The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1980

Our Duty, Our Mission

Reverend Sun Myung Moon,
October 5, 1980
Translator - Sang Kil Han

All young people generally like to play. You all are young people; therefore, you like to play. This means that usually you don't like to work. If someone told you to go to bed for a week, and you couldn't do anything else but sleep, how would you feel? If you had to do that for a long time it would really be hell. Dancing for a week without stopping would be difficult also. If you had to play all by yourself, it would not be enjoyable. Have you ever thought of this?

At the end of tuna season a few days ago, right before I came back to New York, I went out on our stern trawler, Sunrise, which we built in Alabama. When we went out to sea the boat was rolling and it would have been difficult to stand up for many hours, so I went to my bunk to lie down, but I couldn't sleep. There was nothing I could do in the pitching boat, and I was so bored that it was torture, even for one hour. I would never be able to endure doing nothing for hours!

We can conclude that even enjoyable things like rest and playing can be more difficult than working unless they are in harmony with the environment. As long as we have an objective, we can enjoy eating three meals a day. If you can rest after you have been busy, whether playing or working, then you feel good, but if you do nothing except rest for a long time, you get bored and distressed. Man has to work on something while he is living.

What would one do? Some people work all day, while others work all night. Nowadays people customarily work eight hours a day, but recently people are thinking maybe they should work only six hours a day. That could soon become four or three hours a day, and eventually people would think they should do no work at all! They might think that would be wonderful, but see how long you could last living that way. It would be more painful than working hard. When we have a goal to achieve, working only eight hours a day and relaxing the rest of the time is not necessarily a good thing. We realize that working hard toward a goal brings us more happiness than playing and doing nothing. When we deeply know that working for a goal is better than playing then our work becomes true work.

We also have to think whether, even if we have a goal, it could be achieved if we play and relax regularly like people who do not have a goal. Once we set a goal, there is a certain amount of work to be done. Anyone can see that it is better to work hard and get the job done quickly than to drag it out. Most people agree with this. I see that my own children try to get their schoolwork done in a short time, and sometimes it is a struggle to do so.

There are two qualities of work possible-one is to do a nice job quickly, and the other way is to do the work quickly, but poorly. Most people would like to do a good job in a minimum amount of time. You could ask your arm or leg about this, and they too would agree.

If you tell your eyes to look intently at something all day, they will sigh and wonder how they can do it. Your hands and legs would say the same: "As soon as my owner is awake he puts me to work and he never lets me rest." But after the work is done well in a short period of time, everyone is happy. Your arms and legs and eyes would talk about how hard and quickly they worked, and they would each claim that they did the most.

When a group has worked hard and done well then each person will talk about how much he did; everyone likes to think he did the most for the goal. From an objective point of view, some people really work hard, while others rest more than they work, but even the lazy people want to claim that they did just as much or more than everyone else. You all want to feel that you have done the most, don't you?

Some people get up with barely enough time to get to work on schedule, while others get there even one hour early and prepare to start. If you had to decide who worked the hardest, naturally you would have to give credit to the person who came earliest, even though everyone worked the same length of time. It is the same for those who come to Sunday service here. Some people come just before I do, while others are here at 3 or 4 a.m. And you have all different expressions on your faces-some are jubilant, some are resigned, and others look like they have insects in their mouths!

The person who came at 3 would feel good that he got here earlier than anyone else, but he might start dozing off soon after I start speaking because he is so tired. But afterward he still claims that he listened to me the best because he came first. The person who came late might dispute that, however, saying that he really listened, even though he arrived later. If you were God, who would you say did the most?

People also vary in the intensity with which they listen to me. Some people are playing with their pens, looking around everywhere, while others are all ears, intently focused on the meaning of what I am saying. Still other people think that they know a better way to express what I am saying, and think how they would give that sermon to their own church. Which type would you choose to become? The more you think, the better listener you are; and the more what you hear will become part of you and later become reality. Then you would feel you want to go back to work as soon as I am finished. It is most desirable that you go right back to work after I leave here.

What is your work and duty? Restoring the world; that's a good answer. How nice it would be if restoring the world were as easy as eating your breakfast. No one thinks that eating breakfast is hard work.

The best food on the table would like to be eaten by the hardest working man, but if a lazier person is determined to eat the best food and is charging at it with his fork, the food will feel pain and reluctance to be eaten. It is usually the case that the person who doesn't work so hard is the first one to eat, and he doesn't appreciate what he eats. The food would prefer to be eaten by the person who recognizes that the food will nourish him and enable him to work harder than anyone else. If someone else came and snatched the food instead of that hardworking man, how would the food feel? It would feel the way a woman would who got snatched into marriage by a man she didn't like, instead of by the man she admired and preferred to marry. She would be heartbroken, and if she were the food she would be saying, "Ouch!"

While you were eating did you ever think about what the food felt as you devoured it? If you ask the food whether it would like to help nourish you so that you can work hard, it will nod yes. The food will be happy if you tell it that it has been found by one of the few people who will be doing God's work. Then it will want to give you quick, long-lasting energy so you can do in an hour what it takes other people four or five hours to do.

The clothes hanging in your closet feel the same way. They want to know if their owner is going to wear them to play or work. If the owner is going to work hard for all mankind, sweating all over his clothes in his effort, they won't mind smelling badly. Certainly the suit would also want to find meaning in what it does. Of course, a handkerchief would like to be folded nicely and put correctly in a pocket, but even more wouldn't it like to wipe its owner's brow and clean his nose as he works, even if he just stuffs it back in his pocket?

Doesn't the highway you drive on have a duty, just like your handkerchief and you yourself? Would the highway prefer having cars drive on it that just flash by, or having cars that slowly creak along? Sometimes the highway sees a car flying along at 120 miles per hour, and wonders why it goes so fast, but the value of it depends on why the driver is in a hurry. If a person's life is at stake then you would go as fast as you could, and the highway would encourage you to go even faster. If the nation is at stake then the highway will sweat in anxiety to see the car go ever faster. If in driving fast on such a mission the driver gets in an accident and a person is killed, will the highway say, "I knew you shouldn't have done that"? No, it will not criticize the driver because it knows that the lives of millions of people are at stake, not just one person. It will urge him to keep going and not stop to wait for an ambulance.

Does your mouth have a mission? Would it be happier to eat good food if you only loaf around, or would it be content to eat poor food as long as you work hard? Would your mouth want you to be a person who works hard for a good purpose, or a person who plays around? If one person eats hard corn and maybe even gets a stomach ache, but then he works hard, while another person eats a steak and then works only a little, the corn and steak will debate which of them is worth more. Even though the steak costs more at the store, who is right? You all seem to agree that the corn is worth more.

Mankind are meant to be the lords of creation, but is it easy or difficult to become a good lord of creation? Would the things which are connected with you rejoice that you are a nice master, or would they be disappointed and sad that their master is bad? What would all things say about you? Everything has a duty and mission; do you think you merit a passing grade?

Some sisters might think that they are beautiful even compared to other beautiful women, and feel they should have most handsome husbands. They might think their foremost duty is to be loved. On the other hand, the beauty of such a woman might think that even if it receives an ugly husband it will love him as much as the most beautiful woman in history has loved the most handsome man. Would her beauty think it was miserable, or feel it was the most happy of all? How could it be happy with an ugly man? I am thinking that I will take the most ugly men in the whole world and give one to each of the sisters! People would be anxious to know how such a couple is doing together and to see how long their happiness would last. Even God would be eager to see how they are doing, so He would visit them more often than He would a good-looking couple.

If the universe gives a prize, would it go to the good-looking couple, or to the woman who gets along happily with an ugly husband? Or would the prize go to the woman whose husband is not only ugly and doesn't pay much attention to her, but who also is somewhat simple-who always ruins his clothes, and can't hold down a job, so that the wife has to support the family. You say she would get the prize; now you have really confused me about what happiness is!

What is happiness and what is goodness? Most of the time when you are told to go fund raising or witnessing or to a rally, you feel that there must be something else better to do. Maybe you are embarrassed to go out in the street, especially if you are a pretty woman. Maybe you think that with your skills there are other things you could do better; you wonder why you have to witness when you feel that you are not a good talker, or that you don't even have a good heart. But everyone else in the world already does the other things. If someone pushes himself with dedication and works for the cause two or three times harder than you, then the value of what he does is multiplied.

When you are fund raising, people despise and ridicule you instead of willingly giving you money for your good work. Yet you still work and sweat to get a little money to give for the world. That little bit of money has more value than an equal amount given by other people who work less hard. Even though I work hard, I know there are others who work harder. But the work of a person who keeps striving even when everyone wishes him harm has the most value. Maybe this is wrong thinking-regardless of how much heart you give, work is work. Do you think so? Actually, the value of work is multiplied when its purpose is good.

