unity will be possible. In order to eliminate all boundaries-between men and women, parents and children, and in all levels of human relationship-the most effective thing is to sacrifice for others. A husband would live and sacrifice for his wife, and a wife for her husband, and so forth. This is one absolute way to eliminate boundaries quickly- sacrificial love and a feeling of duty in relationships.

If some power could engender in the hearts of mankind the spirit of giving up oneself for others, even to giving up one's life, then without question everyone would become united. When you can cross the boundary of loving someone even if you have to give your life, then you can march on. But as soon as you say there is a limit to what you can give for that love then you are turning around and going back. Only true love can engender such power of resolve and desire.

We are talking about a supreme power that can draw man beyond the line of death without hesitation. Where can we find it? Only true love can be the solution. There are many things you can do for a person, such as giving a sermon, comforting someone, etc., but you cannot cross the ultimate boundary until you can give your life for him. Even the simple deed of doing something to make a person happy can have many boundaries, and you might feel some condition or reservation in your giving.

Suppose two men are good friends. They may walk together for a long way, but as soon as one demonstrates some selfishness, they are divided in their direction. Even though you may think there are no boundaries in a situation, whenever selfishness enters there is always division. God looks at human society and recognizes the many layers of boundaries there. His goal is to unite that divided world, so what order would He give to accomplish that? If He ordered men and women to have true love, they would look around and reply that they don't see it anywhere. God has to make it easy for people to understand true love. God has to find the word that people can relate to. What kind of word would do that?

Freedom is a fashionable word today, but when you dig down to the bottom of it, people really are talking about selfishness. When ten people talk about freedom, there are already ten different boundaries and ways of thinking. Today the Western world is degraded because of the abuse of freedom. True freedom comes under the law, with responsibility attached.

People claim that freedom means they can disregard anything that impinges on their way of thinking. They don't want to recognize society and laws and responsibility. With that kind of attitude, people could even go to the extreme of killing someone who resists or disagrees with them, or stealing from someone because they are hungry. Parents might say they can do anything they want with their children, even kill them, as if they were toys. They would insist that the nation has nothing to say about their lives. People have different meanings in mind when they talk about freedom. For instance, communists talk about freedom; their concept is not of individuality, however, but of the State's freedom to dominate people. Thus, they say human life is dispensable in serving the cause of the State, and they disregard the individual and the family.

People living in the democracies think that freedom is based on the individual, who should not be interfered with. That is the Western concept. Which side would win in the struggle of these two ideologies for hegemony? Communism is ruthless in pursuing its goals, and since the Western world has no convictions, it retreats before the aggression of the communists.

A true, unchanging definition of freedom is needed which recognizes heaven and God. If in order to fulfill the overall will of God you claim you need freedom, then it has meaning. If God-centered freedom exists, it will be stronger than the communist practice of "freedom."

All of this talk so far is not the main topic. The Western concept of freedom must be changed. If you draw chains of darkness and sin around you in trying to preserve individual freedom, you will sink down. You must liberate yourself by striving to reach the true entity of the universe. Then you can talk about freedom.

Now let's get back on the main track. If God is wise, He must have one significant, attractive word that all mankind can relate to. We talked about true love already. If people hear of true love then they want to sample it, so there should be some way for them to experience something that is close to true love. The closest way of describing true love so people can understand is "true sacrifice."

When people ask where they can find true love, you can reply, "You can find true love in true sacrifice. If you truly give yourself for others then you are claiming nothing for yourself." Then they will understand a little better, but want to know how to sacrifice truly. When you add the word "true," it means unconditional giving of your most precious thing-your life-for the sake of others. Can you give your life for your wife, or children, or parents? That is how you must think.

If any husband wants to live for his wife and children, then from their point of view he is a true husband and parent. You can distinguish the true patriot by using the same criterion. If a person truly gives himself for his country, including his life, then he is no fake. Anyone who would do that for his king is a true subject; anyone who would do that for God is a true child of God. Is this convincing and understandable? Even if you can't feel this in your bones, at least your brain can recognize that it is true.

