The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1980

The Completion Of The Providence And Parents' Day

Reverend Sun Myung Moon,
April 15, 1980
World Mission Center
Translator - Bo Hi Pak

There are many nations and people in the world. All people, as well as the nations and sovereignties of the world, hope that their nation is playing the major role in the providence of God. It is true not just today but in the past and the future that people want to play some major role in the providence of God. When I say "people" I am talking about all people. When I talk about hope and desire, I am talking of the hope and desire of all people.

What is the central point and theme of that hope? Always happiness is the paramount desire of men, but over the centuries people have harbored desires for various kinds of happiness; there has been no consistency to their desires. Beginning with that point we can talk about freedom, peace and other things. The fundamental question today is why people are still looking for happiness, since true happiness has never been realized since the beginning of history.

We are living in an age of cosmopolitanism, when no individual can survive on his own and no nation can survive on its own. In past decades a problem in faraway Africa was considered inconsequential for America: But today a problem in Africa will have repercussions in America almost immediately. Furthermore, events in America can affect people all over the world. Africans and Asians cannot say they don't care about something because it is America's problem. There is no longer any such thing as "America's problem."

In this situation where can people in each nation find the fulfillment of their desire for happiness? Who will define what happiness is? What Americans define as happiness will not be acceptable to people around the world: What is universal happiness then? In order to obtain happiness, people have struggled, fought, killed and resorted to war through the years. Yet today we still have not found happiness. Where can we find it? Can it begin with men, or somewhere else?

Many people today are pessimistic that they can find lasting happiness, since no one else in history could find it. It seems to them to be impossible. It seems inevitable that they will continue to dwell in unhappy circumstances and bequeath a troubled society to their children, generation after generation, throughout history. People are so pessimistic today that they say "the ideal world" and "true happiness" are just empty words and vague dreams. No such thing seems possible.

Many people today are convinced that true happiness can never be found, so in their desire for any joy at all they see no reason for not indulging in day by day pleasures and carnal happiness. They see the butterflies flitting without a care from one flower to the next, sucking the nectar, and it seems to them that the butterflies are happier. People even envy the birds singing in the spring sky. They envy not only the animals, but the plants which come up every spring without fail and don't have to struggle to survive. The pine trees just spread their seeds and multiply, without regard for national boundary, but when men travel they have to obtain visas and passports. Pine trees spread all over the world without visas, but men need visas! Do air and water need visas? Who would say true happiness could be found only in a country where visas were required?

Why do I say these things this morning? Unlike many other people, I am concerned with these fundamental, seemingly impossible questions, and I have agonized over their solution. No one can survive by himself, and everyone's destiny is linked together. If all the past traditions are wrong then we have to separate from them. Do you have the courage and power to sever your connection and bondage to them?

People come to America from other countries thinking that the ideal can be found here. They try to learn the American way of life and become part of this country, but they end up struggling just like any other American. No one has ever come to this nation to transcend the American tradition and discover a better way of life. When we look at the reality of America, we know it is not an ideal country. Instead it is a troubled and declining country. In a sense the worst things are happening in this country. It would be truly wonderful if here we could live a life of true happiness, but if we embrace America's present patterns, they will lead us to an immoral way of life and finally despair. That is not the way of happiness.

When happiness rejects you, that's the end, so you must change before you are rejected. If you flunk a course one semester, the next semester it is too late to start trying to make a good overall record. Before you flunk you have to change and make a new beginning. What we need most today is someone who can provide the true definition and direction for happiness. Will those who can lead the way into true happiness look normal, or seem strange and almost crazy?

Men have tried every normal thing throughout history and have not found the answer, so we should look in some strange or ''abnormal" direction. Whoever looks in that direction will look almost insane, yet there may be hope for the answer to come from that place. People are in despair, but when they look in a strange direction and find hope, they can keep going.

What is the direction and goal of true happiness? Does it mean you eat constantly day and night so that you cannot stuff any more food into your stomach? That may look like true happiness because you don't have to walk-you just roll! If you say that having food is not true happiness, then perhaps having beautiful clothes will be happiness, particularly for women. Happiness is wearing the latest Fifth Avenue fashion and looking like a model, right? Perhaps happiness is having a Ph.D. from Harvard and becoming a leading politician and famous President?