All summer long I got up at 2 a.m. every day to go fishing. When the boats came back in, all the staff would go to bed after dinner, while I stayed up to receive the many visitors who would come to receive directions. Usually they kept me up at least until eleven. Often I would finish business at 1:30, and then instead of going up to sleep for half an hour I would just talk straight through and go out again in the boat at 2. But even then I would not doze off in my chair after the lines were set. I felt that staying awake had much more value since I stayed up all night.

I feel that God will keep track of whether I sleep, and might discover that I have set a new record for not sleeping, but if at the last minute I doze off, that record is never set. The moment I sleep may be the moment when I lose that record. Because I never know, I just push through without sleeping. Is it more valuable to push through without sleeping, or to doze off because I didn't sleep the night before?

God gave us all a mission and duty, and you are given home church work to do. Can you be praised or scolded by the home church dispensation? Would it be expected that your home church is open 24 hours a day to welcome people or do people find the door closed to them when they visit? Does your home church expect you to visit 100 times a day, or only once? Actually they should want you to visit as much as possible, not just once or twice a day. Would the house itself want you to be the most frequent visitor?

Would you go to visit just because your leader pushed you to go, or would you go in excitement that you can be there as the savior of the people? Is it better to think that it is your mission to be persecuted, or to think that perhaps you may be persecuted, or to go to your area with the expectation that you will be welcomed? I am surprised that you don't know the answer clearly. In which area is there the most value in going every day-where there are ten families that persecute you, or where all 360 homes persecute you? Do you really like that idea of persecution?

Only one prize can be given for doing the best in home church. Would it go to the person who was persecuted at first by all 360 homes, yet became successful, or to the person who had to endure persecution by all 360 homes for one year and yet still became successful? If you said the second person should get the prize, do you have a normal brain? Your parents would say the whole thing is ridiculous. Is that normal advice? God always has a measure to evaluate with; would He say it was normal or abnormal thinking?

The person who is normal by the measure of the satanic world is abnormal by God's yardstick. It is a simple conclusion that a good leader gives an order which may seem strange by worldly standards. If I know you are going to get some prize, wouldn't I want you to get the top prize? A good leader wants you to do the most work and get the best prize.

When you really do an all night prayer vigil, you don't pray quietly but cry out loud. People who might see you would think you were having a fit. They would think you should go to a hospital, but God would feel that you pray the best. That prayer will reach God. The more miserably one must live for the sake of goodness, the more value his life has. This is always true. This is why the Bible teaches that those who would die will live.

If a person lives a suffering way because he wants to, then something will come back to him; if a person doesn't like it, then nothing will come back to him even though he follows that way. In the Unification Church we have a certain way to go. If we do only easy work then we are sure to decline. If we are told to do hard work then people will say the Unification Church is sure to decline, but certainly we will be rising instead. Whether we decline or rise is all up to God. Even though we think we are declining, God will make us a success.

Is Dr. Durst doing a good job or not? You say he is doing a good job, but when he comes to report to me I will tell him he should work harder. I will never give praise, but will tell him he is hardly doing anything, and then chase him out. If he experiences that three times then maybe he will begin to wonder if he is really in the right job. He may regret leaving a good job as a professor; he may think that he comes from the Jewish and American traditions. but that they aren't the same as my standard. But if he thinks like that then he stands a good chance of flunking the course.

I have a habit of denouncing a leader in public. Then 1 hear in a few days whether or not he complained. If people leave the Church because they think I am not fair in this matter then the people who stay because of their conviction have that much more value. This is very different from the usual American way of thinking; can Americans accept this? The question is whether in the long run you will perish or succeed because of this kind of thing.

I have better judgment about each of you than you do about each other. There is one member in Korea who is not trusted much by the members, but I have trusted him with important business affairs in the past. I know that even if he does something wrong, it will hurt only that person, not me or the Church; the fact that I trusted him will remain. Many Korean and Japanese leaders feel doubtful about the trustworthiness of American nature, and they feel I am pouring money into a leaky bucket. But I make no reply, and just keep on pouring out money. I feel that the money I spend is never wasted. The result will show somewhere, even if it is not here. Any good work that I do will blossom somewhere. I am sure that all the money I have given out in this country will come back with interest, even if it turns up elsewhere, and it will be enough money to carry out the dispensation in the entire world. It is because of this kind of reasoning that I want to trust that person in Korea and let him do business in his name with my money. I look at everything with that point of view.

Does my criticism usually agree with yours, or does it differ from yours most of the time? Often people have different ideas from mine and it is painful for them to go along with me, but no one wants me to go away! This is down-to-earth reality. I will not bicker all the time, so when you ask to do things a different way then either I must give in or you must give up your way. There is only one choice. Should I surrender to you?

God will know who suffered most for the sake of goodness in history. If there is a man or country who has suffered for goodness, but decides regardless to forget the past and make another start and suffer even more, then God would have great expectations about them. That person might act either with the motive of bringing more blessing to his country, or for the sake of the world, even at the cost of himself and his country's benefit. Certainly if he suffers with the second motive it has more value.

If you really think about which country has suffered, the first one that comes to mind is the Jewish nation. They are the chosen people. The Jews are proud of that and feel that eventually the world will have to surrender to them. However, perhaps there is another country that is willing to sacrifice, not so that other nations will come under them, but for other countries. Which country would God bless? This is a practical point to consider.

Christianity is the second Israel. Christians say that they will work hard, but when the time comes then everyone will come under judgment. What they are really saying is that they don't care about the world so much, but just want the Lord to come so they can go to heaven. They are focused most on seeing the Lord come again.

Then here is the Unification Church, which is saying it will work harder than Christians but that the results should be given for the sake of the world. If we ask forgiveness and blessing for other people, which of the three churches would God choose to encourage and bless? You haven't seen God; how can you say He would bless the Unification Church?

If there is going to be a prizewinner among us then I will have to push you all the way. Then one of our members will be a champion in the future. When Argentina won a soccer title recently, the whole nation celebrated. For three days and nights they ate, drank and partied. The more we suffer before we succeed, the more exciting our celebration afterward will be. In the joy of that kind of victory, you can step on any woman's head and she won't mind! If someone jumped on my shoulders at that moment, I wouldn't mind.

Satan works like this: one member heard what she thought was God's voice saying, "You have worked very hard today; you must be hungry. All the members are asleep, but there is a nice steak in the kitchen. Why don't you help yourself?" She felt that was good news, and went and cooked the steak for herself. But actually that was Satan's bait. When I hear that kind of suggestion, I think that other people have worked as hard as I did, maybe harder, so I don't merit something special. You should think that way, even if you think God is offering the steak to you, and eat stale bread instead. Then Satan would really get mad and run away.

Another common example is the wife who says to her husband that he is getting to be 61 years old, and for her sake and the children's sake he should take his work a little easier. Instead of taking her advice, he should think that Satan really does work through those people who are dearest to a person, and reply, "Satan, get behind me." Satan will be watching to see how he reacts, and if he rejects his wife's advice, Satan has to run away. He won't live any longer if he takes his wife's advice and works less. He should be more concerned about working as hard as he can than he is about whether he lives longer. Such a person will find that he lives a long life. The length of one's life depends more on God than on our loved ones. Now you know the standard. Do you clearly understand?

Is it better for your hands to be callused and hard from working, or soft like a woman's hands? Should they be hard from working for your family, or from working for God and mankind? How many American women would sincerely welcome having husbands whose hands are hard from work? If God leaves you alone and says you are fine, would any of God's work get done? Would the world become a better place? Should God bother you about working hard? If you say you don't like that, what would He do? Then God has to pull you, like a stubborn mule. If you really resist then He would have to run a wire through your nose and pull you.

If someone pulls an American woman then she resists just for the sake of resisting. Since you know you have this tendency, you should voluntarily stick out your nose for God to run a wire through. Would you like to do that? Your hands went up and then came down again very quickly! I know American women are smart and criticize very well. Korean women don't show their feelings on the outside, however, one way or the other.

In this situation I must give guidance and be a leader. Do you think it is easy? You say I should keep pushing you to work hard. Even though you find it hard to follow my direction, you still don't want me to go away. Maybe you would tell me, "You just told us to work hard, so why don't you work harder too?" Isn't that how you think'? If you are clever, you may think that I just want to make you more valuable and that's why I push you.

