The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1980

State Leaders Conference, May 19, 1980

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
World Mission Center
New York City, NY
May 19, 1980
Bo Hi Pak, Translator

Bo Hi Pak:

Good morning everyone! How are you? Home Church! ("Can do!")

Are you ready for, a great day?

The first order of business today is to welcome our new President of The Unification Church of America. In our last conference, Father expounded on the purpose and meaning of this change of command in the U.S. Movement. The outgoing President of the Unification Church of America was attending, and he expressed heartwarming love to our True Parents, pledging them his continuing love and support. At the same time he made it really clear that he will live up to Father's expectations. We gave a wonderful cheer for our outgoing president, our dear brother Mr. Salonen.

The incoming president, Dr. Mose Durst, was not able to attend that conference because of a situation on the West Coast. So we were not able to hear the incoming president's inaugural speech. Today Father would like to formally and officially announce that Dr. Mose Durst is now installed as the President of the Unification Church of America.

The primary purpose of this meeting is for Father to give you new direction, under this new leadership in America, especially concerning how we can unite together with True Father and True Mother in fulfilling Heavenly Father's wishes.

There has already been a great deal of publicity over the incoming president of our Church, not only on the West Coast but throughout the nation. I understand that even UPI and AP carried the news. A couple of weeks ago, if I remember correctly, we had a news conference at national Headquarters. Although Father was away on tour, he called me and asked me to tell Dr. Durst to be bold and strong! I conveyed his message. Dr. Durst was indeed bold and strong in facing the media and, as far as we are concerned, that is the most important news of the day.

The News World carried it on the front page with a big picture of the new president. There was some excitement because a few ex-Moonies had sneaked in to try to disturb the meeting. One of them, Gary Scharff, later confessed to the press that this particular new president will be a threat to all deprogrammers. Some of the negative parents, hearing that Dr. Durst was to be the new president, issued an emergency proclamation for their people: "Sun Myung Moon has appointed Dr. Mose Durst president of the Unification Church. He is well known as their top, toughest recruiter. Watch out for your children, on a twenty-four hour basis!" The fact that they declared an emergency shows that this new step Father is taking has made a dynamic impact on the Satanic world. Those people now feel that by this incoming president the Unification Church will be strengthened, that there will be prosperity, a booming membership, recruitment crusades and a great deal of success. They are already fearful. The enemy knows us best. Many times, they know better than we do. They surely know how the installation of this new president will become a threat to them.

I thought that was a very welcoming sign. Tarrytown Daily News gave front page coverage. Likewise, the San Francisco Chronicle carried several articles. The Oakland Tribune reported: "Durst pledges Moonie offensive." Do you think that deserves great applause?

"Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church of North America will be on the offensive in the 80s and plan a nationwide moral revolution," its new president said Tuesday. "We're going to stop being defensive because we have done nothing to defend." He said he plans to hold a reception Wednesday at which he will deliver a major policy address on the direction of the church in the 1980s. Durst will resign as a Langley College instructor to take over the church leadership and says he plans appearances all over the county. Although Moon intends to remain active as a spiritual head of the church, Durst said his 21-year spiritual ministry has successfully ended. !'Sun Myung Moon's ministry was designed to establish the foundation for the moral revolution. Now it is our job to build and continue it."
One of Durst's most vocal critics, Lowell Stricker, Executive Director of the Freedom Counseling Center, said, "Durst's elevation to the presidency indicates that the church will be more aggressive and more deceptive." (That's what Satan says. It means 'more righteous.) Durst said, "Stricker has never met me or had the decency to talk to me." He asserted that Stricker is "one of many psychologists trying to kill off religion to earn a few more bucks. The Unification Church's recruiting is no different from the Mormons. You get to know someone on a personal basis and maybe you go to a ballgame with him, and eventually the conversation gets around to moral matters. It is a process of convergence."

Prior to Dr. Durst's arrival in New York full time, Onni Durst has been working under Father's leadership, coming to East Garden each day.

Witnessing and evangelism in New York has already made progress. At the last weekend workshop there were more than 60 guests. It will go over 100, 150 and 200 guests. Dr. Durst just returned from the camp, having conducted the weekend workshop. He is here to receive guidance from Father.

He has not yet been able to give his own official inaugural speech, and yet things are already happening. In New York, we can feel the excitement and bubbling enthusiasm! Surely the Unification Church is on the move, on the offensive! This is particularly true since Dr. Durst has a scholarly background. Serving as a state leader with a Ph.D., he has tremendously elevated our stature. Now he is selected as national leader because of his meritorious service.

All of this has tremendous impact. ICUS participants who are now ready to listen to The Principle during the summer seminars are jubilant: one of their colleagues has become head of the Unification Church and is coming out to teach them The Principle.

Dr. Durst is a native New Yorker, a Brooklyn Jewish boy. Now this New York Jewish boy has to compliment Father. All of this has significance in our entire endeavor.

Now let me present to you our incoming President, the dynamic leader, Dr. Mose Durst!

Dr. Durst:

I have only one word to say and that is "success." Our purpose in serving Father and Mother is to bring success. We don't need anything else but that. We've got the best ball club, the best manager. On paper, we are the best. All we need to do is to win some ball games. If we start winning ball games, everyone will start coming to the ball park and start picking out who is there.

My brothers and my sisters, you all have always been my heroes and my heroines, as I have said many times.

I am grateful that I can serve Father and Mother in this capacity. I pledge complete obedience and service to Father and Mother and above all, success, because we have to accomplish the purpose.

I was inspired just coming in this weekend. As Colonel Pak said, we had just about 60 guests. It was really a warm-hearted work-shop, even though we held the seminar in what was apparently a garage. Although they only had one or two bathrooms that everybody had to share, it was a wonderful pioneering spirit and a great deal of people stayed. We are starting to create that momentum.

Just before I left the West Coast, two spiritual children moved into the Family. If we shake up the East Coast and the West Coast together, the middle has got to crumble. I know that New York is the center of the world. If we can crack New York, we can crack the world.

In fact, as part of my inauguration address, I just happen to pick up this little thing before I left California and with Father's permission, I will just repeat these few words: (He sang "I'll Take Manhattan", paraphrased, ending with "We'll turn Manhattan into the Heavenly Kingdom") That is what I am committed to do.

Bo Hi Pak:

One more thing. This is the era of our True Parents' children, but Father has always emphasized that everything occurs on a family basis. The installation of the presidency, unlike any other organization, is always as a couple. For that reason, none of the outside news could neglect top mention the couple. There is not only Dr. Durst, but Mrs. "Onni" Young Soo Durst. Let's give one big hand for Onnie Durst!

Let us cheer for our True Parents!

Reverend Moon:

This conference is attended by all the state leaders and CARP leaders. When there is a change of command in the Unification Church of America, everybody is anxious to know the direction of our policy and the goal of our movement.

Since Father came to America and particularly after 1973 when Father gained residency in this country, Father has been arousing public opinion in this country for seven years, not in a good way so much as in a controversial way. It is not that the true content of our movement is bad or that there is anything wrong with our doctrine. We became controversial simply because the content of our movement is so big in scope; it is extraordinary and revolutionary. Even this giant America has no capacity to digest Moonies.

If America had accepted this new movement as a spiritual whirlwind, America would be far better off, a greater and more prosperous nation. But America stopped short of doing that, and it was at that point that all the controversy started. Everybody knows that this movement will move forward, expanding by leaps and bounds. People feel that once this movement becomes aggressive it will become a threat to America and to the world. This is particularly true in the democratic world. Yet it will even become a threat to the Communist world. At the same time, it is a truism that the democratic and Communist worlds cannot control or digest the world. They simply do not have the capacity. Therefore, we must jump and leap towards this high goal and accomplish it. Unification Church, however, brings a positive alternative, a counterproposal, a solution to the world's problems that will lift the world to a higher goal.

Therefore the quality of our movement cannot be matched by either the democratic or Communist worlds. It is our destiny that this movement will go beyond both those worlds. But how quickly will we progress? Will we be fast or slow? We cannot afford to go slow. We must take the fastest possible route. If we go slow, trying to please everybody before taking any action, there will not be any controversy. If we had gone that route in the beginning, slow and trying to please everybody, what would have happened to us? Instead of leading both worlds, we would have just appeased and followed them. If we take that route, then when can we take the lead in the existing world? It would be impossible and unpredictable.

in order to change the world and bring salvation to mankind there are only two ways: one, make a breakthrough and go ahead of them, or two, just block everyone. We have not had the strength to stop the crumbling world in front of the democratic and Communist worlds. We don't have that capacity yet. Our only remaining route is to make a breakthrough and show the world our goal and hope for the world.

What direction shall we take? We have to influence and awaken the world. We have to deal with the national leaders of every country and awaken the public by launching a spectacular rally to draw everyone's attention. Accordingly, Father has organized great rallies from local and provincial levels up to the national and worldwide level. When Father came to America, he immediately thought of a strategy for approaching national leaders to quickly move the nation toward the goal. Within seven years we came into the limelight, drawing so much attention to ourselves that all major leaders and organizations in this country had to pay attention w the Unification Movement. This is the position we have now reached.

While Father was arousing public interest in this way, he was at the same time attracting the attention of the academics. All these things are clicking now and the results are beginning to show.

In addition, Father launched another offensive: CARP. The CARP movement is aiming at all the campuses of America. Its purpose is to show how wrong the Communist ideology is and what the weaknesses of the democratic system are. We are exposing all the evils of the world today.

While we pursue all these goals, the name of Sun Myung Moon becomes rather prominent. There is no one who doesn't recognize Father's name. The people who oppose us do so simply because they are ignorant of the truth about Father and the Unification Movement. Our job is to educate everyone, eliminating this ignorance.

For example, every issue of the World Student Times, the official CARP newspaper, has a column expounding Father's ideology, to let people know what Sun Myung Moon stands for. Over the last three years we have held numerous seminars for theologians, scholars and professors. Furthermore, the Professors World Peace Academy is active in all major countries of the world, and all intellectual people, especially university and college professors, can join together in the PWPA organization to develop their understanding of Father. We educate intellectuals not only in the academic world, but also in the legal world. We have special seminars for lawyers, since they are also leading opinion-makers in our society. These people are all gathered together, and we will educate them, in order to eliminate their ignorance about Father and our movement.

The Unification Church is in the center; we are broadening our territories of friendliness and establishing communication with the various aspects of society. We have not neglected the news media. We have a media crusade. We also have a business crusade. People generally have the concept that the Unification Church has endless resources and that nothing Sun Myung Moon touches will remain mediocre. That is what people see. This is where we stand now.

The established Christian churches were truly adamant adversaries, continually hitting and attacking the Unification Church but soon found that the Unification Church is not that bad. There found so many amicable things that they wanted to pattern themselves after, and so they regard us much more highly now. The media, who erroneously attacked the Unification Church with false allegations they could not substantiate, began to learn tile truth. President Carter's government and State Department truly think we are evil, but are failing miserably themselves. Now so many wise people in America are suspicious of the government's attitude, for they look with hope to this new religious movement, the Unification Church. This is exactly where we are today.

