The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1980

"Home Church is the base of the Kingdom of Heaven"

Sun Myung Moon
January 1, 1980
Midnight Speech

The year of 1979 is finally over and 1980 has dawned with great hope and glory. The number 8 denotes a new beginning and new hope. The Unification Church just welcomed the 1980's. Now what is the goal and direction of our movement? This year our job is to undertake substantially the Home Church providence.

From the providential point of view, the third seven-year course would have been turned entirely into the Home Church Crusade. The goal and slogan I gave on the first day of 1979 was "Home Church and the Completion of the Kingdom of Heaven." Now the new slogan for 1980 is "Home Church is the Base of the Kingdom of Heaven."

Because Korean Christianity failed to accept me in 1945, I went on with the arduous task of winning our own foundation in fourteen long years of struggle. At that time I erected the foundation upon which Mother and I could be installed as the first True Parents in the history of man. In other words, by then I had established a bulwark strong enough that the opposition of the entire nation and of all Christianity could not break it down; no matter what, our movement would have enough strength to sustain itself and still go on.

Even though Mother was installed as True Mother, we could not live as a happy family right away. A three-year period of purification and separation was necessary, a period which was very important prior to moving on to the next stage of the dispensation. In order to go into a second seven-year course, all conceivable indemnity must be paid on the family level. This first seven-year course was the period of erecting the foundation upon Mother's installation, and the period in which Mother was to be perfected as the True Mother. It was the period of growth for Mother herself.

As you know, the human fall came in the perfection level of the growth stage. Therefore, the seven years Mother and I went through together was the period to cross the growth stage to perfection stage, the period in which I would restore and install Parent's Day, Children's Day, and the Day of All Things. The most important condition Mother and I made during the seven-year course was that no matter what difficulties or obstacles and hardships came upon us, we could not complain. We would not even feel discouraged inside, or anguished or rebellious in any way.

As you can see, it was God's method to use Satan to give Father and Mother the worst kind of test and tribulation. This is the way I had to be hardened and proved to be True Parents. For Mother too, Satan created incredible obstacles in the first seven years, one after another, in which Mother could easily have given up and said, "Father, you are too great a husband and I simply cannot follow you. I'm not worthy of you, so let me pack and go." She could very well have done that many times during those seven years.

To make things worse, when Mother was already so heavily burdened I was not a comforting husband. I started out as the worst kind of cruel husband. That was the standard I set at the beginning because that's the way I also tested Mother, even harder than Satan. Knowing that Satan was going to test her, I tested her myself first. That was my purpose. Even though I tested her worse than Satan, still some hint of purpose behind it could be understood by her. That made it easier to bear than Satan's tests. In this way we became closer and closer for 3 1/2 years, then during another 3 1/2 years.

During the seven year period I blessed many couples, and they could easily have exclaimed to me, particularly the women, "I just don't understand you. What kind of husband are you? How can you treat your wife like that?" But these blessed couples who passed the test knew one thing: no matter how many things I did that they didn't understand, they were at least sure that I was absolutely God-centered, and whatever I did was for God. The 36 couples, 72, 120 and 430 couples were blessed within that seven year period, and they knew one way or another; what a difficult path Mother and I trod. Since they knew what kind of difficulties we had to overcome, they could not complain.

The second seven-year course is the one in which the blessed couples had to take a major role. Their responsibilities were to teach the government and nation how to treat the families of the nation. At the same time, as the families of the nation, they taught other families how to serve the nation. This second seven-year course was the period of the total mobilization of the blessed couples. All the blessed couples in Korea and some blessed couples abroad were mobilized to take up the torch for the second seven year course, and in 1970 I ordered every blessed couple to separate. The wives took up the front-line role and I sent them out. Why? Because the women had to experience what True Mother experienced before them. They had to go the same route to learn that particular tribulation.

When the heavenly order came to leave their homes for the mission, then their loved ones -- their husbands and children -- could become enemies of the mission. Because the husbands were in a position close to their wives, they could easily try to dissuade them from going. Then they would be the first ones to block the heavenly dispensation and actually be the worst of Satans. The best way for the wives to overcome such a temptation would be to regard their husbands as their enemies. By thinking of her husband as her loved one, it would hurt a wife to refuse him, but by thinking of him as her enemy she was in a position where nothing could stop her. Then she could easily obey.

Each mother had to look at her children as her second enemy for the same reason. Then if the children cried out and tried to stop her from leaving them it would not hurt her and break her heart. By doing so, if Satan was trying to invade them her standard would block him and protect the children. This is why the Bible teaches that the closest members of your family are your worst enemies in the last days. We must fulfill that scripture in the Unification Church. These are not just empty words. This is the actual history I am explaining to you.