What is happiness for normal people? Is the White House the ultimate terminal of happiness? The Kremlin in Moscow? Is happiness having power, so that when you shout out one command millions of people will obey? You say none of these is true happiness, but what is? You say having true love is true happiness, but hoed out your hand and show me true love. I say that love means "long, long, very much." What is love? What is true love in particular? Today it seems that all kinds of love are in trouble. Where can you find true love? There is no way we can find true love in this sinful and degraded world.

What is the starting point of true love? You say God is the origin. When you spell God backward, it becomes "dog." Do you mean God or dog? Have you seen God? If men can generate true happiness or love on their own, why are they unable to control it? We conclude that the ultimate starting point of true happiness and love must be found somewhere else. Actually, the people who are searching after true love and happiness without trying to determine the source of it are the crazy ones. They run around looking in all four directions; they are the crazy people because they will never find it.

The real problem is knowing where true love begins-whether from men, or from some other I source. What is that source? If you are right and there really is an incredible existence called God, we can solve no problem on this earth unless the riddle about God is solved. There are many religions on earth. Are they united, or do they have many boundaries and compartments? Why did God allow religions to set up so many compartments? If God is ideal, why are there so many boundaries in religions? How can this be explained?

Unless we get to the bottom of this problem we cannot come up with the ultimate answer. As long as these questions remain unsolved, people cannot believe there is such a thing as God. Scientific minds ask how a good and almighty God could be so helpless that such contusion and evil are possible. Such a person wants to grab Cod and protest, "Why did you allow this to happen? Why are you helpless?" What would God's answer be? If this situation were the result of God's own making then you would have reason to protest that God must be evil instead of good.

There are two possible answers God could give you either, "I just don't know what happened"; or "l didn't create this situation. I am not responsible for the evil of mankind." To this you might reply, "Even if man made this evil world, why can't you do something about it if you are omnipotent and good?" God will tell you that there is a reason He cannot interfere. When you ask what it is, He will say it is not simple, but if you want to know then He will tell you. But He will ask if you are ready to be responsible to take action based on such knowledge.

If you ask God if He is happy, He will say, "Certainly not." We already know that man is not happy. If man is not happy and God is not happy, then what happened, and why isn't God doing something about it? Here we arrive at the key realization. The situation we face today cannot be solved by God alone, or by man alone. Only God and man together in cooperation can solve the problem. An ambitious, good-looking young man might address God, asking if He isn't waiting for some man to step forward and help solve the problem, and if so this young man is ready to volunteer. God will reply that He has been waiting for thousands of years for someone to step forward and say, "God, I am at your service."

God will tell this man that He has a concept of the true man and true woman, a concept of the ideal family, nation and world. To actualize that blueprint true love should be at the core, and that love will come from God. God is a well of true love, but so far it has not flowed out of Him because there has been no one capable of or entitled to receive it. Why couldn't God give true love to men? Because men became fallen and sinful. The fall brought everything to destruction. True love became false love, and Cod's true love could not have give and take with it. When wells become polluted, no pure water can be found there.

Because of the fall, everything became divided into compartments. What can be done to solve the question? God will say that He is doing something, but how can we know what God is doing so we can respond? Falsehood and truth look alike. God will say that He will help you to know what is true and what is false. Religion is God's tool, and He will tell you to look for the one religion which is most persecuted. His power will be working through that religion and through His power it will rise.

If a person wants to be truly committed to a religion, he must be able to withstand all temptations from the world. That qualification can be gained only by surviving persecution and still advancing upward. The world needs a Messiah because the average man cannot withstand such hardship without faltering or falling into temptation. To show such weak men the true way, the Messiah must show mankind the ultimate hope. That's why all religions have some concept of a Messiah to come.

The Messiah comes as a champion of God, a man who is invincible and cannot be overcome by satanic power. If even a weak man declares a partnership with the Messiah, that person can become as strong as the Messiah is. We can conclude that the only true hope in this sinful world is to find the Messiah who comes as God's champion. Our duty is to unite with him, and then He will show us how to overcome evil and be liberated from sin. Do you need the Messiah? Perhaps only Koreans or Africans need a Messiah? Certainly sophisticated Americans don't need a Messiah, right? How can you speak for everyone else? We can know logically that even the most prominent leaders and thinkers of a country need the Messiah.

Many people think we Moonies are crazy or brainwashed, but from God's point of view we represent His hope because we are earnestly searching after true love. Therefore, in His sight we are the normal people. Are you proud of being Moonies? You Moonies give me all kinds of trouble-if you didn't follow me then the communists would leave me alone and the religious leaders wouldn't oppose me. The communists feel threatened because we oppose communism, so they hate me. I can only conclude that you give me trouble!

