The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1980

Home Church And Myself

Reverend Sun Myung Moon,
December 14, 1980
Translator - Sang Kil Han

The words "home church" began within the Unification Church. How much do you know about home church? What is it? Adam is a small being, but a very important one because he is at the center of the whole. As a result of the fall of Adam, how are we affected? We find that we are separated from God and that everywhere we are under satanic dominion. All people find they are surrounded by the satanic domain.

Where does God reside, then? He is far from where we are, far from the satanic domain, but still waiting to accomplish what He originally intended. Going from the individual, family, clan, society, nation, world and spirit world, there are seven layers. We have to advance through each layer, higher and higher, but how do we do that? A family, for instance, must go higher and higher until it reaches God's domain.

Since the fall, the focus of God's dispensation has been to find Adam again. God's will is to restore Adam to a man of success instead of failure. Who is that Adam? It was actually parents, the first ancestors, who failed. If Adam hadn't failed, he would have been the king of his family. As his family and clan grew, he would have been the chief of his tribe. As his tribes filled a country, Adam would have been the king of that country.

If Adam had maintained his original state, the world would have become Adam's civilization, and never would have fragmented into different cultures, races and languages as we see today. Division occurs because of conflict and disagreement, because of the attitude, "I want to be independent and do something different" As fallen man multiplied, division became more and more prevalent. But when people keep God at the center, there is a tendency toward harmony instead, even when they spread out. Certainly if mankind hadn't fallen there would have been only one civilization and one language. As it is, however, there is extensive division caused by language alone.

Mankind is experiencing much difficulty in creating unity and realizing a new civilization. Because people's backgrounds and customs are so different, it is hard to find a common ground of unity. You too find it difficult to straighten out your past habits. For example, you like hamburgers, don't you? Koreans, on the other hand, favor kimchi and rice because they are accustomed to them. If a hamburger eater is given nothing but kimchi and rice, after a certain point all he thinks about is hamburgers. You have found out how formidable and long lasting such a custom is.

If you are attached to something good, that is a different matter, but most of the things you are attached to from the satanic world are undesirable. If you feel it is easy to overcome these habits, you are very wrong.

True Adam is meant to be the king of the entire universe. All of you men have a yearning to be kings yourselves. don't you? Where does that nature come from? It comes from Adam, who takes after God. Originally Adam was to be the body of God; God Himself was to be the internal God, while Adam was to be His flesh. God is the mind, and Adam is the external God. Adam is like the house and God is like the dweller in that house.

All people are to be the focal points of two worlds. God is like the mind of original Adam who did not fall, so whenever Adam loved, whose love was it? When we see Adam and Eve together, who is that Eve? She is God's wife. Then why are these two worlds Joined? It is because the ideal is realized when two beings take positions and have give and take.

No matter how great he may be, does an individual sitting alone have any ideal in him or in his future? But if he can have the world as his object and they become completely one, he can realize all things. Why did God create man in the first place? It is for God to express Himself, to have a body. Without a body, God could not dominate the world. Second, God created in order to accomplish love.

When you have broad experiences of spirit world, your mind will start talking to you; you hear it not with your physical ears, but with other ears. When you speak, are you saying something from your brain, or something that you feel inside of you? Communists would say that your thoughts begin in the chemicals in your brain, while we would say it is a voice coming from a deeper you. This is why when one has a clear mind, he can perceive everything. If you are without sin and have a clear mind, when you raise a question the answer comes to you automatically. If all of you were like that, how convenient it would be! If man had not fallen then no matter how many people lived on earth, they would all find the correct way.

What is it that God needs? He needs objects and love. For whom did God create all things? Initially He created for man, but ultimately for Himself Most religious people today do not clearly know the purpose of man and the creation, nor of religion. But you know why every person has the urge to have the highest position. How can you reach the highest place? Only through love can you get there.

Let us take an example. The American President's wife may be a humble, uneducated woman from the countryside, but she is automatically elevated to the President's level because they have a relationship of love. Even if she had only one leg and one eye, that wouldn't change things. No matter how she may look, people will say she is qualified for that position.

