The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1980

True Parents' Mission

Reverend Sun Myung Moon,
April 20, 1980
Translator - Bo Hi Pak

All people desire and pursue an ideal world, but what kind of ideal are they pursuing? The true ideal world. What is the background of that truth? Many things form the background of truth-knowledge, the universe, and the present reality of our world. When we classify animals and plants, we talk about a pure or original species. When we say that an animal or plant is in its original form, we are referring to an invisible, intended purpose which became reality in that species; that is the original form or prototype of that purpose.

There are many imitations in today's world. An original masterpiece is unique, but there can be many copies. Those copies cannot have the same value as the original. The value of that original is not determined by the material it is made of, but by the feeling and attitude of its original owner or its creator.

The sovereignty of this nation is represented by one man and woman-the President and First Lady. Should the value of precious things always be shifting? In a democracy officials are elected every few years, while in the past kingdoms were reigned over by monarchs who ruled for their lifetime. Of these two systems, which is closer to the ideal? If a monarchy is closer to the ideal, because the sovereign is not a new person every four years, does it mean that America's system is not perfect?

Democracy is not the ideal system devised by God, but until we find the ideal system of monarchy in the universe, democracy is the best. If democracy is but a stepping stone toward that heavenly monarchy, then to continue it temporarily makes sense. It is worth considering why all the monarchies of the past have been transformed into republics today. It is because there has never been a true king; peoples have always been governed by false rulers. We are in the process of finding the true sovereignty and ruler of the world.

People today are so intoxicated with democracy that even children may demand that the whole family take a vote on a family decision. If societies and businesses can be run in a democratic way, why isn't it feasible for children to have an equal voice in family decisions? America has always tried to convince the rest of the world that democracy is the best system of government, but can people vote on candidates for the position of God or the Messiah? There is a fundamental element missing from democracy that keens it from being God's ideal system.

Everyone has parents. Who and what are they? You have your natural parents, of course, but are they true parents or not? When you say that something is true, it must have the qualities of being absolutely unchanging and unique. Today in American society there are many stepparents, and sometimes they are better parents than one's natural parents; family life is very confused in this nation. Unless we can clarify the definition of truth, and of fundamental right and wrong, there will be even greater confusion to come in history.

Do you need only one mother, or several mothers? Ten dollars are better than one dollar, so aren't ten mothers and fathers better than just one? You could get more allowance if you had more than one! You could have good fund raising if each one gave you $2, but why don't you even want to consider that situation? True things always start from one source. What you are looking for is true love, not just material things. Money that is not given with a loving heart is not worthwhile; you want something which is heartistic

One standard or measure of true love is needed. There must be a way to find the original, which everyone can recognize and trust, and then duplicate. This is how weights and rulers are made. There must be an original standard from which all others are created.

What is the most precious thing in our world today? What are True Parents good for? Do you like them because they give you an allowance, educate you and entertain you every day? You say they give true love, but what is true love good for? The Louvre in Paris is one of the best museums in the world, with many original masterpieces, plus some of the original standard weights and measures used in science. How would you like to be a museum which possessed many of the original things in the universe, as well as many ancient antiques? You would certainly be wealthy, and proud of having many things which no one else possesses.

Now imagine that there is a museum displaying love in its original form. Would God like to visit there? What would be displayed most prominently and with greatest honor in that museum? Chunks of gold, or knowledge, or power? More than anything else, people would want to see the love museum. Today you have learned a fantastic word: love museum. Can you find such a place in Britain or France?

Wouldn't you like to go to the love museum? What kind of displays would you see there? Should it last only fifty or ninety years, or forever? When architects plan a museum, they take into consideration every possible disaster that could make it fall down, and take precautions to control light and humidity around the displays. How thick should the walls be of the love museum? If God knows best, where would He want to build the love museum? Here on earth, or in spirit world? If it were built on earth then thieves and gangsters would want to break in and steal, so God decided the love museum would be the Kingdom of Heaven.

Today's Christians want to go to heaven, so they say they believe in Jesus. But actually what they mean is that they want to be qualified to be displayed in God's museum. However, most of them want to receive God's grace instead of giving true love. Who will enter God's love museum first-those who receive love or who give love? Do you want to receive love or give love? You say you want to give love, but I say you are a bunch of liars!

