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Pledge Of The Blessed Children

In Jin Moon
February, 2003

1. We will pray in the mornings and at night. By doing that we make and keep our hearts pure, righteous, and high spirited.

2. We will obey and listen to our parents as the representatives of True Parents. We will love our parents and help them.

3. We will take care of ourselves. We will be cheerful in getting up in the mornings and while preparing ourselves and while going to school. We will keep all things neat and clean.

4. We are the chosen soldiers and the ones chosen to fight against Satan and build God’s Kingdom. In order to do that, we will keep a righteous heart, keep the right attitude and do that right action to become like God, True Parents, and True Children. We will never be influenced by evil. Not only that, we will separate from the evil within ourselves; and we will fight against the forces of evil until the end.

5. We, boys, will never touch any girl’s body. We, girls, will never allow our bodies to be touched by boys. Whether we are sitting or standing, whatever we do, we will keep our posture straight and upright. We will keep our body and clothes neat, modest, and clean.

6. We will take care of our health, we will not be picky about our food and be grateful for any meal.

7. We pledge to become number one in both academics and sports as the children of True Parents.

Forward with Original Mind.
Down with evil mind.
We’ll be number One.

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