How long are you going to take to do your mission? Are you going to do it as soon as possible, or will you drag it out over a long time? Do you think home church is just another method of doing Church work? Or is it the dispensation in witnessing, planned many thousands of years ago'? It is your destiny, isn't it? If so, then how long has God waited for home church? Since Jesus came He has been waiting for 2,000 extra years, seeing the sacrifice of many martyrs' lives. People before that have waited for thousands of years for this, and for twenty centuries all Christians have waited impatiently for the Second Coming. The Lord comes for the second time for the very purpose of home church.

The world is getting more and more confusing, but on the foundation of doing home church you can fly like a rocket and land in the heart of God's love. Are you silly people or smart people? How smart am I to think of home church, which no one ever heard of? Why did I start that and burden you with difficulty? If you really love your area, will your people have to untie your connection to them when you go to spirit world? Make sure that they won't complain that you are leaving them before you finished home church and prepared them to do home church also.

When Satan will taunt you, asking why you never carried out what I said, how will you answer? Could I tell Satan he should not bother you because you are a Church member? Or would I have nothing to say, since you did not follow the Principle? Then you will ask me why I didn't press you more often to do home church. Will I agree I should have done more, or will I only leave? I know very well how fearful that situation is, and that's the last thing I want to have happen between you and me. This is why I feel much better when I am driving you out mercilessly. Maybe after 1980 is over I won't say anything more about home church.

I hear reports that in Africa home church is prosperous, and that there are not enough center members to take care of them all. Should I stay here in America where home church is not so active, or go to Africa where it is very active? The missionaries are working hard, without anyone pushing them, so how much more would they do if I pushed them? Which way would I choose-the white way here, or the black way there? You promised me many times to do home church. How can I believe you now?

The engaged couples are counting the days, wondering when I will give them the blessing. They think maybe it will happen this year, that October is an ideal time since it has been a month of liberation and victory for me in the past. The weather is nice and the scenery pretty, so it is a good month to get married. But I am thinking a different way; I don't think "Honeymoon," but "hate-moon."

Today are you treading the way of your mission? Do you clearly know what your mission is? Do you already have your mission, or are you going to have your mission? Are you doing it because you were told to, or do you really know the meaning of it and the consequences of not doing it? In order to be a marathon champion you have to run constantly to reach the goal. No real champion would stop along the way to rest and refresh himself, but would just keep running. We don't think about many things along the way, but just do the mission.

In an average race people along the way will cheer the runners on, even if they don't know them, but in our marathon the people will try to discourage us. The spirit world is cheering us on, but we can't see them! The satanic world will do anything to slow you down, and you will be dragged back unless you are more confident than they are. But if you work harder when you are persecuted then you can get finished in a shorter time. You have to get on top of the wave, not be overwhelmed by it. This is what I specialize in.

I worked very, very hard in Korea, but still that nation did not turn around. I could not stay in Korea all the time, but had to go to the world to do the dispensation. As soon as I left, the opposition started saying that I ran away, and to the members they scoffed that the Unification Church leader had exploited them and then run away. The ex-members would try to discourage our members by saying, "What good is it to hear about the will of God and be a member if you just get sick and die?" These people are influenced by the enemies of our Church, and keep saying these things.

Our members hear news of developments in America, and when they come to America they visit New York, Barrytown and Boston and see the dispensation rising. They see how American members are becoming almost like Korean family members and they tell me how amazed they are. They say to me that they are ashamed that I have had to work so hard, but inside they are thinking that maybe now they don't have to work so hard. Then when I push them again, they repent and change their attitude.

America will demand to know why Reverend Moon's own country persecuted him. Seven long years have passed and now Koreans are beginning to realize it was wrong that they did not help me so much. If I came here and did not work very hard then people would have no way of proving that I came for the dispensation. But everyone can see how hard I worked. How many of you are opposed by your parents for being in the Unification Church? Many hands did not go up; that shows that opposition is declining.

When you are successful in home church and bring your own relatives there for a banquet, what do you think will happen? Their attitude will change immediately. When you and your members bow deeply to them and serve them at the head table, don't you think they will want to do the same thing and bow down? The Bible says many times that your worst enemy is in your family; you don't have to look in the Bible to find that out because you have experienced it! If you succeed in home church then you won't even have to fight your worst enemy.

If you succeed in bringing all your home church people into oneness, do you think they will agree that everyone should help do home church with your family? You won't have to do anything to witness to your family; if you bring them to your home church then automatically they will become home church members. This would be the normal course in order for the Cain and Abel worlds to live harmoniously. This is what the Principle shows us. If it doesn't work, then there is no point at which we can say Principle works.

What is the final stage of restoration? Not the coming of the Messiah, but home church. When you accomplish home church, there will be no need for churches any more, for every home will be a church. Then Dr. Durst's position, and even HSA, will no longer be necessary. You won't have to go to church or pray, but only live by the law of the heavenly country; then you will automatically go to heaven. When we finish home church, God will have His own nation, and people there will only have to observe its laws, not go to church. When we love everyone as an extension of our own families, that in itself will be heaven. If this does not become reality then Divine Principle is just another ideology that doesn't work.

Maybe you knew vaguely that you had a mission, but don't you clearly see what it is now? Some people are very faithful in doing their mission, while others are just mediocre and do it casually. Which are you? Can you hear your clothing urge you to do home church?

Today is such a beautiful day and this is a weekend, so everyone wants to have a picnic, but even your children would say you should go to home church. That is wonderful. When you come home all worn out from working and collapse on your bed, if Dr. Durst comes by late at night to meet you should he say, "Everyone should sleep because we are all tired"? Or should he ask, "What about your home church?" When he is exhausted, even as he is dozing off his last words should be home church, and getting report from you about home church.

Perhaps you run into a friend you haven't seen for a long time and he wants to take you to a Chinese restaurant, but you should think, "What about my home church?" If you are going to home church right after you eat then the food will like you, but if you are going somewhere else then it won't like you.

The toilets in the fancy hotel bathroom will know that you should be using your home church bathroom instead. Even if it is smellier and dirtier than the hotel bathroom, you belong there. If your home church bathroom is far away, then you have to make that excuse to the fancy bathroom, explaining why you need to use it. The smelly home church bathroom knows that more blessing will come to you through it.

A puppy in your home church area will bark at you when you come. Though the dog cannot talk, when you ask why he barks, he would say, "This is my way of welcoming you." If you really have a loving heart, the dog will understand. He will stop barking and start licking you. Once he comes to love you, he will welcome you with a different bark when you come. Even the mice and birds in your area will recognize you when your heart communicates with them.

If you and your fiancé have a long-standing date to visit the Statue of Liberty, and while you are there you buy a can of Coke to share, the Coke will say, "You think you are enjoying this, but it would be better for you to be drinking water in your home church." Wherever you go, things will ask why you came there instead of going to your home church.

The bench in the park will blame you for not being in your home church. If you stop in a restaurant for a quick lunch, the food will really protest that it should not be eaten by you, that even though you eat only leftovers in home church, they will be better for your body. Ask each bench, each bathroom, each drink and meal if they have their mission, and they will say, "Yes, but we have no connection with you." When you go to sleep in your bed, tell it, "I know I should be sleeping in my home church, but please forgive me this one time. When I wake up I will do twice as much tomorrow." Spiritually everything talks.

If you go out to enjoy nature, all the creation there will feel that you are not a good person if you are not in your home church. It is the same as townspeople finding a ten-year-old running around playing when they know he should be in school. In the same way, nature knows spiritually that you should be in home church.

Always before now you felt you could freely drink water or go to the bathroom or drink Coke anywhere, anytime. But after hearing me this morning you will feel the creation protest against you everywhere you go. That is a good thing if it makes you feel more connected to home church and less free than before because everything will remind you of your mission. I have bound you, not just with one rope, but with ropes all around you, attaching you to home church. In a sense you have lost your so-called freedom, but is that good or bad?

The retired couples in your area, the senior citizens, have nothing to do all day, and you will be their biggest excitement. Even if the grandparents don't live in your area, they will start to visit their children in your 360 homes especially because they know you will be there. As they get to know you they will want to help you.

After you become good friends with them, no one will oppose your coming to help every day. That way the grandparents have an excuse to visit their children or grandchildren every day, even though those relatives might consider them a nuisance otherwise. They will think they are going to their home church, not to their son's house. How nice that will be for grandparents, who otherwise would only wait for the day they would die. Once you have home church established, it is an open invitation for old folks to visit their families' homes every day. Do you know how miserable old people usually are? Think how you will change their lives when you have 360 homes.