Should we stop, relax and take a break, or step up our attitude and march forward? Yes, we should step forward and finish the job. How? It is very simple: follow Father's example and live up to his expectation.

As much as Father was a fighter, you will be fighters with influential opinion makers and political leaders of this country. On the state level, you must speak to the leadership and win their hearts, bringing public opinion to your side, so that they will rally around you, and not alienate you. When you hold a big rally on the state level, you can be the principal speaker yourself. As the mastermind behind the rally, you can expound on what you believe. All kinds of dignitaries will come to a rally that honors local leadership, and be applauded by a jubilant public. Then all the leadership will be grateful to you, the one who brought honor to them.

The ICUS is a good example. In 1972, Father initiated the first conference in New York. It was attended by only 32 scholars, who were not internationally famous and did not even recognized Father. Father knew that these people were not such an impressive group; yet he, as the founder, delivered a Founder's Address to set the tradition from that first meeting. By the third year of successful ICUS conferences, people were looking to the founder as the person who had made such a great idea prosper. They had to recognize and respect Father. After the eighth conference, the entire world of scholars and major universities had to recognize Father's contribution to the scientific world. They had to pay great respect to his work and ideal. The foundation has been laid. If Father goes from one nation to another, calling scholars together to a banquet in a famous hotel, they will feel honored to be invited. Whose foundation? Not the scholars' foundation. It is Sun Myung Moon's foundation, the Unification Church's foundation, and therefore your foundation. And it is not only the Unification Church's foundation but the foundation for the future world.

This is a formula and pattern that we will use. Now is the time for a fresh wind to come to the Unification Church. The new leadership taking over the Unification Church of America, uniting together with the leadership of each state, will influence leaders, opinion makers and the public so that you will be able to create great rallies, conferences and seminars. You can invite not only Dr. Durst but the President of the United States!

Your way is rather simple. Just follow in Father's footsteps. You are like a river flowing down: are you a giant river, a creek or a small stream? All rivers flow toward one goal and in one direction. It is the same with us. Some of you will be big rivers and some small rivers or streams. But the goal and the way of achieving it is absolutely the same.

So far, Father has kept advising that you must move the hearts of opinion-makers on the lower level. You should gain their support. Whether that is done by state leaders, CARP leaders or national leaders doesn't make any difference. All of us, including Sun Myung Moon, are going in the same direction toward the same goal. Your stand on a foundation to move on the public level. The time has come to start thinking about how to move the masses. This is most important. This is our foundation and past history. This is where we are and this is what we are going to do. The die is cast.

War has been declared. In war there are always casualties. There is an offensive and a defensive. So far Father has been attacked and we have been defending ourselves. But now the theme has changed, and the name of the game is "Offensive". In 1978 Father initiated a gigantic crusade to really turn the defensive battle into an offensive battle. If we had secured the 30,000 members that Father requested we would already have been on the offensive for some time and by now could have influenced the nation.

America is declining. That is apparent. Without a moral change, it will continue to decline. Who has a scheme to save the country? The Administration? Do the politicians have blueprints for turning this nation around? Do the U.S. Armed Forces have the ability? Can the established Christian churches ignite moral revolution?

Everyone is infiltrated by Communist elements, even the army and the government. Christian churches are infiltrated so badly that there is an open movement preaching Christianity without God.

We cannot expect a solution from anyone. We can't expect it from the government, or from the churches. Where can we find a solution? The only solution is a spiritual revolution with a new philosophy which can expose the lies of the Communist ideology and bring truth, light and hope to mankind. Such a spiritual revolution alone holds hope. Communists talk about Utopia, about the ideal world, but their world is violent, a total dictatorship where the ends justify the means. Those are our adversaries: those who believe that the ends justify the means. They can be as deceptive as they want. Yet here stands Sun Myung Moon, the lone champion to halt their advances. Sun Myung Moon is the one who changes their way of thinking their way of life, their conviction.

We must make men in order to win the battle. The Unification Church is criticized for being strong, regimented and organized, and people say we brainwash. You know that our adversaries are not going to be deal with easily. If we had our own nation we wouldn't have to fight. However, we have no social foundation, no deep-rooted social organization. That means that we have to begin from scratch, earning the economy, the finances and the organization. It is a life and. death matter. We start out as a dot, and must build the movement from the very bottom.

Unless we build our own foundation, who will do it? Will the Christian churches help us? Will the universities? Will social organizations? No, they will not. Furthermore, instead of leaving us alone, they oppose us. They allow themselves to become tentacles of Communist opposition. They are trying every way they can to halt our advancement.

From a normal point of view, if we simply survive it is quite an accomplishment. But is our goal just to survive? No! Survival is just the bare minimum requirement, the base from which to move forward twenty-four hours a day to reach the goal. No matter how great the ideas of Sun Myung Moon are or how great a leader he is, unless we lay the foundation even Sun Myung Moon becomes helpless. Therefore, Father is pushing beyond the call of duty. Ordinary methods just won't do.

The other day Father spoke very strongly to the MFT members about survival. We must be the remnants of this war, to digest, take charge, and then prosper. What about you? Are you battle seasoned? Have you survived? Are you a remnant? This is a big question. You follow Father. Why does he give you such a hard time? Why does he have to lead you through such tribulation? Father doesn't really want to do that. But if he just left you alone, you would follow an easy path and none of you would survive.

Somebody has to do it. Somebody has to be so determined as to offer their lives. Otherwise the whole world will be without hope. During the next three years, we can influence this nation and the world. When we press hard, the world will feel it. This is no time to be reluctant to be called a Moonie or to hide our true identity. We must expose who we are. Have you been doing that?

You state leaders don't know what to do or where to begin. Father is amazed that you have so much time. If you go to every corner of your state, you won't have a moment to spare. This is the kind of emergency time we are now in. Have you really been fighting the battle against the political officials in your state? Have you brought the message to them? Or are you just sitting idle and feeling that everything will be taken care of ? If you continue with this attitude, you will not change one iota, even if tens of thousands of years pass. Do you think that simply because you have been the state leader for the last few years, while the nation is crumbling, that the public will automatically come to accept us?

Applying the brake to a running automobile makes a sharp noise. We are applying the brake to a running locomotive, and there are sparks and noises.

The time has come for us to renew ourselves, to become new creatures. This is a proper and fitting time, as the change of leadership brings a freshness to the states. Centering on your new leader, you must become united and create a sonic boom.

First, we must hit New York and penetrate it. Dr. Durst should not leave those who oppose us alone. He should go for them, one after another, and make a showdown with each one of our enemies. There are many Jewish people with animosity against us. It is appropriate that another Jew come against them. Jew for Jew! Jewish members, raise your hands. Father would like to create a Jewish "tribe" association, the Unification Church Jewish Club. There are eleven Jewish members in this meeting. Dr. Durst and Dan Fefferman are Jewish. Dr. Bergman is also Jewish. People will come to see that the top leaders of the Unification Church are Jewish. What rationale will the Jewish people have to go against Father? None. All the Jewish members will center on Mose Durst and make a strong task, force. Go one after another visiting the negative Jewish people. Dr. Durst needs backing. Among ICUS participants there are many Jewish scholars; Father is instructing Dr. Durst to make a supporting organization of them, like a fence. Then the Jewish population can come around him. Many good Jewish people who don't know about our movement come against us. Let them come! You should make a showdown. You must lead them by spiritual force.

The best argument against our adversaries is that by attacking the Unification Church and Sun Myung Moon they are actually aiding Communist takeover. Look at the Frazer Committee with all its left-wing and Communist infiltrators. They were using their power to try to destroy the Unification Church because in their eyes the Unification 'Church is public enemy number one. The Unification Church is enemy to Communism.

People need to understand that to come against Sun Myung Moon is actually to aid the Communists. This happened in Korea and in Japan. Now, we must prove it here in America. Many of the people in opposing organizations are agitated by Communist infiltrators. Whether it is the State Department, Christian churches or the academic world, the Communists are behind the scenes trying to control adversary action against the Unification Church. Japanese Communists, for example, come up with many thick books of fabrications and lies in order to destroy Sun Myung Moon and the Unification Church. They issue many allegations, giving them credibility by stating that these things were said by professors. Professors hear these allegations, and repeat the lies. Someone else quotes them in turn, and so on. When it is finally quoted in the New York Times or the Washington Post it becomes truth already. Everybody says, "The New York Times says so." Therefore it is "truth."

The term "brainwashing" was coined by the Communists and KCIA. Did Father brainwash you? When people accuse you of being brainwashed, how can you simply stand still? How can you be so silent about it? Is this the American tradition? You must speak up for righteousness. Make that the American tradition! You try to be humble and yet you become intimidated. Why should you be intimidated? Do you think we can become prosperous through intimidation? We have to make a breakthrough. We must be strong and bold, standing up for righteousness without fear. I. W.s, if you find that one of the state leaders is so timid that he is ashamed and cowardly, tell him that this is wrong. Stop him from feeling that way. We should be able to counter every possible way they come at us. If they come with logic, we can counter with logic. If they attack with philosophy, we should fight back with philosophy. If they show conviction, we can show stronger conviction. When they use physical force, we will do the same. (That is the reason that the Unification Theological Seminary is teaching martial arts. We are probably the only seminary under the sun doing this. Knowing the true nature of Communism, we must do this.)

We must make a breakthrough. We must climb up the top pinnacle and erect our flag there. I want you to understand our initiation in 1980 of the second three seven-year courses. This is the most crucial turning point of history. An emergency has now been declared. Don't go after those who welcome you: go out after those who oppose you. Father did not come to America to be welcomed by the American people. He came for the opposing and negative people, in order to convince them. You must do the same. This is a new plateau, a new height, a new standard. A new chapter of history is being unfolded. Don't look down. Look up, proudly. "Today you look at me but don't understand me. We have tomorrow. Go ahead and have fun. I will give of myself but you can sleep and rest. I won't eat or sleep; I'll keep going forward to win the battle." Unless we have that determination, there is no reason for the Unification Church to exist in the sight of God. God does not need a mediocre, half-way Unification Church. God needs the Unification Church because we are committed and we give our lives to it. We must do things without eating or sleeping, on a twenty-four hour basis. That is why God needs us. God's hope is Sun Myung Moon. God sees that he is the only one living this way. God can't help but grab Sun Myung Moon. Everybody says it is impossible. Only Sun Myung Moon does the impossible. Sun Myung Moon alone says that it is possible. That is why God needs him. Father is so serious in his commitment to the frontline. He did not come here for luxury, for good eating and good living. He came to fight and to sacrifice himself. There is no other way we can survive. We have to make a breakthrough, march forward, and put our flag of victory on the pinnacle.

Tiger Park comes under Father's direct control. Father tells him not to be afraid of anything but to fight against Communism every inch of the way. The Communists have been laying their foundation for several decades already and have a stronghold on every campus. CARP is coming up quickly. Our enemy is giant; when you fight against the giant enemies you become a giant very quickly, too. On every level in America, local, state and federal, we move forward with the same commitment, the same boldness, and the same strong posture. We are involved in so many areas. We are not just a religious group involved in spiritual work, but we do everything. We are in the academic and theological worlds, in the economic, business and news media fields. Once we are proven to be right, we can gain the support from every echelon. People will see Father in so many different ways.