I am one, but you are many. Is there one kind of you, or many kinds? But do you have one thought and conviction? What is today? This is a Moonie celebration of true parents which only Moonies have. The rest of the world cannot understand why Moonies are gathering from all over the world on this day. When Moonies move, all kinds of people murmur! Reverend Moon is a topic of talk all around the world. They aren't talking about me because they like me or think I am a hero, but because they think I am terrible. That means I am a big question mark in this country!

If my business had nothing to do with God's business then when I made all kinds of commotion God Himself would send a team to investigate what I was doing. If He found I was doing something very terrible then God would simply call me upstairs. But on the contrary, all kinds of human agents have investigated me, yet God allows me to prosper.

If God ever called me upstairs to spirit world because I was causing too much trouble, who would be the happiest? Not the American FBI and CIA, but the communists, who would then be unopposed in their efforts to take over the world. Many people have prayed that I will die and disappear, but even though God has heard their prayers, the Moonies are still growing and expanding. We have the brightest young people of the world. How can anyone explain this?

You are not simple people, but energetic, ambitious people who want to do something about the world Why should so many ambitious and determined people gather with me to do something? It could only be because God is with me. How can you know for sure'' It may be difficult for other people to know what we are doing, but I know very well. What makes me so strong that I speak out without fear? I am not an athletic champion or a giant, but when the President makes a mistake I will speak out. When communists do evil, I speak without fear.

The word "god" in Korean refers to the traditional black Korean hat. So far I am just warmed up. Are you ready for the message now? Actually you don't need a message because you look inspired already. Today is a day to honor the True Parents and give them a day of rest, but instead you keep asking for more. How cruel you are! Can we conclude now?

So far we have determined that God hates me, right? Does God love me? God loves Moonies. If and when God loves Moonies then for sure He would love Reverend Moon. What kind of love is God giving?- hot, cold or what? Very, very hot love. When you talk about true love then you have to say, "Very, very, very, very, very hot love." True love should have even more "verys." When God talks about true love He would be screaming, "Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot love," and then faint. That's true love. Am I very cold, lukewarm or hot?

When you are faced with an emergency situation, you look for the person you truly love. A dying husband will call for his wife, a dying child will call for his parents, and parents for their children. This is because they love them the most. Your loving relationships should be that extensive and deep. Only in love of that depth can God reveal everything He knows to man and share all His secrets.

The Unification Church has its origins in that intimate relationship of love with God. Therefore, God revealed the secrets and truth which He never revealed before. With the power of that truth we can clean up the tree world and liberate the communist world from their ideology because we truly know who God is and how He loves us. The completion of the providence, or God's will, was the goal both before and after the fall since even men without sin have to grow into perfection. The will of God was meant to be consummated through complete unity of God and men. Man's perfection can only come together with God. After man fell, the completion of God's will became more difficult. It is not easy to become one with God in the fallen world because sin blocks everyone.

God created Adam and Eve to center upon God, thus forming a trinity in union with Him. This is also the starting point of true love. First there must be a son who can deserve true love. Then comes a woman who receives true love from God. The son and daughter God created in the garden of Eden were entitled to God's true love. Before they were husband t and wife, this man and woman were true brother and sister.

The word "true" is important here. The tradition of true love was meant to be born in Eden, the beginning point. Then where would that tradition of true love move to? The true brother and sister relationship would become that of true groom and bride. When husband and wife are united in true love could anything separate them? Even God could not separate them because He would be melted by their love and want to join them. God is almighty and omnipotent, but He is helpless before true love. In true love there is no rank or degree, and all can become one together. Anything that accompanies true love is welcome, wherever you are and whatever you do. It a person of true love is moving into hell, the door will be wide open for him and hell will become heaven. Nothing hinders true love.

True love imparts the power of true life, and when you receive true love you feel the surging power of life within you. The eye is drawn to true love, and all your senses are alert. All your heart yearns in that direction. You never get tired of seeing true love, and you want to be near and touch it. Do you like it? We can feel intoxicated even just thinking about it!

When you climb in love to the top of a mountain, not only your voice but every cell shouts out in true joy. I look like any average man, but when I travel to other parts of the world you miss me and count the days till I return. When a person has this longing, his parents will become jealous, or his husband or wife, and they will try to make trouble. What kind of trouble is that? It is love trouble, the conflict between true love and false love.