So how will you reach the top of the world? It is only through love. If you sit alone, you will never know if you have love, but as soon as your object appears, you start feeling that love. Through an object God can have His own body and own love. Why has it taken God so many years to fulfill the dispensation of restoration? It has taken that long because God's love was not fulfilled. Traditional Christians will be astonished to hear us say this; because of this, they feel that we are heretics.

Women are necessary for men to start feeling love, right? For God also, some perfect object must appear before He will start feeling love, but so far there has been no such object. Then what is fallen mankind? They are the offspring of the ones who broke the law of love. It is as though the queen of a country had illicit love with a servant and bore his children. How would the king feel to see them? God couldn't destroy the illicit children, for then He would be destroying everyone, including Eve and the archangel. In the beginning God created them to live eternally. Certainly God knew about the possibility of a fall, so He told His children not to eat the fruit. All of you are descended mom the ones who broke the law of love. Was God happy to see you in the fallen state? In fact, God is trying very much to correct that.

Do you think it is easy to find the road back to the original state? You want to go back, but you find layer after layer of hell blocking your way. Hell is like a trash can. When you are building a house do you make the trash can first? Only after you have unusable things do you make a trash can. What is the fall then? It means breaking the law of love, the law of God. Your body is your own enemy, for it is what stops you from going higher.

Is it more likely that you are going to hell or heaven? You know that hell is more likely, but still you want to go to heaven somehow. This world holds you so tightly, never releasing you. Your own family and country hold you tightly, demanding your love and attention. You are conditioned to think about them, so when do you think you could change your thinking and free yourself from those bonds? Most of all you want to do whatever you like.

You are accustomed to eating hamburgers and if you don't have any for a long time, you long for them. You are accustomed to sleeping on soft beds, and if you have to sit on a hard floor for hours, you want to have your soft cushions back. You as well as your family, and nation are here in the fallen domain. Even a great person is not outside these boundaries.

Everyone must first learn to win over himself, his family and his country before he can expect to escape the fallen domain. When you go to other countries, you are proud of being an American but does God think like this? Who has sinned more-Americans or Africans? This so called advanced country has been given more responsibility. Do you realize that America is very much in decline? When this happens do you think people in less developed countries will be sorry to see it, or feel that America deserves it?

Are there more people of wealth who are sinful or more poor people who are sinful? There are more rich people. In the Bible, to whom did God promise the blessing-the poor or the rich? Jesus said it would be more difficult for the rich man to go to heaven. It was the poor people who were anxious to leave their old homes and emigrate to America. When you have nothing attractive in your life, it is easy to leave that life behind. Is it easier to leave a rich country or a poor country where you have suffered? When Lot left Sodom, God told him not to look back; the fact that Lot's wife looked back meant that she was still attracted to her old life there. Thus she turned into a pillar of salt.

You are going toward heaven but do you still have attachment to your family and nation and have some desire to stay behind? Sometimes you are very much in love with the satanic world. We must mercilessly leave our satanic past behind and set out to meet God. On the way, white people will meet blacks, and blacks will meet whites. When they meet will they fight again as old enemies? They must become very close in the sight of God. Have I come to the correct conclusion!

No matter how good you want to be, still you find yourself in this satanic domain. John the Baptist lived in the wilderness and Jesus did a forty day fast in the wilderness, completely cutting themselves off from their society. While Jesus was fasting do you think he worried that his parents were waiting for him? He felt that he depended solely on God, that he had left everything behind and was better off than where he had been. Even though we are persecuted when witnessing and fundraising, we are still better off than those who have comfortable houses and eat steak every night.

If I am wrong in leading you this way then I would be punished for such a formidable mistake. This is a completely different teaching than you will receive at any university. You are leaving all your old comforts behind to follow the most difficult road, but I do not even welcome or praise you for doing so. I am teaching you how to survive in the worst difficulty, when everything is taken away.

