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I have heard that True Parents have given names for the children born of each Blessing. What are those names, and how could I use them in naming a blessed child?


There were not any names given specifically for Western blessed children, but the following is a list of the names True Parents gave to the Japanese members, from the 777 couples up to the most recent Blessing of the 2075 and 6000 couples. Father gave the same names for the last two Blessings because he sees them as one 8000 Blessing group.

When these names are given to a child, we should give just one of the ones on this list, and give another which we choose ourselves. For example, if we chose the name "Chung" from the 1800 couples' list, we would add a second Korean name like "Hi," to make the name "Chung Hi." It is also possible to combine the Korean name Father gave with an English name or word, and generally to use our own creativity in naming our children. It is not at all mandatory to use these names, but as so many people have expressed interest, it seemed valuable to share them with you.

777 Couples

Boys' Names

Bu: wealth, riches, a fortune
Gon: build, establish
Hang: advance, go forward
Nam: man
Seung: win, defeat, victorious, predominant

Girls' Names

Hye: merciful, benevolent, charitable
Jung: the inside, from among, center, middle
Mi: pretty, beautiful, lovely, fair, sweet, noble-minded, fine
Moon: writings, sentence, composition
Sun: goodness, right
Yong: prosperity, honor

1800 Couples

Boys' Names

Ahn: peace, calm, tranquility
Choong: loyalty, devotion, allegiance, fidelity, faithfulness
Go: high, tall, lofty

The above three names are meant to be first names, for example: Ahn Gi, or Go Goon.

Dok: virtue, moral excellence, a good reputation, appreciated
Dong: east
Gi: basis, foundation
Goon: emperor, a sovereign, a lord, master
Hui: glad, pleased, delighted
Hyun: bright, clever, intelligent
Joo: widely known, surrounded
Joong: deep, important, heavy
Kyong: respect, honor, piety, worship
Kyong: view, scene, scenery
Nam: south
Yong: eternity

Girls' Names

Hwa: flower blossom
Hyang: fragrance, scent
Mi: pretty, beautiful, lovely, fair, sweet, noble-minded, fine

The above three names are meant to be second names, for example: Jung Mi, or Wol Hwa.

Bo: treasure, riches
Chan: praise, praiseworthy, legend
Geum: silk meaning prosperity
Hwa: peace, harmony
Ji: desire, ambition, fulfilled wish
Jun: great, perfect, all-inclusive
Jung: clear, pure
Min: quick, speedy, swift, prompt, sharp, clever, bright
Sam: three
Wol: moon
Won: a circle meaning harmonious, beautiful heart, no rough edges

2075 and 6000 Couples 8000 Couples

Boys' Names

Bok: fortune, a blessing
Heung: spring up, expanded, rise up
Kook: homeland, country, state
Kwon: authority, power for a good purpose
Li: wise, bringing benefit to others, advantage, profit
Soo: excels in
Sung: saint, sage

Girls' Names

Da: many, large, a lot
Hyang: fragrance, scent, blossom In: benevolence, humanity
Jong: heart, affection, emotion
Ka: good, beautiful, excelling
Li: wise, bringing benefit to others, advantage, profit
Nan: orchid traditional meaning is that of a wife who remains faithful even if her husband must go far away.
Sa: believe, feel, think
Ye: honor

Previously married couples

Boys' Names

Pyong: smooth, even
Ahn: peace, calm,tranquility

Girls' Names

Jong: right, correct, justified
Choon: springtime

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