Don't go empty-handed to visit your area. Get up early in the morning and raise some money to buy some candy or cookies and give to the small children in your homes. You can win their hearts that way, and then their parents will like you better. When the head of the house welcomes you, the rest of the family will welcome you too, even the animals. Home church is just that-the church is your home. How many of you really regard your home church as your home? Feeling that closeness is the only way to do home church.

The other day I had a conversation with Dr. Durst. People are impressed when they hear him because he is a good lecturer. If he talks to one hundred people every day then that is 36,000 people in one year. If he does that for 100 years then that is 3,600,000, but if he does it for 1,000 years then that is 36,000,000. To witness to every single American would take 8,000 years at the rate of 100 per day.

So when are we going to do that? We don't have that much time. New York has 2,620,000 homes, and if each home has five people, that totals 13 million. That means in order to witness to everyone in New York 7,000 Unification Church members would be needed with each one having 360 homes. If all those members work as intensely as I have been tuna fishing all season then all New York will turn around. Then the rest of America, and thus the world, will automatically turn around within ten years.

If all New York became Unification Church members, the news would electrify the rest of America and the world would have to pay attention. If we bring even 100 people a day from the street, which is very difficult, it would still take 8,000 years to reach all America, and we could not do anything. Those people that come from the street are basically people in transit and they go away; they don't remain here. They may think we are good people, but they still have their old places to return to.

You might have wondered why we don't spread around the world and do home church. No, we concentrate on the New York area, and when we are successful in New York then we don't have to worry so much about the rest of the world. This is why the Church owns much property in the immediate New York area.

There is no question that our path in life is to witness, but will we leave it for our children to finish, or will we work very intently for ten years and finish the job? Certainly Dr. Durst has thought much about how to work in New York, but I have thought many times more deeply about it.

When I spoke in cities around America, I showed my heart to the people very deeply. Dr. Durst can do that in home church areas to home church guests, not at 43rd St. center to people off the street. Then even one home church area could bring in hundreds of people. He will go to each of 7,000 home church areas and speak one time. If he speaks in ten areas in one day, covering 7,000 areas would take roughly two years. At the end of that time he would be well-known enough to be elected Mayor, or Senator or Congressman.

If you brought people from the street for ten years, how many would actually remain? You could never be a mayor or Senator on that foundation because people would soon forget you. Direct mail is also an efficient method, but it is too costly. For the time being we don't have the budget, so it has been temporarily discontinued, but we will resume when there is money for it. Once home church is successful, direct mail will be very, very effective. This strategy would work in any city. If the leader in Chicago, for instance, does that, he has a good chance to run for political office.

I know that some engaged couples, women especially, are telling their fiancés that home church is nice, but they should be more concerned about getting a degree soon, so that they can do more in the future. "There is no opportunity for you in home church," they say. Don't you suppose I have thought about that, and God has thought about it as well? What is your mission? If there is a person who has no confidence to do home church now, but wants to be released for ten years to do what he thinks is important, thinking that he will come back and do home church later, then he should step forward and speak up.

The Book of Revelation speaks about the 144,000 who will wear white robes. If there were 144,000 truly dedicated people, that would be more than enough to change the entire world. Those people are about to come out of home church. With 144,000 people we could cover 20 cities the size of New York, like Tokyo and London, with 7,000 people in each city. Then those cities could be turned around toward God. Don't you think the entire world could be converted to Divine Principle by that many people'' Is this just useless imagining? 144,000 is not that great a number. Once the media starts to report correctly about Unification Church, people will have a chance to find out the truth-that our young people will be matched with better mates than they could choose themselves, their wedding expenses will be less, and they will never separate. The sons and daughters-in-law from the Unification Church are wonderful, and the husbands and wives cherish each other. When people know this then they will really be interested in the Church.

At some point there won't be enough home churches to go around because so many people will want to be involved. You are early-comers so you have this privilege now, but in the future there will be many more people of better quality, and many of you won't qualify to get an area. The newcomers in the future will be more anxious than you are to do home church. When you are going up a hill in a heavy truck it is hard going, but once the truck reaches the top and starts down, no effort at all is needed to drive forward.

CARP is working hard, and the campuses are ready and waiting for something like CARP to appear. CARP is able to make Unification Church understood by the college students; once the students join and understand what our individual mission is, they have no problem about doing that mission. When that happens then you people who aren't so enthusiastic won't have a place to work, even if you want to do so at that time. Now is a good time for you. There is the possibility that in the future better people will deprive you of your home church area.

Ocean Church

We have also started an ocean church. You need money, don't you? How much? Is money only found on land, or in the ocean too? Is there more money on the land or in the ocean? Do you really think there is more to be had in the ocean, or do you just say that because you know I am interested in the ocean? It is a simple fact that the world is one third land and two-thirds ocean. Man can eat everything that lives in the ocean, including the plants that grow there. Can you eat everything that grows on land?

The ocean has whatever the land has, and even more. There are thousands of kinds of fish. Americans prefer to eat red meat grown on land, but they never learned to eat the meat grown in the ocean. Recently Americans are learning that fish is better protein than red meat, and they think of it as natural food which is uncontaminated. Now they are becoming interested in eating fish so that they can live longer.

Recently in Wyoming a cattleman told me that cattle could be bought from twenty to seventy dollars a head if bought in quantity. In New York now beef is much more expensive, more like $400 a head. One big tuna costs $3.50 a pound, and sometimes they are over one thousand pounds, so that is $3,500 for one big tuna. A tuna lays 1,500,000 eggs in spawning season, but what about a cow? She has one calf a year, or two at the most. If you caught one big tuna a year, that would be $4,000 income, enough to get by on. With Church members it doesn't even take $4,000 a year to live on.

Would it be more advantageous to raise cattle and take care of them all year, or to go out on the ocean and catch one tuna? I really like the name "tuna" better than the name "cow"! If you catch one tuna a year, you can support yourself. You can ask your husband why he bothers holding down a regular job where his superiors just give him headaches, and advise him just to catch two tuna to support his family for one year. When you are confident you can catch two tuna then you won't worry about not having enough money any more. By catching two lousy tuna a year the whole problem is solved. Is your outlook on life complicated by worries after that? Everything is simplified.

My boat, the New Hope, hooked fifty tuna this year, but landed 35. It is unusual for so many to get away. Last year we hooked 37, but landed 33, so that's only four lost, which is normal. The reason so many were lost is that the bait was put on the hook in the wrong way; when the tuna bit, the hook slid out of its mouth. 1 could go on and on explaining the right technique, but I know you don't have listening ears and you won't understand.

A tuna is a big fish and difficult to catch, and the average professional fishermen are satisfied if they catch from three to five in one season of seventy days. I broke the record by far and the people in Gloucester know that. Even fishermen on the West coast have heard about the New Hope. "How can the New Hope catch so many fish!" they exclaim. "Reverend Moon must be a very good fisherman. The New Hope catches everything!"

We fish from 2:30 a.m. until 6 p.m., when the chum is usually gone, and at the end of a long day I tell everyone to bring in the lines. The other staffers pull the lines in eagerly so the boat can go home, but I like Daikon because he does it slowly. The New Hope is out until the last minute, and at the last minute the tuna may strike. If you work quickly then everything is over, but if you pull the lines in slowly then you have that much more chance to catch a tuna. This season we caught three more tuna that way.

When I first started fishing I did not catch even one tuna for 22 days. During that time there were some strikes, but we never landed them. Sixteen tuna were lost that year; it was very difficult. But I worked hard and brought the standard up. Now you don't need to have experience because I can tell you what to do. If a newcomer really follows my directions then he can catch a fish the first day. That happened this season.

Tunas swim in a limited area of the wide ocean, near where the ocean floor rises at some points. Next year we will have 300 boats and I will assign them specific parts of the best area; they will stay out and not come back at night. We will have a mother ship there to take care of them, delivering hot meals and supplies to the fishermen. Even though other people come there very early, they will not be able to fish in the best area!

Because tuna prices are going up, many more people will come to fish next year; I expect that at least a couple thousand boats will come. There is a legal limit to how many tuna can be caught in one year by all the fishermen combined. When our boats occupy the best fishing grounds, all other boats will have to go elsewhere and we will catch the entire quota. People will yell, "Moonie go home! Moonie, get out of the fishing ground!" But I will staff the boats with strong brothers, and every one of them will have a beard. This year I thought the Moonies looked too soft and gentle, so other people aren't afraid of us and they cut our lines. I got really angry and told our brothers to grow beards. Our brothers couldn't believe I said that, but then they got excited. A beard covers a baby face very nicely. Beards will only be permitted on fishing vessels, though.