A very practical question is how to go through numerous spiritual barriers, layer after layer. Those who cling to life, yearning for security, will die spiritually while people who feel that this world is not good enough and are willing to face death will find true life. Remember, though, that Satan will protest to God if you are only willing to face death because you know God will welcome you; Satan will demand that God also persecute you and see if you are still faithful. How will God reply? "Go ahead,' He will say.

You meet persecution wherever you turn but if you still cling to God, can Satan continue to accuse you? I am only concerned to make you into people who can surpass satanic accusation. Satan cannot accuse the person who is living a miserable life, even though he may have done many evil things in the past. That safety zone is where Unification Church members find themselves now. That is true for me also. I am accused of living in a mansion and having lots of money, but I am not enjoying a rich life. I am living a difficult life and am always ready to go to the lowest levels of suffering at any time. Living a miserable life is always the safest way for then no one can say anything.

For thousands of years God worked just to find one true man, and how difficult it was! Imagine that your wife ran away with your enemy and had children; how difficult it would be to love her and that child if they came back to your home. On top of that, your enemy would always be reminding you that the child was his. How could you tell him that the child was not his? Maybe the only way you could say that would be to cut the child in half. That is what God did-He cut the head off fallen mankind and put Jesus' head on. Jesus didn't belong to Satan and God said, "The head is mine, so everything else is mine also" This is the principle of grafting that God devised to save all mankind.

This is why for thousands of years God arranged to create a special bloodline so He could claim one person as His own. God could not literally cut off heads, so Satan recognized a compromise: he agreed that God could claim a person as His if that person lived a certain way. But if the person didn't, then he belonged to Satan. God had to say it was fair.

If Adam regarded God as his father, even if he was persecuted and put to death, then who would he belong to? If he disregarded everything Satan could offer him and still returned to God, then clearly he belonged to God. That's exactly what happened to Jesus, with Satan offering everything to him as he fasted in the wilderness.

If you would get the most handsome husband when you followed Satan, but get an ugly, lame husband if you followed God, which would you choose? What matters is the origin of the seed; you do not change once you are born from a certain seed. If the ugliest man comes from a good seed, even though he looks less desirable, he is better than the handsome man from a bad seed. You should be able to say, "God, all that matters is that my spouse is someone You can love, even if he or she is the ugliest person in the world" If God knows you really feel that way, He will not give you an ugly person.

Would God push you forward or simply say, "Follow me"? If you were headed toward the fallen world with everyone else, would God shrug and go His way or would He follow you with a broken heart and try to turn you around? As God is following the crowd of fallen mankind, He will first meet the stragglers, who are usually the incompetents or people who don't care. Will God hate such people or feel that still they are His children and try to care for them? Those who are disgusted with this world are often the stragglers who don't compete. They are the ones whom God has laid His hands on. God will say to them, "Let us go this way. Don't follow those others" Is it easier for the stragglers to continue following everyone else or to follow God's new way? Is it suddenly easy when someone takes God's direction? No, but still he will choose that way.

Once you start following Him, God doesn't sympathetically say, "You must be tired, so slow down a little" He pushes you to walk faster, demanding, "What are you doing!" God knows someone is coming up quickly behind to catch you and drag you back to the old way of life. He doesn't lead you to an easy life. Satan will try to catch you but when he sees the ruggedness of your life, he won't want to follow even if you invite him to come. That is the only way you can cut him off. Once that happens then perhaps you can sit down and rest.

Someone has to acknowledge that you are a victorious person and that you have cut your bonds to the satanic world. We are doing the most difficult thing, but when people remarked how hard it must be, we reply, "No, this is fun! I have hardly begun." No one can do this without having deep reasons.