The senior members of the Unification Church knew that incredible opposition would come to them, but they knew that the strongest accusation and criticism would go to me. They felt very protective of me, wanting to shield me and not let my name be tarnished. That's why the Unification Church core foundation has become tight and strong. Therefore the love of God is coming to my family and will be connected to the blessed couples. That inseparable bond between True Parents and true blessed couples was made under overwhelming, adverse conditions.

The first six months were the worst period. Throughout the entire nation there was criticism and negative publicity. People knew all about our movement and how our young couples were leaving their children and going to the front line. As time went on, people knew they were missionaries of the Unification Church and they asked, "Aren't you the women who left your families behind? Why did you did do that?" Then the true testimony was given. "Yes, we love our children and we love our husbands, but we love this nation, the people of the world and God more. We want to demonstrate by the most painful experience of leaving these children behind that we want to save this nation. We love this nation and people more than we love our own children."

After one year those people who were negative began to weep together with our people, praying with them and coming to help. Even without knowing the contents of the Divine Principle they wanted to be with them and be supportive. After two years passed, public opinion was unanimous that if all the Korean people loved their country as much as Unification Church members, then indeed the nation would be saved. Furthermore, no matter how great the Communist threat would become, it could be stopped. That was the conviction of the people.

During those three years of tribulation unity was made with the people, and even unity between the government and the people was enhanced by our heroic action. By doing so a condition was established by our members' abandoning their children for three years. All other people recognized their sacrificial work and came to value and respect our movement. The children were a link between our members and other churches and the common people. That formed a condition for God's blessing to flow not only to the Unification Church but through us to all the people, even to negative Christians and people who criticized us.

The providence of the second seven-year course was such that I wanted to save the nation by sacrificing my own beloved family. This also made restitution for Jesus' time when incredible opposition came from Judaism and the Jews who ultimately crucified Jesus. By offering the family as a sacrifice on the altar of God and going from the position of receiving the worst criticism to the position of welcome, a base was formed for the restitution of Jesus' ministry as well. Our members in Korea have successfully fulfilled the second seven-year course through their own portion of responsibility.

This was why I could come out of Korea for the worldwide dispensation in the third seven-year course. Furthermore, the dispensation of God was pushed three years ahead. Always the providential schedule has been delayed, but for the first time in history I could advance the schedule and come to this country in 1971. At the onset of 1972 my global ministry could begin. The remarkable thing was that during the initial period of my ministry in 1972, 1973 and the middle of 1974, the Christians of America gave me an open-armed welcome and red-carpet treatment, even though Korean Christianity failed to accept me in 1945.

America is a nation of people from around the world, and American Christianity represents world Christianity. By America's initial acceptance, God was in a position to forgive Korea's mistake. The condition thereby upheld that God could still bless the entire world through America, receiving the total welcome of the American people and the Christian churches. I visited every state at least once, and visited many major states several times, sweeping the country and kindling a spiritual revolution. I received around 850 welcoming proclamations and honorary citizenships and citations. Even Jimmy Carter gave me one when he was governor of Georgia.

Upon the foundation of this worldwide victory I returned to Korea with honor and with strength to truly go on the offensive. My goal was to teach strongly the Korean Christians and government who so adamantly opposed me. At first the Christian churches and government joined against me, but then after 2 1/2 years, there was a big fight between the Korean government and the Christians. I was very strong in saying that the government must be strong to stop the aggression of Communism. The Christians thought they could confront and criticize the government, but when the Unification Church stepped in they were forced to fight the Unification Church instead.

When I initiated the three seven-year courses there seemed to be a stone wall blocking us, with one obstacle after another. Many early members thought there was no hope, no way to break through all the barriers. But after winning each incredible battle and completing each of the seven-year courses, it seemed almost as though a big construction company was going out in front of me, laying a super highway. This is why after the victory at Washington Monument I could declare that Moscow is our next goal.

International Communism cannot proceed according to its own schedule. Its decline is inevitable and it will have worse internal arguments and splits among its factions. Russia and China fight even more bitterly with each other than either of them fights with the United States now.

Without the Unification Church, America has no hope. The free world has no vision of hope without the Unification Church. Furthermore, the Unification Church can go on and truly liberate Communism. No one except the Moonies has the ideology or the power of love to do that.

I have made the most important declaration: all the historical debts of the past have been paid. Now the time has come when I can focus completely on building. The time has also come that Mother and I can take some rest. At the outset of this talk I said the Kingdom of Heaven is the place of Sabbath and true peace. No satanic power has any right or condition to claim True Parents family or the Unification Church movement. We are above their accusation.