True love is God's ultimate goal, and in order to make it understood there must be a teaching which shows this way of life of true sacrifice. Is there any such noble teaching in the religious world? What is the fundamental meaning of religion? A true religion is the method by which true sacrifice can be taught and practiced; by practicing true sacrifice, all boundaries can be eliminated and everyone can find true love.

Is there any boundary for the person who is determined to sacrifice himself for others? That person is welcomed by everyone, including God and even Satan. However, the life of sacrifice for God and the life of sacrifice for Satan have entirely different content. If you say to God that you will give yourself totally for God and His will then He will reply that He will do the same for you. But when you say to Satan that you will sacrifice for him then he will just sit back to enjoy himself. Satan would never reply that he would sacrifice for you. He would always feel he deserves your sacrifice. That is the difference between God and Satan.

There are two kinds of people in this congregation-those who think God's way and want to sacrifice themselves for the person who serves them, and the kind of person who would just happily sit back and receive that sacrifice. Which group are you in, God or Satan's camp? This is the fundamental point. This is the covenant God makes: to implement true love He will promote true sacrifice. Then all boundaries will be eliminated. Satan also likes the man who sacrifices, but he never reciprocates as God does.

This rule is our way of life in the Unification Church, doing everything as part of the sacrificial way of life. God likes that, and even Satan would like to have forces like Moonies working for him. You should know that even if you are working hard, if it is for yourself then you aren't really in God's camp. You are really doing it for Satan, not God. If your basic motivation for sacrifice is a totally selfless one then God can claim you and He can bless you. Then Satan has no accusation or complaint abut God's generosity to you. That is the rule by which God plays the game.

How many of you in the Unification Church are God's true children, and how many are actually Satan's children? Which camp is larger? When you come to Unification Church, the first thing you should do is totally get rid of yourself. Then God will be totally with you and Satan can say nothing against you. For whom do you eat and sleep, walk and work? You can grade yourself according to how much you live for yourself and how much for God.

Normally there is a boundary between passing and flunking in school. The same can be applied in the heavenly system. From the very beginning we recognize that no one is perfect. If initially you start out with a sixty, then you will be all right; God will acknowledge that you are more on His side than Satan's. Number six and number four are both satanic numbers in a way; man fell on the sixth day and Satan took the heavenly four position foundation. Even if your average is just a little over forty, with an eighty in some areas and twenty or ten, or even zero in other areas, if you average out to be forty then God will still not flunk you because He knows His obstacle course is very difficult.

As soon as you move from forty to sixty your crucial journey begins. If you get beyond sixty God knows you are really His child on the right track. Not only God but also Satan will grade you; this is why this is a fair system. If Satan gives you sixty, then you are well on your way. God is very generous in grading you, but Satan is very stingy, and the argument between them is like that in court between the prosecutor and defense attorney. Does any defendant like the prosecutor? He is cold-blooded toward the defendant; that is Satan's position.

There must be an agreement between God and Satan about how to decide whose side man is on. Doesn't this sound logical? Even though God is omnipotent, He cannot bend that covenant. Because God's hands are tied, we must play the game according to the rules. Those rules were actually created for man. Are they to improve or destroy men? Is this good news for you or dismal news? This is the rule with which you can really eliminate the boundaries and get to the good side. This is how we can truly enjoy God-centered freedom.

When you first join the Unification Church, you realize the incredible importance of the Divine Principle message and you wonder why God didn't reveal it to the big existing churches; why does it happen to be taught in this simple place, to people who are persecuted by society? Why does such a great message come from such a humble place? The fact that it is being taught in a humble place proves its truth. If you were to hear it in a conventional, comfortable manner, you would not see true sacrifice there. True sacrifice can only be demonstrated when you are attacked and persecuted.