Outside, people are trembling because of the Communists. People think that you must not upset the Russians. That is the way American foreign policy is being conducted. How can they possibly win; how can they deter the Communist powers? In 1978 Father proclaimed that we needed a strong VOC movement throughout the states, but you just didn't take it seriously; it didn't click. Father knew the exact arrival time, but when he announced that time the people who needed to be prepared were not ready.

This is the final showdown. It is time to do it. We are like a fireball or a bullet. We should unite with Dr. Durst as the center of the American movement and penetrate the target. We just cannot say that we will take a few years to prepare. Not at all. We don't have time. We are already running on our way toward the target. That is the home church system. Home church is truly incredible God's plan and strategy. It will eliminate all room for Satan or Communism to take over.

Unless you as a state leader can influence the leadership and opinion-makers of the state you are not worthy to be a state leader. You should be able to bring them to hear the message, teach them, lead them toward the God-centered goal. Those who have met state governors, raise your hands. What about the rest of you? Father keeps asking you to meet with leaders, college presidents, police chiefs and newspaper managers. Even though they disregard you or neglect you, keep going; they will change their opinion. You should make them open their eyes. You are the revolutionary forces which should be able to digest them and turn them around.

Persuade the people who oppose us. You should go to the worst enemy and talk to him. Wage battle against him. Persuade him. That will become your exciting daily schedule. You reach the point that, when you don't do it, you'll get indigestion. When you preside over organizational matters, what would you tackle? First, you should tackle the problems. The Unification Church is the same. Outside we have so many problem children. We have to take care of this matter first, and then attend the good matters. 110h no, I don't want to worry about that part of the problem." No! How can you be a leader with an attitude like that? A leader is usually a troubleshooter. If you don't have the confidence then pack it up. If, while you are a leader, the heavenly dispensation crumbles, you become the worst kind of criminal in the sight of God. You are the offenders. So renew your thinking and change your mind now.

Father came to America seven years ago with these concepts. What about you? Can't you change your mind? As soon as Father arrived, he went to the Senate and met one senator after another. Do you think that he went there just to be welcomed by them? Not at all. If there had been no opposition or controversy, Father would have gone to see them many times and would have become their friend. The time has come even on a state level when nobody can neglect you or look at your scornfully. How can you allow that to happen? Don't you know how to speak to them? Can't you deal with senators and congressmen? Are you fearful of them? Father put you into the Seminary for several years; are you still fearful of them? Think of it. Even though. this is a time of emergency, still Father brought you into the Seminary for two years to be trained. What a bleeding experience that was for Father! Yet he did it, because you needed it to become a giant leader who could truly fight against this kind of enemy. What are you fearful of? America has equality; it's a democratic country. Actually, when you really strive for it, you should be able to meet anybody and everybody. No system in this country prevents you from meeting people. Father gave you so many ideas in the past. You can mobilize the opinion-makers. Let them be involved in good things. Moral rehabilitation. You can start up so many projects to help young people. You should mastermind such projects, and let the politicians get involved in them. If you sit down with these national or local leaders, amazing things can happen. You might not even intend to talk, but God will move your lips and you will come out with relentless persuasion. This is going to be the way it will happen. God will use your lips and speak through your mouth. The more determined and strong and bold you are, the stronger God's support will be. It's easy to gain a newspaper company president as your friend. That is also why you should be a special representative of The News World. You represent our newspaper, too.

It is a puzzle. Father sometimes wonders why American young people are like this and wonders why they can't be different. They seem to have become so apathetic.

If nothing happens, just go out to the streets; go knock on office doors. Draw attention. Think about it! Do you think America will stop someday and turn around, the way things are going? Somebody has to apply the brake. Graduates of the Seminary, you elite of the Unification Church, if you can't do it, do you think the MFT members can? What about the feeble, innocent, small CARP members; should they be doing this? You must repent.

Dr. Durst, you are the example for America. You must spearhead this movement in America. Will you all listen and obey? New determination must come. Father already said that there are two solutions possible. The first, is to block the crumbling America and world, but we are not capable of doing that. The second is to make a breakthrough and be like a lighthouse to tell all the leaders and the people of the nation what is wrong. Moonies must be known as patriots of patriots. Moonies are the believers among believers, the cream of the anti-Communists, the businessmen of businessmen in the business world; the Moonie newspaper will become the newspaper within the newspaper world; the Moonie fishing industry will become the center and example and champion of the fishing world.

That is the way Father is now creating everything, and he is appealing to you to follow the traditional example. The aim is not that Sun Myung Moon should become more famous. That is not the center of the situation. The important thing is that unless Sun Myung Moon is known and accepted, this nation and the world has no hope. Who should do it? You said that you do know about it. That means that you should proclaim it to the world. Just like Father at the Madison Square Garden, Yankee Stadium and Washington Monument rallies, you should be doing the same in your state. Father held banquets and conferences on the state level, and then he went on to set the pattern at the 50 state level, himself holding a banquet and rally in each state. You should follow the same pattern. That is the way you should do it. No matter what the cost, you should feel that you can earn the money and do it. Wherever Father went, at the local or national level, every time he was overwhelmed by the fact that people were always turned away. That was the tradition he set. You should do the same. You are going to be a mastermind.

Of course it is not easy. Father knows that. But now he urges you to make an extraordinary effort to do it without eating or sleeping. If it were so easy, other people would do it, Jews, Anglo-Saxons, etc. Then Moonies wouldn't have the chance to do it. Yet because it is so difficult, it is only Moonies who can do it. That is why we must take up this role. We must be proud of it. This is not bad at all. Once we do these impossible things, then nothing will be impossible under the sun. We must make the impossible possible. You have to risk your life; you might end up in jail. These are the proud and glorious "acts of the apostles." Father has done that. It is part of his record. In the end, that kind of man and woman will become winners. That is a lesson of history.

Father gave one simple message. But if you have any other idea, tell Father. There is an American or democratic way of doing things? All right; tell me about it! How can you do it? No. That kind of test has already been failed. You know it precisely.

When you lay this foundation, you become a bulwark; you can hold off an avalanche or stop the Niagara Falls. Once you become the bulwark of freedom and of God, that will be the end it. I want you to understand that every young man here in America one time or another will come to the Unification Church. They have to pass by the Unification Church. Only by doing this extraordinary work and making the impossible possible can you set the special tradition, the historic record. Otherwise what material will people record about you in the future? What will be the proud record of your deeds and achievements? This is the time. You must create your own material and tradition now, for there will be no more opportunities in the future. This is the last portion of the difficult time in history. This is the time when we make history.

Think of it. Are Jesus' disciples greater than you are? Were Jesus' disciples able to go through seminary and get a two year degree? Would they be superior to you? No; they are inferior to you both in education and intelligence. What would have been the greatness in their lives? To have participated in tribulation with Jesus. They should have suffered together with Lord Jesus. They should have died and become martyrs for the cause. You are able to do far greater things than Jesus' disciples. You are seminary graduates. Father has given you so much. Compared with 2,000 years ago, you have an optimum situation. Are you sitting and waiting until your entire state comes to welcome you with red carpet treatment? If that era comes, instead of coming to welcome you, people will come to accuse you for being so silent and not telling them earlier. "Why were you so inefficient in proclaiming this truth?" But if all people do come to accept you and give you red carpet treatment, they will only bow down to you for the record of your suffering. "Boy! While we were opposing you because of our ignorance, you people truly gave your lives and sacrificed yourselves and thought of our state."

This is the only way. The entire country and world oppose him. Korea, Japan, the United State, and the Communist world all oppose him. Yet despite such opposition Father never gives in even one inch; he keeps going forward to set the tradition; he becomes the torchlight. That is why he is great. He also feels that this is the only chance to write the tradition and proud history. Only under adverse conditions can proud history be written. The same is true for you. You are writing a chapter of your own history while the outside world is still opposing us. This is a golden opportunity.

You may say, I am an insignificant and ugly man, can crumble and die. I can suffer. But the future generations of America should not suffer. For that reason, I am standing up and proclaiming that America truly must become righteous. Millions of handsome men and women and children will come after you and read your deeds. The will be inspired by the record of the path you walked, by the history you wrote; they will shed tears over it. That is the kind of history you are writing now. Your impact on history will not be just upon this particular time in history. What you do will have an impact upon the next thousand years. If you cannot do it on the earth, then you will be accused. When you are elevated into the spirit world, the entire spirit world will accuse you.

You will not be able to avoid this responsibility. You are in it already. You worry about your own dignity and faith and honor. What kind of worry is that? Father is suffering in the same way. God has been ashamed for so many thousands of years. What kind of dignity do you have? What is so important about it?

Some might say that Father's way of doing something is the 'Korean' way or the 'Oriental' way of doing something. This is ridiculous! In that truest sense, we must wash our brains today.

If you are a Washington, D.C. leader, then the pastor of any large church in the city should be your friend. Father regrets one thing. He regrets that he is boxed into a corner as a religious leader. He wishes he could be free and in your position; then he would really show you what can be done. It is a pity that he is boxed in a corner and labeled as a 'religious leader.' The Communists are doing everything to destroy Father. They have so much information and so many intelligence reports. They have organized assassination squads. Kim Il Sung even sent such a squad into the U.S.A. Information comes not only from this country but from all over the world.

God trusts you; in the meantime will the world crumble? No. We cannot afford to let that happen. I am sure that you know how serious Father is. We don't have the power to stop the crumbling of America and the crumbling of the world. As Father said already, we have to penetrate the world and become influential leaders. We must become number one in every field. We must become respected and admired by the people in every field. Whatever you do, witnessing, business, scientific work, whatever you do, the Moonies must be number one in every field. Everybody will say, "Look at the Moonies! They are really amicable people. They are the hope of this nation and the hope of this world." Let the people come out and praise you. God is hoping that this situation will happen, don't you think? The future America is looking toward to having such leadership. In an emergency situation, the free world is hoping for such leaders for the sake of the future world. The power of the Communists is overwhelming, and their goal is to 'Lake over the world. With such imminent danger looming, knowing that what the Communists want is going to be doomsday for our world don't you think that some new fresh, dedicated God-centered leaders should be born here and in every country? Isn't this the wish of the free world?

People behind the Iron Curtain are waiting for their liberation. They are waiting today and every day. Each day is like a thousand years for them. Father proclaimed the Moscow Rally right after Washington Monument because he knew that his ultimate mission is to liberate people. This is not just empty talk. Father has been working toward that goal in every possible way, moving inch by inch, yard by yard closer. Father knew to the bone what the true Communist posture is, how they maneuver and work. Look at the world situation: Cuba, Viet Nam, Burma, Cambodia. Look at what is happening in South America. Virtually the entire world is on fire. How can you sit idle? They are waiting every day for someone to become the kind of leader that Sun Myung Moon prescribes. That kind of leader should save them. That kind of leader must liberate them. Even if it looks impossible or seems vague, the freedom which that kind of leader can bring, is the ultimate alternative.

This is not just talk. This is Father's own way of life. This is his example, the way of life he has patterned himself after. Fifty state leaders, the I. W.s, and all Unification Church members in America unite and center upon Dr. Durst. Father has now given you a captain, who is going to steer the ship under the leadership of our True Parents. You must unite with the Dursts and support them. Tirelessly sacrifice and serve the purpose. Will you do it?

