The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1980

To The MFT

Reverend Sun Myung Moon,
January 2, 1980
World Mission Center
Translator - Bo Hi Pak

You are the wings of the Unification Church, the aspect which is responsible for our financial foundation. Since I set up this year's new motto I am sure some of you wonder what you can do about home church, since you can't settle down in one place. The most important thing you should know is why we are doing home church. I told our members to do home church. But MFT [ed. Mobile Fundraising Team] activities are also the result of my direct instruction to you. This is your mission for God's dispensation.

There are many other missions in our Church apart from the regular home church dispensation. Many other brothers and sisters are doing special tasks. The important consideration, however, is whether a member receives his instructions wholeheartedly and fulfills them to the utmost.

Home church alone could not fulfill all of God's dispensation; it must be united with all the other components to make up the heavenly victory. Your attitude, or the shape of your mind and heart, is important, and second, how much time you invest in your task. Finally, how much drive you invest to overcome any difficulties is of concern. Ultimately speaking, your commitment, persistence and determination that what you do is vital for the ultimate victory of God is the key point. Each activity is crucial in the direction of God's dispensation, so what is important is how well the different components come together to fulfill one central goal. We need personnel, an economic foundation, and other support elements to thrust toward the goal. Because we are focused on that central goal, we need many different departments and elements that will make a wholesome, self-sustaining entity which can push toward the goal.

Let us analyze what we do in the Unification Church. First we do fund raising, Second, we do witnessing. We have the CARP movement, VOC activities, a newspaper, and businesses such as the fishing industry. All of these are components of the whole movement that will thrust us to the ultimate goal. At this point in our history, the mission of the MFT is very vital. The MFT is even more important than the witnessing mission because witnessing only has impact on the national level, but the economic foundation can have worldwide impact.

I sent out the head of the World Mission Department as my roving representative to hold conferences in all different areas of the world. He reported to me over God's Day and said that in many parts of the world our missions are booming, but if we had more money for them to work with then they would just explode with success. In order to meet such a worldwide financial need our income should be ten or a hundred times more than it is. The need for funds is so great that current income could never meet it. If a person who is capable of witnessing has proper financial backing and goes out to a world mission, he could get explosive result in a short time.

When I came to America I had to build a proper financial foundation, which included assembling properties such as the New Yorker hotel. Unless we have tangible things to show, who would respect us? It is reality that we will be judged by our financial strength and organizational capability. Our American Church properties were purchased mainly during 1975 and 1976, when the persecution was at its peak. Why did I buy property during that time? Because I knew that doing so would have an impact on history. When everyone welcomes you and there is no opposition, no one will take much notice when you make advances. We are still buying property, but now people take it for granted. No one is surprised that I can do it. When you do things under great adversity, however, they have much more impact because people respect the person who achieves great things in the face of difficulty. We are doing many activities today that seem to have no direct relationship to the religious work of the Unification Church.

Fund raising is a requirement for every member in the Unification Church. The financial responsibility of the dispensation should not be undertaken by just a handful of people. Just as with witnessing, everyone should undertake it. Since there are so many diverse missions to be undertaken, we created a national MFT to be the main thrust in financial responsibility. Not only in America but in Japan as well the members are fund raising with great intensity, and in Korea in their own way they are doing their best.

I am looking at these activities from the worldwide point of view and I see who is heroically doing the most under adverse conditions. In other areas of the world as well, our members are working under tremendous pressure. If you are single-mindedly doing your mission then that is all you need be concerned with, but I have to be concerned not only with the income aspect but have to plan and erect a lasting economic foundation.

Mr. Kamiyama is not sitting in his office doing nothing, but works late day after day because he carries an incredible burden. Once a year he gives me an annual report of financial affairs and MFT activities. I never tell him that he did a good job the previous year and will reduce his responsibilities. I do just the opposite. This is God's position though. Each year the mission is getting more complex and more heavy, with the worldwide requirements getting bigger and bigger. Thus, I am always pushing Mr. Kamiyama and telling him he is not doing enough, that he has to do twice as much as before.

You may feel that you have done pretty well and had good averages, but you should not feel satisfied and content. You should raise your goal for the next year. You can push yourself and your team, but each person reaches a certain limit where he thinks he cannot do any better. At that point you have to be careful of getting discouraged; you might think you are no good any more or wonder what point there is in trying since you can't fulfill it anyway. Regardless of how capable or hard-working you are, everyone stumbles across that trap sooner or later.