Do you women marry to give or receive love? The person who marries to receive love instead of giving it deserves to go to hell instead of to the love museum. What kind of species is made to give love? Could the person who would take out his own eye if it told him only to receive love be qualified to go to the Kingdom of Heaven? If your body wants to give love but your mind wants to keep it, will only your body enter heaven? Do you want to enter the love museum as a whole being, or leave part of yourself behind?

Is the person whose body only wants to receive love ready to go to heaven? You must be just the opposite and be anxious to give love instead. Can you distinguish between the parts of yourself that want to give and those that want to receive love? Since I have told you the criteria, you can evaluate yourself. If you are entitled to go to the love museum, would you want to be the most superior exhibit in the museum, or the poorest?

We hear that God is good and omnipotent, but why is He there? What is His purpose of existence? Does God need love too? How do you know He does? President Carter is in the White House, running the country, but does he have love? No matter how powerful he is, when he is all alone there is no way he can give or receive love. What about God, the creator of the whole universe-can He have love all by Himself? Can He laugh with love all the time on His throne if He is by Himself? If so then He is a crazy God. If He has at least a handkerchief then He has an object He can interact with.

Do you think that Almighty God needs an object to relate with? God knew that He absolutely needed an object to relate to. If He is almighty, could He create that object? Why then did God create the universe? Simply because God needed an object to relate with. Why do people like to keep pets, and have gardens and bird-feeders? Because they find joy in relating to an object. God created the universe for the same reason.

I have seen that many Americans really love their pets, but sometimes they love their pets more than they love their fellow man. Is that good? Why not? Would it be right for God to love plants and animals more than man? I have heard of the gay movement in America. Is it natural in the animal world for male animals to love other male animals? When we look at the animal world we see natural, God-made behavior. Then when we look at behavior in the human world, it makes us sick. Would God put the gay movement in the most glorious place in His love museum? No, just the opposite. God feels that such people are trash and doesn't want to be near them.

If true love is destined to be displayed in the love museum, then a perverted thing like homosexuality is destined for hell. I'm sure that hearing this makes you solemn and serious. Indeed, America today has the symptoms of many sicknesses, and if it continues this way it is destined to decline. This continent is a sample of hell. Men are precious creatures of God who should be born in love, mature in love and fulfill their lives in love. That's the way God created man to be.

You are not proud of your parents if they marry many times, and you don't want to be part of those relationships. Why don't you feel that if it makes them happy they should go right ahead? God always made His creations with two aspects, subject and object. The beauty of the two is the bridge which joins them; children are the link between the father and mother to bring them together. When men and women take marriage vows, they are pledging themselves to one purpose and goal: pure unity of love. When the parents are united in love, the children are the participants or evidence of their unity.

You are the fruit of two lives, and you cannot deny that solemn fact. You want to keep hold of that purity and original relationship forever, don't you? That's why nothing else sounds right. Since you are a testimony to your father and mother's love, you want them to keep that relationship forever and be elevated to heaven together. A father, mother and children are like magnets pulling each other together, and no principle in the universe has the power to separate them.

That bridge is God's walkway between the two poles. He wants that walkway to last for eternity, not just a few years. If one of the poles or pillars breaks, what will happen to the bridge? The bridge is the original form or prototype of true love, and if just one part of the masterpiece is broken, the whole thing collapses. God doesn't need money, power or knowledge because all these things belong to Him. The one thing God needs is love. God's desire is to go down the highway of love.

The religious world is God's highway, where God will drive His own vehicle. Who would God want to be His chauffeur or companion on that highway? A short Japanese? A tall American? Should there be boundaries, customs inspections or roadblocks on that road? The highway of love that God wants to have is a universal one, with no national or racial boundaries. The man who can drive with God on that highway should be a man with universal qualities who is above all these things.