I have received more persecution than any religious leader in history because I have been persecuted by the whole world. Jesus was persecuted and was treated poorly, but he was known only in the small country of Judea; there were no TV stations and newspapers criticizing him to the world. No one before now has set a record for persecution by the whole world. Certainly Jesus gave the supreme sacrifice when he was crucified, but I have gone through many experiences of living death, and only by God's grace was I saved.

If I didn't know about this covenant, don't you think I would have quit a long time ago? You know I have a hot temper and cannot stand people who quibble. I would have knocked my first critic flat on the ground if I hadn't known this heavenly rule. I could not be patient and persevering without knowing this principle. Do you really accept in your mind and heart that this covenant is the truth? Is just knowing this sufficient to fulfill your responsibility, or do you have to live it?

When we talk about true sacrifice we are automatically including the object for whom you sacrifice. Sacrifice for yourself has no meaning. Your object could be your wife or husband, your children, your society, nation or world, or God. Which object would you choose? Suppose you want to jump over all the millions of boundaries all at once; when you sacrifice for God you have automatically done it for everything else as well.

It is not unusual that parents misunderstand their children's motivation, but at some point they discover that the child who looked unloving and inattentive was actually a true patriot. When the nation honors that child, will his parents be proud? Will the father then demand to know why the son didn't pay more attention to him? No, the father will apologize for misunderstanding and express gratitude that by serving the nation the son served his father.

The same principle can be applied on a higher level. You are Americans, but you can give your love to the world. People might think you don't love America when you are doing so much for the world, but truly God will recognize you as a saint and the world will honor you. Eventually America will honor you also. By your helping the world so much, America will shine. This rule applies even higher than that. If you really give every ounce of energy for God and His divine mission, mankind and creation will never complain that you disregarded them.

Since you know that true love is the goal and true sacrifice is the way to attain it, for whom will you decide to sacrifice? Why not aim highest and give your life for God? By achieving that goal you achieve everything and cross all the boundaries at once. I am not eight feet tall and I have tiny eyes, but because I know this secret I stand apart from the rest of the world. People hate me because I have this secret and they know that ultimately it will prevail. As long as I have God on my side they know I will prevail. This is why Satan despises me.

As long as I live this rule 100% and go this route, nothing will bother me. As long as God is my protector, what else can matter or bring me down? Because I made the greatest leap to the very top, it seemed as though in between I abandoned my family, my nation and people. Many people called me a traitor. But now that I have attained the goal, everyone is proud of me and wants to claim some association with me. They might say, "I was born in the same town," even if their hometown is nowhere near!

A Korean who recently came to America discovered here that I had reached the top, and when an American asked him where he was from he didn't reply, "I am from Korea;" he said, "I am from Reverend Moon's country." This rule will apply in spirit world. When people in spirit world ask you where you are from, you can reply, "I am from Reverend Moon's planet."

Making that one jump will bring you enormous joy and nobility in the end. I am very happy that there are deprogrammers, in the sense that they give you an opportunity to prove your true love. Your parents are in the position closest to you and when they kidnap you, they are providing a situation in which you can really make the great jump. If you can overcome deprogramming then you have really proved to God that nothing can change you. If your own parents can't change you, who can?

This is the realization of the biblical truth that your worst enemy is your own household. The deprogrammers are the manifestation of Jesus' saying. When you understand the Principle, you know why Jesus said, "He who would find his life will lose it, and he who would give his life for my sake will find it." Jesus also said that he who loved his own family more than Jesus was not worthy of Jesus. Jesus meant that you should set your goal high-loving not only your family, but loving God's representative and God. Jesus knew that when God is your goal, you get everything else as well. Do you have confidence that if you really live this way that you can eliminate all the boundaries along the way? There is no question that people are struggling to solve many problems all over the world, but no solution seems to work. It is because they have not dug down deep enough. They must get to the bottom and rebuild mankind and the world.

Who is happiest listening to my sermon this morning-God or Satan? Suppose this microphone were connected to the networks and people around the world could listen. Would people say I am telling the truth or not? Would Christian clergymen say I am a heretic, or admit I am telling the truth of God? Today this congregation represents four billion people. If those four billion people would listen, do you think we could turn the world upside down? Would there be demonstrations in support of me?

