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A New Authorized Translation of the Family Pledge

Baby Names

Blessed Children's Olympic Pledge

Calendar for Reading the Divine Principle in One or Two Months

Family Pledge

History of the Blessing (chart)

Holy Grounds Blessed in 1965

Instructions for the 3-Day Ceremony

List of Names of the International Wedding of 777 Couples (October 21, 1970 - Changchung Gymnasium, Seoul, Korea pdf)

International Holy Blessing Three Day Ceremony Instructions (Circa 2007)

Declaration of Unification Theological Affirmations at Barrytown, New York (October 14, 1976)

List Of 34 Spirit Persons Who Were Blessed On June 13, 1998 (Unofficial)

List of the Three Blessed Couples

List of Western Couples Blessed in 1969 and 1970

Matching Application for Four Million Couples Blessing (Godwin D'Silva - September 30, 1999 pdf)

My Pledge Number 7 Transliterated to Korean

Official List Blessed Couples February 8, 1975 (later known as the 1800 couples)

Pledge Of The Families and My Pledge

Report About Logistics of Blessing '99 (February, 1999)

Schedule Morning Service 

Special Task Force (STF) Program, World CARP (August 3, 1999)

The Family Pledge 1994

The Family Pledge 1996

The Family Pledge 1998

The Family Pledge 1999

The Family Pledge 2002

The Family Pledge 2004

The Family Pledge 2006

The Family Pledge 2013

Family Registration Blessing Vows (September 2000)

January 2001 Blessing Flier and application (Desmond Green - January 2001)

Invitation to January 2001 Blessing and Clergy Registration (In Hoi Lee - January 11, 2001 pdf)

Family Registration Vows (January 2001)

Updated Instruction for the Second Generation Blessing Procedure (August 2002)

Guide to the Seung Hwa & Won Jeon Ceremonies [Funerals] (November 11, 2002)

Pledge Of The Blessed Children (February, 2003)

Il Shim Pledge - Il Shim Prayer Week (April 15, 2003)

Prayer For Holy Salt (September 30, 2006)

The multiplication of Holy Salt and Holy Wine (August 11 2010)

The Stages of the Seonghwa Ceremony (September 11, 2012)

New Cheon I1 Guk Anthem - 2013 (pdf)

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