Eventually we are going to provide such leadership for the nation, in the White House. When such a dedicated, God-centered leader comes to the White House, it will be America's true hope. Father is going to do anything and everything possible. You may not know at what instant Father may suddenly have to leave America. Such an incredible situation may happen; we just don't know. Father knows what is needed by the world. God needs him here on earth; therefore, Father's presence on earth is crucial. Even if he doesn't speak for seven years, staying in East Garden, his presence is needed by this world and can move and inspire it. The enemy knows it. Its goal is to eliminate him at any cost. We are not here just to play around. We are determined to give our total commitment, not just half-way or mediocre commitment.

How much Father would like to send you around the rest of the world, so that you could discover how the U.S. has failed in international leadership and let so many nations become enslaved! This is America's great blunder. Tony, who has been assigned to Trinidad to pioneer the fishing industry, didn't report yet to Father, but Father heard a report through another channel that Tony seemed to be rather discouraged over the way white people are hated by the Trinidad people. White people have made so many blunders and extracted so much from the black people that now Americans are hated. Father thinks that the Unification Church will become a vindication and apology to all these minorities and oppressed people. We shall present the true image of white people. The Unification Church, even Father alone, must unite the races; otherwise racial wars will break out. Even this morning's newspaper told us of such a war in Miami: people getting killed in their own country. It will be far worse in the future, on a worldwide level. The Communists are agitating such wars. They know that it is the best way to divide the free world. This is historically true. In the Unification Church we truly abolish racial boundaries. We are the love race. We can marry each other. The Koreans and Americans can marry. The blacks can marry the whites. The Japanese can marry westerners. This is a remarkable contribution to history. No other movement under the sun can do this. We have to win. The difficulties which Father faces in America are incredible, yet he is patient and he just digests them.

Dr. Durst will come under Father's command every day. So if you connect with Dr. Durst you will connect with Father. Do you want to repeat the. same old story over and over, without much change? Or, this time, do you want to make a new history? Do you want me to trust you? One more time? This is the only way. Obey Father and you shall win.

Father is not doing anything the Korean or Oriental or American way. Rather, he does things God's way, according to God's twenty-four hour timetable. Americans think that eight hours work are enough, but Father doesn't have such a timetable. One or two o'clock in the morning ... it doesn't make a difference. He does this every day without exception. Actually Father's best chance to rest is while he is traveling, especially during the ride from East Garden to the World Mission Center.

Father is fully aware that millions of people are asking for his help, praying for it. He knows that there are people who join together in his spirit, fighting with their lives. He knows that they pray for him. This becomes his burden. In order to handle that burden, every moment of the day Father is alert, praying for them. You should always feel that there is one race out there, united around Father, and that there is no way you can leave this Family. You belong to it. This is an eternal bond.

Father is now giving instructions to Dr. Durst. He has been doing his best on the West Coast and now he will do more on the East Coast. His job is not going to be easy. After all, in Northern California he was the king: he could schedule and move as he pleased. But on the East Coast, there are a lot of supervisors above him. To please everybody is not going to be easy. Dr. Durst may have his own schedule, but it may interfere with the higher level and Father may just call for him. This is a nerve wracking process on the East Coast. He has to have strong nerves. Father is actually testing Dr. Durst because he was basically a scholar. How revolutionary is he, and how strong? Dr. Durst majored in English literature and was very poetic. He was always singing and being very romantic. Now, how much can he stand as a commander-in-chief and really become a commander? Father will wait and see! When your tongue is stuck by a needle, will you still have time to sing? When a needle goes into your tongue, all you can say is "Ouch!" What will it be?

Young Soo Durst is a good wife. Father thinks Dr. Durst is very lucky. What is Young, Soo's strong point? No matter what, when Father's command is issued that comes first and her husband comes second. Father always comes first. That is why she is always with Father and that is why her husband is so lucky, having such a wife. Therefore, there is a tremendous spiritual world around. She is so vertical. The spiritual world must be mobilized around her. Father has heard rumors. Always some state leaders are murmuring, "Boy! You know, the real President of the Unification Church is not Dr. Durst, but Onni Durst. How can I put up with that woman?" But Father already warned her that she should stir people up in a good way, not in a bad way. Don't just put on a power display or be a control mogul. Serve them and inspire them in a good way. And be a good support of Dr. Durst, letting him be the true commander-in-chief of America's heavenly forces. Let him lead. You should support him. When Dr. Durst is sagging and needs energy, you should provide it. No matter how mad Dr. Durst may become, nobody takes him seriously because he wasn't born with a serious nature; no matter how angry he looks, still everybody can smile at him. But, on the contrary, when Young Soo Durst gets mad, you tremble. She can get really angry. They have a good complimentary relationship and they offset each other. In some cases Onnie Durst is very effective, and yet in other cases Dr. Durst will be very effective. They will work together as a good team. This is hope! They present hope to the Unification Church of America. Support them and anticipate that good things will happen.

One of the weaknesses of Mr. Salonen's presidency was his lack of credentials. He was a strong man and a good leader, but people respect credentials. When Dr. Durst comes in, people cannot take him lightly. He is a Ph.D. and a university professor and has taught in many different ways. He has become a prominent community leader in his own right. How can anybody take him lightly? He is a naturally good Jew, born in New York. That is not the only language he speaks. When he goes to Germany, he can speak German; when he goes to a Spanish speaking country, he can speak Spanish; he can also speak French; and now he is learning good Korean also.

There is one more step to go. After him, a former US president should become the president of the Unification Church of America. Dr. Durst has that responsibility! Certainly he can meet members of the republican and democratic parties. They are just ordinary people. In other words, Father is thinking that it is Dr. Durst's responsibility to elevate his office of the presidency to become the highest office in the United States, even higher than the presidency of the USA. Dr. Durst's friends should be Mayor Koch, Senator Javits, Senator Moynihan, Governor Carey, the New York Times president, and the Daily News president. He should become buddy-buddy with them and go for coffee. It is amazing. Once you teach The Principle that will be the case. When The Principle moves in, and when they see Father, no matter what they are, it doesn't make a difference, they just respect him. This is Dr. Durst's assignment. Keep working on making these people your friends. They will be your Administration team. The Columbia University president, the Harvard president, the George Washington University president and Ivy League schools should be your friends. That is your job. Your office should carry weight.

They will invite you for social occasions. You and your wife will go to a dancing party. Be proud to present your Korean wife to these dignitaries and tell them that you have a very Korean Jew as your wife. Young Soo has special talents. Father traveled with her a lot. Wherever she goes, she doesn't have any idle moment, even in bus stations and public recreation areas. She always makes friends instantly with the people around her.

During a tour, Father needed to sit on a bench in order to do a little business, but there was a very romantic couple fantastically in love sitting on the bench. Mrs. Durst approached them and they stood up almost like soldiers and just went away, leaving us the bench for our business. When Father was in New Orleans recently, there was a rather disturbing crowd in an area near the bench where Mother was sitting. Onni Durst approached them so diplomatically and in such a pleasant way that they were only too happy to leave the area and not disturb us. They took off. Also, she is a woman of guts. While she was at a slot machine in Las Vegas, she completely ran out of coins; she went to the next person, smiled, and borrowed some coins. Once in New York high society, Onni will be able to take care of the wives with no problem. That will be home church. Knock on the mayor's door very frantically and yell, "Let me use your bathroom! I have an emergency." How can anyone say no? You are already in the door.

Father knows that they will do it. They will invest all of their energy and sweat and blood to fulfill Fathers wishes. Do you want to be defeated by Dr. and Mrs. Durst? Father will say, "Fly to Colorado. Mike Beard is there. I must train him and get that state booming. We should never allow any other schedule than Father's schedule on a twenty-four hour basis.

There will be no time for a nap. As soon as you find yourself taking a nap, you will be crushed. That is for sure. Do any of you take naps? Father forgives you, but from now on, no more! National leaders should not do this either. How can you do less? How about Aidan Barry? Did you take time for naps? Dan Fefferman has a reputation of taking many naps. Father instructed Tiger Park to discipline him. Later, he reported back to Father that Dan Fefferman doesn't take any more naps. That is the way Father lives in East Garden. There is always a heated battle. Father wages battle against himself. Nobody in East Garden would say anything if he took a couple of hours nap, but he cannot allow himself to do that. Who is his worst slave driver? Father, himself. Those who are always taking naps have no kind of determination to get up early in the morning. In order to eliminate all the complaints in your echelon and your department or state, you should go to bed later than anyone else and get up earlier than anyone else. Father saw that because of Tiger Park's incredible schedule his lips were blistered, but now Father sees that his lips are clear, so Father asks him to run harder.

A nap is very tasty. Father knows this. Therefore, since you are giving up something so sweet, it will become an indemnity condition. If nobody wants to do something, it isn't indemnity to sacrifice it. But since everybody wants to do it, when you give it up it becomes indemnity.

In the summertime, the vacation season, everyone goes to a resort area. Would you like Father to start up a tuna crusade? Are you anxiously waiting to be called to go fishing with Father? In many cases, members go out to the ocean, and although Father never takes a nap, no matter how early he starts or how late he goes to bed, all the members go and take naps. Father abhors this and couldn't forgive them. Now Father bought a small boat (25 foot) and there is no room to lie down and no bathroom. Father used to return from the ocean at 12:30 midnight, and an hour later, at 1:30, he would wake everybody up to go out again. Tuna fishing is exciting and excellent but there is one thing I cannot stand. I need more time to sleep!" From this time on probably there will not be time to sleep anymore. Do you still want to come? There are forty days before the tuna season begins. If, starting today, you can gain three new members, that will qualify you to come to tuna fishing for 40 days. That does not mean that if your members bring three new members you can come; it means that you yourself should witness to three members. You should report through Mr. Pak and it will go to Father. If you have ten members in your state, then you should triple and make thirty members. If you do, then all your state members will come. Eventually, a forty day witnessing condition will begin this summer season; however, you can do a forty day condition. early. Do it now. Then, during the summer forty day condition period, you will be in Boston with Father!

Dr. Durst, you become the head of the Headquarters. Do not let anybody be idle. Let

them run twenty-four hours a day. All members under you must be active the whole day long.

You should do your office work early in the morning and take care of the reports late at night. During the day you should just go out with the troops and witness. So far, Headquarters is not fulfilling its real duty. When the local members come from the states, they have been neglected and haven't been taken care of. Father cannot allow that to happen anymore. Any communication coming from the states should have an instant response. Since you cannot do it by yourself, then your reports should come to Father immediately. Each one cannot maneuver at random and whim. Under discipline and control and organization you shall maneuver. Are there any complaints? If you have any complaints, speak now. Don't complain later.

Reports are given

Would you like to finish the conference quickly and go back to work or do you want to finish the conference tomorrow? Father wanted to take all of you to Barrytown. Daikan should prepare for us to catch carp.