At this moment I want to greet the guests from Argentina who have been listening with earphones to my sermon. They are getting an unexpected experience this morning, and I am sure they have never heard a sermon like this one! I want them to know that there is a reason for what I am saying, and ask them not to jump quickly to conclusions.

The tradition of true love between brother and sister develops into true love of husband and wife, and next it should develop into love of true parents. Mankind needs the love of True Parents. That tradition and position have not been established. Next true grandparents are needed. Then what? By the time they become true grandparents there will be many children, cousins and nieces and nephews, and all together they will form a tribe. The tradition of the true tribe should be established, and that will expand into a tradition of the true nation conceived in true love.

Do we have this true nation anywhere in this fallen world? Whatever culture and language is possessed by that nation is the true culture and language. That is most logical. But we do not have that one true culture and language. Actually this planet is meant to be one nation, God's nation, but today no nation is truly God's nation and no people are truly God's people. Did you grow up in the tradition of true brotherhood and true husband and wife? Don't you think God wants a change?

Today America is focused on ungodly selfishness. The entire world, and especially America, is focused on individualism. New York is a living grave, where people bury themselves in drugs and immorality. In the time of Jesus leprosy was a great problem, but today drugs are a great problem. I know Americans want to hear something nice about their country, but I cannot say it. I don't care whether they hate me or not-I must tell the truth. If they want to hear good words then they must live up to them. America today is declining like Rome did. America today needs to be awakened and someone has to shock this nation. Korea is certainly in trouble also, but for the sake of the world America must be awakened immediately.

God's blueprint is very simple, beginning with one man and woman under God, and then expanding to one ideal family, tribe and nation. We are talking about making the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. If you live in heaven on earth, after you go to spirit world you will enjoy heaven for eternity. That is how God envisioned His ideal. Where must that tradition of true love begin? The beginning point is earth. Someone must create such a tradition, and we will do it.

God's original scheme was to have a world of goodness and perfection, but the very man and woman that God created moved in the opposite direction, toward the kingdom of hell on earth. Don't worry about going to hell after you die, for everyone is living in hell on earth today and is choked by sin. In Divine Principle we talk about the original four position foundation of God, Adam and Eve, and their children. That is how the Kingdom of Heaven should have been erected. But God became separated from Adam and Eve, and Satan became the father of mankind instead, usurping God's rightful position. The four position foundation was created under Satan and multiplied into a tribe, nation and world. The hatred, war and corruption of the world is the result of the fall, and was not God's original intention.

Today we are totally surrounded by sin. In order to solve the problem today, we have to go back to the cause at the beginning, reorganize it, and then make a new beginning. It is the destiny of each man to return to that point and make a new beginning. This is why many people today feel that we must be near the end of the world. Even people who have riches and comfort are restless. They cannot feel settled because everyone is destined to go back to the beginning and start over.

Today everyone is denying everyone else- parents deny children and children deny parents. Husband and wife deny each other. People deny their governments; students deny their schools. This is part of God's scheme because He wants people to realize that nothing is settled and they must search for something stable. They will not find it until they find God. This is a restless, wandering world, and now is the time when God promised He would send the Messiah, the one hope for mankind. The incredible decline and breakdown we see in society is not just a bad omen, but is all part of God's scheme. He is shaking everyone so that when the Messiah comes they will cling to him and make a new beginning centered on God.

There is much entanglement in human affairs, so each human being has to cut this world off and return to the original point. No one has the energy to do it alone, so God shakes everyone up, and as a result they feel no connection to anyone else. Then it is easy for them to go back to the original point. Many people see only despair in the world today, but it is actually a time of hope instead. This is the best chance for everyone to go back to the original point and make a new beginning.

When people are going back, looking for the original point, the truth and untruth look alike to them. When people deny the establishment they might start something like the hippie movement or the back-to-earth movement, while we started the Moonie movement. They all look crazy, but one is true and the others false. We are heavenly hippies, and in time the worldly hippies will come to you as their Abel. Out of despair can come gigantic leaps and bounds. There is gigantic hope now as the new day dawns, for the end of the old world brings the beginning of the new. Today there are two major ideological divisions in the world-the free world and the communist world-one which is God accepting and the other God-denying. The logical next step is to make one world. This is really the time for a new God-centered beginning, and so this is the most hopeful time.