I am responsible for the gigantic timetable called God's providence of restoration. God is pressuring me to meet certain time schedules. Many times I have come to the point where I think I can't go beyond a certain point, but God doesn't want to waste any time. He actually wishes that the complete restoration could have been done in one day, or if it were possible in even one second. God is looking for a man who can take His mission and understand and digest it. God's desire to fulfill is overwhelming, and He is anguished over fulfilling a certain thing by a certain time, so he looks for His most trustworthy son, to whom He can say, "This is my goal and it absolutely has to be done. No one else understands this but you may. But in order to fulfill it you may have to do ten times more than you are already doing." How that son will respond is very important.

First the son must realize that he is the only one who can fulfill that task, or even come near to understanding it. He knows that God feels only he can do the task. In that situation you realize that you are no longer free and you no longer have choices. You know you are the only one God can call upon. The mere fact that when God is anguished and overburdened He has come to you means that you are very privileged. Then you feel you never want to let God down or betray His hope.

At that point you have to apply the Principle. You don't feel, "God, You are supposed to be almighty. Why don't you do it yourself? Why ask me? I'm not almighty." We know through Principle that God is doing His 100%, but that the dispensation will never be complete without man's portion of responsibility, no matter how much God does.

The success of the dispensation hinges on what man does. God doesn't demand that man give God his 5%, but instead gives His 95% to man, realizing that man can make or break everything. He has man do the whole mission. God saves up His 95% and makes it available to man any time he wants to withdraw from the account. When you fulfill your 5% that account grows and grows, and the blessing can be handed down not only to you, but also to your descendants, generation after generation.

The MFT understands commercial activities very well, so you can understand when I say you could never find any greater business profit than you find when you deal with God. The capital is all there waiting for you; all you have to do is use it and then all the profit is yours. One kind of person would tell God that he has earned a certain amount of money and is putting it into the account, and he wants a strict accounting of the interest. Another type of person would tell God that he has money to put in the account along with God's 95%, but that he wants God to have it all because his only desire is to make God happy.

What use does God have for money? He is spirit, so even if He had hundred dollar bills in His pocket they would be useless to Him. God would rather delegate custody of the account to someone He can trust, knowing that the person shares God's desires and that he will use it for the heavenly purpose. He will tell that person to keep the account books and spend it as he sees fit.

This morning there are 280 MFT members here. I hope there are many among you who, if they earned $10,000, would offer it to God, saying, "Here is Your money, Heavenly Father. Please use it any way You want to." And then when tomorrow comes you would forget what you did yesterday, except to remember so that you could do better today. Some people would think that way, others would think they deserved a week of vacation. If you worked so hard that God came to urge you to take care of yourself and rest a little, some would respond, "Father, don't worry about me. I am more worried about Your health and Your problems. I want to keep going and bring more success to You."

If God asked such a person whether he was keeping a record of his accomplishments, that person would reply that he has already forgotten what he has done and all he remembers is what he is going to do today and tomorrow. Would God exclaim that he is being foolish? If God were to recite to him a list of what he had done, he would reply, "Did I really do that? I am amazed!" Would God disown such a son for being foolish and forgetful? God would be deeply touched and feel even closer to him.

When you do things with love you don't want any reward, right? Love is unconditional, and no matter how much you have to sacrifice, you don't look for anything back again. God knows that principle so well. You forget the contributions you gave God in the past simply because you did it out of love. That's how God wants you to be like Him. The only thing I remember is that I will go on with the determination to do better than yesterday. This year we should do a great deal, and then next year forget it as we try to do better out of love.

You can tell God to go and give His support to people who really need it, that He doesn't have to worry about you because you will get a great result anyway. Then, as you are running along every day, if you turn around God will be there behind you. If you ask Him why He is hanging around after you told Him He should help the other people, God will tell you that He can't stay away, that He wants to be with you.

God knows that you would tell Him to go be elsewhere if He came in the daytime, so He will sneak in at night. No one could criticize God for doing so if they really knew the motivation in the heart of that son. I want you to become the men and women God can't help wanting to be around. Other people might complain that He goes to that son even at night, and never visits them even when they ask Him to come. Is any complaint that God is unfair justified?