As long as Father stays in America, the HSA-UWC of America should not get behind Japan or Korea. Would you tolerate that? Who is going to win in America? Dr. Durst has been brought from the West Coast to the East Coast. Father made him a miserable man. He is Poverty stricken. Over on the West Coast he was an eminent scholar and he had a monthly salary coming in. There was a great deal of prestige attached to his job. Now he has been stripped of these things and he becomes the penniless, president of HSA-UWC of America. When someone becomes that poverty stricken in the outside world, there is only one way out: work harder! Dr. Durst therefore has no choice but to work harder. He will literally become a workaholic. He works to eat, to sleep. Work comes first. Who is going to let him work that hard and command him? Not Father! You!! You should push him in such a way that he cannot escape work. This many people cannot be pulled by one man. Rather, you all have to push one man.

Dr. Durst needs some competition to stimulate him. Some of the Northern California members came here on loan to initiate the crusade here, but Father would like to send them back very soon. Dr. Durst's first task will be to come up with truly competent working, forces comparable to or better than the Northern California team. Father has been working for church activities all his life up to this very moment. The conclusion is always obvious. The question is how to raise more members. How can we bring more people to the workshops, two, seven and twenty-one day? Once a person comes to a twenty-one day workshop, he can certainly become a member. Always remember that word: workshop! Workshop! Work out how you can bring more people to workshop. "How can Father bring one more person to the workshop this time?" Once potential members arrive at a workshop, lecturers concentrate on inspiring them to join.

Who should operate the workshops? State leaders. You should be able to conduct two, seven, twenty-one and even forty day workshops. Since, in fact, not every state is capable of conducting workshops up to that level, Father would like to make sure that each of you is conducting two day and seven day workshops at your own state center. Then twenty-one day workshops should be organized in cooperation with neighboring states. Likewise for forty day workshops. The ultimate goal is that all state leaders become capable of conducting forty day workshops. Twenty-one day and forty day workshops should provide "A to Z" training, including lecturing, street witnessing, Home Church, fundraising and even CARP activities. If many people come together for such total, well rounded training in twenty-one and forty day sessions, our regular members will be inspired as well.

We need a formula. What is the most effective way to conduct twenty-one and forty day workshops? We need a manual, setting out rules and principles. We must develop methods that will work in every state. The format for lectures has been established ever since 1955, when the late President Eu of the Unification Church developed the pattern under Father's direct guidance. Mr. Eu, a disabled man, was unable to bend one knee; he sat on one leg 18 hours a day, every day. He had no Saturday or Sunday, but lectured 18 hours a day straight for 3 years and 8 months. That was the tradition that he established.

Father insisted that even if no-one came he should still lecture. "Look at the wall as you lecture: that is your audience!" Or, if there was no-one to listen, then even he himself had to go out and bring someone. He could bring his own parents or relatives. So he would bring in one person and lecture. Lectures would last two days, covering the entire scope of Part One in one day and the entire scope of Part Two the next day. Then this two day cycle would begin again.

Your two day workshops should follow that pattern. A new person should hear 50% of the Principle in the first day, and all the rest the following day. Suppose you have five members in your center: they go out early in the morning to bring people in. As their guests listen to lectures from the chief lecturer, they go out again to bring in more people, and so on. The lectures keep going all day long. It is almost like a parent bird going out to gather food for the baby bird and coming back to the nest, feeding the baby and going out again, back and forth, throughout the day. When evening comes, all those who have been listening to lectures all day long can participate in inspiring fellowship and entertainment. Father even established a pattern for this: Father himself would conduct the evening fellowship and entertainment program. People did not come to know him as a religious leader. After a whole week, they would be shocked to find out that Father was the leader of the Unification Church.

Twenty-four hours a day, the center would be bursting with a festival feeling. It would almost be like a birthday celebration every day. Father would also attend the lectures all day long, sitting down and listening just like everybody else. Whenever the lecturer took a wrong turn Father would critique him and educate him. New lecturers were trained to become great teachers. Father wanted to build that tradition nation-wide.

This is the only way. It is not easy. Those who can stay one week will stay anyway, but the important thing is how to win the stranger who just came into the center today. How can you digest him? How can you lecture 18 hours a day? How can you administer the total dosage in the shortest possible time?

The general atmosphere is not for the sake of the Unification Church, though you may have joined for the sake of the Unification Church. No, the atmosphere should be one of patriotism, for the sake of Korea, or for the sake of Japan, or for the sake of the United States and the world. Look at the young people here in America. They are demoralized and corrupted, suffering incredibly from social diseases. This is the time for us to save these people. We should be in the position to do it. This is the kind of justice and righteousness for which you should speak out and which you should be lecturing about. This is the truth that will give power to mankind.

When the lecture is over, don't simply let everyone go away. Have them stand up and speak; let them give their testimony. It doesn't make any difference if they are hippies or yippies: let them express where they are and how they feel.

A person becomes so intensely attentive to the lecture that he doesn't even want to take time off to go to the bathroom. He wants the lecturer to pause for just a moment, until he comes back from the bathroom. Or he hurries off, and then comes back and asks what the lecturer said. Those who are listening to the lecture become completely intoxicated and flabbergasted and wish that they had more people with them. "I wish my sister was with me. This is such a precious message. It is too much for me to hear alone. I've got to bring her so we can hear it together." Even when the lecture is finished, he doesn't want to go home. He wants to keep up the give and take, continually asking questions, until at last he looks at his watch: "Boy, it's four o'clock in the morning! I just completely forgot the time."

Sometimes the atmosphere is so beautiful and intense, so passionate, that even though dinner is ready there may be no time to eat it, and you simply go on until two or three in the morning. You just forget to go home. If you are intoxicated in the deepest concentration, you may totally blank out for an instant, and then open your eyes and see the spirit world. Or sometimes, in a moment of complete, exhaustion, you may begin dozing and suddenly an angel comes down and begins to pound your back, telling you to wake up. This kind of experience is not so rare. In such circumstances, how can anyone say there is no God? When you start to pray most people would normally feel bashful, but everybody just cries out loud, forgetting all dignity, just exploding, in heavenly joy. If a person comes to stay in the center one week in such an intense and holy spiritual atmosphere, then when he goes back out into the city and sees a passing bus he may wonder what it is! "I'm just like Rip Van Winkle, coming back after a thousand years." You look at the people walking in the street, and suddenly everyone seems to be walking backward. This is Unification Church.

Anyone who experiences this intense, heavenly atmosphere cannot be chased out of the church. If you send him out the front door, he comes right back in through the back door. "Father, I just cannot go away. I have to stay here. This is the only place I can live."

This is the way it used to be. That kind of intense experience often occurred to a housewife, a young women. After spending all night in this heavenly atmosphere she would return home to an angry husband: "Where have you been all night? What kind of immoral things have you been up to?" She just couldn't explain such a beautiful atmosphere. Words were simply not good enough. "You bad woman! Where have you been doing all these dirty things? Where is he? I'm going to beat him up." The husband was almost like a slave driver, demanding to know where she had been all night. The woman would be forced to lead him to the church. Her husband would be shocked, looking at Sun Myung Moon in abhorrence, thinking he must be the most evil man under the sun. Incredible and unthinkable things used to happen. To stop his wife from staying out late at night, a man would cut off all her hair. No matter how shameful it was considered, it didn't matter to her; she would cover her head and go out to the church, because without that atmosphere she could not survive. How intense it was!

There is only one way to create that kind of atmosphere: lecture twenty-four hours a day! The Principle should be taught in cycles, twenty-four hours a day. Father looks back at the memory of the late President Eu. He was a crippled man with poor health, a weak heart and bad lungs. Since he could not stand up straight, he would lecture lying down. Sometimes he was so exhausted that he simply had to rest. He set a record of 3 years and 8 months.

Compared with Mr. Eu, you are entirely intact. You have two arms and legs. You are not crippled. You have a totally healthy body. Can't you carry on that tradition?

When this kind of atmosphere is created and all members go out to bring new people, and lectures continue on and on, nobody can goof off. The lecturer keep going, even if there is only one person listening, giving his heart and soul, squeezing out all his energy to concentrate on that one person so he won't leave. If you are truly to understand Father's heart, you have to be able to lecture without an audience. That is a heart breaking experience. Here is such a great message, but no one came to hear it! Suppose people did come and were willing to listen, but you just didn't want to do your best in lecturing. Then what kind of person are you?

This is the only way you can win. This is the formula. No country can succeed apart from this formula. Korea, Japan, America, all need to use the same formula. If you make up your mind that you are going to be America's Mr. Eu and lecture 18 hours a day every day for three years and eight months, and if you fulfill that determination, then the entire spirit world will come down and help you create a spiritual atmosphere. The spirit world had to sympathize with Mr. Eu because he was working so hard. Angels would be sent to push people into coming to hear Mr. Eu, simply because he was working himself to death. Heaven had to sympathize with him.

In the morning when you get up, you think, "Boy, I've had it. Today I'll just collapse. I haven't the strength for another day's lecture." But as soon as you're standing behind the podium, some strange energy fills your body and mind, and you can keep going. Any guest who comes that day simply must become intoxicated, completely drowned in the Holy Spirit.

The important question is how to create such an atmosphere. This will determine the outcome of everything. There is no other way. Lecture, lecture, lecture! How many days have you been lecturing consecutively? Over and over and over? Think about it. Look at yourself and reflect upon your own work.

Father told Mrs. Durst a secret: "If you precisely do this in your center, the spirit world will be under your command. They will come down. A miracle will happen." When she was struggling at the San Francisco center a while ago Father called Mrs. Durst and asked her to do something, and told her that if she followed his instruction wherever she went she would become the number one leader in the entire U.S. "Shed tears for the sake of the U.S. Just keep going forward, and don't let the tears dry out. Then incredible miracles will come. The spirit world will come down to you." This is what she did in Northern California. This time Father assigned the Dursts to the East Coast simply because he wants the same tradition established right here in New York, in the Eastern part of America. Lecture! Lecture, lecture; day in and day out, lecture.

This is not an examination. It is Father's own experience. This is today's message: you should lecture.

Why doesn't your center have lectures around the clock? I. W.s, what do you look out for when you visit each state? Why don't you look to see whether or not they lecture? Suppose you have only four members. If those four members see you, the state leader, lecturing to the wall, then how can they possibly eat their breakfast and lunch and sit idle? They will simply have to go out to bring people in. Even you should go out yourself and shed your own tears. Go out to bring someone in, and give a tearful lecture to that person. How will the four other members be able to stand by and watch you shed tears bringing one person for a lecture? They will have to go out and bring people. Honestly, don't you think you can gain members this way?

This is absolute! Father taught Korean leaders this message, but they didn't obey. He taught Japanese leaders but they didn't obey. And now they come to repent. They tell Father that even at this late hour they are going to do it. Father has been telling them for a long time that it is the only way to bring members. A 5:00 a.m. service that no one attends: how ridiculous that is! You hot-blooded young people, are you just going to grow old this way? For how many years have you really dedicated yourself? While you are sitting idle and looking at the ceiling, the U.S. is crumbling. There is no hope. Who will be responsible?