What is necessary for a new beginning? We have to give people a better ideology than what they have. We offer a better alternative to communism and to the governments of the free world. What is that ideology? First, it must be God-centered and aimed at the true love of God; it must be able to reconstruct the true individual, family, society, and nation. Today I am in a tug-of-war with America, yanking this nation into motion. Next I will tug the communist world. Our CARP movement is all over America, shoving this nation.

Some of the Unification Church leaders are sleeping. They think I do things in the Korean way and want me to act according to the American way. They should stop thinking that way. There is only one way-we follow God's way.

Who brought the fall and incredible suffering to mankind? Adam and Eve. The first man and woman, who should have been elevated to true parenthood, united instead with Satan and brought the world with them. Therefore, reorganization must begin with the True Parents, and this is why no one can do it except the Messiah. He comes in the position of the true, perfected Adam who is united with God. United with the true woman, he will form true parenthood to give mankind new birth.

What is the Messiah's qualification? One criterion is that he must win over all the temptation and suffering of the fallen world. Satan has many weapons like money, power and knowledge, but no matter what direction Satan's temptations come from. the

Messiah must remain incorruptible. Every cell of his body exists for the sake of God, and every ounce of his energy and thought is centered upon God, with no deviation. There must be not only a perfect man but a perfect woman, who will together become parents and can give mankind new birth.

You will face temptation from all kinds of people whispering in your ears, trying to dissuade you from going in the right direction. I am sure many of you will be shaken by it and leave. I know these temptations will come to you because they have come to me. Satan has whispered in my ears, saying such things as, "God doesn't really love you, or else why would you be put in this prison camp for three years? How could He allow you to suffer if He really loved you?" After I came to America Satan whispered to me, "If God really loved you why would He allow so many Americans to demonstrate against you? You shouldn't confront the American government because you will be crushed." That is how Satan talked to me.

Your temptation is nothing. It is the natural course of things, so just blow it away. Many people have said unkind things about me, but during that time I accomplished many things. My major accomplishment is that thousands of you young people around the world have become God-centered and nothing will shake you. In Korea I received incredible persecution from people who called me a traitor and evil man. But today, a few years later, they say I am a true patriot and must be a man of God. They even say that in Korea's 5,000 year history there has never been such a giant. I was also persecuted in Japan, but today major leaders in the government openly proclaim that Reverend Moon's ideology is the only hope for Japan to turn back the tide of communism. They see there is no other method that can prevent a communist takeover of Japan. They say that Reverend Moon is not just Korean but Asian, so they have kinship with me. I like that.

Now it is America's turn. This nation has given me great hardship, calling me a brainwasher and family wrecker, and an agent of the KCIA. But you have a smile and sense of devotion and purpose; you have totally changed your way of life. You look charming and young, but you have incredible inner strength through your faith in God. Even if you are put in jail you are not bothered. There is no way America can handle this kind of men and women.

Moonies are busy people. None of you women are wearing heavy makeup because you don't have the time to spend in front of your mirror. You hardly even have time to wash your laundry. Yet you are happy people who have single-minded devotion to increase the work of God on earth. You don't care what people say because you have already make up your mind. Even if I give you a hard time you still come back. I have set many records, and certainly one of them is that I have received more curses than anyone else in history. I am also the champion for training the most stubborn young people to work for the highest purpose.

Certainly the President of America could not do what I am doing. The Prime Minister of England or Japan could not do it either. I am also the champion fighter against communism and the champion in awakening Christianity. I am the champion in remaking young people of all nationalities into moral people. In order to do that I have to push you out, but do you love me? Why? Simply because I am the champion of bringing the true love of God, a bridge of the true love of God. Are there any challengers? Raise your hands and come on up!

Today you and I are in the world championship in every area-in conveying the love of God, the work of raising moral men and women, in fighting communism. Day and night you go out fund raising and witnessing, without food or sleep. You know that becoming a champion is not easy. Do you expect an easy way? Competing with me is an uphill fight.

Today I am giving you an easy way out, however. Why not just pack up and forget about that difficult fight? Find your own wife or husband and live your own life. No? There are two kinds of "no"-no and know. You say "no" because you "know" the truth, right? So you are happy, aren't you? When you lose energy, "happy" becomes very "heavy," but when you have energy you are very peppy. Are you heavy or happy?