Suppose I were a commodity for sale. If you were a billionaire, how much would you pay for me? Would God step in to protest, "Reverend Moon belongs to me and he is working for a bigger goal than America. Even if you give the entire world you cannot buy him"? If I am priceless, at what cost of time and work are you trying to make a relationship with me? You really haven't made an effort and are like thieves, trying to get me at no price at all. You don't like to hear that, do you?

I am telling you this to make you think. It should not be just a weekly routine to come to Belvedere on Sunday morning, to enjoy the nice weather and get out of New York. Are you really sure that's not the way you think? You should come to be motivated to become a really dynamic champion of God, to live for the sake of the world and God. Do you come to be revitalized with power to do the job? If you do then that is good news to me and now I can relax a little. It would only take a group this big to change the world.

If I took a plane trip and a little vacation, maybe you would wonder why you should work so hard. But once you cross all the boundaries then you will have true freedom. When you finally reach God you will have fellowship with Him. He will take you to a nice place, showing you scenic areas which He created and encouraging you to enjoy yourself. Is this fellowship with God a sin? No, and furthermore, that is everyone's goal. When you cross over all the boundaries and graduate, your only job is having fellowship with God.

Don't pay attention to what I do or look for me. You always want to know where I am, and that is good, but it is more important to go toward your goal and graduate. You should get high marks to let you graduate with honors, not just scrape by with sixty or so. That is more important than knowing where I am.

At each level your boundaries get higher and broader. The teachings of religion have always explained that those boundaries are there to be crossed, and gave hope that in the last days yet to come the Lord of the Second Advent would bring the complete and ultimate solution. God promised the long-suffering world that the Messiah would come who would tell people how to jump over all the boundaries at one stroke. Within the Messiah are the individual, family, tribe, society, nation, world and cosmos-he is the fruit of them all.

We speak of the 6,000 years of biblical history, but perhaps it actually lasted for millions of years. Those years were the investment, and the Messiah is the fruit; those years are the background against which the messianic era will dawn. The Messiah is the resurrection of every level, from the individual to the cosmos, in physical form, bringing them all back to life, and the entire process came into being in less than 100 years. The ultimate good news of the gospels is that the Messiah comes who has every component of human life, equivalent to all history. The world should say, "We will sacrifice for the Messiah," and the Messiah will say, "I will sacrifice for the world." That is the true gospel.

The Messiah is not coming to receive, but to give to the world, and to do so he needs the proper base for give and take. But if the world rejects him, what will happen? The world will refuse because, though the Messiah is willing to do his part, the world only wants to receive his love, not to sacrifice for him and give up its life.

Was it the Messiah who longed for thousands of years to come to earth, or has the world been craving the Messiah's arrival all these thousands of years? The world has been begging God to send the Messiah, so when that request is granted, who should initiate the sacrificial role, the Messiah or the world? When Jesus came 2,000 years ago and found a world of rejection, he taught that the person who would lose his life for Jesus' sake would find life, meaning that if a person gave his life for Jesus, Jesus would give life back again. But 2,000 years ago the world said it did not want to sacrifice for Jesus. People didn't want to listen to Jesus' teaching because their consciences hurt, so they crucified him. Because Jesus' mission was not consummated, it had to be restored, so the day of hope to come has been the day of the second coming of the Lord.

I want you to understand that when we say "end of the world," it does not mean the destruction of the physical world, but the end of Christianity and beginning of a new era. This age is the time when Christianity is virtually finished. No matter how many evangelists are working, that outcome will not change. When Christianity declines, it means the decline also of God-centered ideology in the world. Many people no longer even believe in God, and instead the ungodly ideologies like communism are thriving.

The Unification Church is the realization of the God-centered movement for the end of the world. God can end the world because of the Unification Church; therefore, in His sight this old world is finished. In reality the world should want to sacrifice for the Unification Church, but now Unification Church is the only one sacrificing for the sake of the world. The Unification Church has the power to overcome all this negativity, however, and still give the world a vision that will encompass democracy and communism and bring an ideology for a new world. Whether we have that content within us is the question.