When we fish next year, the mass media will be focused on us once again and all the world will watch. I tested this out by offering $100,000 in prizes for the tuna tournament. The media came to take pictures and report. Next year when you go fishing they will be sure to come and cover you. They will want to know where all 300 boats came from, since they will look like the same model. They will discover that Moonies themselves made those boats. A11 300 boats will have one name-One Hope: One Hope I to One Hope 300. The entire world will come under one hope, designed and made by Moonies. I designed this boat myself.

All the boat owners know that I own a boat for fishing because the media has reported it. Already people are realizing that wherever I go I engulf the entire area. We are a Moonie Mafia! If we build 300 boats in one year, that is a commercial success. Already some people have inquired about buying some of our boats, but we tell them they are not for sale; we will need 300 boats for next year, and after we have 300 we will start selling our model.

As the boats are made, almost one a day, I am assigning them to coastal waters, both East and West, in the United States. Already I have designated 300 ports. A boat can be a church in itself. It comes in to anchor at night, and when people visit port they will ask where the boat church is. The crew will get up before sunrise and pray, and then head out to sea as the sun comes up. They will catch fish all day, and come back as the sun sets. We will catch more fish than anyone else in the area, even more than people who have been fishing many years. We will work harder than they do. The people who say, "Moonie go home!" will be the ones who go out at ten and come back at three. The police chief and media will look into what's wrong the Moonies, but they will find there is no reason for criticism. They will see that we catch more fish because we work harder.

I have noticed an interesting phenomenon: Six years ago when I started fishing I went out at 6 and got good fishing area, and saw that everyone else got out at ten. The next year I went out at 5 and then everyone else started coming out at 8. One day this year I went out at 3:30 or 4, and surprisingly enough, someone beat me! You can see how diligent the fishermen are becoming because of me.

Four years ago one tuna brought $400, or 10˘ a pound. Now the same 10,000 pound tuna will get about $3,500. Who raised the price? I did because I pay more money to the fishermen who sell their catch to us. It's fair competition, but some people don't like it because we pay more. However, the Gloucester people already see that I am thinking about the welfare of the fishermen. Usually a buyer wants to pay less, but we want to pay more. People were skeptical in the beginning, but they know now that we are on the side of the fishermen and we are good for Gloucester.

I have assigned ten 28 foot boats to each of thirty major coastal centers, and each of those ten boats will be assigned a big trawler. Already 30 big boats have been ordered from Alabama, with one trawler and ten small boats. Each boat needs a crew of five, plus one big boat, so I will gather about 60 people to be trained on the ocean. They will have a regular spiritual life but their mission will be to work on the ocean.

With that labor force we can gather young people in the area who are interested in fishing as a future. A boat can be compared to a woman-some are beautiful, others not. Our boats are beautiful, and people are attracted to them, just as to a beautiful woman. Our boats have power and speed and ride very well, slicing through the waves. The most successful commercial boat is Mako, and we have a better boat than Mako. We have made the biggest boat which can legally be transported on land by driving on the highways. Every Sunday the crews from ten to twenty boats will meet for service. That will be about 100 people, and they will worship together right on the ocean. People would certainly like to come to a boat to worship.

Any hot blooded American would like to buy our boat. I will initially provide the funds, and the boat crews can repay the cost of the boats over three years, little by little, with no interest. If you borrow money from a bank it costs you twelve percent interest. The suggested retail price of our boats is $30,00O, and if you had to finance it you would have to pay $3,600 interest, which compounded over three years would be $14,000. That means if you take three years to pay without interest, it is like selling the boat for less than half price. These days you can't just walk into a bank and expect to get a loan, but have to have papers and signatures and references just to get a few thousand dollars. If someone runs off with one of our boats without paying, people will recognize the trade name, "Good Go," and if he tries to sell it we can track it down.

The fishing port towns in America are declining because young people don't want to fish, so the citizens are anxious to see their towns revived. They know there is a good future in the oceans. I told our leaders to go talk to the city fathers in the towns I have picked and tell them why we are there and what we will do with our own money and center activities. When they know we are committed to making the fishing business prosper once more, then there will be some support groups which want to train our oceangoing crews.

If the citizens know of an honest young man who has no money or credit, they will ask if we can sell him a boat if they guarantee him, and we will do it, without interest. If we can show young fishermen a standardized way to catch $400 worth of fish a day, then business will be a booming success and everyone will want to buy our boats.

We will offer a program to any young men who are interested in working at sea and show them what we are about. If they like our way of worshipping God then we will take them as candidates. Eventually there will be 600 people applying for 60 places, and we will screen them through 3, 7, and 21 day workshops and pick the sixty best. As soon as a five man crew is assembled, then it will be assigned one boat. The thirty centers will compete to see who brings the better quality of people.

I sent one of our big Alabama boats, named Green Hope, to the West coast, where they have very high standard fishing boats. The fishermen who saw our boat recognize that it is the best boat in those waters. We can make any number of boats and train people with them.

During this time the fish we catch will be sold retail by the women while the men go out again to catch them. We will be self sufficient and not have to fund raise separately. Thus, funds and witnessing will be taken care of through fishing. When our 300 coastal fishing centers are successful, everyone will see that this pattern works and it is a good thing for America. When this pattern is established, we can easily start fund raising with 100,000 people. Roughly speaking, we will have ten to twenty times more fund raising activity than now. Right now our fund raisers are persecuted, but when we are welcome because we are selling a good, healthful commodity then monthly fund raising will really expand.

Which will have more results-ocean church, or the present system in the state centers? As the work expands, each small boat will have ten more boats under it, and soon we will have 3,000 small boats plus 300 big boats around the American coastline.

It will not end there. If a man has been a captain for three years, he qualifies for a government loan to buy a big fishing vessel, costing one to three million dollars; in that arrangement the government pays 87% and the individual pays 13%. Even though the National Fisheries Department encourages people to apply for these loans, no one applies; this is one of few areas where a government budget goes unused. At the moment that department opposes us like everyone else does, but when we have meaningful numbers they will say we are their saviors.

When we are big enough and insist that we need our own banking system, the government will have to grant it to us. We will never charge interest beyond 4 to 6%. Where will customers go then, when the big banks are all charging twelve to sixteen percent? The banks will go bankrupt trying to compete with us! Then a fishy smelling husband will become the president of our bank. When this is not a dream but a practical possibility, how can I sleep many hours?

Recently I was told there was a small problem because many of Dr. Durst's soldiers wanted to come to the ocean church. But I said no; there must be both an army and a navy. The ocean church has almost nothing now because the 300 boats are still being produced; number ten is just out. So some people have boats, but the rest of the ocean church people are pioneering until their boats are ready. By the time they are catching a great deal of fish, Mr. Kamiyama will have organized a good selling system. He has five retail chains under development now, so he needs a lot of fish; our members will have no problem selling their fish. Even if we have more than they need, we will just sell our extra fish in Japan. Already Japan is organizing retail sales and refrigeration units in preparation.

I feel that I have created the minimum framework now, so that even if I go to another country, able bodied Americans can carry on. To start this project of 330 boats, trailers and vans will take millions of dollars. Now my question is how to raise that money in the next year. Is that good or bad? That is bad news for me because I have to get the money!

If the fishing business prospers here in America, should I carry it to other countries? By the time of the next tuna tournament we will bring the 300 boats to Gloucester and the media will focus on us; in addition, the thirty ports where we have boats will all be talking about us. Will the newspapers report about us? Everyone who is interested in boats will be interested in us and in what kind of boat I created.

Right after the official tuna tournament we had our own internal tournament among the European leaders and Americans. Austria won the first prize, Holland the second, and Germany the third, and the prizes I gave them were molds from which to make their own boats. Once boating people see our boat, they fall in love with it and want one. It is an expert's opinion that this boat will be a great success if only the cost can be brought down. Should we build these boats? Will you volunteer to work in the boatyard for forty days? If you do then the price will come down. Even with low interest and cheaper labor, I would like the price to be even lower so that more people can afford them

Would you unmatched members like to be matched with people from the land church or ocean church? It's up to you; you have to live with that person, not me! When this ocean church is really underway, the people will cherish it as a monument to the revival of their towns. America has three of the four best fishing grounds in the entire world, but America is not utilizing them because there is no substantial market for fish here. The beauty of the Unification Church is that we make our own boats, catch our own fish, and sell them in our own stores.

America's fishing industry is declining, first of all because the oceangoing life is harder than life on land. Young people don't want a hard life. Second, fish don't sell well here; wholesalers sometimes pay only five cents a pound for fish, which is ridiculous. Third, because the husbands are away at sea often, their families start to breakup. In this situation, who will go out to the ocean? Only Unification Church members! We pass the test in all areas.