You understand Father now. The tradition is for you to lecture 18 hours. If you cannot manage 18 hours, at least do 15. Write it down: 18 hours is a goal. At the bare minimum, 15 hours. This is not just for one day; you should make up your mind that you will keep it up for three years and eight months on a round-the-clock basis in your center. Father is sure that you would reach your limit in three months and eight days! By then you'll be saying, "Father, I can't do it!" But this one time, don't give up. You will see results in less than three months and eight days. There will be new members joining within three months. You will see a living result. This is the tradition that Father set himself. No one can be successful in the Unification Church without following this pattern.

The first three seven year courses are over. Now the momentous day has begun; we have started the second three seven year courses. This is your era, your age. You will be the star. You must begin now. Father has gone through his three seven year courses. You should feel that you can do a little better than the late President Eu, and that you can go forward further than Father.

You have leisure hours. Do you get undressed and lie down to sleep in comfort on a bed? In those days there wasn't even any cereal to eat. Yet you feel that you need breakfast, lunch and dinner. The same God of 25 years ago is moving today with you. The spirit world is working now in the same way. So let the spirit world work for you. The time has come now. Father will chase you out. That is the true manifestation of his love. To you. To America. To mankind.

UTS graduates, raise your hands. What are you doing out there? You must be the spearheads. If you are, if you precisely follow the instructions Father gave today, and still nothing happens, then pack up arid leave; Father will do it himself. You are just mediocre and half-way. Try your best. But what is your best? If you have a home church with one B member, then that is where you should go to lecture 18 hours a day. Ask your members to gather people together. If you do that and still nothing works, then there is no truth. Without lecturing The Principle every day, do you still expect the membership to grow? If there are no people coming to listen, then open the door wide and lecture in tears, crying out loud. People will be so anxious to know what's going on that they will come inside. You will become the show of the town. People will come out of sheer curiosity. You have two eyes: what is their purpose? To shed tears. How often and how much have you actually shed tears? For whom have you shed tears? For the sake of mankind and God? That is the only way.

Father called you to this conference. So far you have been deviating from this principle, doing this and that. But now you must go back to the one original way.

Today's instruction is very simple: lecture 18 hours a day. If you falter during your lecture, then Father will come and embrace you, and he will take over the lecture. If you die, Father himself will give you an honorable burial; you will go to the highest place in heaven, and you'll really have something to talk about in the spirit world. "I obeyed Father and shattered my vocal cords. I gave myself up. I faltered and died. I became a martyr." What a warm welcome the spirit world will give you!

There is no way to avoid this mission. It is because Father lived that life that God is with him, every minute and every inch of the day. And that is why Father came to America, such a dangerous country of every kind of hostile persecution, and still God is winning.

Think about it. While Mr. Eu was lecturing 18 hours a day, Father was not taking it easy. Father was working harder than Mr. Eu, meeting people and listening to lectures and teaching the members and leading the fellowship. On one occasion Mr. Eu, coming to sit before Father, just dropped off to sleep. Then Father, who knew how hard Mr. Eu had worked and what an exhausting day it had been, put his arm on Mr. Eu and prayed a very tearful prayer. That is the way we built our tradition. It is the real Unification Church history.

Why should we work so inhumanly hard? For whom? It is all for one purpose alone. It is for the sake of God and to do His will. If this is true, God will take up the direct responsibility. If still the spirit world doesn't move to help you, there is no such thing as spirit world.

May of 1980 is the beginning. We must all make a new start this month. Father cannot just watch you idly. Father has to make you move in this single direction. One whole cycle of The Principle is to be taught within two days. If there are no guests, become like a crazy person to hunt for people. Ask them to come early next morning so that you can lecture all day. How valuable people will become! When a new member comes in he will be treated like a king because he is so precious. When lunchtime comes, he will be the first to be served. When dinner time comes, he will be given royal treatment. You should have a tearful conversation. You don't need anybody else: the lecture will take care of everything. You should just lecture over and over again 18 hours a day. This will take care of everything. This is the Unification Church tradition.

Can you do it? Be sure to do it. We are going to set the tradition this time. With five members, more or less, and with such an incredibly heavy and intense schedule, you will not be simply bringing one person a month. New York is such fertile land. There are millions of people out there just waiting, millions of people just outside your door. In three hours you can bring thirty people. There is no question but that. you can do it. This is the only way. If you had followed this tradition a long, time ago, then your state headquarters would never be like a desert or an iceberg. It is a desolate place now. This is the way to revive it.

Those who can lecture, raise your hands please. Those who cannot lecture, raise your hands... All of you can. Therefore, if nobody comes to the center, you can go out to the park and lecture there for six months, 18 hours a day. Lecture in a public park and see what happens. Your center will soon be filled with people. Do. you think that Father's instructions are correct? How many hours do you lecture at present? What was your longest lecturing experience so far? Even recently, Father spoke 14 hours in one day. Do you think Father enjoys it, that it is a comfortable thing for him to do? Father has been living his life so strictly. From the moment Father opens his eyes in the morning until the moment he closes them at night he just keeps preaching and lecturing.

Dr. and Mrs. Durst are going to implement this tradition throughout the country. It is your job. If you do this one job well, then this country will prosper. If all of you in this room unite with Father and pattern yourselves after him, doing exactly as he does, then this great country of America will be too small for you. If you cannot lecture 18 hours a day, use the videotape of eight hour lectures. You can watch them yourself, and your members can bring guests to watch them, once, twice or three times. By listening over and over to the videotapes, each of your members will become a great lecturer. There are. two day lectures and a one week lectures on videotape. Now Father is instructing that twenty-one and forty day lectures on videotape be produced within this year. Just keep pushing. You will buy all the videotapes for workshops, no matter how much it costs you. You'll have to fundraise for it. This is your most basic weapon. You should listen to the lectures, and 18 hours a day you should lecture The Principle in a two day cycle.

There is no way you can fail to become a great lecturer if you continue like this. How ridiculous it is if your attitude is to lecture "once in a while" in the center! Do people come to listen "once in a while"? There should always be someone praying in the center, even during sleeping time. One person should always be praying, out loud and with tears. , All night and all day there must be a prayer going on. Even if it takes this to save America, then this is the route we shall go. There will be no deviation from it. Do you think this method will work and produce results? If you believe in it, let's do it. Without prayer you cannot do it. You should keep praying tearfully.

There is no difference in this respect between CARP centers and church centers. If you carry out these instructions, you will never be alone.

Suppose Father goes to the African continent. What will happen? In less than forty days he will bring, a spiritual whirlwind to Africa. You are scared by the vision of the future. Father marches forward. You should feel that, though the whole country may be shaking, nothing will shake your heart, conviction and will. Let your mouth become blistered from spreading the word of God. Talk so intensely that your throat hurts. Ruin your tongue from overuse so that you cannot swallow your food. God will favor such a tongue.

If you have promised Father something, all you have to do is deliver the promise. Then all kinds of things will happen. The important thing is you. The one problem is the leader in each state. If you change, everything will change. The world is big. Sun Myung Moon is only one person, but if he is truly iron willed to go this way, the world will eventually come around him. Your state is your world. You are the lighthouse for the state, burning twenty-four hours a day.

Actually it's a simple problem and a simple solution. We will expect these things to begin in New York, the Headquarters, and also Philadelphia, Boston, Baltimore and Washington, D.C., and then to spread to the Midwest and all sectors of the country. If you really do lecture 18 hours a day, you might ask what else you should do. What time do you have to do other things? There is no time for other things! If you really do 18 hours a day lecturing it will solve all other problems. Don't worry about anything else. Everything else will be taken care of. There is no-one in the center who will give you trouble. You will be the great example, and no-one will be the weaker for it. Everyone will become stronger. Start this 18 hours a day tradition and then every home church member, whether A, B, or C type will follow your pattern. Think of it! What will happen? To make your job easier, we will have videotapes going in every center.

Suppose Dr. Durst meets ten people a day; 360 days will mean 3,600 people. Suppose he lives 100 years. Even in a lifetime he could meet only 360,000 people. Therefore, you need to meet 100 people a day in order to meet 3.6 million people during your lifetime. There are twelve million people in New York; in other words, you meet 100 people a day in New York, it will still take you 400 years to meet all the people. How can you deal with 240 million people in America in the shortest possible time?

Therefore, we need to elevate the message. Beyond your lectures to the people, we must have television and radio stations and some publication system and all kinds of media reaching out to 240 million. people. You have to get everybody to speak up for the Unification Church. Let the governor and police chief speak up. The important thing is to win one person who has influence over 10,000 people or 100,000. If you get that kind of man, it will be the fastest way.

Just lecture until you get sick and tired of it. But actually the more you lecture the more jubilant you feel. You will become more and more excited. This is the power of The Principle. Then you will feel to your bones that The Principle has creative energy. Wherever you go, on whatever platform you stand, you will have nothing to worry about. You have the heart of God and a message to shout out. No matter how great the people are whom you have gathered, you should never hesitate, because, after all, you have the supreme message and you can become an expert on it.

This is the only way you can move this country. Father alone cannot reach everybody in this country. We have to multiply ourselves. We all come under the bondage of one common destiny. No person can escape. Do you want to fulfill the will of God quickly or slowly? How soon? How quickly? If you work only eight hours and sleep eight hours, by eliminating your sleeping time you will be able to do things much faster. If you lecture 18 hours a day and give up sleep, then you can work much faster. If you multiply one hour of lecturing into two hours, the coming of the Kingdom of Heaven will be hastened double. Shed your sweat.

Do you really understand Father? Your eyes seem to be sleepy. This is the critical time in the entire ministry for America, the most crucial moment. Your eyes are not sparkling yet.

Do you really understand? Father's physical condition is not so good. He went on a tour with several American leaders around the nation and there was an incident of food poisoning. Ever since he ate that bad food, his condition has not been very good. Yet still Father never minds: he carries on with his normal schedule. Do you think his body is iron? His body also feels fatigue. People think that Father is too strong ever to need to go to hospital. No. He sometimes does need to go to hospital; the only reason he never goes is that there is no time to go to hospital, no time to visit the doctor. This is the way Father is living. But he has no regrets. "Spirit world and God, I don't need to be on earth any more. I want to rest. Please take me up." He has such strong determination: "Heavenly Father, I don't want to become a useless person. If I am not indispensable, take me away: I won't want to remain here on earth. As long as I am indispensable, please keep me here." Several days after Father came back from the tour, he experienced difficulty breathing. He sat choking all night in a chair, unable to breathe properly. He really suffered. Father cannot afford to be choked to death like that!

Father has to win. He still has a mission to fulfill. He is serious. That is the way he has been thinking. He is always running on the front line. He has many complicated and difficult problems in his head: he has to worry about many global problems, and our movement has so many problems to solve every day. Yet he welcomes this. He is a leader. So he feels he must be capable of enduring the pain of problems. He takes it for granted that it is his job to endure the pain and find solutions. You are also a problem solver on the state level. Whenever you look at your state capitol you should be crying out in tears knowing that your power should be reaching out to everybody in the state, but still you cannot do it. "Father I am inadequate, and I repent. I have not done the job as your son, your representative." You should expend your voice lecturing every day but still feel how fortunate you are to be able to do this in the sight of God.

If you don't do your job, you should feel too guilty even to drink a glass of water, too guilty to go out into the sunshine, too guilty to face the dinner table.