What kind of sons and daughters are you? You are going to be the children who give your best out of love so that God cannot leave you. Are you such people now? Whenever you do well, you will forget, and the more you forget, the better. If ever you do evil, then you remember.

Satan is always trying to promote evil work to you, saying that nobody will see what you do and tomorrow you won't remember. But you reply, "I have a very clear record of any evil acts, and I won't forget the slightest evil I do." Forget the good you do, but remember the bad things and let them be your warnings. You know what imperfections there are from your past life, and to cleanse it all you will go on with added stamina. Then Satan will realize that the little evil he got you to do has only hardened you against doing any more and it inspires you to work harder for God. Satan will realize he can only lose by tempting you further.

God will be watching these conversations, and would He feel good or bad at the outcome? God sees that everyone can make mistakes, but usually people just give in completely after failing a few times. Wise men and women will utilize their past mistakes to bring even greater victory to God, however. It is common religious practice today to ask God for unconditional forgiveness, without realizing that past error has to be indemnified in order to be cleansed. The whole matter boils down to how you can separate yourself from Satan.

In conclusion, when you do good for someone don't remember it or hope for a reward. On the other hand, don't forget your shortcomings and mistakes. Such a person will always prosper. You should feel that in order to make up for the past you want to do ten or a hundred times more for God than the average person. Then you are always cashing in your past for greater good.

MFT work is difficult and troublesome, isn't it? Only a handful said no, so the rest of you must agree with me. When new members come and are getting assigned to missions, they often hope they aren't put on MFT. The important point is whether people just want a free ride and an easy job. or really want to take responsibility.

I want to tell you a story. When I was at the communist concentration camp at Hung Nam, the prisoners had to do forced labor. Some duties were easier than others, but the amazing thing was that the prisoners who tried to be smart and get the easier jobs were the ones who never lasted. They all died. I looked for the hardest task of all in the prison and wanted to do that. And not only that, I decided I would always work even if I were sick. Even in a prison which the communists designed to kill the prisoners slowly, I was always recognized as a number one inmate.

The inmates were organized into ten man teams, each with a quota of bags to fill, weigh and load. In order to meet the quota each team had to be really united. After a while everyone wanted me on their team because they knew I could help them meet the goal and then get their whole ration. I knew that if I applied this principle in business that I would succeed incredibly. Some people would rather have an easier mission than MFT, but eventually they will leave the Unification Church to go to another group which seems to have an easier life.

The person who always wants the easier task is developing the same disposition as Satan. The easy ways of getting money are always dangerous, aren't they? Anyone looking for the easy life will eventually be rejected even by the satanic side, which also wants hard-working champions. Everything else except the mainstream will come and then go.

Why did God choose a man like St. Paul, who was one of the worst persecutors of the early Christians? God knew that the same qualities that made him a champion on the satanic side would also make him a champion on God's side. When you listen to Mr. Kamiyama as he gives you new missions or tales tough to you, you can think, "Is that all you want me to do? I will do ten times more." Anyone who thinks that way and strives toward the central goal will undoubtedly become the central figure of his whole team and region. There is one type, who always wants to talk about his own accomplishments, and another type who is silent yet gives his entire heart and soul to the task. In the short run the person who advertises himself may seem to succeed, but he will not last.

I never complained to God, but always think that people have a right to criticize me because I haven't finished my job yet. I don't resent America or want revenge because America criticized me; I think I deserve that criticism. If I had come to America after building the Kingdom of God in Korea, this nation would not dislike me. But 1 have not done that. The same thing applies in your individual position. I think I will work doubly hard here and succeed for both nations. My goal is Moscow and the liberation of the communist world. If I fulfill the Kingdom of Heaven in the free world, how could Moscow reject me? I must have something better than they do or else they will reject me.

Before you complain, think that there is still a great deal for you to do, and then you won't want to waste your time complaining. If Mr. Kamiyama told you to be here at 7 a.m. but you thought' "We've had so many meetings already. I think I'll sleep in this one time," then he could be angry if he called for that member and he wasn't there. The only way you would be justified in not coming is if you had already made up your mind to achieve a greater goal than Mr. Kamiyama wanted to set, and felt that coming to the meeting might convince you to lower your goal. Could your bigger world be contained in Mr. Kamiyama's smaller world? But then you have to prove it in action.