God cannot find the victorious Adam all at once, but must painstakingly take one step at a time, grafting each victory to the next level, little by little. God cannot just leap from one level to the next. History cannot be overlooked for this reason. If you are going to grow, you have to have all these historical elements. You must feel how Adam felt when he fell, for instance, and how Noah felt at Ham's failure. You should be able to feel what Jesus felt on the cross at not being able to complete his mission. That absolute heartbreak is what you should feel. What this means is that you must feel the historical suffering of God. When you first meet a person you tell him about what you are now, and as you get to know him you talk about your past and then what you want to do in the future. If we are to become one with God, we must understand how He felt in the past, what His feeling is today and what He hopes for the future. For that we have to go through the history of restoration and back to the original Adam. This is why the Messiah must retread the history of dispensation, to untangle the events of the satanic world.

In order to return to God you have to do better than anyone in the past or in the present. To do that, you must be desperate to separate yourself from the present world. If you go out and Satan punches you, will you run right back and fearfully wonder what you are going to do? Wherever you go, you will be jeered by people of every level of society, but you should never be harmed by it. You should have much more confidence than that.

All of you have wondered why you joined the Church to begin with; maybe some of you have actually left and then come back. If a leader does not treat you the way you think he should, you might think the Church is fine but that guy is terrible. But what has he to do with you? The question is what the Principle has to do with you and what I have to do with you. You didn't join Unification Church to meet that leader.

What am I trying to accomplish by coming from the Orient and receiving persecution in this country? God started the Unification Church knowing how Satan would work in the world; He made preparations to correct the situation. Satan can say, "God, You blessed America, but look what it has become now" My whole purpose is to bring individuals back to God's side, to mend broken families, to revive the churches and bring the nation back to the original standard. America must at least be brought back to the standard of dignity and power that it had right after World War II. Clearly established Christianity failed to do this already and did not live up to Jesus' teaching.

You have to win over yourself as an individual; I also must win over myself. You should understand that I must go the same course you do but, as the pioneer, my course is more difficult. When I was in prison I stood against my own parents, scolding them and sending them away when they visited me. My mother felt sorry for me and shed tears, but I told her they were self-centered tears, that I had gone to prison for a higher purpose. She loved me most deeply, but until I could establish my foundation I never did the least thing for my own family. I bought many people many things, but never got so much as a handkerchief for my own mother.

Once God's will is done then salvation will be completed all at once. In my home town I was severely criticized for neglecting my own parents. My concern for the dispensation was so complete that I did not even pay attention to my wife. I didn't even keep my own child in my home. A man should love his son or daughter only after he is victorious. My first wife did not understand and she fiercely opposed me until finally she left.

Once I started the dispensation I was absolutely rigid, even if my family broke apart. I set out to restore all that, finding my family, tribe and nation in the twenty years from 1960 to 1980. Those twenty years indemnified the 2,000 years of Christianity, as well as 200 years of American history. America's bicentennial fell within those twenty years.

Before 1960, Satan's arrows were aimed at me as an individual and after 1960 at my family. Then centering around the Unification Church, conditions were established to restore the tribe and nation, upon which substantial work will be done later. My real work of restoration in America began in 1973. The persecution directed at me in the following three years was on a world scale, external as well as internal.

People who visit our church in America for the first time and see what we are doing here feel it is possible that we will succeed in creating a new world. They see that a brand new country will be born from this old environment. Governments and churches have tried every possible way to interfere, but because of God, we have been successful.

The conditions to cross all seven barriers have been accomplished. In order to establish these conditions you have to win over yourself, your family and your nation, being better than them all. Others have been pressuring us not to grow, but we have grown so much that we are now influencing them, instead of being influenced by them. Previously countries such as Korea were doing everything to interfere, but now they see the meaning of what I am doing and are seeking my advice. Now that all of this is achieved in Korea, there will be less difficulty establishing the same thing here in America. The opposition you meet will not be as intense as in the past. Yesterday, I told the state leaders how important the next year and a half will be in this country.

It is simply impossible for the individual to cross all the barriers alone, but if the parents accomplish it then they can bequeath that to all their children. Home church is the place where I can leave to you everything I have accomplished. Three hundred and sixty homes represent 360 degrees or all directions. One year of twelve months is a complete cycle of seasons, or 360 days according to the lunar calendar. Three hundred and sixty contains both the numbers twelve and three. The 36 couples represent the entire history of mankind. So all meaning is included in 360 homes.