God wants to love white men, but if their minds are divided by cultural and racial prejudice, will God like that? If God is driving down the road and people of other races stop the car, protesting that they cannot let God's white chauffeur onto their territory, will God insist that they must let Him pass because this is a good man? Or will He concede that they have a reason to demonstrate against this man? Will he say He can't go any further until this situation is remedied?

God will give one of those people the opportunity to demonstrate how he is better than the white man and how far he can drive. I know from experience that this is absolutely true. A long time ago I volunteered to be God's chauffeur, so I started on the highway of love in Korea. All of a sudden I encountered a demonstration of people blocking the road and protesting that I shouldn't be allowed to pass. I just told God to fasten His seat belt, and then I pushed the accelerator down hard and the car took off!

The Unification Church door is always open and anyone can come in anytime. People want so much to follow me that they would do anything, even if they had to give their lives. This is because they want to have universal love so they can jump over all barriers. They see that everyone can come in and be united in one common love. I jumped over to Japan and never felt that it was a strange country, but that it was my country. Then I came to the United States, but even though the State Department thinks of me as an alien from Asia, I feel totally comfortable here. The only thing I am worried about is making sure God is still in the back seat with His seat belt on; the car has gone so far so fast that maybe something could happen to Him!

All the young people come to me because God is still sitting in the back seat and they feel His power. God's true love is the power that pulls them. It is so strong that people call it brainwashing! I am not offering you a comfortable life, so why do you come? I am always pushing you out and asking you to suffer, but still you want to come. There are many other ways of worshipping God, so why did you come here to sit on a concrete floor? To make things worse, my sermons don't last just fifteen minutes, but sometimes six or ten hours. Your legs and bottoms must ache by now, but still you are vibrant and happy. Why is that? Here you have tasted a chunk of God's true love.

You feel some power and energy flowing here that you never get tired of. When President Carter goes to other countries he is greeted with 21-gun salutes and red-carpet treatment, but are people so glad to see him that they welcome him with tears? No, in many countries there are demonstrators yelling, "Yankee go home." When I go abroad there may not be 21-gun salutes and red carpets at the airport, but in 127 nations of the world there are people who genuinely want me to come. They pray with tears day after day for me to come to their country.

I am like a bridge constructed in many different directions to connect various nations and cultures. I know very well what Americans want to hear; they would like praise and nice words, but instead I tell them that this nation is headed for disaster and decline. It needs a physician from another country to bring a cure and salvation. I know Americans don't like to hear this, but still I say it. I am not persecuted because I am dumb enough to say those things. I can be very diplomatic if necessary and I don't have to lead the Unification Church in such a puritanical way. I could encourage you to go to the disco every night and then the State Department would think I was normal.

The question is very simple-shall we do what pleases the State Department or what pleases God? Many times I am critical of the Carter policy when it displeases God, even though I know it won't benefit me to anger the head of state by speaking out. It is because I speak out that I have been investigated by many government agencies in this country.

Even now I know there is a bugging device here and my words are being recorded somewhere. But I would like the eavesdroppers to hear this sermon! I don't benefit by speaking out; setbacks are inevitable, and people plan drastic measures against me. The KGB and the whole communist world cannot afford to let me get any bigger. You Moonies are looked at scornfully and treated as abnormal and sub-human, but I am determined to make you men and women who can please God, not the State Department and the Kremlin.

At one time or another we will all die. This is reality. The important thing is whether we will qualify to be displayed for eternity in the love museum. Cod is checking and watching, looking to see what your conduct is in all areas, seeing who is a masterpiece of love. I want God to be astonished at everything I can do. God sees that there is tremendous diversity in the love museum, and He is looking for a prototype or model for all history. That is what I am striving to be. I am painting a masterpiece which portrays the love of God.

The American people come against us because they do not understand us, but our intensity of love will surpass all their love. Moonie love should be the hottest. Truly Moonies are mysterious figures in American life. No matter how people look at you, they can't understand you. Everyone thought that Moonies are brainwashed and they expect you to be dumb and look odd. But when they look at you, they see fresh, sparkling young people who have a great purpose in love. Then people wonder how Reverend Moon managed to attract the cream of America's young people.