If you really put my words into practice, in five or ten years you will be able to see the miraculous impact that it will have on your life. Once on MFT you will not quit before you set the record. There is no such thing as retreat; first go over the MFT mission and then on to something else greater. If you are a plane flying toward a mountain, there are only two ways you can survive-crash through the mountain and come out on the other side, or go over it.

When I first came to this country I felt that America was a tall mountain ahead of me, and I would either penetrate it or go over it. Going over the hill requires more energy and creates many complications, so the easiest way is to penetrate it. My method is not to circle and beat around the bush, but to confront and penetrate any problem. This extraordinary method has never been seen in American history. I want to meet the person who will say, "Reverend Moon, I will either go over you or penetrate you." I invite that kind of person to step forward. I want all of you to compete with and do better than me.

It is not entirely true that you do MFT without complaint. Everyone commits that sin of complaint to a certain degree. If all 240 million people complained except one man, he would become their hope. Even a complaining leader is looking for the person who doesn't complain.

I know which tactic will eventually win. I am in a life-and-death venture to win the world. It is like running a store with three billion employees so you can imagine it is a complicated venture. Some equipment breaks down, there are health problems, accidents happen, and so on. There is no time to do anything except concentrate on running the store.

My main message to you today is to forget the good you have done but remember your mistakes and keep a tight record. That is my way of life. If I don't have a mistake to remember, I will remember someone else's mistake and make it my lesson. Whenever you have complaint, I think I will do more so that your own children will know that your complaint was not justified.

I remember a woman who was a member some time ago and followed me very closely. But when I went to North Korea to continue the dispensation she dropped away. That woman heard about my ordeal in the communist prison camp, and later when I returned to the south and was persecuted and imprisoned there also, she became very opposed and sided with the Christian opposition. One day she came to see what I looked like after all this time. I don't want to go into detail, but I will say this: I cannot forget what she said to me, and I determined that no matter how shabby I was after prison I would never quit until that woman and her children respected me. I cannot forget her scorn, and even now I still go on to vindicate myself.

Past members who thought they could do better outside the Unification Church left to organize their own businesses and professions, but now the businesses that I organized are buying up their companies. Such a person finds that some member who was in a lower position than himself when he was a member is now chairman of the board of the company who is buying him out. Now that person finds himself asking for even some lowly job from me. I will not forget the mistreatment people give me, but will renew myself to keep going to vindicate the people who were loyal. That includes you.

Remember that no matter how people mistreat you, you shall be vindicated. When you can think this way then no matter how tired you get you can immediately be uplifted and go on. You cannot be defeated then. The American people and government might mistreat me, and even the Soviet government might oppose me, but instead of running away I will face it and penetrate it.

When I was in Korea last year I learned that my vindication is taking place. One of our young members is teaching Divine Principle in the same courtroom where I was tried, to the judges and government prosecutors who condemned me and put me in jail. The tables have been turned. That is the day I have been waiting for, the day when the people who condemned me can be taught how to live a proper life. I won't tell you how much the American government has mistreated me and even plotted against me. As an individual I do not seek revenge, but for God's sake my position as His representative must be vindicated. Justice must be done.

Here I see the future presidents of big corporations, including the women. That is how I look at you. Will it be easy for you to meet my expectation? I want to see each of you become leaders eventually and educate all Americans.

We have an entirely different motivation and standard from the secular world. Many people think the Unification Church is going nowhere and they leave to do better on their own. But are they succeeding better by themselves? In ten or twenty years you will see the fruit of their mistake. In some cases you are mistreated by people you meet fund raising, but even when they hit you and spit at you endure. Inside you can feel that some day you will vindicate Reverend Moon's name. Years later you may be President or First Lady and then no one can deny you. That is the way God thinks.

God always remembers who was mistreated and He feels strong anguish over it. He wants to work for those people. God can only be God because He forgets all the good He has done for thousands of years. But He never forgets how much evil has been done in this world and who was victimized by it.