Everything begins at zero degrees, and continues around to 90,180,270 and finally 360 degrees, which is the original starting point. The satanic world also began and continued that way. Satan is trying to block our way, but we are pushing ahead. At every point people try to discourage you from continuing, but still you will continue around to 360 degrees, accomplishing everything for their sake as well as yours. After you cross the peak, there will be less and less persecution.

It took me sixty years to indemnify all aspects, but you can do it in six years; and if you really do well then you can finish in six months. One day the tide of opinion will turn so completely that all people will know the Unification Church is good. When our church is welcomed, doing this in six months will be no problem. If you could give forty days education to everyone in your 360 homes, don't you think they would all turn around? Until this time, opposition toward me was totally hostile but still I accomplished everything. Now, however, people will not oppose you as totally as they did me, but only partially. Clearly, this is an advantageous time.

Is it natural for home church to be difficult in the beginning? Would you prefer a difficult or an easy course? You should prefer hardship because that is what will polish and strengthen you. Once I completed the individual level, the family level awaited me, and then the more difficult tribal level. But you can do all this at one time. As you become more experienced at dealing with people, it becomes easier and easier. As your dispensation progresses it will become easier, because I have already indemnified the reverse way where every step became more difficult.

You must give your five percent; otherwise, Satan will never leave you or God alone, but will be constantly blaming you. If there is one house that strongly opposes you, go after it and solve that. Don't think, "I wish I didn't have to go back there" Be joyful to go. This is the best way to win over them. When I have completed 359 degrees, I expect the last degree to be the most difficult.

America must completely rearm itself with new thought, as Christians must rearm themselves with new zeal. This is the first time that an Oriental person has exercised such meaningful influence over America. White people will really scowl at the thought, but they had to be helped regardless. As soon as America is established in the course that God wants, my mission will be ended and I will leave this country. But we go beyond all boundaries, so if you really want to see me you can come to Korea.

Is it easy to go through each individual course historically? It is virtually impossible, but now I have done it. You can pass quickly through it by doing home church. A completely new world will emerge, bigger and better than this one. You should be the happiest person when you hear the words "home church" To reach heaven you must go around all 360 degrees once. When you go to your 360 homes, determine which home will stop you. You have to be able to go to all homes freely. Will you welcome me when I come to your home or will you close the door and tell me to go away? Should I call ahead!

Now you know that persecution is a blessing. If someone tears your clothes, that's your blessing. If the first barrier on the individual level is hardly broken down after these thousands of years, how difficult it would be to break through all seven layers. If you really feel how difficult it is, then when someone offers to show you a way to leap over the barriers, you would jump up and be all ears to what he says. If you are very serious then you will follow his advice. Would you be advised to wear a lot of heavy clothes to make that leap or to carry as little as possible? He would tell you to take off even your socks. Would there be a limousine waiting to take you, or a flimsy apparatus with just barely enough room for you to get in? Will you sit back and enjoy the scenery on the trip, or hang on and pray?

People wait for years to become American citizens. If you have to wait for ten years to become Heavenly citizens, can you moan and groan? Before you can graduate from college you have to study hard and pass a final test; otherwise, you cannot qualify. If a school will grant you a degree without giving you a strict exam, is that likely to be a good or a bad school? If the Unification Church allowed a member to just hang around and yet finish the course, he would be a bad member and the Unification Church would be a bad church.

If God and I make plans to have you endure more and more, are you going to respond wholeheartedly or try to evade us? Aren't you looking for an easy way? When the time comes for fundraising, do the real members go willingly or try to dodge it?

Are you going to take off from here like a rocket or just walk? You should take off so fast that even Satan's restraints can't hold you back but will snap. Will you hesitate, or just make up your mind and go? When you have a fast start in the morning, you will get a lot done that day. But if you hesitate when you get up then that day is already ruined for you. You must really know how the satanic world works before you can overcome it and safely land in heaven. Many people in the past tried to do this but they all failed.