Now Americans oppose us because they don't know about me, but later they will oppose us more because they will realize I have gathered the cream of the crop and they want you for themselves. When I retire or go to spirit world, would you want the president of Ford Motor Company or even the American President to take over in my place? With my dark skin and small eyes I am not handsome. Wouldn't you rather be led by a white man? Then you won't be persecuted. Could you imagine Moonies without Reverend Moon?

The Unification Church phenomenon is a subject of study by people from many areas trying to figure out what 1 am. I pop up in the academic area, the cultural and sports worlds, and business world. What am I trying to do? I want to represent God in every field, so that God will say, "My son, truly you are my representative." Would it be more pleasing for a parent to say that his son knows everything about one area, such as law, but little about anything else, or that he is well-versed in many fields? There's not a dull moment in the Moonies' life is there? You might get four missions in the same day. Sometimes American leaders ask me to give them one mission at a time because they are so busy, but I want to train them to attend to many things at the same time.

I want you to be a prototype in the American museum. If you are refused admission to the museum because you lack certain qualities, you will complain to me that I didn't insist you do appropriate things so you could supplement your personality. Now you say you can't do many things at the same time, but I want you to try everything, from fund raising and witnessing to education, business and restoration.

You want to be close to me, don't you? Are you going to say you won't do something just because you don't like it? If you could pass up things you didn't like, then I could tell God that I shouldn't go into certain areas because it would bring persecution. If I were that way then would I be a true model? On the contrary, I always asked God to let me do whatever other people didn't like to do. "When all mankind shuns that mission, let me do it," I would say. So far, Americans have heard of me in a notorious way, but the time will come when they will hear good things about me.

You are a good example. You didn't necessarily love me to begin with; in many cases you were anti-Moonie, but then you turned around and became dynamic Moonies. When the American public is told the truth about Reverend Moon, they are bound to love me. I think that America will be the country to erect the biggest, tallest statue of me in the future because Americans will feel so guilty at how they persecuted me. I can proclaim that in time America will repent.

I was treated worse here than in any other country, but it doesn't matter now because I have finished and fulfilled. I could leave America any time without regret because I have been victorious over this nation. No shock or deprogramming will change you because you are staunch men and women of God who stand on the Principle. Do you want to be a masterpiece in God's love museum? Can I trust you?

Now one hour and forty-five minutes are gone, and chapter one is finished! Those who want to take a break, take off, but chapter two will begin now. Shall we save chapter two for later? I am tired. It is not easy to talk a long time! I have been speaking all my life. Do you want to go ahead?

Which animal do you think God loves more? Why does God love man most? We cannot fight like tigers or run like deer or fly like birds, so why does He like man? Man has more limitations than animals. How do you know animals don't love God? Man is the only creature which has the capability of grasping eternal love. Do animals talk about religion and eternal life? God made man the only creature with a sense of eternity and tradition. In that way we are in the image of God.

The white race basically originated in northern Europe and Scandinavia. White men developed the tradition of fighting duels of honor over a woman, who then goes with the winner. That is a primitive, animal world kind of standard. White people have frequently resorted to bloodshed in history, in part because they are basically meat-eating people. First they ate raw meat, then later rare meat, which always had blood on it. Another kind of culture is the vegetable-eating culture. Which would be closer to God's side? The trend toward health-food and vegetarianism is a good sign in America. Also, America is looking to the Orient for some solutions to her problems, and is intrigued with the mysticism of Asia. I am not saying this to criticize, but so that you can see the overall picture from a historical point of view.

Now there is a tendency for men and women to go on a date, spend one night together, and then go their own way, maybe not even knowing each other's name. How is this any different from animal behavior? In a way it is worse than animal behavior, for at least animals unite for the purpose of multiplication, a few times a year. But men may even do that every night, just for carnal pleasure.

Men have a moral character which can realize the meaning and value of love and eternal tradition. These are the major elements that make humans supreme. God defined what man's way of life should be. Should God's way be the standard, or is that old-fashioned and a thing of the past? Shall we change God's principle, or shall we change? More change is needed here in America than any other place. Would a movement which is trying to restore a God-centered life be welcomed here in America, or be accused and persecuted? Will America survive longer by living the moral way or the corrupted way? America should change, shouldn't it?