I need nothing for myself-no people, no money-but I need a way to fulfill God's desire. For that purpose I need money and men, and day and night I am thinking how I can meet the need. As the work gets harder and more hectic, even dangerous, then the more excited I feel. God has not given me even one piece of paper as a citation. But I will never question why He has given me nothing for all I have done. On the contrary, I think I should be the one to give God a citation. God deserves a citation, so in looking down He is thinking who He wants to receive that citation from. I know that undoubtedly God would pick me. You can ask God whether that is true or not, but I think that is the case. If that is not the case, then God isn't perfect, and if He's not perfect then I wouldn't give Him a citation anyway! If a person thinks in that fashion, how could that person take even one moment to complain about something?

Normally people think that they deserve to rest if there are ten spare minutes. Sometimes I doze off for ten minutes, but when I catch myself and wake up, I repent. This attitude is how I am different, and this is why I think God would choose me personally. You are hand picked as well because you have certain comparable qualities. Why would God pick you to be a Moonie? Why is it that you stay here, knowing the Unification Church is unpopular? You don't want to leave the Moonie taste because it's so sweet.

Do not ever complain, or think you cannot go on any more because you are so miserable. Think of God at that moment; God is far more miserable than you are and He needs you, so you can think, "God, if that is the case, nothing will stop me. I will go on and on. I have no freedom to give up." If you go on like that for one year, two years, three years, and then look at your situation, you may be skinny and tired looking, living in a shabby room, but in the meantime the whole world is being changed and coming into your arms. In time people will come to pay their respects to you and want to hear your experiences. When you testify to your way of life, people won't be able to listen without crying.

What relation is there between God and Unification Church members? Why will the world eventually come and bow down? Because we love God and not ourselves, and we give our sacrificial work to the world while people do not realize it. When this becomes apparent, people won't be able to help paying their respects.

When I was beginning the movement in Korea and persecution was coming to us, I never thought to ask God to stop it because we had had enough. Instead, I told God that I knew we would get the same persecution in Japan, America and Moscow but it would never stop me. Even if God gives me the cross, I would do it for you and your children. When you see me and realize that I have gone through incredible suffering, do you think I look sixty? Even though I suffered, my mind is still young because there is more to be done. If you do home church with this spirit it won't take even three years, but maybe only three months.

I would like you MFT members to think that you have an important mission to do and that you will do your best. If you are doing home church ten years from now you should feel that you will do it in the shortest possible time based on your hard work on MFT. Here you are reshaping yourself to resemble me, and when your home church opportunity comes later, you will knock it over in no time.

If one runner at a marathon race is sitting by, eating his lunch when the gun goes off, by the time he finishes the other runners will be miles away. If he gets up, stretches, and idly notices the time and then starts running yet still wins the race, would that be a dramatic victory? That's the way I see the providence of restoration. I always want to be number one, yet to do it in a unique fashion. Biblical history is like a marathon race, with many champions like Abraham, Moses and the prophets who have already been running for thousands of years. Because they are running in darkness they are running in the wrong direction, so before I start I am looking at them to see what mistakes they made.

The Divine Principle points out what their mistakes were, so do you think I will repeat those errors? I unlocked all the secrets of the universe and all the mistakes God's champions have made. On top of that, I found they are running in the wrong direction, so what good would it do for them to keep running for thousands of years? I found that the completion of the dispensational goal is only one step away, so I got up and took that one step and waited for everyone else to arrive. When they arrive could those champions complain I have to run for thousands of years to qualify as a winner? Or would they have to acknowledge that I am the winner?

Your MFT is like this marathon. When you see someone making a mistake you can apply the Divine Principle and learn from it. Then you will find the clear way to win a decisive victory. There will be one chapter of Unification Church history devoted to MFT, with many historical names recorded there. I want to see your names there as people who made history. Home church also needs that kind of men and women. Those testimonies will form an eternal tradition. Once you women are seasoned on MFT, supporting your own family will be no problem. This is a great task you are fulfilling, and now you have confidence to do it.

I came to America barehanded, yet even with incredible disadvantages of language and culture I determined to gather people and make money and set up every organization needed to fulfill God's will. I have a wealth of experience to enable me to do that. I know how to make money. I know how to witness. Who has done the most about winning members here in America? No one can compete with me. More members joined when I spoke to the public than any other time. If I went out to the campuses and spoke to young people, getting 30,000 members would be no problem.

