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August 3, 1999

The World CARP Special Task Force (STF) has become a proud tradition of the Unification Movement. Through the STF, the Second Generation makes a precious collective offering each year to our True Parents. By following the example of True Parents' tradition of public service, the STF is continuously creating a heavenly history.

The following is a brief introduction to The STF program.

Goals for participants of STF:

1. Inherit the foundation of parents and the tradition of True Parents
2. Prepare for a life of public service through "frontline" experience
3. Establish a strong foundation for a successful Blessing


"STF" stands for Special Task Force. The first STF program was begun in 1994 by Jin Hun Nim and was quickly endorsed by True Parents. STF combines the activities of fundraising, witnessing, Divine Principle study and teaching, campus programs, Pure Love Alliance educational programs and rallies, outings and True Parents' speech tour preparation responsibilities. It was designed for young CARP members and invited Second Generation participation.

From 1994 to 1999 the number of Second Generation participants has doubled every year. In the 1998/99 year, over 40 Second Generation participated in the STF program. STF members have taken major roles in the development of the Pure Love Alliance in the past 4 years including the launching of the 1997, 1998 and 1999 PLA tours and the breakthrough in public school purity education in Chicago and other places.


The program of the STF is designed to engage in activities that not only train participants for their own growth, but also support True Parents and the Providence directly. As the Providence is constantly changing and developing, the schedule needs to remain flexible in order to respond properly to its needs.

Developing the ability to re-focus and re-determine according to a providential need is training in itself. Therefore, each year of the STF offers exciting new possibilities for the participants. Certainly, the schedule for the providential year of 2000 will be different from all past years for the STF.

Time Period!

The STF programs last for one or two years, but not longer than two years. Participants usually join the STF right after high school or after their first year of college. After a year of challenges in building a personal relationship with God and learning what it means to live the Divine Principle, many STF members opt to continue for a second year.

The STF year usually runs from the beginning of September with a kick off workshop to the end of July or the conclusion of the annual Pure Love Alliance Tour.

For those continuing a second year and those who are preparing for a first year, there may be a transitional program during August. For example, fishing/witnessing programs are being held this year in the Gloucester / Boston area. It is strongly recommended that once STF members join the program, they continue uninterrupted until the end of the year.


Los Angeles and Chicago have hosted the main STF programs over the last 5 years. However, we will remain flexible as to location especially with the development of Pure Love education and the possible need for young PLA educators in various parts of the country.


The purpose of every organized activity in the STF program is for members to meet God through practicing Divine Principle. Many blessed children have testified to having deep experiences with God through their frontline experiences where they can put the Divine Principle they have been taught into practice. All STF activities are meant to challenge their ability to consistently practice spiritual principles as the method to personally meet the living God.

Workshop: The STF year usually begins with a 3 or 4 day workshop. The purpose of the workshop is to:

1. Clarify the purpose of the STF
2. Clarify participants' purpose and goal for joining the program
3. Clarify the rules of the program
4. Allow participants time to build relationships with one another
5. Allow participants time to build relationships with the staff
6. Teach basic Divine Principle lectures about the purpose of life and goal setting
7. Prepare for their first mission

Fundraising: STF members usually start the program with a 21 or 40 day fundraising condition right after the kick off workshop. Although many STF participants had not had any prior experience with fundraising, almost all members testified later that through fundraising they experienced the most potent and meaningful education in developing themselves and building a genuine relationship with God. As True Father taught, fundraising is the foundation for all other restoration activities.

Education: Divine Principle, Father's words and Hoon Dok Hae are a daily part of the fundraising and overall STF experience.

Throughout the year, members will be challenged to speak publicly and teach the Divine Principle.

Internal guidance through morning service, workshop lectures and relationships with STF staff will spiritually support members in striving for their personal and public goals.

Adherence to public schedules and corresponding "public" attitudes are stressed both on fundraising teams and in STF centers.

Witnessing: In addition to doing traditional witnessing, Second Generation STF'ers also reach out to younger Second Generation children, sharing with them experiences of God, True Parents and Divine Principle. It is common for STF members to staff locally organized Second Generation workshops for high school or middle school students.

Campus or street witnessing is usually pursued by particularly desirous first year participants or second year participants.

God's Day workshop

Traditionally, a one-week ski workshop is held over True God's Day in Boulder, Colorado. This workshop has a strong emphasis on education as many of the STF members have a much deeper foundation to receive Divine Principle after their experiences with public work. There is usually an invitation to blessed children from around the nation for this workshop and separate education offered for them, taught by STF graduates.


All participants are encouraged to become models for their younger brothers and sisters and literally guide them as loving elder brothers and sisters do.

It is one of the goals of the STF program to have the participants leading all the programs and activities by the close of the year. In the event that members would stay for a second year, they would initiate and create the following year's programs themselves.

Pure Love Alliance

STF members participate in almost all PLA activities. STF members manned, coordinated and led a great part of the 1999 PLA "Pure Love" National Tour. STF members will teach the Pure Love abstinence education curriculum in Chicago and other cities' schools this fall. STF members participated in the writing of the curriculum itself.

The conclusion of the STF year traditionally culminates in the PLA national or international tour.

O Yes: Tuition

The tuition fee is $200 per month. An STF candidate who participates in the most recent PLA tour prior to joining STF will receive a one-month tuition fee waiver. Tuition fee is paid by semester (1st: September - January, 2nd: February - July) and is due by the end of the first month of each semester (September 30 and February 29).

What to bring! Bare necessities only!

Clothes for all seasons.
Sleeping bag
Divine Principle and God's Will and the World are the basic texts needed. Any other desired Unification publications are also encouraged.
A minimal amount of money for extra clothes, stamps, phone cards, birthday cards etc.
Don't bring anything that will distract from building relationships with people, staff and God and cause undue temptation such as: video games, CD players, walkmans, an excess of cash, etc. STF is also training in humility and thrift.

Finally, all parents have a natural concern for their children's education. STF graduates report that they feel much better prepared for the strains of university life after they have the spiritual foundation of one or two years of public service through the STF.

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