Let's talk a little about the True Parents. Does God need the True Parents for His sake or for their sake? The equality movement is very strong in America. Did God create everything to be the same on every level? Putting yourself in God's position, would you create man or woman first? Women would say that naturally God would create woman first. God needs someone who can be master, or subject, and take up responsibility for the whole. That is the masculine quality. If the lion roars, someone is needed who can dominate the lion. Picture a lion roaring, and a woman standing there shrieking, "Stop that!" Wouldn't it be more natural to see a man standing there, bellowing, "Stop!" Which one seems more natural? The masculine characteristic is to face danger and take the responsibility of protecting everyone.

Even without reading Genesis, when you analyze nature you can see two distinct characteristics of subject and object, each with their special assets. In history there was a period where humans primarily hunted for food, and always men were in the forefront, right? All the great heroes in war were men, and men pioneered in settling new lands and developing industry. What would God say if women demanded total equality and wanted beards too? He would be embarrassed! I can accept equality for everyone when we are talking about supreme love in God's sight. Then we are all equal. But a woman who demands a divorce because she wants equality already has forfeited her claim to equality. Women are object, and in the position of beauty and reflection.

Is the President's wife automatically the First Lady, or is she accepted or rejected based on her appearance? Theoretically you could have a First Lady with one leg and a head facing in the wrong direction, but as long as she is married to the President, she is automatically the First Lady. Why? Even if she has little qualification for the job, no one can deny her that position as long as her husband is elected. That is because she is inseparable from her husband; in love they are one unit. Suppose she acted heroically to save her husband from danger, but in the process lost one leg or became crippled. Then her missing leg would bring her even more honor. Her action demonstrates that she loves her husband more than she loves herself. If this humble-looking First Lady arrived at a glittering social reception for important government people, would the glamorous guests want to avoid her? They would have tears running down their faces at seeing the nobility of her love. Her genuine, sacrificial love would cause them to cry.

America has many patriots who were martyred or mutilated for the sake of their country, and everyone honors and respects them. Isn't that true? The same principle applies in service to God. If you genuinely love God and sacrifice yourself for God's purpose so that you are tortured or martyred, in the heavenly kingdom all the leading citizens will bow down to you. Even God will deeply comfort and love that person. Love has that power to conquer.

Even God has no power before that kind of pure love. A seemingly insignificant woman can be a source of inspiration for all people if she demonstrates genuine love. That is what moves people-nothing else. As long as I give more love than anyone else in striving for the sake of God, it wouldn't matter how lowly I was or what I looked like. The testimony of that life will be the most honored in God's love museum. There is no one in the religious world who has raised more problems or controversy in his lifetime.

I raised controversy in Korea, then Japan and now America. Am I doing it for money, for women, or honor? The only reason I am controversial is that I am committed to totally loving God and fulfilling God's will on earth. Many people in Korea and Japan have prayed for God to remove me from this earth and get me out of the way, but those are the people who have vanished, one by one, while I kept on going.

Money and power are not my goals, but God has blessed me with young people and the necessary resources to move forward with the mission. They were not my goals, but God has given them to me as His blessing. I always prayed that if my suffering would speed the fulfillment of God's will, I would be glad to receive it. I was ready to marry the ugliest woman in the world in order to set an example. But while I was moving in that direction, God responded in the opposite way and always gave me the best in people, fortune, honor and a beautiful wife. I never asked for all those things. Isn't that mysterious?

I know this is the way Principle works, so instead of comforting you and letting you live in ease, I make you suffer and have you demonstrate your devotion in the name of God, knowing that God will reward you beyond your expectation.

If you ask God whether He has ever been loved, His answer will be no. If you ask God to trust you to love Him, He will refuse. Why can't He trust you? First you must prove your love to Him. He will ask you to go to war for His sake, and ask if you can become a beggar or a martyr for His sake. He will ask whether you can bring your children and tribe with you in that direction, instead of going by yourself. When God asked me if I could make soldiers out of my own family and relatives, sacrificing them for God's sake, my answer was Yes. Can you give not only your own family, but bring the entire world to come together in that same spirit? That's what God asked me.