The CARP commanders reported that I am very popular with the young people, especially on campus, and said that if I ever said I was coming to speak, the whole student body would gather to hear me. I said I would consider it, but on one condition- that talk should also be broadcast live to the whole community. I told them that I would speak if they arranged that. If I concentrated on making money, getting many millions of dollars would be no problem. If I concentrated on witnessing, I could win several thousand members in one day. I will not be indebted to anyone. I always feel that America is indebted to me.

I am looking for men and women who can inherit this tradition. I am not waiting for you to become company presidents and then bring your company to me; I am training you to become leaders of corporations, and when you are ready I will give you a company to run.

I am sorry to say that the American MFT record is far behind that of the Japanese. I don't do too much for the Japanese MFT, like signing pictures, but whenever Mr. Kamiyama asks me to sign pictures and books for you I always do. I am afraid that if I do too much of this for you that it will become cheap. I have never signed anything for Japanese MFT members who have worked ten years and more because I want to set the condition of loving Westerners more. I am an Oriental man, but I want to love Westerners more and give them more privilege. Now that you know my thinking, do you feel good to hear this? Knowing how I treat the Japanese, who deserve these things more than you, will you determine to do better because you have been given more?

Mr. Kamiyama has reported to me that some of our members have been stabbed, and one brother was even shot. But the bullet passed through his neck, never touching any vital organ and he was saved. When Mr. Kamiyama reported this he said that God was really protecting us. But I thought that if someone suffers some great injury for God and is left with scars it would have more value. That person has recovered fully and now the incident is forgotten. If that bullet had damaged some major artery, for instance, so that the person was permanently harmed, do you think that as a parent I could forget that member for the rest of my life?

In 1974 a bomb exploded at the French Unification Church. One sister who was there narrowly escaped death but she was hospitalized for almost two years. I cannot forget that person, and over the two years I sent words of comfort and money for the hospital bill. The last time I went to Great Britain I asked her especially to come and she was matched with a wonderful husband. I matched many couples in Europe, and have forgotten where most of them are, but I will not forget this one couple, and even now I know where they are. I went to see how they are living.

All these things shall become tradition in the sight of God and humanity. Her scars are not shameful, but are eternal decorations that are the pride of Unification Church. They will attract my attention and God's attention. I am thinking about what kind of children that couple will have and I am anxious to see them.

Don't ask for a smooth, uneventful life on MFT. You should expect controversy and hardship instead. How you penetrate that will become our tradition and history. Only a few extraordinary people among you will set a tradition.

My own record cannot be removed from the history of restoration. Bo Hi Pak was speaking with me yesterday, and he said that over the last 21 years he remembers that I would stir up controversy sometimes instead of just smoothing things over. Now, seeing my explanation on the blackboard, he can understand what I was doing and he is completely amazed at how I was fulfilling one precise thing after another. In the meantime there is a great tradition left for the Unification Church.

If I am father, then you are children, so whom should you resemble? Kwon Jin's performance last night was not rehearsed, but he looked and acted just like his father. He is precisely like I was at that age. When I saw him I thought back to those years, just like looking in a mirror. Do you think I was gutsy and dynamic and had a sense of humor, even when I was young? If you say you are my children then you must resemble me in that way also.

In looking back on my life as I reach sixty, there are many things I can be grateful for. I made honest. mistakes in the past, yet God still embraced me and guided me, so my mistakes taught me a lesson and could bring more blessing to me. When you think back to all the great men in American history, can you find anyone like Reverend Moon who thinks big, who thinks about God and humanity and eternal tradition? Is it then a privilege to be guided by me directly? That is your pride and dignity. That's why we can be proud and why we alone can do the difficult task.

No one else ever conceived the idea of MFT. No one can compete with you and that is your pride. We have home church pride as well. There is hardly any campus organization working for goodness, but we started CARP and that is our pride. When the world is beset by the problem of communism, we set up the International Federation for Victory over Communism. No one else has done such a thing. That too is our pride. America is surrounded by the sea but has not conquered it. I initiated our fishing business to revitalize American fishing and seaports. This is certainly our pride. The ocean contains tremendous resources but no one has received them. We are inheriting it from God and all we have to do is tap it.

Don't ever be ashamed of being a Moonie and what you are doing. Money is a secondary goal; most important of all, MFT is the best possible training you could get. In time our movement will grow to include hundreds of millions of people working for world restoration. They will think the world comes first and give their salary for the providence. In the meantime, you always have an earning capability. If millions of people practice our way of life, think of the resources we could gather for world restoration.

