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Il Shim Pledge - Il Shim Prayer Week

April 15, 2003

Il Shim Prayer Week

Just a reminder that the Il Shim prayer of 7 min a day for 7 days started Sunday. If you didn't start then, please start now. Please focus your prayers on the following Il Shim pledge points.

Il Shim Pledge

I freely and sincerely dedicate myself to:

1. Love and honor God and True Parents by practicing a life of attendance with absolute love, absolute faith, and absolute obedience.

2. Love and honor my parents by maintaining the tradition of our lineage that began with the Matching and Blessing of True Parents and has been passed on to me.

3. Love and honor my church and community by giving of myself in service to others and by participating in church activities.

4. Love and honor my future spouse, my future children and myself by maintaining sexual purity prior to receiving the Matching and Blessing.

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