Technology has made boat operation simple by the development of automatic pilots. You tell the machine which direction to go and the boat will follow that course automatically. Now even a frail young woman can sit in the seat that used to be occupied by husky, burly captains. How fascinated God will be to see her, even when she dozes off because the automatic pilot is driving the boat and she has nothing to do. I like that! How beautiful she would be.

Will you women become captains one day? You should not forget there are sharks in the water. If even the women want to go, how can the men back away? You have to kick any such man. We have people who want to go, so that's the first problem taken care of. Second, is selling any problem for us? The women say it is no problem. Third, would you wives leave your husbands because they are away at sea so much? Even if they are out for six years? This ocean business is really reserved for Unification Church.

How much income would this business generate? Roughly speaking, enough money to buy the entire world. That's true! It has unlimited potential. If you ran a tuna farm and hatched all 1,500,000 eggs from one tuna, releasing them to the ocean, how many tuna will there be? Imagine how much land you could buy with the price from one tuna if everything goes as planned. God has reserved this lucrative business for us; everyone else has run away from it. Every condition is ready for our organization. Business on land has been dominated by people who hurt and even kill each other to survive. But the ocean is one area where God has not allowed that to happen; He waited patiently for the Unification Church to appear, reserving that area for us.

Space Church

What will you do after land church and ocean church? We will occupy space. Don't you wish I was thirty years old now? Don't worry; I will set things up so you can do just as I have done. You have to really do home church in a short time, and then the sea is waiting for you. After sea church you will go to space church.

Maybe next year I will start space church; first we will buy a helicopter and then a jumbo jet. Everything I said I would do I have done. How soon do you think we will get a helicopter and jet? If I went to spirit world today would you continue the space church? If you don't, I will hound you from spirit world! Would you complain, or say, "Father, I would have done the same thing"? All the people who suffered in the land and ocean churches will go aboard the plane in the space church.

Am I a dreamer, or a pragmatic thinker? No matter what the world says about us, we don't care. We started out at 6 a.m. this morning and laughed for six hours straight, and we are the most practical people as well. We have the most hope. Did I do well to explain about this? What does Mother think? That's important. If some people are dozing but then I mention Mother, right away their eyes pop open. Isn't it nice for Mother that she is so important?

Would the land church be outdone by the ocean church? Yesterday I spoke to you in the morning, but in the afternoon I was gone. You might have wondered why I didn't spend more time with you on that significant day. Maybe you thought you were free since I was gone. But if I had been there with you after Reverend Kim spoke then I would have spoken another few hours and you wouldn't have had a chance to eat your lunch.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon with seventeen theologians who are the top in their area. I told them that they didn't come just to have lunch at East Garden and so I was obliged to tell them something. They understand me somewhat, and agreed to listen. I told them that since I was speaking, they were like students and I was the teacher. They didn't know what I was going to say, so they agreed. Then I jabbed at them softly but surely. They are smart people, but at the end they were wobbling from my blows. I cannot praise them if there is nothing to praise, can I?

Don't think that you will always be doing the same thing until the day you die. After land church, you do ocean church and space church, and then you can do the same thing that I did yesterday afternoon. I mean for you to learn, so that is why you must hurry and do everything quickly. Then you can ask me to teach you. After land church, ocean church will be easier, and the kind of thing I did yesterday will be easier as well.

Over the last few days there has been an important media conference taking place in New York, with leaders in that field from 34 nations attending. They hoped that I would speak to them even for a few minutes, but I feel they are not as important as you are. Do you know how many people are waiting to see me? I don't have to speak this long; I could speak very deeply in ten minutes. Wouldn't you like that better? In the future you will long for the time when I spoke five and six hours. Then you will know what happiness it was to sit with me like this. Even your aching body would have happy memories.

Now you know a little of how wide our duty is. If I did a one man show on television, would I be a success? I can tell a joke better than professional comedians. If I do television work then you will have to do television work also. Can you say you wouldn't mind TV, but you do mind the land church? You should be able to say that you like land church because I have liked it.

I feel that if we buy an aircraft carrier to serve as a mother ship for big trawlers then we can have a wedding for 10,000 couples on board! Would you get there by air or by boat? Ten thousand planes will have to come, and with that many planes we could have the ceremony in the air in formation! Television will broadcast that. Would you like to do that?

If my plane plunged into the water, what about you? That would be an incident to be proud of for millions of years. No one is forcing you; if you do that, it is on your own. Would I walk to spirit world or go on an airplane? Then what about you? You would go by plane also. Would God allow only my plane to pass, but not those of the 10,000 couples? He might not be excited about admitting you, but would say go ahead anyway. I think of this kind of dramatic happening all the time.

When you look around you, you feel that as long as you are in the Unification Church you have much work in your future. If you are ever going to leave, it might as well be now. Is it all right for you to suffer as long as you live? What about your mate-what if he says he can't do it? You would have to carry him on your back, not push him. If you are really like that then you are trustworthy. I mainly talk to the women in these matters because they are more changeable than men.

If a man and woman are walking together, it is always the woman who wants to rest awhile. The man would refuse, and then the women would protest, "But I have a heavier bosom and hips! I need more rest than you do!" But the Unification Church women are determined to carry their husbands on their backs if necessary. If I am exhausted and about to drop, who would carry me? If I want you to run, could you do that with me on your back? I would rather ride on your back than in a Lincoln limousine. Every Sunday morning when I come here, will some of you come to carry me over?

There are many things we can do. Do you know how many businesses we have? Tomorrow all the heads of business will come for a meeting. Do you think 34 businesses are enough, or do we need more? Who will do that? The land church is essential, but in addition to that we must do more business than before

Home church is your eternal foundation

Your home church serves as a foundation in many different ways; everything will materialize there. I could have a fantastic plan, but if you aren't excited, how can I do my mission? Although your level is different from mine, you have the same type of mission toward other people. You must teach and love them even though they are not excited about you.

Once you complain, you have created a limit you cannot go beyond. But as long as you persevere, you can keep on going on and on. Those who want to be airplane pilots, raise your hands. Those people who have successfully completed land and ocean church will be picked as candidates when the time comes. Why? I will ride in a plane to go to land church or ocean church, but if the pilot doesn't know about anything except piloting, where will he go? I am going to make you qualified to go anywhere with me.

I am tired; do you mind if I sit down? So far you have not really been serious about home church. Would you really become serious now? Close your eyes; those who feel sincerely they have not been so serious about home church, raise your hands. None of you have really taken it extremely seriously. Should I blame your leaders? The leaders have the duty of ensuring that you feel serious.

Will you take the blame along with them and do home church more seriously? CARP is very busy, and ocean church is making a new start in the dispensation. Dr. Durst, what do you think about home church? How many home church areas have you visited in the past? Did you ever think you would be speaking more enthusiastically to the members about home church than I do?

Everyone involved will take the responsibility at the same time. Do you promise to take your share? Even if Dr. Durst does not speak very much about home church, what will you do'? You should say that it doesn't matter whether Dr. Durst pays attention to you or not; you will do it anyway by yourself. It is to your benefit' and the sooner you finish, the better. The quicker you do it, the better your chance of success. If you know of a leader who emphasizes home church and you need a little boost, go under that leader to do home church. Home church is one basic thing you must do as Unification Church members. It is more important than school, than your marriage. Those things can wait, but not home church.

This has been the purpose of my whole life. If you try very hard then when you die you can carry on in spirit world. But if you don't try hard here then it will be difficult to continue in spirit world. Home church serves as a condition for you to reach out everywhere, both on earth and in spirit world. Where would you find that condition in spirit world if you haven't done it on earth? Nowhere.

Once one country is restored, the rest of the world can come easily. Centering on that, assignment will be made to 360 homes around the world. When home church is done in a country and it is restored, those who have done home church there will be privileged to become citizens, but after that the privilege will be unavailable.

When I go back to Korea and people there welcome the chance to work with me, I will assign Koreans to home church around the world, and then I can bring you from America to live in Korea with me. This is how it will be; wait and see. You don't know how long it will take, but just do your mission and leave everything to God. If the nation is restored, don't you think home church can be planned around the world? If one country is restored, there will be no opposition there to us any more

In the future you will not be able to come to Korea at your will; you must have a reason and permission. If God thinks that way, do you think I would follow His direction? You still want to go wherever I go, don't you? If you are separated from me somewhere along the way, it will be difficult for you to find your path. This is a very serious matter. I don't like to say this, but do so because it is a serious matter.