Imagine the day when the Unification Church has ten million families, whose women are so capable they can support the family themselves and free their husbands to do their missions. You are trained to earn a certain amount per month as a standard, so don't you think this could happen? Right now you are fund raising under adverse conditions, but in ten years the world will know what we are doing, and with community and media support you could certainly do more than you do now. Then raising family expense money and Church money will be simple.

We use your fund raising result for the world and in the future will be able to give each nation much money for development. The foreign ministers of different nations will camp outside East Garden waiting their turn to petition for aid. We will buy apartments for people to stay in while they wait in Tarrytown so they won't have to camp out, and while they wait they can learn Divine Principle. Since America is the best country for MFT, forty or fifty more million members will come here from all over the world. Because everyone will know the Unification Church is fund raising for the sake of the world, would people welcome us? Would the free world decline or become strong enough to defeat communism as a result?

No one will take this privilege away from you. No one can take away the training you have gained on the MFT. No one can take away your ability to gather money, and long after I am gone to spirit world you will be able to support and educate your children and grandchildren. You can tell them that you are able to do that because Reverend Moon trained you on MFT. Most people who reach their sixties start thinking about going to senior citizens' homes, but you Moonies will still be going strong. You will be able to speak more profoundly and people will respect you more, so you can inspire people more when you ask for contributions. With your own income you can help needy people with their school fees and hospital bills. You are setting up an incredible tradition and accumulating great ability.

How much impact will this have on the national spirit if the older people are the best fund raisers for the sake of the nation and world? I am testing whether this is possible with the Japanese blessed couples who are over forty and have several children. The outcome is that the skills they acquired when they were younger are still there and they are getting a great result. Shall we be prepared for the future and for your families here in America?

I made the movie "Oh Inchon!", and in fifty days paid the entire cost in cash. What is my power? I have nothing in the bank and nothing at East Garden. I am still barehanded, but when I make up my mind that we need money for a certain project, there is a way for it to be done.

I am now planning to buy a top level machine manufacturing company in Germany and here in America. Tong Il Industries is top level now in Korea, and together with industries in Germany and America they will become a powerful axis of the Unification Church movement. Why am I doing this? It is for the sake of your children. None of you may benefit, but your children will. Why am I working so hard every day? Ultimately it is for the sake of your country and your children.

At the end of December Mr. Kamiyama told me that you had a pretty good month. Then I asked him what he was going to do about January 1980 and he couldn't answer. I told him that doing well in December is natural; I take it for granted. But when you do well in January then you can be proud. If you are going to be a leader you have to think the way I think, that it is normal to do well in December. You have already made up your mind that December is a good month and that January is not a good month, so you and Mr. Kamiyama have already limited your own minds. You think that because everyone is spending money for Christmas it is easy to make money in December; in January they have already spent their money so you know extra energy is needed to do as well as in December.

You are not going to retreat but will move on to set better records and standards than last year, and in 1981 do better than this year. You can test yourself even while you are walking along the road: telephone poles are an equal distance apart, so find out how long it takes to walk between two poles, and then go twice as fast between the next two, then three times as fast between the two after that.

You return to the same towns several times for fund raising during the year, so keep track of how well you did there last time and plan to do it faster this time. Always compare yourself with your past record. You can keep a record of how much money you make there by using color coded thumb tacks, and when you go back again decide how much more you will make this time. Always keep track of what you have done and then push yourself to do better next time. The relationship of time and income makes up your record.

If you feel excitement and enthusiasm then you cannot be dragged down or discouraged. You can make a chart to record your results. When you see from your past record for a specific time of year or a certain town that you are advancing, you will not get discouraged. Captains and commanders should make sure their teams keep their records straight. You can make a graph of monthly results and have annual records side by side in the same diagram. Are you doing it? If not then you will get tired and bored.

You have to pick yourself up further and further. You should know only advancement, never retreat. In the first year you make a certain average, then three years later it should be higher, then five years and ten years later much higher. You know how much you did in 1978 and 1979, so now you can plan how much you will do in 1980. You have to have a track record of your advancement. Those who retreat are dying, but a man with life wants to advance. Don't be intimidated by the highest record, or complain when Mr. Kamiyama sets a higher goal that he is trying to get more out of you this year. If you truly understand what I am saying this morning then you won't think that way.