What is happening today duplicates what happened 2,000 years ago, but on a larger scale. The entire world is trying to find a way to crucify me, from the individual level to the worldwide level of communism. The United States is trying to cut me out, with all kinds of legal and political maneuvering, but we will see who will be the winner. Even if I am put in jail, that is not the end. When I reemerge I will be even greater and will do everything much more quickly. I already have proclaimed that my goal is not just America but ultimately Moscow. I have many strategies in action now, moving forward step by step.

If you tried to cross each boundary on your own. in your own way, each segment might take 6,000 years. You wouldn't be able to cross over even one boundary, and you certainly won't have 6,000 years. Christianity has a 2,000 year history and it is now opposing the Unification Church, which means we have to cross this boundary also. No one is capable of crossing all these boundaries within his lifetime, so I devised a special route whereby a person can cross over in twenty years. 6,000 years consist of three segments of 2,000 years, and 2,000 years of history can be crossed over if you unite with me for twenty years.

The Unification Church has had twenty most dramatic and hectic years of history, emerging on the level of worldwide Christianity in that time. We are not worrying about the family, tribe and national levels, but have achieved the worldwide level. Now I have proclaimed the second three seven-year courses, another 21 years; that will be the era of total consummation. This is a most wonderful proclamation. Within twenty years we are trying to restore all the failures of Judaism after 4,000 years, and of Christianity after 2,000 years. The fact that we proclaim it can be done and that a new era has begun is in itself an extraordinary gospel and blessing for the world.

The Unification Church is a microcosm of the world, so this principle of true love must be lived fully. Your way of life is one of true sacrifice; my way of life is one of true sacrifice. You do it for me, and I do it for you. This beautiful give and take in the Unification Church represents the world. Of course, sacrifice itself is not the goal; our goal is true love, which we reach through true, loving sacrifice. What people have never understood is that this insignificant man from Korea has been loved by every kind of people. You are clever or you would not be here, so I give you credit for that. So you know the quickest way to reach the top is to follow me. Wherever I go, you want to go, because you are smart.

Your ultimate goal is true love. But many Unification Church members think too cleverly; they know the truth but they want to skip the hard parts and just get to true love. They are forgetting that in order to get true love from God and True Parents they have to love Cain. Suppose the only requirement was that you come to me. In that case no one would have to work for the sake of the world. But the rule is that you have to sacrifice for the world and bring it back to God.

Suppose Mother's concept was that because I was her husband I should just spend a pleasant time with her and we would take care of each other. If she ever thought in that fashion, what would happen to the dispensation? Who would take care of you and the rest of the world? But Mother is the most obedient Moonie I have ever seen. Even if everyone else betrays me, I know she will still be my ardent follower.

Sometimes my children are in a position to complain that I only worry about the members, never about my children, because I spend hardly any time with them. But they have realized, one by one, that when I do something for the sake of the world it is actually for them too and they are grateful and proud. Then they want me to do more for the world. Ye Jin loves me fervently, unconditionally, and by uniting with me completely she will be loved and respected by the rest of the world. Then the world together with me will come to love her. When you realize this, can you ask for any greater blessing? There is no greater blessing.

Do you only want to receive love, or do you want to live a sacrificial way of life and then receive love? That principle applies to everyone, including my children. Though they may think they aren't being loved by their parents, when they follow this rule they are receiving more love than ever.

Twenty years are the key. 6,000 years hinge upon twenty years, and 2,000 years of Christian history also hinge upon twenty years. If you look from God's point of view at all the failures of history, you would feel too that He has to devise a solution and find a breakthrough. What is that solution? The greatest contribution I have made is giving you this great opportunity to overcome the 6,000 year old obstacles. No one could cross them all in an entire lifetime until I made the superhighway, with a special mode of transportation to cross over the whole thing in twenty years. Without cost I want to give it to you.