Without doing home church no one can go to heaven. You must understand. Jesus left behind the key to heaven, namely home church. Even Jesus was not successful in home church, so he had no way to work in heaven on earth. That's exactly why Jesus told the weeping women not to cry for him but for the children of Israel. That is also why the Bible does not specify how a person can get to heaven. Don't ever be casual about this and say, "If I do it, that's fine. If not, that's still OK." You must think you must really fulfill. Don't pay so much attention to what your leaders do or don't do to you, but give all your energy to home church.

Reverend Kim will set you on the track to home church, and then he must do something else. If someone is in a special staff position which is necessary for the well-being of our Church, I will give special consideration and allow him to do home church later, but still he must do it. I worked my whole life to complete the home church foundation. I did it throughout the world, but even though you just do it locally, you can establish the same condition. When I gave you permission to do it, I gave you the most precious present in the whole world, the most important thing I have. Don't you think that home church is a passing thing. It is the precious result I worked for.

Without bringing 12, 72, and finally 84 people, there is no way for you to indemnify Jesus' mission. Those 84 followers would have formed Jesus' clan. If Jesus had had 12 disciples, the 72 elders would have united to support him, surrounding and protecting him, and then he never would have been killed. The only way to indemnify that is through home church. You must have 84 people as your individual foundation. In the family unit, you can do anything through home church. You could even work up as far as the number 120, the number of followers Jesus gathered after his resurrection. This number can represent all the nations, as well as all angles in every direction. Here in the world, every number from one to ten and twelve to twenty one are crucial numbers which are all contained in the number 120. So 120 is a must for every person.

When you go to spirit world you should have 24 elders and 72 disciples. Spirit world is organized according to this pattern, with twelve pearl gates, twelve disciples, 72 disciples, and so forth. Now all that was lost in the history of restoration can be found and restored. Especially in America, at least twelve nationalities will be represented in the backgrounds of 360 typical homes, such as French, English, Italian. etc.

Restoration of the external results in restoration of the internal

Now you are undertaking tribal and racial organization centering on yourself, and in doing so, finding and restoring the external Cain-type country. Then the counterpart Abel-type country will automatically be restored. If you fulfilling your external home church then the internal home church, namely your physical family, will automatically be restored.

Korea has 40 million people. If 60 million home churches are done here, then automatically 40 million would be done in Korea without even trying. According to the Principle, if you complete the external then the internal will come automatically. I am applying this principle now.

When the time comes, there will be great movements from one country to another. When we concentrate in one place and secure enough people, that will bring the automatic restoration of the number of people found in Korea. This is the application of that same principle. Until we reach that maximum number, you have the privilege of going into any country. Cain and Abel must become one before the Kingdom of Heaven is realized. No matter how good an Abel you are, no Abel alone can qualify for heaven. The gathering of European members in England for witnessing is a kind of preparation for the great movements we will undertake one day. Our members doing home church all over England have no concept of nationality.

When I finish my mission in this country in 1980, I will go to England and give as much money as I've put into America; with the same amount I could achieve much more result there. Everything in England is located within a four hour drive by car, unlike America. Should I stay in America indefinitely? In England they do not oppose me.

The people who are deeply engaged in home church can move along with me and continue home church in some other place, but those who did not do home church cannot move on with me. That is the privilege of a selected people. The Third Israelites might be in Korea initially, but those who are privileged to go with the Messiah to another country are those who have successfully done home church. I did not decide that; it is the Principle.

By successfully restoring Cain and Abel, you can restore Adam's family. Why do we work so hard as Abel to restore Cain? It's in order that we can restore our parents; before that we cannot bring back our parents. Abel will restore Cain, and then in the elder brother's position he will restore the parents that were lost. The same applies to the clan; the Cain-side clan would have to be restored by Abel before the restoration of the parental clan can happen.

In the Abel position, you are going to home church, which is in the Cain position, and after making oneness with home church you can claim your parents. This is Principle. This situation applies to the whole world. I came here in the father's position, Abel's position, to America, the Cain country, which did everything to oppose me. This Cain represents the people of the whole world. I have loved this country more than the Abel country, and after doing that I can go back to my home country and it will automatically unite with me. After that, the parents on the world level can be restored. This is the same Principle which works in home church for individuals. Do you understand clearly?

If Dr. Durst brought many people of Jewish background here in this country, he would be qualified to bring that many people in their original country. All those Jews would go to bring the blessing to their country; if four million people became members, they would all go back into their original country. What is the population of Israel? Three million? Thus, the entire three million in Israel could come into the realm of blessing. That is quite possible. This is never far away. When people approve of us, we can do this very quickly.

By this same principle all free countries will come into one, and because of that the communist countries will automatically be restored. Beyond that, we will restore hell and then all other parts of spirit world will be restored. Through this principle, spirit world will be liberated. How soon will that liberation take place? Almost at the same time liberation takes place on earth.

When I return to my original country, the people of those countries that cannot go along with me will feel miserable. Before that time you must become qualified and your country must qualify. Now you know much about every aspect of the importance of home church. If I explained this to you only in regard to a very high level, you would think it has nothing to do with your situation. But now you know that you are working on your level with the same principle that applies to this large area. Since the day of migration is not far away, I am telling you these things now.

If America does not meet the deadline, it will lose its mission

In this view I am thinking about America and Reagan. I am not thinking politically; I know that if Reagan is elected then America will have a better chance of getting blessing. If this becomes possible then small countries such as Korea can automatically be included in this foundation. That means I wouldn't have to work separately in Korea; this one foundation in America would be enough to restore all the Koreans. Without Korea the world will not become one, and Korea together with America can restore Russia and the communist countries. This is very possible. It was the basis on which I proclaimed my plan for the Moscow rally. But if America does not work in the right way, I will have to take everybody who is eligible back to the original country. How many Americans will be found there remains to be seen. If I must take that course then more work still remains to be done, but if America goes the ideal way then the remaining restoration will be a very simple process.

If this country fails then Japan and Germany are possible replacements. America was originally blessed for that position, but if it does not carry out its responsibility then how miserable it will be. If all fifty million people in England become one with Korea, then they would have to help America. If the free world is not united then those countries will turn to restore the free world first, and then work to restore the communist world.

You can see that America is one big nation, but it is greater than one nation in the sense that it can connect directly to the world. It is possible to say that America equals the free world. If America understands then the communist world will be restored immediately, but if it fails, I will have to fulfill this in a smaller nation. If that happens then America will see the time when it will even be ruled by one of the South American countries.

This is why I am really more serious than any American citizen, including the President. This election is not just another election like all the others held every four years for the last 200 years. Not at all. This one is the most important in the history of the dispensation because it has a direct bearing on America's future. Now maybe thirty more days are left, and they will really determine a great deal about the future of America.

The closer America becomes to the Unification Church, the greater the deterioration that will take place in the communist world. Carter wanted to withdraw American troops from Korea, but because of the spiritual meaning behind that relationship he could not do so. Who decided that? Was it because Koreans lobbied in America'? It is God Himself who is doing that. But if I must take America's mission to another country then God must leave with me. If you are an American, this is a very serious thing to think about. You must understand that thousands of years in the future will be influenced by what you are doing in the next few days.

I know the deadline America must meet, but I will not say exactly what year it is. If you completely, 100% obey and work with me then during this time you can establish at least a condition on which I can extend the time and remain and give us more opportunity to fulfill 60 million home church in this country. Can you say that I have not carried out my mission in America? I keep telling you that I have already done my part for you. I taught you everything about that. This is a very serious time. This is not just one country, one household, one clan; this one country is like one world, and the fate of America rests on you.

Even if the Russians do not listen, there is a way to make them listen. But it will be much more difficult to do if we do not succeed here in America. If America does not go along with the dispensational timetable, America's situation will become worse and worse. There is absolutely no room for mistake. This is the Principle and the Providence; this is God's plan. So believe that America will really experience difficulty if you do not meet the deadline. Do you think this is just my talk, or this is the Principle point of view? The deadline will come some time in the next President's term.

The period from Abraham to King David, then to the period of captivity in Babylon, and then to Jesus' time each contain fourteen generations. Thus, from Abraham to Jesus' time there are 42 generations; actually we regard them as forty generations because Abraham, Isaac and Jacob count as one generation. This fortieth president comes at a period equal to Jesus' time, when the country will rise or the country will fall. So no matter what situation you find yourself in, be very brave and audacious. Stamp on whatever the circumstances you are in and bravely go in whatever direction God tells you to go, regardless of what people think. Then you will win the victory. Otherwise, you'll be dragged down into defeat.

