The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1980

The Completion of the Providence and Parent's Day

Sun Myung Moon
April 15, 1980

On Parents' Day 1980 Father gave this significant message on the Home Church providence and our relationship to it.

Today I declare the end of the first twenty-one year course. This is a momentous day. Today another twenty-one year course has begun, and in this time our movement will grow physically as well as spiritually and we will be strengthened in every way. We must deter the advance of communism and we need the power to liberate them. Even for the communists I am in the position of father, but it is your position actually to win over them and be victorious. You shall be superior in God-centered character and in strength of knowledge, experience, and organization.

The communists are determined to destroy the free world and take over, but we will save the free world and also the communist world. That is our goal. The Unification movement is here for re-creation. The original will of God was corrupted, so we are here to re-create the world. We are that force and movement which will liberate the entire world centered on the true love of God. Our method is Home Church, through which you can contact everyone.

Your Home Church area is a little world which represents the entire fallen world and history in miniature form. When you win your battle there, God will consider that you have won the entire battle and inherited my victorious tradition on the universal level. Your goal, then, is to become a tribal messiah to Home Church. When there are home messiahs, then tribal messiahs under the worldwide Messiah, all shall be accomplished and fulfilled.

A dynamic, explosive era has dawned today. The second twenty-one year course has begun. If you give all your heart for your task, however, you can accomplish everything in the first seven years. Then you will be finished and have no more seven year courses. You will enjoy the fruits of your effort and not have to endure more tribulation and hardship. Jesus' spirit was always centered on love, and he demonstrated that love on the cross. He sacrificed himself as a single person, but today we have the privilege of bearing the cross as husband and wife. In the next seven years husband and wife will do this as one unit.

Many blessed couples think they have worked hard and now I should help them. But I tell them it is their responsibility. Even if I help them, their own responsibility remains of becoming victorious on their own. That's the criterion. God will give ample blessing, including material blessing, after you set the standard and tradition. If God gives blessing before then, you will be accused by Satan and he will steal it. God does not want that.

The Messiah given to the world by God will not receive God's help every minute of the day. God will leave him alone to do his own responsibility. That's the way Mother and I suffered, but in that way we could become victorious over hardship and Satan can no longer accuse. When you become a personification of the true love of God the rest of your problems will be solved automatically, including your food, housing, and clothing. The Bible says so, and I say it again -- if that is not true, then I am an imposter.

The title of today's message is "Completion of the Providence and Parents' Day." The True Parents set the tradition, and now you are to follow and set the same tradition and standard on your own. Then you shall be at the same level as True Parents in God's sight. This next seven years is the time for you to demonstrate what you are and what you can do. Any organization or system that hampers this movement or your achievement will be demolished. Home Church is the primary dispensation and anything else is secondary. I am declaring to Unification Church members all over the world that this is the Parents' Day which ends the first twenty-one year course and begins the second twenty-one year course.

You are independent messiahs, and whatever you do is your own responsibility. You are to bring the Kingdom of Heaven in Home Church. Traditionally I have rejected any outside help, whether from nations or government agencies, but I offered to help any government that needed it. I don't want the American government to help me, but I want to help the American people. I am pouring all my blood and sweat, and my money and knowledge into this nation. Many foreigners come to America to create a fortune and take it back home with them, but I came to this country to pour everything I have into saving this nation.

I am truly the most precious visitor to come to this nation, but the people and government treated me in the worst fashion. I could easily feel hatred and want revenge, but I have never felt that. I want to embrace America with love. Every day my effort is to love and educate America. If America rejects this love and education then this country won't have to try to get rid of me -- I will leave on my own. But that will be a tragic day for America because thousands of people will follow me in tears. America will be devastated if I leave because many significant people will no longer love this nation. Argentina has been mistreated and misrepresented by America, struggling for its own freedom and survival against communism. I see there is a great opportunity for God to help Argentina restore its freedom.

We know today that we have an inner, spiritual strength that is tougher than iron. Now we are building physical strength that includes manpower and money, organization and publicity. If anyone opposes Moonies, don't let the opportunity go by, but demand that they say what's wrong with us and what they really do know about us. We know what we are, but how much do they know? I can endure being cursed and persecuted, but I want you to be respected by the nation and world.

This afternoon we have a martial arts demonstration and I would like you to see these champions in action. They will demonstrate what the mind and body can do, and how we can be strong not only in spirit but in body. You should know about the communists. They will come against you with dirty tactics, just like they have done in Argentina, and you should be ready in every way. If a thief comes in your door and tries to stab your own father, would you just stand by and watch? If an evil man slaughters the good people of your town, would you just try to escape?

The same thing can be said about nations. Today many South American nations are on the verge of being murdered, but America is trying to look away and say it is none of this nation's business. Is that how to follow the commandment to love one's neighbor? It is my lifetime dream to create a tribe and nation that can be strong and stand up for righteousness without fear of death. That's the kind of courage we need to liberate the world from the evil ideology of communism. It is certainly not my ideology. This is God's ideology. Even if I falter at this moment, millions of other Reverend Moons will arise because this ideology is immortal and eternal.

Today we declare the beginning of the second twenty-one year course, in which we shall become superior in every way over the evil ideology of communism. Our goal is to create the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, and in order to do that we must liberate mankind from sin. We are committed to rise to the challenge without compromise. If you promise that to me, raise your hand. Well see you in Moscow.