If you feel that some things here are hard and you complain about it, is that good or bad? I have done the most difficult part of pioneering this path. Do you think I ever complained about the difficulties? You have to go head on to penetrate all seven barriers. Now we will go head on towards communism.

Who pays the indemnity of restoration? You know very well how difficult it is to win over yourself. St. Paul lamented that the spirit was willing but the flesh was weak. That applies to everyone, yet winning over oneself is only the first step. If a person loses one eye, he will normally lament the loss, even though the rest of him may be whole. But if he knew that losing one eye could set him free from indemnity he would be willing to lose it.

Would you pause after reaching each level or just push through without resting? It took God thousands of years of history to go through this barrier, so how could a man do that? Did you create the barrier? Actually your ancestors did, Adam and Eve. Therefore, the one who is in Adam's position will do away with the barriers.

Jesus came as the second Adam. What does it mean to believe in Jesus? We believe so that we will be saved. To be saved means to fulfill the mission of indemnity. Before Jesus came, people made offerings in order to come nearer to God. But when Jesus came, people could come even nearer to God by the indemnity condition of loving Jesus. Did Jesus receive persecution on the world level? He was persecuted by Rome, but that was only the national level. Jesus could open only a spiritual path through his death on the cross.

Christianity doesn't have a nation of its own; America is definitely not a country where Christ reigns. Christ must come again. When the Lord of the Second Advent comes, will he inherit the spiritual path which Jesus built? The spirit world will have to recognize the coming Messiah. The mission of the Unification Church is to inherit this spiritual path and make it a physical one. Unless Christianity and the Unification Church become one, however, we cannot inherit the Christian foundation of indemnity and must lay that foundation all over again.

If Judaism had united with Jesus, would he have had to endure persecution? If traditional Christianity had united with the Unification Church, would we have been persecuted? No, instead the spirit world and physical world would have come together without difficulty. Since established Christianity opposed the Unification Church, we had to reindemnify everything, even the spiritual path. You have to understand clearly how communist influence is being exerted in many Christian churches and how it is confusing and misleading people.

In the individual, the mind on the godly side is always in conflict with the body, which is on the satanic side. Similarly, in my own family there were some who took my side and some who stood against me. But if Christianity had embraced me, my family would never have become divided. This would have been true for the nation also. Now I must win over the communist world on the strength of my own foundation, not the base laid by Christianity.

After Jesus died, his followers went to the Roman Empire. Our members must go to win the victory in the communist countries. Only after winning over communist opposition from 1960 to 1980 is total victory over communism possible. The communists as well as traditional Christians opposed the Unification Church. This is why I have two objectives-victory over communism, and revival of Christianity.

Satan is really trying to hold on to the world by corrupting the young people through free sex and drugs. America is basically a Christian nation, but it has declined sharply today. The worst of sins are seen in this nation where so many churches still stand, but this has occurred only since the end of World War II. Satan will exercise all of his power to destroy this country.

Satan is trying to destroy Adam's descendants as individuals, families, churches and country. That is exactly what is happening in America, where individuals are corrupted, families are scattered, the churches are declining in influence and the nation is drifting. Now young people are so immoral that in open parks they commit the sin of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Satan is trying to corrupt them ahead of time to prevent their being saved by the one God is sending.

You must come completely into unity with home church and after that you will shoot up like a rocket. Where will you land? In the heart of God. You can do in six months what has taken God 6,000 years and what has taken me sixty years to accomplish. Then the only question left is how hard you must work to do this-as casually as you have done in the past? If your love of home church is slightly more than your deepest desire to see your parents or your fiancÚ or children, then you have a passing grade. But as long as you don't feel that longing, you won't be successful. You can't go to home church after you have eaten well, or slept or loved someone. You must go before doing all those things. It takes first priority. You are not losing anything this way; by postponing these things they will acquire a much higher standard later.

If my mother were still alive, the whole world would cherish her. If we win a victory here, Korea will embrace us totally and the whole world will praise Koreans. But until Korea does that, it will go through difficult times, as it is now. Their misery doesn't have to continue; the same is true for Americans. If they would unite with God, their misery would end quickly.