The final role the American movement will play in addition to what True Parents and the Korean and Japanese blessed couples have done, is a 2 1/2 year condition by the blessed couples. I want America to go ahead on a global scale and show in front of God and Satan the determination of the American blessed couples. That's why I have asked the American blessed wives to go to the CARP movement for 2 1/2 years. It is the final condition the women are going to undertake in America. If this final condition by the American blessed couples is fulfilled then even if you volunteer for such things there won't be an opportunity. This is the final chance. After that the Home Church crusade will be wide open and Home Church ministry will be our way of life. In other words, you will not face the indemnity Mother and I went through. You won't have to go through the same condition the Korean blessed couples went through in those three harsh years.

Now everything you do is building a lasting accomplishment that will become your tower. The men and women going out into Home Church will be harvesting and bringing things in. We are moving across the boundary. We no longer belong to the old age or old territory. We are moving into a new territory and a new era. That is why I told you that Home Church is the base of the Kingdom of Heaven. We can now build the physical kingdom with our own hands. In the past the Unification Church missionaries endured incredible situations. Your elder brothers and sisters were kicked and spat at, and even killed, but that era is now over. You don't have to face that. When you teach the Divine Principle you will meet people anxiously waiting for the message and you shall be regarded as their savior. The people are waiting for you to come.

Home Church will only be difficult at the beginning. The first several steps will be difficult but try to cross over the point of persecution by competing with my energy at that particular point. When you go just one more step over that point everything will become easy. Can you do it? At the beginning you may wail, "Father, I just can't do it!" But as you continue, slowly everything will become easier. Don't worry about trying to save face. Make a new hole and tighten your belt. Make up your mind, grit your teeth and step forward.

Don't try to enter someone's living room right away. Enter by the back door, cleaning the bathroom and hallway as you go. You may even say, "I cannot afford to welcome Heavenly Father in this dirty bathroom. Let me clean it up." If the resident living there protests, you can shout back "This is my home. I'm trying to welcome Heavenly Father to this home and no one will stop me. I'm going to keep cleaning your home." I want you to know that the term 'Home Church' is a most precious one. Many, many saints, wise men, prophets and Christian martyrs have waited for the day of Home Church but they did not have the luxury of seeing it. They did not have anyone to set the highway straight by paying back all the necessary indemnity. There was no way Home Church could start before I came. Only because I have paid all the past debts can we now undertake Home Church. I want you to know how precious the gift of Home Church is.

Do you want Mother and I to take a rest and go around the world? If so, would you insist that you might come along too? I will tell you to come along with me only after Home Church has lifted off. I have done Home Church on a global basis, and because of the work I have done Home Church can be done everywhere by everyone.

In future, being deprived of the right to Home Church would be the worst sentence to pass on anyone. Do you clearly know the value of Home Church? In order to establish the foundation for Home Church God and I have worked desperately hard to pay all the indemnity. Many saints and martyrs have shed blood in order achieve the Home Church dispensation.

Do you need any additional explanation or can you go on and finish without me? Let's meet together when we have completed Home Church and have a victory party. I am looking for one person: the champion of Home Church and I am anxious to see whether it will come in Japan, Korea or America. You are all in fierce competition. You Americans have long legs, but your eyes are big and easily distracted.

The Korean way of life is very simple. Koreans hardly notice missing lunch, or not having special furniture for meals, etc. When they eat, they use only two chop-sticks instead of the range of utensils Americans use. Even when Americans have finished breakfast, they are having a coffee break just a couple of hours later. You waste so much time, doing ridiculous things. Do you still have time to complete Home Church? Are you ready to go shouting and running down the highway?

Your answer is clear, but you always lie to me. I want to see 'yes' in action. I forgive you for 1979, but can I remember your answer in 1980? You have had a one-man show, rather than just a sermon today. Why? Because I see nothing but brightness and excitement in 1980. I want to start the day by being happy, excited and jubilant. I will be keeping a record of the most successful home churches in my note book. So remember that Olympic marathon runners practice 10 to 20 years for their race. Compared to Home Church, a marathon is trivial, so wouldn't you want to give your entire best for a few years?

This morning's message will be practiced by members all over the world just as soon as it reaches them. In fact they will be running to catch up for the few days they have missed. Today's slogan for this year of 1980, "Home Church is the Base of the Kingdom of Heaven." That is the destiny where the true rest lies, where true happiness and joy lies, and even where true life lies. The person who lives and dies in Home Church is the person who is truly happy.

Make up your mind what kind of ranking you want to get. If you've already made up your mind that you're going to be the champion for the Home Church, that means I am already a success at the outset of 1980. This is your first 1980 promise to God and me: that you are going to be a Home Church champion and win the most successful rank. Would you fulfill it? God bless you. 

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