I am sure that in a few minutes the State Department will know what I have said, and even sooner than that the Kremlin will know. Actually I want them to hear. Many people ire trying to kill me because I speak out very clearly. The other day a person came to our CARP center. He had carried a pistol for three years waiting for the chance to kill me because he thought I was an enemy of America. But after reading the CARP newspaper he realized that I was the best friend of America. He came to surrender his pistol and join CARP.

You can see that my freedom of movement is hindered. But at the same time I have given my entire life, giving my youth for the mission of erecting the Church, never even looking after my own family in my concern for the world. Now it is your turn. My main responsibility now is to set up the model family of heaven, the tradition of true love. I set the world tradition, national tradition, and tribal tradition, and now I must set the family tradition.

So far it has been my tradition to love the members more than my own children and wife. Some of the 36 couples are sitting here, and if they don't recognize and appreciate my love then they are really traitors. I have loved them more than anyone. I will go home and set the family tradition because this is my remaining responsibility, but you cannot go home until you assume my role on the front line.

I cut all the satanic ties and overcame this world, returning to the beginning point and setting the pattern of the heavenly four position foundation. Now you are taking over and it is your turn to build your own tribe, nation and world. You inherit my tradition now and make it your tradition. Erect your own family, tribe, nation and world tradition. You should be the bulwark in the heavenly fight, the leaders who can say, "Follow me." Will you do that? Do you know this to the bone? To send a rocket into space you need a launching pad, and your 360 homes will be that launching pad for you. As much as you long for me, let them long for you so much that they cannot live one day without you. Satan fears Home Church because unconditional love is your weapon and Satan has no defense against that. We should march for that goal, giving true love and true education. These are the two most basic goals. You have to digest this yourself and endure all hardship. Don't get diarrhea in assimilating this.

When you move fast you have more energy and the other side will be shattered, not you. Whether you go fast or slow, the opposition will have the same strength, so it is a far better tactic to move quickly because it will penetrate their defenses. This is why I don't believe in working piecemeal, but going all out. That's why in 1975 I sent out missionaries to 120 nations all at once. They were lightning rods for persecution, to get it over all at once and end it. Before I undertook any task in this country I met the major leaders here -- such as most of the Senators, including Senator Kennedy, and President Nixon. I met former President Eisenhower. Go to the famous people and well-known people in your area. You should feel that you will contribute more to your area than they do and love it more than anyone. You can say proudly to the parents that you love their children more than they do, and to the children that you love their parents more than they do. You love them more because you love with the unselfish love of God.

Very definitely people will be moved and inspired by you. In the beginning they will stand firm against you, but know that before too long they will be melted by your love. No other power is greater than your God-centered love. You have a weapon as powerful as an atomic bomb. No other power can compete with the power of love. The best people are either hot or cold. Those who oppose you will be your target because they will be your best members when they are turned around.

Your parents did not like me too much, but I loved them more than you loved them and eventually they will be melted. This is our principle strategy. This morning I have showed it plainly to you. The greatest weapon we have is the power of love. The entire world will be influenced by it and bow down to you. What is needed are people who will initiate Home Church, and when that is all done you will register as citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven. But that registration will be conducted by families, not individuals. This is not my concept, but God's.

Since this is God's original concept, I have no choice except to follow that tradition. You have no one to blame or complain about. If you are not making good marks at school you can't complain about anyone except yourself. Do not ever think you are working for the Unification Church: you are working for your own church. You are not working for the Unification Church nation and world, but your own nation and world. But it happens to be my nation and world as well.

Why are that nation and world needed? For you and me. Actually you are working for yourself, so it is your responsibility. The leaders should never think I will solve their problems, they should confront the hard questions themselves. There shall be no complaint because what you earn is what you get. That is the property you will earn and can leave to your children. The more of yourself you empty out, the more you will receive.

Do not ever think that I am taking a holiday from now on. I want to buy one airplane, but not for a vacation. Have you seen me take one day or week of vacation in my whole life? Do you have any objection if I buy a plane? The plane will be for me to take the hard-working members to visit many places. Would you want me to buy it, or will you do that for me? OK, buy it right away!

Mother is a very ugly wife, isn't she? No, she is known for her beauty, but she married an ugly husband, didn't she? One thing is for sure -- I treated her as though she were an ugly wife and never paid attention to her. I want to have at least a little time to show her the rest of the world. I have four more years before I reach what you call the retirement age of 65. If you can let me retire four years in advance because you will take up my job, then that is your pride. But I have an insoluble problem. There is no place I could go where I would not be recognized and besieged by people. Even if I don't send notice in advance, spirit world lets people know! When I go to Japan and Korea, the moment I arrive there is a hectic schedule. My real problem is that there is no sanctuary for me.

I am now appealing to spirit world not to send a message that I am coming so that I can have peace and quiet for a few years. But actually I am just kidding. I have much work left to do. Before I finish my life on earth there is much more I must do on my own. In my own writing I must set down all the heavenly rules and regulations of life in Principle. No one else will do that after I die. I want you to pay more attention to your mission of Home Church than you do to me. Will you promise me that?

I have gone over the hill but you are still coming up. If at some point you no longer see me it is because I will already be on the other side. That's natural and you shouldn't worry about it, but just keep climbing and doing your mission of Home Church. Every nation has more hills to cover, including America, Argentina and Korea. Americans should have the will power to climb over that hill. We are laboriously pounding in stakes at each step now, but later we will build a cable car so that everyone can just ride quickly to the top. Will you do that? God bless you. 

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