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International Holy Blessing Three Day Ceremony Instructions

Blessed Family Department
Family Federation For Unification And World Peace
Circa 2007

I. Significance

1. This is the ceremony that allows each couple to be conditionally restored as a true son and daughter of God by participating in God's historical process of restoration.

The first day's ceremony represents restoration in the family of the Old Testament era.

The second day's ceremony represents restoration in the family of the position of Jesus in the New Testament.

The third day's ceremony represents the recreation of the bride by the restored bridegroom.

2. This is an external ceremony whereby the woman, having passed through the restoration process, is restored first and then gives birth to the man.

II. Preparation

1. Things to prepare: contents for an altar -- a photograph or picture of a religious figure, flowers and holy candles (optional); Holy Handkerchiefs, two small bowls for dipping the Holy Handkerchiefs, holy salt (holy water optional), instructions for the order of the ceremony.

2. Sanctify the room, bedding, and all things that will be used during the ceremony all at one time with holy salt (holy water optional).

3. Set up the altar, ideally on the north wall of the room.

4. Holy Handkerchief Ceremony

a. The Holy Handkerchief Ceremony is a condition to externally purify the body by wiping it with the Holy Handkerchief.

b. Bridegroom and bride shower separately.

c. Put a small amount of fresh water (just enough to thoroughly dampen the Holy Handkerchief) into the bowl, and dip the Holy Handkerchief into it. Cleanse your entire body from the head down with the Holy Handkerchief. Then use another clean towel to dry your entire body.

d. The Holy Handkerchiefs must not be exchanged. Absolutely keep the handkerchiefs separated and use them separately the entire three days.

III. Ceremony

1. The First Day

a. After the Holy Handkerchief Ceremony, put on the holy robes (or clothes worn at the blessing). The couple stands in front of the altar, sing holy song(s), and makes three full bows to God.

b. Husband and wife face each other in front of the altar. [Notice: Whenever husband and wife face each other, they do so with the altar at their side. Neither ever has their back to the altar.] The wife sits on the floor and the husband offers three full bows to the bride. As the wife is in the mother's position, the husband should think and feel, "Mother, please give birth to me" as he bows.

c. The husband kneels, and the wife stands and puts her right hand on his head. She prays in the position of the mother, expressing gratitude for the Blessing, and praying that her husband be reborn as a son who inherits God's parental heart and tradition.

d. Perform the act of love freely, with the wife on top at the consummation. This represents the husband's rebirth as God's son through the mother's love.

e. The couple puts their clothes on again, and the husband offers one full bow to the wife. The husband should feel, "Mother, thank you for giving birth to me" as he bows to his wife.

f. The wife, representing the couple, reports to God and offers a prayer of gratitude to end the first day's ceremony.

2. The Second Day

The second day is the same as the first.

3. The Third Day

a. This ceremony represents God's restoration of man's dominion for the first time.

b. After the Holy Handkerchief Ceremony and dressing, the couple sings a holy song(s) and bows to God.

c. Husband and wife face each other and do three full bows to each other simultaneously.

d. The husband stands and puts his right hand on the wife's head. He, in the position of a man who has restored the order of dominion, offers a prayer to God. Content of his prayer: be thankful to be able to restore man's dominion of true love and to restore the lost ideal of goodness.

e. The wife offers a prayer.

f. The couple performs the act of love with the man on top.

g. After the act of love, each person wipes his/her own sexual part with his/her own Holy Handkerchief. Do not wash the Holy Handkerchief but let it dry as it is.

Note: Just as the Israelites of the Old Testament Era protected the Ark of the Covenant, carefully preserve and protect the handkerchiefs. This is because they represent our having passed over the last barrier to our rebirth.

h. After dressing again, the husband sits and the wife offers one full bow to him.

i. The husband offers a prayer to God. Contents of his prayer: he reports the completion of the entire ceremony, pledges absolutely never to fall, and has a thankful heart that the 3-day ceremony was successful.

IV Special Attention

1. The three day ceremony should not be finished in just one or two days, and it should not take more than four days, unless there is some unavoidable reason. In the case of a previously married couple, if due to age or health problems the ceremony cannot be completed in three consecutive days, after the first day ceremony, a few days may be skipped, but ideally not much more than that. Discuss any difficulties with your church leader or an elder blessed couple.

2. About using Holy Handkerchiefs

a. Be sure not to use the Holy Handkerchief dry; dip it in the bowl of water first.

b. The 3-day ceremony should not be done without using the Holy Handkerchief.

c. The Holy Handkerchief should never be washed.

d. Each one of the couple should have and use their own Holy Handkerchief. Husband and wife should not use each other's Holy Handkerchief. It is recommended to identify each with indelible ink or a colored thread in the corner.

3. About the act of love

a. Do not complete the act of love on the first or second day with the man on top.

b. Do not perform the act of love on the third day with the woman on top.

c. Artificial contraception should not be used during the course of the ceremony.

4. Once the ceremony has started, that day's ceremony should be completed within 24 hours.

5. The 3-day ceremony should be done only after receiving the prayer from your church leader or an elder blessed couple.

6. If the ceremony cannot be fulfilled properly according to the original instructions, the couple should consult with the church leader or an elder blessed couple. If a mistake is made prior to or during the ceremony, conditions can be set for restoration of the mistake.

7. After the ceremony on the third day, each person's sexual parts should be wiped with the Holy Handkerchief. The Holy Handkerchiefs are left to dry. After they are dry, carefully store and protect them. 

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