The disintegration will not take place exactly after forty generations, but perhaps will linger on until the 43rd generation. During that time the country will experience continued decline, until at the end of the 43rd generation the communists can do whatever they want with America. At that point America will find absolutely no hope; the illness will have progressed too far by that time. This is the deciding point. I won't wait any more, but will decide soon whether I must leave this country or not. The other day when I was speaking this way, someone said, "Father, let's not think like that." But whether you think or not, you have to go according to the Principle. If Principle directs you that way then there's no way to escape.

It is possible that at the end of the 43rd presidency I would have to evacuate all Unification Church members from this country. Then America will become like Sodom and Gomorrah. I know that the years of the dispensation of restoration are very exact, and they never compromise or wait. Therefore, I am serious and am telling you now like it is. This is the time where you have to grasp the way you will make this country live. It's a life or death question, not just a question of trying the best you can. Either you do it or not do it.

Your life is at stake here if you are to do it. For four years I have been telling you to be serious about America. If you really cry with your home church, then there is the possibility of this crisis being put off for maybe a few more years. During this time we can both work out America's situation. But if you don't cling to it then the time will just pass by and America will have no hope; it will not even get an extension.

Because I can now say I have accomplished everything, the mission will not be left for the third coming. Home church is there and can be carried out in all different countries in all different directions, even after I leave the earth. Right at this spot I proclaimed Day of the Victory of Heaven. In America also I proclaimed the second three seven-year courses.

If I leave America and then return, it will be in a totally different perspective. Until this time, I regarded America as representing the entire free world, but if I have to leave then I will regard it as just another country among many. Then it will find itself in need of help from other countries. Not so far in the future, individual states will declare independence. It could easily happen if communists focus their activity in one state and elect their own Senators and Congressmen and declare they will no longer participate in the Federal government.

Then that state will make an alliance with Russia. The other states will know it's very wrong, but their hands will be too full with their own problems. The people will be happy about not paying taxes after their state's independence, but will be blind to the significance of communism. If one, two, three states become like that, you can imagine the consequences. Then the Jews, the Germans and the Anglo-Saxons in this country will all clash with each other. That will be a racial war, and that will be the end of unity in America. You may say it is not likely to happen, but can anyone guarantee that it will never happen?

If America is going to decline then it is going to decline fast. If you are to make some strategy against an enemy, you have to know his viewpoint. The enemy is just as smart as you. I see that this is the way communism will act. If you can imagine the possibility of these things, then why not the communists? How soon will it happen? This can happen any time. This is why I have placed so much emphasis on CARP activity, and created ocean church. If we really make America pay attention to what the home church is doing, they'll realize that this is the way for America to survive. Then in three years all America can make a positive issue of the Unification Church, and then America can live. I see the possibility that America will succeed, not fail. That's why I emphasized CARP, starting last year, and this year am beginning ocean church. I have prepared for a long time and now I am telling you to be desperate and do it.

If you have any doubts, the time is not far away when you can see whether I was right or wrong. I am even thinking that if we have many boats then we can transport many of our members to Africa and other countries. But if you leave behind a failure, this country will never be the same. If you have a victory in your country and then you go to Africa, that is very different from going on a foundation of failure.

You already knew this would happen because I warned you many times. What happens to you then? Although I take pity on you, I cannot decide on my own to take America's side. Instead, I must take the black people's side. I am not saying this just because I want to. Now you understand.

If you want to go to college, maybe you could go ahead. If you feel that because you are getting old you must be blessed and start a family, maybe you are right. But this is the real situation. Should I think about America first, or about matching and marrying you? Can you criticize me in this matter'? Can you say, "Father, you didn't make sure we could do our responsibility"? I have a desperate fight to try and turn the tide into a safer direction. Am I doing the right thing or not?

I am risking a great deal to do this; my own life is at stake. If this does not work, there's nothing God can do about it either. It's up to man's 5% responsibility. If America does not sufficiently change itself, a time will come when God will tell me to leave America. Think about that in the deepest way.

If we don't do this correctly then think about the persecution that will come in the future, for generations. If you don't act in the right way then we'll have one more cross; we'll have to carry this out under the oppression of communism. The second three seven-year courses are not my responsibility, but yours. You will be successful on your own or suffer on your own. Either way.

First the parents are restored as individuals, then as parents on the family level. Then the same parents will be raised up as the parents of the nation, then the world level and the cosmic level, where for the first time the door for the Kingdom of Heaven will be open. Since I have accomplished all the conditions to reach the highest point, from now on you can carry it out also. Even if you don't do it now, your offspring can carry this out. But nevertheless, this will be carried out. If I went to Africa, I could move the heart of the president of any country right away. If you have 30 million dollars that you are willing to spend in that country, you can reach out to anyone, including the president.

You understand that this is very serious thinking. How we work in America for the next four years, the duration of the fortieth presidential term, will absolutely determine America's situation. If in the next three or four years Americans move to God's side then America will prosper. This election is not just a simple confrontation between Carter and Reagan. The fact that Reagan, who is conservative, rose up to become a candidate for President in only two years represents a sharp turn in history. That's what the knowledgeable people say. It is not an accidental development, and it has more than political connotations. Don't you think that I am only talking about political things. This is very much a dispensational turnover.

Have any of you here ever thought with this seriousness for the future? No one. If you listen to me, don't you feel that what I am saying is very awesome and fearful? I am fearful about it myself. The serious consequences one way or the other are directly tied up with the Moonies. You must conclude whether or not you will do that. Do you understand how serious the situation of home church is now'? Without home church becoming successful, there's no way to succeed; through this timetable there's no way for us to get around doing home church. This principle can be understood by anyone.

Because the human ancestors fell, they cannot raise themselves up. Someone has to restore them. Even Abel alone cannot restore them. Abel has to become one with Cain and find himself in the elder brother's position; then he can restore the parents. That's the Divine Principle. First, family level True Parents, national level True Parents, world level True Parents, cosmos level True Parents, and after that, you are liberated to go to heaven.

At this point I am making it possible for you to become the messiah to your own clan. This is home church. Once you become successful, that momentum will carry you all the way to the highest level along with me. If more people will become like that in Korea and America then Unification Church will cover the world.

Even if you die, you will have to carry on in spirit world. Do you think what I am telling you is real'? You cannot say that you must go to spirit world and find out. If your thinking is absolutely correct then you know the consequence that is going to come; you don't have to go and find out.

You must also understand that Cain is important. Abel without Cain cannot achieve anything. First, do you know Cain's position is that of first born, or Satan's son? Abel is in God's son's position, born second. The ideal of creation is for the first son to be God's son and the second son also to be God's son. So in restoration the second son must take over the elder son's place. How can he take over Cain's position? By force or fighting? Did Adam and Eve fall by Satan's force?

They failed by force because it was against their will. Eve did not want that until she was seduced. We have to take the opposite way, the loving way, to restore the fall. Without Cain you cannot inherit the firstborn's position; only through Cain can you receive the firstborn's position. This is why Jacob bought the elder son's position from his brother, Esau; then for 21 years he really worked hard, and on that foundation he came back and lived harmoniously with Esau.

Your position here is Jacob's position. In that position you really bow down low and care about your people and restore them; then you come back to the parents with them. You have to work in such a way that the people trust you so much that they want to give you everything because they feel more secure that way. You feel exactly like that toward me, don't you?

It is a paradoxical thing, but if you want to die then you will live. Those who lose, will gain. Those who will become low, will become high. That formula always works. I have worked hard just to satisfy this formula; God has worked hard to satisfy this formula.

Once you know this, it is up to you whether you successfully carry it out. I feel that even if I stay in America, if you are not doing your mission correctly then I will not come speak to you on Sunday mornings. Do you know why? I have told you beforehand everything I expect you to carry out.

Four years have gone by, and this is the first day of the fifth year. Check back about how serious you have been, and compare it with how serious you must be. Should I stop speaking here? Do you understand now'? Step by step I have been working on this foundation. If Americans won't do this, how can I help them? I tell you to do this and teach you why and how, but if man does not do his 5 per cent then God's dispensation leaves that place.

Once I go back, even if you come to see me I will not speak in English, or even Japanese. This is the will of God. There is law on this earth, but in spirit world you cannot compromise the law even a fraction of an inch. I am living under this strict law. You now know this law. I am telling you exactly the way it is. It is so strict that I have no friend or anyone to consult with; I am just desperate to meet that extremely rigid standard.

This is not something for Mother to know; what Mother needs to do is follow me obediently. That's her responsibility, and our children's also. I am telling them to grow up strong, for I have many things to discuss with them when they are adults. You can understand what I mean by that. God has hope, has an opening, because He has me on earth right now. You must understand what I am to God and what you are to God.

Don't ever think that this is just another day, or this year just another year. The next several years will be most crucial, and it is all up to us. Do you understand?

Let us pray.

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