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List of Western Couples Blessed in 1969 and 1970

13 Couples Blessed in America in Washington, D.C. February 28, 1969:

1. Edwin and Marie Ang
2. Philip and Vivian Burley
3. George and Diane Fernsler
4. George and Sylvia Norton
5. Robert and Vivian Oswald
6. Vernon and Maxine Pearson
7. Carl and Linna Rapkins
8. Ken and Orah Pope
9. Galen and Patty Pumphrey
10. Wesley and Gladys Samuels
11. John and Marie Schmidli
12. Jon and Sandra Schuhart
13. Fred and Jacque Stock

8 Couples Blessed in Europe in Essen, Germany, March 28, 1969:

1. Peter and Gertrude Koch
2. Hermann and Romana Kunkle
3. Dennis and Doris Orme
4. Martin and Marion Porter
5. Johnann and Elke VanderStock
6. Teddy and Pauline Verheyen
7. Reiner and Barbara Vincenz
8. Paul and Christel Werner

There were 7 American couples blessed in October 21, 1970 at the 777 couple blessing in Korea:

1. George and Hillie Edwards
2. David and Takeko Hose
3. Farley and Betsy Jones
4. Jack and Gladys Korthuis
5. Ron and Darlene Pepper
6. Neil and Rebecca Salonen
7. Hugh and Nora Spurgin

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