"Well, I need to take a coffee break. I need a 7-Up and a Coke. And I need a steak once in a while. Otherwise, I can't go on." What kind of condition is that? Without having fulfilled its responsibility, what right does your mouth have to request food? In this sense, Father has gone through all kinds of restoration and has even paid indemnity for eating food. He started out in the worst situation. In terms of food, clothing., and sleep, he has suffered. He began in the most miserable circumstances. He suffered from the very bottom. Even facing his own wife, he has gone through the most miserable things. He tasted the bottom. No one has any word to say in front of him.

A few days ago some members were worrying about bringing their children to the nursery. "Well, I want to check out conditions at the nursery." "I want to keep the children for myself." And so forth. They were full of complaints and demands. Even if you had a thousand mouths to speak with, you should never let any such words come out. You have no right to speak that way. Even after Father's long struggle, victorious up to this point, still he feels so guilty in God's sight. If you don't know this when you arrive in the spirit world, you just won't be able to come near Father. That world has no deviation. The bridge of the heart is the bridge you must cross.

If you had begun doing these things, that would be it. There would be no need for a conference. Why should we gather together and waste time over a conference? This is the best time for lecturing! Everyone should be lecturing now instead of attending a conference.

You may think, "Oh, Father, I need some members." Why? You don't need anybody. If you don't have any members, at least you have yourself. You, yourself, are the member. You, yourself, can start out. When you sow seeds, do you put two seeds into a hole or just one? You are only one seed, but you can multiply. Don't worry about your membership. Start with yourself. Multiply. Think that within one week you will multiply into two. Then within two weeks you will become four, and in the next week eight. When you have grown into ten people, then every hour's lecture will have an audience. One after another, guests will come. There will be heavy traffic to the door of your center.

Is this a hopeful message or a message of despair? Is it simple or difficult? If you have no members, sitting around worrying about your membership all day long will not bring members to you. Rather, do something about.

It is simple and hopeful. Father is suggesting a very simple message with great hope. Don't worry about many people in your state. Father doesn't even want too many people in the state. He wants you to set the tradition. Starting from you, even with the few people you have, you must do your best to seed the ground.

When people ask to hear more of your message, do you say, "Well, it's getting late. Come back tomorrow"? Father has never had such an experience. When people come to hear him, he has never said, "Well, it's too late tonight. You should come tomorrow." He never uttered such a statement. Even now, 36 Couples and old members come to East Garden and sit with Father. He never retreats or retires first. He knows that everybody else is very tired, and when they say, "Goodnight Father," he lets them go to bed. Mr. Han, his assistant in East Garden, knows well what long hours Father keeps, and he has been suffering a lot. He won't say anything to Father, but inside he thinks, "Father, it's getting late. Can't you go up now?" He is the one who suffers so much because of Father's long hours. Do you think that Mr. Han is so handsome that Father never gets tired of looking at him all through the night, and that is the reason he keeps such long hours?

This is the way Father is destined to live. He is destined to speak. to you in this fashion. There is no other way for him. He is 60 years old. It is tough to even talk the same way to westerners like you. You never thought once in a million times that you would meet Sun Myung Moon an oriental man coming and speaking to you this way. Did you ever even imagine that you would be scolded by an oriental man like this? Or that you would even meet someone like Sun Myung %loon? Why don't you pack your things and leave? Then you will be happy and Father will have fewer jobs to do. He will have nobody to speak to. Either take off, or do the mission. Don't be mediocre and stand still.

Father has been keeping track of you for several years now. He knows your faces and how every year you are changing.

When Father initiated his speaking tour, we booked Alice Tully Hall at the Lincoln Center. It was February 6. Father wouldn't forget the date. In those days the American members were murmuring, "No, Father. It's a blunder. It won't work. You can't do that. You can't speak English." They were not supportive of him. They had so many complaints about why he would fail. But Father has been praying for his entire life. There is no such thing as failure in his mind. God is not dead. As long as God is alive, Sun Myung Moon will carry on.

Dr. Durst is going to be an analyst to determine who is exactly following Father's instructions, and to come up with a precise analysis of each state. Will you co-operate? Will you go along with this order? Mike Leone, will you? Aidan Barry, will you? Aidan Barry or strawberry, Father doesn't know sometimes. Tommy McDivitt, will you? Father will go and see. What time will you start? (Tom McD.: 6:00 a.m.) That is a little too early for people to come.

Father wants to hear the beautiful sound of lecturing. When he enters the state center, don't try to come out to welcome him; keep lecturing! He wants to go to your center to hear your lecture. That sound is so beautiful. Suppose he walks into the Boston center and hears someone lecturing in an intense voice. He will say, "Aboji Hananim. Aidan Barry is doing right. Please bless him Heavenly Father. Amen." Then you don't have to invite Father to your center. You don't have to worry about his coming. You don't even have to pray for him to come. He will automatically be at your door. Go ahead and compete with each other to bring him to your center more often. He will directly call the North Dakota or Tennessee centers: "Are you lecturing now?" "Yes, Father, can you hear my lecturing voice." You should have your answer ready.

So far you have been lying a lot. But from this time on, you cannot lie. Americans have high noses and deep eyes and a big mouth. It is a very fitting face for telling lies. But will you continue to lie to Father from now on? How much did you lie during the last seven years? But Father will trust you one more time. This is the last time. One more time.

Dr. Durst you are a miserable man. So Father wants you to gain God's sympathy. He wants you to do well. He has high expectations of you.

Every day, you should make a record in your diary. You don't need to enter too many words: just how many hours you lectured that day. "Today I did 18. Today I did 17. Today I did 15. Today I did 20 hours. 21 hours. 28 hours!" When you continue to lecture beyond 24 hours for four more hours, you will have lectured 28 hours. God will say, "I'm tired of it now. You should stop." Do you think God would say that? God will be excited to hear that you kept going for 24 hours. 25. 26. 28 hours! My son is still going! In the entire dispensational history, you want to set the record. Some people might have lectured continuously for 48 hours; then you will want to go for 72 hours. You want to break the record: 100 hours! That is Sun Myung Moon's people and the Moonies' hobby. They are crazy people with a crazy hobby. If because of them the nation is destroyed or ruined, then the Moonies will be responsible. Sun Myung Moon will be very glad to accept responsibility, "They are useless people. They ruined the country. By lecturing 100 hours straight, they ruined the people and the country." Then Father will accept responsibility.

What is your experience: how many hours have you spent speaking and talking? Two hours? A two hour lecture is long. Then sit down and have a coffee break. You need a dessert. . . . Father would like to eliminate all desserts! American industry pours money into desserts. That money alone could save the whole of Cambodia and more. Sun Myung Moon is like a rebel and an evil person: he would eliminate desserts from America and save one country. If you starve of desserts while you are on earth, because you do the work of God, then when you go up into spirit world they will give you a thousand years worth of desserts at one time. Isn't that a good deal? Invest a little bit, and get a reward one thousand times. Or you suffer a hot summer and there is no time to take a shower or go for a vacation or go swimming you work until your whole body is completely wet with sweat. Then when you go up into the spirit world, since God is ready to vindicate you, you wi ' 11 be able to live your entire life in coot, air-conditioned comfort. No problem. It is a good deal. Suffer for a few summers and for eternity you can have air-conditioning. Why should you worry? Even Sun Myung Moon might sometimes tell a lie; but God will not. He will deliver.

New Hampshire: Charlie Wheeler! Charlie, you're a giant. Why can't you pull off a giant performance? Father is expecting you to perform. You look good. You're a good man. You should just let your throat and vocal cords explode from preaching The Principle. You'll become thinner and thinner, like a poplar tree, or like a bamboo tree, from working so hard. Then you will look back: there may have been no members before, but how there are so many, overflowing in your center. Father can promise you that today. You will have too many members. There won't even be places for everyone to sit down. Go out and face the persecution. Face the accusation and the opposition. Don't be afraid of it.

Now you've heard Father's message. How many hours? 18 hours? "Can't we negotiate, Father. Couldn't we lecture for 15 hours, a few hours less?" What do you think? You are a good negotiator in that respect. You already compromised, "Father, can't you compromise a little bit?" The elder brothers have done everything. They have set the record. Father has also done it. Mr. Eu, Mr. Hwang, Reverend Kwak and Reverend Park are eye witnesses. They know how Father led this pioneering stage in the Korean movement. Col. Han is another good example of an eye witness. That is the tradition. Don't ask Father to compromise. You should just wait and see how your mouth will react and how many days later your mouth will say "No morel" or how many days later your body will say, "No more!" Just watch out for your mouth and your body; they are the rascals.

Now Father trusts you. Do you deserve the trust? Those who have eyeglasses, take them of f. When you swear, you shouldn't do it with your glasses on. Shall we do it? You swear and pledge before Father without your eyeglasses, and yet when you lecture you put your glasses back on. When something goes wrong, you can blame your eyeglasses. "Eyeglasses, you didn't obey me." Throw them down and smash them. Those without eyeglasses, what can you do? You have at least a pen in your writing hand and it will become your covenant. When you disobey Father's rules, stick your pen through your nose: push so hard you make a hole. Then God will bring down a nose ring and pull it to remind you. Or shove your pen into your hip by sitting onto it on a chair, and then you will realize that you must obey these instructions. This is not the time to laugh and joke. Father is that serious. Even with that kind of pledge and covenant, we must do it. We must become that serious. One end of a ballpoint pen is very sharp.

During the lecture, is that the time to call your fiancée? "Everybody wait. I want to call my fiancée. Then I will come back to give you lectures." That's ridiculous. No fiancée. No love letters. No telephone calls. Just let them be aware that you are busy lecturing. Period. If your fiancée calls and asks for you during lecture hours, insisting that she wants to talk to you, then go to the telephone and say, "You rascal! Don't you know what I'm doing? This is the wrong time to call. Get behind me, Satan!" This is truly it. Father has made up his mind like that many times. Nothing will stop him.

Your ballpoint pen can be your covenant and condition. You should keep it in your pocket like a knife. "If I disobey Father and deviate from his rule, this ballpoint pen will stick me." This is a very unusual covenant. Write a letter to your fiancée tonight that you made a covenant in this conference. "Father and I made an agreement and I will lecture 18 hours a day. From 9:00 a.m. on, all day and all night. I have no time to write you or call you. Don't call me during these hours. I won't answer you. This is a covenant between Father and me and I will obey it." If your fiancée comes to see you while you are lecturing, invite her to listen to your 18 hour lecture cycle, and then you can meet.

All the members at the state level are waiting for your return because they want to hear the latest news about Father. When they gather, tell them: "All right. Father issued extraordinary instructions. I pledged to Father that we are going to work 18 hours a day. Nothing but lecturing. Lecture after lecture after lecture. Will you say AMEN to that? Let your Amen resound to Father." If you are serious about lecturing 18 hours in a day, then in order to be ready to begin at 9:00 a.m., you should already be on your way out by 6:00 a.m. to bring people in. In order to have someone in by 8:00 or 9:00 a.m. ready to listen to you from 9:00 a.m. on the dot, you have to work at least three hours before that to prepare. Chase out your members to bring in the guests. Don't let them come back in without people.