We are starting a new decade. The seventies were full of tribulations and difficulties, but the eighties will be a decade of great hope. From this time on we will have nothing but victory. We are winning every legal battle in getting permission for fund raising. My ultimate goal is to have 100,000 members on American MFT. America is so big that 1,000 people is a small number, but you are running so fast that every time people turn around they meet another Moonie. If we have 100,000 Moonies running around, what do you think will happen? If they are well trained then they will be like a great wave, like Niagara Falls. Politicians in particular will see this all over the country, and Presidential candidates will think they have to get your support in order to win, so they will join MFT for one month to win your hearts.

Is it easier to get one dollar from a person, or get his vote? If you can earn a certain amount per month then certainly winning 100 votes a month is easy, and all together you will be in a position to affect ten million people. If the amount of money 100,000 people could make in one month for the Unification Church were used for a presidential campaign, do you think you could elect a President?

Now do you know whether or not your job is needed? This is the fastest way to restore the country, and it is quite vital. Would you women be good campaigners if your husband were running for a congressional seat? You have a great advantage with your experience. Furthermore, the entire spirit world is active and ready to help. Now you see only the grim reality, such as the van breaking down, or the rain and snow, or an accident, or sick members But when those things hit you, think of the future.

As a group go ahead and prepare for the salvation of the nation. If you leave and try to prepare individually to run for office twenty years from now, you can never be as well trained as the MFT members. At one time Senator Kennedy's standing in the polls was so high that everyone thought he would inevitably be the candidate, but after one small statement about the Shah his standing was completely changed. This is the reality of the world.

What we see now is the hope of the new decade. We will make headway all over the world in the eighties. In summary, don't complain and never be discouraged. Forget the good things you have done and the good records you set, but remember your mistakes. Win a greater result this year than last year and let us see hope for the future. We are the incredible hope of the world and in the mainstream of destiny. You must never forget this.

The MFT mission is only one period in your life. Even though some of you have been doing it for several years, new missions are coming. You are there to set the record and get some achievement so you can move on to another mission on the foundation of a good record. This is most important. I want to create a manual of your experiences so that future members can follow your success stories. In 1980 we shall do better than 1979; in the eighties you shall do better than the seventies. Will you promise me?

In January will you bring your record down or up? Do you want me to make a bigger budget for 1980 than 1979? Are you saying yes on the condition that I give the MFT more people to make up the difference? Are you promising me you will do better? I want to see Mr. Kamiyama come up with more money than the budget requires so we can buy some boats. I would like to have a series of names for the boats every year.

In 1979 Mr. Kamiyama couldn't come up with even a penny for boats; with that in mind, how many boats will we get in 1980? You should think that with your result you can get one boat by yourself in 1980 and it can be named by you. Shall we do it? I told Mr. Kamiyama that if any month this year exceeds the record month of last year we will set aside the difference for the boats. When the boat is purchased, it will be named for the person and team who contributed the most toward that result. I told Mr. Kamiyama to mark that extra money especially to be set aside and not spent. No one can touch it. If all have worked equally hard and if you would rather draw straws instead to see who names the boat, that's all right too.

Each person should write up his record for 1980 and make a projection for the future, and report to your team captain and commander, and it will be reported to me. Every three months I want to hear whether you are fulfilling your own projection.

When you go out to sea you will see those boats and can remember that they are the ones you bought in 1980 and 1981, and see how many more you got in each succeeding year. The serial number shall be coded: F for fund raising, and the last two numbers of the year, such as F80.

No discouragement and no complaint. Better record and advancement. See the future with hope and vision. Are you ready to go and do well now? CARP is going strong and I am pushing it full ahead. Would you want to fall behind the CARP movement? I am going to be meeting members around the country and talking to them, and I am focusing most on CARP centers. Would you like to have me visit your center?

If the first boat is bought in the next three months then I will do it, but if CARP does more then I will go there instead. If you get more than one boat we will label them F80a, F80b, F80c, and so forth.

A state leaders' conference has been waiting for me since 8:30. Mr. Kamiyama begged me to speak even just ten minutes, but he knew that I would speak to you for three hours!

Thank you very much.

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