Now you know what our life goal is and what is true happiness. The house of happiness is made of the tradition of the true love of God. That's the dwelling place you have found, and it will be eternal. When you are equipped with the true love of God, you will be welcome wherever you go. The new order and new world is coming soon, and in that world the Unification Church members will travel without visas because everyone will want them to come.

I want to speak to the white American couples. I might visit your home in very humble, ragged clothes, and when I ring the bell will you say I should call ahead and make an appointment? If I withdrew all your savings and spent your money would you call the police? Why not? That's the American way of life. I have heard that in America couples make up marriage contracts concerning who owns what, and they even have secret bank accounts. I heard of a man who put his money in his sock before he went home because otherwise his wife would take it all and he would have nothing. What a different standard we have!

Would it be normal for you to call the police if I took your money? The early Korean and Japanese couples know that I know best in every way, including how to use a home and spend money. They ask me to go right ahead and take what they have because they know I will use it for the sake of God. I asked the American and European leaders to come hear this message because they need to be awakened, to repent and make a new beginning. They have been living their own way of thinking.

I have already done whatever I ask you to do' for it is my standard to do something myself before I talk about it. I abhor the leader who just sits and gives commands and lets other people carry them out. I act first and then have other people follow me. That is heavenly tradition. I have done one thing for the sake of the world-set the tradition of the heavenly way under true love. This is universal and it works everywhere, for every man.

There is no one in spirit world who does not know me and what I am doing. This earth reflects the spirit world, so here in America everyone knows my name, though they do not know what I am doing. But they will know soon. The amazing fact is that the communist leaders are the ones who most clearly recognize my ability. Moscow and Peking know precisely what I am. The communists are afraid that the free world leaders will know me as well, so the communists are trying to create a smoke screen to keep people in ignorance. They are also trying to destroy me before I can become known.

The communists even manipulate the American government in their scheme to get rid of me, as well as Christians and Jews. But even under these intimidating circumstances I have been prosperous. Certainly I could never do this with my own power. Only the power of God could do it. Right after the 1976 Washington Monument Rally I declared that the Moscow Rally would be next. This movement is entirely focused on liberating the world from the communist ideology. I am one bulwark to stop the spread of communism and I will eventually turn the tide back. Do you support that? Do you joyfully support that?

If you would be victorious over communism, must you be superior to the communists'' Only if your power is superior will you be victorious. In my whole life of pioneering I have never resorted to any physical showdown whatsoever. My weapon has always been silent endurance.

Today I declare the end of the first 21 year course. This is a momentous day. Today another 21 year course has begun, and in this time our movement will grow physically as well as spiritually and we will be strengthened in every way. We must deter the advance of communism and we need the power to liberate them. Even for the communists I am in the position of father, but it is your position actually to win over them and be victorious. You shall be superior in God-centered character and in strength of knowledge, experience, and organization.

The communists are determined to destroy the free world and take over, but we will save the free world and also the communist world. That is our goal. The Unification movement is here for recreation. The original will of God was corrupted, so we are here to recreate the world. We are that force and movement which will liberate the entire world centered on the true love of God. Our method is home church, through which you can contact everyone.

Your home church area is a little world which represents the entire fallen world and history in miniature form. When you win your battle there, God will consider that you have won the entire battle and inherited my victorious tradition on the universal level. Your goal, then, is to become a tribal messiah to home church. When there are home messiahs, then tribal messiahs under the worldwide Messiah, all shall be accomplished and fulfilled.

A dynamic, explosive era has dawned today. The second 21 year course has begun. If you give all your heart for your task, however, you can accomplish everything in the first seven years. Then you will be finished and have no more seven year courses. You will enjoy the fruits of your effort and not have to endure more tribulation and hardship. Jesus' spirit was always centered on love, and he demonstrated that love on the cross. He sacrificed himself as a single person, but today we have the privilege of bearing the cross as husband and wife. In the next seven years husband and wife will do this as one unit.

Many blessed couples think they have worked hard and now I should help them. But I tell them it is their responsibility. Even if I help them, their own responsibility remains of becoming victorious on their own. That's the criterion. God will give ample blessing, including material blessing, after you set the standard and tradition. If God gives blessing before then, you will be accused by Satan and he will steal it. God does not want that.