Our purpose is to elevate the moral standards of society, revive the churches, and stop communism. All this we will accomplish through the work of home church. Then an entirely new world will emerge. There are 70 million homes in America, and divided by 360 that makes 200,000 home church areas. Is it impossible to have that many members covering the whole United States? If 100 people were witnessed to each day, three billion people would be reached in 100,000 years. It would still take over 1,000 years to reach all of America. But if 200,000 people do home church, all of it could realistically be done in our lifetimes.

You must become experts on your area, knowing more than the police or the government. You will know who the best people are, as well as who deals in drugs, or who has guns. Home church is a bridge between this world and the heavenly world, and there is no way to reach the heavenly world without crossing it. If you choose not to do it then you have to give up the heavenly world.

I expect there will be a great population movement soon because all the American home church areas will be filled. People will have to go to other countries; they will emigrate by the thousands to do home church. Unless you do home church well, you will have no container for the blessings God wants to give you. Satan hates home church the most.

After home church is completed there will be no national barriers and then we can live anywhere. If your home church is successful, then I won't have to prepare separately for the march on Moscow; home church will open the way for the rally in Moscow.

In spirit world I can go directly to God now. Isn't that what you would like also? I did home church on the world level, meaning that all boundaries and prejudices will disappear. Since the victory in 1976, I have talked about home church and why you must do it. When you clearly understand this, you won't need an Abel figure but can do it on your own. Otherwise, you need someone to help discipline your life. Once you finish home church, you can live anywhere in the world

There are only two more weeks left in this year. Starting in 1981 especially, home church is really all your world. Home church is what God's dispensation has been aiming at; it has been the purpose of human history and the goal of religions. You want to live with me in spirit world but you can only qualify through home church. To accomplish home church is to complete all indemnity.

Heaven is the world which requires no indemnity. Who are citizens of the Kingdom on earth? They are the ones who have worked constantly for this purpose. Who will build Heaven on earth? We will do it. Because it was man and woman who fell, they must get together to build Heaven on each once more.

Unless you are smarter than me, you have to follow my example. I have been going a difficult, foolish looking way, but I know that everyone will thank me in the future. This is where you meet God and where you meet the True Parents. When you know this, you can hardly complain that things are difficult. Whoever completes home church is already in the family of the Heavenly kingdom, on earth and eternally in spirit world. There is nowhere such a person cannot go. After you go to spirit world, you cannot work freely on earth without the foundation of home church. But if you have that foundation, you can freely visit.

While you are doing home church, imagine the history you are making of the Heavenly Kingdom. There is nothing else to be proud of, either here or in spirit world. I have set a historical record and you will set a record also in home church. That will be your source of pride. Once you are successful your name will be registered in the book of the Heavenly Kingdom. Do you need home church or not? Can you go to heaven any other way?

Also it will represent your graduation from the Unification Church; you won't need the Unification Church any more. You should feel that you don't need to have someone looking after you. If you know what you should be doing, why do you need someone giving you direction? If you really carry this out with confidence, you can pray and get instant cooperation from God. Certainly you will find God in home church. Next year is two more weeks away; at that time you must really do home church, not just make preparations.

I want you to have a good start in the new year. During these two weeks pray and gather yourself for that purpose. Now will you honestly do it? If so then I don't have to stay to teach and encourage you, but can attend to things elsewhere. My mission is done, so the focal point is whether you are doing your mission. Don't think so much about where I am or what I am doing. I will not say when I am coming or going. There are many places for me to go.

I will take the victorious people along with me. I am anticipating whether the first victor will be white or black, and I might officially recognize the first shiny home church victors. From that time a tribe will be formed in the Unification Church. As yet, you don't belong to particular tribes. The second three seven-year courses are your era. Should that be cause for crying or rejoicing? You can go everywhere with rejoicing and jumping.

Those of you who are determined to do this, raise your hands. God bless you.

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