Think of it. Prostitutes are plentiful in New York City. They are desperate to pull men into their bedroom. They are working desperately, tirelessly, 18 hours a day to bring men. Why? Can't you do more than they do, for a righteous cause? The people who pass by the New Yorker hotel should naturally be persuaded to come into the hotel center for lectures. Everyone will say that you should avoid going near the World Mission Center because a Moonie will grab you. So they go some other way. But there another Moonie grabs them. They try a different way again, and there's yet another Moonie waiting for them. They will come to think that, since they just can't escape meeting Moonies, they may as well listen to what they have to say.

Is this just funny? Or is this an extraordinary thing? To Father it is normal. We made up our minds. Your mouth said "Yes!" How about your nose? Will you say yes with your nose, your eyes, your ears, your. brain and your head? In your mind you should say yes, too.

If you lecture The Principle do you think that you will get sick? No. When Father is in poor condition, then he pushes himself to lecture and talk for the will of God. Sometimes when he brings in people and talks to them, he forgets his illness or his bad condition. That is his strong point. It's his hobby, actually. Father overcomes his poor condition by overworking.

Now you have received today's message. Last time Father selected 16 major cities. Those leaders, raise your hands, please: the states containing the major cities Father chose. They are the cities Father can travel to and from within one day by air. You have no idea when he may come to your center. Or he'll send a representative in his place. All 50 states. You will be given instructions.

Do you feel good today? Your "yes" is very dull! "Yes" or "No"? Does your "yes" come out of your throat or out of the bottom of your soul?

Actually, there are many instructions Father could give you, but all these instructions become unnecessary if you fulfill one thing. That one thing is to lecture 18 hours a day! If you do that, all other instructions will be fulfilled. So this is the one instruction from this conference: lecture 18 hours a day.

Dr. Durst, you should select 16 major cities and make sure who they are. During the month of May, they have to set a real tradition. From May 20 to July 20. Everybody will set the tradition from May 20 to July 20.

From July 21, we will set a nationwide condition of 40 days witnessing. From that time on, everybody in the movement will go on an 18 hour a day timetable. Whether you have 10 members, 100 members or two members it won't make a, difference. From July 21, they must all lecture 18 hours a day. Even the home church area work may be momentarily suspended, so that everyone can go out to bring people for 40 days, 19 hours a day. July 21, through the month of August, until September 1. Everybody will bring in three members during this 40 days. Unless you quickly set the right tradition of this instruction during these next two months, you will not get a substantial victory in the 40 day condition for the nation. Just keep one person in the center for security and let everybody else go out. Stay outside the center. Go out 40 days to witness. Announce to the people of the state: "Our state director is on a 40 day vacation." Although you speak of a vacation, actually inside you are going through a most intense witnessing period.

Dr. Durst and National Headquarters will plan precisely for a 40 day campaign to begin July 21; everyone will be allocated a certain area to go to for a 40 day campaign. Everybody will go. The exemptions will be The News World people because they have to run the paper every day, but they will campaign in the New York area. They will stay in New York and conduct their campaign while they are producing the newspaper. If you enter this 18 hour tradition, then you will be sure that each person can get three members. If we do that this year, we will have an infinitely gratifying and victorious year 1981. All the CARP members will keep a parallel schedule.

Japan has already done a 40 day condition from April 20. From June 1st through July and August, Japan will be moving into nationwide fundraising activities for the sake of America. They will set a 70 day condition, a uniform, worldwide campaign.

By the time you come back in September everyone will be a champion lecturer. If you all lecture 18 hours a day now, and then in September, October, November and December you invest yourself in home church work, your area will prosper.

During this time, New York will continue to pursue the home church providence. There is no question about it, however; now Father is emphasizing the need to increase actual, physical membership. In order to do that, the New York members are encouraged to street witness two to three hours a day. They are obliged to bring guests to workshops. They should street witness two to five hours, three hours daily average. Rev. Kim and Dr. and Mrs. Durst will cooperate on this project. Home church will continue unshaken, but street witnessing should be done to double the intensity of our witnessing activities. Father is aiming at increasing physical membership. If, all at one time, each member brings three people into this movement, then thereafter every problem will be solved. Once we achieve this, Father will be aiming at South American and European nations. He will conduct campaigns there as well.

This is the instruction. You don't need a book full of commands. You have just one thing to fulfill.

What's your opinion: there's going to be some carp fishing in the Hudson River. Would you like to participate, or would you like to get back to your center and get down to work. ("Get back to work!") Then go back and set up the 18 hour schedule right away.

Centers in Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C. and Baltimore particularly will duplicate what Dr. and Mrs. Durst are doing in New York center. Everybody must be trained in the methods Dr. and Mrs. Durst use. But this will not deviate from, the schedule of 18 hours a day lecturing. These major cities should arrange with Dr. and Mrs. Durst to bring the key members of the states to come to New York to practice New York Church methods for one week. Take turns. Then go back and exactly duplicate their methods in your center. In the meantime, Mrs. Durst will be an I. W. going around to these major cities to supervise and check whether or not they are duplicating the New York system. Reverend Kim, Reverend Kwak and Dr. Durst should come together and discuss this. Father would like to see an example set for all states to follow. Anyone who visits New York should see this classic pattern.

National Headquarters will assign two staff members to check by telephone with the states, and each day you must report statistics. And what leaders say over the phone can't be taken for granted: there must be some way to verify. That is why I. W.s are needed. State leaders will keep in close touch with National Headquarters and immediately report anything that happens at the a state level, so that good communication is maintained. The President of the National Church, Dr. Durst, will make full use of the I. W. team. The team will be instructed to look out for certain things and check into specific matters and then come back to verify the reports sent in to National Headquarters. Father would like to see more men I. W.s as well.

Father wants to conclude this meeting now, but simply because he wants you to go back with bubbling enthusiasm to initiate the schedule right away. Will you do it?

Dr. Durst must come to report to Father once a week at the very least. Mrs. Durst must come at least every three days and directly communicate with him. You should report to him the actual situation. There is to be no padding. If some state leaders need Father's advice, then he will call them directly.

Dr. Durst is not only responsible for National Headquarters, but he has the right to know everything about all Church business. For example, Dr. Durst is allowed to call Paul Werner and ask how things are going. When such a request comes, Paul should be able to report exactly the way he would report to Father, because that report will come to Father. The national leader should be able to know what is going on in our movement. In order to coordinate things properly and speak to people in a state, he needs to know what is really going on in businesses, newspapers, CARP and any other institution we have. Father will send I. W.s to the businesses to check them. You become an I. W. for business as well. Paul Werner will receive the I. W., even a small Japanese I. W., and treat her as he treats Father. "How can I report to women?" No, the women represent Father. Therefore when a little woman asks Paul Werner a question, he is to treat her exactly like Father and answer all the questions in a humble and most courteous manner. This is the system and the discipline. Under a certain system, if a certain person represents Father, regardless whether it is a woman, Japanese, or western, that person should be properly treated. That kind of courtesy will go a long way for the sake of the world. We have to prepare a system that will work for the sake of the world. We need a disciplined system.

The Three Levels of Communication

State leaders, think of the three levels of the channel of command. Whenever you make a move, you have to report to your senior (the National Headquarters) and your junior. Somebody will be acting on your behalf. There are always three levels.

If Father calls a certain state and the members answer, "We don't know where the state leader is right now," that's a most ridiculous answer. It should be, "At this moment, our state leader is going to such a such place, and he'll be back at such and such an hour." If Father calls Dr. Durst to ask about the state leader in Nebraska, then Dr. Durst should know exactly where that person is and when he will be back.

You know that Father's philosophy has always been that the reporting channel is on three levels. The grandfather has the right to receive reports from his son and daughter and also from his grandchildren, and the grandchildren can bypass their parents and go to the grandfather directly. That is perfectly all right. If the father says, "Why did you go to Grandfather without passing through me? You should come to me first before going to Grandfather!" that is Satan. A grandfather has the right to ask what his grandchildren are up to. At the same time, he'll ask his own son and daughter what is happening. The father will talk to his wife and to his own children. There are always three levels involved.

Thus, in his capacity as National President, Dr. Durst should control not only the state leaders but also, one step down, the juniors of each state leader. In other words, the state leaders and also their juniors and deputies should be able to report freely to Dr. Durst. Would you say, "Don't talk to Dr. Durst! I will report to him. You only come to me"? If so, then you are Satan. This system is the way to block satanic infiltration. Communists who are always sneaking into our ranks would say, "Don't talk to your leader. Only you and I know. Don't reveal this. It's a secret between you and me." This is Satan. If your leader says, "Don't bypass me. You must only come to me," that is also Satan. It may be exposed as a Communist infiltration. Keep the channel open and the reports flowing. When you state leaders come to a meeting, if you say only certain things to Dr. Durst but don't tell him other things, it's no good. It's Satanic. Three levels! This common destiny binds us together.

In a home, a husband can ask his wife something, or ask his children. Of course, the wife can consult her husband and children, and she can report to grandpa at the same. There is complete freedom in the channel of communication. You cannot say to your children, "Without knowing anything, how can you go to your grandfather and say such a thing?" Even if there is something your children don't know, the communication channel with their grandfather is open. If the father and mother are doing something wrong, then the grandchildren can appeal to the grandparents for the sake of their common destiny. This system is incorruptible. If you say, "You must only go through me," it's satanic.

There should be full cooperation in this way. When an I. W. visits your state she or he may call any members to talk with them; you cannot have any complaints about that. If Dr. Durst goes to your state and wants to gather the members and ask many questions on every level, you have no grounds for complaint. This is a totally principled system.

This is a message as to how Communist influence can be prevented. Communists will come and say not to report to Sun Myung Moon, that only you and they should know, and alone can answer the questions and solve the problems. Understand that this is satanic. When some people come to you and say, "This is only for your information. Don't tell anybody else," turn right around and report it to Headquarters. You must do that. If someone comes and says "Don't discuss this with anyone. It's just between the two of us," turn round immediately and report to National Headquarters. And report it to someone below you as well.

These are the three levels. This is the way you can protect yourself. It makes for free flow of communication, with no channels blocked. That is the way Father works with Bo Hi Pak, Reverend Kwak and everybody. He has every right to reach down. No-one will be able to say, "You must report through' me; don't go yourself." When you have someone below you, always take him along with you when you are making a report. Then that person can learn how to represent you and act on your behalf. If you cannot take your junior along when you report, then you should brief him about the report you're going to present. Then you must go ahead and report precisely as you said you would. That is our system.

You cannot move people around. Everything is to go through the three channels. Educate yourselves under this system and make it work. You will gain experience and it will become the natural way for you to function. Even though Dr. Durst is appointed National President, he still doesn't have any right to move people around. He must check with Father. In the outside world, a new president changes everybody around. We cannot do that. This is a very basic principle of organization for our movement. Mr. Kuboki of Japan cannot change his juniors on his own. Father can reach down to Mr. Kubokils juniors. Mr. Kuboki has to come to get Father's permission to change around his bureau chiefs. Germany and France and all other countries will work the same way. Thus the world will be united. No one extraordinary individual can dictate. Not at all. You should absorb all these systems as a way of life.

You should go back to your state now and do the very thing that you pledged before Father today.

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