Jesus taught in the Bible that anyone who loved his wife or children more than he loved Jesus was not worthy of Jesus. Jesus insisted that people must love him most. That was a most dramatic declaration. According to scientific reasoning, Jesus made many contradictory statements, such as "He who would save his life will lose it, but he who would lose his life for my sake will save it." He also said that one's worst enemy is his own family.

There are many examples of saints who were martyred, or whose families became a sacrificial offering for God, but not many who could bring their own nation and world to God's altar. Love of God starts from the center, encircles the whole universe, and then goes back to the center. God has not received this absolute standard of love from anyone-an individual, family, tribe, nation or the world. If there had been no fall, God intended Adam and Eve to fulfill that standard in the garden of Eden. No tradition has been set of the love of God on any level, however. Religion should set such a standard and tradition through the Messiah, who comes as a man of God. As an individual he sets the tradition, then brings his family, tribe, nation and world. That's the purpose for his coming.

Do the Christians who love Jesus have this tradition of loving God? Is it God's will to have hundreds of Christian denominations? God allowed the power of communism to become great so that righteous people would be warned that something wrong is happening in the religious world. The corruption of American young people through drugs is another symptom of something wrong.

When you see such decay and destruction in the world, do you think I should sit idle and enjoy my own life? This is an emergency, and drastic measures must be taken. We declare war on homosexuality, drugs, prostitution and promiscuity. Will that serve our own purpose, or the purpose of God and the world? God wants someone to emerge who can set the standard of love on the family, tribal, national, and world levels. This has never been done in all history.

In the Unification Church we transcend language, race, nation and color. Should only yellow men be given responsible positions simply because I am yellow? No, we transcend racial consideration. Adam and Eve should have been the first forefathers of mankind, the first true parents, but instead they became sinful, false parents. They did not have a true God-centered tradition of love to give their children. They should have set the tradition of true man and true woman living as brother and sister, then the tradition of true husband and wife, true father and mother, then true grandparents. Has the family existed on earth which fulfilled God's wishes? No.

Unless that tradition is born on earth, there will be no God-centered tribe or nation. Until the man emerges who can set the standard and be a model, the rest of the world cannot be set right. We cannot change falsehood to truth overnight; you have to go to the satanic world and demonstrate true love, and only then come back to the origin. It will be a great good fortune to have the tribe and tradition which is truly centered on God. It has been God's dream all this time to set the tradition of love on earth. To make it come true, He will send the Messiah.

The True Parents are the prototype of God's family; they have perfected the position of brother and sister, husband and wife, parents, and ultimately grandparents. Adam and Eve should have led their tribe, and then an Adam nation and Adam world have been formed. All that begins at one point. Have you ever heard this before? There are all kinds of religions today, but they have never grasped this concept. Sin brought destruction of it all.

Jesus came to this earth to be the true, everlasting father of mankind. That's why he said true believers would deny their false parents, false society and false relationships-to come to their true father. The essence of Christianity is the tradition of true love. But while he was doing that important mission, Jesus was crucified. There was no chance for the tradition of true parents to blossom fully in Jesus' time, and Jesus was not installed as everlasting father before his crucifixion.

The entire world is looking for the day in which they can receive restoration through true parents, who bring the true love tradition centered upon God. The creation of the family of God transcends race; it is like a super-race. The fallen world will have to be born again into the new world, and by denying falsehood and accepting the truth it will begin the family tradition, tribal tradition, national tradition and world tradition.

The Unification Church has a unique phenomenon-the founder is Oriental. but the members come from all five races. All kinds of people come to inherit the true tradition of the love of God. Once we receive that tradition, we are all equal and united. White, black and yellow all marry and create international families of many colors, truly a most beautiful thing in God's sight. This is how the inheritance of love will expand everywhere and cover the world. The Unification Church conducts mass weddings because we are all part of one family of man.