It has take me my whole lifetime to devise that highway, but I give it away for free. In doing so I can say that my whole life has been lived for you. If you just take off on your own you will never make it. Because I knew this, I have been leading you to the highway. We have a specific goal of breaking down all the boundaries in 360 homes in seven years. By doing it in home church you are actually doing it for the entire world.

No one has known how to start work of such gigantic scope, but I have made the solution small enough to see and finish in your lifetime. It won't even take your lifetime, but only seven years. Once my reputation has been changed and I am accepted, home church may not even take seven years, but only seven months. If you succeed in your 360 homes, you have the credential to go anywhere in the world, because your home church is the microcosm of the world. If you can make those homes your home, you can make the world your home. They comprise the launching pad for your Apollo 11. The real Apollo 11 landed only on the moon, but your Apollo 11 will land in heaven.

The Messiah pays the debt, so all you have to do is harvest the fruit. Then the title of tribal messiah shall come to you. By using the same formula and tactics you will become a messiah. The only difference between me and you will be that I lived my entire life in a bloody fight, but you will achieve the goal by receiving welcome. Because I paid the price and destroyed the satanic power, you can be welcome while you become a tribal messiah.

Home church is your base of heaven, where you pour out your sacrifice and where you come for love. When the world atmosphere changes, the two most difficult activities we have, witnessing and fund raising, will be sheer pleasure, almost effortless. People will come like Niagara Falls and then the money will pour in. If you truly unite with me then it won't take even twenty years, but only seven years to change the world atmosphere.

When I initiated my first seven-year course, Korea's political situation was utterly confused, and now Korea is again a shambles politically and socially. This is God's way of telling the Korean people that their hope lies in God. They thought they could make economic heaven themselves, but it won't come until they love God. How can they reach God? Christianity will talk of one way of doing it, but from God's point of view the only way is by accepting Unification Church.

Israel has sacrificed much in history, and Korea as well. Korea has a twofold problem today; one is communism, the other is the United States. Korea is hanging in the balance. The Unification Church has the same two problems, so Korea and Unification Church are really on common ground. The United States is the key to solving these two problems. If Korea and the Unification Church and America can become one, then the entire world can come into oneness. The spiritual, internal conditions are all set, and now the important thing is to translate them into a physical victory. If America can openly welcome me then communism will no longer be a problem.

This is why I came to America to build a base. Even though America has been hostile to me, I have stayed to build that base. President Carter is the 39th president, so the most crucial presidency is coming up. You know the number forty is important; if the next president will truly grab God and stand on His Principle then the world can be changed. If President Carter had done that then the world would not have been overrun by communism as it has. But now President Carter has been beset by so many problems that he hardly has strength to stand.

There are many Cubas exploding in Latin America. Carter has position and authority but I have received only persecution. Is Carter's job more difficult than my job? Our situations are in no way comparable. The whole world is quickly changing. Japanese leaders are starting to ask how I think on the issues. Korean leaders ask my advice on various matters. There is much for me to do.

This is the most crucial and exciting time in America's history, for if you become one with me you can ignite the nation. All you have to do is ignite the spiritual bombs which are ready and you will take off. Our ignition is true sacrifice, and the atomic bomb is home church. All the boundaries you can think of can be eliminated at one stroke. Our Unification Church mission is elimination of all boundaries for the sake of the world. Our job is unification of the world through home church.

You have all kinds of people in home church in America, but in Korea every person has black eyes and black hair. Here each person looks different, however. On the other hand, American home church is difficult because of negative public opinion. Furthermore, there is no more real American tradition and culture and today people are individualistically oriented. But that's why doing home church is a worthwhile opportunity. Will you just be spectators, or will you do it?

Today is June 1, as well as Sunday. It was on June I that Noah came out of his ark after the flood. Today is June 1, and a Sunday, and it is also the anniversary of our Yankee Stadium victory. So let's get rid of all the boundaries. Will you march forward bold and strong, without fear?

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