The Messiah given to the world by God will not receive God's help every minute of the day. God will leave him alone to do his own responsibility. That's the way Mother and I suffered, but in that way we could become victorious over hardship and Satan can no longer accuse. When you become a personification of the true love of God, the rest of your problems will be solved automatically, including your food, housing, clothing. The Bible says so, and I say it again. If that is not true, then I am an imposter.

The title of today's message is "Completion of the Providence and Parents' Day." The True Parents set the tradition, and now you are to follow and set the same tradition and standard on your own. Then you shall be at the same level as True Parents m God's sight. This next seven years is the time for you to demonstrate what you are and what you can do. Any organization or system that hampers this movement or your achievement will be demolished. Home church is the primary dispensation and anything else is secondary. I am declaring to Unification Church members all over the world that this is the Parents' Day which ends the first 21 year course and begins the second 21 year course.

You are independent messiahs, and whatever you do is your own responsibility. You are to bring the Kingdom of Heaven in home church. Traditionally I have rejected any outside help, whether from nations or government agencies, but I offered to help any government that needed it. I don't want the American government to help me, but I want to help the American people. I am pouring all my blood and sweat, and my money and knowledge into this nation.

Many foreigners come to America to create a fortune and take it back home with them, but I came to this country to pour everything I have into saving this nation. I am truly the most precious visitor to come to this nation, but the people and government treated me in the worst fashion. I could easily feel hatred and want revenge, but I have never felt that. I want to embrace America with love. Every day my effort is to love and educate America. If America rejects this love and education then this country won't have to try to get rid of me-I will leave on my own. But that will be a tragic day for America because thousands of people will follow me in tears. America will be devastated if I leave because many significant people will no longer love this nation.

Argentina has been mistreated and misrepresented by America, struggling for its own freedom and survival against communism. I see there is a great opportunity for God to help Argentina restore its freedom.

We know today that we have an inner, spiritual strength that is tougher than iron. Now we are building physical strength that includes manpower and money, organization and publicity. If anyone opposes Moonies, don't let the opportunity go by, but demand that they say what's wrong with us and what they really do know about us. We know what we are, but how much do they know? I can endure being cursed and persecuted, but I want you to be respected by the nation and world.

This afternoon we have a martial arts demonstration and I would like you to see these champions in action. They will demonstrate what the mind and body can do, and how we can be strong not only in spirit but in body. You should know about the communists. They will come against you with dirty tactics, just like they have done in Argentina, and you should be ready in every way. If a thief comes in your door and tries to stab your own father, would you just stand by and watch? If an evil man slaughters the good people of your town, would you just try to escape?

The same thing can be said about nations. Today many South American nations are on the verge of being murdered, but America is trying to look away and say it is none of this nation's business. Is that how to follow the commandment to love one's neighbor'' It is my lifetime dream to create a tribe and nation that can be strong and stand up for righteousness without fear of death. That's the kind of courage we need to I liberate the world from the evil ideology of communism. It is certainly not my ideology. This is God's ideology. Even if I falter at this moment, millions of other Reverend Moons will arise because this ideology is immortal and eternal.

Today we declare the beginning of the second 21 year course, in which we shall become superior in every way over the evil ideology of communism. Our goal is to create the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, and in order to do that we must liberate mankind from sin. We are committed to rise to the challenge without compromise. If you promise that to me, raise your hand. We'll see you in Moscow.

I am sure that in a few minutes the State Department will know what I have said, and even sooner than that the Kremlin will know. Actually I want them to hear.

Many people are trying to kill me because I speak out very clearly. The other day a person came to our CARP center. He had carried a pistol for three years waiting for the chance to kill me because he thought I was an enemy of America. But after reading the CARP newspaper he realized that I was the best friend of America. He came to surrender his pistol and join CARP.

You can see that my freedom of movement is hindered. But at the same time I have given my entire life, giving my youth for the mission of erecting the Church, never even looking after my own family in my concern for the world. Now it is your turn. My main responsibility now is to set up the model family of heaven, the tradition of true love. I set the world tradition, national tradition, and tribal tradition, and now I must set the family tradition.

So far it has been my tradition to love the members more than my own children and wife. Some of the 36 couples are sitting here, and if they don't recognize and appreciate my love then they are really traitors. I have loved them more than anyone. I will go home and set the family tradition because this is my remaining responsibility, but you cannot go home until you assume my role on the front line.