We have the tradition that married couples separate to work hard, and everyone upholds that tradition. You cannot find that anywhere else in the world. Tradition always starts out with one man, then one family, a tribe, a nation and then the world, and then returns to God. This is the direction of the tradition of love. When you cover all this territory and consummate it, you are truly a masterpiece for eternity in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Which section would you like to be placed in at the museum of God: the family section, the tribe, nation or world section? There are many sections on the national level, but when you go to the cosmic section there is no one there. I knew that room was empty, so I made that my aim, and also my goal for all of you. We can cover that distance to the cosmic level very easily, right? No, it is the toughest route. It is so tough that your eyes cry, and your nose and mouth drip liquid as well. Your whole body just drips sweat. But I decided that I would go there no matter what, even if the whole world came against me. I decided that even if God came against me I would not be deterred.

No one can bother me or push me aside. The room of the cosmic level is the grand finale of the whole museum, and all mankind will plead to have that room opened so they can see it. Because God cannot help me, He will also be waiting outside that room. Even if God could not help me I was determined to go because it is the only way to save mankind. Once I won it under my own power, God would pay billions of dollars to own that museum. I would ask Him, "What would you pay? I don't need money in spirit world, so you, God, are my ransom!" Once God agreed, I would say, "God it is not enough to give yourself as ransom; you must include your heart and love." God has to agree because that's the only way His dream can become reality.

When I received God's love, I would show Him to a throne prepared inside the museum for Him. But He would refuse to stay there and want to come with me, saying that I was His owner, so He had to go wherever I went. Then when God wanted to own something He would have to ask me because I would be the owner of His love. That also happens in society; a husband may ask his wife for permission to do something, and even parents may ask their children. Ultimately God will have a family and tribe where He will ask permission for doing things. That's the kind of tribe God has been wanting all this time, with which He can have intimate oneness, and where He can dwell with men. That will be the family who inherits His true tradition.

Who is the Messiah? Adam and Eve were supposed to set this tradition of love and true parenthood, but that was not done. It was not done 2,000 years ago either, so at some time the Messiah will come to install true parenthood, including all the traditions of love. The original measure or standard would be the True Parents themselves, and then many copies could be made.

If you want to find out how good you are, all you have to do is compare yourself to the measure. The True Parents mission in the Unification Church is to establish the God-centered tradition of love here on earth by achieving it and leaving perfection behind. The Unification Church is here to become the training center for that love, and you shall be pioneers of that tradition on earth.

I have had many incredibly bitter experiences in coming this far, but I endured and kept silent, persevering every day, knowing that this was the tradition to live up to. This is an amazing age we live in, in which the True Parents could declare the consummation of the three seven-year courses. That is a great victory in itself. Now I have declared the beginning of the second three seven-year courses, in which the reorganization of mankind will take place in our lifetime.

You need to consummate the tradition of love on your level, and that is what home church is all about: becoming a tribal messiah who lives up to this tradition. You are like the copies of the original measure, going out to make more duplicates in your home church. Home church is the most gratifying thing you could have. Without home church you will feel poor and unfortunate.

Do you need the tradition of love? Do it then. The time has come. If you have become a person who inherited God's tradition of love then you dove me, and as much as you love me you can love home church. Then others will love you as you love me. The True Parents' tradition will be fulfilled through your family, where God can visit and dwell. If you practice this tradition, your family will certainly be a dwelling of God. The name Unification Church will not be needed in the future; it is not needed for the Church itself, but for you and your descendants. Without going this route, no one can enter heaven.

You want to meet the criterion and enter the love museum of heaven, and the testing area is home church. There are all kinds of people in your home church area, so it is a microcosm of the world. You should make every single one of them the children of God, so God can dwell with them and ask their permission to do things. The greater the mission and tribulation, the more you will shine in the heavenly museum for eternity. What about the older women, will you do it?

Once I knew this secret, nothing could stop me. Otherwise, I would have gone an easy way; I am not dumb. I have a big head, but I have small eyes which can see a long distance. Big eyes look at immediate things, such as material things, and Westerners have big eyes. But small eyes see beyond material things to spiritual things. There is a great urge and longing in Westerners to merge with Oriental culture. The proof that God loves you is that God sent Reverend Moon to America. Amen.

I want you to say, "I will do it. I can do everything."

Thank you very much. God bless you.

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