I cut all the satanic ties and overcame this world, returning to the beginning point and setting the pattern of the heavenly tour position foundation. Now you are taking over and it is your turn to build your own tribe, nation and world. You inherit my tradition now and make it your tradition. Erect your own family, tribe, nation and world tradition. You should be the bulwark in the heavenly fight, the leaders who can say, "Follow me." Will you do that'' Do you know this to the bone?

To send a rocket into space you need a launching pad, and your 360 homes will be that launching pad for you. As much as you long for me, let them long for you so much that they cannot live one day without you. Satan fears home church because unconditional love is your weapon and Satan has no defense against that. We should march for that goal, giving true love and true education. These are the two most basic goals. You have to digest this yourself and endure all hardship. Don't get diarrhea in assimilating this.

When you move fast you have more energy and the other side will be shattered, not you. Whether you go fast or slow, the opposition will have the same strength, so it is a far better tactic to move quickly because it will penetrate their defenses. This is why I don't believe in working piecemeal, but going all out. That's why in 1975 I sent out missionaries to 120 nations all at once. They were lightning rods for persecution, to get it over all at once and end it.

Before I undertook any task in this country I met the major leaders here-such as most of the Senators, including Senator Kennedy, and President Nixon. I met former President Eisenhower. Go to the famous people and well-known people in your area. You should feel that you will contribute more to your area than they do and love it more than anyone. You can say proudly to the parents that you love their children more than they do, and to the children that you love their parents more than they do. You love them more because you love with the unselfish love of God.

Very definitely people will be moved and inspired by you. In the beginning they will stand firm against you, but know that before too long they will be melted by your love. No other power is greater than your God-centered love. You have a weapon as powerful as an atomic bomb. No other power can compete with the power of love. The best people are either hot or cold. Those who oppose you will be your target because they will be your best members when they are turned around.

Your parents did not like me too much, but I loved them more than you loved them and eventually they will be melted. This is our principle strategy. This morning I have showed it plainly to you. The greatest weapon we have is the power of love The entire world will be influenced by it and bow down to you. What is needed are people who will initiate home church' and when that is all done you will register as citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven. But that registration will be conducted by families, not individuals. This is not my concept, but God's.

Since this is God's original concept, I have no choice except to follow that tradition. You have no one to blame or complain about. If you are not making good marks at school you can't complain about anyone except yourself. Do not ever think you are working for the Unification Church; you are working for your own church. You are not working for the Unification Church nation and world' but your own nation and world. But it happens to be my nation and world as well.

Why are that nation and world needed? For you and me. Actually you are working for yourself, so it is your responsibility. The leaders should never think I will solve their problems, but should confront the hard questions themselves. There shall be no complaint because what you earn is what you get. That is the property you will earn and can leave to your children. The more of yourself you empty out, the more you will receive.

Do not ever think that I am taking a holiday from now on. I want to buy one airplane, but not for a vacation. Have you seen me take one day or week of vacation in my whole life? Do you have any objection if I buy a plane? The plane will be for me to take the hardworking members to visit many places. Would you want me to buy it, or will you do that for me? OK, buy it right away!

Mother is a very ugly wife, isn't she? No, she is known for her beauty, but she married an ugly husband, didn't she? One thing is for sure. I treated her as though she were an ugly wife and never paid attention to her. I want to have at least a little time to show her the rest of the world.

I have four more years before I reach what you call the retirement age of 65. If you can let me retire four years in advance because you will take up my job, then that is your pride. But I have an insoluble problem. There is no place I could go where I would not be recognized and besieged by people. Even if I don't send notice in advance, spirit world lets people know! When I go to Japan and Korea, the moment I arrive there is a hectic schedule. My real problem is that there is no sanctuary for me.

I am now appealing to spirit world not to send a message that I am coming so that I can have peace and quiet for a few years. But actually I am just kidding. I have much work left to do. Before I finish my life on earth there is much more I must do on my own. In my own writing I must set down all the heavenly rules and regulations of Life in Principle. No one else will do that after I die. I want you to pay more attention to your mission of home church than you do to me. Will you promise me that?

I have gone over the hill but you are still coming up. If at some point you no longer see me it is because I will already be on the other side. That's natural and you shouldn't worry about it, but just keep climbing and doing your mission of home church. Every nation has more hills to cover, including America, Argentina and Korea. Americans should have the will power to climb over that hill.

We are laboriously pounding in stakes at each step now, but later we will build a cable car so that everyone can just ride quickly to the top. Will you do that?

God bless you.

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